No ‘Immediate’ Safety Threat: Nuclear reactor shuts down for unknown ‘technical malfunction’ at South Korean plant

Published: July 6th, 2013 at 7:30 am ET


Yonhap News, July 5, 2013: A nuclear reactor at South Korea’s Hanwool Nuclear Power Plant stopped operating Friday due to what appears to be a technical problem, plant operators said. An investigation was underway to find the exact cause of the problem, but the state-run Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. said there were no immediate safety threats. […] South Korea has 23 nuclear reactors that are operational, but nine of them are currently turned off for maintenance or inspection. […]

AFP, July 6, 2013: A South Korean nuclear reactor shut down Friday after a technical malfunction, operators said, at a time when the government is already warning of serious power shortages because multiple reactors are offline […] an investigation was underway to confirm the precise cause but added there was no immediate safety threat. […] South Korea’s nuclear sector has been dogged by a series of malfunctions, forced shutdowns and corruption scandals that have undermined public confidence […] Despite increasing public concern, the government has vowed to push ahead with its nuclear power programme and plans to build an additional 16 reactors […]

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Published: July 6th, 2013 at 7:30 am ET


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30 comments to No ‘Immediate’ Safety Threat: Nuclear reactor shuts down for unknown ‘technical malfunction’ at South Korean plant

  • You can't fool me.

    IF the technical malfunction is UNKNOWN, then isn't there an 'IMMEDIATE' safety concern/threat by default?

    "Despite increasing public concern, the government has vowed to push ahead with its nuclear power…"

    ''"vowed to push ahead''
    What does that really mean? 🙁

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    '"vowed to push ahead"
    What does that really mean?'…

    It translates as…

    "We've been bribed a lot of money to have these monstrosities built, and we're going to build them, because if we don't they'll send someone round with a big baseball bat to get their money back.

    But we can't give it back, because we spent it already, on loose women, fast cars, my yacht, and did I mention the loose women.

    So you see we have to build these things, because I really like having my kneecaps where they are, and I don't like pain, but I really enjoyed the loose woman, and have you seen my new yacht, it's beautiful isn't it" 😉

  • weeman

    They think the north Korea are the threat with a couple of nuclear bombs and a couple of nuclear facilities, 23 nuclear reactors and 16 planned in south Korea you tell me what the real threat is.
    Simple stop buying Korean product.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The South Koreans are in the market to be the builders of more nuclear reactors around the world. No one wants to admit failure, because they might not be able to win contracts to build reactors in naive 3rd world markets.

      Is there a reference somewhere that Obama's Power Africa with electricity is explicitly saying that the electricity subsidized by the US is for new nuclear power plants?

      The competition to spread new nuclear power plants, and hence create even more nuclear waste including weapons grade plutonium is at best immoral. At worst it is the greatest threat to civilization and humankind and certainly the death blow to democracy and education.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        When a country builds a nuclear power plant, they are asking for economic bankruptcy and enslavement to whoever has an EMP bomb.

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          Just think, one high altitude nuclear blast, and half the [sarcasm] "Civilized world" [/sarcasm] is in a radiation polluted, neo-stone age.

          One large X-class solar flare, and we're ALL back to using stone tools and fighting over scraps, while wondering why we where so damned stupid.

        • or bankruptcy if and when an accident happens…

          And they happen, about once every twenty years.

          Each one takes out of production about 15,0000 square miles of land. Think of the tax revenue lost by writing off this amount of land and production, much less the amount of work and productivity lost.

          Governments and people don't like this, so they often pretend nothing happened, move people into these radiation contaminated zones, have them raise food and then export it…

          This started with Chernobyl and continues with Fukushima.

      • We Not They Finally

        It's beyond sociopathic that ANYONE is competing to building more nuclear plants after Fukushima. Especially marketing to "naïve 3rd world nations" who are desperate for any kind of help.

        By the way, we didn't realize that the Japanese and the South Koreans were "cousins." But ANY national leadership (including the U.S) who wants to promote nuclear power in the face of this, is just flat-out inhumane and immoral.

        • Fall out man!

          After Fukushima, and the appearance of Enenews, ignorance is no longer an excuse for policy makers. Its simple corruption.

          To be fair, if a country is developing nuclear weapons, on that basis they could justify nuke power plants, but the genetic damage they do to their own people around the power plants is cumulative, and irreversible. Not much use being able to nuke your enemies if you poison your on people. Even normal, correctly functioning nuke plants emit vast amounts of radioactive gases. Those "cooling towers" aren't just puffing out steam. They pump out enough Krypton 85 and various other radioactive gases to have a very significant effect on climate. Which is ironic given its the nuke industry that originally funded and promoted the Kyoto lies, and that funded the University of East Anglia climate unit into existence for example, the one caught out lying.

          It was the nuclear industry that first studied climate change and climate in a major way. Both hoping to control climate and testing the effects of atomic bombs on it. Today Lawrence Livermore Labs is right behind the IPCC. Nuclear and Climate science and global warming alarmism are deeply intertwined and it is global warming threats that keep nuclear power being promoted as the way to go.

          Here's a paper that mentions that interesting connection.

        • North Korea is an interesting subject… lots of mass media coverage.. little of it is accurate…

          US Still In State Of Active War With North Korea; Not Honoring Armistice Agreement, And Provoking Nuclear War; via @AGreenRoad

          Peace, War, Human Rights,
          Justice, Prisons, And Violence Prevention

    • The North Koreans could easily win a war with S. Korea.. Just fire a couple of rounds at each nuke plant, disable the power coming in and the backup generators, take out the road, and voila; just like a nuclear bomb, will take out the whole region without any battle.

      Since they have 23 of these 'monsters' of their own making, that is worse than 23 nuclear bombs going off if N. Korea ever decides to take them out.. Actually much worse, because when a nuke plant melts through, the radiation goes on and on and on for EVER.

      A bomb is relatively clean and short lived compared to a nuke plant melting through as far as radiation contamination, especially if exploded in the air.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    No Immediate threat? Maybe for healthy adult males, but if you are a down winder, you and your loved ones will get hideous cancers and incurable diseases in 5 to 20 yrs. This does not apply to infants, fetuses and women. They get taken out much quicker with thyroid disease infant mortality and breast cancer. Other than that all is fine. Move along…nothing to see here. Its not the cure of cancer that eludes us as much as the simple prevention of it by shutting down all nuclear anything for good. I fear, that window has long been closed, permanently. With no permanent solution to nuclear waste management, even if they were all closed today, the leftovers must be babysat for the next million years or so. Our future generations if there are any left will hate us for what we have done. E=Mc2 stands for open the unclose able gate to hell.
    How evil in this flawed nuclear technology…. when it goes awry, it attacks innocent children, unborn and women. DNA DEMOLISHER. The ultimate coward, yellow belly scum sucking evil………………………………………… Obama continues to sell this evil to the masses around the globe. Nobel prize winner my ass. More like mass murderer of the world, 5 years in a row now. All milk in Hawaii now has boron added, yet the planes to go visit stay packed. I recommend Houston Texas for those of you thinking of going somewhere without the means to go south of the equator. The gulf breeze pushes the Jetstream up and away from here usually.

    • We Not They Finally

      Love everything you said except the part about Houston. I'd sort of maybe rather die if Houston were my only choice. But were you talking about lower measured RADIATION? Is that true?

    • Fall out man!

      Yeah, that's the big deal. Most mutations do so little damage that individually they have no detectable effect and so just accumulate in the genome. Collectively however, every generation carries by current estimates about 300 more mutations than the last. Most of those mutations cannot be selected out, and simply bring all life closer to extinction. The emissions from correctly operating nuke plants increase genetic decay. It doesn't take a Fukushima to do that, the emissions are doing it all the time.

      That's a big deal. If people understood that our genome is decaying ("the dirty little secret of population genetics") then Nuclear power could not be justified at any price. What price do you put on extinction?

      A few books have been written on genetic decay now. Our Genome started out "good", and decays with each generation. Eventually, without outside intervention. Genetic decay will be the end of all life. The genetic damage done by ordinary correctly operating nuke plants literally permanently weakens the genome, increasing all disease, and brings us closer to extinction.

      John C Sanford, inventor of the Gene Gun, holder of 60 patents, Genetic Decay

      And a recent response from the author to propaganda against the book's thesis

    • We Not They Finally

      Florida is also safer than most places for the same reasons….But safe is a word that seems to be losing all meaning…The only way to be safe is to be in a powerful inner state that allows you to move freely throughout the Universe. Its been called self actualization realization and enlightenment.Astro Physics is moving toward it.Einsteins unified field theory talks about it and Nassim Harriman is on the same subject.Avoid divergence and learn to center on what will truly set you free.There are now a number of highly evolved people on this planet. Find them.

  • jec jec

    There are a few blips of radation (well HIGH blips) showing in article on Fukushima Diary. And the fact that TEPCO is turning off the water cooling for Reactor 3 from July 8-12th. Safe? But the that from S. Korea? Just curious and more curious.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Too bad they have reactors, because they risk a Fukushima. Could happen any time.

  • Sol Man

    Anything can happen in the gestation process when the means are in place to corrupt the dna strands. This is true across the species spectrum.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I wonder if the 777 that crash landed in San Francisco yesterday had anything to do with this incident(flight originated from south korea) or the fact that the flight also flew thru the fukushima radiation as well. Some adverse effect on the plane or the pilots decision making? Any thoughts?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Russia has lost 4 space launches in 3 years.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Maybe the electronics were fried by the radiation.

    • Jebus Jebus

      With a hint to Facebooks CEO, and friends, to switch planes?

      Hey a nuke plant is having issues,
      No immediate danger…
      LOOK, a squirrel crashed…
      Oh my, I hope those people are safe.
      Now what were you saying…

      No glide path radar…
      Pilots suprised by steep angle and path…

      Makes you wonder about this "managed" electronic world.

    • irhologram

      TS2020 Sudden derangement or loss of mechanical control would more likely be caused by H2S/methane gases if encountered on approach….seems to me.

  • And those electronics and computers are subject to viruses, such as Stuxnet.

    Wonder if the US nuke industry is getting back some blowback from infecting Iranian nuke facilities with it yet?

    Wonder if the airline industry is subject to anything like this?

    All it would take is changing the glide path computer output to show the ground 50 feet under the ground. The result would be much like this plane, slamming into the ground…

    Every technology has a soft underbelly.. We actually get weaker and weaker with every 'innovation' that is high tech, centralized, and subject to terror attack.

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      "All it would take is changing the glide path computer output to show the ground 50 feet under the ground. The result would be much like this plane, slamming into the ground…"

      You've been watching Die Hard 2 haven't you ? 😉


    It will be the first of a fleet of floating power stations to provide power to inaccessible areas. is designed with a safety margin.

    They assure us it is designed to withstand collisions with other ships and land as well as survive a tsunami.

    Other countries, such as China, Indonesia and Argentina are thrilled with the idea of adopting this technology.

    Now, what could go wrong….