NILU ends public forecasts as map shows large radiation clouds now over US, Canada (VIDEOS)

Published: May 12th, 2011 at 12:54 pm ET


Fukushima, Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), May 11, 2011:

Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running., Flexpart plots, May 2011:

“These products are highly uncertain based on limited information for the source terms. Please use with caution and understand that the values are likely to change once we obtain more information on the overall nature of the accident.” –NILU



Published: May 12th, 2011 at 12:54 pm ET


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146 comments to NILU ends public forecasts as map shows large radiation clouds now over US, Canada (VIDEOS)

  • Brandi

    Timelapse Last 24 Hours of TBS Livecam before it went down May 12th 2011

  • charlie

    will no one help us to know what is being done to us?

    • Dbug

      Well Charlie, if you’re like most of us, the low but real and disturbing risk of future cancer has increased some. How much depends on where you live. It’ll affect a pretty small percentage of people over the years, but still tragically add up to many lives. Besides whatever steps may have been taken to reduce iodine exposure, outside of moving away from the more heavily contaminated areas, there’s really very little we can do besides mourn the degrading environment of our only planet, and try to see that less like this happens in the future.
      What did you think was being done to you when there was more data from some sites? High anxiety is bad for health, so it is best to try and react to thee awful things calmly if you can.

      Basically what’s in the air is much less now. What iodine got in the milk and consumed will have its future effect on some people (as it gives off beta and gamma rays, it removes itself becoming Xe 131 gas). What else is in people or the environment, like that from atomic tests, processing, and accidents will keep doing some harm for a very long time mostly after it is inhaled or ingested.

      There could still be hydrogen explosions, or others from whatever gets through the bottom of the reactors. Then there will be more need to watch the clouds and levels more closely. For now, check the data at the monitor points in Japan.

      The exposure that Americans got in the past from above ground tests was much worse than whatever we have had so far lately. Although long term effects from the longer half-life elements continue to keep effecting more people in small numbers, the harm done from iodine exposure way back then continues to show up in people during their lives (new cases of cancer)
      Understanding what happened from those tests, and studies of effects away from Chernobyl, can help you understand the type of impact that will be felt from the current problems. It helps if those at risk pay closer attention to their health over the years, to make it less likely for any illness found to be fatal. Early treatment works best.

      past exposure by area in U.S.

      risk calculator for people alive during tests

      As you’ll see from studying treatment given to military, nuclear workers, and disaster locals, other than washing off external contamination, there is little that can be done after the fact. Use caution with things people suggest to clean out your body. Some may be dangerous. Others are more likely to help with other conditions than radiation. Once cesium is stuck in the lungs, iodine absorbed in the thyroid, or strontium absorbed in the bones, it’s really too late and attempts to remove (in the case of iodine and strontium) will dangerously deplete the body of the needed things that those materials tend to be absorbed in place of. Any attempt to get cesium out of the lungs would involve trained professionals and equipment that can measure it in you. If you ate something highly toxic, contact a poison control center. Except for brief periods when Iodine is a problem in some areas, foods away from contaminated areas are more likely to have problems with E-coli, pesticides, added hormones, chemicals from packaging, and additives. Educate yourself. Use extra caution with advice from people who are selling/advertising related things.

      If things flare up in Japan and you’re not seeing enough raw comprehensive monitoring data to confirm the level of risk near you, contact the related local, state, and federal agencies involved and tell them how you feel.

      • Moco

        Fine, i’ll call 911 and bitch them out.

        You are so calm and calculated, as you type with a gas mask on.

      • extra knight

        geeze. there goes that bananas/airplanes/speedboats comparison thing again. duh! Dbug we are getting bombarded here on the west coast, someone should have stepped up with measurements to validate the NILU predicitions/forecasts, but no of course not, i can’t blame them one bit for throwing the towel in, there were there when we needed them.

        • Dbug

          I didn’t trivialize by comparing with any of those things. I’m offended by most of that too. I also don’t like comparison to “normal” either. The reality is that most of the so-called background is from previous blunders. Any amount of radiation is bad (in the wrong place at least, Alpha doesn’t hurt us when external, but does when inhaled). And the size of raw numbers isn’t even a good comparison, since in reality the impact if I 131 can be far worse (but exposure hitting in a brief time period).

          I linked the California state data showing things not on the EPA site. We’re not getting hit now. Those colorful predictions are based on a stream of high level radiation coming out, and the winds.
          But the real releases came in major surges with the fires/explosions. And even then the numbers in the US weren’t huge. But the idiots in the media trivialized the initial small numbers, and failed to warn of the one form where the concentrations could and did get serious in places… and that was in the rain (late March mostly), and from that in milk. All the other stuff is nasty too, but is more of the same stuff that’s already here. It’s the Iodine hitting the more sensitive (young/developing/women) that will bring the obvious increases in measureable cancer data years down the road.

          Remember, when the reactors were smoking, the Tepco guys ran away, the US planes and ships backed off. Now people are right up close, even in some buildings. It really is better right now. Not to say there couldn’t be another hydrogen explosion as I type, or melted nasties going down through a containment hole and exploding steam/junk
          when water below is hit. They’re driving people back and forth to houses in the evacuation zone. The danger there now is mostly what’s on the ground.

          The not so advertised data I found for California is below. The “Preliminary” item in each location is the real full data, before they strip out what they think doesn’t matter. March 30 is the main one to see.

          I’m in CA and was pissed too when they said it was nothing around the 18th, then only days later around the 25th it rained and soon the test showed the milk here was affected. Few places even check that, but Cal Poly is 10 miles from Diablo.

          Again, the wind part of the forecast is fine, but when the radiation was actually released in large amounts doesn’t fit the model making it invalid now.

      • extra knight

        Dbug seriously you are spreading unreliable disinformation here. remember the “chernobyl on steroids” soundbite proof statement by michio kaku, well that was a gross understatement, this catastrophe would be a INES level 6 event just on the contamination going into the pacific ocean near japan, near fukushima dai-ichi. so give it a rest, only an idiot would buy the worst is over bit you are trying to promoter here. the risk calculator is severely flawed a coin toss is more accurate, this has been explained countless times here by many many people.

        • Dbug

          I certainly will never intentionally spread disinformation, I’ve been working hard to deeply understand things as this progresses. I live within the warning siren area of a power plant. I take this very seriously.

          The risk calculator works and shows it’s major limitations. It does NOT apply to this event. When seeing the results, it explains the predicted dose, and predicted range of risk values. The range is wide, because fallout has hotspots and coldspots, people got milk from different dairies. Some cows ate grass that got rained on at the wrong time, others ate hay. So yes, there’s a huge range. Statistics work that way.

          Trying entering yourself as a woman born in 1956 living in South Dakota that drinks lots of milk. “She” will be worse off if she drinks goats milk. (at the high end of the deviation range, she has about 1 in 3 chance of cancer)

          Note that the prediction doesn’t show numbers for those that have already died, and for radiation from the many other of about 2,000 atomic tests done worldwide. So the number of deaths will be higher than the risks imply. We really did throw massive amounts of crap in the air. It was far worse that what came from the bombs in WWII. It also doesn’t show U.S. risk from events later, like Chernobyl. I think I have proof of some of that hitting us. I’m not trying to minimize the seriousness of what’s in Japan at all. It’s just the smoothness of that prediction doesn’t match reality. The massive number of cancers from Chernobyl didn’t have to come from constant exposure. It is believe that just one day of the wind blowing over Sweden and the rain at the same time is what gave most of the expose. So please understand the limitations of predictions. They make assumptions that don’t match reality.
          Right now there’s far less than what the predictor shows. At times it was no doubt worse.

          I believe that stuff from Chernobyl hit other parts of the U.S. much harder than California, but here’s one report that shows central valley thyroid cancer for women more than doubling and still going up
          (page 53 of pdf, shows as 46 on the page)
          brest cancer is way up too.

          This chernobyl after effects study shows what I was saying about Sweden and the rain

          sorry for the long posts!

    • anne

      Actually, it’s not a small percentage of people who get cancer in the U.S. Before Fukushima you had a 1 in 2 risk of getting cancer in your lifetime. There are figures published by the National Cancer Institute.

      • Dbug

        Yes Anne, of course. The risk predictor is only for ADDITIONAL RISK to the THYROID and at that only from the Iodine 131 NEVADA TESTS 1951-1972. (doesn’t apply to people born later than 1972)

        It has many limitations and is very specific. It also provides a wide range of results to allow for other varying local conditions.

        It does not predict risk of cancer that would occur anyway from any other causes, even other radiation sources.

        Thyroid cancer is normally very rare, making it easier to study and predict than other cancers that Iodine-131 ingestion causes such as breast cancer. The risk calculator is not saying there won’t be other cancers, it just does not include them.

        Seeing a risk calculation for a person isn’t a complete picture of the impact on others. For instance the risk number doesn’t tell you if many similar individuals would have likely died already.

        It does reflect some important things.
        Iodine 131 leads to cancers often long after the exposure.
        Many millions of people in the U.S. were exposed to significant radiation, mostly without any idea that it had happened.
        Those doing the testing thought it was safe enough to do in a remote place, but they were very wrong. The effects were very far reaching.
        Through milk, the Iodine doses are often much higher than from other sources alone. It tends to be absorbed until decay instead of passed through the body. The short half-life (rapid decay) causes it to release much more radiation (beta and gamma) as it turns to Xe 131 gas.
        That higher radiation, together with the absorption and concentration in the thyroid makes the relatively short exposure more dangerous than that from a similar amount of other isotopes.
        Goats’ milk gives higher doses than cows’, grass fed higher than hay.

        The prediction model is heavily influenced by age at exposure, sex, amount and type of milk.

        Iodine 131 also causes breast cancer. The California cancer data I linked to shows disturbing increases in both thyroid and breast cancers (that info does not provide age detail). The curves are getting steeper.
        I believe is strong evidence of effects from Chernobyl. (I’m not sure what kind of shill these guys think I am… any I can imagine would be saying it had no effect here)

        The radiation from the tests did/will cause other types cancer types/cases that are not included. Cancer studies are complex. Habits change, food additives and packaging change, pollutants and water quality changes, populations change (people come from Mexico can greatly alter study data), solar activity and the ozone layer changes. There are about 100 types of cancer with varied causes. Showing how much of each would be caused by radiation would be a very difficult task, but lack of data is not a conclusion on way or the other about whether radiation is a cause.

        Science details of the predictor

        The purpose of my linking the predictor and other studies is to show an actual effect from nuclear activities, even those most didn’t notice, and insights as to how it got into people and who was most affected.

  • shockwave


    A few others got taken down several days ago. such as

    Damn those bastards!

    • shockwave

      With those idiotic governments around, all I can wish now is the west pacific typhoons keep washing over Japan until this end.

    • And think just a few days ago Japan asked us to censor our responses to what we are experiencing. I think they have done enough and have no right to ask that of us much less demand blind compliance. It paints a picture, right or wrong, of leading the lambs to the slaughterhouse for me. Do they really think we are so stupid?

      • Moco

        They know we are that stupid, and helpless to boot.
        What can we do? Nadda a damn thing…..

    • extra knight

      oh snap! what could be the reason for that.. oh yeah they have a front row seat to this event, as the disaster unfolds. translation, the northern hemisphere is getting blanketed and this will continue for at least another nine months. all of a sudden breathing the air has become a very dangerous activity.

      • shockwave

        You sure have a lot of energy to “correct” nearly every post.

        Is your salary high? I’m seriously considering to be your colleague.

        There’s one thing you are wrong. I do not consider breathing is dangerous, but the disinformation is.

        • audi

          Breathing isn’t dangerous until they want some tax dollars. Then we need to clean the air or we will all drown.

          There are massive amounts of radiation from Fukushima entering the water, soil, and air. This can not be argued. Anyone that says the worst is over while having 4 plants in OPEN air leaking huge amounts of radiation for AT LEAST another 9 months is kidding themselves.

  • belle

    The strangeness never ends…
    The Rhenish Institute also has terminated their public projection models!! I don’t see how they can justify this as decent scientists. This is an unprecedented scientific event and phenonemon worthy of study. Continued observations are mandatory in these circumstances, even just for the sake of Science, much less public health.

    See paragraph in English:
    “The observational data of the CTBTO now show a clear decrease of the worldwide radioactive concentrations outside of Japan (see measurements at bottom right of this page). Therefore we now do not continue with the predictions for the northern hemisphere. We thank you for your lively interest in our work, for many questions and comments.”

    • Dbug

      The airborne radiation levels in japan have fallen so far, it’s silly to predict where the diluted air goes. There’s radiation in Tokyo is lower than Moscow and New York. (both places have higher “background” levels due to previous accidents and above-ground bomb tests)

      If there’s another explosion is Japan, either hydrogen, or a core down in the water table below a reactor, then you’ll need to watch again. For now, you’re mostly stuck with whatever fell on the ground, and what shows up from the ocean in foods. As far as we’re concerned, the Earth will never again be as low radiation as it was before WWII. Whether we all realized it or not, we collectively were already suffering from the pollution. When a good friend of mine in high school died of leukemia years ago, I didn’t know it was almost certainly from atomic tests. It’s a catastrophe whose effects play out in slow motion over lifetimes.

      • extra knight

        wrong. shouldn’t a “scientist” worth his ilk be casting an extra wary eye upon this situation and validating the data time and time again, and looking for hidden possibilities or previously obscured unknowns? of course, any person with a functional brain can figure that out for themselves. this is nothing but a poor mans attempt at censoring the truth, this can only get much worse. you make a sick joke when you call it what it is, orwellian doublespeak.

        • Dbug

          Which data are you talking about validating? I’ve been clear in why the plume/cloud model is flawed. Isn’t that examining some unknowns? The model gets the when and where focus, but not the how much. Do you disagree? Of course a constant watchful eye is appropriate. Another huge release could happen at any time. (fuel may have gone through containment already) Disagree with me all you want, fine, sometimes maybe I’ll be wrong, but I’m no shill. I’m critical of the media, government, utilities, people profiting from the disaster… Who is left? What do you think I’m censoring? I don’t see you providing any information. I’ve said some very specific things and tried to back them up. I’d be interested in other theories, seeing anything remotely scientific.
          Maybe I’m too level headed and polite. I’m an engineer. Please support some specific opinion you have and back it up instead of stooping to personal attacks and whining.

          • extra knight

            ..seriously Dbug. you can’t seem to pony up any realword data and information, no of course not, par for the course for some wannabe, you are just playing the buzzwords game, just like outta’ a deficient Talking Heads script.

            but if you must…

            you said the worst is over, radiationwise, when the truth is this nightmare is probably still just beginning to unfold. so prove the worst is over with verifiable data and radiation readings and an objective, scientific, coherent methodology, not just a bunch of whiny belligerent gradeshool pyschotic tempertantrums/shenanignans.

            this might be rocket science to you…

            .. but i have better things to do.

        • Edgar

          You are one hilarious troll. “prove the worst is over with verifiable data and radiation readings and an objective, scientific, coherent methodology, not just a bunch of whiny belligerent gradeschool psychotic tempertantrums/shenanigans” Who’s being psychotic here, exactly? You’ve provided zero information of your own while dbug has provided plenty (which you seem to not read, at all)… and now you want to censor him as well? What a pathetic pot-calling-the-kettle-black situation.

          I am well familiar with your style of commenting, as I’ve seen hundreds just like it since March 11. You’re uncomfortable in moments of silence, so much that when there truly isn’t anything major to report you’re still struggling to find something amiss. Your inexperience with radiation and nuclear science induces panic because all your brian can interpret is “BIG SCARY CLOUD COMING RIGHT AT ME” without even checking the numbers or the fact that it’s a “potential dispersion” map and nothing more. In a nutshell, you’ll believe anything.

          If you’d like to go live in a hazmat suit in a lead-lined cave in Antarctica eating freezedried food the rest of your life, then stop whining and do it already because anything short of that will have little to no effect on your life at this point. Got any plans to eat food that hasn’t been already irradiated? Your anxiety and panic is actually doing more harm to your body than caesium and iodine are.

          Accept the fact that someday you will die and there’s nothing you can do about it. It may be Fukushima radiation, it may be being hit by a car, it may be a meteor blowing up the earth. You can’t stop death. This is by no means a nihilist statement, either – honestly, tell me, what are you going to do in your life that will stop billions of isotopes raining down across the world? It’s out of your control. Accept it.

          The most dangerous kinds of comments are those that request others be censored. Get informed. The sky is not falling, even though you want it to be. And you can’t believe everything you read on the internet (yes, this works for my comment as well if you’d like).

      • The only place the airborne radiation in Tokyo has fallen has been onto the people places and things in Tokyo. The rest of us have our own portions and plenty to share with the atmosphere certainly loaded for years of deliveries for us all randomly. The airborne falling levels should be increased with the evaporation (radioactive too) coming off the lands and waters as we speak. How anyone can be so cavalier, support and promote ‘safeness’ in this situation punctuated by selective communications of facts and any semblance of responsibility (testing on all levels) , is beyond me.

        I think the days of the half truths which have empowered this industry are over. My sore throat and horrible ongoing taste in my saliva tell me you are either incorrect or a dangerous kind of person. Half truths can kill people.

        • extra knight

          i agree Anthony. Dbug appears to be/is a shill of notorious worht and only seems content on promoting the most off-hand, fallacious and unscientific statements and specious disinformation, and in that respect is not to be trusted. his “one-cow-one-barn-one-farmer” feel-good dialectic is unscientific and very unsound. like you say he is not to be trusted.

        • Edgar

          You know what else can kill people? Needless hand-wringing and anxiety.

          I’ve been getting a sore throat on and off. It’s called pollen. It happens in the spring. A sore throat is not exactly a scientific inquiry into your health being affected by radiation. Oh look, there’s a zit on my forehead – must be a radioactive isotope.

          Not to mention you are delivering your own “half truths” by only focusing on the doomiest and gloomiest details you can find. Why are you trying to infer that Tokyo air pollution “falls” onto Tokyo while in America it stays airborne long enough for us to detect it? That’s one of the weirdest and more misleading statements I’ve seen.

          These comments make me embarrassed to be an American. You’re probably one of the people that bought out all the iodine in California during the time when people in Japan could have actually used it. The internet is truly making the world stupid at an alarming rate.

      • kx

        When my kids & grandkids, along with yours, sicken & die from radiation sickness, I’ll promise to attend their funerals if you will do the same for me?

  • belle

    i.e. Tough luck, Northern hemisphere! You were pretty inconsequential anyway….?

    • extra knight

      yeah. my thoughts exactly. just learned how to play the ukulele. and sing. and whatever. peace.

  • charlie

    they want us all to die quietly, with no panic or attempts at seeking legal charges against the guilty parties?

    • xdrfox

      Dead People don’t sue !

      • CTD

        Could lawsuits be the reason why there’s a clampdown on information, too?

        Maybe they don’t want to be the ones supplying the information for lawsuits?

        • extra knight

          anyone that would worship a pile of money instead of their sanity and endlessly pretend that everything they say/do/look/feel is for the greater good, doesn’t really have both feet on the ground and isn’t really aware of reality. now would i “seek and destroy” them alive is another question entirely..

  • belle

    Well, I know where some of the perpetrators live here in D.C. 😛
    When you watch what happened to the victims of Nazi occupation, you think, how? Why didn’t they fight back?!!!! How could they let themselves and other innocents just go down in cold blood like that?!! But, it really happened.
    I think many nowadays would be interested in not going down without inflicting some collateral damage. 😛

    • extra knight

      we are the collateral damage. by definition. because of the 4-6 melting/unstable nuclear reactors at fukushima dai-ichi. and the fact that the northern hemisphere is gettig blanketed with very high amounts of radiation from the melting reactors and the overheating spent fuel rod pools. not that i care or anything, but who are you to make it worse with more mindless and unnecessary violence. that mindset is probably something beyond the reach of TEPCO and the various governments that seek only to censor the truth, even in the face of a world-wide disaster such as this.

      • belle

        I don’t think everyone is going to take these spectacles sitting down indefinitely. The mere (VERY mere) mortals who are enabling this & living amongst us may need to rollback the depopulation agendas, seeing how they are but mere mortals themselves!!… We still have quite a few cards to play! 🙂

        • extra knight

          rhymes with orange. uhmmmm babe, there is probably another agenda going on, i don’t think depopulation of the masses is one of them. it doesn’t seem plausible in the first place. besides… Nuclear Boy is sick.

        • Novamind

          All Evil Needs to Succeed, is for Good Men to Do Nothing. Author Unknown.

  • charlie

    I want TEPCO, the Japanese cabinet, and the entire MSM to be moved to live in a village next to fukushima, and be fed a diet of local fish, leafy vegetables, rice, and water.

    • Dbug

      Most of them are old enough that they probably would never see any effects. Instead they’ll experience the sadness of seeing some of their children or grandchildren getting sick. The young are far far more sensitive due to growth, and probably consume much more milk which concentrates iodine as well. Many of those in Japan consume another high risk source of iodine: seaweed.

      An earlier post of mine shows exposure areas from Nevada tests in the US. It shows that when releases go to high altitude, the heaviest fallout is at a considerable distance. Due to wind direction, fallout barely affected California, but was intense in the midwest (worse than in Nevada). The Japan explosions in March threw stuff up and a greater distance late that month. Much of the stuff steaming out later into northwest wind hit hard within 50 miles of the plant.

      • extra knight

        move to fukushima dai-ichi and prove yourself Dbug. until then i try to spare myself the agony of such illogical, unreasonable and unscientifie and disillusionary “one-horse-one-barn-one farmer” diatribe.

        • Dbug

          I’m not saying the levels right there are low/safe at all. (Tokyo yes, plant/fallout areas no) Just that the that release has been at a far from a constant rate, and it was the clouds from the main larger explosion/fire big surges (worse than what the predictor shows) that really matter when you’re 5,000 miles away. It’s not unscientific to try and realize, that the times of highest release, rains etc matter. It’s not just the total amount that went out and the wind.

          • extra knight

            yes you are. you are saying the worst is over, please go take your paperthin mediocre disinformation somewhere else. many here have decried your lack of objectivity and unscientific methodology, you’re either incapable or not paying attention. anyway you are not the fountain of truth that you pretend to be, pointing to some hyperlinked government risk models that is less accurate than tossing a coin was the icing on the cake. you pretending you know more than anybody else is just plain crazy. and boring. and monotonous. simple as pie.

          • extra knight

            one other thing you forgot to consider. that less ~ three percent of melted fuel rods has not become three full blown meltdowns, as we all know reactor number 1 blew up. and now TEPCO is admitting the fuel rod pools are overheating and have practically no water in them.

            fukushima dai-ichi reactor number 1 explosion

            fukushima dai-ichi reactor explosion

      • Anthony

        Well maybe the older ones will be affected when they see all the animal and people carcasses in their formally lovely town then? Maybe when they cant eat or drink anything local or nationally they will appreciate the consequences of their actions? Maybe when they compared Fukushima now with the beautiful Fukushima bursting with all of life’s goodness they may realize the world and their country was very able to recover from horrible earthquakes and tsunamis but that a narrow mind focused in the wrong direction led to the end of many beautiful things about life.

        “They” were warned about this from others who were ASSURED, despite our reservations that what ‘we/they’ were doing was safe and a good thing. Considering the big picture, their narrow focus produced neither as promised.

  • herby

    Today’s info from ZAMG (could not find more):
    I think it’s not the fault of ZAMG or Austria, we have the same MSM Blackout all over Europe, i think higher instances are responsible for this desinformation.

    • ZombiePlanet

      Do they have that in English?

      • herby

        No,just in German language. Translation from Google:
        Weather in the crisis region / Weather in the crisis region (German only)
        On Thursday, a low is in high layers of air over Japan and provides even more common for dense clouds and rain. As a result, this low pressure system moved east. For a strong westerly current is partly weather-determining. The weather calmed down temporarily, but are mainly in the west of the mountains you must expect jam again with rain showers.

        Thick clouds and rain and rain showers in the greater Tokyo area and determined in the field of power plant accident the weather. Part, the rainfall also be strong. Only towards the evening and at night on Friday allows the precipitate to slow. These weak to moderate winds blowing from different directions.

        Last remnants bring disorder in the northeast a few rain showers. Otherwise, the clouds are less and the sun can prevail. The temperatures are also rising significantly. The wind blows from west to southwest and refreshes lively to severe.

        followed by sunny periods until the evening getting some dense clouds, especially in the West to the dam area of ​​the mountains come down isolated rain showers in most parts of the country but it should remain dry. The wind blows buoyant to strong from the west, in the Tokyo area from the Southwest.

        The further outlook
        It remains unsettled with some denser clouds and with a few showers, especially along the west coast. The sometimes lively southwest to west wind makes for too. A major weather change, according to outweigh the clouds and rain must be expected to spread, we should expect from today’s perspective, only on Tuesday.

        © ZAMG-Wien – Wednesday, 11 May 2011

        The issues raised in the forecast always refer to the Universal Time (UTC), please note the time difference of 7 hours between GMT and local Japanese time (eg 09:00 BST = 16:00 Japanese local time)

  • Cynthia

    This is the last straw! I would encourage everyone to email NARLO.( Don’t quit until they go back on line! Please get active!

    This is what I sent…

    Dear Andreas Stohl,

    This was the last monitoring station that I could depend on for radiation forecasts. Now there is no place to go. First EURAD ( went down and now NILO.

    Anyone keeping up with the news can see that there is no change with radiation releases at Fukushima, in fact it is getting worse. The releases from Fukushima are on going, and until this is stopped, it is necessary to keep monitoring. We can only believe that this is an effort to censor radiation levels only to protect Nuclear Power plants, and not to protect people worldwide.

    There has been recent reports coming from our State Health Departments on milk, vegetables and water showing contamination with Cesium and Radioactive Iodine that far exceeds the allowable limits that the EPA has set.

    Censoring the radiation levels coming from Fukushima, I feel is totally irresponsible. I know you must know full well that there are still serious levels of radiation being released that will damage the health of people worldwide. Now we will have no way of knowing where the radiation is going. We are left with only watching what is happing in Japan, and to assume that we are still getting irradiated.

    Not that it may matter to you, you have lost all our trust and respect. We believe we know the reason why EURAD, and now you have stopped reporting. I would like to know how you can go along with this with a clear conscious?

    Would you please explain why you are doing this to us? Why are you trying to hide the truth, if it’s not to protect Nuclear Power?

    I would appreciate an answer.

    • belle

      I noticed that they did come back online after a suspension last time due to an “overwhelming” response from around the world! 🙂
      Norway’s secure economy and resources should allow it to stand up to adverse pressures from any powers that be….

      • extra knight

        maybe insignificant. there are at least 12 – 15 dangerous radionuclides and toxic heavy metals that we need to be concerned about. i think this comical, bittersweet “dogs breakfast” is fast becoming known as a ELE bar none. you might not realize, but this can only get worse, much worse. i wish you the best.

    • extra knight

      There has been recent reports coming from our State Health Departments on milk, vegetables and water showing contamination with Cesium and Radioactive Iodine that far exceeds the allowable limits that the EPA has set.

      and of course a reasonable, thoughtful and dilligent man must rightfully wonder if those standards are too high to begin with and/or just plain unreasonable. 🙁

    • kx

      Quoting some1 send this too ” When my kids & grandkids, along with yours, sicken & die from radiation sickness, I’ll promise to attend their funerals if you will do the same for me? “

  • Novamind

    This version is still up, Expect more Internet cencorship soon.

  • belle

    Defying all scientific methods and rationale is quite a blackout!! Are we really supposed to believe that less is more (less testing and models) during a totally unresolved MAXIMUM “LEVEL 7” NUCLEAR ACCIDENT??!!
    My friends in EU countries also have no new information, just rehashed ‘Osama bin Laden’ charades…
    This blackout simply defies minimal scientific inquiry and sanity!!!

    • Poor Daddy

      Being painted STUPID is what pisses me off the most about this whole situation. We all die, radiation or no radiation, we all die. I can live with that…..but don’t tell me black is white. Just wrote my congressman and senator….waste of time, I’m sure, but had to do it. MAYBE, just maybe if enough people do it, something will come of it. We need to be vocal and kick up as much shit as possible until they feel PRESSURE. Letters to the editor, demonstrations, anything…just stay vocal and in their face daily!

      • extra knight

        but don’t tell me black is white.

        there you go. excellent, well said.

      • belle

        I agree–I got into it with my local health board. They responded and couldn’t duck the facts on the phone!! Make direct calls. These Repubs. talk about accountability and getting the most out of our budget. Let’s hear the explanation for completely letting us and our families down on monitoring this crisis!!…

        • belle

          “Families” is a great buzzword in D.C. It will always give you a pass. Mothers can really run with a commonsense argument on the issues here!!

          • extra knight

            yes i think this shamwowocracy has run its course. this is clearly not a good thing.

      • misitu

        I produced a reasoned critical history of events and passed to my MP. Let’s see how that goes.

    • Agreed fully. In fact, it is the opposite of scientific and objective reporting and decision making. They are saying all is okay without anything to back it up. If people die because of it – manslaughter… if they withhold info it seems more like murder in some degree.

      • extra knight

        isn’t that where commonsense comes in, no matter what the outcome? serious question here. isn’t the fact that everytime i say A somebody says B and i’m clearly wrong a strong indicator that i’m talking to a bloody elf? yeah. i don’t believe in models and statistical gibberish, well that’s not true sometimes i do. but these linear preordained monotonic outcomes seem unreliable and foolhardy at best IMHO.

  • And radiation detectors still not in stock anywhere.

    How strange!

  • shockwave

    I have been wondering the food problem since 311.

    The Japan islands will probably no longer fit for planting because of the pollution. There will be 120 million people’s food short on this planet.

    If US got polluted enough with accumulating radioactive isotopes as time goes by, what will happen?

    Not counting China food problem here, China is short for farm now, because Chinese government builds too much real estates and it consumes their farms.

    Will we have a global famine? Or the Wall Street will seize the opportunity create a global famine?

    • Moco

      Famines are created. THis shit may go full blown biblical. Floods, earthquakes, droughts up big. Just waiting waiting for some fire and brimstone action, next.

      • extra knight

        this shite has already gone full biblical, you’re just not paying attention my friend. think peaceful thoughts..

        • shockwave

          What kind? The wall street elites are generous?

          As if they made the oil so cheap for everyone and real estates never going down.
          IMO, they smell blood everywhere.

          The US gov doesn’t want Japan collapse too quickly, otherwise there will be no base in eastasia to restrain china and russia. But keeping people ignorant is a stupid way to protect the US profit.

          • extra knight

            i mean for your own sanity and peace of mind. sire. like somebody said on anothermessageboard when this first jumped off the front page, six, make that four, months from now this will look like the golden age. there are reasonable people on this earth, there are people with good intention, it’s important to remain sane in a situation such as this. at least that way you might appear to be stable, to others whom might not be that familiar with you or those that surround you.

          • extra knight

            But keeping people ignorant is a stupid way to protect the US profit.

            yes. i agree, well said. very insightful.

    • Novamind

      Indeed Shockwave, With a little forthought one would expect a large food supply problem to come. Considering the problems the US and the World currently has to deal with.
      Stocking up on mid to long term storeable food items is never a Bad idea, also do not store all foods in the same place-be inventive. Think Ahead to stay ahead.
      Control the food = control the poeple.

    • xdrfox

      Severe Cold Weather, Vietnam killed most of the Water Buffalo they used to plow the rice paddies !
      More than 50,000 Heads of Cattle Died of Severe Cold Weather, Vietnam *PICS*
      To Mass Animal Death on Wednesday, February 02, 2011,000_Heads_of_Cattle_Died_of_Severe_Cold_Weather,_Vietnam_PICS.html

      Put in orders for 7 million tons of rice to feed themselves !

  • belle

    I’ve been in the building with CNN HQ in D.C. for work. You would not believe the level of security & big brother there. It is quite a “production” facility!…Hiding the real news takes A LOTTA work!:P

    After hearing Leuren Moret’s explanation recently for the first time, I have to say it fits with what I’ve seen & heard since Bush/Cheney took over D.C. But, a lot of people know things and they will lose patience, blow whistles, burn bridges. This mega-corruption can merit a mega-backlash, if they go too far. It goes both ways!

    • Dbug

      There may be plenty of buried secrets, but come on… security doesn’t do that. It’s almost certainly aftermath of a certain bad guy killed in Pakistan.

      Aside from whatever they won’t cover for commercial/political reasons, most of the US media is a tiny shadow of its former self when it comes to international reporting and feet on the ground in general. Look who actually had reports covering Egypt. Reforms are needed at the FCC to encourage better news/public affairs programming, more local ownership, more diversity and competition of sources.
      Don’t expect much deep critical coverage of what certain big companies want buried.

      To paraphrase something Obama once said “the scandal is what’s legal. Seeing the FCC approve the Comcast/NBC/Universal/GE deal was shocking. Now Comcast is hiring (as a lobbiest) one of the FCC commissioners (a Republican) that voted for it.

      GE – brought us the color t.v.s that spit out radiation in the 1960’s.
      GE – heavily involved in the Columbia river mess
      GE – maker of Units 1 and 2, Mark I a known fragile design, spitting out radiation.
      GE as buyer of RCA / NBC, the first network to have contestants publicly eating animal penises. (Fear Factor)
      GE – 14 billion dollars profit with no taxes in 2010.

      • extra knight

        nothing personal Dbug, but shouldn’t you be more concerned with vialbe sources of super clean drinking water for your family, instead of all this tax evasion blather about the nuclear division of GE.. you cannot put a price tag on the precious earth, the selfish-ninocmpoops that be are figuring this out – finally – the hard way. some one isn’t paying attention, your paperthin “by the sheeple and for the sheeple” propaganda and disasterous disinformation is not welcome here. like really.

      • belle

        You have no idea how much corruption there is in DC. Other people told me, but you have to live & work here to get it. There is something fundamentally wrong when you can’t even enter a building that holds our primary mainstream media outlet without being controlled and treated like a suspicious passenger trying to fly out of the Middle East on a bad day…do they really have THAT much to hide and fear, if they are just reporting the facts and open to all verifiable sources?…so much for freedom of speech or freedom of the press there!… Leuren Moret. I think she’s onto the outrageous big picture that ties all these outrageous shenanigans together…

        • extra knight

          i can watch less than twenty seconds of some blah blah N cable newscast, less than twenty seconds of the Talking Heads, or if i really want to go the tortuous/laugh yerself silly route just try to open the recent evening star for the headlines and the local news, to determine that this shamwowocracy ain’t what it’s supposed to be. and it is ludicrous to even call them media outlets at all when all they do is censor the news from top to bottom.

    • extra knight

      they are just warming up to the big event, you can figure the rest out for yourself. remember the medium is the message.

  • mikael

    I am afraid the Norwegians is a part of the system, I am uterly ashamed.
    Well, the windpatterns are fearly stable, in this season, and it wil continue to pump fallout over USA and Cannada(dont forget all the Islands in the Pasific).
    As predicted they where incopetent and corrupt.
    And also as predicted the ongoing coverup(like Tjernobyl) and so on. The revelations came only when the consecvenses became world wide( nother europa, the reson for NILU).

    And there is nothing we can do, only hope that the goverment in Japan, call for help, to the peoples that have expirienced a meltdown, the Russians, and they where right on the spott all the way. And still the radiation levels are cept away from the public, that is a cpital chrime against humanity, no more and no less.
    This is treason.
    And we all can hope that the shittheads in charge wakes up and start to tell the truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

    And I to expirience lockouts regarding comments on this matter, banned all over.

  • Anton

    Apparently, there was a way to access the forecasts even though they have been pulled from the site. Check out

    • Dbug

      Remember those were just mathematical predictions based on 1/10 the material of chernobyl being thrown out at a constant rate. That’s NOT reality, and is not based on ANY actual data. Most of the radiation was thrown out during the explosions/fires, much less now. It also doesn’t take into account that a good portion didn’t go in the air at all, but into the ocean. The worst air hit in late March.

      Sure the problems are serious and real, but use real data or fully understand the limitations of predictions. It seems most don’t.

      It’s more more accurate to trust what the various monitor locations measure. Most show very little now. Just remember the personal units aren’t good for alpha sources and don’t tell you what the source isotope is.

      • extra knight

        Dbug again i must warn you simple “gradeschool” math will tell you this is far worse than chernobyl, just based on actual tonnage and type of fuel, in this case highly enriched MOX fuel, in the reactors, in the reactor cores. stop with the “keystone kops” Talking Head scripted unscientific disinformation, it looks quite silly and very unscientific. you have yet to back up a single thing you have said except with an extremely inconsequental, illogical hyperlink to some extrmemely flawed risk government models, that masquerades as absolute truth for some people. the fact that they aren’t even testing ground water across the united states should be evidence of the absolute realiability of some government websites. simple as pie.

        • Dbug

          Here’s the proof of lower levels.
          Use links or search for the file below. It’s on many sites along with others showing airborne concentration. It backs up everything I said about the huge drop in levels between the March peak and now.
          There was a spike in early May, but much smaller than in March.

          Over 100:1 drop in the U.S.
          an even larger drop in Japan

          Actual amounts on the ground hugely influenced by rain which is mostly what brings it down instead of blowing on by.

          Ground monitor readings may change less due to background plus previous fallout (things that don’t go away when the air blows by)

          The forecast overestimates levels now.
          The forecast underestimated during March.

          If this link doesn’t work

          search for this

          If using gradeschool math you may not understand logarithms. Let me explain.
          The units on left have a logarithmic scale, where each number marked, is 10 times that below it. So a change of 3 divisions is 1000 times. Dates are at the bottom.

          If you don’t trust me here’s the raw source

          And here it is translated to English

      • Here’s a comment from a Japanese website:
        herefornow at 03:39 PM JST – 12th May

        This reactor blew up like 60 days ago. And they are just now determining that the gauges don’t work? Unbelieveable. Anyone who crtisized the so-called “flyjin” or the foreign media for their “sesationalism” of the situation there, needs to do some serious re-consideration. TEPCO has a history of incompetence and lack of transparency, and this just supports that. So folks choosing not to believe all their assurances were not wrong in doing so. Bad day for TEPCO and Edano — more leaking water and now this.

  • fireguyjeff

    Seems rather obvious that TPTB do not want to spook the herd.
    Reminds me of when Johnny Carson made some joke about a toilet paper shortage. Within the next 48 hours in the LA area, he stores essentially emptied on toilet paper. He then had to remind everyone that it was just a joke.
    Sadly, this mess is not a joke.

    On another note, the NILO patterns and densities are projections. This seems to be missed by a lot of people. So really knowing how much got where is a bit elusive. Yet no doubt of course that Alaska gets hit first, then the US west coast, etc.

    Like asteroids, what we are missing is plots of what actually happened “after the fact”. Knowing what is coming ahead of time is much harder than to measure what actually happened. Even a day late is still useful information over a projection. And I would argue more valuable in that then you really know where TSHTF.

    That the projections and real time measurement data are now being withheld tells me that the problem is far more serious than many of us are contemplating. Yet that behavior is not all that different than raising the debt ceiling or printing more pictures of dead presidents and trying to call it money.

  • xdrfox

    From the time of invention of Atomic energy, we haven’t made it a Generation, and we can see our own end !

  • Some very interesting comments, I don’t believe the data coming out of there, and even our own government and media, I mean at least 3 reactors in meltdown, one with an exposed and red hot containment vessel / core, atmospheric, sea contamation etc etc..

    ..I bet ‘they’ wished they never taught me nothing in science, let alone English, that’s not important, is it? No. Neither is money. Life is. The World is.


  • Damn, forgot to add live link:

    Lots of smoke/steam there…

  • I like nuclear boy too, all for the wrong reasons.

    • extra knight

      yes. how can one not like nuclear boy. he is so amusing, after all is said and done.

  • micro

    hello dbug
    gotta love the way the nuke industry
    twist and turns
    have a nice day at the plant

    • Dbug

      I’m not connected with the industry in any way.
      It’s laughable that anyone would think so.

      As much as some issues with nuclear technology can be disturbing at times, I’m more afraid of the way utility companies sometimes do things.

      I saw how the same company that owns the nearest power plant responded when a gas pipeline of theirs blew up.
      I’ll skip what I found and what I think happened (quite complex), but note this:

      If it was just the pipeline having bad welds, their control operator logs wouldn’t have had recorded conversations saying “we’re screwed, we’re screwed” during the hour BEFORE the San Bruno explosion. See page 92

      The media by the power plant didn’t dig into that story. I did and found sleeping difficult.

  • I’m thinking it stands to reason that the area(s) hardest hit will be the next to speak out???? Alaska should be blue by now, or at least a little ‘green around the gills’, right? And, can anyone see what Putin is getting, in the way of fallout? Any ‘guesses’ how many more (days) or (weeks) until the US news HAS to report????

    • extra knight

      no. i already thought about that. japan is probably almost nearly evacuated, due to extremely high radiation amounts that we have been experiencing here on the west coast for the last six weeks. one small footnote, there was a rubbery burned metallic taste in the air and in my mouth the morning after the first rains on march 17 or 21, like i was inside a very smelly auto dismantlers. i am thinking this was probably from inside on of the reactors that experienced an explosion. i am in the san francisco bay area, in the pacific northwest.

  • 67Mopar

    More mythical computer generated nuclear clouds… LOL!!!

  • LK

    we can do a few things to protect ourselves!

    broadcast dated May 8

    Radiation Dangers with Whistle-Blower Arnie Gnderson
    Sunday, May 08, 2011

  • glenn

    The fact that almost all sources of factual information about the ongoing catastrophe have been silenced is down-right scary. How can they all be silenced? What power exists that could pressure so many independent organizations and individuals to desist from supplying the data they were created to supply?
    Here in Oz there is no mention in any mainstream media. It’s as if this major catastrophic event did not exist! For the first week after the earthquake, Friday to Friday, the reporting was just as you would expect, with detailed coverage of the state of the reactors and radiation leaks, and the actions of the authorities in attempting to deal with them, but by Monday, the coverage was totally dropped. Somehow over the weekend, someone convinced the entire media that the public would not be interested in the nuclear disaster and that they should desist in reporting on it. The realization that the nuclear lobby is so powerful is almost as chilling as the nuclear catastrophe itself.

  • ion jean

    I’m going to ask the Radiation Faeries to clear a path for all of us and fly some extra huge chunks of plutonium into the mouths of the Elite one percent. Then, since they are the only ones who can afford medical care, they can take a CT scan to find those tumor-causing isotopes!

    And may they be nourished with some California strawberries and radiocream! Fear not, the laws of Karma will play out. We must rise up in truth, for living a lie will cause cancer too. So will the greedy hunt for power and money. Their plans will backfire cause God loves a good laugh as much as any of us…..not to mention they are grossly outnumbered.

  • Rob

    I live in the BC West Kootenays and have been keeping watch on the Fukushima crisis. I sent water and top surface soil samples test to Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) in Saskatoon and my results for the water were undetectable for:
    Cesium-134 Bq/L <0.03
    Cesium-137 Bq/L <0.03
    Iodine-131 Bq/L <0.09
    Ruthenium-103 <0.04

    The topsoil sample was a different story:
    Cesium-134 Bq/L <0.07
    Cesium-137 Bq/L 8.4
    Iodine-131 Bq/L <1
    Ruthenium-103 <0.5

    My wife talked to the lab tech and he did the test twice on the Cesium-137 just to make sure it was right.

    Cesium-137 (137 55Cs, Cs-137) is a radioactive isotope of caesium which is formed as a fission product by nuclear fission.

    It has a half-life of about 30.17 years, and decays by beta emission to a metastable nuclear isomer of barium-137: barium-137m (137mBa, Ba-137m). (About 95 percent of the nuclear decay leads to this isomer. The other 5.0 percent directly populates the ground state, which is stable.) Ba-137m has a half-life of about 153 seconds, and it is responsible for all of the emissions of gamma rays. One gram of caesium-137 has an activity of 3.215 terabecquerel (TBq).[2]

    Does anyone know about radioactive ground levels? Is this bad?
    Time to build a green house or two.

    • xdrfox

      How do people come in contact with cesium-137?
      Everyone is exposed to very small amounts of cesium-137 in soil and water as a result of atmospheric fallout. In the Northern Hemisphere, the average annual dose from exposure to cesium-137 associated with atmospheric fallout is less than 1 mrem; this dose continues to diminish every year as cesium-137 decays.

      People may also be exposed from contaminated sites:

      Walking on cesium-137 contaminated soil could result in external exposure to gamma radiation. Leaving the contaminated area would prevent additional exposure.
      Coming in contact with waste materials at contaminated sites could also result in external exposure to gamma radiation. Leaving the area would also end the exposure.
      If cesium-137 contaminated soil becomes air-borne as dust, breathing the dust would result in internal exposure. Because the radiation emitting material is then in the body, leaving the site would not end the exposure.
      Drinking cesium-137 contaminated water, would also place the cesium-137 inside the body, where it would expose living tissue to gamma and beta radiation.
      People may also unknowingly handle a strong industrial source of cesium-137. For example, certain moisture gauges contain cesium-137 sources.

    • xdrfox

      @ Rob,
      Examination of the fallout, After 60 years + The island today
      The dose received from background radiation on the island was found to be between 2.4 mSv/year and 4.5 mSv/year (the lower rate is the same as natural background radiation) assuming that a diet of imported foods were available.[18] But it was because of these food risks that the group eventually did not recommend fully resettling the island….

    • nyc

      We don’t have a lot of data to compare that to, but UC Berkeley has done some soil analysis here:

      Their results are in Bq/kg, which is comparable to Bq/L for water but I don’t know about soil (just saw your correction – even better). Their highest reading for topsoil was 1.5 Bq/kg ; if you then look at their readings for locally grown foodstuffs, the soil levels were enough to yield measurable Cs-137 in grass, spinach, strawberries, kale, and arugula.

      Yes, thanks for the data points.

  • Rob

    Correction on last post not Bq/L but Bq/Kg

    The topsoil sample was a different story:
    Cesium-134 Bq/kg <0.07
    Cesium-137 Bq/Kg 8.4
    Iodine-131 Bq/Kg <1
    Ruthenium-103 Bq/Kg<0.5

    Sorry Rob

  • Jack

    Thank You for that report, Kootenay Rob.
    I wonder if your chosen lab is coming under any pressure
    from the controllers, or if your Gov, as we might have expected
    before this insanity began, might actually want to follow up with some
    sampling and testing of their own in the wider area? Establish a
    database? Request others like yourself to submit samples?

  • Rob

    correction to last post

    should be Bq/kg not L

    The topsoil sample was a different story:
    Cesium-134 Bq/Kg <0.07
    Cesium-137 Bq/Kg 8.4
    Iodine-131 Bq/Kg <1
    Ruthenium-103 Bq/Kg <0.5


  • Cesium1970

    The “Iodine period” lasts about 70 days from initial release (Half life 8 days);due to the highly controversial standards and data from the different agencies it can be a very good idea not to give milk for small kids for at least 7 weeks after fallout. based upon Chernobyl (1986) experience the highest risk of thyroid damage from I-131 contamination is among girls less then 10 years old who were the milk lovers. Such damage was evident as high level of TPO antibodies, moderate thyroid enlargement with inflammatory features. About 20 % of this population develped thyroid nodules 10 years later. the samples of nodular tissue demonstrated the cells with nuclear overlapping which is considered a marker of radiation damage.
    however a high level of fuorine and clorine in drinking water hamper activity of I-131; the elementary iodine can be removed from drinking water with chlorine removal activated carbon filters. the I-131 is dangerous when present as ions (for example KI(131))

  • Tricky Dick

    “Mainstream science” is a sewer filled with pimps and whores.

    • Heart of the Rose

      Absolutely.. I have sent endless emails to top of the line science organizations and an effort to raise the awareness of the science community about the BP oil spill.
      Rebuff.. no response..etc.
      There is huge money in science..
      The science community is also complicit to deceiving the people..this is TREASON TO HUMANITY.

      • Edgar

        Okay, “Heart of the Rose”, you need to cut that shit out right now. The “science community” is not complicit in “deceiving the people.” From what orifice did you pull that drivel out of?

        Perhaps you should dig a little deeper and find the independent radiation monitors and lab tests that have reported alarming amounts of caesium in west coast milk, such as UC Berkeley or the Radiation Station in LA. Somehow I don’t think “deception” revolves around informing people of dangerous radiation levels.

        It’s amazing how close-minded people can make themselves, even with the endless expanse of information at their fingertips via Internet.

        • Novamind

          @Edgar What part of the science community do you worh for?

        • Tricky Dick

          The “science community” is polluted with pimps and whores.

        • Tricky Dick

          Make that: “diseased pimps and whores”.

        • extra knight

          @ Edgar

          you obviously haven’t seen the unending densomatic, obscene Talking Head script of bananas/airplanes/speedboats comparisons that is heavily relied upon by your sources. in a word pathetic.

  • 4Cats

    As of almost midnight, May 12, there are 3 really good articles about radiation from Japan at
    The one by Alexander Higgins called
    “Alert: Emergency Levels of Japan Nuclear Radiation Censored From Public”, includes a video by Dutchsince who has found the hidden
    NILU forecasts. Also a good comment section, as people on there are calling it a soft kill genocide and listing all the ways they’re doing it. Check out Agenda 21 and how
    most countries have signed on to the UN’s plan to depopulate their countries and return the continents to wetlands, with the survivers living in large, overcrowded police state cities. p.s. Thank you (not)
    to the police who are making this all possible.

  • Dbug

    If any are interested in German monitoring points, here’s a site with hundreds. On a map you can see hourly exposure rates that are updated every 6 hours. The little dots on the map are all monitoring points, there are hundreds apparently. Clicking any one brings out a graph showing the changes over the last 6 hour interval.

    Things look okay

  • Robert

    I need clarification of the meaning of the Norwegian Institute for Air Research measurements of radiation levels. The units used are Bq/m2. Does that mean the total amount of radiation of the air column over one square meter of land surface? If it does mean this, please indicate how high the air column is considered to be for these purposes? Also, how (at what altitude) do they sample the air over a given area?

    If the answers to this have already been posted please give me the time and date of the post so I can read it.



    • nyc

      Yes, my understanding is that when they say “total column” it means from ground level all the way up; otherwise there should be a cutoff altitude. I don’t know how they sample, but I believe these are simulations assuming a point source at a given rate and taking wind conditions into account. More material on the simulation software here, including technical user guide.

      • Robert

        Thanks you for your response. The next obvious question: is the bulk of the radioactivity at a level(altitude) where it will give high concentrations at ground level? A gas like xenon will obviously be rapidly mixed with huge volumes of air. On the other hand, solid radioactive particles that can be washed out of the air with rain could contaminate the ground and also are more likely to be inhaled while still air born.

        What I am getting at, of course, is are these scary looking maps any real indication of the hazard at great distance from source?

  • Ihateshills

    a lot of these post with different authors are from the same author. Syntax and writing style is obvious. probably works for a PR firm and is being farmed out for this. One author would respond to one paragraph posts with 5 paragraph tomes. This is nuts!

  • Can anyone explain why all the fuss over Xenon plots?

    I think it breaks down into Cesium and Strontium, not sure.

    Xenon is not well researched [true?]. Or, is it simply that the presence of so much Xenon could indicate the presence of many other isotopes. Just, why Xenon?

    • SteveMT

      Ugh. That was some sobering reality, Pu239. I’ll be needing a dose of the local brand of courage right about now.

  • Denise Moore

    Robert, if I understand what the Norwegian site says, they aren’t measuring anything in the air, nor getting any measurements from anyone else. After all, in most places few people or institutions have had any reason to be monitoring radiation levels in the air. In normal times those wouldn’t vary, so why would you bother to keep monitoring? The U.S. does have stations that monitor all the time to verify compliance with test ban treaties. A few other countries might do that too. But I doubt there is ANY regular monitoring in Canada. If I understand the Norwegian website correctly, the maps were not based on any actual measurements anywhere, but all extrapolated from radiation reports from Fukashima, using some model that may or may not have been valid.

  • 1111

    This is an informative and well done read:,-Because-They-Were-Made-Bitter

    bookmark for later if pressed for time