TV: “Massive radioactivity release” at Fukushima going on for almost 3 years now; Visible steam “just the tip of the iceberg” — NHK: Containment vessels are ‘broken’ (VIDEOS)

Published: January 5th, 2014 at 7:23 pm ET


NHK, Jan. 4, 2014: [Underground] tunnels are believed to be one of the sources of radioactive materials that are polluting the groundwater at the facility on a large scale. […] A large amount of highly radioactive water has accumulated beneath the plant. […] TEPCO will set up radiation monitoring equipment at various hot spots on the floors of reactor buildings this month. The readings will be used to support the decontamination work by robots that will follow. TEPCO officials say they will also study how to remotely locate and repair holes in the reactor containment vessels. The vessels were broken in the nuclear accident.

Watch the broadcast here

The Big Picture, RT, Jan. 3, 2014 (at 5:00 in) — Kevin Kamps, Radioactive waste watchdog at Beyond Nuclear: It’s the weather conditions that make the steam visible, but what people need to realize is that we’re almost three years into this thing — those releases are happening every day. Those releases atmospherically [and] into the ocean are happening every day, they have been for three years, so that is the massive radioactivity release that’s going on. Once in a while it becomes more visible because of atmospheric conditions […] we’re seeing this heated water coming out of Unit 3 – it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: January 5th, 2014 at 7:23 pm ET


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163 comments to TV: “Massive radioactivity release” at Fukushima going on for almost 3 years now; Visible steam “just the tip of the iceberg” — NHK: Containment vessels are ‘broken’ (VIDEOS)

  • skizexq skizexq

    "TEPCO officials say they will also study how to remotely locate and repair holes in the reactor containment vessels. "

    No prob.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I wonder how much Fukushima real estate is worth? Couple of dollars an acre, if that? Zero maybe?

    Soon to be the same value in some neighborhood near you..or at least in this guy's neck of the woods.–dicaprio-sells-oceanfront-compound

    • tsfw tsfw

      You inspired me to Orbitz flights to FKS and for a grand total of 1013.00$ we can go get a lethal dose. The poor pilots and stewards on these flights who are undoubtedly being fed a load of pro nuc propaganda on a regular basis and told not to worry about a thing. Shame.

    • tsfw tsfw

      I'm reading the comments under that article you posted and not one person makes a radiation connection. People are still sleeping.

  • weeman

    Plop plop fiss fiss oh how radioactive it is, it's like a never ending radioactive alka sheltza forever efervesing.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Cute. Very good analogy, simple effective way to make people realize just how bad this room full of loaded mouse traps, and ping pong Bucky balls, is going to be when it gets disturbed. The fuse is lit. Or in your case the plop has been dropped.
      Seconds to disaster, the containment box is the Pacific, and the mousetraps/ping pong balls are the ELEment contaminators; in this example.


  • StupidConsumer

    "it’s just the tip of the iceberg."
    Looks like the Human monkeys` really did it when they decided nuclear energy was a clean, low cost, sustainable, efficient (paste sales pitch here)industry.
    From uranium mining which burns fossil fuels and produces toxic tailings to proliferating world wide spent fuel storage facilities that have the potenial to destroy all cellular life on the planet, it`s an environmental Pandora`s box.
    So why was nuclear energy developed and why does it continue to be used?
    Well how else can you make plutonium 239? You need a nuclear reactor to make Pu-239. Pu-239 is the fissile material of choice for nuclear weapons. So it seems, nuclear energy is just a front for nuclear weapons manufacture.
    Just sitting here watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean on the waste er, west coast of Vancouver Island B.C.

    • socref

      Pu-239 can be made in nature.

      U238 + n -> some intermediate decays-> Pu 239

      Where do you get the neutrons n?

      Spontaneous fission of U238 in nature. 2.5 neutrons/fission

    • nedlifromvermont

      @StupidConsumer: Yes, but nobody needed 435 of the idiotic machines to make enough Pu-239 to set up weapons arsenals.

      The civilian nuclear power programme would have died without the abhorent and anti-constitutional Price-Anderson Act. Now you know: a "democratic" Congress pushed the button for this planet killing Ponzi scheme, and it must push the button to step back from the brink.

      and to socref, so false, so insincere: do you think any of the 'newsers is going to buy your corny physics lesson, that Pu-239 is abundant in nature from spontaneous fission of U-238 in seawater?

      What is theoretically possible in minute quantities at the atomic scale will not generate hundreds of pounds of the stuff, or tons, which we now have.

      The energy potential of the Uranium nucleus was generated at its creation inside of a dying and exploding supernova; the fission daughter isotopes are radioactive and poisonous. Concentrating this stuff inside flammable and brittle zirconium alloy tubes, whose cladding is ultra thin, to not disturb the neutron flux: a death wish.

      Congresspeople too stupid top understand the danger?

      Pro-nuclear shills, like you, too warped to understand the lie?

      What do you make, selling these lies?

      Whom do you work for? The rest of us are normal people. We laugh, we cry, we love and we tell the truth.

      You are selling falsehoods decorated as "physics". It is disgusting.

      But carry on; we need to understand the enemy.

      peace …

      • Shaker1

        I do believe that socref may be correct, that it has the potential to be produced naturally, while I might add that though I can understand that idea, the simple fact that evidence of that isn't too abundant. There was a set of articles of findings in Africa along a river in which uranium with fairly unusual natural concentrations collected to the point where it's theorized that a natural criticality occured. I won't look for the citation, sorry. I imagine with a search it's quite easy to find.

        But, don't get me wrong here. I'm disturbed that one uses knowledge to offhandedly dismiss the consequences of events which they've never encountered without some measure of humility regarding that knowledge. As a matter of fact, there were consequences theorized of that natural African example that were not good at all, some quite consequential in the light of that 'knowledge'.

      • StupidConsumer

        "corny physics lesson"
        socref is right Pu-239 is made in nature from the spontaneous fission of U238 but that doesn`t cause this discussion to also be depleted.
        Where Pu-239 occurs from spontaneous fission and in parts per trillion, nature can not produce a productive yield even for an atomic firecracker: You`re gonna need a nuclear reactor.
        With the unfortunate destruction of a nuclear waste storage facility natural or otherwise, environmental damage would occur similar to a nuclear weapon. Fragments from a meteor the size of a bus landed within a 100 kilometres from the Mayak nuclear storage and disposal facility in Russia in Feb. 2013.
        Fukushima notwithstanding, the consequences of nuclear energy will likely lead to human extinction on earth.
        Finally, no more taxes.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    Get it why you can or you will lose it when the full truth of how bad Fukushima is & just what has been pilling up on the beaches besides dead fish & parts of Fukushima homes. 1000 miles in from the west coast PU & many forms of radiation is found daily but never told. Remember they got to cover up this stuff are the DOE might lose trillions & congress may lose the next elections, all of them if people would wake from the TV stuck in their butts!

  • skizexq skizexq

    Yes, how may ways are there to spell S.T.U.P.I.D. ?

    Selling off my crab rings, and my inflatable, no disclaimers either.

  • Gasser Gasser

    Gassers dark humor from radioactive Hell

    Noticing a mistake in St. Peter's roster, God calls Satan;

    "It seems you accidentally received some of my professionals down there:

    an NRC inspector, a Nuclear Professor and MSM anchor man.


"Yeah," Satan replies. "All the more shit for me!"

    God replies, "You better send them up here immediately.


Satan says, "No way. I'm keeping them lying scum bags.


God says, "Send them up here, or I'll sue the horns right off you.


Satan laughs uproariously, "Yeah, right.

    And just where are YOU going to get a Nuclear lawyer?"


      brilliant Gasser! On the floor…

    • Ontological Ontological

      I tried to sue my 3 doctors for lapse care, due to the fact the idiots refuse to listen to patients. I knew I had skull cancer 2 years before they finally agreed. I was almost stage 4 when they finally got me to the right doctors @UCLA. State laws prevent me doing anything, some elite clause says you need to find a doctor from OUT of state to get said doctor to make a sworn statement that the doctors you wish to sue here in Nevada, have given lapse care. LOL yeah right Nevada is full of rich IDIOTS! And NO ONE even for the 5k they want will do that! So one wastes 10s of thousands to sue for 150k. These morons in our government simply piss me off.

  • American Phoenix57

    "To destroy your home planet's ecosystem for imaginary wealth is highly illogical". – Spock

  • Ontological Ontological

    Rads here are off the wall. Our birds are acting strange, they are not fighting, dancing(hummers)or singing last few months of these waves of strong readings. Its here. Ok so much for the "tiny" amounts that "may" hit the West coast of the USA. Cesium in our soil here for this year is 4% based on the FIRST lies they published. Do we hear 10%+ soil concentration of cesium 137 ALONE! in the soil now?
    This will produce deadly veggies. Well so much for eating every 48 hours, now we will only be able to eat safely 2x meals per week. We will have to be diligent about getting organic foods, seems everyone is switching, so plus supply vs demand ratios will not hold up much longer. At this rate we (wife & I) will starve by 2016. FEDS told us in 2000 when we signed for our bran new home that a house like ours will be worth 350k. Its currently listed for less the 112k we paid for it! And peaked at 260k before 2008. With friends like this who the hell needs enemies?

    • What is soil reading? How did you get it?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      @Ontological…I am starting to get deformed roses…as are my neighbors. I noticed all the ravens are gone, bees laying around dead, and no birds to speak of. 🙁

      • lavender lavender

        Lots of birds here in Bellingham, Washington. No deformed roses either. Here we are about 10 minutes from Canada, right in Pugent Sound. I would like it if there were a local radiation count posted, but I can't find one, anywhere.

        • TruckerDave TruckerDave

          My sons live in B'ham and i've been trying to get them to take a reading with their counter, but i guess they aren't concerned. 🙁

        • skizexq skizexq

          Yes, good luck, Lavender, I too live in Bellingham wondering why so many sites are pegged in the 2-300 CPM range yet we escape with much less (Everett is closet).
          Then I look over in Honshu and see much much lower readings overall compared to CONUS.
          Eureka CA is consistantly high lately ,a town I unfortunately know too well.

          • skizexq skizexq

            we had some really deformed tomatoes the summer it happened in N Bellingham. We threw most of them away.
            If you find any local sources for data please post.
            Thx, love,


            • 6feetunder 6feetunder

              Predators in Hawaii are OUT OF CONTROL, Shark Attacks up 500% as Fukushima Radiation Rolls In


            • Tiza Tiza

              This is from the forum, one of the questions or whatever that someone asked. I'm only copying part of it, which I must get back to work.

              Site Admin
              User avatar

              Joined: Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:51 pm
              Posts: 458
              Location: Arkansas

              Post What is NETC maps all about???
              Here is explaination on how to understand the NETC charts. ❗
              Some of the sites are from the EPA's database. The EPA's are the beta sites from the EPA and the EPA's are the gamma sites from 600-800 Kev range where a lot of geiger counters are calibrated to. The sites in Japan uses nSw/h. Our system is based of relative readings from the past history of each site to their present readings, so you will be able to tell if there is an increase in radiation at that site. But some customers like to know what is the absolute level of radiation at each site, so with the chart membership you can change the readings to absolute base zero. The Japan maps looks totally different in absolute format. I am sorry that I have not posted this information in the Forum for you to understand what system is all about.

          • Tiza Tiza

            You have to go over and read at the NETC forum about why Japan's readings are low or different. I think that they use different equipment, but they do explain it.

            Oh, we have family in Eureka, and really concerned about that place.

        • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

          @ lavendar here is a link to the EPA rad monitors and a vid of beach readings. You will notice some of the monitors have been turned off on the Fed site i.e. Fresno California when the high radiation started coming in.
          Enviro makes the EPA site easier to nav.

          • Ontological Ontological

            That date would be Dec 12 2013, they shut all the cali RADNET detectors down. They were bad indeed.

        • tbg

          Im a mile from lake washington, and the best place I can is, they have a map and network that you can plug into with a geiger but the highest sensitivity monitors are at the EPA stations. Unfortunately they have turned the gamma in seattle off for days at a time lately, which doesnt inspire confidence. If you look it up the graph it doesnt even look real anymore because it was off for days in a row then they blipped it on. They don't even monitor the beta radiation here anymore because I assume those levels are too bad, just like they dont test the rain or milk or fish.
          We are directly across from japan, their air and water currents most typically come straight here. Many places only have to worry about air from the high level jetstream bringing heavy particles, greatly dispersed as they fall. We have to worry about low and mid-level airstreams bringing us heavy particles like plutonium & neptunium, which we cant test for & They dont talk about. In a nuclear detonation, like at #3, actual tons of Pu particles were smashed down to a 2 micron size, same size as our lung tubes and they are too heavy to reach many places in concentration, but not here.

          So I try to look at facts and not sweat we're all dying, we always were, but the facts I can (And Can't) find make me think this is pretty fucking important and very real for us in WA. But people here say & do nothing, except maybe eat more sushi.

        • Shaker1

          lavender, I've found it interesting that when viewing the radiationnetwork site, which collects public input, that Bellingham consistently has lower CPM than any other Washington site. I passed it off as some anomaly of situation, but it is refreshing to hear of your observations. I know here in Vancouver, WA, it was my observation through 2011 and 2012 that there was a decided lack of both birds and bees that seemed to rebound this year. I worked outside at a job in which concentrated work was intermittant, so I had much time to notice such things. While I could accept that another might think of my observations as simply personal conjecture, I don't think that I'm alone in those observations and consider them, if un-'scientific', valid.

          • name999 name999

            our environment here in Portland/Vancouver looks bad…dry, brown, trees, hedges and grasses with lots of dead areas. I have lived here 25 years and the change from a lush green vibrant environment to this is startling…loss of bees over last few years, birds, even flies and incects much decreased…

      • Ontological Ontological

        OMG so sad. Please keep reporting your local anomalies folks this is the best way to educate other simple honest real people.

        • name999 name999

          I appreciated your writing but now it just looks like spam…won't get you the attention you are wanting by reposting the same thing over and over here on Enenews…

    • razzz razzz

      RE markets can move up and down locally but as a whole RE should move up into mid 2015 then start another dive to bounce along the bottoms again. There will be the usual ups and downs or a stock market correction might discourage investing in stocks and chase money into RE making things hard to sort out when you are trying to sell.

  • AlexfromNB

    I have no idea it can be done…
    Remove all spent fuel rods from the site. Remove all above ground structures as much as possible. Bulldoze what can be taken down or detonated in place to allow removal. Locate corium holes or suspect areas in earth. Seal with massive amounts of boron and cement as well as sand and rock materials. If the cores cannot be taken out, what's the point in cooling them? All that's doing is allowing a free flow of contamination directly into the atmosphere.
    Perhaps we can stop that. Nothing that TEPCO has been doing has stopped further contamination into the ocean or air. At least it's worth a try. Please tell me what you guys think! I want to learn from smart folks with ideas of what may in fact work. Thanks.

    • Sickputer

      AfNB writes: "Please tell me what you guys think!"

      SP: Your ideas are a feasible plan. But with high radiation hampering containment at virtually every square foot of the megaplex… the money situation for such an effort exceeds what the tight-fisted nucleorats are willing to spend.

      Being a for-profit company they want to spend billions when trillions are needed. And then there's the Japanese arrogance/pride factor ("Leave us alone, we do not have a serious globe-threatening problem") and the military implications of rebuilding the shattered Japanese armed forces with the ascension of spacecraft and nuclear arms proliferation. Unlikely the puppet-master is going to approve the latter, but the Japanese pro-hawk politicians are hoping Chinese aggression will sway Uncle Sammy.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    I am glad Kevin spoke about this….Kevin Kamps has given much stronger anti-nuke interviews than A. G. , I am glad to see his interview, instead of Arnie for a change. His website has good information.

    There are several Youtubers producing "debunking" videos about Fuku. They have a big subscriber base; they have stated Enenews is trying to scare people because Fuku is not that bad.

    I will comment on one of their vids and link this video.

    • The pro nukers have HUGE budgets and can set up mass mailings, huge PR campaigns and PhD hired guns..

      They can outspend, outgun, do character assassinations, and much more..

      It may ultimately come down to massive casualties from PU, more than can be 'xlained' away by pro nukers.

      When 50% of the town disappears, it is hard to say "those darn fearmongers".

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Of course. And it's usually in response to the equally radical fear mongers out there making over-the-top videos, comments, etc. I believe they're the same people. By making the subject extremely distasteful on either side they effectively make it circus and wear people out trying to make sense of it all. Effectively it's a pincer move, getting those that are honestly concerned, learning, communicating their findings and so forth caught in the middle. Kind of like what's happening the middle class in the US. Crushed out of existence.

  • deaddolphins simonhhh

    The great irony is…
    The Japs not content with destroying the Northern Hemisphere with deadly radiation…they have 3 "Scientific Research" ships [sic] slaughtering "minke whales" off the south east coast of Australia in their Marine Park…how many ways can you spell the word…D.I.S.P.I.C.A.B.L.E


      not for nothing simonhhh, but we here, on ENENEWS, refer to the people of Japan as the "Japanese" people. Unless you can prove to me you stormed the beaches of Terawa, I'd appreciate your avoiding the racist epitaphs…

      • bo bo

        Thanks, aftershock.


          we'll forgive him, bo. Likely he's a recovering escapee from Yahoo news…

          • deaddolphins simonhhh

            No Aftershock…My Father was tortured for 4 years in the most notorious Prisoner of War CAMP in WW2….CHANGI
            Our family suffered the aftermath growing up with endological Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome…He suffered till the day he died…I am entitled to call "em" what I like, replete with "racist epitaph" if need be…I'd appreciate you not behave like you own enenews as a moderater and mind your own business…

              • deaddolphins simonhhh

                I would add calling Japanese…"Japs"

                Is no different from calling Americans…"yanks"

                Army slang….big deal

                • WavyGravy unobtanium

                  I agree completely.
                  I'm sick of weighing and measuring each word I utter for fear of offending someone.
                  Political correctness has gone way too far.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    so, unobtanium, you're "…sick of weighing and measuring each word I utter for fear of offending someone."? Perhaps you've overlooked this site's advisories against offensive posts? In the event you've not taken the time to review them, those advisories follow-below the Submit Comment button…

                    • WavyGravy unobtanium

                      I may have erred in using the word "Christmas" a while back in a post. I understand that more and more minorities are finding it offensive. Is its use still okay or have you and the 'forbidden words' police ruled against it?

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @unobtanium: not being a Christian (I'm old school Pagan), I freely encourage(d) everyone to honor the birth of Christ. I despise those who attempt to bind the beliefs of others, with political correctness. My only reservation is in the proselytizing of others, who may not be of a particular faith…


              you're in a public forum simonhhh. This is not our personal space. And while I genuinely sympathize with the plight of crime victims (singular or otherwise), such offenses (real or perceived) are often used to fuel hatred against those who are entirely innocent of criminal behavior.

              That you had a family member that experienced inhuman treatment at the hands of an imperious military force, does not give you the right to publicly vent (what is generally accepted to be) racist diatribes or epitaphs towards a general populace. What most (understandably) fail to recognize, the entire populace of Japan fell victim to a repressive military doctrine; formally referred to as State Shintoism. [ ] And keep in mind, we both come from a nation that has its share of past and ongoing repressive militarism.

              As admin has stated they're incapable of moderating every post, each of us is obligated to ensure that ENENEWS doesn't degenerate into a platform for personal grievances. As none should fear speaking their mind, they also have the right to call it like they see it. Every 'member' of this site has an obligation to protect the overall integrity of the site by flagging erroneous and/or offensive posts; or, for that matter, to openly support what's posted. That is the nature and dynamic of open forums…especially one as historically important as this one…

              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                Well said AS..

              • WavyGravy unobtanium

                Aftershock pontificated:

                "…does not give you the right to publicly vent (what is generally accepted to be) racist diatribes or epitaphs (sic) towards a general populace…"

                I agree with your premise but disagree with what you believe constitutes a racial slur. There is a line that divides innocuous slights and out and out racial slurs. I don't believe simonhhh crossed that line at any point.
                By the way, "epitaph" (a commemorative poem or building inscription) is the wrong word. The word I believe you intended to use in describing a slur is "epithet".
                Finally, apologies for my 4:10 AM post. I went a bit too far there.


                  @unobtanium: though I was the first to flag simonhhh's use of what I'd consider a pejorative reference to the people of Japan, notice I was not isolated in that response. You may be unaware but this happened on a few occasions, over the last few years. Again, there was a general consensus that such terminology be avoided.

                  There are two reasons that prompted my initial response: that we not be sidetracked into associating this catastrophe (Fukushima) as being due more to race than technological incompetence. We need to accept that such failures are endemic to the technology and not who's operating such systems; i.e. Chernobyl, TMI, etc. My next concern rests in preserving the overall integrity and character of what I (and others) consider to be an important historic reference. Decades from now (if not hundreds of years), historians will be culling this site's archives to explore the evolution of our thoughts. I'd want those future humans (and 'synthetics') to know we were measured in our response to these events. Otherwise, we risk being perceived as being insular in our world view. In the vernacular of the street, "We're represent'n".

                  No need to apologize for prior statements. You're entitled to say what it the way you see it.

                  Finally, thanks for flagging that misspelling. Spelling checkers are an obvious double-edged sword…

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    …(and 'synthetics')….

                    I hope you don't mean
                    ..robo-planet—-> robo-universe .. ?

      • WavyGravy unobtanium

        I don't see any racial connotations to calling Japanese people Japs.

        Aren't people from Thailand referred to as Thais?

        Aren't people from Saudi Arabia referred to as Saudis?

        Enough with the PC already!

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      Oh no ! This outrages me ! For 30 years I have been collecting signatures to urge the Japanese politicians to stop slaughtering dolphins and other whales – now we are all being deceived and killed off by them and they still kill whales – here my spelling – DESPICABLE !!!

    • tbg

      Its true, just watch The Cove. Many japanese are disgusting in their support of whaling and dolphining, killing intelligent species they shouldnt even eat due to the mercury levels, but they still force feed them to kids in their school lunchs… and in the most cowardly chickenshit ways imaginable, for a stupid unprofitable tradition.

      Dolphins are intelligent beings that Know, That Is Their Baby Being Stabbed In The Heart Right There, and then watching it die as they get stabbed in the heart and bleed out slowly too, along with the rest of their family. Those fucking cowards driving boats back and forth beating long metals poles in the water with hammers to fuck with the dolphins heads and trick them into the cove of death. Shooting whales with explosive harpoons and hanging them to drown and bleed out, killing the baby whales right along side their mothers too, and they have to lie and say its for research.

      If All those whales you kill every year are for research then why do you sell aeat them liars? I guess we're just lucky the japanese are too good for shark fin soup.

      Japan, stewards of the sea. Just when I thought trapping them in a net and stabbing them in the heart with a spear was the most hideous chickenshit way you could kill tons of dolphins, Japan just poisons them all, deep sea and atlantic included.


      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        I agree with the sentiment , i disagree with the prospect of filling this site with racial slur.. , call them what you want in your own home..i do too according to my mood.. but not in a shared one with lots of different backgrounds..


          agreed DID. I am as outraged by the what the Japanese populace has long tolerated, in the wholesale destruction of many lifeforms from the sea. We could go on as to why they've felt so entitled. I personally think that a combination of cultural ritual and an insular media have conspired to prevent the Japanese from seeing the truth of these environmental crimes; crimes, BTW, that most every nation today is one-way or another committing against nature.

          P.S. get what you mean by the "mood" thing. I come from a family that has a history of both fighting and winning(!) against the Franco-Fascist forces and also having had members in the Southern Clan! We're equal opportunity haters…and lovers…

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            "We're equal opportunity haters…and lovers…"

            I think so to AS, sort of like our interaction is going sometimes lol 😉

            Race is NEVER the problem , CULTURE and Tradition is..most often . And those are "learned" algoritme's..
            Great cruelty can be observed in asian cultures towards animals today while the rest of the world is (trying to)
            learning.. chinese with fully awake dog skinning , japanese eating animals more human than human's etc

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              And altough culture is "learned "without consent" , the individual can grow above our friend bo is demonstrating..
              If it would be a matter of race, it would be a genetical behaviour prison with no hope of escaping..



                agree DID. You've also hit on some interesting thoughts, to what makes us what we are. I really like your point about no one offering an opportunity to choose what's poured into our undersized skulls. So unfortunate that the more intelligent amongst the species, find themselves spending the later half of their lives undoing the garbage concepts and cultural delusions of their predecessors. It's a perfect system that fosters ignorance and intolerance of the greater universe that's about us. I watch in horror when witnessing how quick some humans are to squash the life from a 'lowly' insect. Yet, these same 'humans' would rail against the approaching missiles, that promise inescapable death. Which brings me to bo's question: who amongst you is without sin? Funny how one from the 'orient' can so easily bring us all to our knees, with so simple an axiomatic question, whose origin resides in the very foundation of our self-righteous culture…

                • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                  I totally agree again AS , the radiation must be getting the best of me j/k 😉

            • bo bo

              Thanks DID

              I might add great cruelty towards animals can be observed around the world – equal opportunity


              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                Hi bo , i was just gonne check if i didden't offend you ..
                Yes i know , altough i can't see the video without making an account , that it is the same crap everywhere where there is humans..but there are also the speed and direction of growing out of it..writing laws and follow up on them..some small , some big..
                But whaling and calling it research with a moutfull is a pretty big midlefinger poking in the worlds eye when they force their own citizen's to start respecting non humans sort of speak..
                Again , no offence intended..

                • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                  From a post below

                  "how carnivores all of a sudden can compartmentalize their outrage when dolphins are killed"

                  Well , you know they have a bigger brain than humans , and they have a recorded history of intervening when they see suffering outside their own species , like people or other animals drowning or being attacked by sharks..

                • bo bo

                  No I'm not offended by any of the posts here – as AS says I understand we are equal opportunity haters and lovers here. I only ask simonhh to watch through the entire video and tell me personally what eats and wears daily. Then discuss whales. That's all.

      • bo bo

        I am japanese and no, I do not eat whales. I do not kill dolphins. I do not eat cows or chickens or eggs or milk, do not wear wool or leather.

        What do you eat daily, sir? And do you keep warm during the winter wearing a down jacket ?

        • bo bo

          I am a proud jap.

          • bo bo

            I've written this before but I never understood how carnivores all of a sudden can compartmentalize their outrage when dolphins are killed then go home for a chicken dinner, factory raised or wear leather, or go to their yoga classes in their ugg boots. Befuddles me.

            • bo bo

              To be clear, this message is only intended to simonhh, who insists on using the term 'jap' not homolumina or tbg

              No. Using the term 'japs' is not the same as using the term 'yanks'
              It is similar to using the term 'nigger'

              • artika rama

                These kinds of discriminating insults shouldnt be here . Fukushima is not about japanese people , infact the ones who are hurt most from this disaster are the japanese , more than any other nation .
                Admin should not allow these kinds of talks here .


                  in truth artika rama, this site's administration is laudably tolerant of our thoughts. In an age of repressive media control, having the means to flesh-out our differences in a public forum is equivalent to finding a lone well in the middle of the Gobi desert. It's up to each of us, whether that life-preserving well will remain a refreshing reprieve against the surrounding hell or just another…mirage…

              • bo bo

                And simonhhh, I usually don't do this but please watch this video
                And tell me, what do you eat, and wear, on a daily basis. Very interested to know.

                Jap. vegan. Bo.

                • good point bo, please explain me you all meat-eaters why is killing one animal more humanitarian than others(killing birds or cows more humanitarian than dolphins or whales)? Because of your hunger?! Then you are no different from other ANIMALS that kill for food. HUMANS have the choice what to eat and not to kill, ANIMALS have not!!!

              • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                I'm curious and I hope you answer. Why does Jap. offend? You said it's like nigger? Really? It's just easier to write, like USA, or just US. Is it because of the period or lack thereof? So Jap would be offensive and the abbreviated form: Jap. not be? You do know there are much much worse words that could be used should one seriously wish to denigrate you, yes? Splitting hairs.

                • bo bo

                  Wow. So you really think saying 'Jap' is like saying US instead of USA. I'm splitting hairs here too. If anybody can help explain this please do. Especially since I can tell you are truly puzzled, not trying to be mean.

                • bo bo

                  For SykeWar or anybody who innocently thinks 'Japs' is used 'just because it's easier to write, same as writing US instead of USA'…the thought of explaining this in detail is exhausting so I'm just giving some visuals here.


                  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

                    My grandfather fought the Japanese military in Papua New Guinea. He always called the Japanese "Japs", as did most of his generation. It is derogatory. No doubt.

                    • bo bo

                      Thanks for clarifying, eatliesndie. Even as recently as last year, there was an account of some asian guy that moved into an L.A. neighborhood that got a note in his mailbox which said 'JAPS MOVE OUT'

                      I'm sorry. It's not a pleasant word. Same as 'fag' or 'nigger'. I'm not usually hard headed about my veganism, 'have a live and let live' attitude towards carnivores but I really dig in heels about this when outraged carnivores start throwing around racial slurs in front of me and claim 'aaaaww get over it ! A little racism is ok because it's about the whales' then, the thought of the thought of that same person going home for a factory farm raised chicken dinner… that really makes my blood boil.

      • artika rama

        tbg This has nothing to do with race or nationality . These kinds of insults shouldnt be here .

  • charlie3

    Well, the Japanese have finished off the whales altogether with fukushima – the place where all Japanese flotsam and jetsam (and now radioactivity) finally deposits after crossing the Pacific is in a giant bay in Baja California, where whales go to give birth. Really.
    "For thousands of years the grey whales have migrated to Baja in the winter to bear there young in the warm and placid waters surrounding the Baja Peninsula. The grey whale migration takes them south past the west coast of the United States and the Pacific coast of Baja. Scammon’s Lagoon and Bahia San Ignacio are some of the most famous places to see grey whales. San Ignacio boasts the 'friendly whales', a pod that seems to have over some time, developed an afinity with the tourists that come to whale watch in Baja."

    • socref

      Does this lump ENE into the conspiracy sites? If ENE is a "news" aggregator, then the question becomes "what is news, and what is fiction?"

      The article says

      This "mess" started,,,,

      why is it a mess, and why was it started?

      This IMHO, drives credibility downward.

      Its as if 60 minutes showed up at your workplace.

    • zogerke zogerke

      It's a decent reference. It refers to the EU article about earthquake detonations underground, that ENENEWS admin clarified – here- as a hoax; as a hoax. It positively refers to Fukishima Diary(fd) and positively refers- within the FD reference- to enenews. It actually- imo- gives FD and Enenews GOOD PRESS.

  • RonM RonM

    Regarding the #4 spent fuel pool, according to the Tepco website they have removed 132 fuel rod assemblies with over 1500 assemblies still to go,a apparently they switched from the new fuel rods to the spent fuel rods after the first batch. Even thought the spent assemblies are more dangerous aren't the new assemblies potentially more dangerous if a serious accident happens or is that like comparing being hit by a train or a tractor trailer truck?

    Anyhow of course they are removing the least damaged or undamaged assemblies first, the so called low hanging fruit, is there any info or estimates about approximately how many assemblies are damaged and undamaged? It seems that the transfer of these assemblies are routine in an undamaged reactor so the chances of an accident will be low initially (not including earthquakes), and the potentially disastrous work won't be started until the "low hanging fruit" are all removed. This could be several months or longer or sooner, I'm just wondering when the real nail biting work will begin and the accident waiting to happen (that actually applies to all nuclear power plants), will begin being dealt with?

    It's remarkable that the Pacific, as well as other oceans have actually performed as well as they have considering the toxic waste dumped, the garbage, the plastic, the acidification, the overfishing, major oil spills as well as petroleum product run-off, pesticides, herbicides, and whatever else, how much more can our oceans…

  • Questionit

    This just my first take after watching the video.
    This is just another attempt to distract people from what is actually happening and to control what is discussed as to the cause of the contamination.

    They are saying the steel containment cracked and the groundwater contamination is due to water in the tunnel thus becoming contaminated and then flowing out its outlet. This implies all can be contained by blocking the tunnels and welding a patch over the crack. Simple huh. Also makes it sound like the flow of contamination going into the water is small since it's just a few cracks. Then just freeze down a bit to hold the already contaminated water under the building. (In reality you have to freeze all the way down to impervious rock and that rock cannot be cracked or fractured from historic or recent earthquake movement.)

    How about the coriums melted out and through containment and are down IN the groundwater? Not so simple and obviously means massive flow of contamination.

    A concern is that the monitoring wells have told them the predicted highly contaminated groundwater moving as a relatively slow but massive river has or is about to begin its discharge into the ocean. A flow that cannot be stopped and will continue for 200 yrs before some reduction. They may be preparing the lie to be discussed when activist discover the higher contamination flow out in the ocean. And to use the lie to instill false hope and argue against those speaking the truth.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And U.S. is letting it happen.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    They have to repair the containment vessels so the corium doesn't get back in. They read some scary stuff about coriums here, and they are getting scared. Their engineers just watch the movie, "Alien." so they are welding up all the holes.

  • ruppert

    You have to connect the dots to understand why the U.S. is not responding to this crisis.

    Japan is basically a bastard child creation of the U.S. government after WW2 which allows them to strategically locate bases close to China and basically force-fed nuclear energy onto a country that had been previously bombed by nuclear weapons. It makes no sense that any sane country would allow "nuclear anything" unless they were offered a deal they couldn't refuse
    after suffering the effects of radiation.

    Japan has U.S. investments that if dumped would start the eventual global fall of the dollar.

    Japan understands that the U.S. has to keep it's mouth shut regardless of what happens because they could make things very uncomfortable for the U.S. and it isn't a far stretch to imagine that Japan has all this time been being groomed to be a nuclear power extension of the U.S.

    It will be interesting if any of the stories about Japan having a weapons lab will pan out.

    While all the cloak and dagger of all this may be interesting to some extent, it pales to the fact that the Pacific Ocean is trashed and is setting in motion an ELE.

    The best chance of getting any of the information that's been covered up for years about Japan is the sailor's lawsuit that is gaining much attention and becoming a platform to inform the world about nuclear issues.

    I read that Obama supposedly swam in Hanauma Bay but have not seen any pictures.

    Too may sideshows

    • Questionit

      Likely result – WAR! Someone could do an entire article on how this all interplays.

      The previous PM wanted a balanced relationship with the US and China. And for the US to close one of it's island bases. The US cold shouldered him, gave him no respect as the PM and worked to undermine him. Japan's House of Reps. then turned on him and Japan got Abe, who is very pro anything US and has sought to make China the evil empire. This could be one reason the US Navy sacrificed a ship full of sailors, to show the people of Japan the US military is their ally and can be trusted (not only what they do but what the military says at a later date).

      If this destroys Japan's financial house of cards it will kick in many kinds of highly leveraged derivatives and as the Japan banks fall so will many in other countries. And as you pointed out at that point the dollar as the reserve currency is vulnerable and also with the inability to contain the financial mess the interest on US debt will rise. Somewhere around then …. WAR.

      That's just one possibility. As inept as they may appear at handling the accident they will not be ill prepared when it really hits the fan. Only we will find ourselves on the wrong side of the us/them line.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I just want everyone to give a big round of applause for the nuke industry and it's fine safety record.

    ha ha Bwah Haaa haaa ha ha ha ha Bwah Haaa haaa ha haha ha Bwah Haaa haaa ha ha heee hawwww Bwah haha ho ho giggle snort HAAAA ! ha ha heheheh haaaaaaaa ha ha Bwah Haaa haaa ha Ha heha ha ha Bwah Haaa haaa ha ha he hah omg, my sides are splitting ha ha Bwah Haaa haaa ha ha

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    OMG I can see the future if we live that long. Two all zeolite patties, special sauce lettuce, strike that cheese strike that pic…never mind onion on a cesium bun. And an iodine Coke please.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Believe it or not I just added my bi weekly iodine supplements to my Coke.

      Fight the future. Man, that really tasted awful.

      • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        Like bitterlol ? lol unincredulous you really are good with this gallow humour thing..

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Hope so, I failed nuke 101, except for getting under the desk in second grade and watching the flag wave in the schoolyard, expecting the sky to flash and blind me. I thought I did that well

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Gallows humor .. gallows behavior.
    In the Old West.. when it was time to meet the gallows.. the event was meant in many ways.
    But many met their fate.. earnestly many of that time knew right from wrong..
    The time for pitching and hollering over..
    Them saying..something to this effect..

    "Well.. my time's up, fellas was a good ride but I turned wrong.. please remember me to my mother."

    Sometime..before eternity.. Humanity should admit it is wrong in the course it is devising for the future.

    Or at least..stand before the gallows..with some self-respect and an understanding of consequence.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yes, I agree. It's hard to know how to act in this case. I feel like Tepco is up on the gallows, being convicted of their crime. Problem seems to be that the hangman pulls the lever, and the righteous townsfolk, watching the confessions, all die. While Tepco is just hanging at the end of the rope, doing fine.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Yeah, they do fine up there. If the righteous townsfolk were to put their household waste on the lawn, wrapped up in black plastic bags until there were thousands of bags on the lawn; they would have long since been fined or jailed, probably both.

        Anyone noticed Tepco's lawn lately?

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          They seem to be, as Obewanspeaks keeps pointing out, bat-shit crazy. What were they thinking?

          Just so we all know that they could afford to give Fukushima refugees a real home, here is a link to show you what they were thinking about spending their money on:

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            I read that there is four pounds of lead in a desktop? computer. Is that right? Japan has manufactured millions of electronic products. Maybe the Japanese are suffering from lead poisoning. Maybe they really are bat shit crazy.

            • look at what they did with mercury poisoning their own kind.. completely covered up and hidden.

              They kill whales and dolphins en masse, (see link below) and then eat this highly contaminated meat, as well as spreading it through their schools, feeding it to their kids.

              No hair analysis… because if they did, they would find out this meat is deadly dangerous and makes them bat shit crazy..

        • Au Au

          Good one unincredulous. Make that steaming black plastic bags that makes your neighbors hair fall out and their teeth crumble and kills their dog too.

  • FXofTruth

    What I find to be incredibly interesting is seeing all the scurrying around the "masters of industry & government" do to make everything appear to be "Fine."

    First wave of bullshit – the News tells a bland, fact-less story that state, "The disaster is under control and everything is fine."

    Second wave of bullshit – the experts are paraded across the TV screens and state everything is "fine."

    Third wave of bullshit – the "legal limit of exposure" (who goes to jail if this rate is exceeded) is raised to some height that is absurdly stupid and then the News and Experts say everything is "fine."

    Fourth wave of bullshit – all the activity around a blown up plant is hard to hide from the Public so, TEPCO shows stock photos of guys in white overalls and masks pointing up like something important is being done over in the direction we can't see in the photo! Who are these guys anyway? Actors it looks like….

    The photos they release are the funniest because they are always sanitized and staged. It like the News showing war pictures where an attack just happened, but the bodies are all gone. Just blown up cars are there and broken shops. God forbid the Public sees REAL life video or photos! They might go insane with real knowledge and facts and learn something!

    So, what is shown and told to the Public by the News media is of no value and has no relationship to the events unfolding hourly.
    But, it is quite funny to watch the futility of it all….

  • underfish

    I psoted this on another thread here…so no apologies, just trying to share some info
    Al Jazera, tonight and for the next three nights. are having a 1hr news special on FUKUSHIMA DISASTER at 6pm(pst)..should be interesting..

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      This is no conscience to disrespect , it is more advanced then us in the whole , the conscience of the whole aka the small and the great and the " where is the "my-shape" defining my current perception"..discussion ..priorities..need.."
      and we eat them..instead of learn..

  • Nick

    When Fukushima #'s 1 and #3 blew I knew it was bad.

    It's been gut-wrenching ever since to see how awful the media clampdown has been.

    When I saw those sea-surface-temperature anomalies last year, I knew the cores were awol.

    I watched my sister's dog suffer a (cesium-137?) seizure recently.

    I've tasted the metallic rain.

    I've logged more nosebleeds (in others) than I can count.

    Nothing, nobody has ever convinced me that "cold shutdown" ever happened.

    We have been LIED to. Now, many of us will die, sooner rather than later.

    Thanks war-mongers. Thanks for the memories of a future we once had.

    Wage Peace.

  • Sam

    Extraordinary cover up & media blackout.

  • update and verification of

    Northern California Beach Reading 500 CPM on 12/20/2013 – Fukushima Radiation Is Here!; via @AGreenRoad

    Scroll to bottom of article, read last 3 paragraphs or so..

    • hbjon hbjon

      Thanks Dr. you cured me of my insomnia. Now, wish I could wake up from the nuclear nightmare we've been stuck in.

  • Charles Charles

    Containment Vessel is not an apt word. Bomb holder is more like it.

  • Visionary Visionary

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  • tbg

    Awesome, thanks so much for saving all our lives from Uranium and all other toxic metals.

    Since your main concern is our lives, you wont mind if we order without your affiliate ID right?