NHK: Radiation levels increasing at Fukushima plant — “No solution to tainted water” — Hundreds of tons flowing into reactor buildings every day (VIDEO)

Published: January 5th, 2013 at 3:40 pm ET


Title: No solution to tainted water at Fukushima plant
Source: NHK WORLD English
Date: Jan. 4, 2013

No solution to tainted water at Fukushima plant

[…] Each day about 400 tons of underground water has been flowing into reactor buildings […] The water becomes contaminated with radioactive materials.

[…] the volume of the water is continuing to rise, increasing radiation levels at the plant. […]

The company plans to pump underground water to prevent it from flowing into reactor buildings. It will also install steel walls underground to block contaminated water from leaking into the sea. […]

Watch the video here


Published: January 5th, 2013 at 3:40 pm ET


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43 comments to NHK: Radiation levels increasing at Fukushima plant — “No solution to tainted water” — Hundreds of tons flowing into reactor buildings every day (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    "The company plans to pump underground water to prevent it from flowing into reactor buildings. It will also install steel walls underground to block contaminated water from leaking into the sea. […]"

    How many times have they offered that feeble excuse? The water is probably helping keep the buried coriums at Units 1 and 2 from blowing up. They need that aquifer water and probably tidal underground flow to cool those big bad boys.

    • Lacsap Lacsap

      Agree, I think that the reactors are flooded on purpose to cool the corium-(The water becomes contaminated with radioactive materials.) Water is 'leaking' into the reactors like a year and a half by now and then flooded into the pacific (constant flow). After years when the corium is cooled enough and has a thick lead crust they start closing the reactor so no water 'leaks' in or out. (the corium blob ends up as lead, lead is the end state of radioactive particles).

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Increasing, and permeating Japan.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I wish someone would've stepped up and figured out something by now for these obstacles that seem to be the least of the problems they faced BEFORE they became OUR problem too!!(?) It seems that "tainted water" treatment & the wall to prevent the horrific discharges into the already threatened Pacific Ocean should be done or well beyond the timeframe needed for being further along than it is going on 2 years now & still described as "planned"??!! The majority of the public who assume mankind is so advanced now that they surely must be able to "fix" anything built several decades ago & based on technology over a half century old!!(?) Even MSM drops little "hints" as to the severity of the issue from time to time despite the BS "all is well" propaganda that should've been picked up on by anyone with enough brain function to allow the logic & reasoning ability to look both ways before stepping off the curb!!(?) I wonder at what RAD level does the brain turn to mush & allow dying people to live their shortened lives "happily ever after"?!! I'd like to go back to where I was before 3/11/11 & the 1st hand "on the job" education I now have thanks to up close & personal experience with cancer too!!?? TEPCO/JapanGov. needs to step up their game or concede defeat & step aside while whoever can handle the tasks they aren't up to steps in to take a better shot at the daunting tasks & issues they've failed at SOON!!….

    • Anthony Anthony

      Imagine if they took a different approach and enlisted the world's brightest to resolve this?

      • RealityControl-1984

        The world's brightest might just be at Enenews.

        Because the supposed "experts" offered this type of advice back in February:

        "Famous physicist Richard Garwin, one of [an ad hoc group of scientists assembled by Energy Secretary Steven Chu], proposed setting off a controlled “shaped” explosion to break through the concrete shield around the primary steel containment structure to allow cooling water to be applied from the outside. One NRC scientist called the idea “madness.”

        “The e-mails provide a candid picture of the level of uncertainty and confusion within the U.S. government and indicates that even U.S. experts had major divisions about what was going on and how to best mitigate the crisis,” said Edwin Lyman, a senior scientist and nuclear expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists."

        To this day, are there any "experts" who know what to do?

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          haha, how "coincidental" is this? We were both citing & typing posts suggesting ENEws contributors have & do submit ideas & actual detailed,logical blueprints & plans that answered many of the alleged obstacles certain problem issues impeding any meaningful progress to date. Yet the things they did implement that saw limited successes were also delved into in our discussion groups deeply INCLUDING the "freebies" gifted by our own multi-faceted,educated,cornucopia of professionals including current/ex nuke industry employees & experts! After seeing certain technical hurdles met with varying levels of victory based on existing or "proposed" technology AFTER I saw it RIGHT HERE FIRST days,weeks,months BEFORE they implemented identical or VERY similar devices & operations !(?) In fact I didn't realize that perhaps the ONLY progress or positive developments were ALL ideas & suggestions found BEFORE the stubborn pricks figured out that the victims of their indecision & incompetence provided the kind of logic,expertise & advice that money can't buy until I'd seen the post above that I thank the poster for providing along with the links the the threads that allow the opinions & accurate conclusion that ENEwser's ARE a valuable resource for the N[p]uke[s] when they run into "trouble"[s]!!(?)~GREAT JOB ENEwser's!!~ 🙂 ~
          CONGRATULATION'S to those of you who helped make the site
          "they" got some of their(?)"best idea's" from!!~ 🙂 ~

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @Anthony;I sure can imagine that-I wake up every day and look here to see if there's "good" news to that effect! It's much cheaper to use the people who are "recruited" by Yakuza-probably from amongst those unlucky to owe gambling debts,etc.(?) with the rest just hard-up for a job & uneducated about what will become of them when the radiation they ingested,absorbed and wallowed in WILL catch up to them. We sure don't hear much from them personally despite hearing "about" them quite often as if they were talking about the crews cleaning up damage from a "natural" disaster or even an oil spill,etc. which pales in comparison to that which they SO FAR cannot "fix" or even clean up!!(?) BTW,lotta great submissions from you Anthony!~much appreciated by "us" and hated by by "them"! I feel like I'm in a war where nobody wins and defeat is "slow-motion death" and its not even "Halftime"!!
        It is that simple!="US" against "THEM" and I don't much like sitting on the sidelines watching "them" "rig" the game!! I actually know several "nuke-pukes" who are in the industry and military equivalent who've told me some things "off the record" which I STILL try like hell to get them to "betray" their team even anonymously but they're scared of their "handlers" even more than being unemployed!(?) I WILL figure out ways to get the most damning of the revelations our "private" conversations held out without putting friends in jeapordy and SOON!!..TAKE…

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    Isn't the groundwater the fresh drinking water-supply being poisoned and then sent out to sea?

    • Sickputer

      PR typed these pixels of light: "Isn't the groundwater the fresh drinking water-supply being poisoned and then sent out to sea?"

      SP: From geology reports there are large fissures in the sandstone underneath Daiichi and these carry fresh ground water from the inland reservoirs. This water is seeping into the reactor basements and also contacting the coriums (somewhere in the subsoil/sandstone).

      The tidal flow also comes in by underground sandstone fissures under the island surface and we think this ocean flow mixes with the corium-contaminated ground water and then as the tide goes out it enters the Pacific Ocean.

      Tepco has proposed drilling wells to stop that freshwater inflow. But that is a relatively inexpensive plan and why they haven't done it is because we (Enenewers) think they are fearful the reactor coriums will be impossible to cool from above and explosions might blow up from beneath the reactors.

      They are apparently injecting lots of nitrogen into Units 1 and 2 to prevent the buildup of hydrogen gas which is presumably caused by corium fuel rod debris heating up in the ground. Too much hydrogen gas and things go boom.

      And we could be completely wrong, but Tepco has never provided any other theories to counter it.

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @SP; ~I wish they would address even a few of the important questions you and my other peers bring up!!(?) Their silence seems to answer those questions we may not like the truth of if they even cared about the tiny percentage of their victims smart enough or having enough common-sense to be concerned!!(?) Maybe most people(sheeple,whatever)would freak out if they knew the truth and maybe it would and SHOULD have a major impact on an already fragile & sinking economy??!! But "anti-panic" measures or "missions"-whatever they "claim" as their motive & reason does NOT excuse their unwillingness to let US know the truth and respond to it however the masses would(will)and without $$ concerns being the issue of concern! If my wife had stayed home in March & April of 2011(for starters)-"maybe" she/we would've been spared her cancer & the harsh treatments it requires!!(??)~With that said,I can only hope that TPTB read what you and the more level-headed,educated & logical "victims" post and suggest and that THEY learn a thing or two and consider implementing some of the ideas put forth from engineering & problem solving to reversing policy and setting out the TRUTH for once no matter how the public reaction to the undoubtedly "bad" news it poses them and the liars & substandard leadership(s) that'd be exposed at all levels!! I do suspect they read ENE,etc. & probably have (quietly)implemented ideas that THEY take credit for any successes!! Take Care SP! ~ 🙂 ~

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    (Nuclear contractor)Shaw chairman’s son charged with stealing $453,123:

    Jus' sayin' . . .

  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

    Indeed . They should confess they have no clue , can not have a clue , never had and never will have a clue , not even in high mating clue-season drawning in horny cluess . Because their brain is programmed/devolved backwards , to create and deny those "problems" and then who and what mindset creates it , over and over.
    After confession , ask the world to coöperate dealing with this clusterfrag . There should be a 2+ year operational and matured thinkthank of 7 BILLION people minus the first panickers by now of informed individuals that want to live ffs . But thats another rant in itself , and the same people/mindset responsible.
    GREED got hold without public consent of the most toxic matter/energy possible and called it "PROGRESS".
    EVERYONE in the industry should have a deep thought about your "paycheck" and realise two things .

    1)Everything in your life you need to do to survive , to eat etc , no one can judge that , its selfdefence .
    But everything above that , you have a choice , therefore , it IS a choice you make all the time !
    The public did not give her consent , it coulden't , because it is decieved with lies , laws and illegal means , globally and systemic.
    Therefore , it is denied the selfrespect to have a choice. But , humankind as a whole and the Planet that holds us dear , is setup for a gruesome dissintegration all around . Because safety-illusions stay illusions , and you will continue to melt and blow up . That is the reality behind…

  • razzz razzz

    Tracking whereabouts of flows won't be a problem having already pre-installed 'tracers' to sense for in artesian wells, aquifers, groundwater, oceans, animals, etc. Scientists have taken the Fuku opportunity to track fish migration patterns, ocean currents, air currents, animal habits, among other things.

    It is not only natural water that is being contaminated but sand and sediments that also comes in contact with that underground water besides fines that collect and deposit everywhere.

    I suggest drilling dewatering wells around the plant site, bottle it and sell it to the public: Mineral Water? Hot Water? Ray's Water? Blue Glow? FuksU Up Water? Medical tracing water? Geiger counter background adjusting water?…Possibilities are endless.

    • Sickputer

      Razzz sez: "I suggest drilling dewatering wells around the plant site, bottle it and sell it to the public: Mineral Water? Hot Water? Ray's Water? Blue Glow? FuksU Up Water?"

      SP: I think that's best bottled as a private label and served up free of charge to the Tokyo nucleocrats. The last name is my favorite. 😉

      Hire Erin Brockovich to serve them a tasty luncheon in the Tokyo home office. The Fuku water served with Fuku rice, Fuku beef, and of course tasty Fuku lagoon fish. A meal to die for.

    • bwoodfield bwoodfield


  • ion jean ion jean

    Ionizing radiation has certainly rattled all of our immune systems a bit, anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere…what I'm surprised about is why this isn't listed as an ONGOING nuclear event in the RSOE log? With coriums unchecked, as "checked" as Chernobyl at least could be, and RAD levels rising in water, are they rising in air as well?

    I call THAT a Fukuing Nuclear Accident, Part 2, don't y'all agree?

  • Probably the real truth as told here months ago. Basically corium being cooled by groundwarter flowing to the sea, suplemented by original cooling system cooling?
    Best case scenario? Nature cooling corium for us? Better then out of control nuclear fire blowing efluent over the wind but now russian rulette when eating seafood.
    God Bless All

  • RJ RJ

    You wonderful people at ENENEWS, Fukushima Diary, EXSKF and more, are great. This BS has really got my blood boiling. I wanna start a nuke/gov. hit squad. Anyone wanna join?

    Of course by stating this, I'm already marked.

    GOODBYE radiated world!

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      @ RJ please read (and others).

      I have noticed that lately on this forum people are forgetting the basics . Do not make direct threats like "i'm coming for you " to the people that can shut ENENews down. Its a dreamed excuse for them . Our voice is too important to waste that way . I understand the sentiment perfectly , but this is not about right or wrong , its about the sustainability of ENENews , wich is essential (imo) . And to not solidify the opposite positions any further then they already are . So , if you have to vent that anyway , please , don't do it here …

      Everybody thanks for understanding and keep participating constructively , as long as you can… 😉

    • Actually, we have no choice. Their hit squad has been shooting little perpetual bullets at us for almost two years now.

      The people running their firing squad deny that they're shooting real bullets and claim they're only harmless blanks. They further claim the blanks might even be good for you – and some believe it, probably most.

      Much of the discussion here is getting to the truth of the matter and trying to paint a picture that is real – neither overstated or understated – a picture we can take to our fellow human beings and hold up as a testament to our own brilliant stupidity, but also as proof of what is to come, the cancers, the deaths, and what we can do about it now to help both ourselves and generations of the future.

      • I was thinking of this – i.e. that it was really a level 8, and that it could have been unthinkably worse, like a level 15 or so, or already is:

        "Fairewinds analysis of the triple meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi determined that other Japanese reactor sites were also in jeopardy because their cooling water systems were destroyed by the same tsunami.

        In this film, Fairewinds provides evidence that cooling systems for 24 out of 37 diesel generators were shut down by the tsunami and that 14 additional nuclear reactors were impacted. Finally, Fairewinds also recommends that the criteria of the international nuclear accident scale have a Level 8 added. The addition of a Level 8 would reflect the nuclear accident scenario at a multi-reactor site that significantly changes the risk factors to the general public and emergency evacuation procedures.

        • Well, maybe it could have been worse. Humans are such enterprising souls:

          Report: Nazis plotted radioactive attack on NY
          German air force chief commissioned research into possibility of dropping radioactive bomb on US city using supersonic space rocket
          Published: 01.04.13, 17:57 / Israel News


          "The Nazis secretly planned to drop a radioactive bomb on New York City from supersonic space rocket, a plot that never panned out but may have paved the way for modern space travel, the Daily Mail reported, citing historians.

          According to the report, the head of the German air force during World War II, Hermann Goering, set up a lab and a team of leading scientists to look into the possibility of mounting a radioactive attack on America's most populous city.

          The team, which included Eugen Saenger, a pioneer in the aerospace field, was comissioned to invent a space plane that would be armed with a radioactive bomb. Goering believed such an attack would enable the Third Reich to avenge America's entry into the war."

          • Trying to outdo myself here:

            "With one more (major) earthquake "Japan will cease to exist. The resulting destruction will take half the planet along with it." Jake Price The Guardian (UK)


            • Sickputer

              Mark Goldes (aka Magneto) is perhaps a little optimistic about earthquake prognostication:
              "An M8 aftershock, based on historical Japanese major quake data, has an 80% weight of occurring today, with that weighting reaching 100% by September 2016. Based on ANSS data – the Earthquake Hazards Program of the USGS"

              SP: I am pretty sure humans can't predict any earthquake (much less an 8.0) with a 100% chance for a certain place and within a certain time frame. Advance warning is still guesswork.

              Good article here about how puny human's efforts are to investigate fault lines in Japan:

              "But the predictions have their limitations, given that the researchers actually examined just 110 of the estimated 2,000 major active faults in Japan. The previous study had listed probabilities of zero to 0.1% for parts of Fukushima and Iwate prefectures — areas hit the hardest in March 2011."


              • jump-ball jump-ball

                "…humans can't predict any earthquake…"

                Well, it's been done once, in 1975, by Chinese officials, who ordered a million residents out of their poorly constructed Haicheng homes, in the middle of winter, several hours after which a 7.3 quake leveled most of the dwellings, saving over 100,000 lives, but don't expect any of our u.s. high-tech, bureacratic, wasteful, perception-management-based agencies to ever match the life-saving, on-the-money, low-tech call by the agrarian, animal sensitive Chinese:


                • Sickputer

                  Thanks…the Haicheng earthquake of 1975 is truly an amazing story and an exception to the normal uncertainty factor of imminent earthquake prediction.

                  Great historical article detailing how the Chinese made history in earthquake prediction:

                  Excerpt: "For example, the report quoted a popular saying “small quakes booming, big quake looming.” The belief that fore- shocks would precede a large earthquake was widespread among the Chinese populace, which may explain why various communes and brigades of the Haicheng earthquake re- gion made their own evacuation decisions before the main shock." page 6 of 39

                  Page 29 conclusions tempers some of the success: "The events do not fit the ideal model of four-stage (long- term, middle-term, short-term, and imminent) prediction. In particular, there was no official short-term prediction, al- though such a prediction was made by individual scientists. (2) We have noticed some major factual inaccuracies in the story…"

                  SP: Of special interest was the fact that in 1975 Maoist China virtually nobody owned a TV at home or even have a telephone. The government geologists made their prediction and then it was broadcast through a government phone switchboard distribution system among Communist officials. Then the local officials began mobile loudspeaker evacuation announcements. Truly remarkable.

            • Anthony Anthony

              Scary but everything we`ve covered here:
              **"With one more (major) earthquake "Japan will cease to exist. The resulting destruction will take half the planet along with it." Jake Price The Guardian (UK)

              The #3 and #4 reactors at Fukushima contain roughly 85 times the amount of Cs-137 released at the Chernobyl accident . The total spent reactor fuel inventory at the Fukushima-Daiichi site contains nearly half of the total amount of Cs-137 estimated to have been released by all atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, Chernobyl, and world-wide reprocessing plants.

              5 times more Cesium-137 than Chernobyl would destroy our civilization. This is not rocket science, nor does it connect to the debate over nuclear power plants. This is an issue of human survival.

              Fukushima fuel pool #4 is the top near-term threat to humanity and a little recognized major National Security issue for the USA. A massive release of radioactivity is a ticking time bomb. **

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Nukushima contamination reports broadcast from non-nuclear sites always encourages me to consider that the sermon may finally be going out past the choir, to a worldwide group of non-believers: