Update from NHK: “Record cesium level” in groundwater at Fukushima — 30,000 times higher than nearby well sampled last week — 50 meters from ocean (VIDEO)

Published: February 13th, 2014 at 7:35 am ET


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NHK, Feb. 13, 2014: Record cesium level in Fukushima plant groundwater — [Tepco] says water samples taken from a newly-dug well contained the highest levels of radioactive cesium detected so far in groundwater at the site […] the record levels suggest that the leakage point could be near the well. […] 600 times the government standard for radioactive wastewater that can be released into the sea. It is more than 30,000 times the level of cesium 137 found in water samples taken from another observation well to the north last week. […] [Tepco has] yet to determine where the leak originates.

UPI, Feb. 13, 2014: Highest Cesium Level in Fukushima Plant Groundwater […] The samples were taken from a new observation well located 50 meters from the ocean near the Number 2 reactor, Japan’s NHK World reported.

VoR, Feb. 13, 2014: Alarmingly high levels of radioactive cesium have been recorded in the groundwater underneath Japan’s crippled Fukushima power plant, [Tepco] has announced. Samples of contaminated groundwater were taken from a fresh well outside the second [reactor] […] Situation at the devastated nuclear power plant continues to deteriorate. TEPCO experts are still striving to contain radioactive water that has been trickling between the seams. It emerged earlier that the previous estimates were doctored to underplay the threat […]

Watch the NHK report here

Published: February 13th, 2014 at 7:35 am ET


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29 comments to Update from NHK: “Record cesium level” in groundwater at Fukushima — 30,000 times higher than nearby well sampled last week — 50 meters from ocean (VIDEO)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fukushima is about to reemerge as a lead story in the MSM.
    The MSM simply cannot continue to ignore this story.

    Conditions at Fukushima continue to get worse and worse.
    The accumulated fallout over the United States has radiation readings inching up to alert levels.
    From the story above:
    "Situation at the devastated nuclear power plant continues to deteriorate."
    "It emerged earlier that the previous estimates were doctored to underplay the threat."

    TEPCO has squandered its opportunity to mitigate this disaster.
    Very soon, they are going to begin dumping all the stored water into the ocean.
    Groundwater continues to wash the contamination right into the ocean.
    TEPCO is running out of time.
    Soon, high radiation readings may drive workers away entirely.
    Fukushima is the story of this young century.

    Where is the corium, TEPCO?

    • flatsville

      Ramp up into 3RD Anniversary plays a role. MSM looking for stories.

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        "MSM looking for stories."

        Morning, Flat.

        Yes, they used to come to EneNews for leads, but because the truth flows here like the constant radiation does in japan, and their job is to cover up and obfuscate the truth about this horrible disaster, they are having a harder and harder time finding fluff stories that make the whole ELE seem minimal. They can no longer find credible voices to blurt the falsities and lines of horseradish lies to enhance the story about nothing being wrong. They just cannot find legitimate stories to propell the lies and dis/mis-information.

        Sooner or later, they will be forced to tell the truth, but they also fear starting a huge panic. What many do not want to accept is, it is already too late to panic. What has been done is done. The fallout has done it's evil job well over these last three years. It continues unabated and unchecked…one day at a time.

        Normally, to be in a good mental place, one could say these things too shall pass. Sadly, this is going to pass, and pass, and keep passing over us all until all life will be extinguished on the entire planet.

        Remember, it is easier to make love, than to make war.

        Blessings all round the House!


  • corium pudding corium pudding

    I am dismayed over the record cesium level, but even more dismayed by the advertisement I am seeing on this web page. You know, the one that says "250 Million Infected in U.S."? The guy with the white coated tongue, mouth ulcers, fatigue, itchy skin, rashes and bloating, and assuming The Thinker's pose on the toilet whilst enduring massive constipation and diarrhea? You would think it appropriate for this site given the situation at Fukushima, yet I see it on many others not related to that disaster. Who gains from that kind of advertising?

  • hbjon hbjon

    Attempts must be made to separate the water from the cesium, uranium, dirt, grime, salt, and God knows what else is in those tanks and runoff.

    If their able to trap 80 percent of the contaminants by passing them through calcium and carbon, it would be considered progress.

    Since it was never clear on how much of the fuel inventory that was involved in the initial events, we can only speculate on the size and mass of the corium that either evaporated (aerosolized) or became part of a liquid inventory that sank down as it replaced lighter, less dense, solids.

    Let's be skeptical about all the nice photos that shows fuel assemblies with handles, intact reactor vessels, undamaged sfp's, and images that have been engineered to misguide the beliefs of us newsers.

    Uranium will continue to show up in the water and air filters for generations. It will cause death and disease.

  • Archie

    "[Tepco has] yet to determine where the leak originates."

    But when they find out who has been leaking these numbers they will take appropriate action.

  • JMR

    I think it's obvious something "gave" a few weeks ago since day by day, week by week, they are reporting worsening conditions. The NETC site has shown highly elevated levels of radiation in southern Japan (Radcon 3!). Some major disaster has occurred recently within the plant. What does everyone think it is? I'm just a layman when it comes to nuclear so that's why I love coming here to get educated on the subject.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Well.. we'd have to discuss what happened in late Dec.
    I'm not taking the bait ..at the moment anyway…lol

    • GQR2

      Something "grave" did happen JMR
      its gonna take another cup or two of tea.
      There was a huge emission i believe it was right after the last big earthquake. The first public statement was "no damage"
      In inEPTCO speak that means major damage

    • JMR

      Thank you Rose and GQR2 for your responses. What did happen in late December? Or what didn't happen? I'm curious to find out what people think it was

      • GQR2

        JMR the articles from the last month and half. search earthquakes,leaks,high radiation levels, underground water. Then come to your own conclusions. keep reading what happened is revealed.

        • JMR

          I have been paying close attention but have not seen any one event that the majority agree on here that would cause this to suddenly get so much increasingly worse day by day. The recent earthquakes? Or is the truth just coming out now?

          • GQR2

            It was destined to get worse from day one.
            Keep watching. reading. paying close attention.
            There is nothing to agree on. Its on going.
            More truth is coming out now. A lot more and its not gonna be a discreet event…yet, there have already been many in the last 3 yrs. Keep reading 🙂

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "The recent earthquakes?"

            Good hello, GQ.

            What we know is, the upticks in our hometown readings always go up after there is an earthquake in japan. It stands to reason that when these melting reactors are shaken, they release massive amounts of steam and fission reactions that go into the atmosphere. Depending on which way the wind is blowing just after these earthquakes, there is substantial releases of highly dangerous amounts of radiation that adds to the massive amounts of ever growing and accumulating contamination across the lands and sea.

            Looking back at our records, there were several times all through last summer that we counted higher upticks. There were more as we slowed down in December to check more often. The snow brought down a lot of it in our area, just as it has in the snows all across the eastern parts of the USA recently. A check might revel the upticks came after earthquakes.

            All we all can do is to keep abreast of these earthquakes, and when they do take place, we must enact the rad reporting crew here to be ready as the first line of defence for those who choose to shelter inside for the passage of the poisonous radiation plume. This is why it is more and more important that all you good folks here that have detectors check in at the reporting thread with your data. Our astute observer Petero up in BC is giving good info that is a fore-warning of what is coming to those up in Canada, and towards the east coast. Give thanks.


      • weeman

        The levels we are seeing is most likely from unit 2, that unit did not blow up but down and damage is to the torus and containment and is the most likely unit for the corium ex building.
        You can keep building ice dams or breakwaters etc,higher and higher, but until you can control water input, the end result is the same, the dam will overflow and contamination will be released and since we are seeing increasing levels of contamination, your idea that if the ground water is higher than water level in building and would have kept contaminated water in basements is not working, wonder why.
        A nudge is as good as a wink to a blind Horse, it is the year of the Horse in the Chinese new year, nae?

  • Ontological Ontological

    When I mentioned the wells would have higher readings than they were saying last report, again, these readings will get far worse.
    The heavy snow was in part culprit, Tokyo got heavy snow, I am sure it was a fair bit hot. Without the corium cores, the remaining hot steel emitting strong beta, and gamma "shine" will increase exponentially over time, and FD1 would still be a tough decommission challenge. WITH them in the ground all bets are off. Too hot to handle without some serious cooling soon. If that is at all possible.

  • Nick

    Japan is moving on from Fukushima, folks want to spend money on other, more important things
    such as…..

    "A city in northeastern Japan has decided to collect donations to preserve the remains of a hotel that was destroyed in the 2011 tsunami disaster.

    Taro Kanko Hotel in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture has been chosen by the state as the first monument to be preserved to remember the March 11th disaster.

    • GQR2

      a single hotel
      somebody is making some money there,and that building is ghastly looking or do i see with a jaundiced eye? (yeah i do but that building is still ugly)
      Welcome to the twilight zone.

      • amberlight amberlight

        About a year after the Lower 9th Ward levees broke following Katrina I walked around an installation that was supposed to honor the lost and displaced persons of that neighborhood. I wish I could remember what it cost (plenty!), but I only remember thinking, as I viewed the destruction around me and thought about the thousands scattered elsewhere with no means to return "home" and for most no home to return to, "What a flippin' waste of money!" Who was this supposed to benefit—the commuters on North Claiborne rushing in and out of the city each day?

        I see stuff like this less as a money-making scheme (although someone IS cashing in) and more as a public relations see-how-much-we-care gesture, a diversion to convince people that SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING, regardless of how meaningless.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      The only monument needed is the 'Stupid Human' monument.

      There are no natural 'disasters', just natural evolution. Humans engineer conflicts with nature, and are just plain addicted to the rush it gives us to go 'closer to the edge'.

      !00 year Darwin Trophy goes to Homo Sapiens, 200,000 years in the making, 200 years in the breaking. An absolute failure of understanding exponential effects in all that we do.

  • Nick

    I suggest that Japan chose Fukushima's wrecked nuclear power generating station as an eternal monument for all of humanity to see the folly of our modern love of atomic energy and weapons.

  • Michele

    Denial is a powerful tool against reality in this case; ignore the plight of the evacuees from Fukushima, in fact, send them back into an area of certain death. Give pregnant women free housing to move into Fukushima, they are only carrying the first generation that will be affected by the nuclear nightmare of radiation gone rogue. Preserve an ugly hotel as a memorial to those victims of the tsunami. Ignore the living victims throughout the nation of Japan, we are only three years in from 311.

  • Nick

    "The nuclear incident was never more than a sideshow to the natural disaster of the tsunami. It was a tragedy of the intersection of human settlements and plate tectonics, not of the nuclear industry."

    Read more: http://www.theengineer.co.uk/opinion/comment/fukushima-alarmism-is-a-bigger-risk-than-radiation/1017047.article#ixzz2tEhbUApK

  • Nick

    And here-in lies our problem. Nuclear shills can;t fathom that Fukushima has screwed the pooch. To this day they INSIST that the industry has learned the lessons of Fukushima and will be safer going forward.

    NO WAY.

    No, since the legacy of Fukushima is still unfolding, no one, anywhere, can actually even PREDICT what will happen at the plant and the AWOL reactor cores. Forget the fuel pools and the storage tanks.

    The mass of fissioning blobs underground will never be controlled.

    The shills will shill, but the gamma will still shine.