NPR: There’s been a melt-through, there’s cracks… Fukushima reactors not likely to stop leaking into ocean anytime soon — Levels in fish still as high as 2 years ago (AUDIO)

Published: April 29th, 2013 at 3:37 pm ET


Title: The Challenges of Disaster Follow-up Research
Source: WCAI
Author: Heather Goldstone
Date: April 29, 2013

At 5:00 in

Ken Buesseler, Senior scientist in the Department of Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: There’s some basic health questions, like you can keep measuring fish all you want, but when will they be safe, when will the levels go down? We’re sitting here a couple of years after, and the levels for some of the fish, particularly the ones who reside on the bottom are almost as high as they were two years ago. […] So the fact that it’s still high tells us a lot of things, like there’s still a source, there still has to be cesium coming either  from the reactor, the groundwater that are saturated with the radioactivity at that site and or the seafloor that’s now contaminated off Fukushima. […]

Goldstone: So you’re saying that there’s still a source of cesium, that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is still leaking radioactivity into the ocean.

Buesseler: Yes […]

Goldstone: Is that leak likely to stop anytime soon?

Buesseler: In my opinion I see no sign that it will, because they still have to maintain cooling water, they’re still losing cooling water through the building, there’s been a melt-through, there’s cracks in the building […] there’s still going to be a long term source […]

Full broadcast here

Published: April 29th, 2013 at 3:37 pm ET


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65 comments to NPR: There’s been a melt-through, there’s cracks… Fukushima reactors not likely to stop leaking into ocean anytime soon — Levels in fish still as high as 2 years ago (AUDIO)

  • harengus_acidophilus

    One drop at another.

    But the deafening silence about what's
    really going on in Japan continues.

    Those who want to know – they know.
    But most of "ordinary people" don't want to know.
    They just want to have an "opinion", but no clue.

    I've lost my faith on mankind.


    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      It's not about having faith, ha. It's about having compassion for everyone affected by this horror.

      Now whether you want to have compassion for those that gave us this horror, and those that continue this madness, that's another story.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        I can't have compassion with greed.

        "having compassion for everyone affected by this horror."

        The whole world is affected.
        Life itself is endangered.

        Compassion with those who don't want to learn?
        Those "My electricity comes from the wallplug" stupids?
        How many water fits in a strainer?


    • jec jec

      Ken Buesseler is a real hero in doing this reporting. Hes been very proactive in attempting to locate potential problem areas in the Pacific with his "ships of opportunity" when everyone else was ignoring the problem. Now he is still doing what he can to inform us on the dangers of Fukushima.

  • bwoodfield bwoodfield

    "So the fact that it’s still high tells us a lot of things, like there’s still a source, there still has to be cesium coming either from the reactor, the groundwater that are saturated with the radioactivity at that site and or the seafloor that’s now contaminated off Fukushima." … or all of the above.

  • razzz razzz

    Buesseler is caught between being a scientist or a nuclear industry tool. He is not sure if he is coming or going.

    Originally he thought vastness of the Pacific would disperse radioactivity from Fukushima. Now he thinks the source of the radioactivity won't stop flowing into the Pacific. A genius he is.

    He couldn't use the phrase, "Loss of containment x3." To technical. "Cracks" are a bit vague and oversimplified.

    Cesium is only one of the many radionuclide worries still being released at Fukushima.

    • We Not They Finally

      That was our impression of Buessler too. The thing about the ocean "dispersing" or "diluting" radioactivity: Has he never heard of bio-accumulation or bio-magnification? Has he never even heard of half-lives? Or did he just think that the Pacific Ocean is SO BIG, that it's just like dumping some garbage or sewage in some tiny limited area? But if we want to give him credit, call it wishful thinking, or even denial. We just don't like to see that coming from SCIENTISTS.

      • mandog

        Buessler is more of their "controlled opposition". Expect that the readings are much worse than what he is claiming. Follow the money and the backing of his research expidition says it all.

  • Time Is Short Time Is Short

    Rest assured, Enenewsers, they can only keep this quiet so long, before it breakes, like a giant crack in the Hoover Dam. That's why there is such a rush to implement Martial Law, before the general public figures out their government has condemned them and their children to a horrible death.

    There is more to be afraid of than just getting cancer. Imagine an urban city of hundreds of thousands of poor, and the food stamps get cut off.

    Now imagine those same poor people, finding out their food stamps will only buy radioactively contaminated food, and there's no medical care for anyone sick. And that doesn't begin to describe countries where the poor don't get food stamps. Starvation combined with rad sickness will be a terrible thing.

    Coming soon.

    • Cisco Cisco

      And then? Those poor people will eat who's left…the MOU and the good folks who brought you this. Fitting, huh?


      @Time Is Short: they were busy putting together the NWO, long before Fukushima. The more obvious signs have been in motion for close to thirty years. It's ideological underpinnings existed for close to hundred-fifty years; some say longer. They've been applying incremental changes to our society, for decades. The culmination of that influence simply coincides with this latest environment catastrophe; it is not a result of it.

      The threat of economically destabilized groups is the result of long term social re-engineering; not a consequence of Fukushima. They purposely avoided imposing accountability upon anyone receiving public assistance, which resulted in staggering increases in a dependently-displaced socioeconomic lower-classes. This is all about pitting us against one-another, then stepping-in to offer their solution to the resulting chaos that was carefully nurtured.

      What wasn't factored into their hidden plans, is Fukushima's indiscriminate impact on both environment and genetic integrity of the human species. The option of wholesale destruction of large portions of the global population has been inadvertently scratched from their playbook. Keep in mind: we're – only – two-plus years into the greatest catastrophe that modern homo-sapiens have faced. What they had carefully planned for the last several hundred years has been swept asunder by that tsunami…

      • We Not They Finally

        Aftershock, you seem to think that you live in "the people's world." YOU DON'T. You live in "the aristocrat's world." Most people are quite accountable and responsible if they live in a culture of social conscience and government responsibility. Where corporations do not take over government policies, they just give JOBS to people. Where there is collective concern for education, infrastructure, medical needs. REALLY. THAT'S the incentive for people to be accountable and responsible. That's why the pre-Reagan economy was expanding, and ordinary people's incomes were going up. But then the every-man-for-himself greed, and the "trickle-down lie led to THIS. So if you actually want to be a populist, figure it out. But if you are confusing moving massive numbers of factories to China with giving people too many food stamps, you have NOT figured it out. Good luck!


          you're not really interested in addressing my words, just taking them out of context. Such patronizing idealism is laughable; as though you've figured-out what others haven't.

          When you (and your 'alter-ego') learn the premise behind communicating, perhaps you'll be amenable to a productive dialog. Until then…I had to put those veggies in the garbage…

          • AFTERSHOCK once typed:
            "This is all about pitting us against one-another, then stepping-in to offer their solution to the resulting chaos that was carefully nurtured."

            That's a good a description of the Hegelian dialectic as any I've read. Divide and conquer is what it's all about. Disaster capitalism, coming to a city near you.


              it's only logical nobuggy. No organization would've allowed itself to become dysfunctional, unless it was planned and coordinated by its management. They're just going for the whole ball of wax, now. And you are correct in pointing out philosophical roots behind this tactic. It's impressive how a handful of creepers has managed to destroy an entire planet…and themselves. Every one of them should be attended by a naked slave who holds a laurel above their master's head, while whispering into his ear, "…you are but a mere mortal…you are but a mere mortal being…"

      • mandog

        I disagree, Fukushima is part of the plan and a direct attack against North America. Another piece of the puzzle to knock off Amerika. Why did they build all of the NPP on falt lines? Why did TPTB make it rain on the west coast for 3 weeks straight when the first wave of radiation reached the west coast? Are the chemtrails also an accident? BP's oil spill in the gulf?

        "Washington DC is one of the three city states in the three city empire"
        Empire Of The City: D.C., London, Vatican City

        The U.S. is the milatary arm of the group,controlled through D.C. As such, our usefulness is comming to an end, and we need to be eliminated. What better way exist than what they are doing now. Remember they have the very best of everything with regards to food, medicine, knowledge, bunkers etc. Not to mention they are psycopaths to begin with. Depopulation is their main goal. Fukushima was by design and everything is going as planned. Expect much more of this in the immediate future. Agenda 21 ring a bell?

        • mandog

          My post was a reply to AFTERSHOCK's post.


            your claims mandog, if accepted (and they aren't…at least by me), would exonerate the nuclear power industry for decades of inept planning, mismanagement and outright criminality.

            BTW. You forgot to sneak-in the story about the flying saucers. To bad…you might've had a convert…

            • mandog

              You make absolutely no sense. An obvious troll. You have nothing to back your claims. Fuku by design period! Stick to the facts, of ccourse then you would have nothing to say.


                we've heard all of this before, mandog. Other than your reckless hyperbole, none of what you've said is verifiable. So, until you've learned to be less defensive to a challenge, do me (and doubtless others) a great favor, and refrain from directing your lunacy my way…

                • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                  Play together nicely, children.

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    believe me Philip, I'm being 'nice'…

                    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

                      Probably you are, AFTERSHOCK. (I tune out of most of the fights that go on around here.) Perhaps I should have said "boys and girls", rather than "children". No offense intended. Just be as cool as you can.

                      Sometimes I jump in to defend anne from the frequent attacks she must endure. Although anne may have a screw or two needing tightning, she is a force of nature, and I have found her prolific research to be quite valuable. Also appreciate your many contributions here, AFTERSHOCK.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      thank you Philip. I agree about anne. We've been known to bang heads but I don't let our differences get in the way of my respect for her excellent work…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Just more proof that the nuclear industry ruined our world. All it takes is ((( one single nuclear plant ))) to wreck everything: .. air, land, sea, life. And all for nothing. What a waste.

  • Canuck1

    From another blog..I trust what this person states as he has been posting for years:

    I've read several blogs that state that Fukushima is worse than is publicly known, but today I got information from a source that has been speaking directly with high level Japanese officials about it. Apparently the problem is so bad that much of Tokyo, Japan and even parts of mainland China will have to be evacuated…and soon. The news is going to be suppressed for another 6 months, then everyone will know. I'm a little shaken up. It's one thing reading an internet blog about this, but it's altogether different when someone tells you this directly. Sure hope this is wrong…

    • papacares papacares

      evacuated to where? and if so how are the other nuke gens to be maintained?

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      It's too late to evacuate, people are already contaminated and eating contaminated food. So where do you put them? I know this sounds callous but it is the truth they are walking emitters thus do you risk the health of other children? Please don't misunderstand me I'm basically saying and simply stating it is much too late for massive evacuations. I don't know what the answers are but I do know the global community should be heavily involved in helping contain the massive amounts of radionuclides spewing from Fukushima. I listened to the webcast and did not hear one word mentioned about Corexit and it's harmful effects to the marine ecosystem or about all the other radionuclides such as Strontium although once again these are federal employees who are probably very cautious about what they say publicly. IMHO

    • Anthony Anthony

      Not to **wish** it into being, what you are saying actually does make sense and follows the science of the situation.

      • We Not They Finally

        Second that. Mass evacuations might have been possible HAD nations offered and HAD the nuclear industry come clean. Everything now becomes more difficult with time.

    • RJ RJ

      Why China? That doesn't make sense. Wind patterns and China's location don't support that. Now if he said Korea, maybe.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        The jetstream does generally flow east, but there are times when it flows west. Not as hard hit as NA, but it is still thoroughly saturated, and combined with the massive pollution they already have, it's a lethal cocktail.

    • Sickputer

      Canuck1 sez…" Apparently the problem is so bad that much of Tokyo, Japan and even parts of mainland China will have to be evacuated…and soon."

      SP: I don't see a mass evacuation happening barring another massive blowout at Daiichi. The China part also seems unlikely…the polar winds have blown more radiation to the North American shores than to China. But we will see. Strange things can happen.

      • Anthony Anthony

        I was thinking similarly and then remembered there are reportedly a likely 14 reactors that make up Japans secret situation. Who knows, maybe one or some of them are nearer to China or wind-paths…..

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          There's no where to evacuate to. There are most likely numerous NPP's in disaster mode that no one wants to talk about, but even if they all melted, where would you send people that are already exposed?

          It's called 'shelter in place', and that is the only avenue any government is going to take. Because it's cheap.

          Even our 'masters' know their underground bunkers are saturated with radioactivity, as are their lungs, and their family's lungs. This isn't rocket science – they're the ones seeing all the top-level reports that we can only guess at.

          We are living in the last days. Enjoy and love.

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            You said it, can't run can't hide we are all contaminated. I know I've been nuked living through the sixties and all the above ground tests and then TMI as I live near Harrisburg. All we can do is be here now and enjoy this beautiful planet.

            • sophiesChoice

              Is that all we can do? What about our responsibility to our newborn children? I see two potential outcomes for the little ones. They will either A, succumb to a short horribly painful existence or B, grow up without their original caregivers in the picture.

              I try to stay positive, but when I look around all I see are sick people with the perpetual "flu", parents passing away after battling aggressive, fast acting cancers and two year old kids with leukemia going through chemo. I look at my two kids and think, "are they next", am I next, what about my wife? There just doesn't seem like there's much hope to cling to in what lies ahead.

              When it's just yourself in the equation it's understandable to resign yourself to an inevitable conclusion, but what do we owe those who look to us for their needs? What actions can we take so that one day we can honestly say, "I did the best I could"?

              • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                When we are on our deathbed, all we can hope to say is "I have no regrets, and I did the best I could".

                Everything else is out of our hands.

    • hbjon hbjon

      It's wrong. People may be railroaded into stress reeducation camps to learn how to deal with the anxiety caused by their fellow humans dropping like sacks of potatoes. When they're reeducated and understand the complexity of the situation nuclear power has created for them, they will be released back to their communities. I suppose an invention such as Dr. Seuss' Thing one and thing two will clean up all the mess./sarc

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    From the article:
    "Even more than the scientific questions that remain, it’s the sociological issues of disaster science that weigh on the minds of Drs. Chris Reddy and Ken Buesseler, both Senior Scientists in the Department of Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution".

    I don't feel that this should move on as a social exercise..but should remain in the realm of solid scientific research.
    For instance ..the effects on the zooplankton..needs to continue to be accessed and documented.


    "The team also looked at the amounts of cesium isotopes in the local sea life, including zooplankton, copepods (tiny crustaceans), shrimp and fish. They found both cesium-137 and cesium-134 in the animals, sometimes at concentrations hundreds of times that of the surrounding water. Average radioactivity was about 10 to 15 Bq per kilogram, depending on whether it was zooplankton or fish (concentrations were lowest in the fish)."

    Fukushima Radiation Tracked Across Pacific Ocean
    April 2 2012

    PS.I do appreciate his work.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Sociologists around the world are already working on what is going on, and what to do when the news finally does break, HOTR.

      I would prefer a peaceful slide into death, rather than complete global societal breakdown.

      We can only pray that the peaceful path is more profitable to our masters than complete chaos. That's all that matters anymore.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Is it the place of indulge in social engineering?
        Sociologists are working on this?
        I guess ..a lot will depend on who they will be answering to.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The ear of the President?..where have I heard that before?
    Oh..ya..the BP oil disaster.
    He swam in an inland lagoon and went..back to Washington.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      If I had the ear of the President I would tell him how dire these disasters are not only for us but future generations like his daughters and all children. We must start acting like responsible adults and pamper our planet instead of raping and destroying it. As always it is all about the money and if that's their concern, start taxing GE, Exxon, etc. Start allowing Hemp to be grown which can be used for oil and countless other products instead of drilling and boiling water with nukes. I apologize I tend to get very frustrated at times perhaps because the solutions seem so simple, so obvious but corruption has become ingrained into the very fabric of our political system controlled by big banks, corporations and the military industrial complex.

      • Anthony Anthony

        As right as you are, unfortunately he is much more concerned with his own career at this stage than to take on more problems.

        Thanks for calling.

        Please leave a message and have a nice day.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I'm with you on hemp for industrial use. Not allowing it in the U.S. was one of the stupidest economic decisions ever made. But I suppose the oil men didn't want it.

  • RJ RJ

    I agree moonshell, however, I really think some of us (not you) are living a Hollywood dream thinking that Bruce Willis and the Gov, are going to come to the rescue. They don't give a crap.

  • "There’s been a melt-through, there’s cracks…"

    …and this comes as a surprise… why?

    "there’s still a source…"

    …and there's going to continue to be a source or sources.
    It could get much worse. Now what?

  • ftlt

    NPR had a show on today with some talking heads regarding Iran and its program…

    It was total bullpucky = hyperbole = nuclear propaganda…

    The speakers had the USA, Israel and the IAEA in lockstep working against the nuclear dangers a nuclear Iran represents…

    It embraced peaceful nuclear power..

    There was mention of Japan's ability to create weapons on demand as an acceptable risk given the nature of their govt and its transparency in its nuclear program… (I about got sick there)

    They calmly discussed the need of USA and Israel to maybe attack Iran's nuclear complex.. Because, it is the threat to peace – DING DONG!!!… WHAT??? No talk of, that attacks on nuclear sites are nuclear first strikes… Warped minds at work in Washington, Israel and NPRs…

    No mention of the aggressive nature of Israel or its stockpile of nuclear weapons… Israeli interests are clearly foremost on NPR…

    A really strange show — No phone ins allowed either… BIG BROTHER-esque

    Who is running our country anyway… Certainly, not Americans any longer…


      good stuff ftlt. And you're correct. The American people have no say in what's happening. Of course, they'll be the ones who are scapegoated into paying the price for what was done in their name…

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        Au contraire, Aftershock. I was just talking to a relative today who said she could not contemplate little lab animals being used for mind control experiments or prisoners in Bagram who had been beaten to death or whose legs were beaten until one could hardly tell they were legs. But if they fail to think or protest about this, guess what? Yep. History repeats itself. Most Americans are watching sports.


          apples and oranges NoPrevarication. I didn't say Americans don't care but that their concerns are dismissed.

          A small percentage of Americans aren't concerned with the world about them. Aside from the super-rich, the greatest percentage come from the upper-middle class. Though most prevalent within this group, this social disconnect does not apply to the majority of this who compose this group. To the contrary, the majority of upper-middle class folk care deeply, but fear drawing undue attention to themselves. The indifference of those at the bottom is a given and probably the most forgivable group for being so, as this subset is left with few viable options.

          And I agree about the sports. It makes me ill to witness so many 'men' supplementing their societal obligations with such nonsense. America's economic decline is inversely proportional to it's preoccupation with sports. Some will argue that sports alone was not the cause; that other 'elements' are at play. True. Those at the top have been very busy emasculating a once-great representative democracy. Had it not been for the pathological obsession with sports, Americans would've remained focused on real-world issues (economics/politics/religious/social), which would've made them that-much-more difficult to control.

          Thanks for valued thoughts NoPrevarication…

          • ftlt

            Sports are the new opiate of the people..

            Ya want to hear true knobs waxing on, tune into right wing talk radio or sport talk radio = one in the same..


              takes me back ftlt, to the good old days in Rome. The only thing that's missing (for now, it would appear) is the feeding of 'revolutionaries' and 'criminals' to killing machines…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        We already are paying and paying, AFTERSHOCK. The Bankster Bailouts are a case in point. Lots and lots of $$ being expatriated for foreign banks. Bernanke to U.S. Senator when asked to please tell the Senate where the bailout money went, "No."


          agreed HoTaters. But what we're paying is nothing compared to what they plan on doing with us. We're to be painted as the 'bad guys' and eventually burned (literally) for being so. What was done to the German people is to be repeated…in a flash…

          • Anthony Anthony

            I'm thinking my biggest disappointment was witnessing the recent bank account seizures and claw-back. Really? Right there with feeding the lions your neighbors and friends.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      And guess what? BP is now one of the sponsors of the PBS Newshour. A wonderful announcement of their total corruption. BP is "making things right."

  • Jebus Jebus

    Just thinkin how much total land mass has been fouled by Man made radionuclides for hundreds, if not thousands of years?

    Not to mention The Ocean, years of nuclear dumping and now specifically Fukushima.

    How much land mass from just the top ten nuclear disasters?
    yup, theres a top ten, and correctly numbered…

    10 Most Radioactive Places on Earth

    So, what percentage of the planet has man fouled with man made radionuclides?

    Is the answer 100 percent?

  • KingofthePaupers

    Jct: How timely when I just submitted my video "Turmel: Argentine Solution to Alex Jones Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.Com Contest "
    If John The Engineer Turmel's to be the Paul Revere,
    I must bring warning of a mortal danger near and clear.
    Paying to decommission and bury nuclear with the Argentine Solution.