NIRS: Victory! License denied for U.S. nuclear reactor — First time in history NRC has upheld denial

Published: March 12th, 2013 at 4:05 pm ET


The Reaction


Beyond Nuclear:  NRC Commissioners reject France’s bid to build wholly-owned reactor in Maryland

World Nuclear News: Regulator rejects Calvert Cliffs challenge

Businessweek: NRC upholds denial of 3rd Calvert Cliffs reactor

The Washington Post: In U.S., nuclear energy loses momentum amid economic head winds, safety issues

NIRS Press Release: First time in history that the NRC Commissioners have upheld the denial of a license for a commercial nuclear reactor, and only the second time a license for a commercial nuclear facility has been denied.

Published: March 12th, 2013 at 4:05 pm ET


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14 comments to NIRS: Victory! License denied for U.S. nuclear reactor — First time in history NRC has upheld denial

  • weeman

    In the name of the weeman hall aloha.
    Great balls of fire.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade


  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Well… Thank goodness that the NRC stopped those dang 'foreigners' from elbowing in to our power markets. You just can't trust them.

    – They're FOREIGN! Construction costs are sure to run billions over budget.

    – FOREIGNERS will default on loans which will cost U.S. taxpayers billions.

    – FOREIGNERS are likely to skimp by using a bunch of contract labor, counterfeit parts and shoddy construction.

    – FOREIGNERS will hide behind laws protecting them from any liability in case of an accident.

    – FOREIGNERS have no regard for human life and will only consider safety when their lawyers tell them there's no good loopholes.

    – FOREIGNERS will expect to leave spent nuclear fuel here in the U.S. instead of taking it somewhere else.

    – FOREIGNERS will never tell the truth if there's an accident. Their only concern is hiding information from the public and denying any immediate danger.

    Thank you, NRC. You guys are just the best! By the way, we're cutting your staff by about 1,700 – we just got a sweet new offshore deal in Mumbai. You can't compete; you're not even close.

    Please make sure the NRC and Excelon psychopaths in Region III don't try to take out either Byron unit in retaliation. They're the ones that promoted this whole sweatshop concept. Profits are rollin' in.


      with you on the shenanigans PavewayIII, but unless I'm mistaking the tone of your commentary, none of what you've highlighted has ever stopped the home grown profiteers. Makes little to no difference whether they're nationals or multinationals. They all leave death in their wake…

      • m a x l i

        PavewayIII's comment is quite funny, you forgot to put on your irony glasses today or maybe are tired from hours of watching the Fukushima Symposium (which was great in some parts, and other parts I missed or have to watch again soon to get the details better), AFTERSHOCK. Since when does a globally operating mafia feel reservations about "foreigners"?

        A quick glance in my crystal ball tells me, they will trumpet their propaganda about the upcoming renaissance of safe, efficient and necessary nuclear power even louder for some years to come, while the people who pay attention will see more dominoes fall with less fanfare. And they will never much talk about the real reasons for shutdowns or projects put on ice, but tell us all kinds of flimsy excuses.

        People, if you have a nuclear power plant in your vicinity, get out your camera and take lots of pictures. There will be a time, when they will all be gone. Then, when the question arises who is to foot the bill for the nuclear waste treatment and storage, they will come up with their next lie: There never were nuclear power plants!

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    The first beat of the butterfly wings… will it create the hurricane that blow across the globe, or be but a colorful dance for those not too busy to see.

    May the winds of change blow…..


      I think what we're seeing bwoodfield, is a retrenchment. They're not giving up on nuclear; just pulling back from the less attractive investments. But even a step back is a good sign. It also acts to encourage investment in other technologies. Either way, the writing's on the wall…nuclear's on the way out. Unfortunately, not fast enough…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @AFTERSHOCK;+311! re;"nuclear being on its way out"~but "NOT FAST ENOUGH"!~ Had these "signs" of a shift away from nuclear been initiated TWO MONTHS after 311 rather than the "signs" of complete victory aka the demise of the Atomic Age "TWO WHOLE YEARS"!! later & had the Govt. & MSM or just MSM for that matter just given the 311 event the coverage & reporting of FACTUAL data,information & sound advice towards not only "accepting"&"adapting" to harmful environmental changes & given the option of taking logical preventative measures-just the "TRUTH" without being minimized,dismissed or sensationalized,exaggerated ALONE would've begun an expedited internationally beneficial "awakening" and subsequent unilateral call for the immediate end of the foul nuclear industry and legal proceedings & heavy pressure to properly "attack" the stalled operations at Fukushima where despite recent surges in construction & the "appearance" of what "looks" like progress being made,but WE KNOW nothing meaningful has been achieved while the situation is actually deteriorating & unlikely to survive the pounding nature dishes out in EQ/Tsunami/Typhoon country,etc. it's subjected to with news of more LONG delays predicted in the already un-doable 40-yr decommissioning timeline given by TEPCO. It "might've" been a "close-call" we'd narrowly avoided but the sub-species of homo-sapiens who caused,even allowed this to happen & deal with it properly aren't like those they…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          seek to exterminate!!~ 😐 ~** ~311~NEVER 4-GET!!!~**

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            This ongoing,slo-mo ELE that IS "311" has brought us to the brink of self-destruction! After two years the feeble efforts put forth at Fukushima NPP and lack of concern shown by those responsible for it's vulnerable existence,flawed design,construction & operation and lack of a dedicated effort to cooperate on inter-agency to international levels even re;differing units of measurement, extreme variables per monitoring stations in equipment types,height of monitor/detection devices and/or external probes,operating skills & techniques,decontamination of monitoring post mounting apparatus & immediate area resulting in "false" low readings in populated,yet highly contaminated towns & villages as the nation of Japan inches closer to its tipping point and seemingly unstoppable demise?!! The rest of the world follows right behind the USA if not from Fukushima then from its own overzealous efforts to irradiate & shit up its own backyard without heeding the lessons Japan hasn't seemed to have fully learned yet, but I sense albeit inexcusably late that there's still a "mountain lion" left of "the bags full of cats"coming out and being increasingly picked up by MSM & when TSHTF "soon" and it will!-they will be rejecting ALL "new" and renewals,"extensions" and "experiments" except for developing technology to try to deal with all the crap they WILL leave for US to clean up or pay the a-holes who did it to pick up their own toxic trash?!Will we live that long?….~ :|…

  • thuddds

    Just wait. NRC will soon grant a license for something far more asinine. It's part of what they see as a compromise.

    The industry got some negative publicity, so they look like a hero now when they say "no". Soon, public attention will turn elsewhere, and they will quietly approve one such as San Onofre or Vermont Yankee to continue operating. Perhaps it will be allowance of the Mark II's to continue with proper venting and filtration.

  • The NIRS press release is the best. Maryland is getting new wind generating equipment, not nuclear reactors. Economically, nuclear doesn't make sense and the French can't find an American dumb enough to invest in its nuclear boondoggle.
    Good news indeed.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    The only reason that the application did not get approved, is that there were insufficient stocks of baling wire and duct tape available for emergencies.

    Nuclear Reactor Recertification

    Aging Reactors, Lies, Deceptions, Profits And Earthquakes; via A Green Road

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Why? I must ask "Why?" are we even considering letting France build a reactor in Maryland?
    Are we NUTS? I'm not going to answer that.