NPR Affiliate: Fukushima cesium detected in Alaska salmon sample — Radioactive plume has already reached West Coast — Concerned fishermen forced to pay for tests since officials not doing it — “People don’t trust gov’t… they don’t trust corporations” (AUDIO)

Published: January 16th, 2014 at 9:10 am ET


Loki Fish Co., Jan. 7, 2014: […] In response to customer concerns over radiation releases into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima, fisherman-owned Loki Fish Company [paid for] radiation testing on seven stocks of wild salmon. […] Although the FDA contends that there is no evidence that radionuclides from Fukushima are present in Alaskan and Pacific Northwest seafood at a level that would be harmful to human health, it has not published results. […] Of the seven samples, five did not register detectable levels of radionuclides. Two of the samples registered at trace levels – Alaskan Keta at 1.4Bq/kg for Cesium 137, and Alaskan Pink at 1.2Bq/kg for Cesium 134 [Cesium-134 is a “clear fingerprint” for Fukushima’s nuclear contamination].

Pete Knutson, fisherman and co-owner of Loki Fish Co.: “As fishing families who put salmon on the table of consumers, we are as concerned as anyone about the health of our marine ecology.”

Oregon Public Broadcasting (NPR Affiliate), Jan. 16, 2014:  Scientists Say Stop Worrying About Fukushima Radioactivity In Fish[…] Japan’s nuclear disaster released hundreds of millions of gallons of radioactive water in 2011**, sparking rampant speculation that a contaminated plume would reach the waters of North America’s West Coast. […] There is radioactive material from Fukushima making its way across the Pacific Ocean and it has already reached the West Coast in small amounts. […] Scientists are still debating how high those radioactivity levels could be. […]

**After years of denials, Fukushima plant officials have recently admitted around 400 metric tons of radioactive water has been flowing into the Pacific every day for nearly 3 years

More from Loki Fish Co. co-owner Pete Knutson: “We had people passing on our fish this year. It was directly because they were worried about Fukushima. […] People do not trust governmental authorities. They don’t trust corporations. They don’t trust explanations and they don’t have a good science background.”

And the scientists demanding the public ‘stop worrying about Fukushima radioactivity in fish” may want to tell their colleagues the same thing and see how they respond:

  • [intlink id=”senior-scientist-fukushima-cores-melted-containment-vessels-im-very-concerned-about-sea-life-west-coast-accumulating-radioactive-material-contamination-will-arrive-concentrated-pockets-audio” type=”post”]Senior Scientist: I’m very concerned about sea life on West Coast accumulating radioactive material; Some contamination will arrive in concentrated pockets (AUDIO)[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”cbc-headline-radiation-from-fukushima-arrives-on-alaska-coast-university-scientists-concerned-is-the-food-supply-safe-i-dont-think-anyone-can-really-answer-that” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”physician-on-cancer-calculations-epidemic-of-fukushima-radiation-related-deaths-from-fish-in-pacific-may-have-started-vast-implications-for-human-health-i-eat-so-much-salmon-im-vulne” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Listen to the broadcast here

Published: January 16th, 2014 at 9:10 am ET


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83 comments to NPR Affiliate: Fukushima cesium detected in Alaska salmon sample — Radioactive plume has already reached West Coast — Concerned fishermen forced to pay for tests since officials not doing it — “People don’t trust gov’t… they don’t trust corporations” (AUDIO)

  • Gradius

    Alaska is done for.

    • Ontological Ontological

      Indeed Gradius, looks like fears up there will be realized soon. We all knew this 2 years ago, but nice to get "confirmation", may it thwart the fringes of the speculation generated by governments. The "minuscule" amounts electrostatically adhere to mucus tissues. Now we have confirmed rises in background, we have confirmed amounts of I 131 etc. in our drinking water, confirmed amounts in our food. This "tiny" amount from all of the above, are if you use that figure to approximate other damage, 5 to 6 Bq/kilogram becomes the reality of the actual daily intake. This bio-accumulation will rapidly add up..

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      Fears could become greater than necessary, given state and federal governments refusing to conduct and publish comprehensive testing. That doesn't mean the fears are founded, just that the government(s) don't want to know, so they don't have to do anything they're not planning to do anyhow. The best course of action is to boycott fish until there is comprehensive testing.

      Loki fish company obviously has an interest in producing low numbers, so if they are reporting anything, the problem is probably at least a bit worse. However, the real "canaries in the coal mine" in Alaska are the apex predators that feed on seafood that migrates to Japan: Harp Seals and Ringed seals range and eat fish that migrate as far south as Hokkaido and the sea of Japan, and then the Polar bears that eat those seals.

      Most Pacific salmon don't get as close to Japan as some species of fish eaten by the seals.

      At any rate, it is a mistake to assume that the shortages of salmon last year are a direct result of salmon being physically contaminated with high levels of radionucliotides. The whole ocean is impacted in different ways.

      For example prey animals such as plankton and invertebrates may be in short supply because their food sources have died, etc. Diseases may have flourished with mutations and bacterial plumes feasting on dead sea life, not to mention immune systems compromised by being kept busy fighting off cells gone haywire from low level exposure.

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        At the end of the day, the problem remains local to nuclear power plants:

        There is no reason to build a source of energy that has about a 1/5000 chance per year of melting down, poisoning people with cancer, and creating a 2,500 square kilometer exclusion zone, forever. Not when there are other power sources available that don't do that.

        Another way of looking at it is this: out of 439 nuclear power plants, 2 of them have now created the 2,500 square kilometer hole. So, that's (at least) a 1/220 chance over the course of a reactor's life that it will go kaput.

        Incidentally, that 1/220 figure is roughly consistent with the 1/5000 per year figure, given a 20-30 year reactor lifespan.

        • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

          Suffice to say, I won't be starting a fishing supply store any time soon.

          • demise demise

            The financial and economic implications of a Pacific Ocean eco-system collapse are very far reaching and would make the financial situation in the US unbearable and unrecoverable.
            We are already tettering on the brink. One bad financial mistake by our wholly incompetent leaders will send us into the toilet very quickly.

        • StupidConsumer

          It`s not just the risk of a meltdown. There is also the potential of loss of containment integrity in one of hundreds of nuclear waste storage facilities worldwide. Violent weather systems: Haarp or glo`bull` warming believe what you like, earthquakes, weapons deployment(war) or even objects entering the atmosphere, destruction of a facility could release enough stored fission products to cause global human extinction.
          Finally, no more taxes.

      • bo bo

        'Most Pacific salmon don't get as close to Japan as some species of fish eaten by the seals.'

        Yes… in terms of salmon that spawns in pacific northwest.. IF radionuclideswere to be its direct cause, I think more direct reason (at the moment) might be sites like Hanford – leaking 300 lbs of uranium directly into the Columbia River every year.

        • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

          Despite the tiny amounts detected and declared by Loki, I'd agree with other commentators that the Cesium-134 is probably a Fukushima signature here, given its two-year half-life.

          (Then again I don't know much about whether Hanford is bleeding Cs-134)

    • kirinseti

      Is any fish safe to eat? I haven't been eating any at all or getting any supplements from them.

    • loneranger loneranger

      Study the ocean currents and the jetstreams and realize north america is screwed. Fukushima radiation will not stop at the coastline.

  • Cisco Cisco

    No data, no problem. Eat up, only "trace levels". Yeah, and I promise the check's in the mail.

  • tsfw tsfw

    WE HAVE WHALES! Doing the happy dance! People are seeing their share of humpbacks this high season, so far still OK in this part of Mexico. A few people have said there are fewer dolphins, but they may have just had bad luck. Will keep asking questions and relaying.

  • Sickputer

    I appreciate the fish company testing, but many more samples are needed. Seven fish does not represent a large enough database to make any early assumptions of risk factors.

    Cherry picking samples is a valid concern in such a small testing survey. Did they select 1 of each species and select the nicest fish in a catch? What about fish that look a little worse for wear? I'm not saying the fishing company excluded sickly fish, but I would be more convinced by unbiased samples of many hundreds of salmon. Millions of dollars for guaranteed unbiased testing is needed.

    • GOM GOM

      "Respect for the vulnerability of human beings is a necessary part of telling the truth. Because no truth will be wrested from a callous vision or callous handling"…Anais Nin

    • nedlifromvermont

      @SP … sadly, my man, this money cannot be expected to be released by our gub'mint any time soon … Why?, you ask … Well, see here now: … Hillary Clinton told them not to look … not to test food from the Pacific anytime soon …. see … Hillary knows better than to look for radioactivity from a busted-up, leaking, under-sized, poorly designed and cheaply built American-made machine, built by National Champion: General Electric Company, way back in the late 1960's and early 70's … … a fateful business practices decision taken in some obscure American Board Room, in the fateful days of post-war American Power and Hegemony, when the fantastic powers of atomic nuclear forces unleashed by man's ingenuity had beguiled a money hungry class of mostly white, mostly male Homo sapiens, greedy, short-sighted men in their own right …

      … who corrupted the nation's political and business environment to pass laws favorable to this rapine and devious industry, which profits from its own creation or tons of the world's most toxic, deadly, mutagenic and irretrievable poisons … manufactured daily by the billions of doses of lethal, ingestable, poisonous daughter isotopes … with impunity granted by Congress' heinous Price-Anderson treason,

      but I digress … who did you say was the "Biggest Loser?"

      peace …

      • StupidConsumer

        The tragedy is the Human monkeys` know better but can`t resist themselves even when it leads to their own destruction.
        Chemically driven to overreach, intoxicating feelings of power,control,superiority and subsequent dopaminergenesis. Yeah, I know, that`s not a word but us Human monkeys` want to do whatever we want.

    • Cisco Cisco

      If the fish were safe to eat (no radioactive contamination), don't you think the US government would be shouting this from the roof tops. The government/the state won't be doing any testing that would interfere with such a large and well lobbied industry.

      Geeze, if they ever really scientifically tested the waters, they might have to report the true and accurate conditions. Not a chance. Eat up, it all about the money.

      • demise demise

        They won't test because they already have and the results, if released, would cause the precious tax stream to be interrupted permanently. It's all about money.

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    With a sample size of 7 it's not a definitive result.

    That's good news tsfw, keep us up to date on the estimated numbers and if they are acting "normally".

  • the beebs

    Cherry picking will always be done especially at the corporate level

  • IMO 1

    "**After years of denials, Fukushima plant officials have recently admitted around 400 metric tons of radioactive water has been flowing into the Pacific every day for nearly 3 years." – from above

    And in several more years what will they admit to?
    I would bet it's more than anyone thinks possible.

    That's how it works.
    Lie, wait, release a tidbit of data and repeat.
    (Like what it says on a shampoo bottle, except this is your brain.)

    IMO 2
    TWO OF the [only SEVEN] samples registered at trace levels.

    How many fish do they catch?
    (tens, hundreds, of thousands?)

    Why not sample a nice round number like 100?

    What will the odds be then?

    Most likely, at least 1 will have more than what they call a 'trace level'. Sooner or later that WILL BE the case.

    Call me a speculating fear monger, but somebody or something somewhere is going to eat that fish and the potential for suffering will follow.

    Wherever that fish dies or wherever the living thing that eats that fish has an excretion will become contaminated too. It will continue to insidiously spread through various transport vectors with time and opportunity. 🙁

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    I reported a few weeks back that the American River in Calif had a big run of salmon this last year, the largest in 60 years. Hope?

  • Nick



    Global warming?

    Or Fukushima fall-out?

    The key to Alaskan Salmon is # of animals that spawn up the rivers.

    The farmed fish are something different and I expect cesium 134 levels to be possibly higher in them due to the crab/fish meal fed to them.

    At any rate, we will be spoon fed the smooth talk that the levels are too low to worry about.

    Isn't ANY amount too much. Are we really going to buy the lie that this stuff at low low levels is NOT problem?

    We are TOLD that the levels are okay. But since atoms attack at the atomic level I honestly don't buy that line.

    So eat up folks. Yeah cesium 134 (and a slew of other nasties) is present, but too LOW to worry about.

    When you consider that molecules, in the parts per trillion and quadrillion show bioactivity, I would be

    It's the lie of nuclear energy, that levels are SAFE. Says who?

    The bait is set.

    • GOM GOM

      Nick: I have not been on here long so, I don't know how long you have been posting here. Your views seem to match mine. Not only that, you appear to have a firm grip on the reality of this nuclear freakshow, and the dire consequences ahead. One can see your 'feet are firmly planted' on this issue. March on. "The bait is set". So it is..

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    It’s like saying that having a biopsy is okay, when everyone needs to know, that as soon as you puncture a cancer cell location, the cancer yells, yippee I'm free to invade!!…. and spreads all over the body.

    So much for science…

    It’s like saying that having an x-ray is ok, when everyone needs to know, that as soon you start dosing yourself with radiation, or get dosed, your body yells, yikes!! …. and starts to get very sick and a cancer spreads all over your body.

    So much for science… and the 'genius' scientists…

    Oh! … and another thing… just one more for the collection…
    for those of us who are wheeled in.. unknowingly…

    Gadolinium: The MRI Agent Linked to Brain Abnormalities

    Happy days!!!

    • Ontological Ontological

      Indeed nasty stuff, UCLA used it for the MRA, to determine the best part of the fibula However, because the gadolinium ion is known to be toxic, it is chemically bonded with non-metal ions when used during MRIs to allow it to be eliminated from your body before it is released in your tissues. The secret to this stuff is use it only to save a life from bone/skull cancer. An infusion of monatomic gold will help the ions to flush faster and reduce the carcinoma effect of the contrast indicator "dye". Side effects I had were gout love coffee anyways lol, and it added to peripheral nerve issues I had to begin with from Parkinson's. I use Alpha Lipoic Acid for the burning myalgia. It indeed did screw up my thought patterns(memory word recall)for about 8 months. Thanks TBE.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Ontological, I'm going to suggest you try using a BioMat to detox your tissues and help to heal them. Many "holistic" health practitioners and physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors now have them in their offices. BioMats are FDA approved medical devices.

        We just got one & are waiting to have it shipped. My husband and I both have low back pain. I find it helps a lot with short term memory issues, and improving sleep, as well as for improving joint pain. My husband swears it completely relieves his back, knee, and arm, hand pain. We use the device for 2-4 hours at a time, at a high heat setting.

        There is some evidence it may also be helpful for cancer patients. I haven't read the studies, but there are such claims made. These claims could not be made if the FDA didn't agree there is some benefit.

        You can write me off-list for more info. I'll send you some links to info. Or you can check here: and read about the studies done on the devices.

        The Chi machines are also very good for detoxing the lymphatic system, something you'll want to be sure to do (if you're not already doing it). Red root tincture is inexpensive and can help detox the lymphatics.

        I'm into all this stuff because I practically had to throw everything but the kitchen sink at my Lyme disease to get it under control. So I learned a lot in the process.

        My off-list e-mail address:

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Hot Taters using ENEnews to sell MLM overpriced heating pads? Dont get me wrong, I like crushed tourmaline, multi layers and IR as much as the next deformed mouse. Always had a distaste for MLM though, and hype. Biomat puts tracking cookies and follows you around with adds by the way

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Code I don't see that happening and so what , I post things a lot
            I feel we should defiantly share anything that we have vetted to each other it helps us and in the future or now we need to prepare to save ourselves and having a community such as this helps so many that may not have the time to search this out . People share their blogs and books . It's not like the Nigerians are here seeing land . Not being racist …

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          No I. Have lyme too and if we allowed the the cdc to run the show things would be worse . I have it chronic and had a LLdoctor. Also treated w buhners and make my own herbal meds ect… I have helped many

  • Socrates

    George Straight ' s figures were reviewed by two nuclear scientists who said 10 times the number of people would probably die from eating fish than George Straight suggested. Now TEPCO ' S admissions would increase these figures many more times over. Likewise, the continuing nature of the releases into the future, and the longer half – lives of Cesium-137 and Strontium-90, as well as the idea of pockets of radiation instead of uniform distribution makes eating fish risky.

    You can thank the nuclear power industry for destroying the world's greatest source of food on the planet. This stupidity was exemplified by the location and design of Daiichi reactors and plant. It will happen in the US and other countries. There is no safe way to contain fission and/or dispose of waste.

    Do not support any politician who believes otherwise. They will Co tinge to force nuclear on us in a totalitarian manner because they are the Nuclear Taliban.

    We need to start testing for Strontium-90 in milk because of ongoing discharges predicted for the next century and one-half. There goes milk and fish!

    You cannot trust governments nor corporations. So much for Corporate America.

  • isogoodhumans

    Cesium in Salmon at over 1 bq/kg is high. People eating sushi should be concerned.

    I know heavy sushi eaters, everyday at lunch at work and several dinners a week too. I would be concerned.

    Self-decontaminate now. Removes 63% of cesium from body (independent tests).

  • Nick

    Look at this chart.

    Somehow, we are magically hood-winked into believing that many of the trans-uraniums and other radio nucleotides are CONSTANTLY being tested for in our air/food/water.

    Folks refer to this chart when testing, say a chicken from Arkansas.

    Oh….. we found PU-239/240 in the meat. But DONT WORRY its at levels below this SACRED EPA

    Bet you can figure out who helped the EPA develop these guidelines.

    We are supposed to ALSO believe that a slew of prescription drug residues in our food/water pose NO
    PROBLEM? Since many chemicals can't be filtered out we get a bunch of residuals in our food/water.

    So the great con is not just limited to radioactive elements but chemicals of all sorts.

    Yeah, ya got mercury in that tap water, but don't worry, it can't possibly be at a level to cause cellular stress.

    Now think again. If deceasing atoms are toxic at the atomic level, is there really such a beast as SAFE LEVEL? Or is it just a convenient means of allowing contamination?

  • isogoodhumans

    From enenews Nov 22/13

    Tepco Adviser: Wait until Alaska salmon is found with Fukushima contamination, it’s only a matter of time

    It took less than 2 months…

  • Daisy207

    Why are they paying for testing? Send samples off to this lab which is staffed by salaried personnel and has equipment already paid for by tax dollars.
    Just tell them they are obligated to do their job. If they won't take the samples – call your congressman or woman – if that doesn't work – start jamming the white house with calls. If enough people make this an issue – the main stream media might start to report on it. Start jamming NBC, MSNBC, etc with calls – tell them to start interviewing labs to find out who can accept samples and test them – there are not many and certainly not enough labs with proper equipment to do the testing now. And if any "scientist" says no problem – ask them for the data, to provide tables of analyses and MAKE THEM justify statements with "These data show".

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      It's obvious the EPA is not forthcoming on this issue, as demonstrated by the missing atmospheric testing data during peaks and the significant raising of "safe threshold" standards. Some have speculated that the DOE has usurped their power and also has exerted authority over the DOD (witness the USS Reagan fiasco). Imagine that! The Corporate State has become the all-powerful ruler that owns and directs our government agencies.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      Would this be the same EPA that farmed out the air monitoring to a corporation that, right after 3/2011, took down a fair number of stations and recalibrated others so that no pre- and post- comparisons would be valid? The same EPA that has a bit of a revolving door between itself and Monsanto and Waste Management Inc.?

      I'm sure they'll get right on it…

  • bo bo

    Lack of testing is a concern, as is manipulation of data, and the cherry-picking of samples to create the illusion of: 'no need to worry, keep fishing, keep shopping, keep eating!'

    However my biggest concern is that sadly, quite soon we may not even have to worry about any of the above, as all the fish will have vanished from the Pacific

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      The ones that are wild caught may vanish. However, much of the commercial fish is now "farmed" and you can be sure they will protect their spawning pools from contamination. That doesn't make those fish safe to eat, though.

      And it's not just a concern about the safety of seafood as a direct protein source for humans. Fish byproducts are used for pet food, poultry feed, and fertilizer. Some of those hot particles will eventually get into other animals and plants, into water supplies, and into the soil.

  • infounderload infounderload

    Kudos to the fishermen for at least trying to do what should have been done continuously for the last almost three years by Universities and govt labs. Has anyone been doing ongoing testing of tuna even though Stanford found Cs in every sample they took in the summer of 2011? We know that answer.
    They need to get about 30 random samples to make any statistically significant statements, at least according my recollection of the stats class I took 25 years ago. But looked at another way, you have at least a 2 in 7 chance of ingesting Cs when you eat Alaskan salmon according to this data. Not good odds.
    Repeat after me: There is no safe level of internal exposure; govt lies; don't eat fish (sorry fishermen); radioactive particles have been bio-concentrating in the Pacific for nearly three years, not diluting.
    Thank the gods for ENENEWS.

  • tsfw tsfw

    More news on the fish in Cali lake:

    "The stocked fishery had flourished since the man-made lake was created nearly 15 years ago. The sudden die-off is apparently the result of a dramatic, unexplained drop in dissolved oxygen levels, Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy said Wednesday."

    "Healy said testing earlier this week found dissolved oxygen levels in the range of 1.1 to 1.9 parts per million. Fish do best with levels in the range of 7 to 9 parts per million and typically can't survive when it drops below 5 parts per million, he said."

    • humptydumpty humptydumpty

      LOL — "Michael DRINKWATER, manager of the Truckee Meadows Wastewater Reclamation Facility which collects water from the lake, is awaiting results of new toxicity tests conducted last week but said routine testing has revealed no problems before."

  • Daisy207

    Try testing the lake for tritium – and do a phytoplankton count – probably the phytoplankton are dead – thus can't convert CO2 to oxygen. Gee – why is there no oxygen – fallout from Fukushima.

  • Danger Danger

    Take into account the massive number of Salmon that died at sea this year. The King Salmon run was alarmingly low this season. So any salmon taken from the river for study represent a small ratio of survivors. The FUKU plume likely has varying hot spot concentrations, and these few returning salmon are the lucky few who somehow missed the worst of the plume. They are the survivors and show a varying degree of radiological exposure, evidence enough for the fate of the larger body that died in the open sea.

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Trust yourself?

    "People do not trust governmental authorities.
    They don’t trust corporations.
    They don’t trust explanations and
    they don’t have a good science background."

    As I'm repeatedly have said:
    we MUST educate ourself and also
    we must share our knownledge.


  • ftlt

    Many of my friends just accept this and continue to eat fish that may be tainted. How does one know?

    The young who do this might as well start having unprotected sex too.. Why not? What is the difference?

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    the method of testing and what tissue, bone, or organ was tested seems important to me. I did a quick check of loki fish and eurofin who did said testing and couid not find this info. But did find eurofin seems to have ties to the pharma industry especially merck. I feel this might be a problem but should learn more first.

  • Speedy

    Our government won't step up to the plate and test but will spend $52,000,000.00 on advertising obomacare to "the young and healthy"..You will see the adds during NBA games on TV..I wonder how much magic Johnson got for his promoting of it…I'm sure he won't have to use this special program…

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Oceanic and atmospheric dispersion patterns and dynamics are so localized and non-dilutive that ongoing concentrated eastern Pacific hot spots will render fish sampling meaningless. I'll speculate that the Fuku contamination will become so more widespread, intense and still localized that food shoppers using their own detectors, or better community owned scintillators, will become their own best source of food contamination information.

    In my opinion radiation contamination truth is coming from the boots on the ground geiger-detection-videographers like Michael Collins ENVIROREPORTER, Cristina Consolo FUKUSHIMAFACTS, Mimi German (Gurrman) RADCAST and ALLEGEDLYAPPARENT, whose 1000s of tests continue to reveal 'leopard spot' concentrations and widely varying radiation densities from one rainstorm to the next, as well as from one location to the next in the same storm.

    Consider a hypothetic, futuristic terrestrial example where a broad frontal thunderstorm deposits varying amounts of rain in localized pockets across my entire state, and my kids are scheduled for an afternoon sporting event, and whether I am going to let the 'state rain-radiation deposition sampling reports' determine my conclusion about the contamination level of our local playing field?

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      jump-ball: if you watch the models showing the ocean patterns (duh, give away?), of the radiation across the pacific, it's like a "finger" that scratches the coastline; like the finger of a high voltage spark traveling across a buss bar. Like an invisible death ray scorching a path on the coast and the sea floor. In the air, you have the jet stream, where radiation will be concentrated along it's path (bernoulli's principle – yes, I've read a science book, try not to faint). So as you say, other than wide-spread fallout, you'll have "hot spots" that may vary from day to day. Dilution? Give me a f'n break.

      • jump-ball jump-ball

        Here's a presumptive analysis BY POTRBLOG of concentrated and localized rain-rad deposition resulting from some precipitation dynamic along the edge of the jetstream, where a Radnet reading occurred 10X higher than nearby stations:

        And here's another excellent analysis of how an Aug 2011 Fuku 5.8 EQ may have caused a crack-and-meltdown with observed 'steam' release of contamination that may have been measured 8-9 days later in St. Louis, along with comments on how EPA censors RadNet and omits other data during otherwise recorded spikes such as this:

        POTRBLOG is clearly the most technical and advanced private rad analysis site, and my best source of what is, or may be, what is truly happening, and was omitted in my above post because I have his links in their own separate file.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    In the beginning…Alaska was one of the few places with the very lowest CPM readings. They were down in the low single digits.

    Of course, now the radiation is pouring all over the northern parts of the North American continent. They go right over Alaska and on down to Canada, then on to the east coast. Those stupid law makers are getting hit harder on the east coast, than anywhere else in the nation. Just watch the air flows of the jet stream. Breath deep you traitorous profiteers from war and destruction. Do us all a favor and die, quickly!

    Here are two new stories. The babylonians are starting to speak out but sadly, it is already too late. It is like saying, look at the car that is about to run you over, one second before it hits you. Most of us saw it coming a mile away, and moved off the road. The ignorant majority of mankind will not get off the road, so what will happen? SPLAT!

    What to do?

    Live your life one day at a time in the best and most healthy ways possible. Soon, the foreign communist militaries will overrun America using the UN blue to invade. After, the chinese/russians will take over the country very easily. Too many dumbed down and divided Americans to stop it. All done on purpose and perfectly planned.


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Well, there, Jimmy, let's hope you're wrong about all that. 😉

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        An ecosystem like the Pacific Ocean collapses in stages. As plankton and krill species collapse, small fish populations who feed on them, like sardines, collapse. Larger preditor species, like the salmon, then collapse. Soon, even scavenger specIes like crab will begin to dwindle, as their food supplies shrink. Fish stocks are crashing throughout the Pacific Ocean ecosystem. This is a very sad thing to witness.

        A very high price to pay for a few watts of nuclear power, don't you think? 😉

  • rogerthat

    People have lost their minds. All this nonsense about the 300 (now 400 but in reality maybe several thousand) tonnes of contaminated water flowing into the sea at Fukushima. What about the hundreds of tonnes of nuclear core that entered the atmosphere or fell on the land and ocean surrounding Fukushima in the first few days of this epic train wreck. A few months ago there was a postulation that 90 per cent of airborne emissions ended up in the Pacific. That seemed high to me, but no matter, let's just say lots. The earth, and specifically the Pacific Ocean, got its megadose in a few days in March 2011. Thousands and thousands of Hiroshimas worth. This all happened 2 years, 10 months ago. When is the world at large going to wake up? When are governments, regulators, industry, corporations and scientists going to tell people what really happened, and what it really means? Pitiful.

    • Sickputer

      "A few months ago there was a postulation that 90 per cent of airborne emissions ended up in the Pacific. That seemed high to me"

      SP: Roger that rogerthat. They have no foolproof method of measuring volume in a fallout blast. Guesses by Big Brother scientists of 90% means they were urged to backup the president's claim that the ocean is wide and we don't foresee any health risks from Fukushima fallout.

      The jetstream carries a substantial amount aloft and afar. Round and round the globe the particles travel. A lot of the nuclear bomb testing particles remains in high atmosphere orbits. How high did the Unit 3 supersonic blast inject poisons? The world wonders…and the deadly air emissions continue at Fukushima Daiichi as we read this. No containment…not in the water nor in the air. Out of control and no solution in sight for decades, maybe millenniums.

    • weeman

      I like to use the example of the Titanic, according to mr. Ballard the actual size of hole in titanic was 1.4 sq meters over the length off breech in hull, the ship sunk in 2 hours and 40 minutes and at least 36,000 tonnes of water entered the ship in that time.
      Who know the actual amount that is flowing into the ocean from Fukushima a boat load more than 300 tonnes a day and remember they built a coffer dam and water is close to surface, so it is under pressure?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Meanwhile: "Although the FDA contends that there is no evidence that radionuclides from Fukushima are present in Alaskan and Pacific Northwest seafood at a level that would be harmful to human health, it has not published results."

    Where is the damn corium, eh TEPCO? 😉

    Probably washed out to sea, don't you know. If TEPCO can be forced by public opinion to make public a map of the corium lava tubes under the plant, the public would finally demand action. Where does the public think those phenomenally high radiation readings in wells between reactors1-4 are coming from? Groundwater is coming into direct contact with nuclear fuel debris. And still work on an underground wall is suspended?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    "North America is finished."
    – Leuren Moret –

  • rogerthat

    … that's not to say that the never-ending plume gushing over the melted cores and through the plant won't kill the planet in due course. It's just that all this talk of the plume that's on its way is all scientits and officials talk about, like Waiting For Godot. It will be here next year; no it will only arrive in 2017. What garbage. The aerosol plume arrived within a day of the first meltdown, and has been arriving ever since. If 90 per cent of that went into the Pacific, guess what, the people who wrote FUKUSHIMA IS HERE on a Californian beach a few months ago were right, if a few years late. But better late than never.
    My question is, what has this endless delay in telling people the facts of life achieved? As far as i can tell, all that has happened is that several hundred million people have been needlessly exposed to radiation that will do them harm over a lifetime because governments decided not to warn them to stay indoors when it mattered, to stay out of the rain, to not drink tap water for a time if they were young or pregnant. Enough.

  • bf9 bf9

    I hope there's someone of influence reading this site with the moral judgement to make a decision at a higher level. It's time to possibly build "fukushima lagoon" with boranated concrete/volcanic rock and a type of wall into the seabed as far as possible. Like they've done in Dubai with their manmade islands, have almost millions of people (army/draft of eligible for second wave/other means etc) accelerate the process help with it. Have another massive group accelerate the cleanup as fast as can be done running in and out for as low doses as possible. It's going to be expensive but this is a legitimate global threat as it stands today and time is of the essence.

    • Sickputer

      Thus spake bf9 (regarding walling in the monster):

      "It's going to be expensive but this is a legitimate global threat as it stands today and time is of the essence."

      SP: Beyond expensive…beyond the USA and Japan national debt combined. Who has that much money for a true containment? Answer: the big tax dodgers who need not be named here. Their tax free money in offshore banks could save the planet. Unfortunately they are mindless non-benevolent entities. What a shame. We die for a stock profit.

  • bf9 bf9

    *and start getting these rods out EVERYWHERE. Like, the very first thing starting today.

    • name999 name999

      bf9, yes. As I live with this every day, as we all do, still the waste is spewing by the ton. Only getting worse.

      If an international community would come together to address this, maybe if could be stopped. Maybe there could be a healing of the earth and the next generations won't just inherit multiple

      Even the effort itself would be healing for us all.

  • Thanksforplaying

    Hey everyone, its been a pleasure following this thread, feels like a return to the " old days". What a great draw-card to new visitors to enenews to read the quality of postings, the knowledge, insights, intelligence and willingness to make a difference. To EVERYONE on this thread, what a difference when we can stick to the real issues at hand. We are all, of course, amazing. Love to you all.

    • Sparky Sparky

      And THANKs to you, Thanksforplaying! Kudos to Enenewsers for their stellar contributions–and on-topic too. Yeah!

  • tsfw tsfw

    This is concerning to say the least.

    Check out the map at 40 secs.

  • Wardy

    It's a FUC##IN SCAM !!! Watch this guy that has swam in nuclear waste and even drank it !!!
    The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    Only solution is to stop eating anything from the ocean. Gundersen stopped eating Pacific fish, and he knows. So there, case closed.

    As for living in the Northern Hemisphere, nuclear ruined that as well.

    That's what happened, like it or not.

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      It's not only the oceans it's everywhere
      We need to build our immune systems
      We need to form inner communities
      We need to learn to feed ourselves
      Sorta like prepping without the holy roller and racist blaming
      We need to still live
      We need to devise ways to have clean drinking water
      Buy land
      Greenhouse and deep wells not attached to aquifers that are compromised
      Find springs can water now
      Collect rain barrels for water fill every week religiously
      Stockpile medicines by getting to know folks that work in hospitals that collect old meds
      Those meds keep in drywall food grade buckets underground sealed
      Go to restaurants and start collecting them
      The square ones are great for storage
      Get a short wave radio and have it be a wind up one
      Buy now before they do not exist
      It's a buyers market craigs list freecycle
      Get a truck an old one get tools
      So important to know your inner community as everyone has something to offer
      I may be teaching to the choir but we need to not let fear paralyses us and get to work
      And get some guns and ammo
      There are those that will not save and will take you out
      Remember to trust those in your inner circle
      The list goes on there are many sites that have been out there for a long time that can help
      I would not buy some of the stuff but make what you can
      Above all sart collecting open pollinated seed the more the better store them well trade with folks this year . Spouting seed is great too all you need is…

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    So if seven people go out to dinner together and order the Alaskan salmon…only two will ingest hot particles? That's comforting.

  • tonybach

    Thank you everybody. Food for thought as they say.

  • My sister and her little family were living in Alaska when Fukushima blew and just recently moved. She has "no immediate concern" as it is not told to her "in the news." I hate NPR.
    I love her children

    Relatives may not want to listen, but there's a whole lot of other People out there We all here can reach anonymously, combat Fukushima Radiation Ignorance (FRI ~ a new disease!)

    Please Help Get The Rad Word Out Everybody!

    To all visitors and the community of ENENews, the following Japan Radiation Citizen Memos are designed to be widely shared everywhere in your local and internet communities. All citizens need to know about Fukushima. Find bulletin boards in your local areas and post on social websites.

    Tell the People