NHK Special: Extremely toxic water 4,000,000 times gov’t limit in trenches between Fukushima reactors and ocean — Experts: “Source of contamination for Pacific” — “Levels too high for them to get more precise look at situation” — Reporter: Plutonium leaked out after fuel rods damaged (VIDEO)

Published: April 18th, 2014 at 1:36 pm ET


NHK’s Newsline FOCUS: Inside Fukushima Daiichi, Mar. 29, 2014 (at 18:15 in): A network of trenches runs between the reactor buildings and the shore. They are flooded with extremely radioactive water that’s been trapped** there since the triple meltdown. Tepco data shows concentrations of cesium up to 4 million times above the government safety limit. Engineers estimate that the trenches hold about 15,000 tons of toxic water but radiation levels are too high for them to get a more precise look at the situation. Some experts point out these trenches are a source of contamination for the Pacific Ocean. Tepco says there’s no evidence of that yet, but it recognizes the need to act quickly.

**Yomiuri Shimbun, Mar. 6, 2014: “It appears that high-level radioactive contaminated water from tunnels [trenches] extending from the No. 1 to No. 4 reactor building is flowing into the sea.”

Extreme contamination in the trenches was first reported exactly 3 years before NHK’s special above — NHK, Mar. 28, 2011 (h/t MsMilkytheclown):

  • At 0:30 – Tepco: “Now we have found water in the section between the underground area of the building and the sea in the area called the trench.” Workers detected contamination in the trench on Sunday [Mar. 27]. They recorded more than 1,000 millisieverts per hour on the water’s surface. […] Tepco says it’s unlikely the water is leaking into the ocean […] Tepco had no intention of hiding it.
  • At 4:15 — Yoshiyuki Yamazaki, NHK: Of the Reactors 1-3, one, or more, or all, have likely sustained damage to their nuclear fuel rods. Which is why iodine, cesium, and plutonium are leaking out. […] Tepco mentioned they don’t think the current level will affect human health […] We have to be very careful. Compared to iodine and cesium, plutonium would have a substantially larger adverse effect on health if taken into the human body.

Watch the NHK Newsline FOCUS special here

Published: April 18th, 2014 at 1:36 pm ET


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168 comments to NHK Special: Extremely toxic water 4,000,000 times gov’t limit in trenches between Fukushima reactors and ocean — Experts: “Source of contamination for Pacific” — “Levels too high for them to get more precise look at situation” — Reporter: Plutonium leaked out after fuel rods damaged (VIDEO)

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    So it has taken 3 years to learn of this??!!

    Let alone OPEN trenches??!!!!!

    15,000 tons??!!

    No doubt the trenches are cement, i.e. permeable!

    The big question is when do we determine that all of this just gets to the the point of "Game Over. No Replay".

  • nedlifromvermont

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!

    Tepco is on it!!!!

    Why am I not reassured?

  • tsfw tsfw

    Unlikely leaking into ocean – how many times have we heard that one.

    • GQR2

      Somebody really needs to give this man a tour around the place especially to the ocean side and have a good look at the trenches too which are now reported to be millions of times beyond anything parameters of safety. Maybe he would like a swim or a sushi picnic ?

  • GQR2

    Japan times removed the story with the workers quote about water flowing into the sea!

    • ENENews

      Thanks, here's an archived version:

      • GQR2

        Thank you dear admin and i'm thinking its time for a Spring Fund Raiser! why not. i'll start it off. Thank you so much obviously you're feeling better yay! The articles have been great and hey if you need a week end – we'll talk amongst ourselves. We do not want you exhausting yourself.
        Here i go-ey over to the doo-nate button.
        You Rock – thank you for providing this forum and the 24hrs a day work it requires. ((((admin)))

      • We Not They Finally

        Thank you, Admin, for making that available. It's just that every sentence of it falls between inane and insane. Like "The utility also will solidify sea floor soil…. to prevent radioactive substances in the soil from spreading."

        What does that even MEAN? If the contamination to the sea floor came from the water above it, then no proposed "sealing" at the bottom will stop ocean contamination. And if contamination bubbles up from BENEATH the sea floor, then it's subterranean and unstoppable.

        Meanwhile, no one can even get near what they are hypothetically talking about without getting fried.

      • Outragous…..they have 1000 tanks which is far too many to manually inspect. Give me a break! Give the world a break.

        How about a field force of 500,000 people like they did at Chernobyl….

        Human species is looking like an also ran at this time.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, thanks Admin. Can anyone get a good screenshot of the graphic in the article showing where the trenches are? I'm having issues with this computer and can't do it right now.

        Read this,

        "TEPCO is also speeding up purification of the contaminated water using a new technology called an Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS), seeking to minimize adverse effects in the event of any future leaks."

        "TEPCO is also speeding up putrifaction of the contaminated water" is what my brain first read.

      • Anyone notice that the number of tanks has not changed at all in three years?

        At the end of year 1 – 1,000 tanks

        End of year 2 – 1,200 tanks

        End of year 3 today.. 1,000 tanks

        So where is all of the water going, if they aren't adding any new tanks? After year one, all of those tanks were filled.

        • Could it be that they are pumping the water into the basements so it can go out to sea?

          One would think that these pipes have check valves so this cannot happen, but the story the other day about connecting four different buildings and pumps and pumping water down INTO the basement of one of the reactors proves that there is no safety system, and nothing preventing TEPCO from just dumping the water into the ocean every day, through the basements of the buildings.

          Obviously, no one is checking which way the water is going and no one seems to care how many tanks are full, empty, or whatever.

  • We Not They Finally

    Last week it was something at "quintillion." Was that to make the (outlandishly, outrageously, poisonously, dangerously high) reading of "4 million times the limit" look tame?

    Not working, guys. It's still a quintillion creatures (Man being only 6 billion of them) who have to run for their lives, but where?

  • Angela_R

    On 28th March 2011 it was announced that 3 types of plutonium had been detected in Japan's Fukushima daiichi plant.

    Personally I have been surprised that there have been any workers on site. The robots could not cope.

    • We Not They Finally

      Who thinks that robots can even cope at WIPP? They can't send in humans "yet," they say, because the radiation gets higher and higher as they go in. So they would have ALREADY SENT ROBOTS if they could have, yes? So they either already did and the readings are THAT BAD, or they couldn't because the readings were THAT BAD.

      • Franco was "modifying" a robot 3 weeks ago….hmmmm

      • Angela_R

        "Only now are robots being developed that might be able to access the most contaminated areas…"

        and more recently

        it was referred to as the Great Tribulation,

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          From the first article Angela_R linked to above:

          " 'For a start,' says Dr. Masashi Goto who worked on designing containment vessels of Mark-1 reactors like those at Fukushima Daiichi, 'neither Japan's nuclear power industry nor the government concede that an accident like this could ever happen. They have long held that all of Japan reactors are "absolutely safe." ' " In other words, why prepare emergency backups or robots for the event of a quake-induced meltdown when the authorities denied such a thing could ever happen? Doing so would acknowledge a danger perpetually denied.

          ' They said that €œaccidents owing to earthquakes would be minimal,' adds Goto. 'As a consequence the companies involved in designed these reactors were told only to make '€œvoluntary€ efforts to make the reactors' containment vessel quake proof.' "

          Very telling statements.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            And check out these lies from the same article, sheesh.

            "Luckily, so far radiation released from Fukushima is only one tenth of Chernobyl's. The Ukrainian plant blew its top, literally, and spewed, chimney like, nuclear fallout far and wide. Daiichi shutdown, Chernobyl did not. Enough safety protocols functioned to avert an even larger disaster, but the reactors remain unstable. Still, the fact is that no machine exists that can safely obtain proper readings from near the radioactive cores. "It will be difficult to explain where the fuel is. We can't get close enough for proper measurements," admits Yoshinori Moriyama, of Japan's nuclear watchdog NISA."

            The "one tenth of Chernobyl" lie
            "The "enough safety protocols functioned" lie
            The "Daichi shutdown, Chernobyl did not" lie (Daichi shut down)

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Yes. they are lies and all they do is lie.. 🙁

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              I wish I could FORCE the authors of articles like this to watch a slow motion video of the detonation and explosions at Reactor 3, and Reactor 1 exploding. Then force them to look at the carnage in high resolution photos, up close and personal.

              Cold shutdown my arsky.

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        I am compelled to inject here with the hopes that it will not come across as playing devil's advocate.

        As a career EE (40+ years electronics design) I propose that the reason they have not mentioned any robot activity yet is because they truly have not gotten to that point yet.

        WIPP activity is being "managed" by people who are not competent to do so. Who out there IS competent at addressing and cleaning up serious Pu contamination? I say no one.

        The better analogy is some one planning and trying to organize an Everest climb when they have never actually climbed anything. When all they have done is read books about it.

        Or some on organizing a long wilderness rafting trip when they have never rafted for even a day.

        Needless to say, once they actually embark on their "journey", there will certainly be major mistakes, people will die due to negligence and incompetence. They will be learning the hard way as they go. They will be glad to be part of photo ops for the media, yet never let on that in their heart and soul they know they are faking it and are in way over their heads with no realistic way to back out.

        I am confident that they have deluded themselves so badly that they have spent very little time addressing how to make a robot survive the mess.

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          What they need is an Apollo 13 paradigm shift in there thought process on problem solving. They need to bring in some smart/creative minds to work together on how to deal with WIPP with containment as the primary goal vs how to duct tape things enough to pretend that everything is "fixed" so they can go back to business as usual.
          I am confident that I know a cheap and simple way to rad proof the robotics so that everything but the CCD camera will still work in most of the really high neutron and gamm ray flux areas.

          With PR as the main agenda, which is how I distilled the first WIPP Town Hall meeting, they have no need for robots.

          Robots are a solution looking for a problem.
          If they can pull off a magic trick to make it seem like the problem is no longer a problem, then no need to bother with robots.

          Just my take on it.

          • We Not They Finally

            No, not "devil's advocate." I think what you just presented may be REALITY. The arrogance that seemed to dominate this project from the start seemed breathtaking. You'd think that they were clamoring for gold bars. No comprehension that they were importing in death.

    • If they report three, then you can count on at least five being there. Not that it matter much, no matter what the real deal is, it is going to be orders of magnitude worse than whatever they say.

      What about the other 1,000 radioactive elements?

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      That link doesn't work to the CNN blog….

  • bo bo

    What happened to that little hand drawing of the plutonium leak that was up earlier… ?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      jec, great find. Now we have solved the mystery as to how all the water is getting into the ocean. Not to mention whatever is leaching into the oversaturated soil, and getting picked up in groundwater.

      Would you please archive the link to this article somewhere? I suspect we'll all want to make reference to this article from time to time.

      What a gem.

  • dosdos dosdos

    "…recognizes the need to act quickly." After three years, they finally recognize the need?

  • Socrates

    Compared to cesium and iodine, plutonium would have a substantially greater impact… Strontium 90 on its way. 2,000 different types of radionuclides are being released every day 24/7/365 into the atmosphere and environment with no end in sight.

    This disaster has surpassed Chernobyl many times over. Maybe by 1,000 times because it keeps on going. If Chernobyl killed a million, them multiply times 1,000. Let's say that roughly a billion will eventually die?

    A billion people is a very high price for some electricity. Oh wait, we also got some plutonium for weapons in the bargain.

    The Pacific Ocean as a food source will diminish as the news leaks out. The oceans will not be able to cycle CO2 into O2 as the phytoplankton die off.

    80% of the radionuclides blew off over the ocean. No way to stop this mess.

    Nobody is financially responsible? No wonder they take such changes! They take profits but lack legal responsibility. Blame the tsunami….

    • Socrates

      Kelpboy Ken had better reassure beachfront property owners that their oceanfront estates in Santa Barbara, Malibu, Del Mar, Maui, etc. will not experience nuclear stigma or else this will be a real estate crash like no other. California cannot afford its fishing, tourist industry, agricultural industry, and real estate industry to be destroyed.

      Who is going to pay for those losses? How about all the cancers and mutations? Is that a freebie to the deadly nuclear cabal?

      If so, there is absolutely no justice! Why is this industry subsidized and virtually exempt? Do we need weapons that badly?

    • Quisp Quisp

      More than a billion will perish, because here we have contamination of the Pacific Ocean, and don't forget all the fallout on the farmland all around the world. This is probably going to kill us all.

  • We Not They Finally

    Are they giving the reporters at NHK (the mainline Japanese news outlet) medication? In one breath, they say it is FOUR MILLION times over the limit, and then in the next they quote TEPCO as saying that "they don’t think the current level will affect human health"???

    Or are they all just too frightened or firing or even jail, to see straight?

  • Ontological Ontological

    This flood back design is in all of the beached nukes, just in case the FUKU FU occurs. Now NASA in there all powerful knowing have demanded they make EVEN MORE of this shit. They will NOT learn. We must destroy them to protect the Human race!
    Another head of Tiamat the dragon of Earth will kill all those involved in Japans plutonium processing scam. And WILL kill all who try to stop her! WIPP is another head of this dragon, and those here in the USA involved will also die. Dragging this farce into a WAR is to be expected. It makes ALL of their STUPIDITY, our problem as civilians.

    Right. Clean energy. Check.

  • GQR2

    Look what the ALPS requires,do we think they implementing this there and if some entity is even trying to its so they can likely sell it. Reprocessing this Nuclear Waste is big business. But seriously do we think Tepco is implementing state of the art Advanced Liquid Processing Systems? ALPS. I think they are just saying that because that is what would be expected in the Nuclear World. Part of the show.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    ~~~Build a Bigger Breakwater NOW Please~~~

    It's like fighting trench warfare in WW1…
    …fallback and retrench.

    …if the world would have learned the lessons from "The Christmas Truce of 1914" then today we wouldn't be bothered with such NukePukePower Lunacy.

      • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

        They just told you…bits and chunks and dust of Coriums are in the trenches between the buildings and the sea.

        Someone above mentioned that the trenches are lined with gravel–and most likely made of cement–and therefore they are constantly leaking.

        Fukushima Diary and ENE both had information a WHILE ago about the composition of the water in the trenches. I believe it was the reactor 2 trench that had the exact components that the sea water does. This was/is evidence that the trenches are directly connected with the ocean.

        If unit 2 is, the others are, too.

        The "coriums" are everywhere. Actual fuel from the reactors is all over the site. Not in places here and there…it's everywhere throughout the site. The wind and the water take the fuel throughout the site and surrounding land (and direct deposit fallout into the ocean continuously).

        The water on site that is constantly flowing is pulling the fuel fragments INTO everything (soil, cement, metals, plastics, biota, etc).

        There are chunks of fuel everywhere…but some of the worst are the bits that are the size of grains of sand and smaller (all the way down to single atoms).

        Imagine a dumptruck load of sand in the middle of a cul-de-sac. Pour water through it constantly and expose to wind and sun and all else…What happens? The water "locks" the grains into micro-cracks in the asphalt. The sun dries out surface bits and the wind whisks it away…

        How does it look 3 years later?

        • How about a truckload of tiny foam beads, like in a bean bag chair?

          Even that does not work well, because radioactive gases continue to move out of Fuku even without high wind or water action.

          The multiple underground corium fires are hard to compare to sand or foam beads as well.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Dr. G., just watched Nuclear Ginza. That was great. Good shot of a nuke plant sitting inside a little bay (great target for a tsunami IMO) at about 3:30. The nuke map of Japan and aerial photos show Monju is clearly in danger if a tsunami should travel upriver in Osaka.

            I always wanted to go to Osaka. Not any more.

            BTW, I wonder what happened to the plant sited at Kobe when the Kobe earthquake occurred? Another coverup in the endless stream of coverups?

          • MoonlightEmpire MoonlightEmpire

            Correct, I just couldn't fit those details (gaseous emissions underground burning and more) into a single post…

            People can also keep in mind that even particulate (not gasses) can travel very high into the atmosphere without being blasted or raised up there by thermals.

            For instance, people working on skyscrapers and tourists who visit such rooftops will note sand-like particulate hitting their skin at very high rates of speed. Some of this particulate is seeds from the ground, that have traveled many hundreds or thousands of miles.

            It's good to know for the WIPP scenario as well: Just because the venting is coming out at ground level doesn't mean those plutonium atoms aren't making it high into the atmosphere.

            Days after 3/11, plutonium was detected in Lithuania…there is no reason why WIPP plutonium wouldn't make it that far, too.

            Japan found that the nuclides were traversing the entire globe in roughly 40 days. WIPP has been going for more than 40 days now.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Moonlight, good point. Yes, a lot of the fuel fell back to the ground. Hmmn ….

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      There are many massive sea-cranes available in Asia…
      4 of them are being mobilized to hoist that sunken ferryboat out of the water…×2-700×467.jpg—–strong-2010-april–strong—-sheer—leg-crane-barge-from-south-korea-to-iran–p–1256.jpg

      Why was massive equipment never mobilized to Fukushima ??
      Why were the bigshots content to just let TEPCO try to fix it on the cheap with slave-labor ???

      Dang, it's a hella-big mess, and you need hella-big equipment to deal with it.

  • Sol Man

    Hey, look! A road map of Boston!
    No that's our genome.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Just like the Oil Company's, Nuclear is the big guys and the big bucks.

    With Nuclear there is money coming in for the energy, waste, medical, military, and probably more than we know.

    The money that could be coming in for a safer energy, is not as much.

    As a business it's a no brainier, that they keep Nuclear up and running.

    As for the Worlds Environment, it's a no brainier, they should close them down.

  • cooterboy

    If you haven't watched the NHK link above, it's pretty funny and deadly serious.

    I was expecting dated, serious, hardcore, journalism from the mainstream, quazi news outlet and what I saw was a cool, electrocuted cat and a guy in a rain coat that made more sense of the magnitude of this Fukushima folly than the guest.

    Kitty is at minute 1:20 with encores.

    Note to self; need to get a life, a job and a milk cow.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    All this caused by a measly 300 tons of melted fuel? There are many thousands of tons of spent and active fuel around the globe with no coherent plan to safe keep it.

    But go ahead, demonize hydro and coal. Worry about climate change and abortion and gun rights. The waste is no worse than bananas….

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Nuclear disaster is on the the ocean that surrounds Japan.

  • SadieDog

    Japanese govt sets annual radiation standards to allow Fukushima residents to go home…

    • SadieDog

      "The Japanese government has set the maximum annual allowable radiation exposure at 20 millisieverts to let evacuees return to the areas near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

      The International Commission on Radiological Protection, or ICRP, says annual exposure levels that necessitate evacuation should be set between 20 and 100 millisieverts."

  • GQR2

    He wants to prevent rumors from destroying farmers. Poor man,poor farmer seriously what do you do,once you've been duped into moving back and then they tell you its off the charts radiation? i'll bet he didn't actually say he worries about rumors. If he did then he is asking for more silence,somehow i doubt that's true.

    I read somewhere for some reason,perhaps being more farming and rural that the people in Fukushima area had some kind of social stigma i don't really understand to begin with – anyone know what that is about. Living there now will only add to the stigma. Its a horror. These people are being duped.

    • We Not They Finally

      You're stigmatized if you are NOT part of the club. Then you get stigmatized if you ARE part of the club, but it's a club that is dangerous to the people outside the club that you are forced to belong to.

      And many probably do realize they are being duped because their health is failing. But many are being forced back onto contaminated land because they will lose their living stipends if they do not. Fairewinds had a good youtube on that — interview with a Japanese woman who is on their Board.

  • rogerthat

    On march 11, 2011 Tepco knew that 130,000 tonnes of extremely contaminated water was in the trenches and presumably leaching into the sea. Three years on, ''Tepco … recognises the need to act quickly''
    So what's slowly, if three years and counting is ''quickly''. 100 years, 1000 years?

    ''Yoshiyuki Yamazaki, NHK: Of the Reactors 1-3, one, or more, or all, have likely sustained damage to their nuclear fuel rods. Which is why iodine, cesium, and plutonium are leaking out. […] Tepco mentioned they don’t think the current level will affect human health.''

    – Well, considering the fact that three nuclear reactors melted down and exploded, and various spent fuel pools were consumed by zirconium fires and at least one exploded, it does appear likely that the odd nuclear fuel rod was damaged. What planet are these clowns living on?
    And Tepco can't get near the extremely radioactive trench, but this stuff won't affect human health?
    These words should be carved in stone in a giant monument so that when aliens eventually dare to set foot on this dead world they will know who killed it

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Whatever was in the trenches as of last August likely got washed out into the Pacific Ocean during the typhoon season, during the months August through October, 2013.

    Why is the claim being made the water has just been sitting there since 2011?

    Do they really think we're stupid or naive enough to believe that?

  • lam335 lam335

    They say in the first couple minutes that Reactor #2 didn't explode. I thought that one DID explode, though the outer building was not destroyed, and that the contamination in that unit was quite significant.

    • They also say #3 was a hydrogen explosion

      They say no spent fuel pools melted out

      They say Fuku was only 10% of Chernobyl

      And that no one died, and no one will die

      Fairy tale time… in la la land.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Iam355, it does appear there was some kind of explosion because it punched a hole in the side of Reactor #2. Was just pointing out the more obvious explosions in Reactors 1 and 3, and the detonation in #3, probably from a criticality starting in the SFP.

      #4 probably has had two or more explosions, although they apparently haven't been quite as dramatic as #1 and #3. Watched recent videos showing a couple of pretty large explosions at #4.

      After awhile keeping track of all of this makes my head spin.

      You are correct, #2 likely had an explosion inside when it melted down.

      If you find the high resolution photos taken in the first few months after 3/11, you can find pictures of the hole in the side of Reactor #2.

      It's also confusing because there was apparently heavy damage at two or more of the Daini reactors. I do not speak much Japanese so I'm unable to translate NHK reporting re: the damage at Daini.

      Maybe someone here could review that reporting and can let us know what was said about the damage at the Daini plant.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        When #4 has had two explosions and fires, Nuckelchen and others have caught it on video. The fires were quite dramatic, and the one explosion looked bad. I think that (explosion and fire) happened on June 11, 2011.

        • Angela_R

          Ho, here are early photos taken by a drone in March 2011.

          these show extensive damage to Unit 1, 2,3 and 4.

          There are almost daily records of ongoing damage supplied by the Fukushima Update Log from 11 Mar-June 2011. This information was released at the time, possibly in Japanese and it may have failed to be translated and taken up by the Western media. Media has a habit of grasping the sensational, the devastating impact of the tsunami and the earthquake would have had far more visual impact at that than of reporting facts that would have been hard to grasp by the general publication

          There is also the problem that the translator/s used at different times may not have had the specialised skills necessary to convey scientific facts.

          The link I have opened on 15 March 2011 (other dates can be clicked at the top of the page)

          • Angela_R

            cont. (with correction to above link, I note I have also made mistakes and omissions in my own text, please excuse, I am under considerably duress due to a computer bug)

            Noted in the above link are details of earlier explosions at Unit 1 & 3 and a further explosion at Unit 2 that 'may have affected the primary containment vessel'. A fire at Unit 4 was also said to have occurred at 23.54 UTC on 14 March 2011.

            At an earlier time a 400 millisieverts per hour radiation dose was detected and noted between Units 3 & 4. These details included here are only to 15 March. There is a wealth of information supplied on an ongoing basis in this log re those early months. How the management and the workers coped in that early period, I have no idea. These people had homes, they had families, the devastation in their own personal lives has not been recorded; they worked to contain what they could at the crippled plant.

            The management and structure of Tepco later changed. Nonsense re bananas etc. has come from another source.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The trenches are designed to meet the sea..and would follow the grade…to sea level..
    Implying that every high tide…has the potential to wash out a portion of the trenches.

    They are dumping through the trenches ..and the saturation below the trenches is extremely high .. this along with the highly contaminated ground water.. that making is its away through the trenches as well.

  • 2014 – Japanese Government Moving People Into Areas with Up To 10 Times Maximum Nuclear Workers Annual Radiation Exposure Limit; via @AGreenRoad

  • Dr. Conrad Miller MD – How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings – 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Excellent link!! Thank you for finding that one!

      I must say that Dr. Miller makes it very easy to grasp that the readily available bioaccumulation is FAR WORSE than I had understood.

      I did no know that as low as 10Bq/kg could qualify as unsafe.
      Yet after he explains the process as he does, it is clear.
      More or less qualifies as a Homer Simpson moment for me.

      For some reason I had the perception that 100s of Bq/kg would be more like the unsafe reference (never mind that there really is no reference for safe, so any number can be considered unsafe)

      Never a dull moment here for a Friday night!

  • 52Rockwell

    Since I live just South of the normal air pattern from WIPP ,It seems to head to Dallas /Ft. Woth or Lubbock most of the time ,,South winds bing constant here in the Brazos Valley, I have decided to buy a Geiger counter. . I think Im gonna buy an upgraded (new transistors and components ,and a new calibration strip, CDV 700.. ? ) I understand I can later purchase a Pancake meter and detect Alpha if I feel the need :). It already detects Beta and Gamma . I would be interested to see what I can find here , and in my trips to Cowtown and Big D.

  • J.

    A writer and activist I admired profoundly, M. C. Ruppert, took his own life a few days ago. Not long before that, he was active in making this six-part video:

    Ruppert was keenly aware of Fukushima — the facts, the reality — as well as the extreme dangers posed by rapid climate change and peak oil. His book 'Crossing the Rubicon' is a must-read. Ruppert

    The video is sad. The conclusions are bleak. I deeply hope Ruppert is wrong. All that said, the video is well worth anyone's time.

    • GQR2

      His book Crossing the Rubicon is one to read if you haven't.
      its on my shelf one of the best reads out there.
      RIP Michael Ruppert. He probably couldn't stand to watch it all go down,as aware as he has been all these years. Its not hard to understand. Maybe he was also sending a warning, as well.

      • J.

        Yes, it's tremendously sad news, and perhaps it will help a few people come to an awareness of our situation. The whole video is valuable even for those who have no interest in MCR. His comments about Fukushima come in the fourth or fifth video as I recall. (There are six, all on YouTube.) He was an excellent researcher with a very wide range of contacts, and he was absolutely certain that all the melted fuel went deep into the earth.

        One startling claim he makes: Halliburton uses DU for fracking. I had never heard this. It's both shocking and unsurprising. That group, now based in Dubai, is deeply dangerous. Ruppert knew well.

    • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

      Yeah… very sad indeed. Wrote a blogpost about it, which includes link to his last radio show hours before, nice RT tribute, and some personal reflections:

  • LordSigma

    Just propaganda, the reason and common sense tells us that:

    -It wasn't a hydrogen explosion, they are very bright. Check the video, it's looks exactly like a underground nuclear explosion, gray and full of dust (atomized material).

    -You cannot remove used fuel rods from a building extremely damaged like the building 4, surely lost its water long ago and the used fuel went melted and burned, and surely the cranks and arms used to remove the used fuel are damage too, and I doubt that they fixed in that extremely radioactive enviroment, just look for the pictures and videos of that building, it's a mess and remove used fuel rods is a delicate process. The video showing us how they remove the used fuel rods surely is an old video.

    -The IAEA admitted that the three reactor went "ex vessel" and that means, outside of the container, china syndrome. But this video tell us that they are still in the container.

    If you got a feeling that your intelligence was offended, and that they were reading an untrue script, it's beacuse they are lying or TEPCO told them lies. NHK should do a better work.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    4,000,000 trees in there, but we can't get closer to see if there is a forest or not.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Keep your leaves out of the street drains, or you'll get a ticket…but but but … don't worry about your radioactive cesspool, city boy.

  • Nick

    As we approach Earth Day 2014, I have noticed a very real UPTICK in climate change clarions, honking to warn us of rising seas, etc.

    But NOT one iota about nuclear perils.

    Seems to me, If we really dig what Earth Day is all about (and believe me, I remember #1 in 1970!), we would be focused on issues that will affect the biosphere for eons.

    Yeah, climate change is a drag, but it is an obfuscation to divert our attention from nuclear evils.

    This Earth Day I refuse to talk about climate change, instead I will try, very hard, to change the conversation to our nuclear nightmares that have become our new reality.

    Many folks sick with "the bug" these past few weeks. The key symptom is fatigue.

    Saw another recent thyroid surgery survivor last week.

    I urge all young folks to wake up and SCREAM at the top of their lungs for a nuclear free planet. It's too late, but at least we can utter our sorrow!

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