NHK finds radioactive silver in abalone liver at 1,800 Bq/kg over 10 km offshore — 1.74 microsieverts/hr on seafloor — Radiation unexpectedly transported south toward Tokyo

Published: November 28th, 2011 at 4:07 pm ET


#Radioactive Ocean: NHK Survey Shows 1.74 Microsievert/Hr at Ocean Bottom off Fukushima, EX-SKF, Nov. 27, 2011:

That was one piece of new information from NHK’s ETV (Educational TV) program aired on November 27 at 10PM in Japan, “Mapping the Radiation Contamination – Marine Contamination“, 4th in the series.

Tweets from viewers in Japan:

NHK took its own survey off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture on Sept. 11, 2011


  • Radiation increases as it gets deeper
  • Rock on seafloor at 1 microsievert/hour
  • Maximum number at the bottom of the ocean 1.74 microsievert/hour (Fine-grained sands at the bottom?)
  • Seafloor radiation was max. 70 times that of the ocean surface


  • Bio-concentration of radioactive cesium seen 10 to 20 kilometers off the coast of Fukushima
  • Cesium in soil at seafloor at 200 to 300 becquerels/kg
  • Radiation level at the bottom is 1 microsievert/hour
  • Area is an abalone fishery
  • 40 becquerels/kg in the sea water
  • 420 becquerels/kg in seaweed that abalones eat
  • 2,000 becquerels/kg in abalone, a 50-fold concentration from seawater to abalone
  • Radioactive silver (Ag-110m) in abalone at 410 becquerels/kg
  • Radioactive silver (Ag-110m) in abalone liver at 1,800 becquerels/kg

Coastal Currents

Effect of ocean currents is not what you may think. The Kuroshio Current, which comes up from south, may generally prevent the contaminated water from Fukushima from spreading further south. But the  behaves totally different, and radioactive cesium has actually being transported south from Fukushima along the coast. In addition, as rivers reach the Pacific Ocean and discharge water, that creates their own micro-currents. As it turned out, a location off Ibaraki (Kajima) measured lower in radiation of the ocean soil than a location off Chiba (Inubozaki), which is much further south from Fukushima than the Ibaraki location. (from this and this tweets)


Radioactive silver (Ag-110m) was ND level in the seawater where abalones were found with radioactive silver. So there is no way of telling whether Ag-110m exists in marine life just by analyzing the water.

Published: November 28th, 2011 at 4:07 pm ET


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  • astonishing discoveries.
    only one fact counting as of now: still spewing it is.

  • Bobby1

    Radioactive silver comes from melted control rods. A lot of control rods, apparently.

    “The most likely root causes for silver leading to the observed Ag 110m pollutions may be as follows :
    – the neutron-absorbing alloy Ag-In-Cd contained in control rods ;
    – some silver coated seals.”

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    I’m sure the initial washout is settling in the deep currents of the ocean right now. I wonder what upwelling + radiation will do to our ecosystem.

    • Grampybone.
      The unwell affected or born will die, many will be carriers to other fish, some fish will be caught for human of consumers, still others will produce offspring deformed yet viable and procreate new generation of the like we can not imagine as the children/grand children of Chernobyl !

      Like the rain and the ocean we will all be affected top to bottom, the world we knew is passing away !

      Be careful handling the wood for the fireplace (gloves), make sure the damper is OPEN ! Avoid the any breathing of burning wood that came from the forest !

      : (

  • dosdos dosdos

    First, it means you don’t eat the bottom feeders, such as prawn, flat fish, crabs, oysters, etc.
    Second, sell your rental spot on the beach.
    Third, get out of Japan. (Half life is 250 days for Ag-110m2.)

    • oscar419

      Ironically I used to own a 2 bedroom condo in Cabo San Lucas, amazing rental income during the boom…. I had a sealed deal on selling it right before Mexico went to hell with the gang wars and tourist warnings… this.

  • shockwave shockwave

    This consists with what china reported.