Newly released data shows Florida hit with highest level of radioactive material from Fukushima measured anywhere in world outside Japan — #1 out of more than 1,500 test results — Total radioactive iodine was up to 500% of amount reported

Published: September 26th, 2014 at 5:27 pm ET


Analysis of data from sensitive U.S. monitoring stations for the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor accident, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity: [A] major nuclear event at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station… resulted in a breach of the nuclear fuel integrity and release of radioactive fission products to the environment. Fission products started to arrive in the United States via atmospheric transport on March 15, 2011… Atmospheric activity concentrations of 131I reached levels of 3 x 10^-2 Bq/m³ [30,592 microBq/m³] in Melbourne, FL. The noble gas 133Xe reached atmospheric activity concentrations in Ashland, KS of 17 Bq/m³… [These levels] were well above the detection capability of the radionuclide monitoring systems within the International Monitoring System [IMS] of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty [CTBTO]… it should be noted that non-IMS stations located in Richland, WA detected the event one day earlier than any other systems within the US IMS network… The iodine detections reported in this manuscript are solely representative of the particulate iodine atmospheric activity concentration. It is recognized that the gas phase iodine was not collected via aerosol filtration [which] would be useful to assess the event and to quantify the total radioiodine atmospheric activity concentration.

According to remarks included with CTBTO data recently released by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, the total iodine-131 in the air was up to 500% of the amount shown.

CTBTO Particulate air monitoring data (.xls file), July 2014: The PTS [Provisional Technical Secretariat] itself issued a number of comments and caveats on the data:… “Since the IMS stations use paper filters to collect the particulate radionuclides in the air, part of the iodine in gaseous form passes through the filter easily. It is estimated that only 20-50% of total iodine (from all forms) was collected in the samples.”

Of the more than 1,500 measurements in the CTBTO data taken since Fukushima began, iodine-131 levels detected in Florida were the highest of anywhere in the world outside of Japan. Florida also recorded 4 of the top 10 daily measurements.

Before the U.N. made this data public, an ENENews report from April 2011 noted that for the specific date of March 22, Florida recorded the highest I-131 level of any  CTBTO monitoring station in the world. See: [intlink id=”florida-highest-iodine-131-reading-ctbto-monitoring-station-world-march-22-23-charts” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 26th, 2014 at 5:27 pm ET


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204 comments to Newly released data shows Florida hit with highest level of radioactive material from Fukushima measured anywhere in world outside Japan — #1 out of more than 1,500 test results — Total radioactive iodine was up to 500% of amount reported

  • Socrates

    How fallout flies!

    • combomelt combomelt

      but please someone,….




      • razzz razzz

        Catching fallout, in this case particulates, on small filter paper after being analyzed has to be converted to reflect fallout hitting a larger area or land mass to give it proportional reference.

        Conversion Factors:
        Maybe the 'CRUD' standard is more to your liking but it is used on a different level.

        Even so, they weren't expecting radioiodine in gas form to pass by and weren't setup to trap it for monitoring. At least not at this reporting station.

        With all that, I remember a reactor scramming itself in Florida at the height of the fallout from Fukus' Daiichi. Shut itself down it did, after air monitors sensed Daiichi fallout concentrated enough to automatically shut the reactor down as if the local reactor had a bad leak. I think there was a reactor one in the Carolinas that did the same thing around the same time as in Florida. Operators restart both reactors after checking and finding no leak at their reactor plants and wouldn't attribute the auto SCRAM to Daiichi fallout even though as you have read lately, they can identify the origin and age of some particulates and must have to determined where the fallout came from or why would they restart?

        Hot spots from Daiichi fallout depending on how the wind blows.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          .Gov and the corporate press will do everything to conceal hotspots, but I continue to believe that public awareness of moving local hotspots and varying "radiation weather" will nevertheless eventually enter into west coast resident's daily activity planning.

          Worse than hotspots, I believe more widespread detection and more sensitive equipment will soon demonstrate that much of the contamination is moving in very concentrated tributary-like, snake-like sinews that are irregular and infrequent, but so much more concentrated than expected as to 'overwhelm' detection systems set to or limited to lower levels of radiation variance.

          Marine biologists commonly expressing their knowledge of "ocean streams", and analysts of often narrow jet streams as well as lower level atmospheric wind flow channels, will eventually become aware of the infrequent, irregular, sudden and unanticipated water and air rad surges that perhaps will appear as anomalous readings, but will in fact be seen as recurring, otherwise invisible moving minefields of contamination.

          Surprising and unexplained radiation readings are how past contamination-events and cover ups have been discovered: USSR-Ukraine fully intended to not inform Europe of the Chernobyl exposure until anomalous radiation detected at the Swedish Forsmark facility was determined to be of Ukraine origin, and Japan-Tepco silence was threatened when the USS George Washington and USS Reagan detected unexplained readings…more

      • combomelt combomelt


        micro-bq/m^3 = 30591.92 = melbourne, fl = 0.03059 bq/m^3
        micro-bq/m^3 = 21606.81 = oahu, hi = 0.02161 bq/m^3
        micro-bq/m^3 = 15254 = oahu, hi = 0.01525 bq/m^3
        micro-bq/m^3 = 13810.61 = sacramento, ca = 0.01381 bq/m^3


        • combomelt combomelt

          BUT IN the middle of all their recalculations nonsense is this…

          "The noble gas 133Xe reached atmospheric activity concentrations in Ashland, KS of 17 Bq/m³…"

          oooooh lala!!!!

          • Wright South West Wright South West

            I wonder how on earth they could get this number for Ashland Kansas. Ashland is a very small farming ranch community of around 850 pop. I somehow doubt there is any radiation detection equipment there. Anyway just curious since my parent's live in the area.

            • ISeePinkClouds

              Yes. Good question. It leaves plenty of room for speculation. At WIPP I saw white pickups with white boxes on their roofs, and laptops on their console/dashboard. Mobile monitors? If so, was somebody expecting fallout near Ashton? If so, who? peace

        • raddog

          So basically, nothing, or pretty close to it.

      • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

        For tons more on Radiation Units & Conversions, I put this page together:

        microBecquerel (mBq)… is 1/1000th of a Bq.
        And a Bq is 1 decay per second (a measurement of activity)

        SO, the highest value of 30,591.92 mBq/m^3 (microbecquerel per cubic meter)
        is 30.59 Bq/m^3 for Melbourne, FLorida, USA, on March 22, 2011.

        IF that air measurement was representative of the air in the mile above the point of measurement (1 mile = 1609.344 meters), and IF rain had washed the radioisotopes (in this case I-131) out of that badly contaminated air, then… a little calculation shows that, with these assumptions, a square meter surface could have received a fallout deposition in that area of nearly 50,000 Bq/m^2. (30.59 Bq/m^3 x 1609.34 m = 49,229.71 Bq/m^2 ) But there's a lot of unknowns, so it can't be deducted from the CTBTO data what the actual deposition was. Using my blog Meteo historical weather data link,, I see that Melbourne, FL did not receive precipitation after the accident until March 28, which means the contaminated air blew through, but wasn't deposited there.

        For comparison, the USGS's data show the highest I-131 *deposition* (of their pathetically very few sampling points) to have been in the state of Washington, @ 5,100 Bq/m^2.

        See more @ Fallout Maps for the United States:

    • We Not They Finally

      What do I tell my friends who live in fl?Bend over and kiss their _____goodbye?

  • We Not They Finally

    Yes, saw on Michael Collins' that all the radiation monitors in Florida have been turned OFF. Gee, I wonder why….

    Congratulations, EPA head Gina McCarthy! How great that you landed your promotion in the first place by being so adept at turning off radiation monitors [sarc.] Go to H.

    • General User General User

      currently there are 4 EPA stations active in Fl. Visit:
      Last updated: 2014-09-26 19:30:00 GMT-0400
      Miami, FL, US CPM: current 414
      Orlando, FL, US CPM: current 124
      Jacksonville, FL, US CPM: current 145
      Tallahassee, FL, US CPM: current 323

      Six US EPA sites across America now exceed 400 CPM (CPM of Gamma in energy range 600-800keV). 5 in Eastern Rockies, & Miami.

      Miami has been "Hot" for many months now.
      Peace All

      • ISeePinkClouds

        Yes GU. Thanks. I try to keep up with netc. The numbers are astonishingly high. I was in Carlsbad NM two weeks ago. The background readings were not so high on the south side. Around 17cpm. The readings downtown were ten counts higher. The difference was/is that on the south side it is mostly gamma radiation. Downtown it is neutron radiation. My body could resist/repair itself from the gamma radiation. The neutron radiation gave me radiation sickness very rapidly; almost immediately. The symptoms have been slowly going away; but my hearing is not improving so quickly. This is to say that even though the readings were not so high, the effects can be drastic and immediate. I am very concerned about the people in Carlsbad. I believe they are in grave danger. I think we/I need to do something to help them. I do not know what. I know I cannot go back there. Radiation is upon us, and we are all in peril. We are all in grave danger…regardless of the readings. I told a new neighbor about the radiation danger. His response was, "Well, if there is nothing you can do about it, why worry about it." There is a great deal we can do about it. We need to do everything we can, and now. Awareness is a good start. Thanks again. peace

        • califnative califnative

          Iseepinkclouds – I read your post about going to Carlsbad (thought it was from vital1) and wanted to thank you for sharing that. I'm in Tucson AZ and do my own simple readings from a Radex1212 uSv/h GC. Looks like EPA's monitors stopped recording Carlsbad as of Sept 24th – never a good sign.

          I was wondering if you could share what your immediate neutron radiation symptoms were. Some forums don't work but the Off Topic is available. Personally I would really like to hear what symptoms people are experiencing these days. Since I moved here I been getting what looks like flea bites but I don't see any (have two cats and can't see any on them either) I am starting to think they are erupting by themselves, they itch terribly, turns in to a welt, leaves a red bruise colored mark for weeks. I know what flea bites are and this isn't it.

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            Could it be a rash of some type? I'm concerned with all the children that keep getting this respiratory illness that is now showing symptoms of being polio-related in some way… Wasn't there something similar going on in school age children in California last year that we spoke about on this site too? Could this be related to WIPP?

          • ISeePinkClouds

            Yes. Califnative. In Carlsbad I experienced both Gamma and Neutron Rays. I can tolerate Gamma Rays reasonably well. The Neutron emissions from Plutonium and Americium do immediate damage to my body. I worked with Americium and other radionuclides for 14 years. I have a good accumulated dose from that work. That being said, this is what I experience from Neutron exposure. I experience heat sensations, agitation or nervousness, localized headache, nauseau, waves of extreme fatigue, running nose, and most especially, ringing in my ears. I have not fully regained my hearing. The symptoms you describe sound like what I have heard others commenting on here on ENENEWS. That is that they experience a burnng sensation on the surface of theirskin. They spoke of it as if a hot particle had landed on them. They said they could brush it off when noticed. I have heard of both white and red spots associated with those particles. Others here will know more than I. There is a coverup by the DOE regarding WIPP and Carlsbad. An independent monitoring company needs to go in there. Lives are at stake. If you do not know, you can put your GC readings real time online at I do as oftenas I can. Well wishes. peace

            • califnative califnative

              ISeePinkClouds – thank you for that good description, I experienced those exact symptoms periodically when living in Santa Clara CA, so glad I finally left Nov. 2013. I also heard about the burning sensation of the skin surface here but mine is underneath and more like a monster mosquito bite with no mosquito. A sudden tiny single red pimple surrounded by red flushed circle, welt that itches terribly, fluid surfaces after scratching, spot turns hard like something is underneath, cortisone cream helps, can take 3-4 weeks visibly heal and go away. Can't find any similar pictures when searching the net. Fortunately I haven't received any new "bites" the last two days so it might be the end of it. My guess is there will be more websites sharing radiation symptoms and what to look for in the near future 🙁

              It looks like your a fairly new member, welcome 🙂 Your knowledge, background, comments and kind heartedness will be most appreciated here.

      • raddog

        Seasonal and daily changes in radon levels account for most of the changes in the gross beta levels.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      The war goes on and shouldn't she be locked up for the violation of the public trust and corruption of/in her duties?

      • humptydumpty humptydumpty

        That would be "dereliction of duty" — but as we have seen time after time, our government lackies are rewarded for that if it advances the interests of industry. Sociopaths are running the show.

  • dka

    At this level, I believe that the water should have been too contaminated to be safe to drink. In Gumma, which has similar levels, the government decided to recommended children not to drink the tap water because it was unsafe. What were the tap water tests results in Florida? They should reflect and pair the air tests results.

  • The nuketards at Oak Ridge have just discovered that plutonium can blow up, I am not joking

    OAK RIDGE — The U.S. Department of Energy is taking steps to address a newly identified detonation risk involving decades-old st drums containing small amounts of radioactive plutonium.

  • Proton

    if you're lucky, the epa might have data from a sensor nowhere near you…

    • Proton

      double click parameters on left putting them into right-hand side box- I like gross beta personally. Make sure "measurement end date and time" is selected to right box also
      highlight local area in "fixed monitor location" box
      Click submit near bottom of page
      Wait all afternoon for results

      Don't expect much out of the "Privacy and security notice" though…


    • monster

      They would have but their printer ran out of ink.

  • West Aussie West Aussie

    Conspiracy has as its roots the activity by people to cover up their wrong decisions taken because of personal flaws, lack of experience, and ingrained belief systems. This Gina McCarthy (who has authorized the switching off of so many radiation monitors) would seem to me to be like so, so, many people out there today who will do ANYTHING to get that job or promotion and retain it. It is truly psychopathic and puts a paranoid edge into the general outlook on the world that we are all tending to assume in this time of scarcity and insecurity. 'Beggar thy brother' is becoming the order of the day. I think these people do truly believe that they are as God's on this Earth. Special and above the trials and tribulations that affect the lower orders. They so rich that their smiles will really ward off radiation and convert it into sunshine! Only for the true believers, though. Can't have no 'dissenters' in the brave new world of ignorant slavery to the Technocratic Enterprise. Your quality of life being utterly dependent on how easily you can access the necessary medical/technical assistance to treat or help ward-off debilitating/fatal cancers/diseases.
    This of course leads us to a nightmare conclusion that a psychopathic elite will preside over a genocide of the rest of the planet so they can enjoy a latte beside their heated indoors swimming pool.
    There's where I can see Gina McCarthy right now, sitting beside that pool. She looks into its depths and there are the fuel…

    • SadieDog

      "Earlier this year, Stanford University researchers said they had identified polio-like illnesses in about 20 California children over about 18 months. Two tested positive for enterovirus 68. CDC officials say it's still not clear if the virus was a factor in those cases."

    • We know low dose radiation will affect those with weakened immune systems first and it makes sense that it would come via the lungs of children with asthma.

      In the coming months and years I would say that we will see these types of observable 'waves' of illness sweep across the globe.

      We may also see 'waves' of suicides and odd human behavior.

      At 3 1/2 years into ongoing TRIPLE NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS that are clearly out of control I realize this is just the beginning of 'the suffering' that is to come.

      The statistics on radiation contamination vs cancer or death do not consider the level of suffering.

      This is going to be a long and winding road. 🙁

  • Dick Shenary

    Why is it that there are only very small amounts or safe amounts of Plutonium in these drums? They never say we are concerned because of the high level of radionuclides in the waste. No that would be too honest. No, events are never dangerous to the general public. How long must this lie go on?

  • crill dog crill dog

    I might just hibernate in a box full of straw for several months! Winters coming ? FUK THAT!!!

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Corporate crimes against humanity, and, well, everything else, knows no borders. How far is that? 8000 miles or so. Nuclear is great, except when it's bad and then it's really fucking bad. How do you scream online? Aaaarghhh!!! how is it even defensible? Where is our new handy dandy nuketard shill to explain how this is all OK? They were all going to die anyway from nuclear submarines, Subway and corexit anyway, right?? Why does this all seem so insane to me and so seemingly inconsequential to the world at large? I grew up swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Its beautiful there, so sad. It's not just the Pacific and Japan and the West coast, its everywhere, invisible and deadly toxic. Nuclear sucks, the world being oblivious to how much it sucks, doesn't make it suck any less.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Melting Mermaid, just wait until the next bombshell story comes out, or the Federal Register is taking comments for some change in nuke policy.

      Then no doubt we'll get one or more new nuketard shills or fake nut-jobs to come along and disrupt everything, try to derail all the threads.

      Until then we're probably safe as long as we remember we're not praying mantises, and our fellow 'newsers aren't our dinner.

  • 😯 " Earlier detections also allow for a more timely response to an event…"
    – Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

    Yes, early monitoring does help with a faster response, which could and would save lives.

    This time it only took 3 1/2 years to get the data.

    Withholding life saving data is criminally negligent at the very least. 😉

  • Jebus Jebus

    Step back. More.

    To put the above words into perspective, think of all the points that were not tested.

    Think of all the places that the US has for monitoring.

    CTBTO? That's all we get? Look over here, Florida got hit hard.

    No, don't ask about the West Coast of North America.

    No don't ask about the Ocean. Don't ask any questions.

    But, how did that noble gas, think about that word, gas, get to Florida without passing through Barstow. or Grants Pass, or Carlsbad?

    Gas, a fundamental state of matter. Unique in that it exponentionally expands in the atmosphere.

    Not particulates like radionuclides, but a gas.

    Noble gas does not hop skip and jump around the globe.

    Rainout? sure, but think how much there was if that much rained out!

    Apply critical thinking to this article and you see that if the amounts in Florida were tested, what were the amounts on the West Coast of North America, where the data was very minimal and non existant at best.

    Think. No one is telling you about the Pacific Ocean and West Coast doses for a reason…

  • Dick Shenary

    melting mermaid – I must say that nuclear is never great. Normal operations require that reactor caps be removed once a year for re-fueling and they release enormous amounts or radiation into the air and water. The industry is very quiet about this yearly procedure. And then the power generated is so expensive that no one dares to meter it. Not to mention, the future will despise us for the waste we have left them. How on earth can this be considered great?

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      "Normal operations" I just don't see why we can't use this one single fact to start a class action suit. I'm in the evacuation zone of the Vermont Yankee. I'll work for free. Socrates, other lawyers out there. Isn't the cover up of the yearly refuelling process grounds for a lawsuit? I don't know? I went canoing and swimming in the Connecticut river while I was pregnant with my little girl. No one ever told me they were leaking tritium into it. She's got all kinds of problems. Shut them down, shut them all down.People can survive without electricity. But they can't survive without water, without oxygen. It's just so frustrating. Having a special needs child is insano expensive and life altering and exhausting and depressing. This is what we are giving to our children, our children's children. It's the greatest crime of all human history. And they Knew!!! And they did it anyway.

      • Socrates

        You would think that the courts would offer protection to residents and consumers from normal operations of nuclear power plants. Permissible discharges are considered to be safe. Most of us enewsers know that these discharges increase our risks of cancer and other health problems. It is difficult to prove that federal standards are erroneous. Bare compliance with an erroneous federal standard provides a defense. Causation is difficult to prove.

        How many times do we heard about instances where discharges from nuclear power plants were elevated? Always it is said that there was no immediate threat to public health.

        Future medical monitoring costs would be the damages for many class action lawsuits involving nuclear power plants. How many of these have we seen? Probably few. Three Mile Island case was dismissed and money paid out with confidentiality agreements pending appeals of the dismissal. Normal operation discharges are significant risk factor to children and pregnant and nursing mothers. Federal standards in the US ignore the special sensitivities. This is a political judgment, not a scientific judgment.

        The closer you live to a nuclear power plant, the more risk there is for children and mothers to being diagnosed with signature illnesses. There are 60 studies or more proving this, most are in Europe. Epidemiology shows association, not causation as such. There are many legal hurdles.

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          Hoops and hurdles. Navigating in this social terrain is hopeless. Too many legal hurdles to save ourselves from ourselves and we wonder why people bury their heads in the sand or their asses.

          • Ana Ana

            @ MeltingMermaid – my heart goes out to you. I was a "special needs child". Genetic issues, dyslexia and more. Cancer 4 times so far, first time when I was 14. My father was a rocket engineer running crews of people for Martin Marietta in Asia and Europe handling nuc warhead cruise missiles in the 50's. Radiation is very bad for pregnant women and little kids. I used to play in his workplace with the missiles hanging overhead.
            Ana in Sacramento (now 62 by some miracle)

          • Ana Ana

            I forgot to mention, both of my younger sisters have genetic issues as well. The three of us have different issues though. All of us sisters have in common the exposure to radiation via our mother who was exposed. Plus we were exposed due to being near radiation. I am the oldest so my cancers have shown up first. My younger sisters watch my "journey" with dread in their hearts and they wonder when their cancers will start.
            Ana in Sacramento

            • melting mermaid melting mermaid

              My heart goes out to you more. Wow. Why did we ever mess with such things? My son is studying greek myths now, and I always wondered why the Gods punished Prometheus so much for giving mankind fire. I think I get it now. We,collectively, have neither the spiritual nor the psychological maturity for such technology. We've just used our technology, selfishly and maliciously and now we have wrought our own doom with it. Still, in the face of a probable ele, we can't pull ourselves together to do the right thing. Too much greed and corruption, lobbyists and legal hurdles to even mount a defense for the survival of mankind. I think that's what makes me the angriest…

        • ISeePinkClouds

          Yes. Socrates. Would not the situation with the residents of Carlsbad NM be quite different. WIPP is DOE owned. Operation is subcontracted. They are ultimately desparate for help. They do not even know that. Maybe the possibility of compensation would wake them up. Not to undermine the thread. It is simply that it is a whole city in immediate peril. Those people have to get out of there. It is the worst travesty I have seen in America…short of Obama telling the whole country that radiation from Fukushima poses no threat to Americans. That is grounds for impreachment I think. My principle concern is for the residents of Carlsbad, and the whole area around there. WIPP will kill them all if they don't move. peace

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          No.."Epidemiology shows association, not causation as such. There are many legal hurdles."

          Yes.."Epidemiology shows association, "and" causation as such. There are many legal hurdles.

          It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt and the ones that we have allowed to write the word craft legal mumble jumble concerning all things nuclear that have to go..lock them all up and throw away the keys..

          There/that would be your justice system working at its best…

          Mass confusion via legal word craft mumble jumble has brought us directly too this mess in time..

          • Socrates

            That comment about epidemiology is about basis science, Obewanspeaks. Correlation does not prove causation. Do not blame lawyers for elementary scientific concepts! That is eight-grade science. Blaming the lawyers in blogs will not save the world. At the rate we are going, nothing will.

            If you were accused of a crime, you would want a good lawyer, right? You would want the judge to only admit expert testimony against you that was based on science. Correct? Being anti-lawyer is not always a good idea. Few educated people feel that society could function without a legal system. That implies that lawyers and scientists are necessary. Forensics is legally-based science. Not always correct but better than witchcraft and religion.

            I understand your frustration at the lack of justice in our society. You should be in the streets protesting rather than being inactive. Blaming the lawyers is an excuse for inaction.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Socrates, I think you may be a little touchy since you are part of the system that has brought us all to this place in time. This is not about bashing lawyers, but the entire legal system that is set up to allow these types of atrocities to move forward unabated.

              Epidemiology is the science that studies the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations. It is the cornerstone of public health, and informs policy decisions and evidence-based practice by identifying risk factors for disease and targets for preventive healthcare.

              This is a pretty clear explanation and the pictures from Chernobyl, TMI and then Iraq DU weapon use are very clear within the terms you are using. A set pattern and association has already been scientifically proven beyond any shadow of doubt.

              Your legal system is currently perverted and severely broken…it's not your fault.. and you just like millions of others are now simply victims entangled in this system and it's billions of legal tentacles spreading worldwide.

              Complexity has led us all here to this place in time and it depends on the meaning of is. 🙂

              Grey areas abound everywhere in legal writings that were set up purposefully by the wizards in charge. The best crook is the one in the suit with a team of lawyers..

              I will yield to this one.. once is a very good read. 🙂

              Go get em! 🙂

            • Sparky Sparky

              I'm pretty sure our esteemed Admin is a social/environmental justice lawyer.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        The biggest crime is that they continue with nuclear energy and they are spreading the use into other countries. They frack with uranium or depleted uranium. And it is no wonder that Florida has so much radiation. How much uranium has been used in the Gulf of Mexico? Or are they even using plutonium "testing old warheads"?

        Every time I see a posting of a "royal watch" I think they should really call it the Atomic Monsters' watch.

        • melting mermaid melting mermaid

          Here,here! Shut the idiot death traps down. Damn! Arrest the fuckers that won't stop. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then slap a staight jacket on these criminals and send them to a padded cell where they can't hurt themselves or the human genome anymore. For pete's sake, this is crazy.

  • weeman

    The iodine detections reported in this manuscript are solely representative of the particulate iodine atmospheric activity concentration. It is recognized that the gas phase iodine was not collected via aerosol filtration [which] would be useful to assess the event and to quantify the total radioiodine atmospheric activity concentration.
    As usual partial information, it is not as if that a machine does not exsist to measure the gas phase, someone somewhere has the complete data and fully knows the true extent of what and how much was released into the environment, break the silence.

  • We Not They Finally

    Leuren Moret said in an interview a few months back, that the hardest hit cities at first were Melbourne, FL and Pittsburgh, PA. 2-1/2 years later, a close friend in Pittsburgh suddenly found that she had both thyroid cancer and lung lymphoma (for a non-smoker) at once. They thought the lung might be more urgent, so by the time they operated on what they thought was thyroid cancer contained, it was stage four. Thank God she's recovering, but it's beyond outrage. People in those cities (and of course everywhere else) were not even told to stay out of the rain.

  • Very normal. Showing data 3 years after the fact published in some obscure scientific journal you have to buy. No doubt filled with scientific gobbledygook no average citizen understands.

    Any fool knows US army has highly sensitive radiation detection equipment that makes your Inspector rad detector look like a stone axe. Never if ever will the plutonium disipation info be released.

  • We Not They Finally

    Which is more dangerous radiation that kills or something that frightens them to death? Is that the reason for hush hush dont say a word.

  • Hush Hush don't say a word We Not They Finally because the Elite feel the economy that affords them so much privilege should not be dismantled just to lower the cancer rate. Not just nuclear but oil, coal, plastic, auto, trucking, factory farms, chemical, pesticide and on and on. Everyone accepts this deathwish economy especially as the economy does not provide quality jobs or a quality of life for many. When your kids have no food or toys and the sherrif or bailiff is knocking on your door that job at the nuke plant looks good. Three eyed fish be damned. Hats off to all the Homer Simpson's of the world and God damn the white collar crooks. Peace

  • weeman

    We now live in the digital age and the time is ripe to change the political landscape and we the people can take the rains of power by becoming involved, to do this all we have to do is log into once a week and vote on current issues, regional and nationally, we don't need senator, MP's, lords and we defenetly don't need lobbyists to force feed us.
    Mark if it does not exist in nature and it is a manmade compound it should be band or restricted, we have not evolved with these compounds and the ramifications are unknown, just like the Romans and lead, who knew at the time and that is a natural element, plastic will be the lead of our time frame, who knew?
    Fight the good fight, for we are the light and it will shine, it has to?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Another excellent report at Aljazerra…

    by Gregg Levine

    Nuclear solutions to climate change are anything but

    That plan to limit CO2 production has already come under fire from fossil fuel-friendly corporations, trade groups and politicians who balk at the regulation, and from climate scientists and activists who point out that the president's plan does not do enough to meet the maximum-2-degrees-of-warming goal, but a group you will not hear complaining is the nuclear energy sector.

    Buried in the proposal and absent from many initial reports on the plan is a series of programs and pledges that encourage the preservation and possible expansion of the nation's nuclear electrical generation capacity. The president's proposed carbon rules assume nuclear power to be a clean, low-carbon energy option, and so put forth a nuclear industry Christmas list of subsidies, incentives and financial backstops that potentially funnels billions of public dollars into private industry hands and risks missing emissions targets while increasing the danger of a nuclear mishap.

    Sure, throw a few more fence jumpers at him and his family.

    We'll have sixteen new states and nuclear ovens in every fallout shelter…

  • Fla has been a tad Pink, Green/Yellow on web cams. I sat in horror watching Fla get clobbered early on, My oldest Son and family are there.

    Was a nice transuranic electrical lightning event here tonight got a few good images in my ELEmentSky site.

    Also edited and added more complete decay chain information to CesiumSky, and fixed geo term short cut indicators that prevent confusion in math formulas involving fission for the sake of my own sanity. I use Yt as Yttrium, ST for Strontium Sr, and screwed uo a few minor short lived half lives. Sorry if that was of any inconvenience. My surgery limits my abilities big time. I have a peg leg, and a remanufactured skull. I cannot talk well, nor walk so great. Makes my life hell. So doing this has been MORE HELL! Not looking for excuses here folks, but some of you out here need to learn some understanding and compassion. IF you can get your face out of your phone, and learn some…Cut me some slack people I did an 300+ image site in a MONTH in my very painful condition.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Onto, if I may suggest it, and you haven't already done it, can you pls. scan or copy screenshots of links to educational sites, and upload them to your site?

      Thanks for information you can provide for learning about light refraction, the behavior of radioactive elements, the decay chain, etc.

      • HoT, Yep, am working on that now, I'm gonna use power point screen captures of just that links…TY for asking. Soon as I am done I will add those, and have one for adding new ones too. They most likely will be in the ELEmentSky page. Storm here was very scary just got internet back online. It was mainly a BAD lightning event and loud thunder. NEVER seen it this bad here in 20 years.

        • There you go folks, I added a link page to each site, and I will play with the same method I used for image identification where it is most important for those who find themselves text challenged on photo bucket also in the same format. Worked great thanks for reminding me HoT lol.

  • SadieDog

    I will no longer post in the OT forum or the General Nuclear forum until enenews administration decides to fix them. So don't bitch.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Jet stream carried nuclear radiation across U.S. (( for months )).

    Many had symptoms and are still dealing with health issues.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    Tell EPA: Take nuclear support out of proposed carbon rule
    September 16, 2014 Update: Comment period extended until December 1. Keep those comments rolling in and help spread the word!
    Can just sign the letter as a petition.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    Yep,I remember watching the ATM "simulations" that showed FL and the Carribean & part of the Gulf engulfed in xenon which was dismissed/explained away by TPTB while at the same exact time Obamalamadingdong was down in Brazil with 53 SUV's full of his BFF's & families while I woke up every day from mid-March into May 2011 tasting metallic shitium in my throat & just knew it was no coincidence that I felt like I was breathing through an old vacuum tube! Actually it was EXACTLY like the smell of the back of an old tube-type TV set after it's been on for awhile or my old 1st generation laser sight. A big clunky device filled with C-type photocells that I had on A Belgian FNC Paratrooper assault rifle until the housing broke and xenon slowly leaked out of it[?!!] 🙁
    Since then my worst fears were realized in the form of my wife's cancer & all those who've died via hyperspeed,aggressive cancers between 311 & the present(which is still 311!!) I guess we ARE living "in a vacuum tube" by now since those 469 fatal doses chasing each & every one of us don't have to "chase" us at all??!! We are chasing our fatal doses down ourselves!,chasing it down with every breath,drink,bite of tainted food & drops of rain we find falling on our heads! The shitium didn't exactly "skip" over the rest of (most of)the America's or just "appear out of thin air"-it absolutely HAMMERED us ALL before crossing back over into Europe & Asia & still does to this very day!MF'n EPA! 🙁 …

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      p.s.,this PC got hot & shut down,I meant to say "since then"meaning 311 not when I got a whiff of xenon from a broken laser housing! lol,sorry! No big deal though I suppose… sigh… what a sick,twisted lot the nuke-pukes are…

  • chevvvy chevvvy

    USB = Unexploded Stationary Bomb = nuclear power plants
    now class, how many USB ports does Japan have?

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes. Revolting development. The first thing that came to mind is that only seven degrees mean average atmospheric temperature divides all fresh water freezing or all fresh water ice melting. My question is: will the heat from the uncontrolled fission of the reactor cores embedded in a basaltic environment contribute to increased vulcanism as a result of heat transfer to underlying magama? As a result of this eruption, I am inclined to think that it very well may contribute. Time will tell. Again, my heart goes out to the Japanese people. peace

  • FXofTruth

    So these are MORE measurements that are "above the legal limit?"

    There should be a "legal limit" on how much "stupid" is released by government and business that the Public has to endure…as in radiation, there is NO SAFE LIMIT!

    The "cumulative effect of the absurd" continues to overwhelm the Public's senses around the World, due to the endlessly dumping massive amounts of toxic stupidity anywhere and everywhere.

    "Dilution is NOT the solution to pollution!"

  • Checkmate

    Remember to vote in the up and coming election…lol…lol…lol. Yes, do vote to have the best man win- be it demo or repub or green party or lib.
    Yes, vote for these great candidates…the ones (all) that don't even mention Fuku or radiation at all. Really think about this…who the hell, running for office is even mentioning this shit…
    Yes, I will vote…non of the above qualify…this is truly the shit of the shit. And we want people to be aware…what a joke.
    Let's tell these candidates running about radiation at their public meetings or send each and everyone a letter or call their offices and say we will vote for you if your mention radiation or the continuing Fuku mess…
    Sorry that I am so angry and venting, but these asses running need to be informed as if they already didn't know!!!

  • Great site, its nuke promotion, but not silly off the wall lying stuff like Conca

    And you can leave comments without moderation, sign up for free with a anon hushmail account, for example.

    PlowboyGrownUp turned me on to this site.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The Earth is being consumed by the silence of the lambs…

    The Earth Is Full


  • BRINE WATER, i.e. salty water! You got the ramifications?

    The URS company, which runs Hanford, WIPP, Oak Ridge is making TEPCO look like geniuses…..

    A truck carrying 110 barrels of brine water has overturned near the federal government's nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico.

    New Mexico Motor Transportation Police and New Mexico State Police say the commercial vehicle's brakes apparently failed and it flipped over after going through an intersection.

    The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant is about 26 miles east of Carlsbad

    • Are they hauling brine water out of the WIPP?

      Even if brakes failed, why would that cause a truck to flip?

      Are they hauling Plutonium contaminated brine water out of the dump, and are desperate to get it off site quickly, otherwise the proper disposal would become a multi million dollar cleanup issue.


      • The police are not releasing the name of the "company" that generated the brine, as there is an investigation ongoing.

        ———–The name of the transportation company and the name of company which produced the brine water is not being released, state police said, as an investigation regarding the crash by the New Mexico Transportation Division continues.

        You can call this reporter lady for more information
        Jessica Onsurez can be reached at (575) 491-4682.

      • Sickputer

        It's possible they had been disposing of brine water at WIPP for decades. But the real problem with brine water hauling is the frackapes (newly coined word to go along with nucleoape) 🙂

        The frackapes seem to be in a race with the nucleoapes to see who can destroy the world's drinking water. Up until about 1990 the nucleoapes were far in the lead. But now the frackapes are close in the race for fresh water destruction (nucleoapes far ahead now on ocean water destruction).

        Web news of note for the frackapes brine water hauling:

        This next older link will educate everyone on "brine water" hauling: (Goodbye Ohio River!)

        • Its nice to see the various apes cooperating…hey you kill the salt water, Ill kill the freshwater, play nice…..

          • ISeePinkClouds

            Yes. I saw many trucks come and go from the North road. The road is a government road; that is US and NM. Trespassers are subject to arrest. I talked with an Environmental Geologist who told me that part of his job was to find and to remove pockets of water from the salt. The DOE, thru a Los Alamos Nuclear Lab spokesperson admitted that they are having to shore the ceiling, and remove radiation from the walls. I thought that was interesting, since the panel, #6, where the explosion took place, is sealed and too hot to enter. WIPP is not closed. The releases are ongoing. peace

            • Sickputer

              +311 ISPC 🙂

              WIPP "brine water" disposal by truck confirmed. Who gets the final loads?

              Best Answer: Frackape injection disposal wells. These apes do work well with the nucleoapes.

              Worst answer: truck dumping into local backwater creeks and streams. Nobody knows but the Shadow.

              I know a trucker who admitted this type of dumping in west Texas. Much cheaper and faster for the frackape companies than using injection wells.

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              Where are they getting this brine water? From the salt cavern storage? Really bad sign, means water is seeping in somewhere, unless it's being drawn out of the air by the salt.

              • ISeePinkClouds

                Yes. Two things maybe. I think wells in the area produce salt/brine water. The Environmental Geologist I spoke to mentioned that the brine water at WIPP had been trapped there since the formation of the salt beds. I took oilfield roads to get as close as possible to the WIPP. I tried to judge how close the oil drilling was to WIPP. It looked to be within seven miles, and moving closer. I have a really bad feeling about that. Salt domes collapse due to water percolation, and form sink holes. peace

      • Maybe WIPP sprung a leak?

        Lots of geologists warned about this..

  • Checkmate

    Thanks Jeb, Stock very enlightening. But Man can immediately start taking immediate action by- throwing away all cellphones, video games, planting a garden, driving their car much less, shutting off lights and pulling the plugs of electrical cords not in use, not purchasing any processed foods, buying juices and milk in carton containers only (not plastic), home school your kids(eliminates school buses and taxpayer support of an educational system that doesn't work), don't use credit cards and spend more than you make, if possible use the barter system. Start downsizing today…
    Also, spread the word about Fuku and radiation to the most important people- like your firemen, policemen, soldiers, etc.

    • Yes I use cash for all personal expenses, many people do not know that the credit card companies extract 2 to 4% from the merchants. It is a no value added method of extracting wealth from the real economy. Think about 2.5% GDP growth being healthy and robust.

      Now think about a no value added "service" extracting the same percent.

      Got it?

      Got the really big garden, supplies all food except meat. Consumption of processed food is down 95% and I do feel significantly and obviously better. Also do a tablespoon of real honey and (seperately) a table spoon of ACV apple cider vinegar each money as part of my morning ritual.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great stuff…but first the human masses would have to be able to agree and then identify with the problem..10 million iphones sold in one day.. says they have no of yet…and/or that they do not care which is probably the real problem.

    More of everything is a taught by others condition fostered/promoted on every visual media device/ screen produced around the world.

    Humanity has a very long tedious learning curve ahead of them..unless of course the Nuclear+others tipping point drastically changes this equation quickly.

  • Dick Shenary

    Nucleoapes & frackapes! This blog is giving gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and bonobos a very bad name. Just because they somewhat look like us, does not mean they act like us. They don't have a giant problem with hubris.

  • Risky

    "Low dose radiation more deadly due to ‘bystander effect’ on adjacent cells"

    "…low dose radiation is all the more dangerous because it does not kill the targeted cell, but allows its influence to spread widely to adjacent cells, thus multiplying the radiation effect (about 100 fold)"

  • zogerke zogerke

    posting here as both 'off topic' and 'general nuke' forums are still scrambling placement of dated posts.

    If anyone here is a READER. ANd appreciates startlingly clear perspectives. I am reading a book that is blowing me away and opening my eyes, the way Howard Zinn's work did so:

    An Indigenous People's History of the United States by Rozabbe Dunbar -Ortiz. Socrates, razz, wntf, shaker1, PUN, others- what do you think?

  • zogerke zogerke

    Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

  • alasanon

    This freaks me out because my friend's father died suddenly while we were at work one day in 2012–no prior illness, health condition, current or prior injury & no warning!..It was like his immune system just collapsed more rapidly than anyone expected. But, I'm pretty sure his beloved father was outside during the highest readings in question and his family also lived in Melbourne, Florida!!!…hmmm….
    At the time, I suspected Fukushima, but this data really adds confirmation of at least part of the potential impact in that part of Florida.. 🙁

  • razzz razzz

    "Is it just a coincidence that just days after a report is released by ENENews that the leader of the Fukushima study stated that "Intense" radiation exposure was headed towards the US west coast with a plume traveling very fast and that "high concentrations" would impact the west coast with a prolonged period of radioactive upwelling expected, the highest of readings in San Diego, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico, suddenly vanish, go totally offline, and when they reappear those numbers have dropped by hundreds of Counts Per Minute?"

  • We Not They Finally

    Some years back the major voices of world population control met. One so called expert told the meeting that the major answer to world over population is air based ebola. Everyone cheered.

    These are the kinds of idiots who know what they want.These are the leaders and their deepest wishes for themselves and extinction for the rest of us…

  • raddog

    No significant levels of radiation were reported anywhere outside of Japan – and only in Japan local to Fukushima.

    So basically this is reporting that the highest insignificant levels of iodine were reported in Florida. Big whoop-ti-do – who cares? Somewhere had to have the highest levels. Kansas had the highest levels of Xe – also insignificant…

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