Newspaper: Sinkhole burps up organic material — Experts on Dec. 18: Burps are “large gas outbursts”… up to 50,000 cubic feet (VIDEOS)

Published: December 28th, 2012 at 4:31 pm ET


Title: Sinkhole belches organic material
Source: The Advocate
Author: Bret H. McCormick
Date: December 28, 2012

The 8.5-acre Assumption Parish sinkhole, located between the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou communities, burped this week for the second time in a month, the company cleaning up the site reported Thursday.

Sonny Cranch, a spokesman for Texas Brine Co. LLC, said the burp happened either Christmas night or early Wednesday.

He said crews have not been able to determine how much vegetation came up after the burp. The previous burp occurred on Nov. 27. […]

Title: Bayou Corne Resident MTG
Source: rainbeaudais
Date: Dec 18, 2012

Part 5 at 4:15 in

Will Pettitt, general manger of Itasca, a worldwide firm that specializes in rock mechanics: We know there’s these large gas outbursts, or burps, up through the sinkhole

Part 7 at 1:45 in

Gary Hecox, a Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Inc. geologist working on the issue for the State of Louisiana: It has burped. It changes. It’s changing all the time. […]

The sinkhole is still burping. About every two weeks we have a fairly substantial… we call them burps… and essentially what happens is it will burp, the water level will fall almost instantly in the sinkhole, just a tiny amount, but it falls, and from that call we can calculate how much the volume of water went in to fill up the void when the gas came out. And those volumes range from 15-50,000 cubic feet. […]

The collapse zone is not stable the sinkhole is not stable.

Watch the presentations here

Published: December 28th, 2012 at 4:31 pm ET


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7 comments to Newspaper: Sinkhole burps up organic material — Experts on Dec. 18: Burps are “large gas outbursts”… up to 50,000 cubic feet (VIDEOS)


    That's funny. Enenwsers know exactly what time it took place, and Texas Brine does as well, because it showed up on most of the heli's. They seem incapable of telling the truth.


      How right you are razzz. I had wondered what happened to the salt cavern there that had shale extrusions in…guess I know now..thx.

      Also LOOP should be put out of business fi they cannot manage a disaster area better than this. Their bubbling has been going on longer than Bayou Corne, and still looks like these nuts will still enlarge the caverns, no matter what the residents want.

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      wow.. lots of dots in that article Razz.. thank you, will be mulling them over..

      So the feds have injection mined additional storage..

      Took two years from the time detected to do anything about potential leaking, and then possibly only because the feds needed $ from the sale.

      Regulations mandate for a salt barrier of at least 300 feet to contain stored material. How far from the edge is the cavern in Bayou Corne?

      The failed cavern had a collapse of some sort reducing the amount of material that could be stored in it. Sound familiar to anybody?

      The government previously has abandoned at least two other storage caverns.

      Every time there's a drawdown order, the cavern gets bigger.

      …and then I kept thinking about the correlation of reserve days, based on how much we import, and that relationship to recent articles claiming the US will be biggest exporter.. US would overtake Russia as the largest gas producer by 2015…

      Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, …said the U.S. is more than 50 percent dependent on foreign oil sources. Is that so? Then how is it we could so quickly surpass our need to import and become exporters? Hmm..

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        a dot to add to those.. The increase in US domestic production comes as new fuel-efficiency measures in transport imposed by the first Obama administration are set to reduce oil demand sharply. That will lead to a fall in US oil imports, which the IEA says will plunge from 10m barrels a day to 4m b/d in ten years’ time.

        wow, no wonder it took so long and industry fought so hard against fuel-efficiency.. big drop eh? So do we need as much reserve? how much tax $ is being spent to maintain? What companies are getting these contracts? Is strategic oil reserve inflated to keep some CEOs fat and happy? Wow..

  • Sol Man

    The last paragraph of your article states that the Bayou Choctau cavern 20 had leached to within 60 feet of the salt dome edge. Incredible! That seems like a thin membrane of "protection."
    And, that was in 2009 when the measurement was taken.