NHK: Gov’t assumed Fukushima Reactor No. 1 ‘completely ruined’ within days of 3/11 — Reddish-brown smoke shot up after explosion says nuclear expert eyewitness (VIDEO)

Published: November 4th, 2012 at 2:11 am ET


Watch the broadcast here

NHK Documentary March to Recovery
Voices from 3.11: Their Fate in Their Hands
Date Aired: November 3, 2012
Published by: MissingSky101

At 12:45 in

Narrator: Ishida had helped evacuate to the Okuma residents residents and seeing the reactor explode before his very eyes he realized the full scale of the disaster.

Okuma town official Jin Ishida, nuclear expert: “Reactor one exploded and from just above the pine trees, brown, or rather reddish-brown smoke shot up.”

At 15:00 in

Narrator: The Nuclear Safety Technology Center made calculations using estimated figures after the accident occurred. On the 13th, radiation diffusion and concentration were estimated based on the assumption that one of the reactors was completely ruined.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: November 4th, 2012 at 2:11 am ET


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26 comments to NHK: Gov’t assumed Fukushima Reactor No. 1 ‘completely ruined’ within days of 3/11 — Reddish-brown smoke shot up after explosion says nuclear expert eyewitness (VIDEO)

  • razzz razzz

    Not sure, maybe talking about the Unit 3 explosion with its brown mushroom cloud.

    The video starts out about a nearby town issuing iodine tablets to local citizens on their own initiative. Too bad radioactive iodine is still being released even until today. Iodine tablets are only good for one time passing fallout (mainly before it arrives). Won't do much good for continuous exposure over a period months.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      It does keep your thyroid saturated with Iodine and in that sense limits thyroid uptake for as long as you take it. It does little for other organs or muscle tissue which do not selectively uptake iodine, so you still have the chronic body burden of some radioactive iodine. And prolonged excessive iodine use (months) will eventually trash your kidneys. By that time, the cesium will be cooking you from the inside out, so it's probably no big deal.

  • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

    WATCH or download this documentary by N–H-K before it gets deleted. Aired only yesterday. It's in English too.

    • arclight arclight

      just reposted and submitted to admin

      just watching also popped it under a thyroid denial comment 🙂
      seemed to support the conversation a bit

      great catch..

      • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

        I think there is a lot of lessons we can learn from the documentary. Thanks to town officials who went against the norm!
        God forbid, if anything like Fukushima happens in France, what would we do!? The council & environmental health would be clueless about wind direction, rain etc and probably think radiation stops at the border :O I fear we might miss the deadline to take iodine. Japan generally has a very good communication networks amongst neighbours. No such thing in…say London. But internet access permitting, if there is an odd increase in radiation I shall be tweeting the radiation level for who might be interested in listening and I'm sure you do the same arclight.

        I think lesson is…in case of an emergency, don't wait for the govt and officials to give you information. Prepare yourself by reading 😉 and be quick in whatever you have to do e.g. plastic sheets to block out drafts, mask on, know the iodine dosage and have it in stock etc…

        It's so much easier if we didn't have NPP!!!
        Cameron is getting rotten tomatos from me for being pro-nuke. re: Hitachi

        • arclight arclight

          leave old "dave Bufferoon" and his nukie friends to me.. 🙂
          i wish, but there is a growing concern in the uk about nuclear… it can be spotted easily by the medias attempts at deflection.. its getting oo obvious on too many fronts.. alt media is looking very good in comparison.. and they are running out of nuclear workers too! see the nuke job classified section??in any country? lol! busy busy 😉

    • arclight arclight

      "no simple answers.."

      what a find!
      the prefecture staff that used their initiative are amazing..
      what a tragic decision t have to make.. to give your children the oill or not

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      What is also remarkable, is that these "Public Health" nurses, and staff, got through medical school, in an area that was not only subjected to nuclear bomb, but just down the road from nuclear power plants, without knowing what iodine pills were for or how to use them.

      So, the industry is so entrenched in our world, that they control what our health officials learn and understand through the Universities.

      This is critically important to understand in order to fathom the sheer enormity of our enemy.

      Even those of us that have been here for the last year and a half, are only scraping the surface of this monster… this publicaly funded monster.

      More of the "if we prepared people would be afraid" reasoning, same as why we quit duck and cover, too many growing up afraid of nuclear.. nuclear fear on the television? Create a counter to it, like the Simpsons, and buy the stations, buy the movie houses, buy the radio, buy the Politicians, gain limitless access to the public coffers…

      This is Reality.

      We are fighting ourselves(if you paid tax you funded this). Amazing.

      • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

        re: Public Health nurses
        What you also need to question is, are the Public Health nurses better equipped in your area than those in Japan? Even if you don't live near the NPP, we live near enough if one of many NPP has an accident.

        Yes, we have been digging our own grave. We have to wake up other zombied people who are still digging their graves without a thought!

  • arclight arclight

    got some great news for japanese activists here glowinthedark.. be sure to pass the message to green action etc..

    Breaking! UN endorses recommendations for Japan to improve human rights record – Cites nuclear contamination

    "..Other recommendations include the safeguarding of Japanese citizens’ right to lead a healthy life, in light of the enormous amount of radioactive fallout spewed over a vast area by the March 2011 meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 plant, the report said…."

    and while you are on nuclear-news try this too

    More than 10,000 people from across Japan are seeking criminal charges against officials of Japan’s government and the utility that operates the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, after a similar mass complaint this summer accused 33 officials of causing death and injurythrough negligence.
    i bet nhk know this? 🙂

    • arclight arclight

      heres the relevant sections in the Summary of stakeholders' information

      64. Joint Submission 4 (JS4) indicated that Japan had not taken the necessary legislative, administrative and other measures to protect the right to life, survival and development, the right to health and the right to play of the children of Fukushima. The Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausíliatrice (IIMA) recommended monitoring radiation levels in schools and carry out the proper decontamination, beginning with those places most frequently occupied by children and pregnant women.

      66. JS4 stated that Japan should make appropriate compensation health treatment for radiation risks for children of Fukushima and their families. It added that access to accurate information about radiation and its effect was rarely provided by the local authorities and by central government.

      68. JS4 stated that local communities in the affected areas had complained about the lack of correct information about radiation and expressed serious concerns regarding impacts of the nuclear crisis. JFBA added that information on evacuation plans was not satisfactory. JNEAGE expressed similar concerns and added that measures to protect children and women from the exposure to radiation were delayed. IIMA criticized some information campaigns promoted immediately after the disaster aimed at reducing the concern about the radiation exposure to children.

      • arclight arclight

        Joint Submission 4 (JS4)
        i think that was the petition delivered in september last year by green action japan and other groups..

        well done!! 🙂
        happy arc

        the first steps are always the hardest..

        now of for a tea to celebrate!

    • GlowInTheDark GlowInTheDark

      I'm surprised to hear that UN has made a recommendation to protect the health of Japanese people!? Anyway, Asahi newspaper published the info so some people knows about it but I tweeted to a diet member who is an anti-nuker, involved with human rights and her husband is a lawyer. Hope she'll use the info to tell the PM off 😀

      • arclight arclight

        double plus plus

        suppose gaj etc know anyway??

        happy days gid!! 😉

        • arclight arclight

          i really think this is a game changer.. peer reviewed kinda acceptance of contamination issues in principle ..

          now we just need the USA congress to finally ratify the rights of the child and its game on!!

          err should be easy,, :/

          • arclight arclight

            i should also point out this delayed piece of document?? wonder whats holding it up? seems reasonably worde to me?

            "Accepted and Rejected Recommendations – To follow"


  • arclight arclight

    wasnt reactor 1 built by hitachi?? 🙁

    they will be building the same bloody thing in the uk.. and the uk is ill prepared for climate change flooding 🙁

    dave bufferoon doesnt wake up till noon!

    • razzz razzz

      Most all reactors are GE based designs. Just because GE made a prudent decision to sell off parts of its nuclear divisions to unsuspecting contractors under the pretense of 'it's a money making' proposition because GE could see the writing on the wall of how dangerous nuclear power generation liabilities were becoming, don't let that confuse about the original promoter and seller of doom.

      Now GE can sit around saying their designs are sound and it is not their fault that primary contractors and sub contractor and operators cut corners and/or don't follow suggested recommendation and upgrades and operating procedures. Bet their contracts with operators hold them liable-less.

      GE central operations instructs all operators of GE reactor designs in how to arrange the nuclear fuel assemblies.

      You buy a GE nuclear powered generating reactor and you get one lifetime onsite GE nuclear engineer to oversee critical operations.
      Fukushima had/has six GE reactor designs qualifying for six GE nuclear onsite engineers overseeing nuclear reactor operations that report directly to GE headquarters (based in New Jersey?) ex. for reactor and spent fuel pool assemblies placement and replacement.

  • alasanon

    Hello, informed persons!

    – yet, his Karl Rove opponent is massively
    funded by Big Nuke, so he's the $$$ underdog.
    But, he still wins every debate and has much more
    REAL leadership experience as a retired Brigadier
    And as a farmer close to the land, he knows about
    potential fallout contamination!…


    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

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      "The American people have a right to know about Gov. Romney’s potential conflicts of interest, such as the profits his family made from the auto rescue,” the groups said in a statement. “It’s time for Gov. Romney to disclose or divest.”

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      PETITION TO MITT ROMNEY: It’s time to come clean. We demand to know how much money you hid in your wife’s supposed blind trust, and how much you continue to make thanks to the gutting of the auto industry.

  • razzz razzz

    After Chernobyl, some Japanese 'scholar' (Professor Suzuki) did a study trying to show that a healthy and well fed population of kids and their thyroids would not be affected by radioactive iodine (among other types of) fallout versus malnourished kids (which invites the uptake of any iodine). He found less than 1% of Japanese kids suffered from thyroid abnormalities after Chernobyl and before Fukushima).

    This study was to show that a nuclear accident in Japan would not repeats the results found at Chernobyl.

    Now, with recent testing of Japanese kids' thyroids showing abnormalities approaching 50%, which is an unheard of percentage in kids so soon after nuclear fallout exposure, the 'scholar' is trying to re-explain himself even though his own numbers work against him. This iodine uptake is just one of the many nuclear poisons absorbed.

  • lickerface lickerface

    Yeah that's two separate explosions. One is reactor no. 1, which was compared side-by-side to no.3. The third one shot upward.