NHK: “Massive fallout spread over large areas and still coats the ground” — Resident: “The rise was unexpectedly fast… I’m shocked, I didn’t think it could get this high” (VIDEO)

Published: February 6th, 2013 at 11:32 am ET


Title: The Threat Of Invisible Snow
Source: NHK
Upload by: MissingSky101
Date Aired: June 22, 2012
Date Uploaded: Feb 5, 2013

At :30 in

Narrator: In March 2011 a huge earthquake hit Japan causing the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant to explode.

Massive fallout spread over large areas and still coats the ground.

At 22:00 in

Narrator: The spot is on the road running right in front of her house. It’s a route to school the children walk down every day.

Grandmother: It’s reached 8.2 [microsieverts per hour]. The rise was unexpectedly fast. It reached 9.4 [Legal limit = 0.23].

I’m shocked. I didn’t think it could get this high.

Watch the video here

Published: February 6th, 2013 at 11:32 am ET


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10 comments to NHK: “Massive fallout spread over large areas and still coats the ground” — Resident: “The rise was unexpectedly fast… I’m shocked, I didn’t think it could get this high” (VIDEO)

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    There is no good news coming out of Japan. None.

  • The global radiation contamination from FALLOUT continues.

    Accumulating and spreading as emissions from the 3 NUCLEAR meltdowns rage on.

    The worker at the end compares the decontamination to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I don't think there is any comparison at all.

    IMO – Decontamination is a futile effort at this time. Evacuate or suffer the 'highly likely' consequences. It seems pretty clear to me.

    Bravery and gallantry is one thing, stupidity and denial is another.

    • As of yesterday. Here's a snapshot of extreme fallout conditions or Black Rain over Fukushima.

      It's called FALLOUT and it's not getting any better any time soon.
      Seems like a lot of snow to me for a facility that's basically located on the beach.

      Flock of Birds in Flight at Fuku

    • blackbeer blackbeer

      I must respectfully disagree with your conclusion ChasAha. I see no evidence of "stupidity" or "denial" in this video at all. I see people engaged in action, no matter the consiquences, to do what they can under circumstances that leave many people paralyzed and unable to comprehend. I have seen many posters on this site talk about the species as a virus on this planet and yet it is less then one percent of the species that is involved in it's destruction. Sure, we may all be in shock at how fast and how far this minority is willing to go for profit but I have to believe that we will come out of our stooper in time, and may have a chance to turn things around. But, of course, it will require action, not sitting around with our computers talking and writing letters and showing outrage at our beloved infrastructure, not wondering why somebody isn't doing something about this situation, wondering where the msm is and why aren't they doing their job and on and on and on. We know the reasons behind all this but maybe it's just too inconvientent to do anything about it. Maybe we are happy with the "surrogate" parents we have elected to take care of us so that we don't have to take upon ourselves the responsibility of safeguarding our planet and home. Or maybe we think we will find another. Who knows, I sure don't. But these people are doing what they can and I respect that……………


      • Jay

        ChasAha meant good , he refered to the 'officials' actions .

        And in all fairness , what the Japanese do will affect us all , so if I see a stupid location of those nuclear plants , a stupid technical detail like a total useles nuclear-melt 'containment' device/system , the stupidity of those that did not want to transport car batteries for luck of permit during the nuclear crisis , the stupid hight of the Micky Mouse 'fence' around the plant to 'protect' against tsunami , the stupidity of not having the same file format with the American released radiation survey , etc. etc , , I will call it as such because those idiots destroyed our lives !

        And how smart you must be to live near damaged reactors , near an On-Going melt down , near on-going release of radiation from Fukushima ??? That decision belongs to the Japanese government that should be charged with Murder One ( premeditated ) .
        Than go after the 'smart' Japanese 'scientists' that allowed this farce to take place .

        Drop the 'gloves' because there is no sign of improvment and I don't see Tokyo paralyzed with anti-nuclear protestors , in contrary , they eat radiation emitting food , 62 % of the population elected a government that doesn't plan to eliminate nuclear reactors and they live where THEIR OWN RADMETERS SHOW UNACEPTABLE RADIATION !!! …
        Smart ?! My ass !
        That's why many people say it is time to take over Japan by United Nations and a multinational team , enough local mental…

        • Yukio_Tanukio

          Well said, Jay. You're right on. I would only add that many Japanese have fled their homes and their homeland – More than we know and more than the ruling elite admits or reports. When I was in Hawaii last year I found a lot of Japanese who were taking unscheduled vacations, and a lot of them were mothers traveling alone with their small children. I also saw lots of young mothers renting apartments and living quietly to avoid visa problems. I know one man who took his young daughter out of the Tokyo area and has been living abroad since early 2011, at considerable personal expense and difficulty. Personally, I would advocate the Japanese take to the roads and just leave for the south of Japan without government approval or aid, but the ruling elite have control of the public discourse, and most people (everywhere) are not smart enough or independent enough to oppose that power in word or deed. As I see it, the only way forward is to enlighten and educate the general population to whatever extent is possible before they, and we, are destroyed. Here in the USA, we're fighting against the same intentional, overwhelming "Dumbing Down." Keep fighting, friend.

  • corium pudding corium pudding

    Interestingly enough, 8.2 to 9.4 microsieverts per hour is about what some people get in Ramsar, northern Iran. See this:

    • Corium Pudding

      People who live in that region have more mitochondrial DNA mutations and they have been adapted to living under these conditions of higher background radiation

      Lucy Forster, Peter Forster, Sabine Lutz-Bonengel Horst Willkomm, Bernd Brinkmann Natural radioactivity and human mitochondrial DNA mutations PNAS

      Additionally, Natural gamma rays linked to childhood leukaemia. University of Oxford (2012, June 12)

      WHAT is your purpose Corium Pudding?

      • corium pudding corium pudding

        LOL! My "purpose" is to survive and reproduce using everyday biological functions, such as eating, sleeping and eliminating bodily waste.

        On the other hand, if you are implying that I'm a shill for the Nuke industry, you would be wrong. I think all nuke plants should be shut down immediately.

        I just thought that it is curious how a high level of radiation is harmful to some but not others.