NOAA: Fukushima contamination possibly affecting sea lion pups — “Radiation is being looked at, just like everything else” (VIDEO)

Published: April 8th, 2013 at 10:14 am ET


CBS Los Angeles, April 6, 2013: Radiation from Japan’s nuclear disaster is being looked at as one possible cause for what some experts are declaring an “unusual mortality event” after hundreds of ailing sea lion pups washed ashore in Southern California.

UTSanDiego, April 5, 2013: Declines in the number and availability of small schooling fish may have caused nursing pups to wean early and left them struggling to fish on their own. Other causes they’re investigating include infectious diseases, toxic algal blooms, and exposure to radiation or pollution.

NBC, April 8, 2013: More than 1,000 ailing sea lion pups have washed ashore in Southern California over the past three months, and a national fisheries expert says a lack of food source is likely the cause, not radiation as reported by some media outlets. […] Over the weekend, some news outlets reported that radiation from Japan’s March 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is also being looked at as a possible cause […] NBC 7 San Diego spoke with Jim Milbury of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service who said experts “haven’t ruled out” the possibility of radiation affecting the sea lion pups. However, Milbury said it is highly unlikely that radiation is to blame. “Radiation is being looked at, just like everything else. We haven’t ruled it out, but we really don’t suspect this at all,” Milbury told NBC 7. “We don’t suspect radiation because this would also mean other animals in the ocean would be affected, especially in the oceans of Hawaii, closer to Japan, and we haven’t seen any of that.”

See also: [intlink id=”sickened-alaska-animals-getting-more-tests-for-fukushima-radionuclides-oozing-sores-bleeding-swollen-internal-organs-hair-loss” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch the CBS broadcast here

Published: April 8th, 2013 at 10:14 am ET


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43 comments to NOAA: Fukushima contamination possibly affecting sea lion pups — “Radiation is being looked at, just like everything else” (VIDEO)

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    “We don’t suspect radiation because this would also mean other animals in the ocean would be affected, especially in the oceans of Hawaii, closer to Japan, and we haven’t seen any of that.”

    The only fur-bearing sea mammal in Hawaii is the Monk seal, an endangered species numbering 1,000 individuals and already declining at 4% per year. While there are no Unusual Mortality events listed for this seal (yet), it cannot be coincidence that so many other fur-bearers feeding in the North Pacific are dying of similar, never-before-seen symptoms since 3/11.

    My great hope is that oceanographers, marine biologists, all who study the sea and its inhabitants.. will follow their hearts and examine the evidence truthfully, not bending to the whims of FED.GOV agencies, but collect and expose the true findings, even if it means losing their jobs. We see in this catastrophe how controlled NOAA and the other agencies are by the energy cartel.. We need whistleblowers to come forth.. for the sake of ocean life.. for the sake of ALL life.

    • We Not They Finally

      Don't be naïve.Dont gamble your health in contaminated fish and sea weed and all sorts of food that have been contaminated BY THE UN SAFE RAIN.God GAVE YOU A BRAIN USE IT TO PROTECT YOURSELVES.

  • or-well

    Where are the lions
    of truth and compassion
    and resistance to atom-smashin'
    or is that useless and out-of-fashion
    apart from Enenews and other sites bashin'
    the fact our genetics are getting a slashin'?

    Dropping by to say my thoughts and heart are with you.

    I swim in a pool of unknowing and numbness
    in waters so frightful I'd succumb to glumness
    if I were unknowing that here and there brightness
    still lights the darkness upholding Life's rightness.

    Thank you.

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Yeeah , welcome back or-well , just a few hours ago i was thinkingabout/missing you and your input… and here you are.. Welcome !

      • m a x l i

        Yes, I was thinking the same only a few hours ago, as if we were all interconnected by a magic brain-wave internet. Glad you are here, or-well.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear or-well,
      Missed your brilliance 🙂
      Please take good care!
      We need you here.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      "I swim in a pool of unknowing…"

      Well spoken OR-WELL, but tragically, the world's finest nuclear 'experts', and the NPP managers, do the very same thing, swimming daily in The Sea of Knowledge, but emerging completely dry.

      The Nukushima world contamination now requires radical, forceful, vigilante action, but my perspective sees no such responce in sight.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "However, Milbury said it is highly unlikely that radiation is to blame. “Radiation is being looked at, just like everything else. We haven’t ruled it out, but we really don’t suspect this at all,” Milbury told NBC 7. “We don’t suspect radiation because this would also mean other animals in the ocean would be affected, especially in the oceans of Hawaii, closer to Japan, and we haven’t seen any of that.”

    They can't know until they test.

    Repost: might cause cognitive dissonance.

    Yanked out of the 'dreams of milk and honey' a radioactive fishing uncomfortable.

    "Cognitive dissonance theory explains human behavior by positing that people have a bias to seek consonance between their expectations and reality. According to Festinger, people engage in a process he termed "dissonance reduction", which can be achieved in one of three ways: lowering the importance of one of the discordant factors, adding consonant elements, or changing one of the dissonant factors.["

    It does not serve the people..for the scientific engage in expectations, preconceived notions or shuffling of factors.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      The best science is impartial and follows all leads to the conclusion, no matter where they lead, positive or negative.

      Science is more of a religious cult if there are sacred cows that need protecting, such as avoiding any negative mention of anything associated with the holy nucleoc-rat industry.

      Scientists cannot touch them, as science is the protector of the 'nuke man' behind the curtain, who pulls the scientific strings using money, influence, power, laws, mass media, scholarly influence at universities via 'donations', and more.

      When combined with the profit motive, science often becomes perverted, twisted beyond all recognition, into some horrible appearance of reality that may have little or no actual scientific merit or value.

      • m a x l i

        True words. And in this case the spokesperson of the National Marine Fisheries Service has even his own holy cow to protect – which is the fish in the ocean, or rather the profit that comes from catching and selling that fish. He would say what he is saying even without the nuke man behind the curtain. Admitting the sea lions are (directly or indirectly) effected by Fukushima radiation would mean admitting all the fish in the ocean are effected, too, which would not be a good advertisement for the fish industry.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        Real science is NOT like religion.

        What you mean is "science"-business.


  • lickerface lickerface

    Do the shellfish that are gone around Japan coast qualify as "sea animals"?

    • SophieQ

      No. They are obviously not ocean creatures and do certainly not belong to any food chain. Sarcasm off.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    News report has zero data, and repeats the same jive, over and over. Regarding health, mainstream news is all jive.

    • m a x l i

      You will read some data soon enough. To understand that data you first need to make yourself accustomed to the new units of measurement in nuclear science. Becquerels and Sieverts are out of use. The new units are called "Little" and "Harmless".

      • We Not They Finally

        Sadly as the oceans become more and more moribund and the food chain disappears..WE are faced with the dilemna of what to drink what to eat and what to breathe..We do the best we can.We use common sense. If the oceans are getting more and more contaminated maybe we should be more careful what we eat and drink..
        Maybe we don't walk unprotected in the rain anymore.Safety is now very important..So isn't education and awareness.We may also start thinking of where it is best to live.All my best wishes are for you all.

  • lickerface lickerface

    And where is the testing for radinuclides on the west coast? There are no protocols in place to alleviate fears of food supply contamination.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      That would be the Food and Drug Administration. A bureaucracy so rife with incompetence and corruption that they had to outsource the job of spying on their own employees to identify and target potential whistleblowers. The FDA, EPA and NOAA are taxpayer parasites. Read this two-year-old article and tell me what has changed about these worthless organizations:

      Anyone that looks to the U.S. government for radiation monitoring and protection might as well wear a sign on their back that says "Perma-victim. Please Exploit Me!"

      Censorship is the putrid smell of a decaying government.

      • We Not They Finally

        The federal government is between a rock and a hard place…Obviously if everyone became aware of the difficult situation North America now faces…Then we may see a rebound which no one wants.The issue is what at this point can be done?

        There has been a totally irresponsible attitude taken since the advent of the nuclear age.Atoms for peace is utter nonsense. We are learning the real truth is atoms for death..How do we deal with something that has no smell no taste and is invisible…So much of our economy hinges on the ocean. We cant avoid the rains..It rains and our animals eat the grass.Most of our vegetables fruit s and eatables expose us all.It seems that there is no way to save ourselves from the inevitable…Time is the main issue. The damage is done.

    • vital1 vital1

      "The Food Lab", has a list of the latest international reports of food contamination, including reports from the USA.

  • Lion76 Lion76

    they are trying to figure out how to blame nature for all of this (satanism)

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    You can test a Navy guy in minutes, but this will require years of careful study.

    Kuroshio pacific ocean current misses Hawaii. Its possible warm water coming off Japan initiates increased domoic acid toxic algae, although this is pure conjecture. Combination of radioactivity, various organic runoff from human activity, and toxic algae creates toxic coastal waters. Once the life of oceans, now the dead zones. Man is a cancer, creating dead zones.

    You can forget about whistle blowers, and scientific studies. BP gulf oil disaster shows even the net is controlled.(brazen permission of Jesse Ventura to air truths with ultra cheezy production makes laughing stock of truthers) Try to get a TV spot= no way Jose. Journals? investigate what happened after the nanothermite paper.

    Neurotoxin-producing algae have been showing up in greater numbers and more often off the coast of Southern California, say researchers who have created a monitoring method

    The California researchers also found that a different type of algae that produces the neurotoxin domoic acid has been increasing on the West Coast over the past decade.

  • many moons

    Until now there has been no mention that Fuku could be responsible for any destruction outside of Japan. Even though infant mortality has increased in the US, elder deaths have increased in the US, nothing could be pinned on Fukushima. Even many mass animal deaths in the recent past have fallen into the category of mysterious aliments resulting in inconclusive data….It took this massive…all in one physical area…this, you can not deny the damage event for the science community to finally put radiation as a possibility on the table. Americans have to start funding private labs, not only for the sea creatures but for themselves….we need to know the truth.

    • Add this one:

      Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster
      Published time: April 03, 2013 19:56
      Edited time: April 04, 2013 19:43

      "Researchers have discovered that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has had far-reaching health effects more drastic than previously thought: young children born on the US West Coast are 28 percent more likely to develop congenital hyperthyroidism.

      In examining post-Fukushima conditions along the West Coast, researchers found American-born children to be developing similar conditions that some Europeans acquired after the 1986 meltdown of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

      “Fukushima fallout appeared to affect all areas of the US, and was especially large in some, mostly in the western part of the nation,” researchers from the New York-based Radiation and Health Project wrote in a study published by the Open Journal of Pediatrics.

      Children born after the 2011 meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are at high risk of acquiring congenital hyperthyroidism if they were in the line of fire for radioactive isotopes. Researchers studied concentration levels of radioiodine isotopes (I-131) and congenital hypothyroid cases to make the association."

      • m a x l i

        I did not read your link, but believe you misunderstood something. "28 percent more likely" is not the same as "almost third of…"

        Example: You have a rate of 1% before, and 1.28% after. This could be called "28 percent more likely" and is far away from "almost one third of newborns" (but a catastrophe nonetheless.)

        • michellemamarn

          No, Maxli. You demonstrated the difference between twenty-eight hundredths of a percent= .28% . The difference indicated in the article would be the difference between 1% and 29%, using your example.

          • m a x l i

            Now, I had a look at Pu239's link. I was wrong, that Pu239 misunderstood something. He only repeated what that article was saying, no interpretation of his own was involved. I think the headline of that article is wrong and comes from a poor understanding by the journalist of the data told later in the article. A lot of comments over there seem to support my view (no matter what their agenda might be).

            The difference between us, michellemamarn, is you (and the article writer) are doing summations, while I do multiplications. Multiplications is the way to go when we are talking about likelihoods, probabilities, risks or chances.

            A closer look at the article delivers you an example why summation does not work. It says there:

            "In 36 other US states outside of the exposure zone, the risk of congenital hyperthyroidism decreased by 3 percent"

            If you bring in the fact how rare congenital hypothyroidism is…

            "Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) is a condition of thyroid hormone deficiency present at birth. Approximately 1 in 4000 newborn infants has a severe deficiency of thyroid function, while even more have mild or partial degrees."

            …your result (applying a summation which becomes a subtraction in this case) would be approximately minus(!) 3 percent cases: Out of 100 newborns minus 3 have hyperthyroidism!!!

            • m a x l i

              Symmary in short: The headline stating "Almost third of US West Coast newborns hit with thyroid problems after Fukushima nuclear disaster" is false. But a 28% increase still proves there were many cases of sickness in newborns on the US West Coast caused by radioactive iodine from Fukushima.

            • m a x l i

              One more remark:
              In the original scientific article everything is about 'hypo'thyroidism, while in the derived RT article (whatever or whoever RT is) 'hypo' is sometimes accidentally replaced by 'hyper', which is totally a different thing.

              • michellemamarn

                @ Maxli- Hello and thank you so much for your response. You prompted me to check out RT (Russian Times) and check the source of their information. Found it here- , the Open Journal of Pediatrics, Vol.3, No.1, and am relieved to report it is a 28% INCREASE in incidence of congenital hypothyroidism,as you stated; NOT 28% of all infants born on the US west coast. The headline is truly misleading. Although that number is statistically alarming, it is not the nightmare I feared. Thanks again for the relief I am feeling; things are certainly bad enough without borrowing trouble.

                • m a x l i

                  It is still a nightmare for every person effected. (According to Wikipedia) hypothyroidism can be effectively and simply treated by daily intake of a tablet containing the missing thyroid hormone. But this needs to be produced synthetically. This means your wellbeing is even more dependent on society not being in a state of greater emergency or war or even having a collapse of civilisation. A frightening thought when you look at what is going on around you and are not confident about where we may be heading towards.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear many moons,
      I agree. We must persist here at ENENews! We are making a difference! Let's welcome folks worldwide who choose to listen to their hearts/consciences and walk with us.

    • vital1 vital1

      Here are some free tools to help people do exactly that Many Moons.

      Free Geiger Counter Use Guide. to-test-food-for-Radioactive-Contamination.pdf

      DIY Food testing lab Guide

      For those who can't afford this type of test equipment "The Food Lab", has a
      list of the latest international reports of food contamination.

      We have to become our own Mass media. Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

  • gnomesang gnomesang

    for f's sake, how long does it take to test a dead sea lion?? i've never been a "for the kids" type of person, but in this case, i am. san diego depends on the tourism to keep its machine rolling, how many cadillac margaritas are worth the longterm health of anyones kid or grandkid.

    even my "rightwinged" roommate just said to me… "even though this is a military town, how many seamen have to be affected before someone does something". lol

    • Sickputer

      gs sez: "for f's sake, how long does it take to test a dead sea lion?? "

      SP: Not every long…but the spin factor and the government coverup takes careful coordination.

      Don't expect any government-sponsored reports to come out blaming the nuclear industry for loss of a species. It's time to look to other resources for the truth.

      There is a whistle blower somewhere who will rat on his colleagues…perhaps someone who has suffered great personal loss and feels inspired to tell the truth. You can bet such revelations won't be on GE-owned media.

  • RESCUERS ABANDON THE PUPS when there's no room at the rehabilitation center. They just leave them at the beach, to fend for themselves.

    I just listened to this NPR report.

    The obvious question is – as commentator Gnomesang just suggested – why aren't they being fed by volunteers at the beach? It appears that these pups were weaned by their mothers already and the strongest among them are quite capable of eating fish.

    Maybe someone could get something started. Perhaps an animal protection organization could get involved. (How about calling them?) Maybe some big company could donate the money for the fish and get the publicity. Anyway, it often takes only one person to start something big.

    • Yukio_Tanukio

      I could go down to the beach, to the La Jolla Cove, throw some fish to the suffering sea lions. But, where do I get uncontaminated fish for them? Their mothers have been eating fish and that has disrupted the health of their pups (and what of the mothers?) Isn't feeding the pups fish from the ocean going to produce the same disease as has been affecting them already? Do you begin to see the magnitude of the disaster?

  • jec jec

    Read this UN report from irradiated Marshall Islanders at

    Note the comments from the witnesses -the birth defects, the stillbirths. Japanese families are in for a terrible nuclear disaster, as are the rest of us.
    For the nuclear tests in the '50s–sounds like TEPCO was in charge or they just used the same US tactics to hide the dangers of Nuclear energy. I guess the playbook of media soundbites..and lack of any responsibility for nuclear damages is being used. Note the islanders were uses for a "study"..just like Fukushima victims are. A study that just documents, does not treat the illnesses. The comments about sickness after the fallout over the islands..sounds just like Fukushima. I wonder how long before the cancers started..and if there was treatment? Didn't we stop inhumane experiments on animals a long time ago. And for the islanders and fukushima victims..wasnt that kind of study banned a long time before WWII and the death camps? What good is a study or rules or regulations or the UN if NOTHING HAPPENS TO CORRECT CAUSES OF DISASTERS ?

  • The whole country is being mobilized to pass a gun control bill. Bereaved families are paraded to manipulate Congress and the public. Without meaning to diminish their terrible pain, gunshot victim numbers don't match those of the disabled or killed by poisons in the environment. There are all kinds of silent empidemics going on that could be traced to environmental toxins.

    Would a book like "Silent Spring" targeting the nuclear industry have any success these days? I doubt it. The mainstream media is in the pockets of government and industry and they would either ignore the author or discredit her. You would only hear about her arguments on the alternative media.

    Perhaps if an independent lab were to do a thorough study on these lion seals and found evidence of radiation sickness, these animals' suffering and sacrifice might motivate the launching of a national and international campaign of awareness. And as public support increases, they could sharpen and intensify the fight.

    Something must be done, I'm not sure what. Perhaps we need to study campaigns that have succeeded since the advent of the Web. It will take a massive effort, and those at the frontline will take huge risks. It would have to be a campaign aimed at prompt results, not just to raise money, as so many other campaigns seem to be. And with full disclosure of donors and amounts. Maybe some existing anti-nuclear organization could be prompted into leading the fight.

  • I just want to add one more thing: the need to debunk each one of the MYTHS that have allowed the nuclear industry to thrive. One of them being that it's a clean form of energy.

    People should be confronted with the shocking facts about sloppy storage of nuclear waste inside nuclear plants and elsewhere.

    The Hanford storage facility is one of the best known, but there are horror stories all over the country.

    Add to that the release of contaminated air and water – all under the nose of the nuclear regulatory agencies, and quite often with their approval.