NPR on Japan’s paranoid, guinea pigs (AUDIO)

Published: December 24th, 2011 at 7:49 pm ET


In Japan, Radiation Fears Reshape Lives, NPR, December 24, 2011 [Emphasis Added]:

[…] While Fukushima Prefecture in the northeast was hardest hit, radiation “hot spots” keep turning up in neighborhoods far from the accident. The latest was at a school, minutes from where I live in Tokyo. […]

Some terrified moms now cook only with bottled water and ingredients sourced from distant regions of Japan or overseas.

While many are scared, some are downright paranoid. Kaori Umezu is a young white-collar worker. Since 3/11, she has become a virtual recluse, leaving her house only for work. […]

The bottom line is that no one really knows how much this ongoing exposure is going to raise our risk of cancer. The true impact is still unknown, yet to be learned as the world watches. The legacy of 3/11 is to turn us all into a nation of guinea pigs.

And what of other health and developmental problems in addition to cancer? (DNA damage, circulatory disease, heart attacks and strokesbrain development, many others)

Listen to the audio here

Published: December 24th, 2011 at 7:49 pm ET


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107 comments to NPR on Japan’s paranoid, guinea pigs (AUDIO)

  • Japanese Leaders Value Only Death And Profit.

    Governments And Corporations Across The Entire Planet Have Engaged In Active Eugenics Warfare Against All Life On Planet Earth. World War 3 Is A War Against Eternal Tyranny Or Eternal Life.

    All Japanese Citizens – STOP BEING SO WEAK! Take Action!
    National Peaceful Resistance – Force Your Government To Take Action! No Fear, No Reservation, No Inhibition.

    PRACTICE ZERO TOLERANCE Against Evil And Corruption In Japan And World Wide! Bring These Murdering Psychopathic Elite To Justice!

    • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

      From your post: “Force Your Government To Take Action!”

      To do what?

      • TO Exceed With Exceeding Pace And Furious Preciosity – The Desires And Demands Of Common People – AND – To Act Without Deficit Of Merit Or Indigence of Intention, Perform All Matters Of State And Policy, Legislature And Senate With Absolute Clarity To Mind, Purity Of Intention And Transparency Of Action.


        Uphold, Make Standard Upon The Moniker Of Any Administrative Element Simply To Do What Is Right And Without Violation Of Natural Or Moral Law Simply Out Of Sovereign Civil Discretion For The Sake Of That Which Is Good And Noble In This World.

        – That Is What To Do – This Is Intended Action Description Derived Previous Statement.

        • Al-Chemisto

          the function of government is to grow stronger at the expense of its citizens until it throttles them. it can not do what you ask.

      • stock

        Five Point Action Plan

        1) Shut down all 1960’s and 1970’s Nukes, all within 2 years.

        2) Disallow any new permits, make a law against it, and by this, I mean the whole world.

        3) Phase out all Nuke plants within 5 years.

        4) Replace with renewables and base-load geothermal within 5 years.

        5) Increase energy efficiency, give governmental tax rebates on LED lighting. Provide 75% Gov funded energy conservation surveys by Certified Energy Managers

        Got it? It is not that hard, make the decision and then implement it like a project.

        • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

          Writing laws won’t make a difference. Laws require consent as there is no jurisdiction above the law. I do “get it”, but I think it would be difficult as the project would result in war.

          • many moons

            BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT energy from nukes and industries that use promote etc. and cut by 25% your use of energy…game over….you can drag a horse to water but you can make him use an eletronic device.

            • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

              That’s right! Take back the consent. and getting more horses who don’t use electronic devices would definitely help!:)

          • stock

            And what is your point about that? We are faced with extinction, so what are the good alternatives. I am not promoting war, I am just saying there are 2 options, extinction, or not.

            • ( howdy stock. if you list your site in your profile folk will be able to click on your user name and link to your site … more hits for x-mas…just a thought )

            • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

              Hi Stock, I don’t know what good alternatives are…although I do think the boycotting, dismantling, informing and withholding of consent is probably all one can do individually. On a wider scale, more people would need to know they’re facing extinction in order to enforce our existing laws and regulations against such actions. We have permit-issuing guidelines and laws against genocide already – just people aren’t consenting to follow those rules. If someone or a country doesn’t consent, it requires force. My point was that you said it was easy for the 5 steps and it would not be as it would require force. #2 in particular would require a governing body above our nation states for enforcement of extraneous laws and that concerns me greatly. Nothing really different than an ineffective UN today. The jurisdiction problem doesn’t stop with the creation of new or overarching laws either. There is still none above it. Adherence requires consent or force. Since it appears we’re being forced and/or manipulated into consenting, the only thing I can see is to take away the consent and prepare for force, it’s just a very slippery slope in executing such a detachment.

              “I am not promoting war, I am just saying there are 2 options, extinction, or not.” Totally agree but I’m afraid it already is a war. 🙁 Reaction #1 is to inform which I think all here have done an amazing job in. No matter what someone chooses I believe it should be an informed decision. Reaction #2 is enforcement of what..majority consent after they’re informed? Too late? I don’t know…quite a pickle for sure as no matter what we decide, it doesn’t stop or negate the effects of the continuing fissioning and general position of reactionary we find ourselves in. ugh I hope you have a Merry Christmas Stock and many happy returns to you and all!:) Thank you for your continuing “informing” too through your blog!:) It’s a good one and appreciated.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Good stuff, stock.

          I would think that requires dismantling the weapons industry also, as it seems to be joined at the hip with the nuke power industry. One allegedly uses the byproducts of the other, like perpetual motion or ouroboros.

          That in turn would mean changing the bogeyman culture that encourages each nation state to keep upping the nuclear ante. In recent years people seem to have caught on to the game, so a cultural shift is much more feasible now.

          I would quibble slightly with your point 2 (make a law), given that the “bad guys” create, interpret, and/or ignore existing laws at will. The present mess arose in a world filled with laws.

          Anyway, the rest is “mere implementation detail” (as managers say when looking for someone to delegate huge challenges to). Let’s do it.

    • or-well

      Greater Understanding Emerges -ALPHA PREDATORS Among Us & The Elite!

  • Unless Each Individual Returns To The Sacred Space Inside Their Heart – Childlike, Without Admonishment – Believing Anything Is Possible.

    Unless Said Mass Dynamic Conscious State Change Occurs –

    All Life Will Become Extinct Within 3 Generations.

    • or-well

      Worthy Consciousness Nourishes True Human Nature…
      “Unless Each Individual Returns To The Sacred Space Inside Their Heart-Childlike, Without Admonishment-Believing Anything Is Possible.”…

      There is a profound meditation within this.

      Contemplate Authority/Obediance Training.
      Consider Imposed Reality Definitions! Conceptual-Mind Imprisoned By Common-Usage-Language-Implants!
      ChildFaith Power Redirected To Mundane Acceptance Of False Natures And Suffering!
      Mind/Body – Body-Mind Denied!
      Loving Spirit Externally Corrupted!
      Internality Of Sacred Co-opted For Redirection!
      and more….

    • americancommntr

      Ah So, Great Obi Wan Kenobi

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    NPR (National Propaganda Radio) pushing the party line. PBS (Public Bullshit System) Please remember that much of the funding is not actually from “listeners” most of whom are addled or brainwashed by pseudo-news induced dementia when English only speaking Americans of the U.S. for the most part. Significant funding for U.S. Public Broadcasting, Inc., comes from the very corporations which poison the world: Monsanto, Cargill, ADM, and so many others. Also, a little known portion of the NPR and PBS budget is a small perennial grant from the CIA. How cute, no? In this report there was zero analysis of WHY no one trusts the Japanese government anymore, only a snarky and smarmy reference to the fact that smart Japanese citizens do not trust their government and hopefully are well on their way to overthrowing the extant genocide and guinea pig making hierarchy. What CIA controlled PBS/NPR label as paranoia (are they really qualified to make such a clinical diagnosis?) is actually educated thinking by concerned Japanese citizens on topics like emissions and the odd absolute lack of proper testing provided. Where is the urgency? How inadequate the current standards, worse than the former U.S.S.R. post 1986 Chernobyl! Excuse me, it’s a specious lie to say we don’t know what amounts of radiation cause cancer. NPR/PBS are criminally inadequate as a “public” broadcast entity on this and most other matters. There are oceans of data about radiation, much repressed by covert entities, and more than enough to extrapolate that Japanese citizens are not paranoid in not trusting their government, but, are sensible. Each of us here has the right to extrapolate working strategies and concepts from known facts and from what is not said or done by geopolitical and socioeconomic entities that are most engaged in defending the wealth and privileges of the most parasitic of all humans in their trafficking of poisonous products and systems. Viva la revolucion! 1789 redux!

    • ” Listener Supported Radio ” – That Description Becomes, Only Vanity Of Words After Auditing Of Financial Statements.

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Another National Propaganda Radio (for billionaires and their status quo systems) piece saying that the “reactors were stabilized a month ago” lol:

    • jimbojamesiv

      Great comment, Pallas.

      I’ve been aware of NPR’s degradation during the past decade and that PBS receives funding from criminal corporations, so I don’t watch or listen to either of them, but I didn’t know about the CIA thingy; however, it does not surprise.

      I’m just glad that others are aware of how fake NPR and PBS are.

      • americancommntr

        I agree that’s a great comment.

        I never fail to notice, either, the smarmyness and snarkiness of the two.

        It would be accurate, too, to add snideness and arrogancy. They always know what is ‘right’, it’s assumed they always do, by them. I’d add:

        Just like alot of the people who love ‘the arts’. They want to impart their believed superiority to everyone else, represented in ballet, opera, orchestra, ‘modern dance’. ‘If only the rest of the world could be as elegant and intelligent as they are.’ The children need to be exposed, you know, because their low class parents otherwise wouldn’t.

        They think we need 50 channels of it at public expense, too. And they tripled their ‘non-commercial’ channels in this area.

        They are no different news-wise than the rest of the mainstream, which in their case are owned by those who also own the pharmaceutical cartel.

    • oscar419

      I thought NPR was National Petroleum Broadcasting and PBS was the Petroleum Broadcasting System

  • Information Video – Advanced Analysis Conclusively Determines Japanese False Flag Terror Event Fukushima Reactor Sabotage.

    • Japan Offers to Enrich Uranium for Iran

      Citing a February 24 report from the the Nikkei Business Daily, AFP news reported that Japan has offered to enrich uranium for Iran to allow it to have access to nuclear power, while relieving international fears that the Islamic nation might be trying to build atomic weapons.

      The Japanese daily said that the issue was expected to be discussed in Tokyo by the speaker of Iran’s parliament, Ali Larijani, and Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada.

      The Nikkei daily, in a report that did not cite sources, reported that the proposal for Japan to enrich uranium for Iran was first discussed in December, with U.S. approval, when Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, visited Tokyo. The uranium would be used at Tehran’s research reactor to produce medical isotopes, the report noted.
      Iran’s Press TV news also cited a Japanese foreign

      Japan makes uranium offer to Iran

      Thursday, 25th February 2010
      In Business In Japan,

      Japan has made an offer to Iran which could see it help the country enrich uranium, it has been reported.

      According to local news source the Nikkei Business Daily, Tokyo offered Iran help with enriching uranium back in December last year, when Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili was visiting the nation.

      The report said that the uranium could be used to make medical isotopes at a facility in Tehran.

      However, in a speech earlier this week, Japanese prime minister Yukio Hatoyama urged Iran to cooperate with UN Security Council resolutions and measures put in place by the Atomic Energy Agency in order to reassure the world over its intentions.

      Nations including the US and the UK have previously expressed fears …

      • StillJill StillJill

        Thank you xdrfox,…for bringing THE MATTER back to it’s ‘linch-pin’ moment. Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran. That was Feb, 2010. Something stopped that from happening, shortly thereafter.

        These are the FACTS friends. What was done from there on,….is the cover-up.

        • StillJill StillJill

          I’m sorry, 2011. Within the month of the meltdown.

          • Anthony Anthony

            Yeah looking at a whole picture it gets harder to believe this is some random human tragedy. On some levels perhaps things are as they were intended or expected. The Japanese according to this have invested more effort in staying in the nuclear game with the likes of empowering Iran than in even informing close neighbors on the ways they are ruining the world environment.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Russian hacker?

        Breaking News: Programmer of Fukushima confesses “Fukushima had a cyber attack”
        December 5th, 2011

        “…He tried to send virus backward and it reached to Russia. Someone sent virus from or via Russia.
        “He asked to staff from JP government about what is going on but they did not tell him anything in the name of ‘confidential’…”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Russians halt Japanese man sailing to Kuril island in blow-up boat
        Aug 22, 2011, 12:59 GMT
        “2011-08-22: Moscow – Russian border troops detained a Japanese man attempting to sail to a disputed Pacific Ocean island in an inflatable boat, media reported Monday. Russian government statements identified the man as Keiseki Kuriyama, 37. …

        “Japan claims Kunashir and three adjacent islands, at the south end of the Kuril chain. Tokyo says the islands, to the north of Hokkaido, are part of Japan and illegally under Russian control….”

        The Kuril Islands are of strategic importance”

        Biggest ever Russian vist to Kuril islands: How will Japan protest?

        “…The area is rich in oil and rich in magnesium, titanium, gold, silver and other metals, Etorofu island is called even found a rare strategic metals (Re. Ministry of Natural Resources, according to Russian government estimates, the waters around the Kuril Islands, the value of all resources up to 2.5 trillion dollars, which only in the waters around the South Kuril Islands, the availability of biological resources can create a 4.5 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue).”

        • jec jec

          Only one thing comes out of Fukushima..the Russians will probably give up the claim for the Kuril Islands –they will be so radioactive..its will take generations…..

    • oscar419

      Jim Stone has an interesting theory on how this was all a madd set-up. His views may or may not in any way reflect how I feel about the disaster at hand, it is just an interesting opinion on what happened. Pretty sure it can be found on ewe-tweb as well..

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Jim Stone is pro nuclear energy. Jim Stone is pro MOX fuel. Jim Stone thinks the Japanese government is blameless for any of the disaster including using an old nuclear reactor for MOX fuel and siting Fukushima on landfill and porous sedimentary rock and experimenting and polluting the whole world with transuranic elements by transmutation of nuclear fuel.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Compelling Evidence: Quakes Caused By Nuke Plants\\

      “Finnish scientist describing the Fukushima theory…. large holes underneath the plant IMPACTED by the blasts, which occurred after the large 9.0 earthquake, which itself was caused by the use of HAARP to remove PREVIOUS radioactive ionizing radiation from the air, strip electrons, and have them drawn into the ground via HAARP CONJUGATE POINT physics . As he says in the video… its like hammering a nail down into the ground.

      “The explosion @ fukushima produced a VERY large pressure blast. When the blast blew down the chambers below the Fukushima reactors…. this caused a chain reaction to occur at the layer of natural gas / methane that literally encompasses the entire planet at a certain layer in the earths crust. Which in turn has now caused problems at MULTIPLE reactors around the world that are built the same way.

      “This ALL happened because of a switch to an unstable combination of nuclear reactor core materials… Uranium and LETHAL plutonium….”

  • According to the following article, the total radiation released at Fukushima is 60 million curies, while Chernobyl only released 50 million Curies.

    The Japanese government is saying that the the radiation releases from Fukushima are ‘under control’. On April 25, the Japanese government raised the ‘acceptable’ radiation exposure limit for children from 1 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year. So now all children are safe, because the ‘safe’ radiation levels were raised. (Forget about measuring internal radiation sources; that does not count at all.)

    According to Arnie Gunderson, the DAILY radiation release from Fukushima is estimated at 13 TRILLION Bequerels per day, with much higher levels previously. What caused the radiation levels to go down?

    With the plastic cover over unit #1, it is now down to 10 Trillion Bq per day, as long as the filter is working well and taking out up to 90%? of the total airborne radiation. This release is ONGOING, CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING.

    This ‘acceptable radiation release’ amounts to 100 Trillion Bq every ten days, 1,000 Trillion Bq every 100 days, and 3000 Trillion Bq every 300 days. Much higher levels have been released since the effort started to get Fukushima to ‘cold shutdown’.

    Is this 10 Trillion Bq daily radiation release their definition of ‘cold shutdown’? When does this radiation and the radiation coming out in the form of radioactive water get added to the total released?

    So where is the filter material? Who is in charge of disposing of it or changing it? Where is the report saying how often they change it out? Who is measuring the total amount collected and verifying this, plus the types of radiation found? Where is this filter material anyway?

    • Sickputer

      I doubt there is any filtering at Pee Wee’s big top over Unit 1. The top panels we can’t see are in my opinion are like a screen or maybe has a huge blowout panel. It’s all cosmetic and it was the easiest to achieve of the three blown buildings for hiding the wreckage.

      They have a week to meet their June goal of covering all the blown buildings. ;-). Another lofty goal they will have to spin.

      BTW… I give a plus 100 for your posting. Keep up the good work!


    • Bobby1

      Tepco said they finished installing the cover of unit 1 on Oct. 28. It’s gotten worse since then, not better.

    • jec jec

      Radiation still spewing out of R1–watch the roof flaps..tho black icons on the roof are NOT birds. A couple videos show the fact of emissions/gas release (thank you Nukelchen). The Blue oval, and steam/emissions continue unbated. Good comment on how to disposse of the filter..thats a definate death sentence. Yesterday, a worker walked over to R1 looked at the side where the gases come out (leftside) and walked away. One wonders??????

  • It is hard to believe that with this level of radiation release, that the Japanese government and TEPCO are INVITING the public and the media to visit and/or live CLOSE to the plant. The government raised the ‘acceptable’ safe radiation limits for everyone on March 17, 2011 for food (2000 Bq/kg) and 300 Bq/liter in drinking water, milk and etc. Even plutonium and uranium are now ‘safe’ in food and water. Presto, bingo, because of these overnight raised ‘safe’ radiation limits in food, air and water, all food and water is now ‘safe’. Remember this is an averaged measurement, and food can test higher and still be ‘safe’ to eat, because it is mixed in with lower radiation food.

  • August 17, 2011:”Chris Busby [visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s school of biomedical sciences and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, a think-tank -Bloomberg]:I was told by somebody who heard this from a TEPCO official who was talking to the Prime Minister of Japan who said that the releases from the plant are now at the order of 10¹³ [10 trillion] Becquerels EVERY HOUR.”

    So if the above is true, what is the true total amount of radiation released? What figures are the basing it on? Who is measuring the ongoing daily radiation releases?

  • Personally, I think the total radiation releases may just be based on readings taken from upwind radiation monitors. Since the radiation readings never went up that high to the West of the plant (at the main gate) the amount of radiation released could not be that much..

    The only trouble with this theory (if that is how it worked) is that radiation travels DOWNWIND, and that is where the meters SHOULD HAVE BEEN. That is where the radiation readings SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN. Conveniently, there are NO RADIATION METERS downwind of the plant and NO READINGS were taken downwind.

    It is VERY hard for me to believe that a complex of many nuclear power plants at Fukushima has absolutely NO METERS to measure radiation downwind of the plant from then to now.

  • I just checked, and many months after the disaster, there are still NO RADIATION METERS downwind of the plant.

    Of course, since almost all of the time the wind blows out over the ocean, there is no radiation to report. Bingo, no problems. Everything is safe.

    You would think they could install at least ONE radiation meter downwind, but then again, they would not like what they measure… and the public would not like to see what is coming out of Fukushima.

    Is this even considered scientific? I cannot believe the world is even listening to these Bu(#*@)) radiation readings being put out.

    • arclight arclight

      hi a green road, tepco would just say that if you put the monitors downwind they would become contaminated and therefore would read “unreliable rumours”..

      a double edged argumaent, though as that means it is impossible to measure fallout accuratly! and that might be difficult for someone to explain.. better they say nada!! nothing!! nowt!!
      peace and merry christmas to all those that celebrate on christmas day!

      oh and lemmings are better than guinea pigs, just my take! 🙂
      GOD JUL!!

  • kintaman kintaman

    > We cannot really leave here, unless something really bad happens.

    IT ALREADY HAS! You are all being internally irradiated.

    • arclight arclight

      hi kintaman
      some useful info here

      Internally Displaced Persons: Guide to Legal Information Resources on the Web

      By Elisa Mason
      August 2011*

      “According to the United Nations, internally displaced persons (IDPs) are “persons or groups of persons who have been forced or obliged to flee or to leave their homes or places of habitual residence, in particular as a result of or in order to avoid the effects of armed conflict, situations of generalized violence, violations of human rights or natural or human-made disasters, and who have not crossed an internationally recognized State border” (Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement, 1998, Introduction, para. 2).

      Because the flight described in the definition is internal, national authorities are responsible for providing protection to people displaced in their own countries. However, over time the humanitarian community has come to recognize that IDPs “are often in need of special protection, not least because the government responsible for protecting them is sometimes unwilling or unable to do so, or may itself be the cause of displacement (Brun 2005, 3).

    • many moons

      Pity we can’t see radiation, that would change everything.

      • jec jec

        There is a new camera..used at Fukushima..but very expensive..wonder why TEPCO does not get a few..and then go take the color photos to show the exact situation..SAFE RIGHT? Toshiba is the company I believe who developed the camera..its cheap at any cost…or in otherwords..what is a health life worth..or life itself?

  • NW

    Ordered a geiger counter 5 months ago and paid good $$$. Called again to find out why it is taking so long. The company said the government bought out all the customer’s geiger counters that had come in. This means the government really wants geiger counters for some reason and/or doesn’t want us to us them. Getting $$$ back. Upsetting.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner Since the very beginning, she spoken out about all issues aka Fukushima Japan:
    DEC 24 Fukushima: Women Occupy Nuclear Power to rebirth Japan HERO!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Wow! Look at all the Nuke Headlines at this Blog…just on the 24th!

  • Ken31ONCA

    Merry christmas, god bless us all and give us the strength to defeat the evil that we are exposed to everyday.I hope the other 75 percent of the population wake up to what’s going on and in 2012 everyone should vote for the only candidate who will talk about real issues like RON PAUL!! Hope everyone gets to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Take care and keep up the fight.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Merry, Merry, day of His conception, not birth. (Had to throw that one in)

    May 2012 beset us all with a heavy case of Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome! (I found out I can’t DO THIS ONE alone!)

    I chose you all to go through THIS with,….gladly, PROUDLY!

    We fight for one another,….for WE ARE ONE.

    I love you all–Jilly

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      We love you too, StillJill and I’m so happy you are posting again. I’m not totally understanding the May 2012 part?

      • StillJill StillJill

        I’m sorry, May as in “May be”, not the month of May. Although, from your lips to God’s own ears,…May is impactful, as it begins the five month season of the locusts each year. Biblically, we are beset for a five month period,….the season of the locust. Horticultural ones, or farmers, know ‘this season’ to be ‘the season of the locust’. In short, IF 2012 is the year,….(I do not know), but whatever year it does come,….May through September will be the battleground. Hey,…the weather’s not bad then,..:-)

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Merry Christmas, StillJill!

      I’ve been wanting to post comments, but I keep getting logged out when I try. Hopefully this will will go through…

      • StillJill StillJill

        Hi werstcoastgirl! You made it through! Sounds like my computer just before I got hacked in early Nov. Thanks for making my day, again,…you friends are PURE gifts from God!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    GuanShiYin —

    Wow, what a find that is, the video you posted about the music industry’s subliminal and not-so-subliminal messages.

    I have been studying this info for decade, & this info is ‘spot on’ – at least what I have watched so far, am about 25 mins. into it. (btw I have been studying this for a long time, but I am learning a lot from this video.)

    In EIR’s DOPE,INC.(note: EIR economics theory is wrong) there is a section about this, music & pop culture used to program/influence people at the unconscious level, the young most especially of course. Musicologist Theodore Adorno is mentioned, as is the fact that the elites want people to be into the ‘Dionysian’ physical/emotional/social pleasures, not in rational or idealistic mode.

    This info is extremely important. Unfortunately many still dismiss it as ‘conspiracy theory.’

    It isn’t smart to dismiss info out-of-hand, without researching it, doing a little thinking about it. In fact, we are SO programmed/brain-washed in this modern world that ‘most of what we “know” is wrong.’ The first step to ‘waking up’ & de-programming yourself is to try very hard to be open-minded rather than knee-jerk.

    In fact we are being programmed continuously, much of it at subliminal/pre-conscious levels, just as this video discusses/illustrates.

    The music & music videos are so dark, sinister, full of programming, and just plain creepy, that personally I wonder how anyone can not see it; & they are full of s&m imagery, drug talk, sexuality, homosexuality – promoting the Dionysian ‘anything goes/live for the pleasures of the senses’ life-style.

    How, you might ask, does this relate to Fukushima? Well it is brought to us, crafted/engineered by, the same ‘gangstas in pinstripe suits and high places’ – who brought us Fukushima & the whole corrupt devil-may-care nuclear power/bomb industry. It is an important part of what we need to understand if we are not to end up NWO slaves.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Just for the record, I have no particular religious belief, am what you could call an agnostic, though I do believe our soul/personality survives death. (And I believe in ‘the Golden Rule’ – try to treat others as you would like them to treat you -sounds simple, isn’t always that easy, of course, or the world would be in better shape than it is now.)

    But my point here is that you don’t have to be of any religion to be open to the info in this video, which is actually very powerful, insightful info and in terms of its analysis of the pop music culture, songs, and videos, and the use being made of them, is accurate.

    These pop media are being used for social programming/control.

    The vids of the huge pop music performances, with chanting crowds, totally ‘under the spell’ of the performers… who can see than and not think of Hitler and his sway over the Germans in the 30s.

    This is scientific mind/crowd control – not just a bunch of young musicians who because they are talented, got to the top unaided, unguided… etc.


      a transcript and audio of three tapes on the “New Order of Barbarians”, referred to on the tapes simply as the “new world system.” Tapes one and two were recorded in 1988 and are the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The lecturer at that gathering of pediatricians (identified in tape three recorded in 1991) was a Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989). At the time Dr. Day was Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Dr. Dunegan was formerly a student of Dr. Day at the University of Pittsburgh and was well acquainted with him, though not intimately. He describes Dr. Day as an insider of the “Order” and although Dr. Dunegan’s memory was somewhat dimmed by the intervening years, he is able to provide enough details of the lecture to enable any enlightened person to discern the real purposes behind the trends of our time.

      chilling how pervasive the ‘order’ has become

  • pacific

    thankyou pallas and jimbo, no one around me seems to notice how utterly biased and baldly false NPR and its local station here are. i grew up thinking they were the ‘good guys.’ i keep meaning to read up on the NPR history, see when it went off the tracks, or if it always was disinformation.

    and when i’ve complained to the local station about a nationally-produced show, they say “oh, that’s a national show”, as if they have no choice or concern about blatantly false ‘news’ they’re broadcasting.

    npr only takes calls during east coast business hours, but when i reached someone there to object to their passing references to ‘cold shutdown this week’ and ‘under control by the end of the month’, they asked if that was all, as if they were expecting me to say something else that was somehow more substantial — as if broadcasting false news was trivial!

    so it was a relief to read your comments, p and j. and horray for internet news. though for reliability in times of crisis, one hopes we’ll maintain/restore our diversity of news platforms: radio, newspapers, mailed newsletters and magazines, etc.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes, NPR is faux alternative, its target audience all of those MAs and PhDs and MDs and lawyers who are just so sure that divergent news is ‘conspiracy theory’ – and are so happy with their higher incomes and greater prestige – that they just KNOW there is no need even to do a bit of reading and check it out.

    Some might call it smug. (Others might call it ‘well-defended.’)

    (And my sincere apologies to professionals who dare to be different – I know that it is harder for you guys, because you are under a whole lot of peer pressure/threat of ostracism/ ridicule, etc. to conform – and some of whom I hope follow enenews and maybe even are reading this.)

    But — don’t be too sure that we will have the uncensored internet news for that much longer. Check out SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) H.R. 3261 — plausible reason for it is to protect copyright rights etc. — actual purpose is to stop the flow of uncensored REAL news and information, China style.

    Btw I believe that on military bases here in the USA, already access to many alternative websites is denied. (Also all their water is fluoridated – at least here in Hawaii it is, and probably on all bases.)

    And now, of course, with the recently passed (landslide vote) Indefinite Detention legislation, ‘they’ can arrest and detain anyone forever. No need even to give a reason. Makes speaking out seem a bit riskier – which of course is one of its purposes.

    They just keep raising the ante…

    • jec jec

      3000 bq/kg SAFE CONCRETE..oh how to make the kids radioactive proof..Its just more and more tragic..and very very stupid of the JAPANESE govenment to make their citizens ill. Who is going to pay for the Thyroid treatements-the heart surgery/disease, birth defects, and other diseases/cancer? And no way to say its not Fukushima..a new tumor test shows if the thyroid cancer comes from radiactive fallout. THAT will be hard to imagine or SMILE away.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi bleep_hits_blades

      I agree, the Internet will be changed.
      Plus, we have the Indefinite Detention Bill.
      What will that do, to our freedom of speech?
      If we speak, will it be taken the wrong way.
      What if they don’t like what we have said.
      Do we become a threat if we disagree?
      What happens if there is someone in charge that uses their authority for the wrong purpose.
      Scary times…Laws are changing

      Quote from article: The legacy of 3/11 is to turn us all into a nation of guinea pigs.

      Nuclear Power turns us all into guinea pigs. They are all Spewing Monsters

      3/11/11 was the unleashing of this Monster Mox to the world, and that’s the legacy we have.


    • I cannot stand NPR any longer–total propaganda for the most part.

      I cannot tell you how depressing it is to be surrounded by PhDs who don’t know and/or don’t care what is going on around them…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    At about 1 Hr 30 mins. the video on pop music used to manipulate the masses esp. youth gets a bit crazy itself, turns into a sort of hymn in praise of Michael Jackson and Islam. So I have to qualify my endorsement of the vid. I can’t endorse this turn it has taken.

    Disappointing. But the first part really is great, full of excellent info and analysis.

    This is why I am not into any religion. (I think the vid was created by Muslims. Sales pitch comes at the end.) (For some reason, I could not get the last 10 mins. to play.) All the religions I have checked out – certainly the ‘big three’ – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – are full of self-serving falsehoods and are used to manipulate the masses. I have checked them out pretty carefully.

    To each his own and whatever helps you thru the night, but the (mysterious, inexplicable) power religion has over the minds of men and women is too great NOT to have been exploited by those who want… power over the minds of men and women.

    So up to the Michael Jackson part, this vid knocked my sox off; then it turned a bit sour. It failed to mention that MJ was probably an MK ULTRA ‘chosen one’ – subjected to extreme trauma as a child that split his mind into multiple personalities – you can read about this program online or in books like THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. Poor MJ was probably sexually used by pedophiles, which possibly/probably turned him into a pedophile too (it usually does) and thoroughly messed him up, as evidenced by his many plastic surgeries. This video just ‘doesn’t go there’ – which for a shoot straight from the hip tell-all video is… kinda strange….

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    I noticed that too and wondered who created the video as well. This statement stood out to me at 30:23 : “If you were possessed, the evil acts you commit whilst under heavy influence should not count as sins as it is the devil controlling you and therefore also isn’t compatible with the karma system.” Is that so.. Wouldn’t that imply one is never in control, always being a pawn of evil, and as a consequence good also, without option? Sounds like a twisted justification for ignorance and lack of responsibility for actions to me on top of quite a large slice of power given to their foe. The artists in the videos even say themselves it was their choice to sell their soul, so why the attempts by the producer to say it’s not their fault? What would the producer of the video have to say about these nuclear henchmen? Poor victims, it wasn’t and isn’t their fault? Doesn’t sit well with me and the implications of that statement coupled with what you pointed out bleep definitely makes for a strange propaganda piece to me too.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Wind or Solar: Yes, ‘they’ probably are monitoring a lot of websites (like this one quite possibly) and making note of identities of dissidents. Creating profiles in some cases, quite likely.

    How widely they will cast their net – what they plan to do with the info they are gathering – I don’t know. Perhaps others reading this will have more detailed info. We know they have the FEMA concentration camps all built and ready and waiting, and legislation in place to be able to take anyone, ‘forever’.

    It is very creepy and scary, and like the boy I read about here on enenews today, who has not been the same since the earthquake and etc. and the walls of his school gym started to crumble around him — I have not been the same since it happened either. It is like I am ‘broken.’ It was sort of the straw that broke this old dissident’s back. Not asking for pity here! I feel more for the young. I am in my mid-60s. What a horrible mess faces the younger generations. What is hard about it, is, one can see what a really great place this world COULD be.

    It IS a comfort to have this website and the people who contribute and comment here. One feels less alone.

  • kongrufus kongrufus

    Hello all 🙂 Just a word of warning regarding the foreign bottled water: There is a good chance the water in the bottles is actually ‘local’ water. This has to do with the flavour (yes, flavour) of the water. Source: the book “Brandwashed” by Martin Lindstrom

  • bleep_hits_blades

    chemfood – I hope you see this… I watched that mj vid at the link you give above. It ‘blew me away’ – so to speak. Thanks for posting it.

    I am really impressed at the level of awareness here on enenews. And I am not a flatterer – I am a freaked out person who has seen this bleep coming literally for decades and have felt alone with this information, & seen the walls closing in, & not known what to do… what to do. (most of my own family think I am a ‘paranoid crazy right wing conspiracy theorist’)(even though, in school, I was the family ‘brain ‘) – all save my younger son who is a very sharp and ‘together’ person and at least willing to do a little reading before making up his mind)

    Anyway it is a relief to see the truth spoken, &to find people here who understand and/or are willing to do a little reading before jumping to the usual what-me-worry conclusions.

    I have this scenario in mind of so many of the ‘deniers’ when the s finally htf,&there is martial law, violence in the
    streets & patriots
    hauled off to the death camps (which for some of us, I betcha they will be)…. having this epiphany … Damn! All them crazy paranoid conspiracy theorists… was RIGHT!

    This whole mind control thing is so big. When reading about MJ being controlled (breaks your heart to see pix of him as a kid, doesn’t it)… it reminds me of reading about Judy Garland, years
    ago of course, being fed uppers and downers by the movie studio bigwigs to whom she was nothing but a money-making property, like a race horse or a football star, etc.

    Yes to most people, the evil at top levels of power is just incomprehensible, unbelievable… and scary as s**t and so they deny, turn away from this info. I understand why they do it. But their lack of courage makes them ‘part of the problem’ rather than ‘part of the solution.’

    Of course, to be fair, most of them are strapped for time, just don’t have the time to do the research … even if they had the…

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thank you Anne,……I’m too weak to lift my ‘book’ today. You’ve ministered to me friend!