NRC commissioner: Fukushima was not unthinkable at all — The secret that everybody knows but nobody wants to say anything about

Published: August 4th, 2011 at 9:53 am ET


Fukushima disaster not “unforeseen”-NRC commissioner, Reuters, August 4, 2011:

[…] This focus on the unthinkable is really misplaced. [Fukushima] was not unthinkable at all, [George Apostolakis, one of the five-member Nuclear Regulatory Commission]  said in a speech at the Bipartisan Policy Centre.

He said not enough people have acknowledged that the plant should have been better secured. This is the kind of secret that everybody knows but nobody wants to say anything about. […]

Published: August 4th, 2011 at 9:53 am ET


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39 comments to NRC commissioner: Fukushima was not unthinkable at all — The secret that everybody knows but nobody wants to say anything about

  • radegan

    Should have been better secured? Interesting choice of language.

  • pg

    “Emerging evidence shows that a tsunami like the one that overwhelmed the Fukushima Daiichi plant in March could happen once every 1,000 years or less”

    He seems to be ignoring we are undergoing great Earth changes and have had several devastating tsunamis in the last 5 years alone. One in Indonesia killed 250,000, and if you count the population in the destroyed cities of Japan, I would guess at least 100,000 dead in Japan.

    Fukushima is kept quiet because the plants were deliberately placed where they are while deliberately being placed next to one another. British placed most Early plants in Japan. They even were behind Fukushima but hired American contractors to build it. Yeah.

    Time will tell, all will be known.

    • Pallas89juno

      pg, Yes, there are shinto shrines marking “higher” previous tsunamis in the same regions effected by the 3/11 event.

    • maaa

      plus the nuclear diaster. More like millions not 100,000.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Very good pg.

      You hit an important nail on the head.

      Earth changes and the purposeful placing of these ELE death-hells on fault lines do have a connection. Population control and reduction by the reptilian mindsets is in full swing as well as the coming and more pronounced Earth Changes.

      Who in a sane mind would place these disaster traps on fault lines KNOWING that some day they will spew their death upon the world thus eliminating 90% or more of the earth’s population?

      The world is going to continue to respond to outer forces that are affecting the Sun and our planet. What will the lemmings do?

      Shake rattle and roll…Duck and Cover too!

      • pg

        I am guessing they were placed there knowing someday they would go, triggering a massive release onto the USA. Too bad for them it didn’t have the desired effect.. (kill most the Americans while leaving the continent in tact for the UN to come strolling in). Instead, it will destroy a great country and possibly a great people called the Japanese. To make things worse for them, the world will collapse without Japanese components which within the next several months to a year will cease to ship. The desired effect was exactly what they did NOT want to happen. Americans left in very good condition while the global economy collapses. No dollar, no federal government, no federal reserve, no stock markets, and no dollar. Basically, the corruption will be purged from the entire system. Typical of their foolish and treasonous deeds. Look at the fake swine pandemic. They never did get those mass-forced vaccinations now did they. Look at the deliberate oil disaster in the gulf. Corexit never did its thing and they never got the people to evacuate. All they seen was ammo sales climb. They are crazy thinking they could actually pull off a series of ‘7 billion person genocidal events’. I sit in amazement as I watch them work, fail, and head towards their demise.

        • Ariana

          PG, I have to say; I truly believe the NWO conspiracy, but I had my doubts about the part where they wanted to eliminate 90% of the population- until now. The fact that they knowingly built on a fault line in a country that is no stranger to earth quakes and tsunamis is absolute confirmation that they had a plan.
          Each and every day, I see more signs of this being true; not just here on enenews, but everywhere. Slowly stripping away our freedoms by passing bills under a guise, letting a fire at Los Alamos get SO FAR out of control, etc. IF they had wanted to avoid radioactive releases from that fire, they would have gotten a LOT more people to help put it out. I think some of the tragedies that have struck us are flukes that they simply take full advantage of, but most of them are very well thought out plans. Terrifying.

  • I do care about what happened in Japan very much. I have followed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with great interest as well. Why? Obviously, living here in California has added another this kind of tsunami possible on America’s west coast? What about our east coast?
    Are all of America’s nuclear plants up high and dry..for good?

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      West Coast is overdue for a big one, tsunami is very possible, but even a severe earthquake without tsunami could cause a Fuku, some theorize the plant was doomed after the earthquake due to coolant system damage anyway.

      There are two BW reactors like Fuku right on the San Andreas fault (I think only two, someone else remember?)

      This exact scenario could easily happen in the U.S..Statistically, we keep those reactors online long enough, it’s inevitable….

  • theypoisonus

    Since Katrina, I have had, in the back of my mind the ‘wierd’ (but I don’t think so ) thought in my personal mind that what hit Bay St. Louis especially wasn’t a ‘tidal wave’ as stated , but a Tsunami.

    Said ‘tidal wave’ was over 36 ft. tall. Bay St. Louis proper sits very high compared to the other areas of the coast, and was the epicenter of the ‘hit’. That small town and land all the way inland reminds me of pics of Japan N. Completely gone.
    I used to live there, and over X-mas my DH and I went to La. to see his kids and I stopped in to see a dear friend. This was months afterward.
    It was horrid, the TV images didn’t do it justice at all, even though they were fairly well covered for a change.

    They say Tidal Wave, I say Tsunami, but I’m not with NOAA.

  • Didn’t I read somewhere that they chewed the coast down to make a place for Fuku #1 that would have shorter intake pipes, hence cheaper to run? To me, given the height of the 1896 7.2m (!!) tsunami in the same place, there’s your crime right there.

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear Risabee:

      The economizing on safety for profiteering aims by these ultimate sleezeballs, nuclear station manufacturers, is the highest of the highest crimes, for sure.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Yeah, they got rid of a hill that would’ve protected the place from the tsunami, but the magnitude of the earthquake was such that some now theorize without the tsunami the triple meltdown would’ve happened because the aging coolant system was so badly damaged anyway.

      • Pallas89juno

        Dear Faraway:

        Yes, I think that the first meltdown was occurring before the tsunami hit. Someone posted just a few days ago, perhaps at the French language site, TEPCO video of the tsunami coming in by what reactor, I’m not certain. But, the image also clearly shows the reactor in the image smoking or steaming badly. I apologize, in advance, if I’m mistaken about this version of events.

        However, the following event is better documented, as related to ground motion and there was no accompanying tsunami. Study “Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear station, July 16 (?), 2007”. They had a 6.8 mag. earthquake with the epicenter directly beneath this plant–not even hundreds of yards away, at the world’s largest nuke plant on the planet. The ground acceleration was twice what the plant was designed to handle. Unfortunately, and dubiously, it is reported that the engineers who designed the plant “did not realize” (cough, ehem–how often are we hearing that saw from the nuclear profiteers?) that the plant itself sits directly atop a convergant zone plate boundary. Apparently, the news of this event was much more effectively blacked-out compared to Fukushima post 3/11/2011. There may have even been, or continuing, a partial or full meltdown in one or more of its reactor cores, not sure about SPF’s. This partial or full meltdown, reminiscent of the history of Three-Mile Island news blackout scenario, occurred without a containment explosion or other obvious external visual evidence of plant damage to force transparency on the part of the nuke plant operator or Japanese government then or since. I suspect similar shenanigans with a number of other nuclear stations in Japan due to the extreme shaking created by the 9.0 this past March. Some of those plants, many reported in here in past days pages: Onagawa, Hamaoka, Tokai, those owned by Chubu Electric, Fukushima Dai ni, and there are others that are escaping my memory.

        • farawayfan farawayfan

          I can believe it. Building these hulking contaminating beasts is bad enough, but on the Ring of Fire? Oy. Pretty dumb species for all our intelligence.

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

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          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            Credit F. Zappa

          • pg

            This is why I say it was intentional. East coast, 50′ apart instead of 50 miles apart, on a fault line, in a tsunami zone, using 6 reactors, and 7 miles away another plant, with 4 more reactors, then, 70 miles away, in another bad spot, 3 more reactors. All three plants sustained damage and grid loss. The nuclear domino effect has to continue. To make things worse, EQs keep hitting seemingly with no end in site. I fear these reactors are not only going to get worse, but we will see more come unglued. Question is, will they tell us? Oganawa and Daini? How will we know? Daini already had a release on day one so one can only guess they have a bad reactor there too. All three cooling pools has issues at Oganawa…guess we need to wait for the dollar to crash before we can go do private studies, and help evacuate the Japanese.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            “It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival vlaue.”

            Arthur C. Clark, “Duh…” 2000

        • James Tekton James Tekton


          We have a winner folks.

          Welcome good brother to the forum with this bright light you bare so well. A true thinker and well researched mind at work is a good thing.

          So yes, there is evidence that proves your theory correct. We all noticed the EPA charts showed high radiation levels as far back as Jan and Feb that were exceptionally higher than what they depict now.

          Since the early weeks of the Mar 11 catastrophe, the EPA has done so much to cover up the real readings of the fallout and the pre Fukushima history. It continues unabated…the cover up. History will tell about the pure unadulterated evil and corruption that killed this country and her people.

          There is the real possibility of the s-tuxnet virus being used before the Mar 11 event or something that may have caused a meltdown. The subsequent event may have been created to cover that up. Think about it, if it were the virus, would the isreallis and americans responsible for it’s creation want it known how it struck the reactors in Japan? Lots of information around all that and even a recent story that it could still do more harm by the babylonian govt corporate us media dis/mis-information services.

          And yes there are other plants that are leaking. You have them listed here.

          Those who are responsible for these kinds of possibilities are also the ones that purposefully placed these ELE creator plants on the subduction zones where tectonic activity is certain to take place. The cover up is world wide.

          There is great concern to be had about all those places on the west coast. Midwest too. The way the world spins now, all the fallout will blow east and america’s food basket will be toast as will we if it is all allowed to continue.

          MORE IMMEDIATELY, what may possibly soon take place is a FALSE FLAG EVENT to change the entire program and it could be so bad all this will go away as planned because of the new whatever is created to distract and divide the people with the tool of FEAR~!


          Those failing to prepare are preparing to fail.

          Always follow your heart.

          • pg

            Good insight. I agree about getting out of the cities and away from all reactors. I do not agree with America being destroyed. The British elite have been trying to get this land and destroy the Americans for 300 years. They do not want it littered with radiation. Out of an act of desperation on the other hand, anything is possible. America with her oil reserves, great climate for farming, great ports is extremely valuable. Earth changes, that is a different story. For the sake of that issue, If I were president, a real president, I would have started shutting down all reactors 3 years ago, round up all the spent rods, put them in one spot. Add solar panels to all utility poles to make up for the grid hit.

        • Ariana

          The thing that aggravates the hell out of me is that they have the resources to do routine maintenance on these plants; to make DAMN SURE their “aging” parts can take a disaster, but they don’t do it. Whether it is because of the cost or because they secretly want it to fail, we will probably never know. In my mind, if you build such a colossal death machine, you spend the money and take the fucking time to check them thoroughly, and you don’t give fraudulent data.

  • Pallas89juno

    Yep. Greed overrides intelligence, which is the primary, fundamental argument for ALWAYS heavily regulating greed and power hunger in human systems of any significant sort.

    ” The U.S. regulator should now reconfirm that the country’s fleet of 104 nuclear reactors owned by some of the country’s biggest utilities are designed to withstand disasters within historical probabilities. But the NRC would have had a much bigger task if Fukushima’s disaster truly was “unthinkable,”
    Apostolakis said.”

    Um, why do we allow private insanely greedy profiteers to own any power utility serving the community in the first place? Aren’t all corporations dictatorships with their only legal imperative, in the U.S. since at least the late 1890’s, being greed, the bottom line, profits?

    • eyeb1 eyeb1

      corporations are criminal and sociopathic by design ..

      the day that corporations gained the rights of persons and limited legal liability was the day this became a private planet ..

      50% plus 1 demon-ocracy .. which is really nothing but a state of conflict or as some would call it a mexican standoff .. is the most effective system the ruling class ever devised for controlling the masses ..

      and what we are witnessing in the world today is the final exertion of that claim .. it started in earnest under ronald reagan .. they own the government .. they own the MSM .. and they own the courts ..

      do a google search for the Powell Manifesto .. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and john taylor gatto’s The Underground History of American Education ..

  • Well at least they are starting to fire some top officials now. I did a post about it what ABC reported just now.

    Chat more about it and watch the Fukushima Daiichi Live CAM at

  • eyeb1 eyeb1

    “should have been better secured”

    it is not a case for being better secured ..

    until we had a method of safely and permanently dealing with the waste .. and a design that was meltdown proof .. no nuclear plant should have ever been constructed period ..

    it is and was the height of human arrogance to have brought the power of the sun to the earth ..

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      I’m with you on the no-build-em if you can’t handle’em.

      Actually, nuke plants aren’t the power of the sun….it’d be much better if we had true fusion reactors, fusion power truly does shut down if something goes wrong, unlike these fission monsters that just keep on trucking….

      • eyeb1 eyeb1

        true enough .. point taken ..

        i was speaking more of magnitude than process .. and of our cultural arrogance ..

        in some of the native american traditions they would look back seven generations and ahead seven generations before committing themselves to a new coarse of action ..

        we should be so wise ..

        and also of note that it was seven generations .. very biblical for so called “heathens” .. i doubt that their name for the early european invaders .. was pioneers and settlers .. the terms used in the school books of my youth ..

  • bigisland bigisland

    Wonder what the flood waters might do if they were to reach electrical systems at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station and Cooper Nuclear Station in Nebraska?! Some folks haven’t forgotten that flooding is what caused the power loss at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the disastrous meltdowns, melt-thrus that followed with pending melt-out under way. Newspapers and websites all over the country have reported on the flooding and fire at Fort Calhoun, yet most articles simply paraphrase and regurgitate information from the NRC and OPPD press releases. “The Omaha Public Power District said its nuclear plant at Fort Calhoun, which is shut down for maintenance, is safe from flooding.” The implication is that being shut down makes a plant safe. Yet as the ongoing crisis in Fukushima demonstrates, nuclear fuel remains hot long after a reactor is shut down. When Fort Calhoun is shut down for maintenance and refueling, only one-third of the fuel in the reactor core is removed. Besides the hot fuel remaining in the core, there is even more fuel stored in the spent-fuel pool, which is not shut down. many articles have reported that the temperature in the spent-fuel pools rose 2 degrees during the recent power outage. That may not sound like much, but only a few articles told readers the actual temperature of the pool. And a 2 degree rise from, say, 210 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (the boiling point for water) would be catastrophic. Suspect are high CPM readings recently of radiation over Iowa. Ft. Calhoun and Cooper not unthinkable at all either— the secret that everybody knows yet nobody in the US govt. and NCR wants to say anything about!

    • alasanon

      Oh, they were just keeping Cooper running for financial purposes?

      U.S. is down over 400 points–WOW.
      The Italian stock market has been closed today.
      One of their largest banks, UniCredit, was on the verge of collapse recently…

      This Western/Northern hemisphere crisis is ON!

      With all this going on, don’t put it past Obama to impose some kind of emergency martial law. They have the legal framework to justify it (and override the Constitution yet again!)..
      That’s why I keep telling everyone to move now, not later when the TSA is even more maniacal.

      Constitutional scholar, my a$$!

      • alasanon

        Not a full “market holiday” closure in Italy…just a suspension of the Index…

        By the way, UniCredit, based in Italy, is one of the biggest and most influential European banks. Italy also has been getting a big shot in the arm from the European Central Bank…patient not taking it well?

        My friends are on vacation there–eeek! I hope they don’t count on the ATMs!…

  • alasanon

    U.S. Dow crashed over 400 points…
    Bring on the crazy!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Dang,….who’d a seen THAT one comin?!?

    • alasanon

      yeah, everything’s hitting the fan!!…so much convergence makes it appear like a controlled demolition. Thorough!

      Make that down over 512 points!! That’s huge.

      I noticed that food & agricultural equities held up pretty well…

  • StillJill StillJill

    I’m calling this stock thingy,..Bernanke’s hangover!

  • Locke1

    Would our psychopathic government officials and mutinational corporate crazies REALLY deliberately PLAN to kill populations with uncontrollable releases of radioactive poison?
    It seems to me that would be counter to their agenda. These people want to RULE the population, whatever size it may be, yes.
    I find it hard to believe that ANYONE would poison their OWN families, regardless of whether they would poison ours. We know how widespread the Chernobyl radiation is (global).
    Obviously the radiation from Fukushima is also global now.
    Still, there are NO ACCIDENTS when it comes to a fission reactor, to build and operate such systems is to invite disaster, deliberately.
    I plant that is “shut down” loses power for even a short time, it MELTS DOWN. One huge solar flare could knock out power planetwide, and ALL the nuclear reactors would go critical in a short time. Nuclear power is not cheap, not clean, not safe, and if people are worried about “global warming”, nuclear reactore release an ENORMOUS amout of heat ALL the time; more than any other type of power plant.
    Nuclear power is a joke, but the joke is on us, and future generations, if there manage to BE any.
    Those morons that say Fukushima didn’t kill anyone, has no understanding of the nature of radiation. Fukushima is killing YOU, NOW, just slowly.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      Thanks, Locke1. Well played. We’re on the same page; no tin-foil hats here, either. The inane deliberate de-pop/NWO ideas make no sense whatsoever.
      As far as solar flare/grid loss is concerned, terrorist EMP weapons are deliberate grid destroyers, resulting in reactor meltdowns country-wide also.