NHK: Japan gov’t gave SPEEDI radiation forecasts to US military, NOT own citizens

Published: January 16th, 2012 at 6:30 pm ET


Title: SPEEDI information provided to United States Military But Not Japanese Citizens
Source: Enformable
Date: Jan. 16, 2012

Representatives of the Japanese Ministry of Education were called as witnesses by the Accident Investigation Board in charge of discovering the true nature of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. During questioning it was determined that the predictive data from SPEEDI, which forecasts and predicts spread of radioactive material after a nuclear disaster, had been provided to the U.S.Military.

According to NHK, the data had been compiled immediately after the accident, and provided to the US through the Foreign Ministry. The Ministry of Education decided that the published data did not accurately predict the actual situation, and may have lead to unnecessary confusion if released to the public. For these reasons the data was not published immediately, and evacuees were abandoned to make decisions with the government only telling part of the story.

Source: NHK

Read the report here

Published: January 16th, 2012 at 6:30 pm ET


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44 comments to NHK: Japan gov’t gave SPEEDI radiation forecasts to US military, NOT own citizens

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    And our Military DID NOTHING!??­!!?

    • or-well

      probably had a few drills, ran some interesting simulations…
      pretty busy you know, defending “freedom” and “bringing Democracy” everywhere…

    • It was “policy” in this country (by means of legal precedent) that contamination from nuclear power plant spews does not move in plumes. Right up until actual plume maps from the Fukushima disaster became regular news, and the difference between ‘shine’ and contamination was made known to all. Don’t know exactly how a single American judge by the name of Rambo was able to be convinced that contamination from nuclear plants was not subject to the same kind of plume activity as contamination from DOD bomb tests and materials releases, but that’s just what happened.

      It’s a GOOD thing that people now know the difference, and can point fingers at the industry for dumping on them.

    • john lh john lh

      No, your military and USA is the one to be blamed in the end.

      You know, you can ,you did nothing !

      USA is the logical good excuse for all the failures in their own countries,those political figures Japan, China is the same.

      The others is the one to be responsible, this other is most suitable if it is American.

      The Japanese officials, prime and every rich and elites is innocent, they are just 7 years old kids, attending a school examination now.

      This is what they want to tell the pubic in Japan.

    • Anthony Anthony

      They aren’t allowed to.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Nope! US did something. They moved the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan a 100 miles farther off shore, and had the decks swabbed non stop for days. But they didn’t warn anyone anywhere so far as I know. Oh wait, they did recommend evacuation more than twice what Japan was asking.

    • Families were evacuated, stories were here with video of the video announcement by commander to personnel !
      It was when was caring before this site !
      Maybe look back see if it was transfered to the enenews site !
      MAny knew then how bad it was and going to get !

      • US military EVACUATING JAPAN – nuclear reactor meltdown reaction

        • CB CB

          Video appears to be uploaded on Mar 17, 2011.

        • Rakka Rakka

          I want everyone to know that this video is utter BULLSHIT. I lived on Atsugi and it was more than TWO weeks after this video was broadcasted via Base news until the women and children were evacuated. AFTER the airwing was evacuated, AFTER the carriers were taken out of Yokosuka bay, AFTER they got their assets out. AFTER I got a call from base medical warning me of the danger of cancer to my small children. TWO WEEKS we sat and waited day and night for an airlift that never felt like it would come. At one point we stood on the runway for hours only to be told that we could not board the plane that was sent because we were ‘civilians’ and not authorized to use military transport!!!!!!!! I did not sleep or eat for TWO WEEKS while we waited for these assholes to get their shit together and contract a civilian charter to get us out.

          • James2

            Well Rakka – good thing you did get out when you did.

            Do you know what the US military has done since then? I thought they agreed to return sometime after the “voluntary” evacuation…

            • Rakka Rakka

              They returned most of the dependents to Japan a few months ago. I was threatened with loss of command sponsorship etc for not coming back but my husband filed to have us remain in the states. We are living apart for the next couple of years because of it.

              It was all about money and diplomatic relations with Japan. They showed me, through all this, that $$$$$$ trumps life to them… I don’t trust them with my life. I don’t trust them with my children’s life. I don’t trust them with my dog’s life.

              • StillJill StillJill

                Holy crap Rakka,…I thought I’d been through the wringer!

                So sorry you and your kids have to be without your hubby, their Father. But you sure made all the right moves, imo. What a GREAT Mama you are! 🙂

                • Rakka Rakka

                  Thank you StillJill!!!

                  Looking back, I regret not just spending the 20k in airfare (the rates were SO jacked up) to get us out sooner… I thought we could count on the Military to protect us… and I know now that I was SO wrong.

                  • James2

                    Are you in communication with other families still in Japan?

                    Do they truly know how bad it is, or is it hidden from them?

                    • Rakka Rakka

                      Yes, and most of them think I’m crazy and want me to shut up :(.

                      They have NO idea how bad it is. The base has told them that they’ll get more exposure sleeping next to a banana, or some other asinine BS. My husband gets taunted ALL.THE.TIME for taking precautions for his health.

                      They are feeding their children sushi. Swimming at the East Coast beaches. Having babies. Traveling to Chiba… Going to Disney. Makes me physically ill to think about.

                  • StillJill StillJill

                    Yes, but one can only do the best with the info. they have, or believe, at the time.
                    I’m sure you were reassured that they were coming. Probably on days when the people telling you that, knew it was untrue.

                    We are not held accountable when we are lied to,…I HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT!

              • James2

                Jill is correct – you did the right thing.

                I feel for those who did not, however.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Sarah Palin Shoots a Moose, or “How I deal with Fukushima”
    January 16, 2012

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      ~BIG SNIP~
      At this repetition of historic folly, I find my final response is gallows humour. There is no other way for me to deal with it.

      with apologies to Dr. Mousseau for putting words into his mouth. If Moses was alive today he would demand of the Pharaohs in Japan and elsewhere: “Let my people KNOW.”
      (well worth a read Folks)

  • palmtown

    What were you expecting them to do? Japan is a sovereign nation and has to choose what it wants to do for itself. They gave the US the information because of all the citizens stationed there and the US had a much bigger evacuation zone. The Japanese have incredible technical ability and production capabilities. They are fully able to deal with the situation, but they would rather cover it all up because by the time the real problems with disease arise all the decision makers will be dead or long gone. Just wait till their interest rates on debt hit 3% and consume their entire budget just in debt payments..hahaha they are so broke they can’t afford to do anything probably.

    • john lh john lh

      you are coming to the right point: sovereign of a nation.

      But not AT this case, not in case of this nuclear war in Japan.

      Every one, every civilian both in Japan and the world is meeting with this lethal thread: radiation and fall-out, and possible future big bangs,from this 10,000+ year alive man made nuclear volcano in Japan.

      There is no more state sovereign in this case. There are just on going massacre on all human on this earth.

      We as individuals ,organization, or nations ,whomver has this awareness, should and must self-defend us, with all the means: by speak out the truth, spread the truth, find out/searching the final enemy, attack them individually or collectively with all what we can have, any weapon, knife,sword and guns, and even nuclear weapon retaliation.

      and do not forget Give prayers to God,in this almost hopeless nuclear war.

      Does anyone have any better solution in this case?

      Mentality, the mass people in Japan ,they are 7 years old slavery Japanese, same as our Chinese,and even worse in this case.

      • palmtown

        I think massacre is a bit of an extreme word to use. Sure this will increase the chance of cancer beyond the regular background radiation that we all absorb. Most of the plants in the USA leak tritium cause there is no way to check the piping for leaks and I am more worried about that and the use of cooling ponds in the USA instead of dry casks than I am of Fukushima. If anybody is going to throw up their arms in defiance of the Japanese government is should be the Japanese people themselves since they are all going to be royally screwed. I am an atheist so ‘God’ has nothing to do with anything. There is no nuclear war and radioactivity is all around us all the time anyway its just higher now as a result of these accidents. The solution I see is to inject concrete below the reactors and seal them up with more concrete.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Palmtown, how do you propose to get under the melted down coriums to place concrete? Just curious.

          • Centaur Centaur

            @HoTaters: Its usual technique in the building business, i talked to an architect about that back in May when spreading the idea of building a “wet sarkophag” – a giant swimming pool, that gives us some decades to take a deep breath and gain strength…

            BUT it’s not necessary to bring concrete/steel under the reactor. (No need for a diaper.) Four cofferdams around all 4 damaged reactors – all the way down to solid bedrock (~30-40m) – would suffice. 🙂

            See here, Steve from Virgina came up with the idea. Kudos to him. 🙂

          • Centaur Centaur

            If you think, it’s a good idea, translate the above to Japanese and spread the word (especially to japanese officials). Let’s hope, radiation levels on site are not too high already to do it now.

            Thanks and greetings,

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, wasn’t it Michio Kaku who said 1,000 cases of nuclear death is now stalking every man, woman, and child on the planet due to the plutonium releases from Fukushima #3 alone?

      • Centaur Centaur

        @john lh: … add fists and words to that, and i’m with you. “The feather is mightier than the sword” (that’s what i still believe) and fists remain the most honest, clear and effective way to clear out differences on the basic level of handling assholeness in a “direct” way. And it remains forever more civilized, than knifes and guns. 🙂

        I nevertheless understand every line of your comment.


        PS: Sorry for clicking “Report Comment”… i clicked on the wrong button, killing also my first version of this reply… x(

    • tomb1

      Japan a souvereign nation? LOL.

      Come on. Japan is “protected” by its good “friends” who think it is necessary to put military bases in the country?

      Same story as in Germany.

      It is like Pizza Mario who is also protected by the mafia against all that virtual evil.

  • Whoopie Whoopie


    • palmtown

      Yeh the US government is covering it up after having put out an evacuation zone much larger than the Japanese zone. HAHAHHA. I think you need to go and get some exercise and cut down on the sugar. Anybody reading half these comments are going to think there are a bunch of crazed wacko’s on this site. Yes its a problem and letting your emotions control you is not going to help anybody let alone yourself. Now get a hold of yourself and think logically if your this worried then why don’t you write up a detailed plan on how to solve the problem and submit it to the governments cause otherwise your doing nobody any good pouting about a situation that you can’t control.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    National sovereignty is clouded, doubtful, I think, in this day of the rise of very powerful, shadowy non-govt. entities (NGOs) of which – and of the power/clout of which – the people are kept largely unaware – mega-banks, corporations, trans-national groups like the EU and UN which in some areas out-trump/over-ride national sovereignty, and also shadowy groups like the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Bilderberg Group, and the Tri-Lateral Commission… and actually, intel agencies like the CIA and the Mossad, which act in secrecy and in concert, to a large extent, with each other and with organized crime, like the Mafia and the Mexican drug cartels.

    These are the realities we don’t read about in Time magazine, the NY Times or Wash. Post, aren’t told much about in classes on goverment, etc.

    An informed public is not in the best interests of these behind- the-scenes powers.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    “And may have lead to unnecessary confusion ….” Or, ” … may have lead to unnecessary panic.” How stupid do they think people are? Don’t tell the sheeple what’s really happening, or they may hold us accountable, and we CAN’T HAVE THAT !!!!

  • Erosmith

    When I recall back at the time of the accident, as the head of the NRC recommended an expansion to the evacuation zone of far greater than that set by the Japanese government, people everywhere thought that this guy was nuts. In fact, were his actions seen that day really based on the SPEEDI data that the US had been receiving from the Japanese government? If I recall correctly, we were told something of the sort that the expanded evacuation was standard protocol for in event of a containment failure. You would think that everyone had the same play book. Did the US take action ahead of the Japanese government, or did the Japanese government fail to act upon the data analysis and/or standard emergency protocols? Regardless that case, where and when did the Japanese government set its expanded evacuation range after the fact?

  • Rakka Rakka

    I’ll tell you what our military did. They evacuated their assets to Guam and left the women and children to panic and rot for WEEKS, without their husbands, before taking further action. Just thinking about that stressful time makes my blood boil…. This is just $#@%#@^@^. Now the Japanese Govt. leaves it’s own people to die… I’m sick sick sick over all of it.