Newspaper: Bubbling seen around new pad near giant sinkhole

Published: January 25th, 2013 at 12:20 pm ET


Title: Crew works on project for sinkhole vent system
Source: The Advocate
Date: January 25, 2013

[…] Dump, spread, compact. The process continued in that order Wednesday while workers and earthmovers set out to form the pad. […]

The Rig Road actually may be situated on prime territory for striking underground gas, however. A string of 11 new gas bubble sites obscured in the woods just west of the road was recently found, and bubbling sites could be seen in several locations just off the edge of the pad where contractors worked on Wednesday. […]

“I don’t care if they ever fix the damned sinkhole. It could go all the way to China as far as I care. I want to get on with my life,” said evacuee Kenny Simoneaux, 56, a truck driver who is living with his wife in a camper in Pierre Part. […]

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Published: January 25th, 2013 at 12:20 pm ET


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17 comments to Newspaper: Bubbling seen around new pad near giant sinkhole

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    “I don’t care if they ever fix the damned sinkhole. It could go all the way to China as far as I care. I want to get on with my life,”

    And that is the crux of the emotional part of it. Many of us DO care,and are willing to sacrifice a few months, or even a year or two to keep our dreams alive.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      the sad part is that he doesnt see that the deeper it gets, the wider it gets.

      they need to stop the fresh water from entering the hole. a sheet pile wall at a distance of twice the depth of the bottom of the cavern would be a good start. that would be circular wall about 3000 ft diameter or 20,000 ft in circumferance. it would cost about $1000/linear ft to drive assuming the soil is about 40ft thick. about $20M. then they could pump that part of the bayou dry and contain all of the oil too.

      then they could start to figure out how to seal up the wound.


        You sir, are speaking of the equivalent of building the Great Pyramid of Egypt underground, and over 3 quarters of the operating budget of Texas Brine.

        Also, what happens to this Great Wall of Louisiana as it's shaken to pieces by non-stop tremors?

        What you propose would involve pile-drivers in a seismicall active area. If a VSP Vibrosesis truck and T-Rex could set off this latest even, then what would 1000's of orders of magnitudes greater accomplish?

        No, sealing the wound is first. You never out a band-aid on the finger if the arm that was cut off, and you can't re-attach the arm without first stopping the blood flow.

        Thad is correct, drill, cement, squeeze off the formations, and stabilize the geology, then worry over the small details. As for protecting the swamp waters form TDC's, and TDS's, then this should have been done months ago. Little late now. Transmission of polluted waters has reached Bayou LeFourch, Triche Canal, Lake Verret, all the way to the Gulf, has already been poisoned.

        It's time to end this.

        • FREEDOMROX

          Edit: You never put a band-aid on the finger of the arm that was cut off… gotta get a new keyboard. They never last more than two months…

  • krugthecaveman krugthecaveman

    This must be extremely emotionally and physically taxing. I follow and read most of your comments Rainbeaudais. I live in Colorado and can't imagine what you all must be dealing with.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    VERY taxing, Krug…

    The community is spilt. Friendships have been dissolved. Family conflicts have developed, possibly beyond repair. neighbors have lost touch.

    We live, breathe and sleep this. If it's not on our waking minds, it invades our sleep, whether through keeping us awake out of worry and fear, or in our dreams. It's the first thing i think of and seek out when I wake, and the last thing I read or watch before I go to bed. I keep my phone, normally on the charger, right next to me in case of that emergent call.

    I was deleted from one of the private Facebook pages because I questioned someone….a single man, that works out of town, when he claimed his life has been "destroyed" for the last eight months. Though I recognize that people handle things differently, I don't think anyones life has been "destroyed". Changed? Hurt? Damaged? Inconvenienced? Disrupted? Yes, to all. I believe DREAMS have been destroyed, possibly even mine, but I am not ready to accept that, or defeat.

    If it took me being told to drive away away from here for 2 years and not hearing another word about it, or knowing what was being done to fix it, as long as it WAS fixed, I would consider the dream worthy of that interuption. I wouldn't even call it a sacrifice. Certainly not having my life destroyed.

    The people that want to leave, want to leave for various reasons. The people that want to stay, all want to stay for only one reason. The sheer beauty and peace found here.

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    I'm not seeing much difference between the way the DNR manages cavern operators and the NRC manages reactor operators.

    There's some token amount of insurance set aside in case of an accident, but it's impossible to define any kind of clear responsibility outside of property damage.

    How many people reading this would consider it fair if the DHS kicked in your door at 3 A.M. and demanded you evacuate immediately, but handed you a check as you were leaving for the going market rate for your house today? How can anyone value 'everything else' beyond the home's physical value? What if you only rent?

    There's no way Texas Brine is insured to the value of the property they would have to buy out in Bayou Corne. They simply can't – it's a company. They'll go out of business first. And 'everything else' is too hard to value without ten or fifteen years of lawsuits.

    The DNR finally re-valued closure costs in 2009, but that may have actually been part of this disaster. If Texas Brine couldn't (or didnt' want to) come up with a $1.5M performance bond or letter of credit, they had every incentive to plug and abandon Oxy #3 as quickly as possible.

    Plugging and abandoning a failed salt cavern does not work – it only get's the DNR off your back for a massive bond you can't afford. Next up to bat: Gulf South.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    From what I have heard, Paveway, there are 7 defendants named in the lawsuits that have been started…..not just Texas brine.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      That's too bad. If a firm had 250 attorneys to throw at this one, they would still hesitate. Dow has more lawyers. Occidental has more lawyers.

      The one complaint I did see linked here was pretty weak. The state's records are in shambles as far as I can see. Texas Brine is unlikely to have kept a big ol' filing cabinet of paperwork discussing the shoddy engineering and operation of #3 (if they even thought that). They have controlled access to the site, provide as little information as possible, and never mention their relationship to all the other parties. The state is doing the same thing.

      Anyone responsible is insulated by layers of lower-level people they can throw under the bus if things get bad.

      At the end of the day, everyone (unofficially) knows this is Occidental's baby but can't do a thing about it in court. Occidental knows this and their lawyers know this. They're not losing a bit of sleep over the sinkhole if they even heard of it yet.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Senator: La. lawmakers to discuss sinkhole in February
    Jan.25 2012

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Louisiana lawmakers? Whew… now I can relax.

    They're very smart and solve all kinds of really complex problems every day. Louisiana taxpayers are lucky to have them on their side. Best yet, their incorruptibility is absolutely legendary.

    "…Louisiana lawmakers are planning to hold a joint meeting of the Senate and House Natural Resources committees…"

    What the…? Committees? How many politicians does it take there to pimp out the state's natural resources and provide loopholes for the out-of-state and foreign companies?

    Pssst: Jindal – outsource these clowns. Chennai can fill these committees for pennies on the dollar and probably do a better job.


      There is a difference in being sarcastic, ascerbic, and then completely banal, PW. I understand the cynicism up to a point, but sometimes you take it too far, sir.

      Sometimes we have to accept that people see things in their own way, and just allow them the space to grow.

      Rainbow, and others, know on some level that they are in a hopeless fight against a truly monsterous, multi-headed hydra, but sometimes hope is all you have….sometimes it is enough.

      When I was much younger, I went through this, when I lived in a place that was a SuperFund site. It was 1970, and called the Milan Army Ammunition Plant. Our wonderful childhood home was in it's path, and mother had to weigh what was in our best interests, and her own….so, we moved. It hurt, and hurt a lot, but when I got older I understand her decision. Everyone in the community wanted to fight, but knew deep down that we would die in the attempt, for we were not a thriving community economically…only the Army was providing good jobs at the time and ITT, Inc. Both were Govt. run and subsidized, and none of us stood a chance.

      It's ironic in my early 20's that I actually delivered the concrete to the waste water facility designed to clean the water from the contaminated aquifer, by the Army, 15 years later.

      This may be a hopeless fight for them, but at least honor the courage and the fighting spirit inherent in them, as well as the hope expressed by these folks.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII


        I give anybody that reads these words unconditional encouragement to hope and …freedom to grow? Er… yeah, that too.

        No more banal matters like the closure bonds or future attempts to plug and abandon other leaky caverns. Thinking about those may lead to cynical, acerbic and perhaps discouraging remarks.

        I hope this doesn't happen to me. Now… who was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars this week?

        • FREEDOMROX

          Ever the master of snarkiness. It isn't a matter of not providing relevant information, such as "closure bonds or future attempts to plug and abandon other leaky caverns".

          It is matter of the presentation. I understand you despise corruption as much as any do, but don't express it as outright anger at the victims. Yes, a case could be made that they should have taken responsibility and gotten more involved since so many past incidents have occurred, yet, these same people also had to earn a living as well. There are only so many hours in a day.

          The belittling is unworthy of you, as I haven't a clue who wins anything on any show…not my cup of tea, and also, just not enough hours in the day. I could use some entertainment right now, but alas, that can't be found on any TV shows.

          Instead of doing all that I do…I'd rather be sky-diving…:)

  • Beyond Zero Point

    rainbeaudais; I grew up on the back waters of the Withlacoochee (crooked) river here in west central Fl. in the late 50s. The old stand cypress, centenarian oaks, the moss flowing in them with mother earth's breath. The river flowing quit, deep and powerful, "The sheer beauty and peace found here". I had to leave that place but not for the reason's that you face. I know how you must feel' it leaves an empty place in your spirit. You and Yours are on our prayer list.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Crosstex “Butane -R-Us” has had a Free Pass from DEQ Since August – WHY??
    Jan 26 2013