U.S. bluefin tuna still contaminated with Fukushima radiation — Study: Cesium found in 100% of small, recently migrated tuna tested

Published: February 20th, 2013 at 11:14 am ET


Forbes, Feb. 20, 2013: […] Last week one of the authors of the study from last year, Daniel J. Madigan from Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station—along with five other scientists— published a new follow-up study. The main question that this new study wanted to answer: Would the migratory Bluefin tuna show up again a year later off the coast of California carrying radiation from Fukushima? The answer was yes. That means, ultimately, that there is still a high level of radiation in the waters near the Fukushima plant most likely because, as marine chemist, Ken Buessler, asserts, the plant is still leaking radiation into the ocean nearly two years later. […]

Study Excerpts: […] All small PBFT (n = 28; recent migrants from Japan) had 134Cs and elevated 137Cs in their white muscle tissue. […] We used small PBFT, known to be migrants from Japan, to test whether all migrants would demonstrate a measurable radiocesium signal from Fukushima. […] All of the small PBFT (63.1−72.3 cm SL; ageest = 1.3−1.6 years; n = 28; hereafter “small PBFT”) had measurable concentrations of 134Cs […] Detection of 134Cs and elevated 137Cs in 100% of small, recently migrated PBFT in 2012 suggests that other species that forage near Japan have a high probability of acquiring 134Cs and 137Cs […]

Full study here

Published: February 20th, 2013 at 11:14 am ET


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9 comments to U.S. bluefin tuna still contaminated with Fukushima radiation — Study: Cesium found in 100% of small, recently migrated tuna tested

  • ftlt

    There is truly a cognitive disconnect in people minds…

    Even the most highly educated amongst us are victims of overwhelming propaganda…

    1) The mind numbed well educated so called left in the USA voting for Democratic Party as a liberal peoples social welfare party.. YIKES!!!!

    2) Poor working class whites voting for a GOP/Libertarian Party that only has their worst interests in mind… Madness!!!

    That anybody could be surprised that tuna are still being contaminated by the worst nuclear disaster, only points, to the criminal abuse of the media by those who seek power and riches regardless of the cost..

    We need a new politcal party that demands change now both in the media, inside the Beltway, in our lives… If we don't get one, we are doomed…


    • jec jec

      This thread is on cesium contamination. NOT politics. And hey, its DEMOCRAT party..as we are all supposed to be following democratic (see IC at the end) ideals.

      The cesium is going to continue to accumulate, spreading to other species. Anyone have the test results on the U. Of Alaska radiation tests on the seals..the long long long delayed report from over a year ago..they keep posponing results? Now the election is over..they can release them I hope. And what about the sick seal pups in California..this is starting at the top of the food chain. Hummm..and where are humans on this list?

  • harengus_acidophilus

    "still contaminated with Fukushima radiation"

    It will be more contamination in the future.
    Three core-melts, permanently intake of contaminated water thru hundred of holes into the pacific ocean.
    What do you expect from this intake?
    Dropping levels?


  • razzz razzz

    I don't get it. Were tuna all feeding in the Daiichi harbor before swimming across the Pacific?

    It's a big ocean. What does the in-ocean fallout plume look like and what is up uptake avenue?…Just swimming through contaminated water or feeding on prey that was in contaminate waters or both?

    Could fallout travel over the Pacific and washout to rivers then into the ocean on the West Coast and contaminate tuna in the same way? They mention the problem of atoll bomb testing polluting everything everywhere with minor fallout which would interfere with where the contamination is picked up in fish.

    BTW, above ground testing sent most of the fallout high into the atmosphere to take centuries to washout. This direct contact with melted cores and low level dispersion of the explosion plumes or continuous off-gassing is a much worse situation.

    Chernobyl was initially worse but got a makeshift cover over a dry core. Fukushima still is not contained plus has ongoing groundwater intrusion…x3.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Nothing honest about Fukushima will ever be released from Stanford. The school depends heavily on nuclear funding:


    Lots of MIC connections.

  • Sickputer

    Reading the convoluted, acronym-infested and poorly written 8-page report about the cesium in PBFT (aka Pacific Blue Fin Tuna for the novitiate) I am once again reminded why I previously critiqued Nicky Fisher so harshly for his prior work.

    Namely that I find no sign of intelligent life in these scientists.


    SP: No mention to speak of concerning dangers of radiation and the bioaccumulation effect as larger tuna eat smaller Japanese-contaminated shoreline or open fish (small tuna at times also.

    C-134 breaks down faster, but a 15-year-old monster tuna will feed again and again on prey with the longer-lived C-137 and eventually become a sushi time-bomb for the "lucky" angler who nets or hooks the valuable fish.

    The report spent virtually every page print gushing over the great opportunity to track migration patterns of the juvie tuna by virtue of the "discrete" source of the poison (Fukushima Daiichi). Gag me with a spoon before I read another "scientific" paper from these eggheads.

    It's a nucleocratic whitewash…should we have expected any better? Nope.

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  • RichardPerry

    Where the eaten fish inside them too radioactive so was not reported on.