NHK Documentary: ‘Very serious’ contamination near Niigata border — Rice leaf concentrates radioactivity at 600 times greater than water used for its cultivation (VIDEO)

Published: June 15th, 2012 at 12:26 am ET


River Contamination: What situation is there?
June 10, 2012
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At 1:30 in

[Map] Agano River, Fukushima Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture

River bottom soil. Very Serious. Even an estuary has clear contamination.

At 3:30 in

Dr. Nemoto, Tokyo University, Agriculture Biology:

Rice cultivated with 1 Bq/l contaminated water. Rice leaf, 590 Bq/Kg

In the case of rice crop, even if there is no soil contamination, slightly contaminated water is able to make very more serious accumulation of cesium than our expectation


Published: June 15th, 2012 at 12:26 am ET


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11 comments to NHK Documentary: ‘Very serious’ contamination near Niigata border — Rice leaf concentrates radioactivity at 600 times greater than water used for its cultivation (VIDEO)

  • Max1 Max1

    Very serious, indeed…
    … So keep planting rice in radioactive protection suits?

  • Max1 Max1

    Basic biology = bioaccumulation/bioconcentration.

  • NukaShima NukaShima

    So the entire part of the nation that produces food is contaminated. We who have watched and monitored this from the start have already known. All of this brings so much pain and sorrow to my heart. I am not a citizen of Japan but I lived there for many years. I consider myself a citizen by proxy and am now wishing that there could be something I could do to help. I am still searching for what that is …. other than just bashing the Government of Japan and TEPCO this is now a global problem we have to fix ! ! ! So we need to join together and help not only Japan but the entire world !!! Please contact me if you want my e-mail is other than just say its all wrong we need join together and do something to help.

  • mikael

    Whats sceary is the time involved, and the clock is ticking.

    The readout on site is the only one I follow, because of the present rate, it wil just accumulate, in almoust anything and anywhere. The day wil come when the radiation wil fry prity mutch anything that wil enter the reactor buildings, then what, people.

    And I also belive this coverup is so total, that in comming months we wil expirience higher and higher rad. on site, and all this delying makes me wounder, why.
    There is something far more serious going on, that what we are been fooled and feed to belive.

    I am afraid that time wil winn, and the solutions to deal with this wil be gone, the site to hot, then what.
    There is just ONE solution I can see, when that reality arives, the complet inihilition of Japan, by the simple fact that the hole of Japan wil be to Hot.

    Then they are left with this ONE, THE FINAL OPTION.

    To Nuke the site down into the ground. A massive amount of Nuks to pulverise, and make the Fukushima 1 site, sink into the ground.
    And only Nuks can do that, in that size and scale.
    And that has to be at a unpresendented scale, and its a choice of with foot to blow of, thats it.
    A nuke is not so "dangerous", compared to the vulcanos of rads coming from Fukushima(and the rest of the sites that they lie about)

    wake up


    • nohobear nohobear

      Think about what you suggest as the ultimate solution. Yes, nuking the island would spread out fuel and stop fissioning and criticality, but matter does not simply disappear, nor would it all be "pulverized and sink into the ground." Hundreds of TONS of plutonium and uranium would be vaporized and launched into the air, a massive amount that would travel with atmospheric and oceanic currents, contaminating even more of the hemisphere. (keep in mind a microgram of plutonium will kill if absorbed internally)

      The horrifying truth, which even Tepco has said in so many words, is that there is no known technology today to deal with this scenario. The best hope would seem to be a massive entombment project, but there seems to be neither the will nor the money to do it.

      In a word, we are all Fuku-ed.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        Maybe it is time to consider a new solution, like creating a hole down into the magma layer and taking the whole plant and all spent fuel pools, etc, down into the hole via some manner?

        Of course, this would generate a massive volcano, and probably a lot of this stuff would come back up.

        But such is the consequence of opening Pandora's Box of horrors. Once it is open, it is almost impossible to close again.

        We will be dealing with this for thousands, millions or even billions of years.

        93 Long life Radiation Contaminants, A Problem For Billions Of Years; via A Green Road Blog

        • Sickputer

          Interesting mikael and AGR…I have long advocated neutron bombs (several) drilled down on the mountain side and blow the island into the ocean. Follow up with thousands of plane drops of boron and sand. It would require a trillion dollars to accomplish properly.

          Perhaps the "hole" as you mention needs to be created prior to the plowshare-like land blast in the ocean with a neutron bomb to create a receptacle and then blow the ilsand into the ocean hole as the water begins rushing in. Sounds weird, but at some pointin the future the dangers of the out of control plant will make insane-sounding ideas sound like a top ten option.

          Interesting 1997 interview about the inventor of the neutron bomb (Sam Cohen) and what became of him after he was fired from Rand for advocating N-bomb use in the jungles of Vietnam.:

          I bet we have many more neutron bombs than the US says we have (none). In any event I am sure if Japan asks for some they will get whatever they need from the countries that do acknowledge having them (Israel has hundreds, Russia and China thousands).

          One thing is for sure…Iran would be very foolish to introduce nuclear weapons into the equation in a war with Israel considering the extent of the Israeli arsenal. Maybe in 25 years or if they can buy a few hundred. But delivery systems are much harder to hide.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          "We will be dealing with this for thousands, millions or even billions of years."

          "We" won't be here. We won't be here in 100 years.

          "No We, Courtesy GE."

  • 6feetunder 6feetunder

    Greg Palast interview on Joyce Reilly interview starts at 24 min.
    He doesn't buy the official story one bit.