Gov’t: Fuel melted “much deeper” into concrete at Fukushima reactor than revealed — Triple the depth of original estimate — Tepco: “Impossible for us to evaluate potential impact”

Published: August 8th, 2014 at 10:02 am ET


Japan Times, Aug 6, 2014: Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday that its new estimate shows that all the fuel rods in reactor 3 at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant apparently melted down and fell onto the bottom of the containment vessel. […] According to the new estimate, all the melted fuel penetrated the pressure vessel, fell onto the bottom of the containment vessel and melted about 68 cm into the concrete. […]

Malaysian National News Agency (statutory body established by Malaysian parliament), Aug. 7, 2014: According to TEPCO’s latest analysis, nuclear fuel in the No. 3 unit reached the melting point of 2,200 degrees Celsius around 5:30 a.m. on March 13 […] it now sees the possibility that the water injection stopped around 8 p.m. the previous day. […] The melted fuel is estimated to have eroded the concrete-made reactor container by 68cm, much deeper than the 20cm estimated in November 2011, TEPCO said. But the company denied that the fuel went through the containment vessel to reach the soil.

Asahi Shimbun, Aug 7, 2014: Almost all of the nuclear fuel in the No. 3 reactor of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant melted within days of the March 11, 2011 disaster, according to a new estimate […] TEPCO originally estimated that about 60 percent of the nuclear fuel melted at the reactor. But the latest estimate released on Aug. 6 revealed that the fuel started to melt about six hours earlier than previously thought. […] TEPCO official said […] “It is still impossible for us to evaluate the potential impact (of the findings) on the decommissioning of the reactor.” […] many details of the disaster remain unknown, TEPCO is still looking into the causes of the disaster. […] TEPCO made a new estimate based on the premise that the [Unit 3] cooling mechanism stopped functioning at 8 p.m. on March 12, when the internal pressure dropped sharply. […] TEPCO said it will now consider how to remove the melted nuclear fuel from the No. 3 reactor.

See also: [intlink id=”nhk-very-severe-accident-nuclear-fuel-reactor-1-melted-65-cm-containment-only-37-cm-thinnest-point-photos” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: August 8th, 2014 at 10:02 am ET


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142 comments to Gov’t: Fuel melted “much deeper” into concrete at Fukushima reactor than revealed — Triple the depth of original estimate — Tepco: “Impossible for us to evaluate potential impact”

  • Proton

    hmmm I always thought it went airborn on 3/14/11 when this happened…

  • Proton

    so deep it can't be found at least not underground

    • EKO K£AP$€ SAY NO 2 GMO

      Where are the results for the muon scattering radiography?

      Last thing I heard was the core (3) is 4km into the ground. (unconfirmed source)

      This touted technology from Tokyo is supposed to be the bees knees. I saw a documentary on it being used to map Yellowstone, the only major volcano slap in the middle of a tectonic plate (North America) Most major volcanoes are right on tectonic plate folds. Most interesting and spooky. The technology seemed to detect the downward throat of the volcano, to great depth.

      • 11 Methods That TEPCO Could Use To Find Lost Coriums At Fukushima – Could It Be That TEPCO Already Knows?

        • Of course they already know, Doc. This is just the drip-drip of releasing tiny scraps of reality a little at a time over time, because they believe that tiny scraps of reality a little here and a little there make it all sound not so bad. Thus will not present an immediate threat to the industry itself, worldwide as well as in Japan. Kind of like how a little radiation (they say) makes you immune to biological harm from bigger doses. It's not true, but since when has truth ever been a tool in the nuclear industry's belt?

          They've still got a lot of years to go before they'll have to throw up their hands in surrender to the inevitable. So there's time to drag this drip-drip out for as long as they like while the bulk of their inventory goes on out steadily to the Pacific.

          • Less to clean up, if it went into the air or into the Pacific.

            Wait 1 million years to clean it, and it will all be gone..

            The environment, people and living creatures can clean up all of the nuclear disaster contamination by absorbing at no cost.

            Wow – just think of all the money that they can save.


            • We used to joke during fits of extreme sarcasm (which is the only way to stay sane around these people and their filthy machines) about how many lead coffins it would take to isolate the nuclear crap dumped in the last half of the 20th century. Human livers being the most efficient biofilters in existence and all…

              You can tell we never thought humanity would allow these criminals to keep on dumping into the 21st century. So young and naive back then. Guess we all know better than that now, don't we?

          • itsanuclearwar

            Even the "drip-drip" is not the truth. TEPCO and the governments of every country have not told the truth about Fuku about anything that has happened, period. You can believe absolute nothing they say in this regard, nothing. If you base anything on info coming from them, it is flawed from the beginning because the info is incorrect and part of the ever changing spin they employ to conceal the truth.

            • We Not They Finally

              On the other hand, once they start saying outlandishly drastic things, as is happening, then you do know that it is beyond outlandishly drastic.

      • name999 name999

        eko, is that the sonic booming stuff underwater that kills the sea mammals? That has been allowed to continue on the East Coast. The tradeoff for this was creating a national park in the ocean that is now protected. Obama and Dicaprio were leaders on this. Quite a trade off. This technology is used to map ocean floors.

  • dosdos dosdos

    It didn't go down, it went up and all over, as in kaboom! They're still lying.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes a lot did splatter but I do think huge pockets of corium are fissioning and continue to creep into the bedrock. I'm also wondering why they have not used Muons to detect the exact location or infrared photos as I assume the corium is still quite hot as criticalities appear to continue. Truth be told no one knows exactly what is occurring as this nuclear nightmare continues to unfold for we have never experienced such a severe multiple meltdown.Also kudos to all of you for your links and.Doc G. you're tenacity is greatly appreciated.

    • Lying and failing, the two main ingredients in the cookbook..

      check and check…

    • name999 name999

      …trying so hard to come up with some plausible cover story or event. So predictable and psycho.

  • Kashiko Kashiko

    68cm? Some muppet went down and measured then? It's long gone. Elvis…ooops…sorry…the corium has left the building.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    First, understand that all of this is an estimate, rather than reality that has been observed and measured.
    Secondly, the estimates are based on corium that is heated by decay heat alone.
    As we have shown again and again, criticalities are still going on within the corium.
    So the corium heated up to 5,000 C, well above TEPCO's estimates.
    Would have cut right through the concrete, through the steel, through the base mat, and into the mudrock.
    Happened on March 12, 2011.
    Why continue this lie?
    Because it shows a containment vessel intact, with the corium more or less safely embedded in the concrete floor, and not wondering about somewhere in the bedrock.
    The truth of this matter will absolutely end the nuclear industry worldwide.
    Shut 'em all down now! 😉

    • OldFool

      A patently bogus, self-serving estimate. It would have been Extremely Interesting to watch the true course of events as the cores melted down and sliced through walls like a hot knife through butter (by a radiation proof video camera from a very remote safe distance, of course). It's too bad that nobody has made a movie showing the True course of events. A visual depiction would be more easily understood by the public.
      Beyond a shadow of a doubt – leaving TEPCO in charge of that site after 3/11/11 will go down in history as the greatest mistake the human race ever made in all of history. The worst is yet to come.

      • OldFool

        If the Northern Europeans of 1346 were told that within two years 1/3 to 1/2 of every village would be killed horribly by the Black Death, they would have either disbelieved it or gone into a hopeless, helpless frenzy of terror. In 2014 maybe it is more merciful to keep the public in ignorance of what is going to happen in the coming decades. The real horrors have not even begun yet, but nothing effective has or ever will be done to prevent them. The ice-walls were a low cost quick fix band-aid chosen to save money by a corporation left in power as a scapegoat by government officials who fancied themselves quite clever and cunning in dodging blame and responsibility. Humanity is now locked into a frightful destiny.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          In 1346 people even more helpless than they are now. Anyone can always die any second anyway due to any number of reasons. Of course death by radiation is even more horrible.

          When I was reading the book Full Body Burden about the people living downwind of Rocky Flats it was so sad to read of the young people who had cancer living the American dream in their new subdivision. It is an image of what we are all in for now. One of my granddaughters is in her early 20s with three children, and she is very ill, I am sure because of nuclear radiation. It is unbelievably sad. She is the daughter of one of my daughters who had cancer and who is now told that she is dying of liver damage.

          If people just had the information they could try to move elsewhere. When you find out the danger when it is already years too late it is just a feeling of complete helplessness.

        • Very well said Old Fool ( a most definite misnomer )

        • 53rockwell 53rockwell

          Oldfool you nailed it to the wall. The truth hurts. But… Platos cave sucks too. Truth is they have done most of what can be done . Stock had a solution that involved drilling . I dont know if he still thinks it could work. I will be willing to go help if if we can get the funding.

    • Just about everything the nuclear industry does is based on 'estimates', computer generated and combined with statistics.

      Massage the numbers and risk down to near zero, no matter what happened..

      In other words. MFX it.

      Then release the official report.. with PhD's attached.

      98% of the public will eat it up, and ask for seconds.

      MMMMmfx this is gooodddd.. can I have a second helping please?

      Fukushima was only 10% of Chernobyl, MFX style.


    • We Not They Finally

      PUN, that's a very good point. Say it got embedded in the concrete, not that it sunk below and out of the concrete long since.

      Maybe they will finally announce that it's an ELE when there are few living beings left. It's insufferable.

    • name999 name999

      philip and everyone, how deep do these corium melt downs go? What if a bunch of them melted down at once…even more than three?

      • 53rockwell 53rockwell

        Were do the big gorilla take a dump? = anywere he wants to.It will probably burn right through the earth and out the other side if it is big enough,and has enough energy.But once it hits the core , Im calling in my bets.

        • 53rockwell 53rockwell

          New Shooter Coming out.:)

        • razzz razzz

          "Three old guys in 'the home' are comparing their maladies. The first one complains about a prostate so swollen he can hardly pee.

          The second whines about chronic constipation.

          When they turn to the third, he says "Well, every morning at 5 I p*ss like a racehorse, and then around 6 I pass a sizeable ummpie."

          The first two ask him why this is cause for complaining, and he answers, "I don't get up until 7"

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Thank you, AGreenRoadBlog, for bringing this drawing to everybody's attention.
    TEPCO should be basing their plans on this drawing, not on the one above.

  • Southbound Southbound

    Figures don't lie, but liars can figure… So what happens when the liars make up the figures? Articles like this…

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Now, isn't it called a China Syndrome because if it happened in America it would sink to China and vice versa? I don't know if that is physically possible but that's where the name came from, unstoppable ever sinking lava ball that's going to plop out the Southern hemisphere any day now. Right?

    • jonnyboy jonnyboy

      um, no…… you see the earth's core is molten iron, and liquid rock.. the hard part of the crust we live on is hair thin compared to the girth of this planet…. so hollywood might want you to think this hole will burn through,, that is farthest from the truth…

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        So it will stop sinking, like a dew drop to the sea, when and if it meets our molten core? Then what? According to Shimatsu, I think, or I try not to think 2 things might happen, both too horrible to think about so I'm not gonna. It's all good, it's all good, it's just hills and valleys and CNN would tell us if it was that bad. Morning Joe would warn us. I just know it.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          No one is going to warn anyone and China Syndrome means the cores have left the building and no they will not melt to the other side of the Earth. Eventually they will degrade and disperse in the soils and water tables below the buildings and then dribble dribble for 250,000 years into the ecosystems. 🙁

          There is no fix for this Nuclear Nightmare and why all Nuclear Power Plants worldwide must be shut down immediately. 🙂

          Only fools would still use a technology to generate electricity that they now know can not ever be controlled if something goes wrong…

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            Science and reality aside, isn't that where the term "China Syndrome " comes from? That it will sink for practically ever?

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              There was a movie about it and then they thought it could never happen and it has. 🙁

              Means core has left the building and no it will not sink for ever and if it did reach the core it might breach the core material sending it back through the hole created, but that scenario is highly unlikely. They have discovered massive quantities of water near the core and this water would likely continue to cool the core along the way.

              We have created a dead zone of Nuclear Radioactive Contamination, from the breach area outward into the surrounding ecosystems, that has no solution, and it will be like a Nuclear waste zone for like 250,000 years and not unlike Hanford or other Nuclear disposal sites sitting around the world.

              The Pacific Ocean will receive the brunt and remainder of this manmade radiation contamination from this point forward.. 🙁

              Don't eat the fish..

        • jonnyboy jonnyboy

          when it gets to the molten core, it will cause a chain reaction, and the earth itself will light on fire from the inside…. spewing through all the volcanoes at once….. most likely on a monday, interfering with the commute…

    • Mass of the Earth is WAY too small to have an iron core. Follow Earth theory and expanding Earth theory is non uniformitarianism geology. Try it.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Here is a more accurate drawing of the reactor, in a cut-away side view.,_diagram.png/581px-BWR_Mark_I_Containment,_diagram.png

    The reactor itself is towards the top of the pear-shaped containment vessel.
    The bottom of the containment is filled with concrete to a depth of 2m60cm, according to the drawing above, (which says it is Unit1, rather than Unit3).
    The containment shell is a thich steel wall.
    Then there is a void, below which sits the "base mat", a relatively thin layer of concrete.
    Below the base mat is fill which leveled the site for building.
    Below the fill is mudrock, then sandstone.
    If the temperature reached 5,000 C, through fission during melt-out, the corium would have exited the building in only a matter of hours.

    The explosion at Unit 3 was precipitated by the corium coming into contact with groundwater, in the mudrock underneath Reactor Building 3. This steam explosion may have caused, in turn, an atomic explosion by compressing the corium, achieving critical mass. There are 3 distinct booms heard on the video of the event.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      One really must take into consideration the MAGNITUDE of the nuculear core…100 TONS!

      How many CARS would that represent? Maybe 60-70?

      All melted into one great big blob…being self-heated to 5000 Deg?

      And they want us to believe it only melted PARTIALLY thru the concrete secondary containment?

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Corium is more like a bus.

        Corium carries a lot of impurities with it.
        Concrete and steel, mostly, with lava rock further down.
        But most everything is vaporized at 5,000 C, including that little ol' GE "Containment" Vessel. 😉

        Corium Lava Tubes 101:
        Corium lava tubes are hollow.
        Corium at 5,000 C cuts right through mudrock, sandstone, or granite.
        In liquid form, nuclides are the heaviest atoms, and so sink by gravity alone in the molten lava soup.
        Mere "rock" lava floats to the top of the nuclear lava.
        The corium lava tubes are hollow tubes lined with glass, made from melted sand in the mudrock and sandstone underneath Fukushima.
        Hollow corium lava tubes are filled with groundwater, even though they may by now be hundreds of kilometers deep.
        "Down and down it goes.
        Where it stops, nobody knows." 😉

        • Socrates

          The heat of the corium would go through the concrete containment at a rate of several inches per hour.

          Since when did a 5,000° C corium (or three) not cut right through concrete? Maybe if the core vaporized upwards or blew chunks upward; otherwise, it would probably be a like a hot knife cutting through butter (during a full core melt).

          Tepco's assessment is specifically designed to minimize liability and save the nuclear industry. That industry is valued in the tens of trillions of dollars. Consider the value of uranium mines and the value of the nuclear technology worldwide.

          There is apparently nothing TEPCO can do about it anyway. The China Syndrome cannot be stopped. Easier to lie about it.

          • Socrates

            When the corium hits the steel at the bottom of the concrete, it might cut through the steel, or, in the case of #3, the explosion might have fractured the steel allowing the corium to form.a lava tube in the mudstone below.

            In any event, the water flows through the containment, picking up nuclides and contaminating the soil and nearby ocean.

        • name999 name999

          hollow lava tubes lined with glass filled with groundwater…what an image.

    • name999 name999

      still evil looking.

  • Fukushima Coriums Melted Through The Concrete Base Mat Under Multiple Nuclear Reactors In 18 Hours, According To NRC Study

  • bo bo

    68cm instead of 20cm..
    Omission by admission..
    Like someone in huge debt casually admitting.. 'oh I spent too much money partying this wknd' when the bigger issue is having purchased a mansion he couldn't afford.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Right. I believe you guys now certainly you won't 'revise' it to total melt-out in 2020 will you?

  • jackassrig

    Finagles Fourth Law

    "No matter what occurs, there is always someone who believes it happened according to his pet theory." "Science is Truth – don't be misled by the facts." Finagles Creed

  • Sickputer

    Dribble, dribble comes the truth. Tepco and the Diet knows far more than they reveal.

    I don't know why they think it would be such bad news to say the cores are hundreds of meters deep in the mudstone (maybe deeper). They could spin the news and say the coria are now sealed in the mudstone. After all, the complex has not exploded into a million pieces…so far anyway.

    I think in time they will be forthcoming, perhaps before the 2020 Olympics or definitely some time in the future.

    The public in Japan is numbed already…salacious news of the missing fuel is not going to stir up a ninja army.

    The only reason they delay is because monied interests abroad are still selling this obsolete technology and they don't want spooked investors. It's all about the money…they don't give a damn about the health of lifeforms affected by this nuclear apocalypse.

    Japan is cooked…but money can still be made in China and other countries who fall under the spell of "electricity too cheap to meter".

  • Be a part of the dribble. Get the rad word out People

    Meltdowns. Meltouts. Melthroughs. Sorry and sad. But true.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes, this is certainly a very powerful Zeitgeist spell and all of it is built on top of compounding lies…

    Too "cheap to meter" was actually brilliant for the gullible human mind!

  • jec jec

    68cm – 37cm (the smallest depth of the concrete)= 31 cm THRU the concrete base and into bedrock or limestone. 31 CM!!! This from NRC figures which provided the 37 cm. This is is not a surprise, what is a surprise is TEPCO finally ADMITTING it. More bad news to follow, bad news that can not be hidden I bet. Drip drip..then FLOOD!

  • Shaker1

    Wouldn't we all be happier with more action upon what they do know rather than spend money and energy upon what might be myth and speculation? There is quite a list. Where the corium is may be important, but at this stage they haven't even figured out how to get some integrity into the basements that they believe in their scenario contains the stuff. Getting the corium out is some remote possibility that's years in the future. You'd think they might act with more urgency upon what's apparent.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Reported as spam.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Oh wow! I'm in desperate need of a "Horse Loan" and an "inventor loan" so I can pursue my dream of inventing "radiation neutralizer spray" since I was a day late & a dollar short when someone beat me to the patent office with my stolen idea & product="Fart In A Can" 🙁 WTH??! I have suspicions re; the TRUE origins of the spam crap often finding its way into ENE threads and I'm probably not alone in thinking it comes from our "special friend[s]" (chatbot?) I wouldn't click on ANY BS ads snuck in here even out of curiosity since it seems like a possibly risky endeavor designed to install malware or viruses into 'newsers PC's??!! But if Dr. Hwan Hung-Lo wants to spot me 100K till the 2nd Tuesday of next week I'll gladly buy him an extra hamburger for being so kind??!! Ah Hell…since I'd gotten back to the pc & ENE following our daughters (botched?)gall bladder surgery and YEARS taken from my life during the white-knuckle ride home with my seizure-prone wife behind the steering wheel having Syncope attacks & stubbornly refusing to allow me to take over when she'd space out & get all twitchy at every other stoplight or traffic obstacles & road construction patterns I've had more than enough on my plate to justify having had moments where I'd have "welcomed" the "American Syndrome",where Japanese corium blobs pop up and instantly,mercifully vaporize me instead of watching all the new news re;"INEPTCO's Shitium-311" horrors unfold!!I need a…

  • itsanuclearwar

    DUPED – Duped by the Banking Cartel that owns you. The Federal Reserve Bank(FED) like all Central Banks around the world, are privately owned by international Bankers and they own everything including you. They don't need any more money, it is worthless any way. Until you realize this, you will continue to chase your tale in circles and never understand the root of all the worlds problems including Fukushima. So very simple, yet so far away. Central Banking is the reason the world is collapsing around us, and all by design. Everyone spends much time in a circle jerk, exploring different possibilities as causes for this or that, only a few here at enews see through the fog created by the corrupt monetary system.

    Skip by this knowledge and choose not to research this fact and remain for ever lost and duped. Central Banking is much bigger than Fukushima. Fuku is just one of the results of Central Banking and never would have happened if not for the Banksters that own you.

  • itsanuclearwar

    Fractional Reserve Banking. Anyone know what that means? That is what we have. The root of all evil. How much of your life have you spent chasing after money? Where does money come from. Does it grow in trees? Is it made out of thin air? BINGO, IT IS MADE OUT OF THIN AIR. Until you realize how we are enslaved by the monetary system by a few banking families you will remain worthless cannon fodder for the elite to do with as they choose.

    And you think that you are a responsible adult, think again because nothing could be further from the truth. Dereliction of Duty to your family for willfully and knowingly remaining ignorant in this regard.

  • itsanuclearwar

    Think about this, the seed vaults around the world, Do you think those good seeds are saved for you to benefit from. Not a chance, what we are destined for are Monsanto GMO food grown from GMO seeds. Who then do you suppose those good seeds are for? And why are we forced to eat unfit and unhealthy food, the ingredients we cannot even find out as they are hidden from us? That is how slaves are treated, not free human beings. Will you ever wake up, slave to the monetary system?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      +100% itsanuclearwar! 🙂

      • itsanuclearwar

        Thanks for the support PhilipUpNorth, Phillip happens to be my middle name. Your recognition definitely adds to the credibility of the issue and hopefully might lead to some people exploring the facts.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          Appreciate your efforts for social justice, itsanuclearwar.
          I spend most if my time on ENEnews pushing TEPCO and Japan (and the USA and Russia, if Japan continues not to be up to the job) towards more practical action to stop the contamination of Earth's Biosphere.

          Basketball anology:
          It's not about just dribbling the ball, TEPCO.
          It's more about putting the ball through the hoop.

          TEPCO dealing with leaky water tanks, and trying to freeze ice walls is dribbling the ball.
          Fine, but scores NO POINTS.

          I am more worried about the continuation of the human race, in the face of this ELE, than I am concerned about who is master, and who is slave.
          Social justice is a great thing, don't get me wrong.
          But there has to be a society, before there can be a just and equitable society.
          Right now, I fear that the entire human race is in peril. 😉

          • itsanuclearwar

            TEPCO/FUKU is a battle. Privately owned Central Banks like the FED is the WAR. Unless the public knows the WAR and understands the very basic truths about it, mankind/humanity is forever doomed. Focusing on one battle, like Fuku, is a distraction to keep people from learning the truth behind ALL THE EVILS that exists around the world. In order to understand any of it one has to know the truth behind it all, and that truth is Central Banking. To try and distract anyone from learning the truth of our banking system is criminal in the highest degree and it supports mass the murder of the world population. Nothing in this world is more important than the true knowledge of the banking system and the few families that own it all as it is this system/these families that are responsible for ALL OF THE WORLDS ILLS, the wars, economies, disease, starvation, Fuku, and other injustices that have been brought against the worlds population and environment.

            Suggesting that one focus on Fuku at the expense of the banking system is diabolical. Anyone that knows the truth about the central banks knows this is diabolical. If there is such a thing that is worse than diabolical, that would be the definition of central banking and those that support it.

            Let us see who is in support of concealing the truth of the banking system and who is not. The answer to that is cut and dry, those in support are the enemy of humanity and pure evil. Central Banking is PURE EVIL. Fuku in no way even compares

            • We Not They Finally

              We recently learned that JFK apparently tried ti sign the Fed Reserve out of existence in favor of direct U.S. government printing of money, 11 days before he was killed.

              Anything done in the wake of 2008 crash was apparently done to STRENGTHEN the false system, not correct it. Now it might have to collapse before it can be dissembled? That would be a rough rough ride for the world, yes? Then even if one hopes that people will be awake and aware, first they are broke, panicked, and do WHAT? What's the least-harm case here? Is there any?

    • name999 name999

      In the 1980s I remember hearing about a genetic strain of tomato that had some cells from a pigs ear. no kidding. So vegetarians were really the most upset, but everyone needs to be upset by this.

  • itsanuclearwar

    Realize there are plenty of distractions designed to conceal the truth of the matter from you. Did they teach you anything about the fractional reserve banking system in place in America in your Economic Class in high school or in college? How about the corrupt mainstream media, do you see anything plastered across the Headlines? You have the means and the time to find out the truth. Take one moment and type something like: central banksters(not bankers but banksters) and fractional reserve banking in google and start down the rabbit hole. Anything else is a waste of time and a waste of life, your life. Maybe try, banking cartel for search words, and/or include Rothschild in your search.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    That is a very big/gigantic rabbit hole my friend. 🙂

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Still disagree, respectfully, itsanuclearwar.
        Economic games played by elites to enslave the workers make me indignant, too.
        But I contend that it is hthe nuclear industry, nuclear utilities, stockholders, nuclear academics, nuclear supporters, and shills, not the banksters, that are the real enemy.
        Banksters only want all of your money, plus a % of what you earn every month, as debt service.
        The nuclear industry, by contrast, is killing us all.
        Plus your dog and cat.
        Plus all the animals in the wild.
        Sanitizing the entire Earth!
        Now, who are the worst of these bad guys!

        But cheers!
        Enjoy your weekend.
        I. Am. Out. Of. Here! 😉

        • itsanuclearwar

          "Economic games" is what you describe it, that is despicable on your part. FACT, THE INTERNATION BANKERS OWN, THEY OWN THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY COMPLETELY. THEY OWN EVERYTHING.

          They create money out of thin air, and could care less about your worthless fiat money, that when it came into existence, they loaned it to you or whoever, with interest on it. What you call "debt service" is the interest for the money they created out of thin air and loaned to the government, which gives them ownership of the government. They own big Pharma, Oil, Nuclear, they own Everything. They are responsible for everything you described and try to conceal that fact.

          Your post is criminal at best and then you bale out of here. If it were me I WOULD BE TO DISCRACED TO EVER EVEN COME BACK HERE. But I am human and seek to help others by exposing the truth rather than concealing the truth with means such as distraction. You have shown your true colors.

          • We Not They Finally

            Wow. Looks like people can be killed off by the bankers or they can be killed off by YOU. PhilipUpNorth contributes greatly — he hardly-hardly-hardly deserves THIS.

            Cool it!! Take your rage off-site if this is what it comes down to.

        • I'm with ya PUN on focus. The fed/bankster cartel can and will keep their game going (or purposely collapse the whole system any damn time they want to, lol ). My puny little move years ago to a local credit union and store non-perishable trade goods is a popular well known reaction already done by many. Most of my circle have been aware of the *fed thing* for decades. It's not like people are stupid and unaware of who owns the money on paper scene.

          However, our priorities now, because of the overall Fuki death decree manifesting daily….can certainly be updated to focus on staying grounded and healthy while we amass additional ways that will ultimately bring a complete halt to nuclear industries. They're already losing their profit margins which means our existing techniques, (the follow the money knowledge we already use to promote awareness via boycotts and consumerism guides) is already in progress. It's not like we have to dis-include one previous focus to shift into the next mode that might also keep us alive and functioning while we amp up our goals.

          And I applaud folks who are being the change they wish to see at whatever pace they choose. No way would I ever insult and call people idiots, as happens too frequently on enenews when people lose their cool.

      • itsanuclearwar

        About what I expected from you. Obviously it is your intent to support the powers that be by supporting the concealment of how they managed to get and retain the power and control of the world. If I'm mistaken, here is your chance to tell us all if you are in support of the Central Banking Cartel or if it should be abolished, as there is no middle ground. Don't cop out and avoid the question. You either support it or you don't.

    • itsanuclearwar

      Very big and never ends. A rabbit hole that must be examined before people will ever be able to right the course of the plan to eliminate us all. Do you view central banking as I have described it above? Do you support central banking and fractional reserve banking? Or do you support the people having the knowledge of the banking system and the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, that is neither part of the Federal Government nor do they have any reserves? Do you support people remaining ignorant of the banking system that owns and enslaves them? What do you think about privately owned Central Banks?

      • itsanuclearwar

        @obewanspeaks, the post above was a reply to your post, as was the questions it contained. I am interested in your thoughts about central banking as they pertain to my questions.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Obviously you know where I stand.

          It is and has always been the money and the intertwined systems of it's varied controls that has allowed for this planet's destruction up to this point in time.

          The entire world is now in massive debt from such implemented monetary systems of control.

          I would abolish them all.

          How can one or even a country spend money they do not have?

  • Nuclear Winter begins in 2041…Go ahead debunk poor Carl Sagan yet again. This is NEW science folks I have had to improvise with NEW ways to research this since NO ONE can be bothered to tell the real truth with PROOF! Bashing, or attempts to call this work fake, only proves how completely stupid you really are!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Itsanuclearwar, you are right about the banksters.
    But in the case of Fukushima, they have cooked their own goose.
    This is an ELE, the consequences of which not even the most evil of the banksters, they and their children, can escape.

    As for our conversation, which you have taken well over the edge of pokite discourse,
    It is over.
    I will never speak to you again.
    Nor of you. 😉

    • itsanuclearwar

      What a cop out! Run and hide from the truth, the truth that you would rather see concealed.

      Repeat, the banksters own Fuku and are the ones responsible for what they would have one believe was an accident.

      The question of who supports the central banking issue, and supports the concealment of the truth about it, exposes those on this site and everywhere else of who can be trusted and have your best interest at heart against those who are hear to conceal the real truths not only about, but who is behind and why Fuku is what it is. No matter what or how they try and dance around it, using political speech/word craft, they out themselves.

      At a time when we all should be banning together to get to the very basic and heart of the truth, we will have some that do not want this, and while appearing to be sincere and your friend, will use a number of ploys to keep you distracted from learning the most important truths involved with Fuku and everything else that really matters to humanity.

      Let us find the truths and in good faith share with others for the benefit of mankind and for the environment.

    • One of the difficulties of having a conversation online, is that it is so flat, one dimensional, and very limited. It is VERY difficult to communicate online, at best.

      It is VERY easy to be misunderstood, and to use harsh language in an attempt to be clear, when that was not the intent at all.

      Maybe the person is in a bad spot emotionally, maybe that person is depressed, angry, or just had someone die in the family.. Maybe they are upset for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with the other person in the conversation, but they get the brunt of it, due to lack of 'training' in online decorum, manners, civility, etc.. like the rule of NO CAPS, becuase that is like shouting.

      Slowly, everyone learns how to get along and communicate better online. Hopefully people can forgive for trespasses and slights or uncalled for judgments.

      Give the other person a chance, don't take it personally, and see how it develops over time. Of course, there are a few people who are just volatile, negative and blow up at everyone, all the time, taking everything personally..

      AGRP recommends reading the book; 4 Agreements

      Article about it on AGRP..

      Apologies are extended to anyone who may have been hurt by anything AGRP said…

      • itsanuclearwar

        Do you support The Federal Reserve Banking system or not?

        I'll pass this dance thank you, will you please answer the question with a straight forward answer to the question which was posed in good faith?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          In the US voting is secret. People don't have to answer political questions or any other questions.

          • itsanuclearwar

            Political question? Yea right! How nice of you to provide cover for the good Dr. Maybe the good Dr. should speak for her/himself.

            I would bet my house that you support the FED hands down.

            Just to make it clear, if the kettle is black I'm going to call it black. There are a number of hidden agendas here at enews some of which I see clearly, its not that difficult to spot. Political Correctness was never my strong suite, black is black and that is what I will call it.

      • We Not They Finally

        Dr. G., you live up to your name. You are way too kind.

    • Good PUN. I would hate to see anyone here cave to childish ultimatums. Man, if I squatted every time someone yells shit! Oh, my poor self esteem. And knees. LOL

  • itsanuclearwar

    I will say it again, in order to understand Fuku and the rest of the happenings around the world, you will never come close to understanding any of it until you know the truth about the Banking System used around the world. With this knowledge, it will change everything that you thought you knew about the world. You will see the lies of the nightly news and wonder how you ever believed any of it before. It is truly a life changing event, but for the better. You will truly know what it is to be awake and see through all of the lies that we are faced with daily. You owe it to yourself and to your family to take some time and research the issue using info other than the main stream media. There is a ton of good info waiting. Here is one link that is in part general, but does expose the banksters for what they are. I can provide more later but am late right now for a pressing matter.

    The Calling By Max Igan

    • danger kitty danger kitty

      Hi all,
      Been away for a few days; plucking money off trees. Been following along tho.
      Hey, @ itsanuclearwar, all great points about the wretched banksters, but this is Enenews , not Banker news. Our mission as I see it is to raise awareness of the damage and utter folly of nuclear power. The general public's eyes will just glaze over at that bankster stuff, even tho it's all true. But, get the truth out about the ongoing disaster and death from ALL NPPs, the hidden bank scum behind it all will become obvious. It's a natural progression.
      And attacking PUN? Get a grip, man. Look at your name! Peace, my friend.
      Everybody: full moon in less than a day; she's a rough one; take some deep breaths and hang in. Some unity? Please?

    • name999 name999

      nonuclear, this looks like propaganda.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Just when you had it all cleaned up, you found out there is a hole in your plastic trash bag. Next, Tepco, you will blame the concrete company.

    Is someone working on the "Fukushima: End Game" video for PS4 yet?

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Everyone will eventually receive "their own calling" based on their own journey.

    Many will never understand the big picture, and that is OK, since not everyone will answer that particular call! 🙂

    The entire world and the varied systems now in use/applied are currently destroying the Earth!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    At work, some of the other workers were singing at me? "Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad. La-la-la-la-la…" I guess I need to hire Tepco's PR firm. Maybe I should start looking for some really good street drugs. Damn you, nucleheads.

  • Charles Charles

    At this point in time who cares how it all got out. Enough Fissile material has been launched into the environment to kill us all hundreds of times over. It's all up to nature to play the rest of the game. A hard rain's gonna fall.

  • Ana Ana

    TEPCO has fessed up about a source of neutrons in March 2011. Seems it came from uncontrolled fission of plutonium and curium. More study needed of course. (sarc) The English translation and Japanese original are here.

    Ana in Sacramento

  • ruppert


    I can sympathize with you on your passion about the global banking system. It creates a foundation where many atrocities to mankind can be launched. I view it as a foundation for all the nuclear, political, environmental, methane geoengineering, GMO and wars just to name a few can be enabled.

    I personally think that whatever is in charge must be either an alien or reptilian as the many ELE level crises of which Fukushima is just one head of the hydra won't leave anything human able to survive.

    I think the combination of the permafrost methane melting and Fukushima should just about wipe out all life so I am clueless as to why the global banking system functions as it does. Do people really think more money, gold and prepping will save them. To me the DUMBS are just tombs.

    These are only things we know about and they are bad enough. Having said all of that, I think this board is a good public forum for people who want to focus on Fukushima but I do understand your anger about the banking system.

    The problem is it's so interconnected that you can give yourself an aneurysm just trying to wrap your mind around all of it.

    As was said earlier I think we are beginning the major climate changes as in mini or maybe even maxi ice age.

    You seem like a good person and time is becoming noticeably shorter but the whole situation breaks
    down into a "whack a mole" of problems.

    I still try to see the big picture but it's overwhelming to say the…

  • 60srad

    @Danger Kitty: Thanks for bringing in a soft, humane touch to help cool frazzled obsessions. We've all had them.

    Let's see: Fiat money, fractional reserves(your local clueless banker lends you $$$ from nothing, then charges interest), ELEs(Fuku,440+ ill-regulated reactors on the globe, the entire "Nuclear Fuel Cycle", Nowhere to store some estimated 300,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel, Genocide(Gaza, Ukraine, PR of Congo–4,000,000 slaughtered),plastic polluted and irradiated Pacific, Ebola, the pathological and cowardly elite (illuminati?), overpopulation, coming water scarcity, peak everything, etc., etc.. I could continue.
    Point being: Emotions usually trump reason and cause ripples, given the situations we are in.
    There is so much good work done by "the regulars" on this site; yet the heavily defensive opinions appear from time to time.. I admit I don't have an answer for it. The human brain at work is all I got.

  • Preview of today's show with Dana:
    200 kilometers of Canadian Pacific Coast Line Devoid of All Life

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