NHK: “Underground spring-water” a concern in Fukushima fallout study — Drone helicopter now measuring radiation around plant (VIDEOS)

Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 2:44 pm ET


Title: Forest radioactive contamination to be monitored
Source: NHK
Date: Oct 2, 2012

A Japanese nuclear research agency will conduct a long-term study of radioactive fallout on Fukushima forests to see how the contamination affects human habitats.


The study will also monitor rivers that collect underground spring-water from the area.

Researchers will measure the levels of radioactive cesium and other substances in soil and water for around 20 years.

They hope the long-term monitoring will enable them to predict how the contaminants are carried out of the forests by water and wind, and how they affect human habitats and the sea.

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Title: Drone checking radiation near Fukushima plant
Source: NHK
Date: Oct 2, 2012

A Japanese nuclear research agency has begun using an unmanned helicopter to measure radiation levels in areas within a 3-kilometer radius of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Detailed studies haven’t been conducted there so far.


The agency decided to use the unmanned helicopter as it is not regulated by the aviation law which bans airplane flights within a 3-kilometer radius of nuclear plants.


Published: October 3rd, 2012 at 2:44 pm ET


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11 comments to NHK: “Underground spring-water” a concern in Fukushima fallout study — Drone helicopter now measuring radiation around plant (VIDEOS)

  • from my site–

    pennyOctober 3, 2012 11:33 AM

    Hey – some of us across the US are just coming into the subject through you and your site. But the data is above my (our) heads and my fear is most people will wave off what they don't understand. Can you decode and 'splain what the data means?

    Penny I wish I had the time, not now though.

    Bottom line…you been lied to alot, for decades, and now you are being poisoned and lied to.

    This is the time to get mad, get educated. Nuke has a bunch of nails in it's coffin, rise up and finish it off for yourself and future generations.

    Wish I could help more, it may take dozens of hours to really understand the basics, I have a masters degree in engineering and maybe a thousand hours of specific research, you don't need that much to understand the basics.

    Nuke is based on greed and pursuit of a "sexy science", the reality is far grimmer and more evil.

    Take the time, and then get active, send emails, march, call senators. They do listen a little. They are scared of pitchforks.

    Nuke keeps blowing up, and is always covered up.

    Out for now, also check my links, especially

    • m a x l i

      >>>They are scared of pitchforks.<<<

      Thanks for the laugh, stock@hawaii. To have this from time to time gives me strength to take in more of the endless fukup-news. And while thinking about this, you helped me to a new insight. After countless hours of getting my fingers on shill-busting (which is by the way a good exercise to get yourself educated) I already knew a bit about the inner workings of the nuclear fetishists/psychopaths. But only now it occurred to me that none of them ever showed a sense of humour. But I wouldn't be too surprised if they find this funny:

    • Mack Mack

      @stock —

      Direct people who want to learn more to these 2 free on-line books.

      The first is "The Code Killers" by Ace Hoffman which explains things in a very easy-to-understand way:

      The second is "Cover Up: What You are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power" by Karl Grossman

      Reading those 2 books will give anyone a good primer to understand what's going on.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Mack, thanks very much.

        • Mack Mack

          YW, anne.

          Hope everyone can take the time to at least skim thru those books.

          Here are a few interesting points from Ace's book:

          1. "Radioactive contamination — or any contamination — in our water system is nearly impossible to remove. Our aquifers, farmland, lakes and rivers are all at great risk of destruction from nuclear accidents."

          2. He mentions bird deaths after Three Mile Island where birds were dropping from the sky. Remember all the bird/death stories after Fukushima?

          3. And this quote "Nuclear reactors boil water to make money for their owners."

  • or-well

    A 20 yr. study. See ya – not. Even if it's funded for 20 yrs. – unlikely, then no results but "insufficient data for analysis" –
    who will believe the results?
    Study forests to see how rad contam AFFECTS FORESTS!
    Study human habitat to see how rad contam affects HUMAN HABITAT!
    They want folks to believe they don't already know all the vectors of transfer?
    I'm no expert, but lets see –
    Animal/bird migration. Paws, fur, droppings, carcasses.
    Predation, feeding, bioaccumulation, death/decay/re-deposition/re-uptake/concentration. back to migration.
    Air. Pollen. Fire/smoke. Water.
    Soil migration. Creek/stream/river/sea. Aquifer. Buckyballs!
    Human foraging, recreational activity. School trips.
    The issue isn't "how" but HOW MUCH!
    By all means measure those "other substances" and name them and release the results annually!
    Measure strontium in baby teeth. Measure roofs, gutters, school yards at ground level.
    Measure those resevoirs and fishing rivers and release the results!
    A 20 yr. study so they can "predict" what – the results of future disasters?
    Determine what is happening NOW and measure as it progresses!

    Better yet have an independent international team do it.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Same as Josef Mengele doing a study on the effects of pain. Psychopaths rarely see the irony of asking the public to trust THEM to perform an unbiased, credible analysis of the damage THEY caused.

      "…The issue isn't "how" but HOW MUCH!
      By all means measure those "other substances" and name them and release the results annually!…"

      That would only serve to educate the Japanese public – they have absolutely no intention of doing that.

      The **Japanese Atomic Energy Agency** is doing this study. Its JAEA's job to prevent measurement by anyone else in the official Death Zone, measure the wrong things, distort any measurements that do leak out before 20 years, and censor any other kind of negative information that may interfere with the expansion of nuclear energy.

      Once again, they conveniently ignore multiple studies done after Chernobyl. The laws of physics are somehow different in Japan, I guess…

  • coouurt

    Aww, I accidentally read "measuring radiation around the planet"and got overly excited for some concrete figures…should have known better by now.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    –to tune of yellow submarine–

    We are all part of a life science experiment
    a life and death science experiment
    a life & death science experiment
    We're all part of a life science experiment,
    And they never asked any of us if we wanted to take part!

  • Sol Man

    Rephrasing a question I posed on another thread last evening: what are the effects of the constant barrage of adrenalin because of persons' knowledge that they are getting dosed with increasing amounts of radiation and there is really very little that anyone can do about it as it is so widespread? So, how is brain function effected by radiation AND adrenalin creating the hyper-vigilant state 24/7?
    And now, speaking of underground springs the GOM is apparently leaking crude. Yes, as we were certain it would.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    @Sol Man; Those are very good questions!-I suspect I would personally be a good "test subject" myself if I still had any energy left after burning off adrenaline whisking my wife to,from chemo/radiation 5 days a week and being on "watch" 24/7 for her seizure disorder which also developed AFTER the 3/11 disaster's nuclear releases made the transcontinental journey here to the Midwestern US??!!~I think the stress & adrenaline levels associated with "knowing" I am "probably" a walking dead man too is not unlike being a soldier in a war zone hoping we've made the right decisions every time we go to an area of questionable environmental stability and with every bite,gulp & swallow of food & drink ingested with the knowledge that it likely contains the foul nuke industry's "product line"-but with varying levels of angst regarding the guesswork involved in TRYING to limit how much of the crap we take into our bodies?!! I know that if I were to get into a physical altercation with someone actively involved & responsible for poisoning the planet and personally ruining my own QOL-the adrenaline surging thru my veins would probably energize me to the point where I might beat a pro nuke puke to death with my bare hands should they be in my face at the wrong(right?)time??!!! At least I'd look them in the eye and have a damn good motive-unlike their "method" of homicide via poisoning of the environment and our homes & food from afar!the cowards…..