NHK radiation expert: Sickened Fukushima woman with teeth, nails, and hair falling out has auto-immune disease

Published: January 11th, 2012 at 12:40 am ET


Nuclear Fatigue Setting in Japan After 10 Months, EX-SKF, January 10, 2012:

Radiation specialist Shinzo Kimura has appeared in many NHK documentaries on radiation contamination after Fukushima. He commented on Emiko Numauchi‘s health problems [EX-SKF: “I won’t know the exact details of what Kimura said in the program until I view the video yet to be uploaded. But from other tweets the above seems to summarize what he did say”]

It is an immune disease caused by stress. Teeth, nails, hair falling off, that’s auto-immune disease. So is skin inflammation. Time-lag (?). It is not caused by radiation, but she is still a victim of the nuclear accident. There’s individual difference. There may be some effect of radiation exposure.

Difference in radiation levels. I passed through Minami Soma City back in March. High levels of radiation. If you lived in that area it is possible that the radiation exposure has something to do with (the health problems). Depending on where you live, if the radiation level is low, it is possible that the problems are caused by stress.

We cannot explain the mechanism of auto-immune diseases. For example, Mr. Iwakami can tolerate a lot of stress. You cannot tell from a person with high tolerance for stress. There’s individual difference. A rabbit may die of loneliness. It’s possible for humans. To say stress (is causing these health problems) is appropriate.

It is an auto-immune disease. Stress can cause kidney diseases. It is highly possible. If you don’t think it is stress, then collect data and determine. Internal radiation exposure [is assessed] by counseling [??]


EX-SKF analysis of Kimura’s comments:

Does he make sense? If you live in areas with low radiation levels and you have health problems starting to happen after March 11, 2011, then these problems are caused by stress. If you live in areas with high radiation levels, it is probably still stress causing these problems.

Never mind that Ms. Numauchi kept saying she was far more stress-free after she quit her job as a public high school teacher. […]

Published: January 11th, 2012 at 12:40 am ET


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28 comments to NHK radiation expert: Sickened Fukushima woman with teeth, nails, and hair falling out has auto-immune disease

  • Cindy

    Doctors in Japan are saying the health effects are from worrying about radiation, causing stress…

    What a crock of rubbish !!

    She may have an autoimmune disease, probably brought on by radiation, not from worrying about it …

    GRRR !!!

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes, Radiation can cause autoimmune diseases along with a slew of other dis ease. To this day I wonder if TMI did not cause my nemesis since I did not evacuate, Probably not but who knows.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    Dilbert cartoon: “I had a rash, so I went to the doctor. He gave me some tranquilizers. It still itches, but I don’t care.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Her blog is on exskf

  • maaa

    Plants and animals are mutating in Japan. Do they suffer from auto immune disease as well? They “understand” nuclear meltdown?

  • jec jec

    Japan’s doctors say “stress” when they mean –shut up! Its a way to pressure people into “conforming.” Mental disease and “stress” sound like they are equated equal.and equally bad for the victim who is then ignored, forgotten, shunned. They have done similar with others–am sure that is what was told to Hiroshima survivors–since no one wanted to have anything to do with a person with “tainted” bodies.

  • arclight arclight

    “An autoimmune disorder is a condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. There are more than 80 different types of autoimmune disorders….”

    Normally the immune system’s white blood cells help protect the body from harmful substances, called antigens. Examples of antigens include bacteria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells, and blood or tissues from another person or species. The immune system produces antibodies that destroy these harmful substances.

    In patients with an autoimmune disorder, the immune system can’t tell the difference between healthy body tissue and antigens. The result is an immune response that destroys normal body tissues. This response is a hypersensitivity reaction similar to the response in allergic conditions.

    In allergies, the immune system reacts to an outside substance that it normally would ignore. With autoimmune disorders, the immune system reacts to normal body tissues that it would normally ignore.

    What causes the immune system to no longer tell the difference between healthy body tissues and antigens is unknown. One theory is that some microorganisms (such as bacteria or viruses) or drugs may trigger some of these changes, especially in people who have genes that make them more likely to get autoimmune disorders.

    An autoimmune disorder may result in:

    The destruction of one or more types of body tissue
    Abnormal growth of an organ
    Changes in organ function
    An autoimmune disorder may affect one or more organ or tissue types. Organs and tissues commonly affected by autoimmune disorders include:

    Blood vessels, Connective tissues, Endocrine glands such as the thyroid or pancreas, Joints, Muscles, Red blood cells, Skin
    A person may have more than one autoimmune disorder at the same time. Examples of autoimmune (or autoimmune-related) disorders include….”

    • arclight arclight

      possible causes in my view,

      metal toxicity
      increased allergy response to particulates
      the stress also comes from not being supported by the people in trust and lied too! and the other causes

      compromised thyroid disorder caused by xenon/iodine 131 at the very least!
      too many disorders to mention.. loads of information on the link above..

      conclusion, this dip shit knows geraldine thomas.. something sounds familiar about this argument.. can i smell a wade thomas famous pseudo-psychologist of no qualification!! knows how to let greek children eat ceasium though, and he said that he wouldnt touch the contaminated food himself!! people like this should be imprisoned for the dangerous and destructive people that they are!!

      in fact .. bring back the stocks so i can pelt them with marks and spencers radioactive canadian black cherries (as reported here on enenews!!) that should boost their auto immune systems nicely πŸ™‚

      wonder if they ate the cherries when they were around? :/ marks and spencers is a posh persons shop.. so it is possible?

      still trying to find reference material by a proper psychologist but no one will touch it!! they are worried that it might damage their credibility in the psychology area.. we did a hit peace on enenews of an italian mafiosi psychologist trying to win the argument of stress only cancer etc.. lol

      hormesis anyone?

      • Spectrometising

        I myself stopped my teeth falling out by removing all sugar or sweets from my diet and alcohol. Not nuclear related, but the effect is profound.

        There is a lot of bollocks information out there. This is not in my view.

        “Dr. Akizuki was born in 1916 in Nagasaki and studied medicine at the Kyoto University medical
        school in order to understand and overcome his own illness and skin disease. Upon graduation,
        he returned to Nagasaki. He read the books written by George Osawa about the relationship
        between health and diet.1 The books made him want to conduct experiments on the effectiveness
        of the traditional Japanese diet on the human body. He began to work as Director of the
        Department of Internal Medicine at Urakami Daiihchi Hospital (later St. Francis Hospital) and
        instituted a strict diet of traditional Japanese food that was based on brown rice, miso and tamari
        soy soup, seaweed, and sea salt. He also prohibited the patients from consuming sugar and
        sweets. This diet was served to the patients and staff of the hospital twice everyday. It was
        during this time that the Nagasaki atomic bomb was dropped. The hospital was located
        approximately 1.4 km away from the hypocenter; therefore, most of the people in the hospital
        were exposed to the atomic bomb blast directly or indirectly. If they were inside the building,
        the radiation exposure was indirect, while those outside were most likely directly exposed to the
        blast and died immediately.”

        • Spectrometising

          Key Point:“He also prohibited the patients from consuming sugar and

          • Spectrometising

            Not saying it is a cure all, but i have never heard of Dr. Akizuki ever being mentioned in medical circles even though he had so much apparent success. I thought there would be some mention of his work somewhere. It is probably because i have not searched well enough i am sure. The reality is i do not know, but it it does seem promising.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I believe that many, will get poisoned, shows signs, and die by Fukushima radiation. Probably most won’t attribute their sickness and death to this poison, even in the North America.

    • hbjon hbjon

      They can’t cure it. They don’t know what causes it, but if you don’t let them put their pills in you and zap you with spectra this is what happens.(CNN) — The parents of an 8-year-old Ohio boy who died of cancer in 2008 have pleaded guilty to attempted involuntary manslaughter in his death.

      Monica Hussing, 37, and William Robinson Sr., 40, face up to eight years in prison each; sentencing is scheduled for February 16.

      “They thought the kid had swollen glands,” John Luskin, Hussing’s Cleveland-based attorney, told CNN on Tuesday.

      From time to time, the boy’s parents would notice a lump on his neck, but it would come and go and did not appear to bother him, Luskin said.

      The parents never sought a diagnosis for their son, William, who was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, CNN affiliate WJW reported.

      They did not have much money, struggled to make ends meet and “were doing the best they could,” Luskin said.

      “No one recognized it … the system here failed,” the attorney told CNN. “It’s obviously a sad case.”

      Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. What causes it is not clear, though symptoms can include painless swelling of lymph nodes, persistent fatigue, fever and itching, according to the Mayo Clinic.

      Read more about Hodgkin’s lymphoma

      People diagnosed with the disease often have the chance for a full recovery.

      “Even if it’s widely spread, we can have a cure rate of 80%,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society.

      “If they had just taken the child to the emergency room and said the child is sick, the staff would have taken care of the child … Their approach is ‘we figure out how to get paid later,’ ” he said.

      • I wish the parents hadn’t plead guilty.

        I wonder how many doctors have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for failing to properly diagnose conditions that resulted in a patient’s death? It’s sad that the child died of cancer, but there is no proof that that the child would have lived. There is no proof that the doctors would have properly diagnosed Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I went to the emergency room one night after splitting my head open in a fall earlier that day. The doctor said that my voting was not the result of an obvious concussion (which eventually caused epilepsy for e a few years) , but that had the flu. I had no flu symptoms except vomiting and a bloody scalp, but this doctor was sure that I don’t have a concussion! The last time I went to a hospital in the US, I had a horrible ovarian cyst causing incredible pain. After eight hours of waiting in the emergency room, I was checked into the hospital because I was told I had a blood clot on my uterus that could possibly kill me. AFter a $2,000 co=payment, five doctors and a night in the hospital, a lab technician thought that the blood clot was actually uterine lining was moving around in anticipation of the monthly cycle. He was right. No blood clot, just a cyst that the doctors ignored.

        A woman I know was 14 weeks pregnant and had horrible cramping. She was sure she was pregnant, even though the tests said no. The doctors refused to do an ultrasound, telling her that at 35, her delayed period was a symptom of early menopause. She was pregnant and the sack had torn from the uterine wall, but she didn’t know that until it was too late to save the baby because the doctors wouldn’t give her an ultrasound.

        I wonder how many doctors in the US will ignore the obvious radiation poisoning. Whether it is through ignorance or deception, I just don’t trust the medical establishment to do the right thing re Fukushima fallout. I think the US doctors are no better than the…

        • We have heard the sad statistic that ~44,000 Americans die every year because they are uninsured and have no access to health care. The sadder statistic people don’t hear much about are the ~100,000 Americans who die every year as a direct result of having health care. People who would not have died if they’d stayed away from hospitals. And that’s just hospitals, not counting the number of people who die of medical mistakes, prescription errors, etc. outside of hospitals.

          Someday in the distant future people will look back on what passed for medical care in the 21st century’s Great For-Profit Radiation/Pollution Caused Epidemics as barbarism worse even than leaches, maggots and witch-doctors shaking rattles.

  • Ulrich

    It is very telling when the same people who are only willing to accept that a certain case of sickness is related to radiation if it is proven, are very happy to accept that it is related to stress without any proof. The stress cause is also just a theory until it is proven. I find it rather unconvincing theory though in this particular case.

    There are actually studies that large doses or radiation can cause autoimmune disease. Perhaps small dose can also cause…
    Also, perhaps she was always prone to this, but it was triggered by radiation. How do we know?

  • harengus_acidophilus

    In my opinion this isn’t a doctor, it’s (it, not he) a “murder in law”. Remember the names of all of this adepts of death. Maybe you meet them and they ask for help: just say NO!


  • @arclight et al:Kimura is irresponsible as he is ignorant of the work:2003(2010)Recommendations of the ECRR(the Health Effects of Ionising Radiation Exposure at Low Doses for Radiation Protection Purposes,Regulator’s Edition,C. Busby et al Eds.European Committee on Radiation Risk.Green Audit 2003/2010.On line link available. He is at best basing his comments on the ICRP model when he is talking of low level radiation.And ICRP model based on external radiation applied to internal radiation means using data from high level, acute,external exposure to model low level,chronic,internal exposure and hence blatantly false results ensue(out by a factor of 2000 or more compared with the truth). This is proved by the above reference and by the ongoing experience around the world’s nuclear reactors. The fascists ruling the world are liable for criminal negligence of infinite proportions because it exposes future generations to the crime.Kimura and his ilk ” reason excellently in the idiom of their beliefs(ICRP model),but they cannot reason outside, or against their beliefs,because they have no other idiom in which to express their thoughts. The contradiction between experience and one mystical notion is explained by reference to other mystical notions(stress).”- E . Evans Pritchard, Witchcraft,Oracles and Magic among the Azande(comment within brackets added). Modern Civilization’s nuke world view:”the stability of the naturalistic system we currently accept ..rests on the same logical structure as Azande witchcraft beliefs…”-M. Polyanyi. Two abridged quotes from the ECRR reference.And Wendell Berry in his 1975 book at page 22 of The Unsettling of America,Culture & Agriculture:”In living in the world by his own will and skill, the stupidest peasant or tribesman,is more competent than the most intelligent worker or technician or intellectual in a society of specialists.” Modern Civilization is such a society. For the remedy, see

  • StillJill StillJill

    Blame the victim,…..nothing new to see here.

    If those of us already sick,…are waiting for validation that it’s radiation,….prepare for deep frustration. The struggle to be believed IS the MAJOR stress. An exercise in futility!

    Coming here to enenews takes all the blame and ridicule away,….here I can be congruent. My insides match my outsides–I find REST! πŸ™‚

  • datura17

    there is another disease that causes this symptom set. that would be the age old SCURVY. hair and teeth falling out, bruising, aches and pain and more. see see also for skin symptoms pictures. i would say a good many people are in fact ‘stressed’ about eating fresh fruit and vegetables leading to this state, if you are not or can not or wont eat fresh fruit and vegetables to get the nutrients that your body needs, then you have to supplement with vitamin pills. i am not a doctor so take of it what you will, i really do hope this is ‘it’ and not radiation illness or autoimmune disease ans it is real easy to fix.

    • StillJill StillJill

      @datura17,…your kindness is MUCH appreciated. All of you guys,…I hope this gal is able to read this,…all of it. I have to believe that she will.
      Someone she knows will be His hands and feet, bringing her the encouragement from us all! πŸ™‚

      Stay strong my Sister,……..I can, if you can,….but I’m fading fast as well. I shall pray for you my friend! πŸ™‚

  • or-well

    Radiation Specialist. Often on NHK.
    OK, I’ll be “fair” – it’s not enough to hang him.

    He does seem to be “On message”, parroting the j-gov line. We have heard NHK often serves as a j-gov media mouthpiece.

    We do hear from individuals on occassion, often “professors” of this or that subject that’s medicine related.

    Where are the voices of the practising physicians? Where are the voices of the Executive bodies representing Japanese Doctors?

    They seem to be as silent as the Teachers and their Associations.

    Citizens of Japan – you and YOUR CHILDREN are on your own. Organise. Stand up. Be

    Or suffer and die.

  • rebelgroove

    Autoimmune disease? Rubbish.

    Have just sepent a short time perusing the definitions and symptoms of auto immune sidease and I have to say this ‘expert’ is being aid to say the things he’s saying.

    In no definition or symptom list do any of the journalist’s symptoms appear.

    The man is lying, pure and simple.

    • datura17

      it most fits with scurvy, see my message above.
      the timings and everything seems correct. shortly after the boom boom boom a lot of people most likely stopped eating fresh fruits and vegetables out of fear of contamination, months later the first symptoms of scurvy started showing up, it has steadily progressed to what we see today. vitamin c is needed to make collagen, collagen is what holds the body together, it is also needed within blood vesicles, it is also needed to convert cholesterol to collagen and without it cholesterol rises. in thinking about this problem the population has sick and not so sick people from the same areas, i wonder if the not so sick people are taking vitamin supplements, and the sick are not and so right there could be the difference. and if this so then i have to say most doctors need to be reeducated around the world just for not spotting this. as i am just a average person in ravenna, ohio. and i am not trying to say that the fallout doesnt exist or that there are not people with radiation sickness, but if this could be, then it would be a shame for someone to think there is nothing to be done and allow scurvy to kill themselves believing the illness to be radiation sickness or some such.

  • Wreedles Wreedles

    I just don’t get this. If it looks like a duck and waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck it obviously must be a parking meter. WTF dude, how can you even look in the mirror?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    The whole subject of chronic degenerative illness relates to the on-going pollution of the biosphere – our food, air, water – and our bodies, inevitably.

    The incidence of all chronic degenerative illnesses has been on the increase since the explosion of the manufacture of synthetic chemicals, and the rise of polluting industries like nuke power/weapons, and others, including Big Pharma, chemicals used on and in food and food crops, etc.

    The AMA and Big Pharma and the major pollutors (industry, etc. incl. nuke power industry) DO NOT want us to see this connection. AMA plays dumb — gee, we just don’t know what the causes of your degen. illness might be, but here, take this prescription to control (i.e. mask) the symptoms.

    The other half of the sketch is the suppression/criminalization – no exaggeration here – of non-toxic, non-invasive holistic treatments/therapies for degenerative illnesses, many of which have a documented and proven track record of success.

    It is the same old story everywhere you turn – ‘regulatory capture’ (capture/control of govt. regulators -bribery, fat job offers, etc. – by the industries they are charged to regulate in the public interest).