NHK: “I’m really shocked” — Growths on both young daughters’ thyroids — I deeply regret making them stand outside for hours in high radiation (VIDEO)

Published: November 10th, 2012 at 2:59 am ET


Title: Decontamination: Losing the Sheltering Trees
Source: NHK
Uploaded by: MissingSky101
Date: Nov 9, 2012

At 23:00 in

Narrator: Nobuhiro Monma received the results of his children’s physical examinations. Small but benign growths were discovered in their thyroid glands.

Nobuhiro Monma: This is the result of the thyroid exams. They found small lumps but there’s no need for a follow-up. I’m really shocked at what they found. I keep telling myself not to worry too much, but even if they’re benign it bothers me. […]

Narrator: Monma and his family fled northwest to Fukushima City.

Monma: When we headed toward Fukushima we didn’t know that the radiation level was high there. Before they let us enter the evacuation site, we had to wait outside for 2 hours to be monitored for possible contamination. They say the level in Fukushima City was about 23 microsieverts [per hour] at that time, but we didn’t know that and kept the children outside for two hours. They must have absorbed large amounts of radioactive iodine. We covered them with blankets because they were cold, but we didn’t get them to wear masks. I deeply regret having them stay outdoors for 2 hour.

Published: November 10th, 2012 at 2:59 am ET


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27 comments to NHK: “I’m really shocked” — Growths on both young daughters’ thyroids — I deeply regret making them stand outside for hours in high radiation (VIDEO)

  • dosdos dosdos

    All the cysts are benign. There are no malignant growths in Japanese medical examinations….

  • markww markww

    The truth about radiation on a society will be like this one at a time

  • nedlifromvermont

    … Ho 'Newsers!

    … This is how truth sounds: Simple and Honest … a parent expressing 'deep regret.'

    … On the other hand, Dishonesty sounds like the pro-nuclear, nationalist, fascist, security, strategic Blah! Blah! Blah! coming from our CIA Spook leaders with heavy accents (Henry and Zbigniew) overly crisp (Cohen and Scowcroft) men who whose conscience has been compromised and corrupted … in the article before …

    … Do not let up! We are winning! The only way forward is non-nuclear, even if we have to lie with the Mullahs and pay homage to Mohammed … we cannot have a livable planet with a loaded nuclear gun to our heads, releasing deadly radiation in the normal course of business …

    … We must reject our nuclear heritage: it is like society's belief in dragons years ago. Dinosaur bones were dug up … Direct Proof that dragons were real!! One ounce of uranium contains the 'energy equivalent' of one million tons of coal, Proof! that nuclear energy is 'the way to go!' Wrong and wrong.

    Linus Pauling, Ted Teller, and Albert Einstein all argued against the use of nuclear fission to make electricity … these are the geniuses of nuclear physics, not the Nutcases running GE and the US Air Force who just wanted the excess profits gleaned from the false necessity to 'push through this nuclear power thing.'


    … peace 'newsers! Never let up. Never give in. The nuclear power lobby is trying to kill you …

    • @nedlifromvermont
      November 10, 2012 at 9:29 am
      Thanks for the comment. It is absolutely necessary to become non-nuclear now. This will make the world a place to live in. To continue we must change our lifestyles so that the ecological balance is preserved as the bottom line of any enterprise: this means we must return all we took from mother earth in a form acceptable to her on the basis of maintaining ecological health.

  • DrSpindrift

    The background prevalence of thyroid lumps in children from un-irradiated populations as detected by ultrasound examinations is around 3% (compared with more than one third in Fukushima children). Compared with adults, thyroid lumps in children are more likely to be malignant, especially if there is a history of irradiation (some authorities suggest around a quarter to one half will eventually prove to be cancerous). You can detect features which make the nodules more or less likely to be malignant using ultrasound, but ultimately only time will tell. It is therefore most important that such nodules are checked by ultrasound regularly. The Japanese government suggests that scans every 2 years is sufficient for children with small nodules (<5mm) but there is no evidence for this. If the cancer spreads before the primary is removed the chance of cure is dramatically reduced,and the child's life shortened.

    The Japanese government must acknowledge the ongoing risk to this population and implement an adequate ultrasound screening programme, with three-monthly examinations for any child with a thyroid lump. Leaving these poor people without adequate healthcare when they have already been robbed of their homes and livelihoods is barbaric.

  • richard richard

    '23 microsieverts [per hour]' .. that's got a have a decimal point missing, hey ?

    that's not just ten times my environment, that's 100 times. plus.

    i suppose they didn't actually know themselves at the time.

    those of us that have a dosimeter .. i think we would have been long gone and on the road to far away.

    • krugthecaveman krugthecaveman

      How long before our own children, thousands of miles feom Fukudhima, are going to start being radiation sick. This is like a movie except this is coming like some fairy-tale monster in the night. How long will those fuel pools keep shaking is a guess anyway. Seven tremors a day and they hand out a 10 year teardown plan. The incoming radiation from the sun passing through an extremely weakened atmosphere is also allowing a tremendous amount of radiated plasma at us next year. Theese things will be our new challenges as it gets much worse.

  • Sickputer

    There will be no armed insurrection against the nucleocrats. It won't be necessary. One day when the wind blows, or the earth cracks, or the ocean or river roars… they shall also be fleeing with their families from the invisible wrath of radiation. They will run just as fast as the other refugees, no difference between learned scientists, fatcat politicians, and even the military with all their mighty toys. Like the USS Ronald Reagan they will turn tail and run, perhaps even uttering some childish whimpers of a holy spanking from god. Yes, it will be a spanking… From the nuclear god they worshipped for a century. Perhaps one bad spanking in America, or China, or India will be the final nail in the industry. Or perhaps not. Naked apes have in general never given much thought to protecting the earth. World killers..

    I fear Fukushima Daiichi will not be enough to stop the Nucleocrat Pharaohs. They require much more personal sacrifice to begin nailing the lid on many Pandora Boxes across the world.

    Stay the course Aussies.. No nukes. We may need to paddle there in rafts when the Northern Hemisphere is nuclear toast.

  • DrSpindrift

    Some commentators (often shills, e.g ) have suggested that the main injury to radiation accident-exposed populations is caused by anxiety and an exaggerated risk to health from radiation exposure. The implication is that if the government manages the information side of the disaster better, then the population will suffer less.

    Imagine if you have had to abandon your home, your family’s land, become separated from your friends and neighbours and lost your livelihood, and know that you can never return to your village community? Your children may look healthy but you know that they may be developing cancers of their thyroids and are at increased risk of other cancers and heart disease life long. You don’t know whether or how your family’s ingested burden of radioactive caesium is going to affect unborn children in subsequent generations. Every time you hear a helicopter overhead you wonder if SFP No 3 or 4 has just collapsed.

    Now tell me, how do you cope with that day in, day out for years?

    Of course the anxieties of the poor people of Fukushima (and Chernobyl) are entirely justified. They are being forgotten and abandoned without compensation or healthcare, sacrificed to the pride and arrogance of the nuclear barons who have raped their country. Trying to keep them in the dark about what is going on is a further insult it seems they must bear.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via A Green Road

      Fukushima; Today's Titantic and Costa Concordia; via A Green Road

    • richard richard

      I'd be looking forward to the day the CEO comes to 'decontaminate' my house, then I'd show him the rope and pergola.

    • Maggie123

      DrSpindrift – Well described, you walk the reader "in the steps of another's moccasins". The parent making these comments is one we hear – many others, whole populations, must feel similarly. From the start and ongoing – radioactivity is darkly insidious – no scent, no sound, no visible sign except the harm, when it shows up.

      At lesser risk, but with great potential for eventual serious health issues, the Bayou Corne people have the same minute-to-minute, day-after-day, need to cope, to try to handle information and threat in a way that allows minutes that feel more normal. Their options appear greater and more promising – but we don't know individual particulars re how or where to go.

      So when we've asked: "Why don't they get out of there?" your description is part of our answer. Thank you.

  • markww markww

    I have some breaking news Item just came out
    Fukushima’s Damnably Unstable
    Atoms Contaminate Pacific Ocean


    • Anthony Anthony

      Now that was awesome. And funny I feel they are making the most accurate critical points. I have asked from the beginning how is a utility company, clearly incompetent in this endeavor to correct or minimize the clear hazards, how are they fucking holding our lives and health in their hands? THAT to me is the criminal aspect where I first look to Japanese Govt and failing at that level, to the Japanese People themselves to right this wrong for the rest of us. I understand the layers of bullshit but this is reaching two years now.

  • shiverca shiverca

    THis just gets worse and worse. Poor people! And it's spreading through the water slowly will reach just about everywhere on the globe.

  • lam335 lam335

    "… we didn’t get them to wear masks"

    A mask wouldn't have helped with iodine if it was in a gaseous or vapor form. It would only have helped with larger particulate stuff.

  • arclight arclight

    please sign the petition on this link for the children of fukushima and their families

    November 09, 2012

    By AYAKO NAKADA/ Staff Writer


    Two high school girls from Fukushima Prefecture are to launch a peace discussion forum, inspired by the success of a similar long-running nuclear study group run by students elsewhere in Japan.

    do petitions work?

    Breaking! UN endorses recommendations for Japan to improve human rights record – Cites nuclear contamination

    Other recommendations include the safeguarding of Japanese citizens’ right to lead a healthy life, in light of the enormous amount of radioactive fallout spewed over a vast area by the March 2011 meltdowns at the Fukushima No. 1 plant, the report said.


  • Sol Man

    The nucleocrats have peddled their death machines while they have made their great sums of fiat wealth corrupting the worlds' politicians and giving everyone else certain risk and life's end.

    Take a break for a moment to listen here, from John and Beverly Martyn's Road to Ruin.

  • RJ RJ

    TEPCO’s playin with the lead

  • RJ RJ

    You can't take my heart away from me! cockroachess!!


    TEPCO admits high cost of cleanup, but we know that TEPCO usually lies by at least an order of magnitude (ie 10)

    So this is pushing to be a Trillion dollar cleanup.

    Nuclear is a country killer.

    It killed Russia, now its killing Japan.

  • Japanese workers at Fukushima are being paid $5,000 a day to work in the plant until they die of radiation poisoning.

    This is a must see, insider / whistle blower lays out the facts like no other source has thus far.

  • andagi andagi

    Dear dosdos,
    Still no mention of EKG's. Ugh! 🙁