Newspaper: Door-to-door surveys revealed clusters of Fukushima residents with persistent nose bleeds, diarrhea — Fallout refugees talk about bizarre rashes, high fevers, more

Published: December 8th, 2012 at 8:51 am ET


Title: Escape to Okinawa
Source: The Age (Australia)
Author: Jane Barraclough
Date: December 6, 2011 (Update: Please note report is from 2011)

As radiation hot spots emerge in Tokyo and nuclear contamination plagues the country, some Japanese are fleeing to the Okinawa island chain to avoid the fallout from Fukushima. But is it too late?

[…] 30 other refugees [in Okinawa] from around the mainland — mostly mothers with young children — share the same anxieties. They talk about bizarre rashes, high fevers, blood noses and government and industry failures “they can never forgive”.

[…] door-to-door surveying in non-evacuated areas 60 kilometres from the plant revealed clusters of residents with persistent nose bleeding and diarrhoea. The same symptoms were also found among Tokyo residents.

Hiroshima survivor Dr Shuntaro Hida, who runs a non-profit hospital for Chernobyl and Hiroshima atomic bomb victims, assessed 50 patients at a one-off clinic in the middle of the year.

“People presented with purple spots, nose bleeding, high fevers, diarrhoea, aching bones, and extreme fatigue, ” he says. […]

After seeing patients at the clinic with multiple radiation symptoms, Hida is concerned about radiation in Tokyo.  […]

Published: December 8th, 2012 at 8:51 am ET


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31 comments to Newspaper: Door-to-door surveys revealed clusters of Fukushima residents with persistent nose bleeds, diarrhea — Fallout refugees talk about bizarre rashes, high fevers, more

  • patb2009

    pity they didn't learn the lessons earlier.

    okinowa is still in the rad cluster because of the incineration of tsunami waste

  • nedlifromvermont

    Still nothing from 'World Class' company GE on all this mayhem …

    They (GE) insisted on this design, even after being shown it was under-designed, weak and prone to catastrophic malfunction …

    How is GE not directly responsible for this disaster????

    Still no word from murderer/criminal in chief Jeffrey Immelt …

    GE too busy investing in wind and home generator business to own up to its past evil …

    And the truth might not be good for their balance sheet …

    So they spend billions to cover up, dissemble, manipulate …

    Hey Jeff? How many kids do you want to kill today???

    Hey GE? How many birth defects will it take before even the gruffly omnipotent GE starts to learn humility and grace??

    How stupid are the American Sheeple, to simply just take it?

    Hey GE … all those dispersed radionuclides … must be great for your cancer diagnostic business??? What a clever business plan? Have you secretly gobbled up the crematorium businesses around the world … then you have reassembled the NAZI machinery employed for the 'Final Solution.'

    No Jews or Gypsies at GE??

    what a country … peace ..

    • RJ RJ

      How stupid are the American Sheeple, to simply just take it?

      Very stupid. But no different from the rest of the world, well except maybe for New Zealand and Austrialia. We are all just consumers now. The wild west is over.

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        RJ – You can kiss the american sheeples ass. Where do you get off insulting us like that. Who do you think you are? This site is 99 percent american people on here – Then you have the nerve to call us STUPID. Go back to bed, your kangaroo girlfriend is calling for you!

        • RJ RJ

          UH Timemachine, it was a general statement. This isn't Yahoo! I'm sure the board here would understand that.

          NZ and Aus.= No nuke policy.

          and I'm from Motown, which these days should be renamed Notown.

          OH, and BTW, I was answering a qustion posed by nedlifromvermont.

          Go back to Yahoo

          • m a x l i

            The australian fisheads are digging up a big part of the world's uranium and exporting it to all kinds of countries, which not only produce electricity from it, but nuclear weapons. Then the same fisheads pull "defence white papers" out of their body orifices where they talk up the need to acquire large sums of tax payer's money in order to develop defence strategies and capabilities to withstand the (nuclear) threat from the same countries. Clever!?

            In past decades the Aussies let the British test their nuclear weapons in their outback. How clever is that?

          • nedlifromvermont

            thanks RJ for the response … one wonders if one's comments are ever read … when no response … and to timemachine2020 Whoah!, Nellie!! I think it was I, a Nedli in Vermont, who suggested there may be an underlying "stupidity" in the American Sheeple, and not RJ first, and grateful for a reply,
            and thanks to Maxli, too, want you to know … we're all on the same team, man …

            I mean what the hell is up with football coaching salaries at State Universities?

            Millions of dollars from programming contracts, so thousands of youthful brains will be knocked senseless from concussion (full disclosure here, I played football and later Rugby, and loved them both)

            Is it all part of dumbing-down of the electorate?

            Some of us here think it might be a good idea to wake up the Sheeple … that a bedumbed Sheeple will continue to fall for the nuclear lie … the nuclear hoax …

            I don't know … what do you think?

            Is it time to wake up from the nuclear hoax???

            You decide!

            Peace!! …

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    The only thing that would concern the cult is lynch mobs. /And that's what they deserve for being the psychopaths which they are.

    "Imagine that the most handsome, charismatic person looks you directly in the eyes…….."

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Thank you for sharing that film-video! It was excellent. Shared it with Facebook.

      • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

        You're welcome. It is a good doc. I can just picture the Nuclear industry execs sitting alone in front of their bathroom mirrors practicing the ability to feign human emotions of empathy and compassion which they themselves lack the ability to feel due to their psychopathy.

    • RJ RJ

      Watched it too. The part about "blindly following authority" was particularly important. I live in Japan. I see this everyday. It's sad and infuriating at the same time.

  • Sickputer

    Dr Shuntaro Hida, a true unsung hero in the course of world history. He is 95 and was serving as an army doctor in Hiroshima when the bomb hit. He treated nuclear victims for their immediate injuries and then became a tireless life-long advocate against the nuclear industry.

    If he reports people are showing up radiation-sick at his Tokyo-area clinic then there is no doubt central Japan is becoming uninhabitable. The Tokyo Flight looms in the near future. Unlike the agrarians in Fukushima these citizens may not all feel the same desire to die in situ protecting ancestral farms.

    What a momentus decision for over 30 million people to consider… Flee away from the epicenter or die in place. Survival of the smartest means probably 3 million will flee in the next two years, the rest will remain to live disease-wracked shortened lives.

    Madness in Japan…

    • patb2009

      we could get them to all evacuate to detroit.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        That's worse.

        The empty cities in China would be better. They could all move there, and they'll all be dying before the buildings and infrastructure collapses from crappy construction.

        OTOH, once the land-based cyanobacteria(CB) starts to show up in the western US, will anywhere really matter? The sea-based CB is already in Hawai'i.

        So very, very sad.

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          China hates the Japanese. They are raised as children with the propaganda to hate the Japanese bred into them. Sadly. … That will probably NOT happen. Every coutry should make arrangements to accept so many in. The USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, etc, etc. … If the people are willing to leave I think that we all have an obligation to make room or space and help assist them as much as we can. (Of course…this may never happen…but we could each try).

      • Anthony Anthony

        I used to think the same solution….but figure that would be literally from the frying pan into the fire of life with how incredibly dangerous and gang ruled Detroit has become the last few years.

        • Bones Bones

          Any different from the current Japanese government and mobs? At least their doses would plummet compared to what they get now and ingest. The governments who created and pushed this death trap have a moral obligation to allow any Japanese to emigrate. Hell, the US could run flights back and forth for any Japanese willing to leave. We know though that the Japanese government wouldn't want this because it would gut their economy and ultimately it's power. That's the real problem, no?

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Thx sickputer for this link to this wonderful, compassionate, courageous man.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    These widespread ongoing human health effects also reveal the scale of the dosage deception. This is the tragedy, the horrific unspeakable human tragedy, which these war criminals began at Hiroshima and now rush on into a future of genetic diseases and cancers that will plague us for hundreds of generations. How to stop them?

    • m a x l i

      How to stop them? Well, you already demonstrated, how. Calling criminals criminals is a good start. Now, we need to find a way, that our voice does not get deleted in mainstream media, if we want to say that one plus one equals two.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      "…rush on into a future of genetic diseases and cancers that will plague us for hundreds of generations."

      Won't take more than 5.

  • ENENews

    I linked to this report thinking it was from 2 days ago, but it's actually from 1 year and 2 days ago. Just a heads up since usually only recent news is posted here.

    • Maggie123

      Thank you for the heads up, Admin – so easy to do I find!

      And – btw – thank you also, so very much, for this excellent ENE site.

    • m a x l i

      Yes, I realised that I read that article a while ago and wondered a bit why it gets presented now, 1 year and 3 days later. Thanks for clearing that up, that it was by mistake – well, not a mistake really, because it was worth reading it again.

      And many thanks for your efforts making this site.

    • Jebus Jebus

      This is a good thing to let this past article sit here in contrast, or really in support of, the recent 11/28/12 article posted.

      It gives a good understanding that these symptoms started soon after 3/11/11 and are persisting to this day. Read the similarities in each article and it drives home the facts. These people are suffering the effects of radiation poisioning and their government sits silently. Sits silently, just like the rest of the world, while thousands of children are collecting multitudes of precursers to disease and cancer later in their lives. These crimes are vile and disgisting in the name of greed.

      Thank you Admin, for enabling the point, even if inadvertantly, it sends the needed message to these masters of evil…

  • nedlifromvermont

    … @ Arizonan: they have to stop sooner or later … so shout out the truth at the corrupt elites … and they will shudder and fall …

    the Catholic Church had to acknowledge Galileo … and the Roman Empire simply adopted the Christian Church …

    the crux: Must GE be given indemnity for it to admit to its crimes ???… we've all seen this movie before in the Hudson and Housatonic River PCB clean up fiscoes …

    Gofman's 1978 Court testimony in the Honnecker vs. NRC action refers to General Electric undergoing testing and development of mixed-oxide (plutonium) nuclear fuel assemblies "right now" … (in 1978) …

    … these lies run deep … filling the receptors in our neo-cortices as surely as laid out in Huxley's Brave New World …

    … as the soothing lies like "safe nuclear power" or "great jobs nuclear power" or "green, anti-warming nuclear power" or "non-polluting, non-linear dose response" … rolled off their tongues …

    Hollywood could not make this stuff up … the truth is stranger than fiction … thank you all here for "chiming in" as you do ….

    Roll Sinkhole … roll the three belching corium monsters and tottering Hindenburg of Radioactivity at Fool Pool Four …

    … hang on Mother Earth, we are trying to get their attention …

    … peace! …

  • ftlt

    Of course, these people are exaggerating or outright lying… The IRPA, IAEA and the World Health Org. will straighten things up – so the Real Nuclear Truth can come out in the media

  • dosdos dosdos

    Yes it couldn't be recent, because the Japanese showed us that Tokyo children have as many thyroid cysts as Fukushima children, showing us that it was the norm for Japan. So it couldn't be recent, as it's been clearly determined by the medical universities that people in Tokyo are not suffering from radiactive fall out.