NOAA: Beaches full of dead baby sea lions off California, many aborted fetuses — Garbage bags filled with animals along coast — Carts in freezer overflowing with bodies — Official: Pollution may well have had an effect… We deliberately didn’t test for it (VIDEO)

Published: June 8th, 2015 at 1:23 pm ET


Yo! Venice, Jun 7, 2015 (emphasis added): The Sad Reality Of Starving, Dying Sea Lions On Venice… [A breeze] catches the scent of dead, rotting sea lion. The pungent stench lingers… It’s hard to ignore… The dead pups are small enough to be tied up tight in black plastic garbage bags. The larger adult sea lions lay out in the open.

Nick Fash, Heal the Bay: “It’s quite frightening… they wash up on our beaches weak and sickened and many cases dying, which is what you see in the bags.”

National Geographic, Jun 5, 2015: Number of Starving Sea Lions in California ‘Unprecedented’… raising questions about what the future holds after three years of mass strandings — More than 3,000 starving sea lion pups have washed up… And those are the lucky pups. The situation on California’s Channel Islands, where more than 90 percent of the U.S. sea lion population congregates to breed and nurse young, is even worse… “The few pups that have enough strength to leave the rookeries and make it to the mainland get recorded as strandings,” says NOAA’s Mark Lowry… “There’s a lot of death out there.”… When Lowry visited two of the main U.S. sea lion nurseries in April, he found a grim scene. In addition to beaches full of starving or dead pups, there were dead adult female sea lions and many aborted fetuses. “Adult females are taking a hit now,” he says. “What I’m predicting is that pup production—when they start being born in June—is going to be really low.”… This year, the most likely culprit is that warm water blob… But that blob wasn’t there during the earlier strandings, when oceanographic conditions looked much more normal. It’s also uncertain whether prey populations have died out… Sea lions are considered sentinel species, which means they’re used as indicators of ocean health—and the indications aren’t looking good.

2014-2015 Pacific Anomalies Science and Technology Workshop, May 6, 2015:

  • Conference Attendee (at 3:42:30): “I’m an ecotoxicologist… We know that pollution, chemical pollution of the oceans, is increasing… [In your research into the sea lion die-off] you should include data like chemical analysis and chemical pollution… We need to include this… to see if it has an influence to the decreasing of the populations.”
  • No response from any of the dozen Q&A panelists
  • 6 minutes later — Sam McClatchie, NOAA Supervisory Oceanographer: “I have a comment to follow up on the idea that pollution may be important to the condition of the sea lions… In the modeling I did, the purpose was to… have a hypothesis as to what might be going on… We could have thrown in many other variables–and there’s always a temptation to do that… which probably should be discouraged. I’m not at all sure whether pollution had an effect — it might well have — and one could certainly test that. I just wanted to state that we deliberately didn’t test all the possible variables.”
  • From McClatchie’s sea lion presentation: “I’m going to talk about forage rather than sea lions, I’m not an expert in sea lions… They’re very unwell, rescue centers are overflowing… They’re very endearing, but they grow up to be rather a problem, they’re big animals… People get upset when they see them starving… [Centers] try to recover them [and] put them back out in the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean hasn’t really changed, so we don’t know whether all these rescues are helping anything more than how we feel.”

Watch the workshop presentations here

Published: June 8th, 2015 at 1:23 pm ET


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357 comments to NOAA: Beaches full of dead baby sea lions off California, many aborted fetuses — Garbage bags filled with animals along coast — Carts in freezer overflowing with bodies — Official: Pollution may well have had an effect… We deliberately didn’t test for it (VIDEO)

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Don't know about the birds, clearly, humans are.
      No salt for me, please pass the DDT? 🙁
      Birds need DDT?

      Today, insect-borne disease remains unchecked because radicals have succeeded in demonizing DDT with fabricated environmental concerns. In reality, they fear the “excellent powder” would cause a catastrophic population explosion.

      Richard Nixon was an outspoken advocate of depopulation measures. As president one of his first messages to Congress, dated July 18, 1969, addressed “Problems of Population Growth.” In it he stated his commitment to limiting population and forming a comprehensive U.S. population policy. In 1970, he established the U.S. State Department’s Office of Population Affairs (now under the Department of Health and Human Services), dedicated to “reproductive health issues,” including sterilization and sex education, three years later the Supreme Court legalized abortion in every state in the nation.

      NSSM 200 warns that population growth in less-developed countries (LDC) threatens world food supplies, jeopardizes the availability of raw materials vital to the U.S. economy, and endangers U.S. national security by swelling the ranks in areas prone to violence and unrest. The policy states LDC population growth “absorbs large amounts of resources needed for more productive investment in development” and recommends “preferential treatment in allocation of funds”

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        What is it we have so much against sea lions?

        "We had noticed when going to sea lion rookeries in Mexico and California that there were scores, in some places hundreds of aborted fetuses that were strewn on the beaches, half-finished and dead,"

        One more for balance. Scientific balance for a world unbalanced by science.

        "DDT is now used in countries where many of the people are malnourished, extremely poor and possibly suffering from immune-compromising diseases such as AIDS, which may increase their susceptibility to chemical exposures,"

        Sorry for the rant on DDT, the pelicans and sealions made me do it.

      • frogs go ribbit frogs go ribbit

        Just commenting on AirSep's sourced opinion.

        An unpopular opinion, I know but I am all for limiting population. Not in this fashion, though.
        What I mean is over-population is going to kill us if we don't fix it. The fuckers at the top created this horrible situation. All the Rick Perry's of the world singing about "pro-life" when all they really mean is "pro-profit." In my mind more humans = more elite profit in modern slavery – whatever form it takes/prison systems ect…

        My point is the leaders of the world should have been sounding the over-populaiton alarms a long time ago by humanely educating people about having children in a time when children are no longer needed in such large numbers. No one needs kids to run the family farm/family business, anymore. In the first world, kids are simply a luxury and nothing more. But instead of actually doing their jobs our leaders have nurtured overpopulation and now, instead of humanely tackling the issue – they're acting like a bunch of psychopaths in trying to curb the situation they created.

        The world IS over populated. It is going to kill us all. We do need to de-populate. But if it's going to go the psychopath route – we should start off de-populating with the corrupted elites, first. Just sayin.

        • I was thinking, the other night, of posting my rant against so-called, "pro-lifers", who seem to have no problem with murder, in the cases of:
          1. wars (particularly on the mid-east; particularly for our best pal),
          2. cop-on-civilian violence, and of course,
          3. other species.

          Since our pro-life counterparts seem to care so much about the lives of FETUSES, I wonder if presenting them with the facts of sea-lion (spontaneous) abortions might get them to change their tunes, at least on the animals? Or, do they care, at all? (Not if it conflicts with them getting their stuff, whatever stuff that might be.)

          • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

            I am with you AnneBeck! I have often posted about pro-life must be anti-nuke, so, where are they? Where are their statements, bunch of hypocrites if you ask me. When I see them gather, I ask them about Fukushima, most know nothing. I suggest the destruction of our species, babies with deformities, dead and still born babies, babies of all species suffering and dying needlessly. Why not a peep out of these "pro-lifers"? Pro-life my ass! If you care about life, then you must be anti-nuke, to say nothing means you are against life. The nuke cabal kills, maims, deforms, and sickens more life on this planet than any other thing we have ever done.
            Pro-life = anti-nuke period!
            No nukes!

            • NCRP/ICRP – Negative Effect Of Man Made Radiation On Human Eggs, Embryo, Sperm, Fetus, And Newborn, ALARA Planning, Weighting Factors – Dr. Caldicott MD

            • I don't think the majority of the pro-life gang are pro-life, at all. I see them, more-so, as pro-control. The most vocal anti-abortion folk are men. Those who've taken out o.b.s have been? Men. Now, I don't think all men are like this, but the pro-life men don't seem to think about the women whose lives they want to legislate.
              I can't say I'm pro-abortion, as when in a situation in which many women would have taken this route, I chose to carry to term. But, this choice was mine. I don't believe it's my choice or that of anyone, except for the particular woman, to decide what needs to be done or how it should be handled.
              But, I do see the sick irony in their stance. How can they vote for nukes, on one hand, and against womens' choice, on the other?

              As far as the science-dopes in the video linked to this article are concerned, why would they not look for contaminates, in the ocean and/or air? Do they truly believe the only possible variables are water temps and upswelling (or downswelling) or not? Seriously; "Science", is really stupid. Or, they have a pretty good idea it's Fukushima, so they don't see the point of looking for other chemical toxins? (I hope it's the latter or Science is completely and utterly dumb.)

      • mairs mairs

        DDT is an endocrine disruptor, it bioaccumulates, and it was found in almost every human blood sample by the CDC up until 2005. It was very successful but it showed a decrease in effectiveness over time as mosquitoes developed a resistance to it. It is still used as "vector control" but not widespread use worldwide. Environmental concerns are real, concerns about its effect on human health are real.

  • Nick

    Lest you think GMI is a pigment of Nick's imagination:

    "A major study could change care for many of the hundreds of thousands of people each year who have cancer that spreads to the brain from other sites. Contrary to conventional wisdom, radiation therapy to the whole brain did not improve survival, and it harmed memory, speech and thinking skills, doctors found."

    If intentional rads induce impaired mental functions think what radiation from UN-INTENTIONAL sources (like 3 awol reactor cores) are doing to us 24/7/365.




    Now where did I leave my keys????

  • Sol Man

    Everybody that reads and contributes here at Enenews has a phd in

    the art and brutality of life. This event is the saddest and most

    profound ever to happen in this technological age. And, it will

    barely be acknowledged. That just goes to strengthen the evidence

    that The People are governed by a set of Ghouls that Never had the

    best interest of our children, the future and the sanctity of our

    shared home at heart. They don't have one!

  • Nick

    Death stinks.

    Can you imagine what some beaches smell like?

    Will California issue "scent" advisories on especially "bad" days?

    In a society that can't even get education right, I am not surprised that
    our toxic loading of the biosphere is a result of our own hubris!

    We choose to build bombs when what we SHOULD have been doing is watch the children play…..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Sam McClatchie, NOAA Supervisory Oceanographer: " I just wanted to state that we deliberately didn’t test all the possible variables.”


    Why not test for all the variables, including some of the 'out of the ball park' hypothesis?
    Deliberately ..short change an experiment?
    Deliberately covering tests e ..done of which the public has no access?
    Easier to lie, easier his cognitive dissonance?
    Easier to stand around befuddled?

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi this moment in our history..i think everything is easier then to face a informed of their pending execution global public and try to explain why they did what they did..and kept doing it after they knew what it will lead to..sure zooming in on all fragment's there are some litle "excuses"..still ridiculus in the eye of the sane but..(i killed and raped my granny for hunderd buck's cause i needed a fix , the rape was a side effect of my delirium )..but after a while one expect awareness of the bigger picture and it's own role in it..and some correction of own behaviour and attitude..that's where the possible excuses dissapear..
      Especially the nuke industry aka the military-industrial complex and the usa international role in history..they are not the only one , the desease is widespread among the power elite..
      But their example is the most extreme aka most deseased..
      Togheter they have killed the whole of the planet and humanity and saturated it with hating terrorist's..

      No wonder they shutup or render useless every siencetific mouth they can control..'till the end..sicker and sicker according the evolving situation..aslong as they don't have to look in their own public..mea culpa..we are so sick..

    • Heart, I can think of two reasons for them not adding varied toxins to the equation.
      1. They believe they won't find most testable toxins (such as pesticides or oil/gas runoff..), or,
      2. They already have a concensus that it is radionuclides, particularly from Fukushima, and won't test in order to not put that info out to the public.

      Or, today's scientists learned by rote, only, and they don't have it in their widdle brains to put together a reasoned theory. I actually think this is possible since the US started, "teaching to the test", back in the seventies or eighties.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Typos ..galore.
    Easier on his cognitive dissonance?
    Flexing his job position?
    Flexing the position of NOAA?
    A little risk management?
    All of the above?

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      "I’m going to talk about forage rather than sea lions, I’m not an expert in sea lions… They’re very unwell, rescue centers are overflowing… They’re very endearing, but they grow up to be rather a problem, they’re big animals… People get upset when they see them starving… [Centers] try to recover them [and] put them back out in the ocean. Unfortunately, the ocean hasn’t really changed, so we don’t know whether all these rescues are helping anything more than how we feel.” "

      He ought to just say it?
      They can't feed them if they do rescue them.
      There isn't enough food for them to return to their natural environment!

      " the ocean hasn’t really changed"
      Sure it has.
      Hasn't he heard of the 'blob'?
      It is NEVER going to return to the state it was.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    " I just wanted to state that we deliberately didn’t test all the possible variables.”

    This is unacceptable.
    Unacceptable to present and future generations.

  • Nick

    Anyone else get the sense that things may go haywire any day now, that our orderly view of the world just might be turned upside down as fast as that ill-fated ferry in China?

    The economic realm looks weird, look at bonds globally, etc.

    Ecosystems are stressed (or severed).

    Human altercations seem to be expanding and relentless, both internationally AND domestically.

    Weird weather too.

    Live for today. Cherish the past. Mourn for the future we once all had.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech


      The Greeks threw in the towel and said FU.

      Won't take too many more to wake up the fake n bake money scams.

      Like Pompeii on a bad day, our daisy-chained nonsense existence scams are a pressure cooker set to fail mode.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Paranoia and fear going to entertain minds, while the true danger goes unnoticed?
    Control of others,control of the masses … is only going to lead to future dystopia.

    A trend ..I know..
    I've heard it said, that dystopia is being displayed in it's extreme.
    What they don't understand,, is that there are conditions and reactions, some of which in this world there is no control, or return.

    What is the point of encouraging and enhancing , increasing conditions.
    Has Humanity truly gone over the edge?

  • Folks I need some comments here, at the Detroit news, they are pimping out how the nuclear waste MUST be buried within 1 mile of Lake Huron.

    Its a money grab, an insane money grab.

    • This is an amazing lie "its just old gloves and stuff". Similar to the WIPP plant in new Mexico this was one of the lies that we were told there too.

      Then we find out what they were really putting into WIPP, highly contaminated liquids with cesium, strontium, cobalt, and really deadly radiation that were diluted and then absorbed into "kitty litter" to make it "solid"

      And some of this is 7 curies per liter! Enough to contaminate 1 Billion chickens with 1 liter! Just gloves, is a horrible horrible lie.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The entire world is run by a bunch of educated pimps! 🙁


    Re. some recent data omissions, , must say that instead of a data gap, a major peculiar spike was shown in Northwestern Iceland: a + 1,300 µSv/hr (!) "FU whiff"…


    And some more EURDEP / Radnet data in there too… For what it's worth. (If nothing else, it saves you the time digging through those designed-to-frustrate monitoring networks. Anyways…

    And just to play "broken record", damning data of recent fissioning is @ with nullschool a wind data peek making the case that Fukushima being the culprit can not only be ruled out, it's most likely the cause of the recent fallout events over Europe @

    Wonder how deep that corium melted down… on the beach of that beautiful region… Land of the Sinking Sun, @

    Front row seat, watching our planet being ruined by shortsighted greed pushing misguided technologies…

    – MVB

  • Epitath for an Ocean

    God speed, dear Ocean, we barely knew ye.

    Yet never fear, when we are wiped from this planet, ye shall be fine in 200,000 to 2,000,000 years, climate change, nuclear lies, and all. Yet the spectacular variety….

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Well hopefully they can keep the suction pipes clear of all the dead sea life.

      Maybe it is just me, but drinking from a pool of dead shit, seems to lack a bit of logic.

      Oh well, it is a moneymaker, grease the gears of greed.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        A significant amount of Southern California is already drinking each other's 'personal' waste:

        'From toilet to tap: Getting a taste for drinking recycled waste water'

        "But business is booming in California's Orange County Water District (OCWD), through a pioneering wastewater treatment facility that recycles used water — or sewage — and returns it to the drinking supply. The plant is expanding production from 70 to 100 million gallons per day, enough for 850,000 people, around one-third of the county population. As the OWCD output is mixed with the main groundwater supply it reaches over 70% of residents."

        If you visit California, bring your own bottled water.

  • rogerthat’ll-sign-law-banning-bulk-collection-doj-asks

    3 Hours and 47 Mins After Obama Says He’ll Sign Law BANNING Bulk Collection, DOJ Asks Secret Court to CONTINUE Bulk Collection

    Submitted by George Washington on 06/09/2015

    Spencer Ackerman reports in the Guardian:

    The Obama administration has asked a secret surveillance court to ignore a federal court that found bulk surveillance illegal and to once again grant the National Security Agency the power to collect the phone records of millions of Americans for six months.

    The legal request, filed nearly four hours after Barack Obama vowed to sign a new law banning precisely the bulk collection he asks the secret court to approve, also suggests that the administration may not necessarily comply with any potential court order demanding that the collection stop.
    Ackerman details the timeline in a tweet: …

  • rogerthat

    Statement by Congressman Dan Kildee on Delay of Approval to Build Canadian Nuclear Waste Site Near Great Lakes
    June 8, 2015

    FLINT – Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) issued the following statement today after Canada’s Minister of Environment announced that she will delay a decision to approve Ontario Power Generation’s proposed plan to build a permanent deep geological repository for nuclear waste less than a mile from Lake Huron:

    “I support a delay by the Canadian government in building a new permanent nuclear waste storage facility less than a mile from the Great Lakes. This delay until after Canada’s next election clearly demonstrates that this project is controversial, both in Canada and the U.S.

    Over 150 municipalities, from Toronto to Chicago, have passed resolutions in opposition to this Canadian plan to bury nuclear waste so close to the world’s largest freshwater body source. I continue to work with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to call attention to this threat to our Great Lakes, and I hope that Canada considers a different location for a site.

    Surely in the vast land mass that comprises Canada, there must be a better place to permanently store nuclear waste than on the shores of Lake Huron.”

  • rogerthat

    Nuclear power station cancer warning: Breast cancer rates are FIVE TIMES higher at Welsh plant – and twice as high at Essex and Somerset sites, experts reveal

    Studies looked at rates of various cancers in people living close to Trawsfynydd, Bradwell and Hinkley Point power stations

    At the Welsh plant breast cancer rates were five times higher than expected

    At Bradwell and Hinkley Point they were twice as high as UK average

    Researchers warned their 'very clear' findings are 'remarkable'

    PUBLISHED: 20:40 EST, 9 June 2015

  • rogerthat

    It Is Untenable to Seek a Nuclear Agreement With Iran While Also Arming its Opponents
    Posted: 06/09/2015

  • rogerthat

    KOCHI, June 9, 2015

    ‘Nuclear waste dumping a threat to ocean wealth’


    Resources will be badly affected by nuclear waste dumped from nuclear reactors.

    The disposal of nuclear waste into the sea is a serious threat to ocean wealth, a conference on ocean conservation, organised by the School of Ocean Studies and Technology of the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS), has observed. The conference was organised here on Monday as part of the World Oceans Day observance.

    Speakers at the conference said the oceans were a depository of a variety of resources including fish, energy and minerals. But the resources would be badly affected due to the dumping of nuclear waste expelled from many nuclear reactors, which is a big threat to the very existence of marine life and humankind.

    N.R. Menon, chairman of the Nansen Environmental Research Centre India, said other ways should be found for the disposal of waste. “The existing international maritime rules and regulations should be strengthened to curb the problem of waste dumping into the sea," he said. …

  • rogerthat

    Russia’s expensive toy: Huge risks, rising costs, zero sense

    ST. PETERSBURG – Last October, the St. Petersburg-based shipyard Baltiisky Zavod – Sudostroyeniye officially announced it was planning one year later to make delivery of the world’s first floating nuclear power plant.

    The newbuild, which has spent an eternity in construction limbo, is to be moored in a remote area in Russia’s Far North. Despite the off-the-charts costs and equally staggering risks, Russia seems dead set on completing the project. What will be the consequences of this gamble? And could Russia have chosen a less economically and environmentally costly option to bring power and heat to faraway consumers?

  • rogerthat

    70 years after WWII / Unretouched photos show A-bomb devastation

    June 10, 2015
    By Hiroyuki Taira / Yomiuri Shimbun Senior Writer
    A photo exhibition to be held this summer in Tokyo will display 60 photographs taken shortly after the 1945 U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, showing the catastrophic effects of the bombings.

    The August exhibition, titled “Shitte imasuka Hiroshima Nagasaki no Genshi Bakudan” (Do you know about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?), will display 60 photographs taken within three months after the bombings. The photos — with spots, shadows and air bubbles left unretouched — vividly show how devastating the bombing damage was, while at the same time illustrating the poor state of photo processing amid desperate material shortages.

    One of photos to be exhibited is titled “Miyukibashi Nishizume” and shows Hiroshima people, including a schoolgirl, being rescued in an area close to Ground Zero on Aug. 6, 1945. …

    The admission-free exhibition will be held from Aug. 4 to 30 at the JCII Photo Salon in the Ichibancho district of Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward. Open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

    • rogerthat

      Famed Hiroshima Panels bound for U.S. in bid to spark rethink of A-bombings

      … “The Hiroshima Panels show atomic bombs did not just kill people but destroyed everything, including human ties. . . . Nuclear weapons are perceived as a great threat to humanity that transcends nationality,” said Takayuki Kodera, head of the Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture.

      Iri and Toshi Maruki spent over 30 years, starting in 1950, to complete the 15 large folding-screen panels on the atomic bombings. They were created in the manner of Japanese-style brush paintings as the artists revisited their painful memories of entering Hiroshima, Iri’s birthplace, shortly after the city was reduced to ashes in August 1945.

      To mark the 70th anniversary year since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, six of the panels will be showcased as part of the Atomic Bomb Exhibition at the American University Museum in Washington from June 13 to Aug. 16. They will also be exhibited at the Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation in New York between November and December, according to the Japanese gallery. …

      • rogerthat

        … The Hiroshima Panels have since traveled to the United States twice, to Boston in 1988 and Minnesota in 1995, but they are set to be shown in the U.S. capital for the first time. Iri and Toshi Maruki were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995 and died in 1995 and 2000, respectively.

        Yoshiko Hayakawa, who arranged the paintings’ upcoming U.S. tour, said she had “a tough time” finding venues to display them. But the plan bore fruit thanks to Kuznick, whose university is known for exhibiting atomic bomb artifacts that were supposed to be shown at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in 1995 along with the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

        Amid protests from U.S. veterans, the Smithsonian scrapped its plan for the exhibition on the damage inflicted by the bombs, a clear reminder of the “difficulties of organizing an exhibition to tell the truth about the atomic bombs,” Hayakawa said.

        Kuznick said some people might condemn the university’s exhibition for being too sympathetic to the Japanese, for being too critical of the United States and for not talking about Pearl Harbor.

        But the director of the American University’s Nuclear Studies Institute said he “welcomes controversy” as part of his efforts to challenge the mainstream view that the atomic bombs were necessary to end the war. …

        – interesting piece, worth a look imho

  • rogerthat

    Former CIA Director: We're Not Doing Nearly Enough To Protect Against The EMP Threat
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/09/2015 21:20 -0400

    … What is stunning about the former CIA Director's comments below is not just the carnage an EMP could wreak, but the apparent rabid intransigence with which the electrical power lobby is fighting any responsibility for defending against one. …

  • rogerthat

    The death of the nuclear industry – theme for June 2015
    The world is waking up to the unaffordable costs of the nuclear fuel chain.

    Forget health, environment, safety, future generations, weapons proliferation – today’s killer of the nuclear industry is that good old reliable thing – the exorbitant MONEY that is required

    Are “developing” countries really buying the nuclear lobby’s advertising drivel? Is China really on a nuclear build spree? Is Australia really going to “embrace” the nuclear fuel chain and become the planet’s nuclear toilet?

    The nuclear lobby , like everyone else, knows that the game is over as soon as the next radioactive catastrophe occurs. That’s predicted as50% probability before 2050. It could be this week. That’s a big reason why the nuclear lobby is in such a panic to lock in contracts to buy its toxic products – while the going’s good.

    Only tax-payers will fund nuclear facilities, despite the drivel from democracies about private enterprise. Russia, China are more honest about it – the State owns the nuclear companies. And they’re all so keen to export the technology to other countries. Heck! Russia evenpays for them to buy the stuff.

    The nuke industry is in trouble – In USA the nuclear industry is a thing of the past. Investors flee Nordic nuclear company Vattenfall. Finland pulls out of building Olkiluoto 4 nuclear reactor. AREVA teeters on bankruptcy.

  • rogerthat

    Australian anti nuclear activist barred from entry to India

    India barred activist from entry: Greenpeace , Arab News 9 June 15 NEW DELHI: Greenpeace said Monday an Australian staff member had been barred from entering India despite holding a valid visa, in what it said was the latest crackdown against the group.
    Aaron Gray-Block was on his way to meetings in India when immigration officials stopped him at Bangalore airport on Saturday night and put him on a flight to Kuala Lumpur without explanation, the campaign group said.

    His passport was seized and only returned to him once he had landed in the Malaysian capital, the environmental group said in a statement.
    “Our colleague has a valid business visa, and yet he was prevented from entering India with no reason given,” Divya Raghunandan, program director of Greenpeace India, said.
    “We are forced to wonder if all international staff of Greenpeace will now be prevented from entering the country?“
    Local media reports cited unnamed home ministry sources saying Gray-Block was denied entry because his name figured in an official ‘black list’.

    But the activist said he had “not received any communication” from the government of being placed on such a list, demanding “an explanation to this.”
    “I arrived at Bangalore Airport with a valid business visa issued by the Indian embassy in Australia… Any suggestion of wrongdoing is a farce and a smear,” Gray-Block said …

  • Sol Man

    With the ongoing poisoning at all vectors on the earth, which 10% of the population do we suppose will survive?

    It's a maimed world.

  • rogerthat

    JUNE 9, 2015 ADMIN

  • rogerthat

    TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 2015

    More Adverse Mortality Events

    In addition to ongoing collapse of California sea lions (see here for sources and discussion), Alaska's wolves are suffering a precipitous drop in number:

    Alaska's Wolves Face Catastrophe By Taylor Hill,
    TakePart 09 June 15

    A government study reports that the predators’ population has plummeted 60 percent in one year.

    Southeast Alaska’s isolated wolf population has declined by 60 percent in just one year, dropping from an estimated 221 individuals in 2013 to 89 wolves in 2014, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

    Those numbers are already outdated. Another 29 wolves were reportedly killed in the 2014–2015 hunting and trapping season.

    The figures were reported in a brief written by U.S. Forest Service officials who worked with Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game to update the region’s wolf population estimates.

    The final report is expected to be released by the end of the week, but the early summary has prompted conservationists to call for an expedited endangered species listing for the reclusive subspecies….

  • LOL I think we need a troll to get us all focused against the enemy, LOL <sarc> ouch <j/k>

    I betcha 5 to 1 this is mercury retrograde and HONESTLY I haven't checked!

    • This is the second time i've read that term, today, Stock. I guess I ought to look it up so i can better understand the joke (mercury retrograde?) I'll be back..
      But, please don't call out for the trolls. You know they are here and looking to leap in.

    • Okay, I looked it up. I finally get it.
      Could be, I suppose, though it is supposed to be over as of yesterday. I will say, I have been out of touch with just about everyone I know, the past three weeks. No idea why, but I really didn't feel like connecting with anyone, even good friends. For whatever reason, I began to remedy this, today (and so did friends and acquaintances, today.) Strange…

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