NYT: Fears of environmental calamity from Fukushima disaster — Japan Nuclear Expert: It’s getting worse… People all over world need to be informed… first case in history where so much contaminated water flowing in ocean

Published: August 21st, 2013 at 9:51 am ET


New York Times, Aug 20, 2013: Three hundred tons of highly contaminated water has leaked from a storage tank at the ravaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on Japan’s Pacific coast, its operator said Tuesday, prompting regulators to declare a “radiological release incident” for the first time since disaster struck there in 2011 and adding new fears of environmental calamity.

AP, Aug 21, 2013: Hideka Morimoto, a watchdog spokesman, said water [leaking from storage tanks that’s extremely contaminated] could reach the sea via a drain gutter.

Irish Times, Aug 21, 2013: The leaks have become a diplomatic issue: Japan’s neighbour South Korea again publicly expressed concern this week about the impact of the contamination on fishing stocks.

Reuters, Aug 21, 2013: That is a huge amount of radiation. The situation is getting worse,” said Michiaki Furukawa, who is professor emeritus at Nagoya University and a nuclear chemist. […] A South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said Seoul had asked Japanese officials to explain what they were doing to stop contaminated water reaching the ocean and fishing grounds. “They also need to make the information available to the public, all over the world, given this is the first case in history where contaminated water from a nuclear plant is flowing into the ocean at this magnitude,” he said.

RTÉ News, Aug 20, 2013: “Tokyo Electric and the government must come up with ways to stop the leaks as well as to monitor and analyze how much and what sort of radiation is entering the ocean, as well as the affect it is having on fish and sea plants,” Mr Furukawa said.

See also:  [intlink id=”korea-times-quarter-billion-liters-of-contaminated-water-has-flowed-into-pacific-from-fukushima-japan-cover-up-could-violate-international-law-hid-global-issue-of-environmental-concern” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 21st, 2013 at 9:51 am ET


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60 comments to NYT: Fears of environmental calamity from Fukushima disaster — Japan Nuclear Expert: It’s getting worse… People all over world need to be informed… first case in history where so much contaminated water flowing in ocean

  • The SITUATION has been the same since day one.

    The obliterated Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Facility IS out of control.

    The questions now should be…

    A. When will it get 10 times worse?
    B. When will it get 100 times worse?
    C. When will it get 1,000 times worse?
    D. When should I be concerned?

    The situation is getting worse,” said Michiaki Furukawa, who is professor emeritus at Nagoya University and a nuclear chemist.

    This cannot get 'better' any time soon.

    😉 …and yes, it really can get 1,000 times worse, in the blink of an eye.

  • UncleCrusty

    FINALLY ! The statement "people all over the world need to be informed". I don't hear the usual song and dance. I think they finally realize they need help and it really is that bad.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    All our lives are simply a "blink in the eye" 🙂

    What will be our human legacy is the real question 1,000 years from now?

    Doubt is will be one of wisdom..

  • Auntie Nuke

    The world needs to stage an intervention in Japan and put together an international think tank of engineers, etc. to come up with EVERY possible solution. This should have been done immediately after 3/11/11. We may be too late, but the world has to take this out of the hands of the ass-covering, self-absorbed, greedy TEPCO and the Japanese government.

    • The nuclear experts that have been trying to warn them and help them have been knocking on the door and were refused entry. They are still persona non grata.

      The GOOD nuclear engineers that warned them either quit or were fired. Will they hire them back?

      When you get a divorce, it is hard to come back to the ex and say that you really do need them..

      How are they going to get through this one?

      Will they go to the 'enemy' and ask for help?

      Time will tell…

      They can start with Arnie Gunderson, Kaku, a few whistleblower MD's, and others like this, who deserve lots of credit for bringing this disaster to the world's attention, but got zero pay and no credit for doing so.

      Anyone want to name names of who they should consult with and hire?

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        The names of those with who they should consult, and hire, are obvious to many of us as well as you, despite your specious denial; your feigned ignorance exposes your gatekeeper and disinformation role, designed to obscure both the corporate and state origins of the
        world-threatening disaster, as well as the available expert corporate sources of solution, to wit, the various multi-national EU financial, technical and engineering entities now ready and preparing to contain the Chernobyl unit 4 so that the chosen American company can undertake
        the decontamination that will finally bring Europe and the world to a place of safety from Chernobyl contamination.

        How ironic, and tragic, that these bold, innovative thinkers and doers, will have accomplished Chernobyl decontamination, only to see the world lost to a second contamination resulting from corporate, state and nuclear authority negligence regarding Fukushima.

        Another heroic financial and engineering containment and reprocessing project such as Chernobyl's, could have earlier been undertaken to prevent the impending FDNPP world ELE threat; financial and corporate interests such as those you and other 'authorities' represent,
        unfortunately, have rendered such remedies, and a stick-save, Chernobyl-like-Novarka-Arch prevention of world contamination, beyond reach:


      • UncleCrusty

        Not to be repetitive, I recommend Amb. Kennedy advise PM Abe that they are "inviting" the following contractors. Our Best and biggest – Bechtel, CE, GE, Westinghouse, Babcock & Wilcox, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge. It's going to take everyone together working ASAP.
        Get Exxon to donate spare tankers and empty the horribly ill conceived tank farm.
        We also need to involve China & Russia for material support as well as political stability
        As leverage? U.S. Pulls out of Japan – All bases, Systems and personnel. Best of luck with the Chinese and North Koreans as they are really unhappy with you now. Now, Prime Minister, Sir. May we help? … or something like that.

  • meowmix

    Gradual conditioning of the unwashed masses (99%). Goebbels and other "social engineers" developed very detailed timelines as to how to most effectively boil the social frog / sheeple. Boil the frog too quickly & he'll jump from the kettle. Jump the sheep too soon & it'll learn the sound of a zipper & you'll be wearing a kilt for life.

  • marjo

    Why oh why isn't this all over the US news save a NYT article here and there? Excuses if this is a dumb question but I am new here. Currently learning all there is to learn about this and I am extremely pissed……

    • Cerviche

      prevent public awareness and panic

    • The Mainstream Media is and has been in blackout coverup mode.

      There are many reasons.

      IMO – Mostly because Nuclear Power has been a lie and a scam since day 1. They knew the long term GLOBAL RISKS and they did it anyway.

      People were told of electrical power that would be 'too cheap' to meter. Sounded good, but it was a lie. Like dangling candy in front of a baby.

      Who's connected to NBC? GE.
      Who makes reactor containment? GE.

      …and so on and so forth.
      The list goes on and on.

      Check out the Forum archives.
      Nuclear Issues is a good one to start with.

      Next thing you know, we'll be told that Nuclear Power is the answer to climate change.
      Don't get fooled again. 😉

      • J.

        Regarding GE: I have read repeatedly that the company knew very well that the design of GE reactors used at Fukushima Dai Ichi was defective and dangerous. On that basis, the slogan for GE should not be, "we bring good things to life." It should be, "we put all life to death."

      • J.

        Regarding GE: I have read repeatedly that the company knew very well that the design of GE reactors used at Fukushima Dai Ichi was defective and dangerous.

        If true, the slogan for GE should not be, "we bring good things to life." It should be, "we put all life at risk." Or perhaps, "we put all life to death."

    • Here is another place to start, if you are just at the beginning with all of this… shorten your learning curve… become an expert really fast. That is why this site was built.

      Art And Science Of Deception; Global Corporations And The 1% http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/p/corporations-art-and-science-of.html

    • UncleCrusty

      If You are pissed, imagine 260 million pissed. Pacify the populace to keep order. Thats why.

  • Cerviche

    Too little tooooo late, the beginning of the food chain has been tainted for over 2 years now, the major powers of the world SHOULD(but in reality wont) have a lot to answer for at the end if not near the end of things….. TEPCO is just one…

  • Cerviche

    Wondering if the volcanic activity in the south of japan has anything to do with 3 missing blobs of corium =/ imagine an eruption and out comes a blob of corium xD

    • meowmix

      Or Mt. Fuji going off with 6 blobs of corium hurtling into downtown Toky-uh-oh.

      No disrespect intended toward the people, except the gangsters running what's left of the island. Great people run by a small group of tyrants. When Fuku happens in the US instead of handling it initially in a decent civilized manner like the Japanese there will be rioting and nationwide retail theft. Won't take long after there isn't a live birth on the west coast for everyone to figure out what's going on.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Oh, what a surprise…

    More than two years ago I've had said:
    "Japan IS history"

    Tell me news!


  • Cerviche

    You are correct in relation to the people, some of the most stellar and disciplined people of the world….. only downside is the subservient behavior to authority whether they are wrong or right… a shame.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "…at least one leaky tank is JUST TOO CLOSE to the 12 wells that TEPCO has dug for the groundwater bypass plan, to intercept and draw uncontaminated groundwater before it hits the reactor buildings."
    Here is a map of the 12 Groundwater Extraction Wells behind and uphill from Reactors1-4. These wells are part of the Pump&Dump Plan, with the Impermeable Wall blocking contaminated water from entering the Pacific, and with the Wells pumpimg out uncontaminated groundwater uphill from the reactors, and dumping this water into the Pacific.
    Arnie Gundersen warned TEPCO that groundwater had to be blocked from entering the FDNPP, and that a Closed Loop Heat Sink had to be installed to cool the molten fuel. Instead of building the Impermeable Wall completely around Reactors1-4, TEPCO tried to do it on the cheap, by building half a wall. NOTHING blocks the INFLOW of 1,000 tonnes of groundwater per day into the site. And, worse, the 12 wells they drilled to extract uncontaminated groundwater may now only be able to pump contaminated water out of the ground. Way to go TEPCO!
    Many have now called for TEPCO to begin filling Offshore tankers with contaminated water, then treating and dumping this water far out to sea. This seems to me to be the only alternative to the STUPID TANK PLAN they are now following. Soon, there will be 50 or 100 leaking tanks and ponds.

    • nedlifromvermont

      no need to dump them far at sea … head up to Sendai and offload tainted water for processing at tsunami proof treatment site …

    • We think they are already beyond the 50-100 leaking tanks..

      Remember, just in the first year, they BUILT 1,000 of these, designed to last ONE YEAR.

      Second year, another equivalent of 1,000 tanks, only via plastic sheeting.. those leaked almost immediately.

      Now we have over 2,000 tanks and it is highly probable most of them are leaking.. It is only a question of how much, and how much is going into air, groundwater or ocean.

  • bo bo

    Yes I have read your extensive article on bill gates on green road blog. I have been following your blog closely, thank you for your tireless work (no sarc).

  • Meanwhile, shrimp prices in Thailand, China and Korea have doubled since their 2010 cost. The price increase is due to "the finding of" early mortality disease;


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Tacomagrove: Expect Asian Shrimp prices to be cut in half (those famous BOGO sales), when Fukushima Cesium is found in shrimp from Thailand, China, and Korea.

      "Smell those shrimp, they're beginning to boil." Jimmy Buffet


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Admn.: I see you are still having problems. Denial of Service attacks? Whatever. Keep up the good fight.

    You might consider trusting ENEnews to a big outfit, with a big IT department, capable of fighting back. Or, use mirror sites to protect you. May be just be worth the cost, if the attacks continue. Love, PhilipUpNorth

    • Ourself Ourself

      I don't think it's been down because of attacks. It's possible at some point but I don't think it's the case at this time.

      • dodge

        It is loading very slowly, have to attempt several times, don't know what it is but this site is responding very differently. Other sites are loading normally on my laptop.

        • nohobear nohobear

          I'm experiencing the same issue. I hope the website administrator has taken precautions. TPTB will attempt to suppress the truth as more people are becoming aware on a daily basis.

          The day I can no longer access enenews, I'll assume spent fuel pool 4 has toppled.

  • pkjn

    Worldcrunch Published on 2013-08-21 17:34:30
    TOKYO – The annual incidence of thyroid cancer among those 18-years-old and younger in the Fukushima area to be 157 per one million, more than 31 times superior to the national average of five per million.
    These numbers show a stronger and faster evolution than that after the Chernobyl incident in the Soviet Union in 1986 and are only the first signs of a wider health catastrophe.

  • Wynd Wynd

    have noticed site won't load…
    i'm thinking it's govt intervention of some sort
    the timing of news sources finally speaking about the horror…
    they didn't know we'd make it out…
    so they are riding side saddle…

    also it's interesting how the news sources chime in on the same
    theme…leaking tanks…all so cleanly coordinated…
    japan says leaks NYT says leaks…leaks leaks…
    when so many here, myself also, contemplate
    a breach of some kind with Unit 4…
    if they have increased levels then it has to come from something
    that CAN increase it's level and that would be a source moving
    towards criticality as it increases in heat…well i'm no

    also someone noticed that they also use the number three in everything i've noticed it also…would be funny if not so sad…
    300T 300,000Ltrs 3 Coriums all on the 3rd month March 2011…
    any of course tomorrow we will hear a new three figure…

    not being able to access this site provides a real emotional
    knowing how important this place is to all of us!
    we're cut off from the world if we can't read the comments here!

  • irhologram

    Wynd, I have been having so much trouble with the ene site today (once it even said that this site does not exist, while the comments still showed up on the right.). It won't load, or it won't open comments, or it won't let me sign in, so I haven't been able to post all day…a post about posting. The administrator said yesterday it was an ene problem…I'm with you…I feel like my life support has been turned off when I can't access this forum…and I'm seeing that as a slight problem…something like addiction. And I'm not kidding. I wonder if others have thoughts on ene as an addiction? …for all the right reasons, burning to know and tell the truth…but a one, constant, never-changing. daily need to be in touch with one another, (neglecting face-to-face interchanges in our lives?) living together in a virtual world.

  • pkjn

    Fukushima Children Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer
    Tokyo, Aug 21 (Prensa Latina)
    After the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, two years ago, 18 children have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in that region.
    The prefectural government is giving medical checkups to all 360,000 children aged 18 or younger in Fukushima to assess the impact of the accident on their health.
    According to public broadcaster NHK, another 25 children may suffer this cancer.
    Experts said radioactive substances released during the accident can accumulate in children's thyroid glands – increasing the risk of developing cancer, and added they will work on each case separately to go into further details.

  • Mack Mack

    We’re told atmospheric radiation goes around the Earth every 40 days.

    If correct, we’ve been exposed to Fukushima radiation 23 times.

    Adding 40 days to the original 3/11/11 meltdowns, here are the dates:


    3/11 – 4/20 – 5/30 – 7/9 – 8/18 – 9/27 – 11/6 – 12/16


    1/25 – 3/5 – 4/14 – 5/24 – 7/3 – 8/12 — 9/21 – 10/31 – 12/10


    1/1 – 2/28 – 4/9 – 5/19 – 6/28 – 8/7 – 9/16 – 10/26 – 12/5

    Using the ComprehensiveTestBanTreaty’s plume model of the initial radiation plume,

    Add 5 days to the dates if you’re in the U.S.
    Add 6 to 9 days as it goes through Europe
    Add 32 days for South America (Australia, Fiji, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea)


    Calculator to calculate days:

  • Mack Mack

    A new report says Germany’s Solar Energy production is shattering records, and Wind Energy is right up there.


    34.5 GW Solar Energy
    30.5 GW Wind Energy
    65 GW Wind + Solar

    Worldwide use of 437 nuclear power plants produces approximately 372 GW of electricity.

    This means that Germany’s production of Solar and Wind energy alone is 17.5 % of the World’s nuclear energy use!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    There is (a) hope after all!

    • Mack Mack

      Hi Chas and Obewan – Did you see this article in Truth-Out about a town in Colorado that is trying to go nuclear-free and go with Renewable Energy but Xcel Energy is fighting against it.

      The article is called:

      "Dirty Energy's Dirty Tactics: Boulder on the Front Lines of the Renewable Energy Future"


      Hope everyone reads it.

      • +1

        WE ARE the disruptive challenge. 🙂

        "The transition is underway, …the longtime model of utilities supplying power could go the way of Kodak before digital photography changed the photography industry."

        "The US is on the path to an era of unconventional fossil fuel production with projected spending on oil sands, fracking and deep-water drilling that is THREE TIMES GREATER than spending on renewables."

        Next thing you know they will try to centralize and control the water and food.

        I can see someday where you might even PAY for fresh air. Now there's a 'business model' for you.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Colorado has been nuclear free for years. The only nuclear power plant Colorado ever had was Fort Saint Vrain NPP which was a big failure and shut down years ago. But Boulder is trying to be free of coal. The sad thing is that about 40 years ago Boulder voted to have their own electricty company, but the vote failed.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I will read it when I get time and your bringing in some great stuff!

    The learning curve is now exponential and you and the rest of those that contribute here are the now world's knew teachers!


    Stay the course..

  • pkjn

    Fukushima Radiation proven to have caused thyroid cancer on Japanese children
    The Real Agenda POSTED AT: 11:53, AUGUST 21, 2013
    Despite the continuous failure from Tokyo Electric Power Company, the nuclear plant’s operator, to stop the water from getting to the ocean, the Japanese government has not intervened to find a solution to the contamination of the air or the water.
    The results, which were released on Tuesday, revealed that 18 of those children developed thyroid cancer, while 25 others may suffer from this disease, reported Japanese public television NHK.

  • pkjn

    Japan: 18 juvenile detected with thyroid cancer in Fukushima
    TeleRadio-Moldova 21 August 2013 | 16:03
    Tokyo Electric Power Company which manages the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, said on Saturday that the wall built underground to slow leakage of contaminated water into the ocean could not halt the flow of radioactive water leaks, Europa Press reported on Sunday.
    The number of confirmed cancer cases is currently 18, six more than in the previous report dating from June. The number of suspected cases increased from 15 to 25.

  • Sol Man

    We could view this on a graph, how the entire situation has continuously devolved since 3/11/11. Maybe the horror of the situation kept things that could have happened initially, from happening. Too little, too late, as we have created something that we are unable to respond to in the catastrophic failure mode. I hope that I am wrong.

  • pkjn

    Fresh leak deepens Fukushima crisis
    PUBLISHED AUGUST 22, 2013 The Business Times
    Japan's Kyodo news service reported that six more young people from Fukushima prefecture have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer since Japan's worst nuclear accident occurred there in March 2011, bringing to 18 the number of cancer cases among people under 18 at the time of the incident. 25 other cases are also suspected.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Excellent link and may Boulder be one with the force.

    The necessary change required will be a battle on all energy fronts and this battle must move forward quickly as the money trees established are very wide and very well rooted.

    Congratulations to the Citizens of Boulder Colorado!

    There is (a) hope!

  • Cerviche

    The irony of it all the irony

    A pollution free coal powered electric utility?