NHK: Gov’t to check chromosomes of Fukushima wildlife — “Plant and animal appearance”, “reproductive function” as well

Published: January 29th, 2012 at 1:04 am ET


Title: Radiation study of wildlife planned in Fukushima
Source: NHK
Date: Sunday, January 29, 2012 11:53 +0900 (JST)

Japan will launch a comprehensive study to monitor the impact of radiation exposure on wild animals and plants around the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima.

About the Study

  • Fukushima Prefecture requested the study
  • Will be conducted by the Environment Ministry
  • With the cooperation of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences
  • Levels of radioactive cesium in wildlife will be tested at 25 locations, both at land and sea
  • Species to be studied include Japanese red pine and bristlegrass, as well as rats, frogs, and mussels
  • Researchers will check plant and animal appearance, chromosomes, and reproductive function for the influence of any radioactivity
  • Rate of germination of seeds will also be studied
  • The ministry plans to compile an interim report by March 2013

Read the report here

Update: [intlink id=”mainichi-fukushima-study-will-pay-particular-attention-to-checking-for-abnormalities-in-offspring-of-mammals-shrinking-brain-capacity-drop-in-population-seen-in-chernobyl-wildlife” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

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Published: January 29th, 2012 at 1:04 am ET


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105 comments to NHK: Gov’t to check chromosomes of Fukushima wildlife — “Plant and animal appearance”, “reproductive function” as well

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Now don’t this just make you wanna Ralph-a-roni all over the place:

    “Japan will launch a comprehensive study to monitor the impact of radiation exposure on wild animals and plants.”


    As it is fuming away every day ACCUMULATING?

    Like anything japan ever does anymore or any kind of study from anyone there will ever be believed again. You can never trust anything made in japan anymore or anything they say.

    What a frickin sickening thing to say after almost a year of poisons and harmful killing radiations going all over unabated, and considering they are covering up every dang thing there is there, what the holy heck makes anyone think they can be trusted to do any dang thing right?

    Duh…Oh we were monitoring and honorless camera was to fuzzy to see what is happening and all is well as you can see and the Geiger counter did not give us a reading because it maxed out and there is a cold shut down so don’t worry and go back home and eat your vegetables and drink your water and breath your air, there is nothing wrong with those long dead animals rotting away in your gardens and if you think there is, there might be which will cause you to get depressed and die so think positive and remain in the place we tell you to slave-robot and say and do nothing to save your life or your country because we are counting on you just being silent peaceful sheep in the gas chamber as it slowly kills you all off.

    This whole nightmare is like japan just disappeared off the map after dropping a huge stinking load on the world and saying and maintaining that it is not happening in the face of not so learned people that know far more than most that this is an extinction level event and the dang zionist money god worshiping evil that seeks to kill us all off is in control of it all is behind this surreal nightmare from hell that continues day by day.


    • James Tekton James Tekton

      WHAT TO DO?

    • CindyH

      Are you Zombieplanet?

    • CindyH

      Fallen Angels altered human DNA, and again they are repeating their evil agenda of perversion against decency.

    • CindyH

      I received an e-mail from ZombiePlanet and I am told, this was the massage all along, but ENE Admin-moderator has banned any further information pertaining to this subject.

      What agenda is being served here?

      • GoFrodo

        I don’t know what you mean but howcome the “anomalies” thread got closed just today right after I started my urgent posts about how I know the food is contaminated because I get sick from it right away?

        Then I got logged off out of the blue.

        Do we get auto-logged off after a while? I had just posted not long ago.

        • GoFrodo

          Oh wait do threads have a time limit?

          What is the time limit?

          It’s easy to get twitchy what with the weirdness on the internet, nice as Admin seems and all. I mean, I posted and then the comments get closed, you know. 🙂

        • CindyH

          Clamp down.

          If you speak truth you are the adversary.

          Admin will cut you off.

          Free speech will not be tolerated by “it’s” adversary any longer.

          IT’S HERE and NOW people.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            My goodness. Calm down, please.

          • GoFrodo

            I was just told that Admin is reorganizing the site. I had heard this was happening earlier too. So it makes sense. I mean, why would they close a small thread when my main food contamination speech was on a whole other thread?

            CindyH, I agree it’s good to be cautious always. These are stressful times we are living in. If sites aren’t getting censored, who knows what outside interference can send things haywire in those same sites.

            In any case, I still like to ponder the Greater Meaning of it all, including Bible prophecies now and then. So I would hope that people can still post the less common theories into the mix.

            So for me, I need the break I knew I needed about 2 hours ago.

      • GoFrodo

        So, what do you mean? We are not supposed to talk about religion? Or about grand conspiracy theories? Not that there’s anything wrong with conspiracy theories, rabbit holes are fun. But is it beyond the scope of this site? Can you blame a site for wanting to stay somewhat within topic? Just wondering.

        People do mention NWO here all the time, though. And I can certainly agree that it does seem like Something Wicked is coming this way. Across the board for what is going on in the world. Pure evil is the only thing that could be responsible for trashing the whole planet and all life on it.

        Have you seen Leuren Moret talking about how all of our DNA is being changed right now (video came out in maybe March last year)? She also says that someone in the know told her uranium can be used as some kind of transmitter or something, inside us. It’s in one of her YouTube videos.

        I haven’t figured out what all this means, what Fukushima means, why the elite would allow it to happen, if there is any hope for the genetic future of all life on Earth. Are aliens going to save us with some radiation-cleaning technology? We’re all being altered against our will, whether you call it accident or not. It’s happening. It’s hard to comprehend. The first thing I thought when I read the title of this post is that it won’t do much good to check chromosomes, as they are altered without a doubt (even if they say they are not) and because it’s simply too late to stop the damage.

        Had they pulled a Chernobyl, this study might actually mean something. But the damage is going to continue indefinitely, so one study won’t tell us at Enenews what we don’t already know.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        @CindyH…What are you referring to:

        but ENE Admin-moderator has banned any further information pertaining to this subject.

        My bolding.

        Sorry but it is unclear to what you are referring. What subject has been banned? Dead animals? DNA? Chromosome damage? Bible prophecy? Satan? Fallen Angels?

        What “subject” has been banned? Your reply will be appreciated.

    • trinityfly trinityfly

      Great rant! Tell us how you really feel? No really James, I agree with you. Frickin unbelievable!!

      • CindyH

        Feelings vs. Truth.

        Whereb are you inthis Trinity ?


      • CindyH

        Radioactive, induced, (i.e. alteration) of any (and all) DNA… being that it is human, animal or plant, will ALWAYS result in your/it’s adulteration.

        Thus you are not that which you were meant to be.

        Truly the definition of the word “whore.”

        An abomination, of… truth

        And Hell awaits you.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          What do you mean, “Hell awaits you” if your DNA is adulterated? Do you mean pain and suffering results?

    • Misitu

      Great Rant, JT

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Except the last paragraph, imho. Bored by the zionist satan Rothschild stuff, but maybe it’s just me.

        Though I expect the results to be manipulated, I’m somewhat glad to read they will conduct a survey at all. Maybe there’s a way for foreign scientists to join in and add some credibility.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Not just you, B&B. The rambling conspiracy blather is always a noisy nuisance. If I wanted to destroy a site, I wouldn’t troll it in the traditional way – I would just turn up the volume of that stuff to drive other visitors away.

          As for foreign scientists, the report mentions the ICRP. I can’t tell whether the Japanese government was just name-dropping to try to improve perceived legitimacy of their study or whether the ICRP is actively involved.

          My take on the ICRP, alas, is that it is disgustingly bureaucratic and disgustingly well connected to the nuclear government/industry establishment – the world’s tax dollars at work, as it were.

          Anyway, if this is the form that foreign scientific involvement takes, I don’t think it will be helpful.

          • GoFrodo

            What if the stigma of the expression “conspiracy theory” is in itself a psyop to make everyone afraid to entertain the idea that maybe certain things are well-coordinated from the top? Who will suspect the incompetent circus is maybe a calculated effort if we are afraid of ridicule? This demonizing of “conspiracy theory” is deeply embedded in the well-established and well-funded disinformation campaigns long perpetrated by the U.S. government.

            Why do these “theories” have to ruin the site? We can discuss them in a civil adult manner and not have it ruin the site – that is my take. The tactics of the paid actors can ruin the site if people are not watchful, of course.

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              You’re more patient than I, GoFrodo. That may well be a good thing.

              By all means, engage with whomever you choose – nothing wrong with that.

  • CindyH

    I fully trust that government ($) controlled puppet agencies will honor “Life” and decency while checking “DNA”

    Did I spell that correctly D_N-A?

    Say it cannot be true…

    Zombieplant, you were correct, all the time.

    I eagerly await Whoop copy/paste response. (fingers crossed a +)

  • skizexq skizexq

    sure, ya, they’ll draw up some more ‘secret cancer maps,’ like in the obscure film ‘Bliss’ (1984) (Australian Ray Lawrence). -Funny, I haven’t seen or thought of ‘Bliss’ in 20 yrs and it came right to mind when someone on another thread mentioned ‘cancer maps.’ It has a few really great scenes in it esp. the ‘cancer maps’ scenes. Wish it were on youtube to share here…

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    The first thing that struck me about this story is there are no “cute and cuddly” animals, no “animals with a face”, no animals that the average person would sympathize with. I would bet that these choices have nothing to do with biological/radiation issues, and everything to do with attitude manipulation.

    “Species to be studied include Japanese red pine and bristlegrass, as well as rats, frogs, and mussels” and “They were picked from species designated by the International Commission on Radiological Protection, an organization which deals with effects linked to exposure to radiation.”

    We are told they were “picked”. We were not told who did the picking, or why, or how.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      “An international advisory body has recommended the Japanese government temporarily raise the annual limit of radiation exposure for the general public in light of the ongoing crisis at the quake- and tsunami-crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture,” reportsThe Mainichi Daily News.

      “The government stipulates that regular citizens in Japan should be exposed to no more than 1 millisievert of radiation per year, but the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) on March 21 recommended the limit be tentatively raised to 20 to 100 millisieverts per year, with the nuclear crisis showing no signs of abating.”

      The NGO said the level of permissible radiation should be increased “in order to prevent residents of Fukushima Prefecture from abandoning their hometowns.”

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        (Mainichi Japan) March 26, 2011

        The government stipulates that regular citizens in Japan should be exposed to no more than 1 millisievert of radiation per year, but the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) on March 21 recommended the limit be tentatively raised to 20 to 100 millisieverts per year, with the nuclear crisis showing no signs of abating.

        Both targets proposed by the advisory body greatly exceed the current limit set by the Japanese government, but the ICRP — which normally recommends the annual limit of radiation exposure for nuclear facility workers be set at 50 millisieverts and that for the general public at 1 millisievert — says the proposal is to protect the future of areas facing radioactive contamination.

        It is said that radiation exposure in excess of 100 millisieverts per year may slightly increase the risk of cancer.

        • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

          Everyone should feel confidant that the survey will be through & transparent /sarcasm off

          @aigeezer, knowing Who the ICRP are indeed I agree with the intentionally no *cute & cuddly animals chosen.

          The same group that increases the safety limit for the Japanese by 20 times is balancing the needs of the people & the needs of the Nuclear industry…hmmm guess Nuclear won.

          And so I must include the report that counters the ICRP’s argument. The National Academy of Sciences reports, “there are no safe doses of radiation”

          Fukushima Radiation NOT SAFE!

          3 minutes in

          I know most have seen this & are aware, but I include it for any new people that may not have seen this information.

          • arclight arclight

            this is a must read

            “ICRP is the source of official radiation risk estimates used by governments and regulators world-wide. The science on which ICRP bases its advice is invalid for certain types of exposure – those involving radioactivity inside the human body, especially where the elements become bound in body tissue and even more especially where they have a chemical affinity with DNA, like Uranium and Strontium which mimic calcium.
            The essence of the problem lies in ICRP’s use of the concept of absorbed dose for all types of radiation exposure. Absorbed dose is an average of energy expressed in terms of Joules per Kilogram mass of tissue. This is valid for external radiation, like X-rays and cosmic gamma rays, but is obvious nonsense for alpha radiations, which travel a very short distance but do a lot of local damage. There are many types of exposure where the radioactive decay of a particle or an indiviual atom causes a very high density of ionisations, killing or mutating an individual cell, while giving no dose at all to other cells. The ICRP approach assumes that the energy is averaged across the whole body or a whole organ.
            Officially, and according to supporters of nuclear power and radioactive weaponry, the scientific shortcomings of ICRP’s position are acceptable because there is no epidemiological evidence that risk estimates based on ICRP are out of line with reality. This is why these people put so much energy into denying the health effects of Chernobyl. It’s also why it is vital to track the fallout from Fukushima and its long-term effects on public health.”


            CERRIE Majority Report says
            Dose is meaningless


            • ion jean ion jean

              There is no epidemiological evidence because they DON’T DO THEIR JOB and study these things…just another Nuclear PR Squawkbox…on under Strontium 90 contamination they say there is “inconclusive” evidence of causing cancer in humans, but “conclusive” evidence of it in mammals…that’s because RATS DON’T HIRE LAWYERS AND SUE THEIR GOVERNMENTS!!!!!!!

            • GoFrodo

              The ICRP is not a good source, yet it is the one governments rely on for their accident management protocols. It’s inherently flawed. Arclight speaks about what may be the root of the internationally-propagated disinformation about radiation illness. This is why people won’t get properly diagnosed. It’s why most people walk around thinking they can eat and drink and touch what they want, and why they look at the informed like we are from another planet.

              So, because the whole risk model is rotten from the core, as soon as I hear ICRP I think “B.S.”

              Dr. Busby says the ICRP model cannot even, by an ex-ICRP employee’s admission, be used to gauge nuclear accident response:
              CB is Chris Busby, JV is Jack Valentine (ex-Scientific Secretary of ICRP)
              “CB: […] ‘Can the ICRP model be used by Governments to predict the consequences of a nuclear accident, in terms of cancer yield?’

              JV: Basically no, because the uncertainties we are talking about would be too large […]”

              This page on the LLRC site explains why the entire science is bad and how they came to confuse us between internal and external dose (and how it was part of a bigger agenda, incidentally):

              “The trick was pulled in the depths of World War 2, subverting the science of radiation protection in order to protect the Manhattan Project and the A-bomb; it has served to protect the nuclear industry ever since.”

              The whole thing is rotten from the top. They will keep pushing this deception on us as long as they can.

              • GoFrodo

                More on the psyop theatre (apparently LLRC agrees with me) on the above “Switcheroo” page, in the section titled, “Exit Medicine, stage left; Enter Health Physics, stage right”:

                “By 1944 everything had changed. […] More crucially for the scientific principles of radiological safety, physicians were no longer in charge, but physicists.

                The agent of change was a British physicist, Herbert Parker, head of radiation protection at the Manhattan Project. […]

                Parker was one of the first to call himself a “Health Physicist”. In his world there was no call for a bedside manner.”

                I have always been wary of the term “health physicist”. It rings of an invented position that is a disinformation tool for the nuclear industry. I find a lot of the underestimating of radiation damage comes from “health physicists.”

                The next section continues, “Using his physicist’s approach, Parker shifted the focus from direct investigation of the effects of specific substances onto a new concept – “radiation dose” – which he could apply to radiation from any source and all sources, […] He defined a unit of dose in ergs per gramme of tissue and called it the “Roentgen Equivalent Physical”, or “rep”. Its very name betrays the mindset; Wilhelm Roentgen was the discoverer of X-rays and for a long time they were called “Roentgen rays”. The source of X-rays is always outside the body, so we can see the understanding of dose, and hence risk, was now to be based on an external paradigm.” […]

                […] What did change was that instead of the empirical scientific inquiry based on actual tissue damage and instead of the tentative subjectivity of the Standards Bureau Committee’s decision on a Radium level (in 1941 – so few years earlier), the new model gave an impression of mathematical precision, certainty and universal applicability.”

                So basically we have a focus on the external source of radiation, and a false sense of precision arising from the whole…

            • GoFrodo

              From Fukushima Diary:
              “ICRP standard has been known as a false “science”.”

              Following from:

              “In their paper, [health physicist Dr. Frank] Barnaby and [nuclear consultant Shaun] Burnie question the motives and methods of three of the key international bodies attending the Nippon Foundation Symposium, ICRP, IAEA and WHO.

              On the International Commission for Radiological Protection (ICRP):

              While the scientific evidence shows that radiation risks are greater than that stated by the ICRP, governments continue to maintain that the ICRP are an independent organization and that the risk from low level radiation are insignificant. This has led to an understandable lack of trust in the ICRP – a body that has never spoken out against any practice which involved excessive or unnecessary exposure to ionising radiation. Since the Chernobyl accident of 1986 they have only sought to downplay the risks.” “

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Thanks, MH. I didn’t realize the ICRP had done that. Ouch!

          Their website gave me that kind of feeling though. It’s too opaque to be accidental (or benign).

          I got a chuckle out of this possible Freudian slip on their site: “Since 1959, ICRP has its own series of publications, since 1977 in the shape of a scientific journal, the Annals of the ICRP….”

          Something in the shape of an X needn’t actually be an X.

          On a more serious note, what the heck does this mean?

          “ICRP is funded through a number of ongoing contributions from organisations with an interest in radiological protection.”

          • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

            Thanks arclight excellent information & Your welcome aigeezer.

            Just adding this as a perfect example how governments around the world are intentionally committing genocide. We know Hillary Clinton was quick to set up similar arrangement’s with Japanese imports.

            “It is along a similar line of ‘damage control’ that the European Union has begun to act with regard to imports from Japan. In a joint press statement of yesterday, March 29th, the Berlin-based organization Foodwatch and the already mentioned Munich Environmental Institute have expressed their criticism of Germany’s ‘information’ policy with regard to radioactive contamination of food imports from Japan. The criticism is directed against the German Federal Consumer Affairs Minister, who talks about “reinforced control mechanisms” and “special protection standards” for imports from Japan, but has kept silent about the fact that the European Union has just recently raised the legal thresholds for radioactive contamination of food coming from the affected regions of Japan.

            The organizations warn that the EU has elevated the threshold for cumulated radioactivity from caesium-134 and caesium-137 from 600 becquerel per kilogram to 12.500 becquerel per kilogram for determined products imported from Japan, “which amounts to an almost twenty-fold increase of the formerly established values.” (8)

            “With regard to the above mentioned “base threshold” of 600 becquerel per kilogram it must be said that any food item measured by the Munich Environmental Institute back in 1989 which would have amounted to 30, 20 or to even 15 becquerel per kilogram would already have been cause for concern, and anything beyond 100 becquerel per kilogram would have been considered unsuitable for consumption.”


            • HoTaters HoTaters

              What I don’t get is how Hilary Clinton can sleep at night. Here she is, one of the nation’s top child rights attorneys, and she’s over in Japan cutting deals to sidestep radiation safety checks for U.S. imports. She has to know children, both in the U.S. and Japan, will be affected — much more so than adults. And this is the woman who wrote the book, “It Takes A Village.” (In quotes because I can’t underline the title here properly.)

            • GoFrodo

              I didn’t know they raised the limits in the EU. Did they end up doing that here? I never found an update.

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              THAT IS ASTONISHING, MaidenHeaven. I try never to shout here, but your post (stamped 11:04) about the new EU food standard is terrifying! I hope it doesn’t get overlooked in this busy thread.

          • GoFrodo

            aigeezer said:

            On a more serious note, what the heck does this mean?

            “ICRP is funded through a number of ongoing contributions from organisations with an interest in radiological protection.”

            I bet what it really means is that the bogus radiological protection agency gets money from organizations who have financial interest in using their bogus understated “radiological protection standards.”

          • GoFrodo

            They are a charity organization.


            “the International Commission on Radiological Protection is a charity registered in Britain. ICRP is the source of advice favoured by all governments. LLRC is devoted to exposing the errors in ICRP’s advice.

            ICRP’s charitable status means it gets tax breaks at the expense of British tax-payers in addition to being supported by taxation through the European Union and by donations from state-funded nuclear enterprises everywhere.”

            It would be nice to know who is donating to the ICRP.

          • GoFrodo

            ICRP donor list!


            “Organisations Providing Grants to ICRP in 2010

            Commission of European Communities
            International Atomic Energy Agency
            International Radiation Protection Association
            International Society of Radiology
            Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development: Nuclear Energy Agency
            Australia: Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
            Argentina: Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear de Argentina
            Canada: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission & Health Canada
            China: Chinese Society of Radiation Protection
            Denmark: Statens Institut for Strålehygiejne
            Finland: Säteilyturvakeskus
            France: Institut de Protection et de Sûreté Nucléaire
            Germany: Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit
            Iceland: Geislavarnir Rikisins
            Japan: Japan Atomic Energy Agency
            Norway: Statens strålevern
            Russia: Burnasyan Federal Medical Biohysical Center, Federal Medical Biological Agency
            South Korea: Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation
            Spain: Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear
            Sweden: Miljödepartementet
            USA: Nuclear Regulatory Commission & Environmental Protection Agency”

            Thank you, aigeezer, for asking that question!

            • GoFrodo

              The EPA? The NRC?

              It’s all becoming very clear now.

            • GoFrodo

              New donors since 2006-2008 report:
              Argentina: Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear de Argentina
              South Korea: Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation


            • Bobby1

              The society for radiology is on there, the doctors who give you CAT scans and the like. They are in bed with the nuclear agencies.

              • GoFrodo

                Totally. No wonder they can’t even give you a straight answer if you ask about the risk of the tests. I had a woman running a radiological department about to give me a test, who couldn’t even calculate the amount of radiation I was going to get and communicate that to me. I had to calculate it right there on the fly.

                It wasn’t confidence-inspiring. I didn’t get that test.

                • GoFrodo

                  Correction: I don’t know if she ran the department, but she’s the one they sent to discuss whether I should get the test. Knowing the risks should be second nature to them, but it seems like it’s last on the list and like we patients have to educate them.

                  That’s just wrong.

                • Bobby1

                  All the x-rays, mammograms, cat scans etc that patients get are more dangerous now that everybody is accumulating internal exposure, and we’re just adding external exposure to it.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    I told my dentist’s office I refused to have the Panax x-ray (the 360 degree one) this year, and also refused the bitewings. I had all of that a year ago. Because I was at a new office, of course they tried to do it again. Billable services.

                    They looked at me like I was nuts, and asked me about four times if I wasn’t SURE I didn’t want the x-rays.

                    Then I got a guilt trip lecture for not getting the x-rays. I also refuse fluoride treatment. At least they’re on board with that.

                    Yes, the medical (and dental) professions are almost brainwashed to insist you must have those x-rays, mammograms, CT scans, etc.

                    When I tried to explain I had two CT scans one year before, and had been exposed to lots of radiation from Fukushima, I got the blank “deer in the headlights” stare. It was like I was from outer space and was speaking Frumingrellseashmashugeesh.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Can you say Frumingrellseashmashugeesh?

                    • GoFrodo

                      My last dentist didn’t even ask the last time I had a panoramic x-ray before ordering one. After going through it, I read they’re not even better than regular mouth x-rays for finding fillings. I guess they are useful for things like wisdom teeth, alignment, jaw stuff, and tumors etc. They must train the technicians to think it’s totally necessary and safe, for us to get the weird treatment for questioning it.

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              Thanks for finding the answer GoFrodo. I didn’t have the stomach to download that pdf.

              Good find!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Hello Ai-g,

      It will be interesting to find out if there will be discussion of this study at the upcoming conference at Willamette Univ. IMHO, as many of us as can attend (even electronically) should do so.

      We can probably learn a lot about the various studies underway. It might be helpful in finding out which ones might be legitimate studies, who is conducting them, etc. Maybe that’s a means by which there can begin to be some accountability.

      It’s not clear at this point, of course, if many Japanese researchers will be attending the conference.

      Am hoping NW can provide links to conference materials and lectures if possible after the conference, so everyone can listen and learn.

      • StillJill StillJill

        I think ‘They’ would all LIKE IT VERY MUCH ,…..if we did follow their studies,…….

        Gee,…’follow their studies’,…..hummmmm,…I’m thinking that might NOT be a good idea after all. What say you all?

        I’m going to be yelling about the children remaining ONE MORE DAY,…Oh,…and about the fetuses ABORTED TODAY!

        I’m a dog on a bone, I am!

        • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

          + 1000 @StillJill…Lets not allow them to use the conference to downplay spin & end up creating more pro nuke followers. Please do NOT let them get you engaging in arguments & debates while CHILDREN ARE BEING POISONED.

          If you can attend you could TELL them what the People of the world DEMAND….OCCUPY the conference & do a MIC CHECK telling them to stop wasting time & money finetuning the spin on how radiation is safe. To spend the time & money to Save CHILDREN’S LIVES.

          Spread the word on OCCUPY Facebook groups & TWEET that & you would get a massive turnout…

          • GoFrodo

            Yeah, those kids should have been evacuated long ago. The tests are a joke – of course they’re contaminated! Get them out of there! All of us around the world should be outraged and calling on them to protect the kids.

            Isn’t there an Occupy Nuclear?

            My own observations are that the Occupiers don’t seem to make a big deal about Fukushima or be concerned with radiation like the kind they are getting showered with when they protest in the rain and snow. I don’t understand, because the protests won’t mean anything when we are all dead from this. Deaths are happening, and will happen faster than the minimizers think.

            • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

              @GoFrodo, I do appreciate the interest in learning their spin ect at the conference. If Children were Not dying. Thank you for seeing that & re-reading My post I appeared to dismiss you. I apologize for that.

              There is a blog

              But Occupy Nuclear Power is Everyone anywhere in the world who is against it & chooses to Occupy a Plant, a conference ect. & sharing on Facebook ect. for more to attend.

              I simply do not believe they know what we have learned here.

              I physically can not attend but if some here are able to attend all of us can spread it on the web. You know even 2 concerned citizens are enough to get the word out of Facebook.

              If a few will attend, those of us that can not can help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter ect.

              ENEWESERS, are there even 2 people that can attend this conference? If so putting together an announcement that all of us can copy & then spread around the web will get more Occupiers.

              A post could be done here at EneNews Forum Upcoming meetings, gatherings, & demonstrations about energy issues We could direct Occupiers to that forum & at the same time they will learn the news here.

              And if even 5 showed up, you can still do a MIC CHECK. Ensure that it is recorded & we can make that video go viral. That would help get more citizens aware of the truth behind Fukishima.

              • GoFrodo

                Oh, sorry, I read your original comment too fast while sleep-deprived and not only missed that it was directed at StillJill in a specific way, but thought you were suggesting we interject at an Occupy mic. I didn’t notice you being dismissive. So I don’t mean to confuse the issues.

                (Yes I imagine you could spread the conference news over the Occupy social networks. I was personally just irritated that the movement doesn’t seem very conscious of nor open to Fukushima issues.)

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Here’s a link to a story that is a testimony to decency and a triumph of good over evil. Yes, this story appeared on an entertainment show, but this young man’s story is riveting.

          How dare anyone think even one human being is a “throw away person.”

          One has to wonder what drove this young man’s care taker to have left him in a shoe box near an orphanage.

          It says a lot, too, about wars and their toll on human beings.

      • GoFrodo

        Maybe the studies will be good for something, even though studies have been fudged in the past and even though the NIRS is affiliated with the ICRP. I imagine some guidelines were better than none while we had no alternative, and I would expect that Japan and most or all other countries won’t officially even follow all the existing ICRP guidelines (though I haven’t checked that). To the end of guidelines, the ICRP released a special free version of their “Publication 111 Application of the Commission’s Recommendations to the Protection of People Living in Long-term Contaminated Areas after a Nuclear Accident or a Radiation Emergency” for the “aid the Japanese people in recovering from the recent earthquake, tsunami, and accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.”

        It has a little information about plants and animals, including about uptake of radiation in plants (p.22 of the PDF under “Exposure pathways”) and animals (like p.59 under the Chernobyl/Norway section). At least it does have some mention about ways to remediate soil for Cesium. They have other documents which I imagine may form more of the basis for the studies mentioned in OP.

        We can contrast with the ICRP’s work, the work of the European Committee for Radiation Research (ECRR) founded by Dr. Christopher Busby, which was formed to “investigate and ultimately report on the issue in a way that considered all the available scientific evidence” and to “make no assumptions whatever about preceding science and to remain independent from the previous risk assessment committees” like the ICRP, UNSCEAR, and the “European Commission or Eu member State risk agencies.” [not sure if this was covered on the site much yet]

        • GoFrodo

          (contd.) ECRR released their own free radiological protection PDF in response to Fukushima, the “2010 Recommendations of the ECRR
          The Health Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses and Low Dose Rates for Radiation Protection Purposes:
          Regulators’ Edition”

          ECRR released their own free radiological protection PDF in response to Fukushima, the “2010 Recommendations of the ECRR
          The Health Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses and Low Dose Rates for Radiation Protection Purposes:
          Regulators’ Edition”

          It includes statements like, “The drawing up of guidelines for exposure to ionising radiation as a result of the civilian nuclear power programme is a typical example of such human chauvinism. All the models are designed to determine doses to people, despite the obvious fact that all wild and most domestic animals spend more time outside, and are thus more subject to radiation, than most people.” 😛

          They mention plants and animals a bit, including that “even from the most anthropocentric viewpoint (as discussed in the chapter on ethics) people cannot be considered to be independent of the environment that supports them.” He says we need to actually prevent harm to the environment and its creatures.

          He says about their science-current radiation exposure model, “paradigm shift is not easy: the course and direction of the nuclear, military, economic and political machine dedicated to the development of nuclear energy and its military applications is monolithic and has massive inertia.”

          More information on health consequences of Fukushima is found in the Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the European Committee on Radiation Risk held in 2009, for purchase on the site.

          • GoFrodo

            (last page – contd.) At the conclusion of that 2009 conference the ECRR adopted the Lesvos Declaration calling for national governments to abandon the ICRP radiation risk model and adopt the ECRR2010 one in its place. This document was signed by 17 people from 9 countries, including Japan.

            >>>The Japanese signer was Professor Shoji Sawada. He’s been quoted on here by Anthony and Jebus in discussion threads. I think he’s definitely someone to look out for in the Japanese nuclear world.
            >>> – statement for paradigm change and the phasing out of the outdated ICRP models!

            Also in response to Fukushima, and with regard to the “discord” resulting from the Chernobyl health impact information, they published a Chernobyl health consequences report for download:
   – summary
   – full report

            The above report includes 2 forms of calculating cancer risk, the “ECRR 2010 method”, which makes a point to consider “ratios of internal and external radiation,” and the “Tondel method” which uses Swedish cancer studies.

            (The group also released an emergency document about radiation in food and a document about calculating risk and dose from radioactive Iodine.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Note their sense of urgency: “The ministry plans to compile an interim report by March 2013”

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A study by the government…how much is it costing the Japanese people…?
    The people are scientific specimens…(where have i heard that before in history?)..
    Will the results be given to the people?
    Most of all… what f**ing good is it going to do?…a study can’t fix this…

    • StillJill StillJill

      Here, here Heart! Once again,…the heart of the matter! Form a committee, do a survey,…all to re-define the problem, (stay stuck in the problem), where there is then, no solution.

      Where is/are the remediation for the children? Huh? Where the “F” is the open, aggressive, attempts to save the sick or exposed children????

  • arclight arclight

    the fukuhima symposium in september was set up to begin a research and development project funded by the japanese taxpayer and “owned ” by the IAEA

    you could predict those results yesterday!

  • radegan

    They will find evidence of beneficial radiation and speculate that long-term, humans will actually be better off.

  • selfsovereign

    The IAEA promotes a technology that has an established precedent of altering the medical condition of all life on earth, without the consent of those affected.
    The continuation of this behavior by the IAEA amounts to premeditated genocide.

    Anyone working for the IAEA, or ASSISTING the IAEA in its work is ALSO guilty. With this, my gaze turns burningly toward the Japanese government, and TEPCO.

    The Japanese government has become a rogue terrorist group that illegally occupies Japan, unjustly violating the sovereignty of an entire nation.

    As far as I’m concerned, any group of four or more Japanese citizens that gather together on a street corner and speak their free-will, have become the true government of Japan.

    • ion jean ion jean

      @selfsovereign…couldn’t have said it better myself! But let’s take a moment to view the historical…it was the General Leslie Groves under authority of the US Army who set the precedent of lies and obfuscation of facts on the harmful effects of ionizing radiation…there’s so much data that the US govt collected and is still classified to this day…tHat goes into PR…in the late 40s the military intelligence and executive branches decided that information will be classified forever if not necessarily a threat to national security, but even merely a threat to the REPUTATION and PR IMAGE of a given govt agency…

      The Nukers took this one and ran with it, when Oppenheimer showed good consience and tried to stop them, he was called a “Commie” and stripped of all security clearance AND thereby gagordered so he could not become a whistleblower (no laws yet on that)…the AEC formed the IAEA as it was forming the UN, why the temporary headquarters of the UN were at the Rand Corporation who at the time were close buds with Gen. Groves and went on to run the biggest worldwide study of Strontium 90 fallout and biocontamination in 1952 called Project Sunshine (U can find the declassified version of the report on the DOE website as pdf).

      This has all dictated what they think they can lie to us about to this day…but many are learning the truth about the cancer pandemic…I know that I was almost killed at the hands of my govt by eating radioactive food and drinking fluoride until two years ago when I started figuring this all out. One day, Reparations Will find a way to my hands and the TRUTH will Prevail!

    • GoFrodo

      Yes, their whole goal is to promote atomic energy:

      Interesting that that statement claims they will do what they can to make sure atomic energy is not used for military, because they get a big FAIL on that one.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Japan’s nuclear nightmare

    Praful Bidwai
    Saturday, January 28, 2012


    Iat’s generally assumed that highly developed Japan would handle a catastrophic accident far more competently and humanely than callous, hierarchical, and sharply class-polarised societies with a poorly developed infrastructure and safety culture like India or Pakistan. Japan was also expected to do much better than backward Ukraine, which suffered the world’s previous nuclear core meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986 – especially as regards large-scale emergency evacuation given Japan’s long experience with earthquakes and tsunamis.

    Alas, reality betrays this expectation. Japan has rebuilt the roads, bridges and houses destroyed by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. But it has abjectly failed to provide adequate relief to those affected by the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power station. Needless to say, India or Pakistan would have done infinitely worse.

    A majority of the victims of the three Fukushima reactor meltdowns continue to be exposed to high levels of harmful radiation from atmospheric fallout and contaminated food and water. The radiation “exclusion zone” only covers a 20-km radius. But radiation levels are high well beyond the zone, at distances such as 60 or even 200 km.

    Radiation meters – simple, inexpensive, handheld devices – show high gamma radiation readings such as 20 microsieverts an hour. Within roughly 40 days, these would deliver a dose equalling the maximum permissible annual limit set by the Japanese government. This limit is itself 20 times higher than the internationally prevalent annual norm of 1 millisievert (mSv)!

    The number of people exposed has not been systematically estimated because neither the government nor plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), monitors radiation or contamination levels. But their number is many times higher than the 110,000 evacuees.

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Thanks Anthony, I couldn’t use your link. Here it is:

      “The tragedy of Fukushima can only be redeemed if the world abolishes nuclear power, and promotes new energy systems and smart grids based on safe, environmentally benign, renewables which are relevant to people’s needs, not the nuclear industry’s greed.”

      The writer, a former newspaper editor, is a researcher and peace and human-rights

      activist based in Delhi.

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        Should have added this paragraph to the above post.

        “At a two-day global conference in Yokohama, which I attended with 11,500 others, speakers emphasised the imperative of phasing out nuclear power. It’s far too dirty, too expensive, too centralised, too bound-up with secrecy and deception, and above all, too dangerous. They also underscored the rising relevance and economic viability of zero- or low-carbon renewable energy.”

        “The tragedy of Fukushima can only be redeemed if the world abolishes nuclear power, and promotes new energy systems and smart grids based on safe, environmentally benign, renewables which are relevant to people’s needs, not the nuclear industry’s greed.”

        The writer, a former newspaper editor, is a researcher and peace and human-rights

        activist based in Delhi.

  • Anthony Anthony


    PART I

    The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: How it Happened

    The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: What Happened on “Day One”?
    – by Yoichi Shimatsu – 2011-04-16

  • Anthony Anthony


    PART I

    The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: How it Happened

    The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: What Happened on “Day One”?
    – by Yoichi Shimatsu – 2011-04-16

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Water leaks at 14 points at Fukushima complex

    No further information given on Kyodo, let’s just wait 3 hours for also the news to leak (hahaha)

  • CaptD CaptD

    People in the Western World, need to reexamine the “way” they view Japan and that includes not only how that Country is governed but what actual “say” the Japanese people have in their Governments process!

    It has taken almost a year to realize that Japan is actually being “run” by its Powerful Utility Companies and this “business” relationship extends in a “Control Continuum” that extends at one end, from actual Utility direct financial support of the highest Government Leaders in the Country, to the widely known use of organized gangs to keep citizens in line at the other!

    The idea that individual Japanese people actually have a say in how they are governed, much less the way their Energy is generated, is just a well publicized fantasy that the Utilities uses to put a nuclear “smily face” on the grim reality that ever facet of Japanese life is less important than what is good for these Utilities! These Powerful Utilities ARE Japan, and the Japanese people are only “forced” customers of these Utilities since they have no other choice of providers when it come to basic needs like electricity, at lest until now! Solar panels have allowed many to get the electricity they need and this is a huge threat to these Utilities, that must be “crushed” ASAP if they are to maintain their complete control over the Japanese people!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The country is run by Kaeretsu in cooperation with government.

      There are horizontal and vertical kairetsu.

      Huge industry groups with huge numbers of subsidiary companies = vertical kairetsu.

      Huge industry groups with large Japanese bank as part of the company system and providing funding = vertical kairetsu.

      Interlocking boards of directors are very common.

      Question: which bank is funding or has funded Tepco? If we knew the answer to this question, and knew what other companies are funded by this bank, it would answer a lot of questions about why Tepco has so much influence in industry and politics.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc (8316.T) unit Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp and other financial institutions have already infused funds in Tepco, including about 2 trillion yen in emergency financing last spring, the daily said.

        The government plans to inject 1 trillion yen in public funds to help Tepco pay for decommissioning reactors at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and have private sector financial institutions provide about 1 trillion yen in working capital financing, Nikkei said.

        OK, so Mitsui has had a hand in all of this. Now the question is, who was funding them prior to the accident? Does Tepco belong to a large kairetsu?

      • GoFrodo

        Good information! Another task for us. The financial interrelationships tend to answer so many questions.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Indeed, GoFrodo. Spurred by HoTaters’ comment and yours, I tried using “sumitomo” as a Muckety search query. I only got one result, but when I expanded that result, it led quickly to GE and the DOE.

          Hours of interesting digging await, I suspect, but I’ve got to do some dirtspace things for a while. If you want to try it, enter a search word in the box in the upper right corner from the link below, then follow wherever the trail leads.

          • selfsovereign

            Wow! That search engine wastes no time in pulling back the curtain of the evil wizards of the world.
            With a tool like that, a handful of teenagers could gather enough info to serve half the corporate world with indictments….lol

            And thankyou for clueing me in on the little blue book of reasoning, aigeezer!! peace

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Here’s more on Tepco and Kairetsu in Japan:


              Actually, TEPCO currently appears the biggest single challenge to the financial system. This has two aspects: One is size. TEPCO is too big to fail. It is the fourth largest electric power company in the world and the largest of 10 utilities in Japan with a regional monopoly in the Kanto region, Yamanishi Prefecture and the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture. Its headquarters are located in Tokyo and it has international branch offices in Washington, D.C. and London. Its market capitalization which declined dramatically since March is about 1 trillion yen – from almost 3 trillion in 2010.

              The second aspect is its wide net of economic and financial ties. TEPCO is part of what was (or is) the Dai-Ichi Kangyo keiretsu, the industrial grouping including companies such as Mizuho Bank (as main bank), Itochu (the general trading company, formerly C. Itoh), Fujitsu, Hitachi, Marubeni and Nissan – to name only a few. Although keiretsu relations have become blurred in recent years companies from this group may feel a special obligation to support TEPCO in the current situation. The same may hold for the large number of investor firms which are connected to the utility through a system of small cross-shareholdings.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Dai-Ichi Kangyo keiretsu


                Dai-Ichi Kangyo keiretsu is the largest keiretsu in Japan.

                From Wikipedia:

                The DKB Group (第一勧銀グループ Dai’ichi Kangin Gurūpu?) or the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Group is the largest Japanese keiretsu.[1]

                Now we need to figure out how and why Sumitomo and the other shadow players got involved ….

                The group emerged after World War II and coalesced around the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank. The group’s presidents began Sankin-kai (三金会?) meeting regularly in 1971. Also that year the group’s name developed from the merger of Dai-Ichi Bank and Nippon Kangyo Bank.[1] In 1998, an announcement was made that the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank was to be merged with Fuji Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan to form Mizuho Financial Group.[2] The resulting group which was established in September 2000,[3] made it the largest banking group in the world with assets of 140 trillion yen.[2][4] The next few years saw a parallel consolidation of their keiretsu industrial partners,[2] and saw the group grow to 150 trillion yen in assets (30% GDP).[3]

                Note: the largest banking group in the WORLD.

                Other Kairetsu members in this group: Fujitsu, Hitachi, Marubeni and Nissan, “to name only a few.”

                That would explain the situation in Japan, and the political influence.

          • GoFrodo

            Ohh, ok, thanks! I’m going to take a break and tend to my life too for a bit.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            The emperor has no clothes. The veil has been torn from the Wizard of Oz’ secret temple, and a wizened and feeble old man appears ….

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            GE and DOE. Well, well. Exactly what I had suspected all along. Good work AG!

            Am having an, “Aha!” moment.

            G.E. The designer of the beach bombs. ‘Can’t say I’m surprised at all.

            Gee, do you think there’s any potential liability? Can you say, “class action lawsuit? ”

            This absolutely clarifies the deafening silence on the part of the U.S.

          • GoFrodo

            I didn’t even know what a great tool this is. Was going to do it all from scratch, but this should help a lot!

  • CaptD CaptD

    Ever since 3/11, the rest of the World’s attention has been focused on the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster at Fukushima and Japan’s response to their triple melt down. What we have learned is that the Government has allowed TEPCO to not only remain in Control of this debacle but they have actually enabled the Utility to place huge numbers of Japanese citizens at risk rather than demand that the Utility think first of human health instead of Corp. shareholder profits. The fact that radioactive pollution has now spread Globally and is affecting the rest of the Planet is hardly mentioned in MSM which points to an even greater problem for the rest of mankind; we are helpless and as yet unable to demand any “better” treatment from Japan because our own Leaders are for the most part are in full support of the those Utility backed Leaders in Japan.

    Kudos to Germany and many other Countries for pointing the finger at Nuclear Power and the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster RISK every nuclear complex now represents! People globally now are becoming informed and starting to demand answers to basic questions and once people start asking questions perhaps change will occur, even if not for the Japanese themselves… one thing is for certain, the Japanese people will be affected by their Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster for much longer than the estimated 40 to 100 years that it will take to “tidy up” after Fukushima…

  • CaptD CaptD

    If the Japanese Gov’t. is testing chromosomes of Fukushima wildlife then it also makes sense that they are test human chromosomes of Fukushima residents with or without their permission!

    I’m sure the nuclear Industry (which runs Jaan) see it as a National priority and that means that Japan’s doctors will do what needs to be done “for the good of the County”.

    Remember the Government crackdown on getting body scans, they could only be received at certain locations, this is just an extension to that ORDER!

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven


      “Studies of airborne pollutants are needed to test the long-held belief that the short stature of children brings them into greater contact than adults with fallout as it settles to earth.”

  • or-well

    How many kids will be eating red pine and rats?

    Odd, for the Prefecture to request this
    study over thorough, long-term, comprehensive studies on
    agricultural plants
    agricultural animals
    By all means, test the environment.
    But prioritise the spending & effort.
    There’s only so much money & resources.
    Fallout>deposition>uptake>bioaccumulation>health effects.
    Looks like the Prefectural Gov’t is doing it’s part! But in what?
    They might want to keep testing their water resevoirs while they’re at it.

  • GoFrodo

    From OP: “With the cooperation of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences”

    That’s the NIRS, “dedicated to comprehensive scientific research for radiation and health. Experts of many fields collaborate in research and development to enhance the levels of radiological sciences.”

    They work with the UN Scientific Committee of the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR), the ICRP, the IAEA, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and the Development/Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD/NEA), the Regional Cooperation Agreement (RCA) and the Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA)

  • arclight arclight

    really the japanese should be checking the fish

    Je ne mange pas de poissons!? (rusty, will this do?)

    Note to USA tourists visiting Canada: “Don’t eat the fish”. The stringent new Japan food radiation standards combine with the VERY lax Canada standards, to create an export opportunity. The lackadaisical Canada food testing efforts and the, shall we say, complaisant Canadian Subjects are also contributing to this looming food safety danger. A perfect storm is forming in Canada. Pretend to be a vegetarian, or just eat order meat.

    “There is a good chance Canadians have already eaten some of the types of fish most likely to be contaminated with cesium, based on the Japanese fisheries data. Japan exported $76 million of food products to Canada in 2010, including $13 million of fish and crustaceans. No figures were available for 2011.”

    “In November, 18 per cent of cod exceeded a new radiation ceiling for food to be implemented in Japan in April — along with 21 per cent of eel, 22 per cent of sole and 33 per cent of seaweed. Overall, one in five of the 1,100 catches tested in November exceeded the new ceiling of 100 becquerels per kilogram. (Canada’s ceiling for radiation in food is much higher: 1,000 Becquerels per kilogram.)”

  • arclight arclight

    After Fukushima, fish tales
    Written By: Website Administrator 1-14-2012 Categorized in: Fukushima, Radiation

    “In November of 2011 the Japan Fisheries Agency found that 65% of the Japanese fish catch tested positive for cesium. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency found that 60% of fish had detectable levels of radionuclides but stated they were not concerned about levels. However, cod (18%), sole (22%), seaweed (33%), and eel (21%) caught in November exceeded the radiation ceiling of 100 becquerels/kilogram that Japan will implement this April (after this fall and winter fish catch?) and 1 in 5 of the fish catches tested exceeded this level.
    While Canada’s level for radiation in food is much higher (and why is that?), 1000 becquerels/kilogram, experts still worry:
    “I would probably be hesitant to eat a lot of those fish,” said Nicholas Fisher, a marine sciences professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
    The pacific ocean provides food for a billion+ people just in Asia, and considerably more, internationally, as fish migrate and fish and fish products are shipped around the world. The Fukushima accident has released 10-100 times more radioactive contamination into the ocean than Chernobyl according to a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution study.
    “It’s completely untrue to say this level of radiation is safe or harmless,” said Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

    Edwards pointed a finger at the powerful Canadian nuclear lobby as the source of this seeming unconcern about contaminated food. “The reassurances have been completely irresponsible. To say there are no health concerns flies in the face of all scientific evidence.”


    • GoFrodo

      I’m terrified of the fish, even without the testing. All that stuff dumped in the water constantly. :/

      Maybe we can grow fish indoors. Someone told me that some people incorporate indoor fish-farming into their hydroponics garden. Some kind of synergy, I take it?

  • arclight arclight

    “……But the US and Canadian governments persist in denying the danger, as the Canadian government claimed ignorance about debris from Japan (which may also be contaminated by radiation from Fukushima) washing up on the coastline. Despite the fact that people are finding it, the government claims it won’t arrive until next year. This seems a tack of desperation rather than logic. It is always better (and less expensive) to protect and prevent, than to scramble around after trying to clean up and cure. Once again it is left to us, the people of the world, to rise up and point out that there is danger, and we must do something about it.”

    whats this? rumblings of discontent at BRAWN??

    • GoFrodo

      Look at the shameless shills on that forum, as usual. This one claiming we get more radiation from nature than Fukushima. Then even educated people spew that nonsense around. It’s a real mix over there, but like many sites has true and less-true information on it.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Thank you everyone for helping peel the curtain back.