New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site — Concern air filters at plant may not have worked — Gov’t accused of lying about radiation leak (VIDEO)

Published: February 28th, 2014 at 1:24 pm ET


CEMRC Ambient Air Sampling Results (pdf), Feb. 27, 2014:

109 Yards NW of WIPP Exhaust Shaft — Sample time Feb. 11-18

  • Pu239+240: 0.115 Bq per sample [39 times the highest activity ever detected since testing began in 1997, which was 0.004 Bq per sample]
  • Pu238:  0.004 Bq per sample [Never detected since testing began in 1997]
  • Am241: 1.3 Bq per sample [2600 times the highest activity ever detected since testing began in 1997, which was 0.0005 Bq per sample]

Only the all-time highest activity levels were provided. CEMRC director Russell Hardy discussed the normal levels during the resident meeting earlier this week in Carlsbad: “I just want to reiterate, normally we do see ‘0’. For my radio-chemists, ‘0’ is not good enough. I don’t know how they balance a check book, because they don’t stop until they get to eight zeroes past the decimal point — that’s normally what we see.”

This means a normal reading is at most 0.000000009 Bq per sample — making the recent Pu239+240 sample equal to 12,777,778 times higher than normal, and the Am241 sample 144,444,444 times normal levels.

KOB, Feb. 26, 2014: The government says there wasn’t enough radiation leaked last week at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to be harmful. But some claim that’s a lie, and they believe the jet stream is going to push the radiation far and wide. People living in and around Carlsbad are especially concerned, and it’s difficult to not be.

KRQE, Feb. 25, 2014: [It’s] no more risky that a dental x-ray or an airline flight. One skeptical member of the audience asked how they could be sure of that since not all the samples have been analyzed and little is known yet about what happened. DOE officials say they will continue to monitor the levels on a constant basis.

KOB, Feb. 26, 2014: “I’m concerned at the fact the data says that radiation levels are safe. I dont know of any radiation levels to be safe.”  […] The concern here in Carlsbad is everywhere.

AP, Feb. 27, 2014: All indications are that a filtration system […] worked. But watchdog Don Hancock, director of the Nuclear Waste Safety program at the Southwest Research and Information Center, said the fact that the workers were exposed raises questions about those claims. “[…] we don’t know how well they worked because they have never been tried.”

Watch KRQE’s report latest ‘Radiation leak sparks conspiracy theories’ here

Published: February 28th, 2014 at 1:24 pm ET


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185 comments to New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site — Concern air filters at plant may not have worked — Gov’t accused of lying about radiation leak (VIDEO)

  • People, drop your comments and links at these local WIPP news sites

    They have a vested interest in the money….they need to realize the damger they are in. They need to block the roads to shipments….etc.

    Educate them.

    Stop preaching to the choir! Preach to the sheeple who need your help

    Links to local newspapers, where you can comment and expose the lies;
    For Media Inquiries;

    Deb Gill
    U.S. Department of Energy
    Carlsbad Field Office
    P.O. Box 3090
    Carlsbad, NM 88221-2078
    Phone: (575) 234-7270

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Went there. People need to be way more careful.

      Dropping a shitload of links, personal sites, multiple posts, and acting like a bunch of raving, twilight zone junkies, will just destroy any credibility that can possibly help a cause.

      It's like sitting in church, and your 5 year old blurts out FUCK!!!

      And you immediately slap them in the face, as hard as you can.


      Give them some space and respect. It's their house.

      • Sorry, but this is a public news site. It is not a persons house nor a house of worship.

        Your analogy is not applicable

        "People need to be way more careful" Than what praytell? then telling folks that they are being llied to as they are being potentially poisoned?

        Seriously, what are you trying to say, be specific.

        • GQR2

          Stock it does seem like you have been working overtime lately? Its good work,its important to pace yourself.
          omg. i am watching a 3 part vid on the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. Maybe ignorance IS bliss. These death cultists have been nuking us all along. And it accumulates. These vids drive home the extreme danger of plutonium

          • I got those on my radar, no time tonight, time for a fish fry on the town (uh local lake caught fish, not Pacific, LOL)

          • We Not They Finally

            Didn't watch the Rocky Flats video yet, but heard about the plutonium releases there. I had wondered why the MS rate in Colorado is higher than anywhere else. I'll bet that's why.

            • GQR2

              oh WNTF you have to,as in must see the Practices at Rocky Flats,then Plutonium Circus. It gives a good reference for where we are right now. When my friend goes off to work,i say ..don't breath too deeply. 🙁

          • stinkyperfume stinkyperfume

            thank you, this point how to drive it home to people about this issue is a real concern. I get "we don't really care" , the young people aren't capable of facing it, the real issue is it's not immediate concern cause radiation isn't immediate so they call you on it being a non issue…this is really over people's heads that aren't able to plan ahead or don't want to.

            They do like watching giant spiders attack and fight back and planetary galaxy battles…how could movie makers do this to people when they can't make reality interesting enough to keep people away from television hypnosis and overdose of entertainment.

            I really don't see how people can rise to this occasion, they are in the moment, just living through this extinction or extermination from what I can see…not going to be capable, interested, or educated for the most part.

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          First, you should know I agree with you and many here, most of the time.

          I read their comments, on a Carlsbad site. And saw our point of view as well.

          And what I saw, paraphrasing; don't pay attention to the enenews posts, their a bunch of wackos overposting their POV.

          What I am saying is there is a way to communicate and be heard.

          And, there is a way to communicate and be ignored, or worse.

          This site deserves to be heard and sought after.

          It would be better to be respected, not ridiculed.

          That is what I am saying.

      • We Not They Finally

        AirSepTech, why would you be slapping a 5-year-old in the face for blurting out something they don't even know what it means, just heard ADULTS saying it?

        Please cool it.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Well done stock! Will do this.

      • Excellent, get the word to the people who need it.

        They are just thinking about the 400 jobs this nuek nightmare brings. They need to be thinking about themselves and the hundreds of thousands that can be deeply affected.

        Thanks, good work!

  • lam335 lam335

    I wish someone with the know-how would make a computer model of the path that the WIPP plume likely would have travelled given the wind and weather conditions at the time. I don't know if enough data has been released to do so yet or not, but I wish we could have a better sense of where it likely travelled, how quickly, and in what concentrations.

    • It has been done at Bobby1 blog

      What good is that? To let people know they were dosed? To stay in place and pray for good winds?

      Knowledge of the wind is not an excuse for inaction…..not trying to be harsh here, just saying, "they" like to use a small bit of knowledge to hide the elephant in the room. "don't worry we know where the wind tooke the Plutonium, if there was any we mean…as we wait weeks for reports….until the next Kardashian rumor comes out.

      • lam335 lam335

        re: "Knowledge of the wind is not an excuse for inaction"

        Where exactly do you see me counseling "inaction" in my comment? Get off your high horse. I have written letters, sent emails, and called politicians regarding nuclear issues too.

        I live in the midwest and got caught out in a snowstorm in the days immediately following this event. I would like to have a sense of where it was, and I am sure there are many people in the states even closer to the release who would like to know. You seem to believe no information is better than some if we can't have it all. I want as much information as possible, recognizing at the same time that it will inevitably be incomplete.

        Part of the problem with nuclear is that the people who think they are far enough away ignore it as if it's no concern to them. What they fail to realize is that this stuff can travel quite far and long-lived isotopes like Pu lose none of their danger for having floated along the air currents a few days. This is not simply "New Mexico's problem," and the people of that state are not the only ones who could be affected by it, though they and their immediate neighbor states are unfortunately likely to get the worst of it. A dispersion map might help more people farther away to see that nuclear disasters are not "local" issues. The fact that only local newspapers are covering one of the worst nuclear waste related accidents in the country's history is appalling.

        • Sorry didn't mean to be critical.

          I definitely curtailed outdoor activities and cleaned up my HEPA and started 2 more. Iron supplements in addition to my regular handful of vitamins.

          Go see Bobby1 blog and ask him to update it, he already has the technology to run the program. Report it here too.

          • We Not They Finally

            Yes, I had read that plutonium displaces iron in the body, so iron supplements are good if you think you are downwind any of the above. HOWEVER, be careful of the source. The best herbal source is apparently yellow dock root.

            We're in NM, 250 miles north of Carlsbad, but we're going back onto yellow dock root.

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          I watched pretty close with:

          Wind direction was SSE to NNE for the majority of time 'after' they announced a problem.

          First 24hrs was SSE, Ft. Stockton, Odessa, Midland, TX.

          Wind shifted NNE on a line to Chicago from Carlsbad for some time.

          Hopes this helps.

          • irhologram

            Am I not interpreting this wind map correctly? Because I have been consistently seeing wind patterns form a front with air masses blowing N, but slightly east on the left, and on the right, blowing down from Canada, creating something like a "swirl" or vortex that has prevented a "blow" into the Midwest and East… pretty much confining radioactive particulate. I'm not saying I'm right, but just asking why I can't believe what I believe I see. Chicago, from my view has not been reached.

  • bf9 bf9

    When inhaled, Plutonium and Americium =/= a chest x-ray. Internal exposure =/= exterior exposure.

    Here's a study about some poor beagles.

  • Excellent work Admin, I like that 8 zero approach to deciphering what are they really saying.

    "This means a normal reading is at most 0.000000009 Bq per sample — making the recent Pu239+240 sample equal to 12,777,778 times higher than normal, and the Am241 sample 144,444,444 times normal levels."

  • 4Warnd 4Warnd

    On the lighter side of this s#$t pile, lets consider this:

    Of course, Chernobyl is less than a 10th of F-shima and only 1/?? of this FU @ WIPP. So, in perspective: from the article on "decommissioning"

    "For the period between 2028 and 2046, the most contaminated equipment will be removed from the units, while the reactors themselves will be dismantled between 2046 and 2064."

    Also reported: re: the meltdown reactor, unit #4 @ Chernobyl.

    "The decommissioning of units 1-3 is being carried out separately from that of the destroyed unit 4, which is expected to take many years longer to complete."

    Glad that some one is taking the long view. GD it.

    • SadieDog

      The proposed underground dump will have to keep its nuclear waste secure for at least 100,000 years, according to OPG. Considering the Great Lakes are only 10,000 years old, gouged out by the last Ice Age, that’s a long time, said Kamps.

      • 4Warnd 4Warnd

        Am glad, once again, that someone is taking the long view on N waste.

        A suicidal plan, of course.

        Someone said: "Future generations ? Haven't done much for me lately."

        (Bad memory has sunk the source. Sorry.)

      • GQR2

        gaah is there a salt deposit by Lake Huron,something to make burying the Nuclear Waste even more of a bad idea ?
        here is a article on RT about Nuclear waste being in "limbo" at WIPP

        Farok Sharif of the Nuclear Waste Partnership, which runs the plant, responded to the allegations of slipshod safety measures by saying they are “absolutely not true.” He told the news service that all of the plant’s safety systems have worked as intended, and that the current incident will only make the WIPP safer in the future.

        "A lot of people are just jumping up and down and wanting us to shut down," he said. "But that's not the case here. We've designed this facility to look at these types of accidents and we've planned on making sure that we continue to protect our employees and we protect the environment. And our system worked as designed."

        Odd i haven't seen anyone jumping up and down. His attempt to avoid questions is so lame.

    • I dropped a comment there….pending moderation anyway.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Here's WHY!
      Bruce NPP—2nd largest NPP on Earth

      •Net Capacity: 6,700 megawatts
      •Location: Ontario, Canada
      •Number of Reactors: 8
      •Output (2012): 35,626.92 gigawatt-hours

  • Pro nuker site—warning, be prepare to puke if you visit.

    The latest kick they are on is, TM, "Plutonium Apologists", they are now pretending that Plutonium has not been proven to be dangerous at all, and that you "can't prove" that one human has ever been killed by Plutonium, a hem…..

    Drop by. Be professional. Educate, if you can hold you nose long enough.

  • Shaker1

    “[…] we don’t know how well they worked because they have never been tried.”

    C'mon…Who in hell does that? It's beyond my belief that in such work that expenditures are approved, the work done, and some method of testing wasn't part of the process. I've been in on government projects, and it's just not the way it works. If not those who do the work or designed such, there would be multiple others who would have asked (and paid well to ask) if it worked or was sufficient. Mistakes might be made, or assumptions found wrong, but surely something was done in some manner so that a statement such as this 'not tested' could be made. Christ, I did a project once where, to my surprise, there was a 3-page formal analysis of wrench clearances for each bolt example within an electronic cabinet that was being built. I laughed, as I could open Machinerys' Handbook, my 'bible' as a machinist (for which is built a specific drawer in machinist's tool boxes and it's well into 30 editions spanning decades) that gave the information in one half of an approximately 5×7 page. It's just not done on even the governmental level outside of prototypes, etc. The speaker of such statement may not be party to that knowledge, but I guarantee it happened. There are just too many engineers at Sandia to keep busy with such work.

    Someone's blowing smoke up someone's ass. Which is (smoke) a cheap and simple test they could have performed.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Not playing devils advocate here.

      I think that the "not tested" comment could have some truth to it in that projects like WIPP are heavily influenced by the culture that comes from the specific mix of technical and manage,ent mindsets.

      Recall that NASA management told us that the Challenger O rings could not have frozen, yet the outside temp went well below freezing.

      While building the BART system in SFO, management insisted there was no need to test the software before actually running the trains!
      One lone guy went in after hours and ran the code on a small scale model of the system. Needless to say, they overlooked something and the program had no problem crashing trains head on at high speed.

      I knew a guy who worked as an electrician on the Trojan NPP (Oregon). They ran 3 shifts. No one knew was that there were 3 sets of blue prints, all different revs of the same system. Day shift would wire up conduit, swing would rip it out, graveyard would build theirs, and day shift would come back to a room full of nothing they did and little that matched their drawings. Took weeks for management to get the drawings in sync.

      So in the mind set (nuclear) of "what could go wrong"", I see it as very possible that the ventilation system at WIPP never got checked.

      • Shaker1

        Respectfully, Fireguyjeff, basically, what I'm saying is that they are liars.

        In your example of NASA management, the O-rings and their seating arrangements had been through tests, the problem was known, and it was from that knowledge that Feynman got his idea for his drama of putting a piece in icewater and breaking it at that news conference. NASA was simply lying. Testing had happened as this at least, at the component level. If they hadn't tested the system as a whole, or at least segments partially constructed as is, that's a quality assurance problem that I would be surprised to see overlooked, especially as it's cheap.

        As for the BART problem you mentioned, commercial management politically overseen. Probably the worst mix that can happen. Now maybe WIPP was constructed as Hanford is, which is an accident waiting to happen incorporating every known management flaw that I can think of and flies in the face of any prototype situation in which I've been involved, from incompetence through financial incentive that encourages lack of quality assurance. Trojan is simply commercial management, which can be a joke like you give. But I've seen Sandia people test again commercial products whose utility they might be given to accept.

        Now, I'll grant that the system may not have been tested on a universal scale, I just have a hard time believing that it wasn't mandated. Over that, shit happens, I guess.

      • We Not They Finally

        Maybe the venitilation system at WIPP never got checked. HOWEVER, I would think that a roof collapse alone sure could have "done it" for the plant.

      • I ran quality control for some large gov contracts, important enough that some outages on the facilities literally needed an act of congress. When it came time for the serious real world tests, often they would be waived "based on" inspection of the subsystems. No one wanted the stuff to blow up "on their watch" so they waived the real tests that mattered.

        NO one wanted to know. Problems can always be fixed in the future, but why create a problem before your 3 day weekend.

        Reality–the most important tests are not done.

        ON NPP they "test" the gensets, but not under load, and not carrying the loads they are supposed to carry and not under an abrupt power out. No one wants to break something that ain't broke.

        The real tests are only done say 15% of the time. Human nature, and you cannot remove that from a system no matter what the documents say.

        • Shaker1

          "Human nature, and you cannot remove that from a system no matter what the documents say."

          Exactly, stock. I, too, have seen degradation of processes that makes one shake their head and wonder where the brains are in those managing the process. Complacency is the bane much too often and, if you're anything like me, one gets tired of accusations of being 'neurotic' if one is insistent upon keeping the process at its original intended level. This is the one of the problems I have with these discussions as below of launching nuke waste off-planet. It's the problem I see with Hanford and their vitrification plants. Systems are generally mutually-dependent discrete sub-processes. Once proven and the effort of proof goes away, those sub-processes are taken up by idiots, the smart and dilligent minds move on, and the simplest neglect can become catastrophe for the end product. We really don't have much of an idea of how incompetent we are as managers, that luck is more generally with us than against us and we've little respect for it in our daily lives. Failure is ever-present and requires constant vigilance. Anything other than that tempts that luck, and even at that point, luck is kind to us, that often the worse that happens is that some money is lost, or some feelings are hurt.

          At my age I've come to the conclusion that the most difficult task set before me has been to be humble and accept that humility, in most cases, is ignored.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Oh, I think they did a test. Smoke, flow, function, had to.

      They did slip the info that they were the ORIGINAL filters installed

      So did they calibrate, test, on planned maintenance cycles? For the last 15 years, at least annual, should be monthly.

      That is what you want to know.

      They will lie about that too.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Can anyone please verify this vidoe claim that 12,000 radiation suits were just ordered for troops stationed in Albquerque?

  • GQR2

    oh they don't waste anytime. KRQE is a fox affiliate and the first thing they will do is cover corporate behind. But you know,i think trashing youtube will only go so far. People are sick of the smooth info- tainment news. And if they do believe this lack of real information – then oh well. Sadly They will find out soon enough,though through no help from the people in charge. These reports, these newscasters are sickening they may as well be robots..But old gray haired so and so puts you right at ease.
    The sheeple will never know what hit them. Unless by some kind of crack in the Matrix the truth becomes the meme.
    There is a clip in Dr. Stangelove about Fluoridation. It was played for laughs but turned out to be true.


    Nuclear dump leak raises questions about cleanup;_ylt=AwrBEiQT2RBTbAUARwTQtDMD

    make sure you read the comments! It's obvious they're losing the battle for the hearts-and-minds of the people…

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Like that link!!
      We've designed this facility to look at these types of accidents and we've planned on making sure that we continue to protect our employees and we protect the environment. And our system worked as designed."said Farok Sharif

      Failure is not optional–it is ACCEPTABLE!!!!!

      What is that dudes IQ ??

    • irhologram

      Terrific link. Out of the 20 or so comment pages I read, only 15 posts were even slightly pro nuke, and even those were subdued support, as in what else can we do now?

      I did lift several pieces of info that I haven't verified… like: The Ogallala Aquifer sits below New Mexico and supplies drinking water and farm irrigation for eight states. When it happens, and it will, it will make those states from Texas to South Dakota, uninhabitable and will contaminate all the rivers running through those states into the adjoining states…

      Also, a post said there is an oil well a mile away (in addition to fracking sites… anyone know the nearest fracking site?)… that the Carlsbad Caverns tourist site was closed sometime recently because of toxic waste, and that the Hobbs NM uranium enrichment site may have suffered a leak 2 weeks ago. (If so, coincidentally?)

      I haven't seen anyone here research the fact that because of the drought, NM farmers don't have enough water to grow crops, and so, to save themselves, they are selling their commercial water rights to frackers, thereby depleting the aquifer and destabilizing the landmass (and logically, also the salt domes).

  • Nick

    What are the "normal" levels at WIPP?

    This is possibly a nightmare for all you downwinders.

    I said it a few days….go get some fresh air, relocate.

    Delay is pointless…..exposure is forever.

    • We Not They Finally

      There is no "normal" when a single hot particle can kill you, and a single gram spread evenly across the populace can kill twenty million people. But I'm sure you already know that.

  • It's a sad fact that vitrification of radioactive materials only lasts 25-30 years (See Chernobyl current issue.) before turning to talcum-powder-like radioactive dust that is even worse than the original state of the rad-waste!

    One step forwards.. 2-3 steps back again… can we stop this now so that I can GET OFF of this INSANE procedural type of a RIDE !????


      good to see you out here, PattieB. Regarding vitrification. Do you have any recent references that you can point me to? I'd like to find out more about this issue of powdering. On a side issue: tech-challenges aside for the moment, short term vitrification of high-level nuk-waste, wouldn't preclude this encasement process should safe means be developed for disposing into the sun. Now, I know that's a lot to absorb, but such encasement processes would be necessary, if the decision was made to get these deadly materials off the planet…

      • There is an entire movie on this issue.. and it cost the lives of 3 scientist investigating the "Elephants-Foot" at Chernobyl. It's the entire reason behind the real high-grade of rush they have on building the new cover over it. They believe that in the near future.. the former reactor cover is going to fall off it's current perched-ledge into a mound of such talcum-powdered contents.! JOY ! They vitrified it in sand, you see?

    • john dpugh

      PattiteB Vitrification is not a solution to anything. You can mix nuclear materials with anything , wont change it , will be just as radioactive as it was before. They can pour cement on it , they can mix it with molten metals , they can burry it nothing will change . every bit of the nuclear waste will stay the same for a very long time no matter what they do.

      • My point was… as a talcum-powder…? It's FAR WORSE to control and keep OUT of the environment.! So…? WHY are they doing this for storage again.!?!

        This just ADDS a radioactive GLASS particle to the entire problem! And bumps the issue 25-30 into S.E.P !!! Someone Else s Problem… we are OVER THIS way of treatment of the ISSUES !

  • FYI.. Plutonium spelled-out by the folks who made the shit.

  • Ontological Ontological

    I don't care what it costs…get this shit OFF the frigging planet!

    • john dpugh

      Ontological It is not possible to get it all off the planet . The best they can do is stop producing new ones. What we have , we will have to keep on the planet forever.


        disagree, john dpugh. Should the safe-effective processes be developed to encase high-level nuke-waste, we do have the technology to get it off-world…

        • john dpugh

          Realistically i dont think so . In theory yes you can . You can even shoot an aircraft carrier into the space. But the best humans could ever do was to launch a few satelites into spcae.I dont think anything biugger than the space shuttle have ever left the planet.
          Do you know how much nuclear waste we have in total on earth ?
          Who has the ability / capacity/ finance /technology to build the rockets to carry hundreds of hthousands of fuel into the space?
          WHat would happen if the rocket would fail ? Would you risk it ?
          I dont see it happening .


            it's a matter, john dpugh, of our collective decision to allocate the necessary resources. As it is now, those who'd make such decision on a high-level, are just about to actualize the situation and act. Unfortunately, most of us aren't going. Yet, I'd rather some survive than none…

            • john dpugh

              Afterschock I guess you are an optimist , i am not.
              Look ate the world we are living in . Did we ever manage to do anything "collectively" or on a high-level ? CHimpansees seem to have higher levels than us . AT least they don't kill their own sort .
              I understand what you mean by theoretical possibilities and all but do you seriously see a world where that could happen ? A world in peace and harmony where all nations would join together to get rid of nuclear waste and spend all of their sources for this one good goal ?
              I wish i was in living in that world .
              I am more of a realist . The best we can hope for is that they would stop producing more of it , and that they would do it before we go extinct , cause the time is getting shorter and shorter.


                not unlike others, john dpugh, you're settling for whatever's tossed your way. My reading of your work, out here, belies such complacent attitude. Higher expectations are fundamental to real progress. And if the human species fails to make this quickly move into space, most every achievement of that species will be eternally lost. Understand and use your intuition. What's happening is not only a wake up call to those willing to listen. This truly is the end…for those so inclined. I've been around long enough to know, it doesn't necessarily have to be…

                • john dpugh

                  aftershock I respectfully disagree .
                  My opinions are based on what i see , what i observe .
                  You say "it doesn't necessarily have to be this way,,, " well , i agree , it doesn't have to be but unfortunately it is .
                  You seem like you are expecting a change to come , that suddenly we would switch to a more responsible , caring species as human beings and would achieve the tasks of cleaning the earth from nuclear waste. .
                  I disagree .
                  Your picture of 'us'as human species is false in my opinion . We don't function like that , we never did . Did we ?
                  If you look deeper into the society you see at the micro level individuals , who are still fighting with the primitive instincts and personal profits.
                  If you don't see the dark side of men , selfish , narcistic , sadistic spychopatic dark side , who created these poisons you are missing the point i think .
                  Do you understand why media is lying about fukushima ? Does it make sense to you ?
                  Being an optimist or being naive.
                  Yes IF we would join all our nations all our resources all the countries and governments to try to solve the problem well probably they could , but will they ? I say absolutely not .

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    again, john dpugh, it's all about expectations. Otherwise, not a one of us would be breathing. And while I'd acknowledge the failures of humans, it's only fair to recognize their successes.

                    Also understand, it's in the interest of certain parties that we have low expectations. That way, should we discover the cage was left unlocked, we won't have the confidence to escape our captors…

                    • john dpugh

                      aftershock An optimist will see the glass half full .
                      I would rather have less expectations and live in reality , in here and now , then have dreams of expectations that humanity will solve these problems and live in fantasy .
                      If they would care enough to solve the nuclear waste problem , why wouldn't they care enough not create it in the first place?

            • We Not They Finally

              Both you guys (aftershock and johnd): Wouldn't it be interesting if there were some aliens sitting out there, way more humane and benevolent than humans ever figured out how to be — and they were saying, "Now these lunatics want to pollute SPACE???"

              Oh, I know. Space must "dilute" the crap. We think, anyway… We hope… As usual, we haven't a clue… Well, at least it will be NIMBY, yes?

              Oh, there was an accident transporting the canisters to Cape Canaveral? Oh, the O rings on the rocket failed? Oh, half of the United States is now uninhabitable?

              So we wonder why off-worlders (be there such) never bother to land on the White House lawn? I can give you about 6,000 reasons…

              • Jebus Jebus

                Space is radiation. Massive amounts of radiation.
                Earth is the oasis that has the only shield for light years around us. Any "visitors" either thrive in it or will have tools to mitigate it…

          • Yes.. just dig-out the mag-rail system connecting the DUMBS… and run it up the side of a east-west facing mountain and shove it all out to the sun ballistic… rather simple, and we have everything built already to do it… its just not installed in the correct place to do it. Single containers the size of a freight-train engine… one at a time while facing the right way.. perhaps 20-30 per day max… but is a can do thing.


              exactly, PattieB. But alas, we continue wringing our hands over the growing nightmare; that is, until the flesh starts rolling away with all the other creatures that preceded our ultimate demise…

            • Ontological Ontological

              Thank you. Same as the moon landing, we need another giant leap phase of ridding this shit from the biosphere. To do so would stimulate technology. Somehow I still feel this kind of thing has been suppressed at a higher level than even the governments have control over.

              One of the last images a Russian mars probe captured was of a shadow on the surface of Mars. Not the shadow of a moon, nor the craft itself. By the altitude of the craft at the time of its destruction, the shadow was 19 miles long, and 8 miles across, and most likely 'artificial'. Tesla's EWD electron wind disk, or ion wind craft, uses vacuum energy to lift. We can EASALY get this shit OFF THE FRIGGING PLANET! Awaken sleepers! My own grandchildren, great grand children deserve better than this closed minded ivy league corporate tyranny as ruling government for their world! Yours do also. Not talking ROCKETS here, I am talking electro gravity, ion wind, and vacuum energy. Somehow me thinks the ELitE dowanna share this ancient Hindu airship wisdom with too many people.

              • bf9 bf9

                One thing I know about human psychology is when the "fight or flight(die)" instinct kicks in, we are capable of incredible things. Is that not how we got into this mess by splitting the atom in the first place? It's daunting, and expensive, but not outside the realm of possibility. It's just going to take a lot of resources, manpower, and the right attitude.

                PattieB's idea of what is essentially a rail gun would be a route to consider.

                • Ontological Ontological

                  I proposed the rail gun made out of Japans new aircraft carrier, or perhaps the USS RR to encapsulate assemblies when I first came here. Was too expensive apparently by choice of many lame answers. Sigh. Cheaper to bitch fight, point fingers, and piss in the wind.

                  • bf9 bf9

                    Cheaper indeed. However, I think your/her/that idea is a solid one with one change. At the risk of sounding stupid, what if the ejected material were to hit a flare, or solar wind and come back our direction? We do have quite a few of these things to fire off after all. Why not just fire it off the other direction, into space? By the time it has a chance to reach any other potential civilization or whatnot it will have been mostly decayed away. Well, most of it.

                    • Not rail-gun.. tube.. and once you get past escape speed of the planet.. can't come back. All objects not traveling faster than escape speeds, fall into the sun.. no exceptions. We have many objects wizzing by us.. but they are all moving at inter-stellar speeds, not in-system speeds. The key is when you throw them.. obviously not when your tube is facing outside our own orbital track around the sun!


                  correct bf9. However, the suggestion to use mag-lev technology for ejecting rad-cons off the planet's surface is not exclusive to PattieB. Others (myself included) have been discussing this (and other avenues) over the last couple of years. We should be grateful to PattieB for her positive attitude. She's obviously a can-do type person and we obviously need more of them…

                • john dpugh

                  bf9 Well said , the only problem is once the fight or flight hormones kick in , it means it s too late to change anything in this case.
                  Unless there are some major changes in energy production by switching to renewables and ditching nuclear soon , it will be too late to do anything about it . Germans seem to have understood that but only one country is not enough .


                you've the correct attitude, Ontological. I also recall the days when people rolled-up their sleeves and took on the job without blinking. They also refused to accept failure; either from themselves or those about them!

                Most are now so psychologically damaged by those who feed on our acquiescence, we no longer realize the collective potential of the human species. So none should act surprised at where we find ourselves, today. Expectations are so low, that scruffy guy who's standing over us cannot to be blamed for having that shovel in his hand…

                • john dpugh

                  Rail guns , electron wind disks , ion wind crafts , vacuum energies etc if it was so easy why didn't they build those but they are still using the most primitive technology ever , which is a rocket ?
                  What changed in space technology or in spacecrafts since the first appollo moonlanding in 1960 s ? Not much . Every spacecraft have been using the same rocket technology one way or the other .

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    excellent question, john dpugh. One answer is in the type of payloads being moved. The other answer is hidden within the technological approaches to maintaining power. You only have to look at the progress within the renewable energy sector, to understand this point. They're still building nuke-plants around the world, yet, alternative technologies are being fielded as we speak. Contemporary rocketry is vested in established approaches to warfare…

                  • Sorry john.. NASA is just a front… President Barry O'bummer has been to Mars and back, and we have loads of stuff.. your assumptions are not the reality.. IE, they are actively out to kill most of us.. is just the facts as they really are. This was even discussed in congress on a sports event day.. so few were watching CSPAN. The fact if all tech was out in public, they would lose all control of us… just the facts.. and been public-aired for any who cared to watch that sort of thing.. I hate nat. sports! 🙂

                    • john dpugh

                      pattieB Are you serious has Obama been to mars and back ?

                    • flatsville

                      PattieB-Aren't we all supposed to be dead by now per your many posts re: two Suns or something? What happened to your prediction?

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Flats, good question.

                    • flatsville

                      PattieB-Obama went to Mars?


                      I went to Uranus.

                      Didn't like it much. Too smelly.

                      I'm back on Earth for good now.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      lol, and I'm the pie eyed piper…

                      Creds were lost long ago for me, but there are many here who are mesmerized by the music. I must be tone deaf…

                      Another day, another diversion.

                      Again today, I spoke with ones who have never heard of Fukushima.

                      Nuclear, in with a bang, out with a whimper.

                      Nice elevator music though…

                    • We Not They Finally

                      PattieB, it was Andrew Basiago who said that Obama went to Mars. But he also said that his own father took him to the grocery store at age six, but instead teleported him to another dimension. Because he thought that "if" it turned out to be safe for his six-year-old son, then it would be safe for adults.

                      That may say more about the Basiago household than it ever did about Obama….

                    • m a x l i

                      mesmerized is the proper expression for this phenomenon, you nailed it. I too should see a doctor to get my ears checked because I never heard the music. And I remember there are a few more here (for the moment silent).

                      Operation PattieB (Occupy the centre of attention, distract them, keep them busy, make a lot of noise to drown out the info, make them tired, divide the group apart, try to get verbal responses to calls to acts of violence which will put the responders on a list, bring them to perform acts of desperation to get them out of the way, bring them to bury themselves in their garden so they will be ridiculed among neighbours, friends, family…, throw in a few pieces of insider pseudo-vocabulary or semi-facts to impress and gain followers) Phase II started.

                      Amazing how quickly the transition from "it looks like it could be serious stuff I don't understand a single word of and nobody asks questions about, so it must be true" to mega-ridiculous was executed this time. Desperate times – desperate measures.

                    • or-well

                      @maxli, some left, never to return, after the first appearance.

                    • flatsville


                      >>>Operation PattieB (Occupy the centre of attention,…<<<

                      Nailed it.

                      Better than socref, in his/her/its own way.

                • john dpugh

                  When you say "The collective potential of human species" i think of 2 things , world war one and world war 2 , as our 2 biggest collective achivement's .

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    I also think, john dpugh, of the transformation of a communications medium into the wonder that now stares you in the face. That com-medium is commonly referred to as…the Internet! It was originally conceived to allow the (US) military the means of transmitting communiques during nuclear war.

                    It's interesting where things can go, when the imagination is freed to pursue new avenues! I'm grateful, as I now get to enjoy the bi-directional exchange of thought, with millions of other thinking 'machines'…

              • john dpugh

                That giant step wasn't for the mankind but for US. In fact china felt so much left behind that they are still faking moon landings .
                Russia felt falling behind that they have been in arms race for years with US ( the cold war )
                Is this our giant leap ?
                Look around you , what do you see ? I see wars disasters poverty disease and destruction all over the world . Is this how we are going to achieve that giant leap ?
                The world looks much different from my point of view than yours .
                Must be a geographical phenomenon .
                Sorry i don't see it happening .

                • We Not They Finally

                  It's still all about our technological development way exceeding our evolvement as humane humans.

                  Let's just be careful what we wish for…

          • J.

            Although I agree that getting nuclear waste off earth seems extremely far-fetched, the horrendous difficulties of storage into a future far longer than all of recorded human history staggers the imagination. See the deep underground burial project in Finland for evidence of that. The brightest and most sincere men and women really don't have a clue even about matters like keeping records and marking the site for posterity.

            On that basis, the concept of a "space hook" as a means of moving humans and material out of earth's gravitational field and onward into space is worth discussion. Every option has to be on the table, and if the waste were very well sealed such that falling back into the atmosphere and to the planet would not release the waste, the "far out" idea might be feasible.


              spot-on J….

            • john dpugh

              j Sounds logical J , but what is more logical than that ?
              If anyone would care to consider how to solve these problems would care enough not to produce them in the first place in my opinion . That is what many don't see .
              Never heard of a space hook .

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          I sure hope you hurry up with that AFTERSHOCK, Im anticipating an invitation. But what great technology could it be? Hollow large diameter super cables filled with some bouyant gas? Laser delivered external powered rockets? Extra large sling shot accelerators? ….anti gravity…yes, I knew it had to be something juicy


            been over this before, CodeShutdown; likely the reason you responded. Unlike most others, I don't see catastrophes as end-of-world events. From my view of history, such events (natural or otherwise) normally compel alternative responses to what preceded. We either change how we (presently) squander resources or perish in our comfy jacuzzi…

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Im in agreement AFTERSHOCK, just cant remember where we left it all those months ago. Guess I will add my usual; that for SOME even many, it sadly is equivalent to end of the world. For example, fate of animals and people in N Japan. As we know, good and bad are not universal terms but depend on perspective


                we left off, CodeShutdown, with the discussion over hazards to biological lifeforms from space-based radiation. Irony aside, I was hoping to discuss this issue with Socref, but he got 'outed' and went dark…

            • J.

              Like you, I resist the ELE conclusion, for the simple reason that hopelessness is a self-fulfilling condition.

              • We Not They Finally

                Mitigation, compassion, and education is hardly the same as "hopelessness." Even for those who think that this is an ELE. We (two) thought it was an ELE from Day One. But we're hanging in there. We all have to do the best we can, however we may feel. Even if decades from now, a good proportion of the population and much of the ecology gets wiped out, then whoever and whatever is left deserves to have their best shot. We don't even rule out some kind of miracle — just don't know where it might be coming from.

  • Nick

    Atoms for Peace is a misnomer at WIPP since much of the waste recently stashed there is from the defense industry.

    Until 99% of humanity grasps TATAL, nothing will be done.

    Toxic at the atomic Level.

    • We Not They Finally

      We're here in New Mexico. And no one talks about "atoms for peace." There are just too many nuclear zealots here, WHATEVER you label it.

  • weeman

    The foundation of nuclear power is a lie, always was and always will be, has any of the principles been achieved, not one, it's not cheap, it's not safe, it's not green and no solution to waste.
    Tell me why I should believe your test result now,, these levels were known to you for quite sometime, why the delay? Please explain to public.

  • Nick

    "WIPP has been sorting nuclear waste for nearly 15 years and this is the first problem like this the project has had."

    Remember, this project was supposed to isolate the shit for eons, as in forever.


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Oh, we didn't think the ROOF was going to fall in, because we put big bolts in the ceiling to hold it up.

      The idea apparently was to fill the cave up real quick, so it could be sealed before the ceilings caved in.

      The instability of the ceilings was a known problem.

      Re: Ventilation

      Vent system operates in normal-bypass mode.
      Meaning the underground caverns are normally vented out directly into the atmosphere without filtration. (!)
      In case there is an underground release, a rad dector monitors the air.
      If radiation is dectected in air coming out of the caverns, an alarm is sounded, and the bypass is closed.
      The closing of the bypass takes about one minute.
      After that, the air is filtered. (Some contaminates get through this filter, anyway.). 😉
      It was during the time while the bypass was being closed off, that the big release occurred.
      The workers who were contaminated were up on the surface, where they breathed in contaminated air that was released before the bypass was closed.
      The plant manager is reported to have said that the relatives of contaminated workers were completely safe, since the workers received an internal dose of plutonium.
      The workers, as always, are dead people walking. 😉
      PS: if one of you workers reads this, please do not take offense. It is YOUR MANAGER (not me) who has no regard for your welfare.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        actually Philip, I understand that the plan was indeed to crush the barrels to oblivion, sealed in salt for all time. 3.5 inches per year creep there is pretty fast, but one cavern somewhere lost 30% volume in a year, if my memory is not faulty. As the nuke salt storage in Germany showed, it can be pretty hard to remove if something goes wrong. …and doesnt it always seem to?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          indeed the company that installed the bolts and wire was proud of the accomplishment. Old areas are of course sagging the most, and wouldnt it give a sense of claustrophobia? Creepy

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Ahhh…ahhhh..a geologist's nightmare.
            Screaming and puking at the same time…!

          • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

            Code…if that were a gold mine none of the workers would enter. The ceiling was supposed to stay up for a thousand years… Also, these fools built WIPP in a salt dome that is very close to the Texas Lineament.

            Corn Bayou salt dome collapsed

            Grand Bayou salt dome is collapsing…

            These arrogant fools won't stop until everything is dead and/or destroyed.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              WIPP design criteria

              35-year design life of the repository.

              DOE used an estimated creep closure rate of
              about two percent per year giving a volumetric closure rate of 28,000 cubic feet (800 cubic meters)
              per year per panel

              Methane gas-generation rates, due to microbial degradation, gave the
              potential for a methane deflagration and consequent pressure buildup but
              would not occur for at least 20 years after panel closure.

              The trace amounts of brine from the salt at the repository horizon should not degrade the main concrete barrier for at least 35 years.”


              The salt is plastic and will eventually seal the wastes and isolate them permanently. Containment of the radionuclides in the wasteform mostly relies on the almost complete absence of water flow in the salt.


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                The potential for a methane explosion is not projected to occur for at least 18 years after the 35 year functional life of the repository.

                The primary RCRA concern was a potential release of
                unacceptable levels of VOCs from TRU mixed wastes
                and sufficient hydrogen or methane to result in an explosive mixture in the repository.

                The VOCs of
                concern include carbon tetrachloride, chlorobenzene, ch
                loroform, 1,1-dichloroethane, 1,2-dichloroethane,
                methylene chloride, 1,1,2,2-tetrachloro
                ethane, toluene…

                DOE expressed concern that the use of SMC could have impacts on waste management activities. As a result DOE submitted PMR to the NMED and to EPA
                requesting approval of an WPC system with a higher certainty of success. It consists of a 30-foot-thick explosion-isolation barrier backed up by a 100-foot run of mine salt backfill.

                Following a series of meetings and discussions between EPA and DOE, it was determined that EPA
                would defer its consideration of DOE’s proposed WPC system modification until after approval of the
                CRA. NMED in turn, deferred its consideration of the proposal until a decision regarding the PMR was reached. EPA and NMED both agreed to defer construction of the SMC pending completion of the review of the WPC system


              • jec jec

                Did the designers consider the BRINE in the ceilings and floors. In 1981, compressed brine was discovered in the cavern walls..but it was 'regulated' out of being a problem. Scientists said 'no problem.' So it wasn't. Now you have things, fire for one, which equals HEAT. Heat + brine/water = expansion. And there were also some water dripage, leaks reported in WIPP. Again scientist said, no problem. Ignore is not a scientific process…

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        That's right. Simple math, some truth, they would know a good ballpark number of how much got out.

        We'll know how much the workers got in 5-10 years maybe.

        Nukes love that slow, delayed death thing.

      • We Not They Finally

        Thanks, Philip, for that input as always. So ONE UNGUARDED MINUTE did this? Well, part of it anyway. It sounds like a pretty insane system with flimsy safeguards. Not that there was anything "sane" about New Mexico clamoring for the plutonium waste in the first place!!

    • earthsmith earthsmith seems to kind. How about


      unfortunately I don't feel better

    • Sol Man

      Problem now fixed!
      15 years = forever

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    WIPPS is a mess, in lots of ways, before any accident,
    "Our solubility studies, for example,
    confirm that neptunium is more than a
    thousand times more soluble in Yucca
    Mountain waters than plutonium. That
    is because plutonium in those waters
    favors the IV oxidation state while
    neptunium favors the far more soluble
    V state. Thus, for Yucca Mountain,
    neptunium is the actinide of primary
    concern. WIPP, however, is built within
    in a geologically deep salt formation. In
    the extremely salty brines found there,
    the focus shifts to plutonium, since
    reactions with chloride ions are known
    to stabilize plutonium in the VI oxidation
    state. Plutonium(VI) species are
    much more soluble than Pu(IV) species,
    and plutonium mobility would be
    enhanced at WIPP unless a reducing
    environment can be maintained within
    or around the waste containers."

    Lots of interesting scientific stuff in the article, make sure to download it 🙂

    • We Not They Finally

      Does that all mean that they made exactly the WRONG decision putting plutonium there? Well, they made the wrong decision anyway, of course….

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    RADCON-4-Concern/Watch in tx

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    they are confused because by chance they ran into a repository of nuclear waste buried in the same spot by a long dead race of apes 5 million years ago

  • Nick

    Folks in TX had better get up to speed real quick.

    Go to any map….figure out wind patterns…..get scared.


  • Facts as I know them….

    Uranium 234 was over half the air sample post Fuku-blast.
    You only get that from fission of plutonium 239.. that's NOT MOX !
    You can't keep neutrons inside a building, even if there are no leaks. PERIOD !
    Neutrons break your DNA and give you CANCER, LEUKEMIA, ECT.
    The cancer rate was 2% in males over age 97 USA wide from what gets to ground from the sun prior to our bomb testing. And that was the ONLY folks who got cancer! This is the FACTS !
    There was over 12 tons of Plutonium on-site that fission-dispersed or just plain burned up while in the pools. THAT IS A FACT.
    All 3 cores went ex-vessel and hit the water table causing the hydrogen problem, then blasts. #3's blast was compression together of 6.2 kilo of PU-241 in the pools breeder rods, DURING the hydrogen blast and so they had a prompt critical event. The Plutonium 240 content caused it to fizzle. FACT.
    The ONLY cause for cancer & Leukemia as we know it… RADIATION.!
    The use of such radioactive materials to cure you (Kemo)just kills your entire DNA repair system, so you can't have a DNA repair-trigger start such UN-controlled growth anymore. It's a run-away repair of your own DNA after neutron breakage that is what cancer IS. FACT. Leukemia Is radiation particles killing your bone-marrow and so you then lose your red & white blood cell factory. FACT.
    It's a sad fact that vitrification of radioactive materials only lasts 25-30 years (See Chernobyl current issue.) before turning…

  • Nick

    So what's the point of finally legalizing pot everywhere when the stuff has nasty micro bits of Fukushima stuck to the resins?

    We are all going to wish more of us smoked the shit decades ago….then we might have stood a chance and dumped nuclear energy when we had a chance.

    Now we are in the era of "medical" marijuana. What a flipping joke.

    • Yes.. Tobacco industry took the hit for cancer.. they got bought by the gov to take the fall… yes smoking anything now will increase your cancer risks.. depending on how much fallout is on what you are / have been smoking, and also in the up-take of such plants from radioactive contaminated soils.

      But then… they used the radioactive sand from test sites to make concrete for house foundations as well.. so gives us the entire "Radon" set of related problems to play against. Cause-Result. The AMA is owned by the Gov, and hides or makes anything that may help illegal in the country. Then they made the farce of "Radiation-TREATMENT" to over-dose your ass as a form of a "CURE" !?>????

      Umm…. HELLO !!! @j@

      Now add chem-trails,(Aluminum via-smell glands, kills brain tissue) add mercury in your vaccines, fluoride in our water, and just about every damned pill you buy and take being based in PETROCHEMICALS…

      Had enough of their shite yet folks?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Inside WIPP

      There is an interview with Christopher Busby at around 00:35.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    One speck of plutonuim kills . . .

    And (( never )) a warning when it's airborne.


  • Ewok Wicket Ewok Wicket

    Looking at the wind site and comparing to the netc alerts and high reading I am wondering what is blowing in from Canada?

    This is a link to the Canadian monitoring system (updated quarterly)– they don't want to work too hard here…

    I asked about the 15% increase in radiation in Nanaimo (Vancouver Island) since 2007 (most after 2011) and this is the response:

  • Ewok Wicket Ewok Wicket

    Thank you for your correspondence of February 5, 2014, concerning the increase in KERMA levels in Nanaimo.

    There is an increase in measured levels in KERMA at Nanaimo compared to levels measured in 2007. However, these increased levels are not the result of fallout. The measured increase was caused by the replacement of one radiation detector by another as part of routine maintenance and upgrade at the Nanaimo site.

    No two detectors respond identically and differences up to 15% are common. On March 24th, 2012, maintenance work was performed that resulted in the changing of the Nanaimo detector and several others in the Vancouver Island area. The variability, both upwards and downwards, can also be seen at other sites where detectors were changed. The measured air KERMA at Metchosin increased while Saanich and Victoria decreased. The Sidney detector was not changed, and accordingly the air KERMA reported did not change more than normal seasonal variation. All spectral data for the Nanaimo detector has been reviewed and no abnormal isotopes were found.

    At the time of the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011, the reported air KERMA in Nanaimo did not exceed the typical range of seasonal changes throughout the entire history of pre-Fukushima monitoring.

    Can anyone understand KERMA? Clear as mud from wiki. Also look at all that stuff coming from Ontario reactors in Toronto area.

  • Ewok Wicket Ewok Wicket

    I would like to know why there was no standardization done on this equipment!

  • jec jec

    CurrentAugus has news on next steps:

    "Stabliize the ventilation system"..!!! Shows ladders and work being done.

    And OH BY THE WAY..WIPP contractor has 1200 employees per the news report on employees concerns for safety..might be why the 'grudging' comment by the contractor PM about 'testing' if the employee ASKS for it. Only 16 people used the body scanner at last head 13 were the ones ID as being exposed. So guess that is why the government is getting 1200 rad suits..its the same number as the employee numbers…!!! See:

    • jec jec

      And, the body scanner in NM..does it pick up PU alpha contamination as well as AM which is also alpha with some Gamma? Heavy internal contamination of lungs from inhalation? Any experts out there who know?

  • lam335 lam335

    POTR blog claims new info from unnamed source:

    "Insider WIPP Information Indicates PLUTONIUM CLOUD WAS MUCH LARGER Than Previously Calculated!"

    If it's true, it is VERY depressing/alarming.

  • Anyone know what kind and how many radioactive gases tranuranics give off?

    • Transuranic waste (TRU) is, as stated by U.S. regulations and independent of state or origin, waste which has been contaminated with alpha emitting transuranic radionuclides possessing half-lives greater than 20 years and in concentrations greater than 100 nCi /g (3.7 MBq /kg).[1]

      Elements having atomic numbers greater than that of uranium are called transuranic. Elements within TRU are typically man-made and are known to contain americium-241 and several isotopes of plutonium .[2] Because of the elements' longer half-lives , TRU is disposed of more cautiously than low level waste and intermediate level waste. In the U.S. it is a byproduct of weapons production, nuclear research and power production, and consists of protective gear, tools, residue, debris and other items contaminated with small amounts of radioactive elements (mainly plutonium).

      Under U.S. law, TRU is further categorized into "contact-handled" (CH) and "remote-handled" (RH) on the basis of the radiation field measured on the waste container's surface. CH TRU has a surface dose rate not greater than 2 mSv per hour (200 mrem /h), whereas RH TRU has rates of 2 mSv/h or higher. CH TRU has neither the high radioactivity of high level waste, nor its high heat generation. In contrast, RH TRU can be highly radioactive, with surface dose rates up to 10 Sv/h (1000 rem/h)[

      • That being said.. radioactive wastes also go through multi-stage decay before becoming stable. Each stage can change the type of emitting… ( Alpha, Beta, Gamma ) and also do double types during some stages.

        ALL decay rates posted in graphs are LAB CONDITIONS ONLY, while ISOLATED !! Not realistic or accurate while out in wild-world settings! This adds extended times.. like 30 becomes 437 years..?! Is one we now have mostly got a grip on the differences!

        Currently, we are talking about bomb-program products and reactors combined… so, that's about 212 different elements to be concerned about.

        • As for the gasses issues..? We have radioactive soup! Not a condition where we can say we have "These elements, they make X,Y,Z gasses and that's all we need worry over." If you follow…? Nobody will admit to anything that can be prosecuted at this time, they mix what types they believe will not react to a chain-up event occurring into barrels for storage. Hope for the best, PLAN for the worst-case.. that means all 212 types of gasses like was / is venting from Fukushima at present.

    • lam335 lam335

      POTR blog has suggested that gases might have been given off by the materials that were contaminated with the Pu. If I understand correctly, the so-called "low-level" waste at WIPP was other materials (gloves, clothing, tools, etc.) that were contaminated with Pu. The constant bombardment of those materials by the alpha radiation causes them to break down chemically, and when they do so, they give off such gases as hydrogen, methane, and some VOCs. They seem to believe that it was some of those gases that exploded, rather than any given off directly by the Pu itself (if I am understanding their videos correctly).

      • Yes.. is why so many.. ID got 212 from Fuku.. PU gens heat, and gasses result, also fire.. so every damned thing.. paints, plastics, clothing & textiles, wire coatings, and if gets hot enough, metals.. certainly also have sodium vapor, add iodine, and it just goes on and on,.. many carry the radioactive contents when burned or heated to gas / smoke state.!

        Who knows what is sitting in work lockers down there…? The paint will likely be a lead-based type.. so add that.. possible asbestos.. zink from ceiling bolts if hit raw plutonium or did they use hot-dipped galvanized bolts in the ceiling..?

        It gets crazy to figure it…

        • flatsville

          PattieB-Do all the Presidents get to go to Mars? or just Obama?

          Who was the first President to go to Mars?

          Is Mars the only planet approved for Presidential travel?

          I wonder because I saw no Presidents on Uranus.

          • We Not They Finally

            No, it came from Andrew Basiago. Who said that his own father teleported him somewhere at age six, because "if it was safe for a six year old," then it was probably safe for adults.

            If that story was even true (doubtful), I'd be thinking about jailing Basiago's father on Earth, not sending Obama to Mars.

        • Can the low level 55 gallon drums 'exhale' gases too?

          If those gases cannot get out via the vent fans and the whole place is sealed up tight as a drum, walled up in salt and cement, what happens then?

          No heat exchange with air

          no pressure relief from vent fans

          Does that sound like a long term stable solution?

        • Mind if your posts here are used in an article on AGRP?

          Very insightful…

          Will link back to ENEnews and add your name..

            • Nope.. but it's sitting on brine, a corrosive agent. So figure container breach is in the making as a certainty. The heat issue means hydrogen and methane.. and add oxygen and you don't even need a spark to get BOOM ! Add water to drum contents and you could get a criticality event that goes sky-high like Fuku. Or, you could get both, again like Japan issue.. hydrogen first, then critical event. The worst is that they already drilled down and found the brine. This pipe now makes passage for both brine-pool & aquifer getting added to the mix. It's wet down there.. as was not supposed to be.. that's the main issue with vent system now.. that and the collapse having ruptured drums and radiation is now in main shaft. They don't store these in the transport containers you understand.?

              • The drums were in really bad shape prior to transport and leaking at the time they left the processing plants… after sitting outside for YEARS !!

                Some is a plutonium sludge, some soft bricks… in cardboard wrapping no less! and so it's a god-awful mess of mixed materials! 2 coke cans worth of dust collects.. your shit out of luck when talking plutonium! Water makes for even less, as it's a neutron reflector.

                There is an aquifer running above and to one side of this mess. They drilled down and hit it.. then down past the site to brine pool. This is not something they don't fully realize they are setting up a disaster of plutonic proportions!


  • Radioactive Banana

    I am near Denver and have been watching this wind map

    If this map is correct, it looks like they have been using HAARP to keep the winds over NM. There were two days when the winds went up to Oklahoma then up North.

    Tuesday the EPA shut off Radnet during the afternoon. Thanks EPA!

    The document below is incredible if it is true. Here is a brief. Russian nuclear waste has been coming to that site and US has been doing tests on NWSR Nuclear Salt Water Rockets. It states in the second paragraph that there was a test that was done with these rockets and it went terribly wrong! More incredible info in document!

    Main website link
    RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service

    When you get to this map, scroll down and find NM WIPP. Go to the end of the line and click on details, then click on Situation updates, then select the second update to find the above info & 7 other updates.

    This and Fukushima are enough to make anyone freaked out! But when shit hits the fan -we are all going to help each other and somehow we will make it through!

    Fukushima Hound dogs-Woof!

    • Fred

      Which winds? At which level? Sounds like local surface winds. The upper level winds are over 200km/h over WIPP the last few days W to E.

    • James Tekton James Tekton


      If this from the roes site above is true, then there is a lot to worry about.:

      :Critical to note, however, this report says, is that the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), the private American corporation serving as executive agent for the HEU Purchase Agreement, was "deliberately targeted" for elimination by the Obama administration in early 2009 leading to its 16 December 2013 announcement that it had reached an agreement with a majority of its debt holders to file a prearranged and voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring in the first quarter of 2014. Federal Security Service (FSB) intelligence experts contributing to this report say the US wanted to eliminate USEC to divert HEU Purchase Agreement uranium for the purpose of reconstituting it to its highly dangerous U-235 level to conduct experiments at the WIPP on what is called nuclear salt-water rockets (NSWR), which is a proposed type of nuclear thermal rocket designed by Robert Zubrin that would be fueled by water bearing dissolved salts of plutonium or U-235.

      • James Tekton James Tekton


        Under tight strictures put upon it by US law, this report says, the White House needed Russia’s HEU Purchase Agreement uranium for these NSWR experiments and which is not reportable. On 5 February, however, this report continues, these NSWR experiments at the WIPP went "horrifically wrong" leading to an explosion and fire at the underground facility, followed by the 14 February "radiological event" that prompted its full evacuation. Of the greatest concern to Russian nuclear experts, this report says, is the US conducting these NSWR experiments at the WIPP facility in the first place as nearly the entire Carlsbad, New Mexico region is in danger of collapsing due to the massive sink holes appearing over these areas vast underground salt domes.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Joe Franco, DoE Official: “Around 5am yesterday 13 of our employees who were on site the night of February 14th were notified they tested positive for radiological contamination”

    When Good Ideas Take Flight: Carlsbad Field Office Shows Support for National Guard and Reserve
    Nov 1 2012

    EM Field Office Manager Receives Military Honor
    July 30 2013

    He's an ex-Navy ..military kiss-arse.
    Not to be believed…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Panel 7..are/were brand new.

      More Room at WIPP

      ""A new panel of seven waste disposal rooms at the world's only operating geological radwaste repository is ready and waiting to start receiving defence-related transuranic waste."

      "DOE Carlsbad field office manager Joe Franco praised the "timely" approval of the new suite of rooms, which will enter use as soon as Panel 6, where waste is currently being emplaced, becomes full. "We may begin using the [new] panel in August," Franco said."

      Ceiling collapse in a brand new area..?

      • Sure, why not, ceiling collapse has happened before.. didn't stop them then either.

        And water leaks, nope, no reason to stop.

        And a brine lake beneath the complex, no reason to close it down.

        And fracking, oil well drilling all over the place, nearby, no reason to shut down..

        And a radiation release, nope, no reason to shut down..

        These were all planned and designed.

        This is just the tip of the iceberg, or the salt mine..

    • When were they tested, and was this part of the group evacuated after the truck fire?

      Were the 13 that test positive also part of the same group that got treated for smoke inhalation?

      Did everyone who got evacuated due to 'truck fire' get tested for radiation, or was it just these 13?

      What was the percentage rate of positive detection, compared to negative, out of all employees who were tested?

    • Wait a minute. At the community meeting, they said NO ONE WAS ON SITE on Feb 14th when the radiation release happened.

      They can't even get their story straight..

      Which way was it?

      Where was everyone at 11 PM on Feb 14th?

      Inside, outside, on Mars, the moon, or where?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. Mr. Franco knew and knows .. it's a 'dump' ..literally and figuratively..

    New Carlsbad Field Office Manager Hits the Ground Running
    March 16 2012

    "A top priority among the CBFO and WIPP initiatives is fulfilling commitments, including supporting Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in meeting the milestones in the newly developed framework agreement with the New Mexico Environment Department," Franco said. The LANL framework agreement sets the goal for the complete removal of aboveground TRU waste currently stored at Area G at LANL by June 30, 2014.

    Asked about the challenges he faces, Franco addressed issues he considers important.

    He said WIPP’s aging infrastructure and a higher-than-expected throughput over the years has resulted in wear-and-tear on the facility. “The plant must be maintained so we can continue to fulfill our cleanup mission to the nation,” he said."

  • Fred

    In case you've never used it:
    has current and past worldwide graphic wind maps and forward model projections from many sources. Their predictions for a week or two seem dead on accurate.

    At the 250 hPa level and data from a few days ago, my home in Charleston, SC, is about 12 hours downwind from WIPP at that level. So, when, not if, she blows high enough in the air, we'll have about a half a day to evac the kids.

    This is the neatest, controllable, wind map I know of on the net. Fukushima NPP has been upwind at this level for about the last week. Click on any point on the map and get the lat/long/wind speed at level for any place on earth, or any point upwind from your point. Fuku comes out to about 3.5 days, not months at 250 hPa this past week. But, alas, where would we go??

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    "A lot of people are just jumping up and down and wanting us to shut down," said Farok Sharif, president of the Nuclear Waste Partnership that runs the site. "But that's not the case here. We've designed this facility to look at these types of accidents, and we've planned on making sure that we continue to protect our employees and we protect the environment. And our system worked as designed."
    Hence, the "design" allowed for the occasional contaminated workers.
    With a pass to cancer. Just how many per decade we do not know.

    • Worked as designed?

      You mean to say that they PLANNED to have multiple radiation releases?

      That is part of the planned DESIGN?

      Oh, yea, about one planned radiation release per 20 years of operation, and 212 radioactive gas releases on a constant basis..

      All planned and designed.

    • That guy in particular is a real tool. A shyster out of the gate, barely even knows the level of lies he is telling.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Yeah "Farook the kook" sez it's designed so they could "look at it",that's why they used the clear Saran Wrap on the skids full of drums of Shitium. "Look" at WHAT??!! Their FUKdUP handiwork??!! 😐

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      ""A lot of people are just jumping up and down and wanting us to shut down," said Farok Sharif, president of the Nuclear Waste Partnership that runs the site. "But that's not the case here."

      No ..perhaps it is the dancing and laughter of the clowns..

      Dream well ..Enenews.

  • Here is the link for just what your all looking at here.

  • atomicistheword

    Well the great firewall of Australia is going well, 3 VPN locations, 7 browsers and the only success was a defunct cloud browser that gave me the audio only. Up yours firewall. Then again I might be the only one blocked. lol. I feel so loved.

    I'm sure I heard Dana on that broadcast. Never ever mention bananas to him or fear the wrath of Dana; whom by the way has some very logical and important facts to present. Divide and conquer my friend, an olde Roman policy. (breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose, think happy tranquil thoughts)

    These spin doctors for the devil dust empire must think we're stupid morons, take one, ten will replace, take ten, 100 will replace….. get the message! The worst thing you ever did in your nation was to make an old nun the symbol of your hatred of humanity.

    Wake up time 99 red balloons are on their way.

    This tribulation is brought to you by General Electric Hitachi, whose inferior ATOMIC REACTOR technology failed to contain an ATOMIC REACTION.

    Fear truth for the time is at hand. What was done in Japan will not work in America. The Japanese people don't have guns.

  • Socrates

    What precautions should I take for my family? Been watching The Changeling on tv.