NPR: West Coast sea stars melt into mush, “just vaporized… it’s the change of my lifetime” — “Ripping themselves apart… innards spilled out” — “Like the Matrix” — “That many species, that widespread… just scary” — “Makes me wonder, what’s next?” — ‘Possible’ Fukushima fallout is involved (VIDEO)

Published: January 30th, 2014 at 12:28 pm ET


NPR, Jan. 30, 2014 (Emphasis Added): […] Scientists first started noticing sick and dying sea stars last summer at a place called Starfish Point on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. […] Reports have since surfaced from Alaska to as far south as San Diego, raising questions of whether this die-off is an indicator of a larger problem. […] fat, multi-armed stars melted into piles of mush. […] about a dozen species of sea stars are dying along the West Coast. Sea star wasting has also been reported at sites off the coast of Rhode Island and North Carolina. But researchers say until they’ve identified the cause of the West Coast die-offs, they can’t confirm any connection between these outbreaks. […] Within a few hours, the sick stars started ripping themselves apart.  […] Their innards spilled out and they died within 24 hours. As for the healthy looking stars […]  they didn’t show symptoms anymore rapidly by being in the same tank with sickly stars. […] Some have asked whether radiation or tsunami debris associated with the Fukushima disaster could be behind this die-off. But scientists now see Fukushima as an unlikely culprit because the die-offs are patchy, popping up in certain places like Seattle and Santa Barbara and not in others, such as coastal Oregon, where wasting has only been reported at one location. […] there’s no evidence to entirely confirm or entirely rule out […]

The Oregonian, Dec. 27, 2013: The wasting starfish found in Oregon were discovered in April […] Summer surveys along Oregon’s coast didn’t find any dying starfish, but they happened before the biggest outbreaks, [Pete Raimondi, chairman of UC Santa Cruz’s ecology and evolutionary biology department] said. A team of researchers is planning to survey Oregon’s coast again in late January. Raimondi said he doubts Oregon starfish will somehow be isolated from the outbreak.

Ben Miner, biology professor at Western Washington University, Jan. 30, 2014: “It certainly suggests that those ecosystems are not healthy […] To have diseases that can affect that many species, that widespread is, I think is just scary.”

Laura James, scuba diver, Jan. 30, 2014: “There were just bodies everywhere. There were just splats. It looked like somebody had taken a laser gun and just zapped them and they just vaporized. […] People always ask me, ‘Do you see any big difference between now and when you started? […] I’ve seen some subtle differences, but this is the change of my lifetime. We’ve had small occasional die-offs here and there — It’s not like this, a mass mortality event. ”

Ian Hewson, Cornell microbial biologist, Jan. 30, 2014: “It’s like the matrix […] We have to be very careful that we’re not identifying something that’s associated with the disease but not the cause.”

KION, Jan. 8, 2014: I asked about the starfish disease and the dead sea life off our coast. [Dan Hirsch, University of California Santa Cruz] says it’s possible fallout could be involved but unless you do the science and find Fukushima radioactive elements, don’t make conclusions.

CTV, Jan. 4, 2014 — Ed Singer, dive shop owner: “It’s troubling because it makes me wonder, what’s next?”

Watch the Earth Fix report from NPR here

Published: January 30th, 2014 at 12:28 pm ET


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214 comments to NPR: West Coast sea stars melt into mush, “just vaporized… it’s the change of my lifetime” — “Ripping themselves apart… innards spilled out” — “Like the Matrix” — “That many species, that widespread… just scary” — “Makes me wonder, what’s next?” — ‘Possible’ Fukushima fallout is involved (VIDEO)

  • bo bo

    They have been latching onto 'no starfish disease reported on Oregon coast' for a while now, and use that one thing as the 'end all be all' for any suspicion of Fukushima effects.

    I have seen the map that shows locations where starfish melting disease has been observed, but strangely, the data stops right at the top edge of northern california border, then starts right back at southern border of washington state. Could it be that Oregon is somehow corrupt ( afterall they have a lot to hide reharding columbia river and Hanford) and erasing data ?

    Just another crackpot theory if mine, tossing it out there into the campfire.

    • bo bo

      Also this comment is by Ian Hewson (Cornell microbial biologist) oddly muddled, yet hints to what is going on:

      “It’s like the matrix […] We have to be very careful that we’re NOT identifying something that’s associated with the disease but NOT the cause.”

      • artika rama

        bo we had that discussion yesterday here too ,, most probably thats what they will do .
        Imagine an aids patient dying of a tbc infection .
        Tbc may be the cause of his/her death but there has to be decent reseacrh to find out what caused that tbc in the first place ,, which in this case it was aids ofcourse.
        With other words , those fish with fungus etc ,, they might be suffering from a weak immune system (like an aids patient lets say ) , weakened by radiation ,, and fungus has been a secondary infection on top of it ,, so its important that independent scientists do the research on thst , otherwise they will use it as propaganda IMO .
        It is all speculation but very likely to be the case.

        • guevara3712

          all speculation maybe but speculation grounded in LOTS of previous examples.

          • artika rama

            guevara3712 I know ,, but science doesnt work like that ,,if you want to make any claim you must have the proof . Untill we have the proof we cannot make any claims .
            If we would go and say "these fish are dying because of radiation " before you finish your sentence the first thing they ask is "where is your proof" if you cant give any proof you will not be taken seriously at all .

            • guevara3712

              artika, yep they will trash anything without proof, nothing wrong with a little speculation though, especially when you point out that's what it is, and i find your description quite accurate as to how they use data.haha even if you were wrong it's a good illustration of how things get manipulated.

              • artika rama

                guevera 🙂 that s how the game is played right ,, you know its becasue of radiation ,, i know it ,, everyone knows it BUT ,, unless you PROVE it you cant claim anytthing ,, even if you had fish with two heads and a leg attached to its back ,, its still not proven .
                the thing is we have to play the game with the rules ,, we have to get scientists working on this and i am not sure if its happening . I mean really indpendent scientists doing these kinds of resarch . I hope some unicerities wil get interested and we will get soem PROOF 🙂
                For the while we can only sit and wait .

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

                  I cry for the children when I hear the word "game".

                • Angela_R

                  artika rama, I understand the proof demanded, but science operates on theory which is not absolute proof. The decisions are made by others; that responsibility rests on the heads of informed leaders.

                  Yes there are diseases that effect salmon. For instance, for many years Australia, in an attempt to protect their fishing industry from a 'virus', argued with the WTO against the importation of salmon. However I now wonder whether the condition of the salmon, evidenced way back then, may have been caused by nuclear radiation or another toxic dumping.

                  Many nuclear reactors are near rivers or the ocean; leaking toxic containers from many industries and fallout from previous tests would have been building. Until recently, I had not read of the plutonium that is rumored to have been dumped in the Pacific Ocean off California.

                  Salmon spawn in the Columbine River.

                  But whether from a virus or a toxin, it matters not. As Vanne and others have cited, nuclear is devastating in our present, and

                  now there are many concerned people who believe it may wipe out our future.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    AngelaR, I respect your opinions here, but scientific experimentation works off of HYPOTHESES. Once they are "proven" they become theories.

                    Please see this:


                    • Angela_R

                      Hi HoTaters,
                      this is my understanding:

                      As I understand the definition, the hypothesis is not 'proven' a hundred percent by tests. They are theories, not laws.

                      My statement was a little too definite, it failed to cite that there are some written laws in Science. Though I am inclined to contest that there can be fixed laws in an evolving Universe.

                      I believe that it takes more than the scientist to make the case re connections to mutated genes and cancers, such requiring the linkage from others, for instance, physicians. Then it is seen as facts.

                      However I strongly believe that this testimony is already out there.

                      So WHY are nuclear plants still being built?

                      Why is Japan again buying MOX fuel?

                      This is cited in the wikipedia article, in the last paragraph under the heading The Sellafield MOX Plant. Check out here: and see if the following is correct:

                      "On 3 August 2011 the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority announced that the MOX Plant would close, due to the loss of Japanese orders following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster. However Japanese orders for MOX have recommenced as of April 17, 2013, being supplied by Sellafield MOX plants main competitor, the French MOX fuel vendor….."

              • The problem with this idealized theory of science is that the assumption is 'science is neutral', when it it is not.

                Science is corrupted and controlled by corporations, and funding streams with strings attached.

                If you say or research the wrong thing and get the 'wrong' results, you get kicked out, lose your funding, don't get published and or are fired.

                The taboo in science today is getting the 'wrong' result around radiation. Anything bad is 'taboo', and will lose your job, your funding, and your ability to work in the industry. You will be blacklisted.

                It is worse than the McCarthy era, when anyone associated with Communism was excommunicated, blacklisted and/or jailed.

                • humptydumpty humptydumpty

                  @ Dr.Goodheart – Standout comment! Science is corrupted. This is precisely the cause of the malaise we find ourselves in.

                  • jan

                    science is not corrupted scientists are . Its funny you say that on a post which starts with :
                    "Scientists first started noticing ,,,,,, "

                    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                      Yay! Finally someone other than me saying this. Don't SHOOT the MESSENGER! Don't miss the target – it's PEOPLE, people. It's NOT TECHNOLOGY. It's NOT SCIENCE. As a matter of fact, you want the truth in all things?? Demand to hear from the creators, designers, builders. They will tell the the truth. Do you think they like any of this?? Lookup: the GE Three Mark I. The Challenger DIDN'T have to EXPLODE. It was homicide! Management was told NOT TO LAUNCH by the people who DESIGNED the damn thing. But NOOO…… It would be an embarassment to the president who had a teacher on board and there was major press leading up to the launch because of it. Oh, and the added cost to replace the seals…. no no no. BOOM!!! Snowden? a systems admin. You want the truth, go to the source. But there's a cost. If you free them, you have to take care of them.

                • Angela_R

                  Dr. Goodheart, you write "The taboo in science today is getting the 'wrong' result around radiation."

                  One could well ask 'who made it a taboo?'

                  But has the modus operandi really changed? I again refer to an old article,

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  All that is needed to get junk science is to have bias in sampling, sampling and lab errors (human or other), the wrong sampling size, to test the hypothesis given a foregone conclusion so the results "fit" and "prove" the hypothesis, excluding data, and many other things.

                  Possible case in point: the Oregon sampling was done prior to the major sea star die-offs, so of course it would look less severe. And we haven't been told here how the sampling was conducted in comparison to other locations.

                  Lots of room to get and give a false impression, based on how the Oregon sampling and testing might have been conducted.

                  It's premature, IMO, for the scientists to say anything about the situation in Oregon at this point. And yes, Bo, you're right, Hanford isn't so far away ….

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Excuse me, I'm tired. It's 3:09AM here. I meant, the story published here doesn't tell us how the testing/sampling was conducted in Oregon.

                    That was worded as though I was insinuatingh information could have been withheld from us, here on the site.

            • moonshellblue moonshellblue

              Also it is affecting sea stars on the east coast of course Fukushima could still be the culprit but they say results will be published in a week.

            • zogerke zogerke

              artika rama it is like this. I will cut off your (this is an example, I am not being personal) right foot at night. Do you have a right foot now? No? Ok. I will hide the knife. There is no knife. No one here has a knife. How do you even know you ever had a right foot? Maybe every few decades a foot just disappears. But it's bleeding and you can not walk? I am so sorry. Go see a doctor. Go to a medical clinic or a teaching university. The doctor does not know what happened there at the end of your right leg. I have paid off all the doctors. I will threaten them that they will lose their jobs is they say the injury looks like an amputation by knife. They will look at your bloody ankle and be flummoxed. Bewildered. And then there will be a blog site to discuss your poor right leg and what happened at the end of it to make it bleed so much. Some will say- HEY. His foot was cut off! It is obvious! But others will say- NO. You have no proof it was cut off! It could have been leprosy! Or fungus! Or an ecological cycle we do not understand! He could have been hit by a car and his foot crushed. Maybe he was born without a foot and he injured the stub trying to walk. He and We must wait for the doctors and scientists to study this and reveal what happened to him because we do not know ourselves and we are only guessing…..Our guessing might discredit us! it could have been so many causes! Besides, there are no knives here, do you see any?

              • zogerke zogerke

                my masters of science degree was in environmental and occupational safety. there is here/now in MSM and perhaps academia a clamp down and censoring of information about the seas and the die offs and the contaminants causing all that. As someone with a science background (no not an expert, except in some OSHA topics and some industrial poisons….) I think it is wrong and foolish to not assume radiation is negatively impacting living creatures in the sea; i find the hypothesis that radiation is contributing to toxicity and mortality among ocean biota (living organisms) credible (believable.) Knowing how deadly radiation is, creature deaths could in some cases be due to radiation exposures entirely, And most likely deaths are due to co-morbidities, with radioactivity, RAIDs, pollution that induces immune system disorders, and thermal and chemical processes impacting the sea's ability to sustain life. To conjecture as though we know conclusively all the reasons of animal and sea creature die off- ok- that we cannot do. But it is reasonable and plausible to state that poison from fukushima is killing sea life. i think it is foolish NOT to say that. If I kill my pet with carbon monoxide (god forbid) you may not know which poison killed him unless you autopsy..but you will see his blue oxygen deprived mucus membranes and other signs of CO poisoning… can reasonably surmise it is CO poisoning or another axphyxiant….and you sure know he is dead….

                • "…fukushima is killing sea life. i think it is foolish NOT to say that." – zogerke

                  Well said.

                • Radio Radio

                  zogerke, science serves its master, but sometimes it serves truth and i am heartened that folks like you join its ranks.

                  • zogerke zogerke

                    radio…every once in a while i sit at a table of scientists affiliated with a large scientific university. we deal with human health and disease, for the most part…and radiation does not come up. And I sit with folks who have more education than I do academically, though i have far more field experience. After meetings, in chit chat, i have spoken of geiger counters and precipitation and fukushimah. They look at me like i am mad. the radiation officer poopoos anyone's worry. the head of safety just smirks at me. As though i discredit myself just mentioning the word fukushima. that is how I am seeing academic stiffling works….when someone brings up the fuku disaster in mixed company, act like there has been a huge loud smelly passing of gas (fart) and change the subject. I am biding my time. At some point, at some point there will be a discussion about this that is credible.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  zogerke, thank you for telling us about your credentials. It's helpful to review your comments in light of understanding your field of expertise.

                  • zogerke zogerke

                    thanks ho taters. i also want to say i 'came up through the ranks' i started out working in a title that used to be called 'maintenance man' took me 20 full years to earn my bachelors degree and another five years- on scholarship and fellowships- to earn my masters degree- which i earned a full 25 years after graduating from high school. i became a safety 'scientist' because i got so sick and tired of seeing everyone i worked with- and myself- get sick and hurt. i am not coming from an ivory tower and there are a lot of people with far better educations than I have so far. but — like every single one of us here- i know what I know, and i know what makes sense and what does not. And i am grateful for those on this site who do good teaching in a way that makes sense and seems grounded and unbiased.

                    • ocifferdave

                      "i have spoken of geiger counters and precipitation and fukushimah" -zogerke

                      And you did this within a science circle of academia. Thank you!!!

              • bo bo

                Exactly zogerke – also – in an ideal world one can 'sit and wait' until results come out – but the reality is they will never do tests, and if they did, results will either take forever to get released, or never be released, and if and when results are released, the data will most likely have been manipulated.

                I am not exactly optimistic, but since I have no kids, I still do have the luxury of discussing/commenting /pondering this intellectual question. However if I had kids I don't think I'll wait for any scientist to come to a conclusion, I'd try to get them out of harm's way based on some as soon as possible, even if others criticized me for 'over reacting'or 'un-scientific'.

                • zogerke zogerke

                  thanks bo. mostly i try to get the kids to not eat fish, and to drink the water from the filtered tap and not from the faucet. don't know what else to do. i am beginning to read thru majias book (fuku and privitization of risk)….some of the kids in my life are science smarties…will have them read it when i am done…..or look through enough to understand and have it validate what i have been saying…

                • bo bo

                  Typo – I'd try to get them out of harm's way as soon as possible based on my own detective work, even if others criticized me for being 'over-reacting' or being 'un-scientific'.

                  • zogerke zogerke

                    i'm on the east coast/ philly. don't see moving to another continent. Use the geiger counter when it precips and teach the kids about the snow and rain. Hard when you have beautiful big kids who are long distance runners…..

                • bo bo

                  situation is different for parents
                  My sister got the H out of Japan with her 2 yr old son. She did not wait for scientists to come to the conclusion that her son was going to face 40 % chance of thyroid cancer or what not.

                  • zogerke zogerke

                    bo, wise wise wise. glad she got herself and little boy out. he is young enough to adjust to anything…..any exile from what you know and love is really difficult, no matter what the reason.

            • sayonara kitty sayonara kitty

              artika rama, when they ask "where's the proof?" that's when i would say… "prove that is isn't".

    • mairs mairs

      The article also mentioned that the last Oregon survey was before the outbreak became major, and that they're going to do another survey end of January, which is now.

      • bo bo

        Mairs – so that means it is simply lack of survey data that accounts for that gap along Oregon coast. And NPR is latches onto this – 'see! The starfish aren't dying EVERYWHERE! Only in some patches and pockets! Look at Oregon coast! All good there!'

    • Radio Radio

      As an Oregonian, we take our beaches very seriously since they are publicly owned. If there is corruption here, which we also take very seriously, it will be lower than most states. But, the general public and most local government officials are still operating on what info they get from the feds, experts, and the NRC. Yet, it is from Oregon that the radiation link is being pursued in ernest with research at Oregon State University. Oregon's coastline is very different than Washington's or California's geologically, and we have less crap going into it than either of these two states because the public has been diligently working to clean it and establish marine wildlife sanctuaries for decades. Despite our efforts, Oregon has also had two large dead zone areas where low oxygen from ocean acidification created by burned carbon deposits, probably from China's increased coal use, and from agriculture fertilizer run off from both Washington making it's way down and from our own farming. Oxygen (think hydrogen) plays a big part in how nuclear isotopes interact and also move, and perhaps someone here with knowledge on that can start to chime in. But, my guess is that these lower oxygen levels will play a role, as well as Oregon having very little chemical industry along the coast compared to Washington and California.

      • bo bo

        Hi radio, thank you for the update. do you have any local information/updates on Columbia River and its effects on Oregon's environment? I've read that Hanford releases 300 lbs of uranium into the Columbia river every year. Do activists in Oregon discuss about this locally?

        • Radio Radio

          bo, thanks for asking 😉 53 millions gallons of mixed nuclear waste, much of it plutonium are on site at Hanford. The leaks were during the 40'd and 50's into cooling water for the reactors. The water was captured and stored for 6 hours, then released. The federal government as well as local health agencies, covered this up along with the many of the air releases caused when they started to separate the plutonium out. Lawsuits were brought in the 60's and the public won. It has been in some form of rehabilitation ever since. Of course, corporations being sneaky, leaks happen and they are kept under wraps, but a recent whistleblower came forward a couple years ago and then again more recently, so that's how it goes. The news, especially in Seattle, were all over it. Hanford is in Washington but we share the river and the local tribes who depend on the fish, harvest from both sides of it. They were the hardest effected from the toxin eating radiation laced fish without knowing it and also being the primary downwinders. There are several watch groups now and it makes the news now and again. There is suspicion that leaks are making their way to the river from one particular tank that is closest to the river. Estates are anywhere from a few to ten years of it reaching the groundwater, that will then eventually drain out into the river. That part of Washington has very little rain, so this process is far slower tha Fukushim that has 400 galons a day traveling-

          • bo bo

            Thank you. I was always confused by this '300 lbs of uranium' into columbia river information. If this was true… wouldn't there be a huge uproar ? So is it disinformation ?

            I also thought Hanford has to still periodically vent steam from inside tanks in order to prevent too much pressure build up. Could that be misinformation too?

            • Radio Radio

              Hanford is sooo complicated that the media has trouble conveying the information. Just like your NPR grabbing at an anomaly and drawing false conclusions, or simply parroting what a scientist may have suggested to them, the media was never set up for detail and, well, understanding radiation for the media or for us public takes grasping details with little background and training. You and i and nearly everyone here, comes back again and again to get more information. A journalists wants to make one or two calls, have one meeting, take one look-see and write the story. That's the big reason to go to the "trusted experts" that have been put in their path by industry and government officials. In logic, is it called a formal fallacy – Authority doesn't necessarily make someone correct, so appealing to it as a guarantee of the best and correct information out there is a bi mistake. But, it is a shortcut for journalism and the media ad they go down that wrong road everyday to get their story out. Anything that takes more than an afternoon to put together is considered an expose' and those are rarely done these days. Both governments and industry take advantage of this, of course when they want something glossed over or something simply communicated. But, worse, many in government and public health actually rely on these media outlets as their sources for reliable information about current pressing matters. It becomes a circle feeding itself and rarely looking further.

          • Radio Radio

            -traveling beneath the complex in Japan.

            Bectel is working on a vitrification process, making the radiation into glass logs, which might even be stable for a thousand years or so the theory goes, i don't completely agree but i no reason to disagree other than the process has to be sooo precise as to prevent refissioning of the radiation. Vitrification IS the long term storage the industry boasts is their solution. That was how are growing piles of waste were suppose to stuffed into Yucca Mountain. Glassed as logs until something better came along. But i digress.. The mix at Hanford is not just radiation. The storage tanks have all the radiation plus several chemicals that were attempts at stopping the fissioning process and making the storage more stable. This has made vitrification challenging. The waste has to be separated from the radiation and no one knows how to do that yet very well. Thus, they focus on building double hulled tanks and moving stuff from the old tanks into the new. Oregonians shut down their nuke plant due to opposition, fault lines and industry lies and banned future ones.

            • bo bo

              Thank you for the detailed explanation radio !
              Many bits of disjoined information that I've read are now coming together and making sense.

              I couldn't understand why the chemicals they mixed into the tanks to make it less acidic made it 'unstable and difficult' – i see now, that makes it difficult to transition to vitrification.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Hi Radio, someone posted a link to a story about Hanford yesterday. The article said most of the tanks are singled walled, and most have leaked in the past.

              Wish I still had the link for that. That's one heck of a problem.

              Ah, here's the smoking gun story:

              The first storage tanks, 149 of them, were built between 1943 and 1964 with just a single, stainless-steel wall. They were designed to last only 10 to 20 years, because they were intended as a stopgap measure until a more permanent solution could be found to deal with the waste. Turns out the tanks were susceptible to corrosion; some even buckled from the extreme heat radiated by the waste.

              As early as 1956, workers suspected one tank was leaking. Between 1959 and 1968, the U.S. Energy Department confirmed that 12 tanks were leaking.
              A quote: "As many as 67 tanks are suspected of having leaked in the past. But leaking was believed to end when most liquids were removed from the single-walled tanks in 2004."

              Here's a link to one story stating multiple tanks have leaked.


          • Angela_R

            Radio, I am puzzled. In a previous post, maybe yesterday, you remarked that the people of Oregon paid for the decommissioning of Hanford through their rates. Hanford is in Washington, not Oregon, and the operation was commenced by the Federal Government, not the State. Had the land been on lease by the Fed?

            Decommissioning can only be considered completed when the site is no longer radioactive. I understood that had not been achieved and was still ongoing. The site has leaked:

            Surely the Fed. Government, i.e. the Department of Defence did not return the site to the State without finding a home or a method of conversion for the radioactive waste?

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Are there any cluster studies on cancer in the area

  • struct

    Why is I see (Video) appended to some news posts, but no actual video to speak of ?

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I read on the Atlantic coast this has happened as well but not like pacific . I also know that in 2012 seaweed over here tested positive for cesium 154 and cesium 137 . Hope I have that right , I posted the lab report a month or so back that was done by a sea vegetable company in Maine on kelp

    • ENENews

      Ian Hewson, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Microbiology, Cornell University:

      "On the West Coast, I believe we're up to about eleven different species of sea stars that appear to be affected. I think that is probably more extensive than what is happening on the East Coast."

      • zogerke zogerke

        that is such a frustrating article. look at this: <<As the summer temperatures cooled with the fall, the mortality rate in eleven species of sea stars increased. That meant water temperature was not a factor. Neither did radioactivity seem to be a problem from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan. The Washington State Health Department and other agencies tested West Coast fish and have so far not found elevated radiation levels. Further if Strontium-90 and Cesium-137 contamination was a factor, many other marine creatures would be dying, not only sea stars.>>

        DID they test the water? NO. Did they test the dead sea stars? NO Did they test for other isotopes? NO Did they test there, not just some fish from somewhere? NO and more….

      • zogerke zogerke

        frustration number two- from that article:

        Yes, they have not been in direct contact with animals that are free roaming in the environment, so it's true that it's probably something in the water. Something in the water could be either chemical, it could be combined chemical and biological, could be any type of micro-organism and it could also be (bits of) dead and dying sea stars that are making it into the pipes of the aquarium.>>

        Z back: what about radiation testing? what about radiation testing? what about radiation testing? what about radiation testing? what about radiation testing?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          zogerke, your reasoning is the same as mine. Had wondered about the same thing, on reading about the sea stars melting inside aquariums.


          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            @ho taters
            Yes don't they use sea water
            And going on a limb here
            Is there any way to filter rads from water ?

  • Daisy207

    Maybe the accidentally dumped a load of critical mass bananas – oh by the way how many bananas are needed to get to critical mass and why on earth aren't they using bananas to generate electricity?

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      .. 🙂

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      They are. We are. Bananas. Take the movie, "The Matrix," substitute "bananas" in place of "copper top batteries" and there you have it, the whole truth. The machine needs bananas.

      Why just the other day, I left one on the counter too long. I turned black and got real soft. I threw it in the trash. The machines generated a change in the matrix and I had a really shitty day at work, and sinus pressure too. Respect the matrix.

    • It HAS TO BE BANANAS.. one esteemed news organization said Fukushima was no worse than 76 million bananas dumped into the ocean..

      So it HAS to be bananas..

      The star fish are just slipping on the banana skins and thus 'breaking' their legs.

      Without legs, they die.

      Very simple actually.

      Pure science, as good as those claiming it HAS to be disease, nothing else.


      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Too funny, Dr. G.

        "The star fish are just slipping on the banana skins and thus 'breaking' their legs.

        Without legs, they die.

        Very simple actually."


  • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

    "As for the healthy looking stars […] they didn’t show symptoms anymore rapidly by being in the same tank with sickly stars. […]

    BINGO! Man was that so hard?!

    Some have asked whether radiation or tsunami debris associated with the Fukushima disaster could be behind this die-off. But scientists now see Fukushima as an unlikely culprit because the die-offs are patchy…. Uh, the radiation concentrations are patchy too. So are the other toxins, whether they be river, wind, or ocean sourced. Have these folks never heard of downwelling eddy currents? These can be massive in diameter and deposit their cargo down the center of their spin thus concentrating any trapped material to a specific location.

    Playing dumb for time.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Yes! "Playing dumb for time." 🙂

    • ENENews

      die-offs are patchy? "Uh, the radiation concentrations are patchy too"

      Professor Mousseau agrees:
      New studies show radioactive materials being carried across Pacific relatively intact from Fukushima — On West Coast we need to monitor these "pockets of high contamination" — "Parts of areas may be affected in a significant way" (AUDIO)

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Perfect! 🙂 Admin Rocks! 🙂

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Glad to see acknowledgement of SPORADIC, VARYING CONCENTRATIONS of 'patchy' contamination, such as the 'leopard skin' deposition patterns reported over several months by geiger videographers Cristina Consolo, Michael Collins, POTR and others.

          Awareness and demonstration of these irregular and moving 'hot spots' will 1) disprove the specious pro-nuke 'dilution solution' assertion, 2) negate reliance on the futile gov't twice/year marine and food 'sampling' proposals, and 3) increases awareness of the need for much more widespread individual use of detectors for determining changing contamination levels in local rain, snow and air, in metallic objects and air filters, and in food at the point of sale level.

          I am accumulating references and links to irregular marine distribution and land deposition patterns and will post when I can.

      • artika rama

        There is a deliberate attempt by the MSM to confuse people about
        a; Trash , from japanese earth quake reaching US
        B; radiation from fukushima reaching US
        They keep using it / switching it , one for the other , just to confuse and downplay the effects of radiation from fukushima .

        • It's all part of the obfuscation tactics. It's the exact same game with the measurement figures they publish. Sometimes it's Sr-90, sometimes it's all-beta, next time it's I131 or Cs-137, then Cs-134 vs. Cs-137 etc etc. They chose the nuclides at random, and they do the same with the units used, an even more evil web of quantities and dimensions which are designed in a way which makes it impossible to convert them to a common base. The same with outer or ingested radiation. Becquerel for example says absolutely nothing about the kind of radiation or its energy. Single figures of energy in keV or meV don't say much about the rest and about the frequency. There is a difference between equivalent radiation dose, effective dose, and committed dose. There are weighing factors for the whole body vs for specific organs (the mass of which needs to be known in concrete calculations)… It's an endless jungle, all the different approaches and definitions lead to different values which in the end – and that is exactly the purpose of the construction ! – will never be comparable against each other.
          Have a look at – for example – and then go through the links in the "see also" section to get the idea.

          • artika rama

            fukugedon Well said fukugedon and they have some popular falacies they keep using again and again ,, like background radiation or radiation thats in bananas etc etc as if they are the same thing . The difficlut part is that the burden of explaining all that is up to us , so we have the difficult task while they can go bul..t around as much as they want bending the facts the way they like . They have the upper hand .

            • Yep. There is a hierarchy in terms of available information which ensure the industry will always win:
              The average citizen works 8 hours a day. He needs to take care of himself and his family, shop daily needs etc. So in best case, he has about two hours per day which he can spend on political stuff including gathering information.
              A member of parliament is involved in the political process 8 hours per day and has easy access to information (through assistants, secretaries etc). Thus the professional politicians have a huge advantage. But this is still topped by the industrial lobbyists. Because they will keep their jobs while politicians come and go or change between different political responsibilities. And they may have a huge amount of money behind them. So in the end they are by far the most powerful factors and the most stable in the big game.
              Elections and political parties are nothing but part of the entertainment business. People need to realize that elections have absolutely no influence on the political events. And it doesn't matter at all if the Democrats or the Republicans are in majority. Political parties are simply a means of the good old divide-and-conquer strategy. People are supposed to fight (against each other) over Democrats vs Republicans in order to keep them from realizing that these questions are absolutely insignificant. Whoever leads the Congress or sits in the White House: IT DOESN'T MATTER AT ALL.

            • In theory, media like press and TV should be the citizens advocate against and form a counter-balance, but we all know they are far from that.

          • James Tekton James Tekton

            "-and that is exactly the purpose of the construction!"

            Yes, FG.

            They call it Babel! It is the new babylon, and this is part of the plan. Keep them all chasing each others tails, and not those who are responsible. Keep this in the dark for as long as possible and as some have suggested here, then say it is all normal background, and continue the cover up until they all fall too. Sooner or later, ALL WILL KNOW and death will ring loudly the bells of ignorance for no one to hear.

            Good points about the measurements and all the differences. This was something that got to many of us in the beginning. All the different ways to measure and not being able to say, convert Sieverts to CPM. Thankfully, we all got on the same page here. Most reporters got a Geiger and used CPM. This seems to be catching on as most folks that are measuring radiation in the US are using CPM to express their data.

            Give thanks.


            • Just wait for the counter attack.. it is already starting to happen..

              useless and worthless to use geiger counters, using CPM is of no value, etc..

              Keep buying those pancake style Geiger Counters and

              KEEP TESTING!

        • mairs mairs

          I've noticed that. Radiation must come attached to the trash, that is its vector, they imply.

          • artika rama

            Mairs/ clam Partly true i think , Trash moving so slow was in/around japan for a while ,, so got a lot of fallout IMO .It probably has hot spots in it .

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        A lot of this trash came right before Fukushima meltdowns ?
        So is it radioactive , or radioactive now because of currents remerging together ? Could someone explain ? I have been wondering about that .

      • J.

        The lecture by Mousseau at the Caldicott symposium last year was very impressive. He and his team spent a long time on the ground in areas around Chernobyl, and found some locations within the most contaminated zones that were perfectly safe. He and his team have the most powerful and accurate devices, and he's made very detailed maps. His lecture is online.

      • Radio Radio

        Okay Admin. A new forum – how radiation really acts, works, disperses, etc. Complicated information shared and reworded in a way that we can all understand. I think many around the world would come take a look at such a forum to educate themselves, perhaps even to share their own research.

    • Radio Radio

      Sykewars, good catch on the eddies and upwelling, combined with uneven distribution of radiation. You are actually starting with a broader base of knowledge than many marine biologists, who know water, but, not how radiation moves in it, or experts who know how radiation moves, or maybe know a little bout how it moves in air under certain conditions, but not how it behaves in water, or salt water or cold water or… . I think that most experts aren't playing dumb, though clearly some must be to keep their careers or maintain their faith and sense of rightness in the kind of world they are helping to create. I really think they really ARE ignorant and DISINCLINED to suggest causal links no else every has in their limited knowledge base. Research and science has become so specialized and focused that currents, eddies, upwelling and the like are not commonly understood phenomenon outside limited researchers focusing on narrow issues within the marine environment or people who depend on the ocean for their livelihoods, so see and deal with them everyday. Remember how confused everyone was and still is even about the major ocean currents, where they are, and what they do? You have a much more inclusive and what is now called interdisciplinary understanding than many researchers who are not paid to be so expansive and non-specialized.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Thx, SykeWar. A new topic for exploration. Downwelling eddie currents. Things that make you go, hmmn.

  • atomicistheword

    BBC Horizon, The day the earth nearly died

    Doco about mass methane release into the environment, the kind that could occur with major ocean die off. Like an atomic Winter… approx 50 min long.

    • Another global threat… triggered by global warming, with the capacity to accelerate things by orders of magnitude.. What many scientists say may take 20 to 200 years, may only take months or a few years with the help of methane eruptions, taking place NOW.

      • This also deserves to be looked at as a root cause, but guess what, that is 'off the table' too…

        Isn't this cultish.. just looking at 'disease'.

        <NOTHING ELSE>

        • Radio Radio

          Dr. Goodheart, you raise a most interesting point. I think that when Western geology took "catastrophism" off the list as an explanation for Earth periods and such and replaced it with the Ho-hum "slow continuity" model, it served to regulate mass die offs and extinctions to unexplained anomalies rather than very real possibilities. I think that an entire belief system sprung up around this which says there is nothing that can ultimately go very wrong – not the Earth, not a asteroid, not nuclear radiation, not nuclear weapons, not planetary warming, not…

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Wondering if the massive amount of fracking doesn't have something to do with the massive methane releases. Or the removal of massive amounts of petroleum from the earth's crust. That in itself does some pretty strange things.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Add new purple melting sea stars to Lucky Charms. Kids will never know the difference. They will figure out some way to profit by this, no doubt.

    As for Oregon's sea stars, they been long gone, and nothing left to count, just plain don't get added.

  • Nick

    "While wandering a deserted beach at dawn, stagnant in my work, I saw a man in the distance bending and throwing as he walked the endless stretch toward me. As he came near, I could see that he was throwing starfish, abandoned on the sand by the tide, back into the sea. When he was close enough I asked him why he was working so hard at this strange task. He said that the sun would dry the starfish and they would die. I said to him that I thought he was foolish. there were thousands of starfish on miles and miles of beach. One man alone could never make a difference. He smiled as he picked up the next starfish. Hurling it far into the sea he said, "It makes a difference for this one." I abandoned my writing and spent the morning throwing starfish.”
    ― Loren Eiseley

    …thousands of starfish on miles and miles of beach………

    Marine ecologists are right to be alarmed at the demise of these keystone species.

    In a sense, we may never really know, but we can still be saddened by such a die off.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    And that is all it is.

    • Gasser Gasser

      Frank Sinatra: I've Got You Under My Skin


      I've got your Plutonium under my skin.

      I've got your Cesium deep in the heart of me.

      So deep in my heart that you're really a part of me.
I've got your Plutonium in my lung skin.

      I'd tried not breathing so you would not get in.

      I said to myself: this Nuclear affair never will go so well.

      But why should I try to resist when, NRC, knows so well
I've got your Tritium under my skin.

      I've sacrifice everything come what might.
For the sake of havin' your electricity near

      In spite of warnin' voices that comes in the night
And repeats, repeats in my ear:

      Don't you know, big fools, you never can win?
      Use your mentality, wake up to reality.

But each time that I do just the thought of Kilowatts. 

      Makes me stop before I begin

      Cause I've got your convenience under my skin.

      I have sacrifice anything come what might
      For the sake of havin' your wattage near.

      In spite of the warning voices that comes in the night.
And repeats – how it yells in my ear:

      Don't you know, big fools, you never can win?
Why not use your mentality – NRC step up, wake up to reality?

      But each time I do there's no stopping you

      Takes my energy just before I begin

      Cause I've got your Plutonium under my skin.

      Yes, I've got your Cesium under my skin.

      ~Gasser Classic~

  • Proton

    WOW… NPR reporting on fukushima nasties? TPsTB must have forgot their last few payments.

  • or-well

    I am a starfish.
    I am falling apart;
    So much for Dancing With The Stars.
    No, not that one, that occupies hours
    of those ignoring Life being devoured.
    I mean all my sisters and brothers.
    I don't like having to melt.
    Dear Gaia, can you not help?
    It's not just for me that I ask;
    it's for the sardines and the kelp,
    salmon, polar bears, seals and their pups,
    all of the One World Ocean's life
    that your lunatic child disrupts
    by making the Ocean a toxic soup.
    Maybe it's time for a Palace Coup –
    why don't you turn all people to goo?
    They're only one species, and a plague to boot.
    You should flush them like they were poop.
    You're going to miss us when we're all gone.
    Just get rid of people, before they wreck your home.
    If I reincarnate, will you make me a stone?
    It would be nice to have more time
    to enjoy all you have done.
    I wouldn't mind being eroded to sand;
    and then rest beside the Ocean I love.
    Thanks for listening Gaia.
    This is your last seastar, over and out.

    • bo bo

      Well thats a shame you're leaving us starfish…Maybe we'll get you a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame to remember you by at least.

      • or-well

        When the current extinction event
        is over, if there's anyone left,
        will people remember, or will they forget
        that once, Life everywhere was abundant?

        I don't know what's killing the seastars, nor can I prove a cascading collapse of oceanic life has begun.

        We don't even know all the species we may already have lost, or are losing even now.

        I wonder if, at some point, extinction news will be classified, "in the interest of national security", or to "avoid panic".

        • Socrates


          Starry, starry nightmare…. This is a very sad poem.

          I can tell the enenewsers are angry, sad and frustrated. The constant media denial just emphasizes how they lied all along.

          It's perfectly safe. Too cheap to meter…. below permissible levels…

          We are winning on the Eastern front…..

          The Big Lie technique revisited. The bigger the lie, the more people swallow it… until they don't. I'm gagging right now.

          • or-well

            Socrates, I seldom know where or how
            my poems will go, when I start
            (unless it's a re-run of course).
            I thought this one might be a social satire;
            of that idea I was soon dis-abused
            by the gloomy mood of my inner muse.
            That's how it goes –
            I've learned to trust.
            I am thankful if anyone is touched.

    • Au Au

      or-well, I am not one to cry but your poem got me…

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      or-well…well said…sad…


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "It’s like the matrix […] We have to be very careful that we’re NOT identifying something that’s associated with the disease but NOT the cause."

    Why did the party end? Well, George spilled his orange juice, and Rick farted, Sally belched, Havier lit this fat cigar, Jennie sprayed oven cleaner thinking it was air freshener, Frank turned on the TV and had the volume too loud. It wasn't any one thing in particular. People's stomachs just couldn't take it and all of a sudden they just all MELTED. Hey wait, that doesn't sound right…does that happen?

    • bo bo

      You forgot – Tommy pooped on top of the fan then someone turned the switch on. Yeah… I think that's when everyone started melting.

  • humptydumpty humptydumpty

    Destruction of our ocean life represents a tipping point toward the collapse of industrial civilization. If we don't heed this wake-up call, it will prove our species has completely disassociated from the ecosystem that sustains us, and nature will react to remove us.

  • Nick

    Keystone Species = Starfish

    Yeah, we can be mystified about the vanishing starfish. But we should be ALARMED by what it means for these intertidal ecosystems along our coasts.

    Our large brains have given us the ability to alter our very biosphere.

  • Speedy

    Snake oil? Here are claims radiation can be economically removed…

    You decide….I watched it twice and still have a hard time with it..
    Could it be this simple?

    • artika rama

      Speedy I think your response was to me ,, i am not good at following threats so please put my name in the beginning of your messages if they are meant for me .
      Keshe foundation claims one thing and sells something else .
      they claim they can "handle/ treat " radioactive isotopes and then they try to sell filter s.
      I have nt seen the video you mentioned but i had researxhed their site sometime ago .
      They CALIM they have ways of dealing with radiation ,, in lab conditions ,, using a lot of energy ,, which they CLAIM will decrease the half life of some isotopes to 300 years or so ,, and they are asking for money to develope it . I dont believe it would work and even if it would they would spend more energy in TREATING the isotopes than creating them inthe first place so its sensless to even start the project .

      • Speedy

        The last thing I would do is threaten you…I was just throughing this out there…not trying to help sell any thing. Just looking for feedback. As I mentioned, I find it hard to believe…

        • artika rama

          peedy LOL TYPO TYPO ,, 🙂 i didnt mean threat ,, i meant thread ,, to follow the conversation ,, lol :)) sorry ,, my poor english will get me in trouble some day :))
          I am sorry 🙂

          • Speedy

            I was just joking around…no need to apologize..I learn much from your posts…thanks

            • artika rama

              speedy i learn a lot here too . Thanks 🙂 No need to apologize ,, i really do make some enormous mistakes sometimes :)with my spelling ,, so i am used to it 🙂
              Its late in my timezone , i am checking out
              Talk to you tomorrow:)
              Peace my friend:)

        • guevara3712

          Speedy, Artika meant ''threads' not threats, just wants you to pop his/her name at the beginning of posts if u r replying, so she can follow it easier.

          • artika rama

            guevera3712 Thanks for helping 🙂 my english is not sufficient enough to say everything correctly so it can get confusing sometime :))) I should ve said posts ,,
            thanks guevera again for helping . 🙂

            • guevara3712

              no problem and congrats on excellent english, better than most americans i know, and i both enjoy and understand your posts, and wish i knew more than 1 language lol.

              • artika rama

                guevara thanks for your kind words 🙂 never late to learn 😉 I have just started learning russian but still at the very beginning . If i spend less time here on enenews and more time studying i should make some progress 🙂
                Anyway , its time for me to go ,, its late after midnight in my timezone .
                Take good care

    • ozdawn

      If it's too good to be true…

      Keshe scam goes on. Now Keshe is blaming the Belgian government for stopping his technology and is postponing the release of his reactor technology. Please don't buy his books. You will only end up being hurt. He is a fraud.

      If he is right why doesn't he allow independent verification. Show his technology to the scientists of the world and prove his science. Instead he makes unsubstantiated claims.

      Anti-Gravity and Free Energy machines have replaced Perpetual Motion and Rain-Making machines as the idées fixes of the crackpot, and the Macguffins of the grifter.

      First it was Anti-Gravity and Free Energy in 2009 and now he offers the solution to radioactive decontamination that no other scientist know but him – complete con!

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    psssst…..don’t make conclusions

    [Dan Hirsch, University of California Santa Cruz] says it’s possible fallout could be involved but unless you do the science and find Fukushima radioactive elements, don’t make conclusions.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    When it comes to star fish let's be very careful not to jump to conclusions without lots of science. When it comes to WMD in Iraq or Siran gas in Syria,let's be "intuitive". Bomb now, science later if at all. This is the behavior of a bellicose nation. If and when we find part of a reactor in a fish, then probably it will be from Fukushima. Hopefully it will have a serial number on it.

    • artika rama

      Capt nemo I am not so sure about the starfish . It seems it might have started before fukushima and some even claim it started at atlantic ocean first so that it still needs to be rpoven .

      • J.

        What's needed is a hypothesis, or several hypotheses. Serious scientists would never be reluctant to make a hypothesis. For example:

        "Our hypothesis is that a combination of industrial toxins, debris, and radiation from the Great Hanshin earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi NPP disaster are a contributing factor to the death of starfish on the west coast of the USA."

        Then the hard work begins. There must be some hypothesis first.

      • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

        I believe you are right. I heard about it there first. I just had to get a blow in at the national attitude.

  • amberlight amberlight

    Nuclear Propaganda Radio soft-pedaling their "scoop." ("Stop the presses! This just in: Some starfish are dissolving here and there! Scientists befuddled!")

    Why I never listen to that corporate disinfo outlet…

  • tsfw tsfw

    Maybe they respond to different toxic/viral/bacterial agents with similar symptoms.
    We have:
    Fuku dumping rads into sea and not only starfish but many sea and land creatures behaving anomalously in the areas that we know are being affected by radiation.
    These star die offs are on a totally different level than the Atlantic and also previous pacific die offs, and they cannot relate it to past events. They said that water temperature is often the cause, but this is not a factor at this time of year. You cannot compare these events, it is exactly why hundreds of scientists are baffled and dumbfounded. If they're all concerned, so am I, I just don't share their bafflement and I don't think anyone here does.

    • tsfw tsfw

      Starfish are also taking it the hardest the quickest as far as we know…they circulate the seawater around them instead of blood.

  • Danger Danger

    Starfish digest their food by surrounding it with their stomach- their internal digestive organ is external to their bodies while eating. Internal v external dose therefore becomes problematic. If they are eating when a "contamination pocket" of current sweeps in, their dose is immediately internal.

  • rogerthat

    I think people are missing the point. Testing is not necessary. The fact that they won't test tells you all you need to know. And for ordinary people, the basic question is do i want to eat this stuff, or drink this stuff, or breathe this stuff if i don't know what's in it and if there is good reason to think it contains things that will do me serious harm? All people have to do is stop eating it until it's proven safe to their satisfaction. One item at a time.

  • You know what is funny (if you will) ?
    I do not remember saying any if those so-called experts speaking a sentence like "Yes, that is exactly what I have predicted/expected/… because from my professional experience it is obvious that …". Not THAT is what I would expect from an expert !
    They are completely discreting themselves as "experts" with every sillable they speak, yet nobody seems to care…

  • "Now" THAT, not "not THAT"

    Can we get editing, pleeeaaasse 😉 ?

  • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

    Anyone have any idea what's going on with this snow in the south? Seems people are a bit spooked. Here's one of what I'm being told are many versions on youtube.

    Non-melting snow turns black under heat of flame instead of melting.

    • guevara3712

      i live in south carolina, didn't notice anything unusual about the snow, but sure was hoping someone would get some rad tests on it.i'm too dang poor to buy equipment.

    • I'm not sure, but I tend to say this is a hoax. Snow may behave different from solid ice. Because is consists of many small crystals of water in a loose structure. The heat from the flame may be enough to vaporize those crystals directly.
      And the black color may well be black soot from the flame when the flame doesn't burn hot enough because it it put very close to the snow.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    If you inserted the word 'dog' or 'cat' instead of 'starfish'——
    How would that sound?

    The dogs and cats are wasting away, eating each other, so sporadic, with no pattern or logic, I'm just flabbergasted. It happened before, somewhere, but we just don't get it!!

    There are so many variables to wind, current, temperature, and there effect on each other,,,,,come on.

    The only 'pattern' is deceit and/or foolishness re 3/11

    • What would be the noun to flabbergasted ? Flabbergastedness ? Flabbergastion 😉 ?

        • or-well

          or Flabbergastation,

          • apparently it's just flabbergast.


            and unfortunately airseptech is right. nobody is going to care until their dog dies, or all the birds go missing from the garden. and even then it's not like half the world is even going to make the connection between their local health problems and a foreign country's ancient history.

            look at the patterns of the news. all it takes is a weekend for people to forget the happenings of the world at large. we hear about these awful things coming our way and either we actively acknowledge it and wring our hands, waiting for news, or we feel a wave of fear and anxiety that is quickly washed away by the worries of the "real world" that everyone is so blissful in.

            ignorance is bliss, but i'd rather see my killer than die blind and confused. still, i wish there were something i could do. and to be perfectly honest spreading the word has thus far been a total failure outside of my family. and half of them reject it.

            and even if everyone knew, what would we do? ask the government for help? these are the people who launch missiles from their RC planes at villagers and are hemorrhaging our country's money and can't even pave a damn road. they're the ones that got us into this mess. do we really just go around and say "oh hey btw you or someone you love will die a pretty gross death in the next few years"??

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Ding, ding, ding, a playoff round for the Dark Humor of the Day Award. The top three contestants are, FukuGeddon, AirSep Tech, and or-well. Good to see you're back, or-well.

    • "The dogs and cats are wasting away, …"
      – AirSepTech

      That will be the next level of observable suffering.

      "In Minamata Bay, Japan, cats developed 'dancing cat fever' before humans were affected due to eating mercury-contaminated fish."

  • tsfw tsfw

    "Regulars to this spot on Highway 41 and the Kings River hope it's not something dangerous in the water. "I hope I can return to that area to fish again," Thao said."

    Someone should them not to hold their breath.

  • Socrates

    Have these scientists tried putting some 137Cs into an aquarium with a starfish. I know that would be cruelty to animals…But they have no problem dumping it on children.

    • as brutal as it may be, it would certainly give us an answer, one way or another.

      i've heard of this wasting disease attributed to a bacterial infection. i've also heard of low level radiation doses decreasing the efficacy of human immune systems. everything is a tangled web. this bacteria might be able to overwhelm starfish populations at the outskirts of the fukushima plume before the radiation produces any noticeable effects on other populations. or, alternatively, you may see a large number of epidemics, perhaps of unrelated viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc., all at the same time.

      this is an example. the bleeding is being attributed to a virus.

      • They keep saying bacteria or virus, but on PBS when the biologists did experiments to confirm this, nothing showed up.

        But they refuse to go in the direction of radiation, NO MATTER WHAT.

        Taboo subject.

        Maybe they get FIRED, if they mention the word radiation?

    • hbjon hbjon

      Socrates. All the knowledge regarding exposure to the hideous products of nuclear waste have been documented over and over, beginning with the Nazi scientific experiments on the gypsies and undesirables. Surely, they are classified.

      It is very easy to understand the function and operation of a flame spectrometer. When energy is added to an atom the electrons get excited. The atom will quickly lose the energy in the form of a photon emission that can be passed through a prism and collected on a photographic plate. Compare your sample spectrum (fingerprint) to those of uranium, plutonium, radon, radium, polonium, and all the rest to see if you have a match.

      Basic high school level science project that will produce unquestionable results. Did the evil bastards smash up all the flame spectrometers?

  • Jebus Jebus


    Fukushima Matrix
    Leaking Fallout
    Seastar Supernova

  • PBS just did a LONG news segment on the star fish.

    The biologists documented that the star fish had lesions, convulsions, and then dissolved into goo after tearing themselves apart, from Alaska to Mexico.

    They never mentioned radiation, or Fukushima, just disease.

    So much for science.

  • Salemone Salemone

    bo, You have to realize that here in Oregon, we have already lost a huge amount of our starfish in the last three years, as well as mussels and other beach critters. So there is not a lot left to observe. This is my personal observation. I live an hour from the coast, but have not felt safe or compelled to go there..but I will. And when I do, I will report what I see…or don't see.

  • bluetick

    someone convince frankenstein and pelosi to jump and swim swim swim!!!

  • bluetick

    not to worry I got this covered.. Two healthy great looking starfish in my tank….

  • Machomaker Machomaker

    Sea Stars – Joint

    This endoskeleton is made up of a complex network of hard bony plates made of "CALCIUM" carbonate and held together by strong flexible…in situ

    Sea star

  • Croud Sourcing in "contaminant impact testing" is lining up great results along the US Pacific Coast:

  • Nick

    Never ever, not even once, did I think a horror script for a movie would be best done as a documentary.

    Try and grasp the implications of this massive starfish die off. The animals that feed on starfish will suffer. Etc. Etc.

    Now try and grasp the cluelessness of most of the humans that you encounter on any given day.

    The information clamp down about radiation and effects on our biosphere is absolutely intentional. Everything about Fukushima is hush hush hush.

    I long for that un-made horror documentary.

    It just might be the most important one never made.

    The folks who earn their living off of anything nuclear hope that Fukushima will just go away.

    Tell that to the dead and dying.

  • Sol Man

    I hope that the people that have recorded the dying stars continue to experience good health. I have concern that some of this may have some cross-over potential.
    I grieve for all.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It's coming…the cross-over.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    King crab anyone? Just smile, eat more blue kings and have a banana. This is the key to true happiness (Shinzo Abe 2014).

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Baffling aka befuddled, bewildered, wamboozled, ganked, entranced, curious, alarmed, beset, put off and so goes the mumbo jumbo. 9 out of ten ALARMING articles that come out these days are conclusions of enenews threads from years ago. How fucked up is it that a group of concerned citizens can be 2 to 3 years ahead of the politicians in charge of making decisions that affect the worlds destruction in such a vile way. I stand befuddled………

  • ManOfAction ManOfAction

    Tepco demonstrates daily their utter incapacity as an Energy Utility to perform in the needed task areas. Tepco knows how to operate & maintain their plutonium powered toys. They know NOT how to fix/stop/end this nightmare. Yet, an irrational fear of "losing face" coupled to a rogue US Government bent on "depopulation" ignores the death of the second Ocean while in office is somehow able to remain there.

    I am over 2,000 miles away from DC and have no means to travel there. Otherwise, I would not be writing. I would be a protest march of one with only one stopping point even if our law enforcement and military are corrupted or cowardly to do their jobs. I would do my best to do it for them. Maybe all they need is one good example of how to arrest a man, not an institution. The institution is fine. Yet, if the people currently working there are not ALL replaced and actions taken, a planned depopulation will eventually work its way down to the cochroaches due to the reader's willingness to watch.their children slowly die via cognitive disequilibrium & denial.

    Get up now, go to DC and make a new friend as you both invite more to begin to save your own asses.

  • pkjn

    Massive Die-Off of Sea Stars has Scientists "Puzzled"
    February 4, 2014 — (Turner Radio Network) —
    For months, we have been reporting on mass die-offs of all sorts of sea life in the Pacific, which we attribute to the lethal radiation being released into the Pacific from the Fukushima plant, Japan nuclear disaster site.

    At first, the mass-media in the USA simply ignored the die-offs until we in the alternative media here on the Internet forced the mass-media to cover the die-offs by getting the public to start demanding answers.
    Now the mass-media are covering the die-offs, but saying scientists are "puzzled" about why these die-offs are happening.

    Of course, there's nothing "puzzling" about the die-offs; radiation and the toxic materials being released into the Pacific every day from the Fukushima plant is causing Pacific sea life to die in mass numbers.
    The fact is, PEOPLE will be next.
    The only "puzzling" thing for "scientists" and the mass-media is how to lie about the die-offs.

  • The Wolves and the Sheep

    "WHY SHOULD there always be this fear and slaughter between us?" said the Wolves to the Sheep. "Those evil-disposed Dogs have much to answer for. They always bark whenever we approach you and attack us before we have done any harm. If you would only dismiss them from your heels, there might soon be treaties of peace and reconciliation between us." The Sheep, poor silly creatures, were easily beguiled and dismissed the Dogs, whereupon the Wolves destroyed the unguarded flock at their own pleasure.

    Aesops Fables