North Anna: 53,300 picocuries per liter detected — Not sure where radiation is leaking — “No evidence” that increase in radioactivity related to quake says spokesman

Published: February 22nd, 2012 at 4:10 pm ET


Title: Elevated radioactivity levels found in North Anna well
Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch
Date: February 22, 2012

[… North Anna operator] Dominion Virginia Power is not sure where the radioactivity is leaking from, but the two reactors at the Louisa County plant are not the source […]

“There is no evidence that the increased concentration of tritium we sampled was related to the earthquake” […]

“Last Friday, we received confirmation from an outside contractor that tritium at a sample point exceeded the voluntary reporting level […]

The industry’s voluntary threshold for reporting such contamination — which Dominion Virginia Power adheres to — is 20,000 picocuries per liter. The sample the company took showed a radiation concentration of 53,300 picocuries per liter. […]

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Published: February 22nd, 2012 at 4:10 pm ET


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30 comments to North Anna: 53,300 picocuries per liter detected — Not sure where radiation is leaking — “No evidence” that increase in radioactivity related to quake says spokesman

  • James2

    Not sure where the leak is coming from – but they are quite sure it's not related to the recent earthquake.

    That sounds pretty scientific to me…not. These idiots are scared shiftless.

    Dominion Virginia needs to be better at plugging insider leaks than they are radiation leaks, or I predict a trip to the big house for some…

    • @James2
      Pretty logical observation! To beat the requirement by nuclear fuel cycles of infallibility, the english report they are putting up is an abject failure. By induction the leak occurred because the operators/the designers/the NRC are fallible. But the poison will need to enter living cells and become part of them. That they will do as the body God designed will not differentiate triated water from water. And 67% of our body is "water" and is replaced every year. In this continuing environment of tritiated water rivers and lakes, we will continue to possess tritiated cells. And our future generations who are here not to vote against nukes will possess defective genes due to all of us not rising up against the votaries of perfect mass murderers, the nukes.

    • But… but… they VOLUNTARILY reported the leak! Because that's all they have to do, the NRC doesn't care if they do or not. Doesn't that make them "responsible corporate citizens?"

      What garbage. They "know" it's not related to the earthquake because… why? Well, it MIGHT be because they've been leaking tritium at twice-plus "voluntary" reporting limits for many years. Makes the fish in the lake easy to spot at night, the better to catch lots for PTA Catfish and Hushpuppy Dinner the local high school! Nothing like getting that warm greenish glow from a good $3.00 community feed-fest…

  • SirHenriRisti

    No evidence.. When people gonna realize, the authorities are lying all the time!

    • Mack Mack

      They're planning to build a THIRD nuclear power plant at North Anna.

      Waiting for licensing by NRC in 2013.

      They've chosen the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor.

      You might recall that Mitsubishi manufactured the generator that's having problems with the tubes at San Onofre.

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        ahhh, a place for all the mox they are making in Savannah River South Carolina..

        Obama says mox is safe..

        …a plant that aims to safeguard at least 43 tons of weapons-grade plutonium by mixing it into fuel for commercial power reactors.

        .. the Tennessee Valley Authority, has been in discussions with the federal Department of Energy about using mox to replace a third of the regular uranium fuel in several reactors — a far greater concentration than at the stricken Japanese reactor, Fukushima Daiichi’s Unit No. 3, where 6 percent of the core is made out of mox. But the T.V.A. now says it will delay any decision until officials can see how the mox performed at Fukushima Daiichi, including how hot the fuel became and how badly it was damaged.

        So obviously, the reactor owners intend to retrofit existing reactors to handle mox.. can you say FUKUSHIMA?

        Anybody else wonder what "a far greater concentration than at the stricken Japanese reactor" equates to?

        Bunch o Homers!!! SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Are you perhaps wondering whether this is a little or a lot of radiation – "pico" is tiny, but 53,300 sounds pretty big, right?
    I believe it is about 2000 becquerels, if that helps. Here's a conversion site, complete with lots of pro-nuke links if you're inclined to get your hands dirty.

    The important part of the story is probably the doubt, the denials, the spin… same old.

  • Wreedles Wreedles

    I'm kinda speechless on this one…

    OK, I'm no rocket scientist, but on reading the report, my first thought was 'Oh, it must be leaking from a buried coolant pipe somewhere near the test well.'

    And then I read that they 'don't think that it's coming from the reactors.'

    Really Dominion? Really?

  • CB CB

    Maybe it's the "cosmetic" crack found by Dominion
    The central Virginia earthquake cthat aused 25 spent-fuel storage casks — each weighing 115 tons — to move on their concrete pad.
    Like hockey pucks on a jostled tray.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Gee well it seems every time there`s a Fuku quake its followed by elevated radiation levels….. I'm thinking North Anna is a bigger leaker than we`re being told.

    Maybe there's a corium underfoot like in Japan?

  • patb2009

    53,000 PicoCuries per liter, gee, we mitigate radon at 4 Pico-Curies/Liter of air.

    and the utility says it's not related to the reactor? I guess it's all those radioactive ducks peeing on the well.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Is there a banana ranch nearby,…that must be it!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Is that what it's gonna take?
    North Anna Nuking Washington DC to shine the light of truth on the Nuclear lies?
    Is that what it's gonna take?
    The east coast of US irridiated forever?
    Is that what it's gonna take?
    So be it then….
    It will be interesting to see the spin on that one!

  • Jebus Jebus

    uh, irradiated that is….

    @Admin, I respect the removal of HTML, can we please have a time limited edit?
    Just a 5 minute window to edit would suffice…

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    I am adding this information so new people will know the True dangers of Tritium & why they should be concerned.

    "Radiological research has found a correlation between tritium and cumulative genetic injury. (21) There was found in successive generations a reduction in relative brain weight, reduction in litter size, and increased reabsorption of embryos. (animal study)

    Correlations have been found in epidemiological research between tritium and Down’s' Syndrome. Associations have also been found between low-level radiation and Down's Syndrome."

    Tritium easily crosses the placenta, which raises concern for spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, congenital malformations and diseases.

    Tritium rapidly enters all material containing hydrogen. Some of this absorbed tritium reacts with organic compounds and is called organically bound tritium (OBT), a very important component of tritium exposures.

    When there are repeated (i.e., chronic) exposures to tritium, concentrations of OBT gradually increase in all biota. Humans accumulate OBT by consuming OBT in tritium-contaminated food and by drinking/eating, breathing and absorbing tritiated water (HTO). OBT is more problematic than HTO because of its much longer residence time and because OBT by its very nature is located near organic molecules (for example, DNA)

    "Tritium is essential to the construction of boosted-fission nuclear weapons. A boosted weapon contains a mixture of deuterium and tritium, the gases being heated and compressed by the detonation of a plutonium or uranium device. The D-T mixture is heated to a temperature and pressure such that thermonuclear fusion occurs. This process releases a flood of 14 MeV neutrons which cause additional fissions in the device, greatly increasing its efficiency."

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      The half-life of tritium is 12.33 years: it takes just over 12 years for the number of disintegrations (radioactivity) to be reduced by half, another 12 years to be reduced to one-quarter of the original amount, and so on, until it has nearly all changed to helium (a stable, non-radioactive element).

      "UC Berkeley nuclear engineering professor Edward Morse said the water needs to be diverted into a concrete-lined holding pond fairly soon, where natural evaporation can help reduce its volume."

      Youichi Enokida, a specialist in nuclear chemical engineering at Nagoya University in Japan, agrees that the material should be put into some type of storage that would concentrate it through evaporation, though Japanese experts generally talk about the need for a sealed pool.

      "We must concentrate the liquid," he said.

      Even with a pond, it could take up to 10 years before the radioactivity would decay enough for the material to be handled, Morse said. Building a storage pond "buys you time," he said.'

      "A factor that could vastly complicate the problem is the presence of Tritium, or heavy water, which is produced during fission. Tritium cannot be filtered out of water, instead requiring an extremely expensive treatment process.

      "If the contaminated water has relatively high Tritium or tritiated water concentration, then treatment could be more complicated," said Joonhong Ahn, a nuclear waste expert at UC Berkeley."

      "At Three Mile Island it was decided to allow the Tritium-contaminated water to evaporate, though that meant the tritium escaped as well."

      • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

        Once released, much of the tritium becomes part of the water cycle. Falling to earth as radioactive rain and snow, it accumulates in the environment. Freezing, melting, evaporating, and raining down again, it seeps into groundwater and flows into streams, lakes, rivers, aquifers, and oceans. It is also taken up by all living organisms.

        NASA can trace Tritium that was released 20 years ago.

        Radioactive tritium became a perfect marker for tracking ocean water §. Scientists sampling North Atlantic water found that tritium released into the atmosphere before the 1962 nuclear test ban treaty, mixed downward by 1973. By 1980, the same tritium had moved into deep areas off Florida. The water had taken about 20 years to travel 3000 miles (4800 km) through the sea at an average speed of less than half a mile a day, about half the speed of a snail §.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    more lies …..ho hum…… unfortunatly, in the end, there's no safe distance from a mox power plant. Make sure you give your kids a lot of love.

  • Fred

    How stupid do they think we are? Is there a tritium spring in somebody's backyard near the compost pile?

    It should have never been allowed to restart.

  • openeye openeye

    Great info, everyone. The main solace is to keep connected like this. Even my own family is in denial. Back in March I wrote my family everywhere what I knew, including my family in So. CA about the plutonium affecting the LA water supply from the mountains. But I doubt it's done much good–I get jokes about glowing all over. So how to keep my sanity? Folks like YOU!