New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (VIDEOS)

Published: April 25th, 2011 at 1:11 pm ET


Norwegian Institute for Air Research Flexpart Forecasts, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), April 25, 2011:

Cesium-137 Total Column over U.S.:

Iodine-131 Total Column over U.S. and Canada:

Published: April 25th, 2011 at 1:11 pm ET


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44 comments to New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (VIDEOS)

  • Oops

    Is there any reason why everytime I click on one of the jwplayer videos, it says that the video cannot be found? It happens both at work and at home?

  • DarylAnn

    I live in the northeast of the USA. Will it be safe to swim in pools or lakes this summer? What would the risks be? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

    • radegan

      Is the pool indoors? Is it outdoors, but covered? How much rainwater can get into it? The pool filters won’t remove radiation or affect it, but the chlorine might. Splashing chlorinated pool water onto deck chairs that were rained on during a fallout period could make the iodine on the chair airborne and easily breathed.

      Lakes, though open to the rain and runoff, are huge volumes of water that dilute any radiation. How much? Enough? Depends on the overall volumes and true and accurate information of local contamination. Educate yourself, it’s your best defense, and with the paralysis of government, about your only defense right now.

    • bigdaddy2ya

      if your only concer is swimming in your pool then your already dead and dont know it. GLOBAL MURDER TAKING PLACE

  • radegan

    You want honesty in government reporting? Here it is….They took those revisions in radioactive output and plugged them in. Looks pretty bad for the West Coast and Western Canada. Now imagine that day after day, week after week, for months – at the best.

    • christine

      Look pretty bad for West Coast….I’m a mother to two babies in Oregon. Could you please tell me more? For the past month I have been wondering if my husband should quit his job so that we can move our children. But, if the radiation is every where then is the West Coast really that much worse?

      • bigdaddy2ya

        Lady you need to be protecting your family. Most Americans want to be blind to what is happening. You don’t have to die like the rest. Begin daily reg. Not hard to get these things. DEATH RAIN EVERYWHERE. Cant run from the destruction of modernization. Believe in God because only he can save you from ourselves.

      • jess

        Do what you can right where you are until you leave. Tape windows with plastic. Filter water if you cant buy pre 3-11 bottled. Haunt your stores- now- before its sold out and dig into back of shelves for pre-311 canned food, flour etc.
        BUY ALL THE VITAMINS YOU CAN. Teas, herbs etc from non contaminated areas. Kelp pills, not seaweed, even if from Atlantic Ocean. Calcium supplements and dry milk from S America if possible.

      • Esrin


        Google will be removing this video by Dr. Brownstein on April 29th. Watch it before it’s gone.

        Also Dr. Apsley has provided much valuable information and suggestions concerning radiation and protocol.

        Good luck.

  • Rica E

    does anyone have updated water filtering suggestions? I’m getting my water tested today because it is not right , and guess what I’m gonna look for…

  • tony wilson

    3-5 stage water filters are great..
    it must a reverse osmosis section in it.
    these are spin off technologies from nasa and are good.
    most nuclear government bunkers have these water systems.
    also find a horse specialist and buy zeolite in powder form…get it from farm animal stockists..not ebay.
    zeolite is a very interesting fine gritty powder get the animal use product because of fraud and high costs in the human health versions.
    a few weeks ago some people were put in jail for selling it in japan…
    yet 4 days later tepco was dumping sand bags of zeolite around the leak.
    british nuclear fuels (bnfl) in the uk have been buying 100s of tons of zeolite for years.
    bnfl after tepco are the worlds biggest criminal dumpers of radioactive liquids in the world.
    they have been dumping radioactive water into the irish sea for over 30 years.
    about 6 years ago they started filtering mid level contaminated water in zeolite sediment works that is why they buy it by the ton.
    a lot of big water works use it as well.
    do not buy from health store on the net or ebay..because they will be cashing in.
    google horse zeolite.
    i first came across it 6 years ago while filming in the ukraine and used it then.
    do not buy liquid zeolite it is rubbish.

    • RAF

      How do you use the zeolite? Can it be taken internally like bentonite? I have dairy goats and am in WA state. I would like to know how to use it to decontaminate our raw milk, if possible.

      • Anna

        To detox take a teaspoon twice daily. For an acute it can be taken 3 times a day. It is really drying to take. Have to drink a lot of water.
        I imagine you can can put some in raw milk just like betonite as it will settle just like betonite does.

      • little lady

        you can put zeolite in the water you give to your goats. It will decontaminate their milk. Just as with humans, it will make them very thirsty, so make sure that they also have plenty of clean water that does not have zeolite in it after the zeolite dose.

  • little lady

    my research says this: you need a reverse osmosis system with a GAC carbon filter pre the RO filter and post the RO filter, as well as a DI deionizing resin filter. That is the only way to be certain that you are going to catch all forms of isotopes.Crystal Quest and Watts have systems that do all of that, and there are a few on ebay. A big system must go into your pipes and has a tank. Also check your water pressure, because you may need to add a booster pump

  • tony wilson

    always do research and ask questions..
    i have just purchased a pre-filter called the trap from this company.
    i will be adding it to my home system as another stage..
    very cheap..if you already have a filter system this additional filter costs 40 dollars.

  • tony wilson

    How do you use the zeolite?
    first of all do not believe what anyone says…
    lot’s of people taking financial advantage at the moment.
    always take information and check yourself for instance in google
    bnfl zeolite will give you hundreds of bits of info that shows it is used by one of the worlds biggest nuclear polluters here in the uk.
    it is used in food in water looks like a bentonite clay.
    in chernobyl
    it was used in cakes for children and in large amounts fed with feed to cows to help reduce milk contamination.
    it is used all over the world on farms already..
    after filming in the dead zone in the ukraine..for a month i baked a lot and made drinks.
    i used filtered water with a little bentonite clay and zeolite mixed a good stir with a non metalic spoon and let settle for min 30 mins. drink off the top milky stuff not the bottom dregs.

    also made some odd cakes with psyllium husk,linseeds a little zeolite,buckwheat flour and loads of dried apricots..
    and eat a lot of brown seaweed.

    • Cee

      Tony Wilson,

      Where can you buy Horse Zeolite? I can find Zeopure Powder but that’s it. Are they the same?

  • little lady

    careful on the horse zeolite. may be too coarse for human consumption.

  • Steve

    “No where to run no where to hide” comes to mind.

  • tony wilson

    the above is the product i use in the uk.
    a big tub..
    all that happens it is ground finer for humans this is like fine sand…you only take a teaspoon so it is not a big deal.
    the zeolite type used in chernobyl and at sellafield and in japan is a branch of zeolite called Clinoptilolite.

  • christine

    Is Zeolite safe for toddlers and nursing mother?

    • Christine, I am watching the video at and the man says the form of Zeolite he sells was fed to children at Chernobyl. This stuff looks to be a known quantity.

      • tony wilson

        that is a good video..
        the guy is not selling it…just giving info
        he is posting the name and information only at the end of the video.

        zeolite is part of a big health scam.
        the liquid stuff especially.
        the product he mentions is used in animal husbandry and i use the uk version of it.
        it is cheap mine cost 15 pounds for a big tub of it.

        most of the net..ebay health so called experts are taking the same stuff and repackaging it with a massive mark up.

        • Esrin


          There was a very interesting pre-clinical trial done in Sweden comparing the effects of zeolite and bentonite on the accumulation and excretion of radiocaesium (Cs-137). Bentonite clay fared much better than zeolite.

          Also it is important to remember that both zeolite and bentonite clay are inert, meaning they are not digestible but rather pass through the body, carrying the toxins bound within them.

  • tony wilson

    in cuba for the last 20 years they have been treating children from the ukraine.

    as stated you would let the zeolite settle on the bottom of the glass.
    as it is gritty.
    in the 1980s they used a more unrefined version than today and was used in many cakes and drinks..
    a water filter is one of the most important things as in russia water contamination and lack of fitration was a major enemy to recovery for children.

    the russians and cubans are great believers in epsom salts and bicarbonate of soda..these can be got direct from medical wholesale in 1kg boxs very cheap in bulk.
    make fantastic detox baths.
    bicarbonate is good in a drink and is mentioned in nuclear testing manuals for emergency removal of isotopes.and for cleaning areas with low level radiation contamination.

  • curie-ous

    Thanks, Tony!! Great advice. There’s nothing like hearing from someone who has literally “been there”…and back!!
    I have so much respect for how Russians addressed and endured Chernobyl. My native Russian friend still checks the source of everything she eats decades later and now in Western Europe. Her mother died very young in Moscow, but she did effectively protect her child. 🙂 History shows that any child caught in contaminated “yellow rain” was in for it…

  • Spencer

    I am a college student living in Seattle, is this something I need to take really seriously? Everyone I share this info with tells me it won’t be nearly as bad as people think.

    • tony wilson

      it is bad…
      the reason a lot of people are not getting it is because it is not on the news.
      during the cold war we were told these russians are evil..we are told iranians are today.
      we are told they have a controlled media,it is just a mouth piece of the elites.
      these multiple melt downs are the most blatant example of the press doing the bidding of government and corporations.
      look at what is happening to gold and silver prices.
      arnold gunderson,christopher busby and dr helen caldicott are not the ithe lunatic fringe.
      look for videos with them in.
      where is everyone else.
      the iaea has stated that only 50 people died at chernobyl.
      even today scientists state that a max of 4000 died.
      the real figure is probably nearly a million.
      today in the ukraine,belarus and cuba children are being treated in specialist cancer hospital.25 years later and the radiation is still effecting people.
      do not rely on the tv for your information.
      here in the uk the bbc are talking about important things like the wedding of a couple of rich kids.

  • todd

    This is the crazy thing, we wouldn’t have to look at forcast’s based on assumption’s if they would just give us the data so we can see the truth,the fact that the masses have been told that radiation is “harmless” and they have accepted it is a testament to where we are in this disaster.

  • Took me a while to figure this out, including latest figures for Plutonium and other unfriendly things, after a lengthy examination of the most recent data it would be prudent to assume that

    We’re All Screwed

    (Actually, this thought came to me at 15:50 or 15:51pm PDT (PST?) & felt it too).

    Anyone know what the effects of low levels of Cesium-137 are? I’ll try and factor in the other 100 or so particles/isotopes not being detected by Geiger counters later (they only pick up Gamma? and miss out Alpha and Beta?).

    • Slight correction:

      (Actually, this thought came to me at 15:50 or 15:51pm PDT (PST?) & felt it too earth-shattering not to share with the greater community). Or, is there some good news I’m missing?

  • Babies are the most susceptible. We’re only getting low levels, but probably the best source of information on this crisis is Christopher Busby, whose site is called LowLevelRadiation

    The main page of that site will show that uranium (and probably also therefore plutonium) particles have been or are being released by the Fukushima catastrophe. They are appearing in California some 8000km away at levels which are greater than background.

    I’d say, think about getting the baby out of there. Just my opinion, maybe overreacting, but …

  • One of Busby’s videos explains how new research shows uranium is a strong DNA-binder[?], it acts as a kind of lightning rod, magnifying surrounding radiation and attaching it to DNA. This was not known about uranium before but only recently coming to light.