NHK Special: Japan researchers found radiation levels exceeding most contaminated zone in Chernobyl called Red Forest (VIDEO)

Published: August 12th, 2011 at 3:55 am ET


NHK Special: Mapping the Radioactive Fallout:

At 11:30 in

  • 250 microsieverts/hr already exceeds the most contaminated zone in Chernobyl called Red Forest

h/t EX-SKF

Published: August 12th, 2011 at 3:55 am ET


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26 comments to NHK Special: Japan researchers found radiation levels exceeding most contaminated zone in Chernobyl called Red Forest (VIDEO)

  • Darth

    Finally, a “whistle blower”…

  • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN

    ATTN: EneNeWs Forum Members: I am ‘MyCaL_DeaN’ and I Have Just Opened a New YouTube Channel within the Last 48 Hours…With (6) Videos, Including a ‘ViD’ on ‘FuK_U_ShiMa’ and the ever elusive‘PoRt_CaLHouN’ FotoZ, plus a few other ‘ViDz’ that pertain to MANY…of the Anomalies that are Occuring Throughout Our Entire Universe…including right HERE in our own ‘Solar_System’ On Our ‘Tiny Rock’…. The ‘ViDz’ Are Produced to Provide the Viewers an Opportunity to Expand Their Thoughts and Perhaps Come To A New Understanding of ‘What It All MeanZ’

    • byron byron

      Just curious. Is there a special Reason for the Caps on some words and even in the miDdle of words? Is it a tracking kind of thing?

      • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN


      • bigisland bigisland

        Some folks will take their last name and put different captialization/and or spellings on last and first name as well, to see who has sold their name (free on-line magazine subscriptions for example). When you see your variations on your name in print in junk mail or when marketing companies call they ask for a variation or your name over the telephone, then you know.

  • arclight arclight

    its funny how things can effect you! the shot at the end of them away from the farm with the dog running! brought tears to my eyes!
    if this doesnt shake some apples from the trees……?
    some interesting points though!
    heavier metals have generally fallen nearer to the plant (i use the term loosely)

    officials, seem to use doublespeak (1984) …”the levels ok”…. “the levels not ok” in the same meeting, and they didnt reverse the level of 20 msv for children!

    ceasium is a huge problem, but not one word about strontium that i could see!

    the farmers shown deserve our compassion, they were very brave to participate given the cultural pressures that are being brought to bear and indeed encouraged!

    the internal japanese pr machine does not seem so effective as it is in the “western world” given the meetings…anyone noticed the ages of the reprentitives of government, seemed very young and inexpierienced to be handling a justifiably angry crowd! just my impression!

    finally, it was good to see defiance and activism, some of which must be working to nrk having made this documentary…well done for listening nrk (didnt think i would say that 🙂 ) whats the chances of any main strem media showing this high definition, informative, topical, emotive and well researched video.

    i might point out that not all information was put into this video, it seemed more of a beginners guide to this disaster…cant wait for some more documentaries from the maker of this one!

    @MyCaL DeaN hi bro or broess
    if you put your link in the discussion thread that we get once a week, that would be useful and polite…do some more videos too, like your artistic side…but seeing this everywhere is starting to make me twitch! please!
    peace light and love to all here

    • AustralianCannonball

      I posted this video on “Atomic Insights” a while back. Its a Pro-Nuke forum. It did not move them at all. Believe it all not I go into battle against the pro-nuke side from time to time. Just google the site and leave them some nice comments on their latest thread!. I’ve become like a guest visitor over there now. They absolutely hate me 🙂

      • Koz

        Atta baby Cannonball.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi AC, I’ll join in. 🙂

      • Steven Steven

        Careful going into battle against pro-nukes. The science, data etc is all of their own design. You are unlikely to win using the weapons of their choice.

        Keep it honest and shoot from the hip. Something along the lines of ‘ok prove it, eat some’ should work if they maintain that it’s safe, for instance. Another good one is ‘I don’t trust you with the safety of my children, nor should I be obliged to’.

        Personally I find them generally to be one-eyed and arrogant, and I’m sure they would see us the same way. Not the most fertile ground for intelligent debate. Good luck, you’ll need it.

        • Pallas89juno

          Steve: It’s passed the time for polite debate with people who’ve sold their souls (pro-nuke nuts) or have allowed themselves to become so deluded and filled with apologetics for the unacceptable. Their power is at our pleasure. When enough of us realize that, it is over (hopefully non-violently, but forcefully and decisively) for those currently in charge.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Oh, no, I could not have left the dog. That was heartbreaking.

    • mikey

      Dog running absolutely heartbreaking Im just recked when i see the animals so loving and missing the humans and then we just drive off! Not in a million years would they leave us if it were the other way-NEVER

  • Darth

    It will be interesting to see whole body count “maps” for people all over Japan. A better tracer for tracking the multi-vector contamination mess. I would imagine that the readings over time will show severe bio-accumulation.

  • MyCaL DeaN MyCaL DeaN

    @ arclight: Thank You so much for at least watching my “Beginnerz Guide” to this disaster, “Michael_Dean” who by the way is the creator/producer/”maker” of these Documentaries truly appreciates the fact that at least someone in the ENENEWS Forum has the guts to “CaLL_OuT” a “NeW_bEE” for making him/her? “TWITCH”…and ‘NO’ I am not sorry for trying to get the message out, about FuK_U Perhaps you are unaware that the vast Majority of the population has no idea as to the extent of the damages @ the plant as the “Aerial Drone” Photos in “My Video” clearly shows…Also,I have yet to see “any” comprehensive reporting regarding Fort Calhoun, yet I was able to scrape up enough ‘Dirt’ to make a 5 min. video…I have followed this site since its inception and have meticulously sorted and weeded my way thru a “Virtual Plethora” of links/redirects that have been so graciously provided by the various commenters to this forum. So in a gesture to give back something, for all that has been provided I created what I feel is a Powerful Message and I hope you understand the Intent of my Desire !!! btw/ I truly enjoy reading your insights and opinions regarding this horrendous event !!! “MuChLoVe” ‘MD’

  • AustralianCannonball

    This video is probably the most powerful I have seen. Its very sad. Some of the readings are absolutely off the chart. Also the team who went in are heroes in my opinion.

  • nomade

    This isn’t a new video. I had it bookmarked as a link so I just checked. It was broadcast on nhk on June 15th!

  • odylan

    First time I’ve seen this film. Very moving. The ordinary people are the last consideration. For the farmers it’s beyond tragedy. The film crew and the independents scientists are real heroes. I hope they are all OK.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Odylan, I felt the same. It’s so hard to bear the thought that there are still thousands living in shelters, their lives and hopes being stolen. Panda chasing the car broke my heart.

  • arclight arclight

    and fair and balanced….. lol
    The Way Forward After the Fukushima Accident: Nuclear Industry Update for the Financial Community
    quote from video “it’s a nuclear thing but at one of our meetings we like to make sure everyone is safe……… “ lolol!!
    Enjoy this vid… hey @md …could you do a spQQf version of this with Your viDeo skills? Har haR!!!