NRC on Fukushima: Fuel rods violently consumed by self-sustaining reaction — Molten core then “on the move” — Radiological impact is huge (VIDEO)

Published: December 21st, 2011 at 9:42 am ET


Published by: NRC
Published date: Nov 29, 2011
Description: An NRC reactor expert explains nuclear power and the March events at the Fukushima site in Japan [Emphasis Added]

Frederick (Rick) Hasselberg is a reactor engineer and incident response coordinator in NRC’s Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response (NSIR). (SOURCE)

Transcript Excerpt

At 6:30 in

  • At Units 1, 2 and 3, a huge amount of hydrogen was generated as the fuel rods were violently consumed by the self-sustaining zirconium-water reaction.
  • Core temperatures continued to rise.
  • You could hardly call them fuel rods anymore, but some of the materials that used to be inside the fuel rods were reaching 3000, 4000, 5000 degrees.
  • At those temperatures, five more bad things happened:
  • Localized melting of the fuel – the hottest locations in the core start to melt.
  • Relocation of the fuel materials – What started out as melting at a few locations became a sizzling mass of molten material.
  • As that occurs, many of the fission products that had been trapped inside the uranium fuel pellets were now released.
  • The radiological impact of the core melt is huge.
  • Materials that had been in solid form, sealed inside of fuel rods, were now in either liquid or gaseous form, and they are on the move.
  • As the temperature went up, more and more radioactive material became available for release.
  • The temperature of that sizzling mass of highly radioactive core material was higher than the melting point of the steel reactor vessel.
  • So, if they came in contact, the steel reactor vessel would likely fail.
  • This is the classic core melt scenario.

See also:

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Published: December 21st, 2011 at 9:42 am ET


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  • Dr. McCoy

    So the info that any regular enenews reader has known for nine months is finally coming out on the record by supposedly legit agencies tasked with protecting the public. That sure is an impressive response time.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I take your point, but the article is almost a month old. I think it’s Admin’s way of keeping the pot bubbling.

      • or-well

        Admin does keep the pot bubbling.

        At first it annoyed me to see so much rehash.

        But then, who knows how many invisible visitors are just arriving ?
        (I don’t mean aliens :))

        And, I value the diamonds in the Comments linkfest.

        I just hope newcomers take the time to look back. I used to only read the headlines and move on.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          It’s new to me and very informative. I actually don’t mind rehash but try dishing it up for my family…;>) Really there is so much info to digest I find it advantageous to hear relevant news which may be a few weeks old just to refresh my swiss cheese memory and as I said earlier this is new to me and I have been following this since day one like many on this newsgroup. Plus if anyone is not interested in the article there is plenty of alternative articles and sites listed right here on Enenews. Thank you Admin.

      • Enenews Admin

        actually, the first time anyone saw this video was here 48hrs ago discussing how reactor no 2 burned for days.
        has someone seen it elsewhere?
        just because something was quietly published almost a month ago does not prevent it from being new to the public.
        also, if you have evidence of anyone else at the NRC stating such revealing information after March, please post it.
        ps, if you think it’s ‘rehash’ you are not examining the posts closely enough.

        • or-well

          I’m assuming you mean me, as your reply is below mine.

          I intended my remark as a compliment, and pointed out the value here to newcomers, perhaps too obliquely.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            🙂 I took as one or-well. 🙂

          • Enenews Admin

            just the ps was for you or-well
            everything else for aig

            could someone post examples of this ‘rehash’?

            • or-well

              I’m not offended BTW.


              Enenews is a valuable collator of Fukushima & Nuclear news.

              Enenews is a valuable connection to other informative websites concerned with Fukushima and nuclear issues.

              Enenews offers valuable Forums for discussion of nuclear issues.

              Enenews posters are informed and often give breadth and depth to nuclear issues through links.

              A free blurb !!1
              Christmas presents for all !!!

              God Bless Us Everyone ! (Tiny Tim)

              • Enenews Admin

                lol… thanks for the kind words. but shouldn’t i be the one offended, as you wrote:

                “At first it annoyed me to see so much rehash”

                again, where are the examples of rehash, let alone ‘so much rehash’? or-well, geezer, anyone?

                • aigeezer aigeezer

                  I think this may be about the practice of dripping/repeating/re-emphasizing existing material when the news is otherwise quiet. It’s a good practice – keep it up!

                  Absolutely no offense intended here, admin, nor by or-well I’m certain.

                • or-well

                  I shall strive for clarity !
                  I apologise for any offense given.
                  The word “rehash” was not meant to imply laziness in choosing articles to present or to imply unconsidered headline slinging.
                  This “pot” needs to be kept “bubbling”, for the education of newcomers and “regulars alike, through examination of the many facets of each of these multi-faceted issues.
                  Therein lies my frustration, not intended to be directed at you but unfairly and misleadingly impunging your motives by my use of the word “rehash”. By dribs and drabs we (you) have to examine crumbs of data, parse press releases and official statements and general PR bullshit and spin for minute shadings of possible meaning, trying to glean whatever least significance to the greater whole they may contain. As a consequence of the nature of the system, slight variations on a theme keep re-occurring. Not your fault.Why am I out of space ? I will conclude below.

                  • or-well

                    It is personally difficult for me to confront, digest and accept the insidious enormity of all that this issue contains.

                    Yes, I’m free to stay or go.
                    I have stayed, since April, only recently registering. That is because the greater value to me is in staying.

                    I tire, become dismayed, sometimes laugh but more often weep and never do I regret my choice to frequent here.

                    Sorry if you’re pissed off at me. It’s your house. Do what you want.

                • James2

                  I don’t know for sure – maybe it’s common knowledge, but I think enenews is here to document the sequence of events unfolding at Fukushima. The information ebbs and flows.

                  I suspect the Enenews admin has a couple of goals, but I would imagine it’s one of these:

                  1, Enenews owner is an attorney and this is a way to document and gather enough information to make a legal case later on.

                  2. Enenews owner is a really well organized and ticked off anti-nuke activist

                  3. Enenews owner is really the nuke industry, and they want to funnel all the “really interested parties” into one place and understand their motives and the arguments in detail

                  There are probably others. I’m betting #1, but #2 wouldn’t surprise me either #3 is a real stretch, but nothing is impossible these days. Anyway, it works for me. I imagine running this thing at this pace is quite a challenge and a battle. I’d be disappointed if it disappeared. Thanks Admin.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          I don’t quite get this, Admin – the combination of “published” some weeks ago, and first seen 48 hours ago? I think you’re telling me it was published obscurely, not widely noticed… that sort of thing.

          Either way, I’m glad you picked it up and I have no quibble with your keeping things bubbling (if you are). There are new visitors, jaded visitors, inattentive visitors, absent-minded visitors – lots of reasons to keep us on target.

          Keep doing what you do! Sorry if anything I said chafed – that wasn’t the intent.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            Total AGREEMENT. Just keep the pressure up Admin. You are doing a great job, as well as ALL POSTERS here. Dont quibble over who did what when ect.

    • or-well

      Severity of incident x economic consequences = explanatory response.

      Feel free to play with the math.

    • arclight arclight

      at last!! that means if they talk about the meltdown now… it will be two weeks before the “delayed” plume gets to the usa, and the nrc issues a warning to pregnant women and children, well actually only children cos theyve all been born already?? most confusing? i think the warning to this group will have to be an apology now? did they do that to stop mums having tests done earlier??

      does the nrc believe in the icrp bag o water model still? or will it be another 9 months before thety change their minds on that rubbish too??

  • many moons

    Good argument to shut them all down………right?
    What is the argument to keeping them open? I really don’t see how money is the answer anymore…they generate little energy and they are very expensive to build and maintain….so why do we have these reactors in almost every state of the US????

    • Pensacola Tiger Pensacola Tiger

      Yes, it’s a good argument to shut all of them down, but IIRC, 20% of electrical power is generated by them in the US. Shutting them down without any replacement is a bad idea.

      Not to mention that the viewpoint here is not shared by those in charge.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        If the US is the leader and strong nation it says it is it could spend all the subsidy money turned over to nuclear energy to build other facilities for renewables. The US could convert quickly if it had the will and the brains to do it.

        • Mack Mack

          @Pensacola Tiger – Let’s get rid of that 20% rumor once and for all.

          Nuclear energy consumption in the United States is 8.5%.

          Repeat, 8.5% is consumed at-source.

          8.5% 8.5% 8.5%

          We could all easily consume 8.5% and shut down every nuclear power plant in the U.S.

          Shutting them down would mean no more effluent polluting the environment; no more worries about meltdowns; and not another 30 tons of high-level nuclear waste being generated per reactor with nowhere to put it.

          • Mack Mack

            @anne – good point.

            Warren Buffet has recently invested $2 billion in a solar
            farm in California.

            It’s a start.


            • Mack Mack


              We could all easily CONSERVE 8.5% and shut down every nuclear power plant in the U.S.

              • midwestern midwestern

                Mack, that is such a great, honest, true, simple, and radical comment. Risabee said awhile back that we don’t need as much electricity as we think we do. And the first Japanese astronaut also was quoted in one of the articles here, talking about how we need to change our mentality of consumerism, excessive consumption, etc., to one with an engagement in our life experience that doesn’t depend on acquisition of what is really not needed.
                I’d give up some electricity rather than be exposed to more ionizing radiation from NPP’s.

                • Mack Mack

                  Hi midwestern! Here’s more reasons to shut them down.

                  —>During the Jaczko-Senate hearings on December 15th, Jaczko was asked if all 104 U.S. nuclear power plants are safe.

                  Jaczko’s answers:

                  a) “varying degree of operations”
                  b) “varying levels of successful performance”

                  Whu? Huh? lol

                  Does that sound like they’re safe?

                  —>Senator Sanders brought up these points:

                  a) The NRC has not yet acted to implement the 12 Fukushima Task-Force recommendations to reform safety at U.S. plants

                  b) Union of Concerned Scientists said 48 reactors still don’t comply to fire standards! 4 Commissioners (not Jaczko) voted to delay until 2014!

                  • Mack Mack

                    Environment & Public Works Committee — hearing Dec. 15

                    —>Sen. Boxer – D, CA – brought up California’s ballot initiative – supports Jaczko whom she says is pushing for safety changes after Japan

                    —>Sen. Inhofe – R, OK – criticized anti-nuclear groups’ “baseless attacks” and said they “demonize the NRC… to fund themselves in their anti-nuclear agenda” — called nuclear watchdogs “anti-nuclear zealots”

                    —>Sen. Sanders – I, VT – Vermont has same reactor as Japan’s (23 in the U.S.) –lack of transparancy at NRC — 3 Commissioners were confirmed last year saying they supported more transparency; but each Commissioner votes by writing his/her own opinion behind closed doors “obscuring process from public view” – takes up to a month for public to know results — NRC has not yet acted to implement 12 recommendations to reform safety at U.S. plants — Union of Concerned Scientists said 48 reactors still don’t comply to fire standards! Other 4 Commissioners (not Jaczko) voted to approve delay until 2014.

                    (apologies for any errors)

                    • Mack Mack

                      —>Sen. Alexander – R, TN – TVA to re-start nuclear industry – GA + SC new reactors being built and he SUPPORTS MODULAR REACTORS — Blamed Fukushima problems on tsunami — said no one was hurt on Three Mile Island

                      —>Sen. Lautenberg – D, NJ – this is what happens when an agency is controlled by the industry it regulates; Jaczko puts safety above profit interests above industry — Oyster Creek is the nation’s oldest nuclear reactor and same design as Fukushima’s

                      —>Sen. Sessions – R, AL – says Jaczko filtered, screened and altered reports + selected task force without approval of other members

                      —>Sen. Crapo – R, ID – supports 4 Commissioners

                      —>Sen. Barrasso – R, WY – Jaczko “intimidated and bullied” …

                      —>Sen. Vitter – R, LA – our plants are safe but there’s a crisis in leadership

                      (apologies for any errors)

                    • Mack Mack

                      —>Sen. Boozman – R, AK – Commission is dysfunctional

                      —>Sen. Carper – D, DE – says there is less air pollution from nuclear power and greater energy independence and good paying jobs


                      (apologies for any errors)

                      So, folks. Who do you think supports nuclear energy?

                  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                    I watched this …varying degrees of lies coming out of Jaczko’s mouth.
                    Jaczko’s answers:
                    a) “varying degree of operations”
                    b) “varying levels of successful performance”
                    The NRC fact sheet…
           mouth ….
                    I just ran across this…nice effort…methinks

                  • ion jean ion jean

                    Way to go!! That’s my Bernie…i saw him back in April and made the point in town meeting that we were being “lightly poisoned” by the Fukushima radiation as we speak, to which he solemnly nodded. So that makes what, 3 or 4 congress members who fight the good fight?

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      You asked “What is the argument to keeping them (nuclear plants) open?”

      I think it is due to what I will call the “Delimited Luddite” these are pro-nuclear industry individuals who cannot see beyond nuclear. They are so heavily invested in nuclear either literally or intellectually that the reality of the harm caused by the nuclear industry causes them so much cognitive dissonance that the only way they can reconcile it all is through denial. The pro-nuclear side will accuse those of us against nuclear as being luddites (against technology) when they are in fact stuck at a level of technology (nuclear) and can’t see that we have to, we must move on.

    • ion jean ion jean

      There is only one reason to keep em all open…admitting they SHOULD close is the Governments slippery slope to LAWSUITS!!!

      That costs way more than building a new nuke plant in 2012.

      It may take another decade for the tides to really turn…look at medical marijuana and the turtle-crawl it’s doing through the states: there’s California and then there’s everyone else. Even though the precedent was set, look how far behind the other 49 are comparatively speaking.

      I believe the END OF NUCLEAR POWER, though our dream here at, will have to begin with state by state challenges. I would love to see my state be the first to unequivocally OUTLAW radionuclides PERIOD. Vermont and New York may be the two that start that ball rolling, thanks to Entergy Corp being such fuck-ups.

      I see the NRC trying to redefine itself…with Jaczko at the helm, this is a possibility. It would be nice to have one government agency doing its job for a change.

      But as we all know, it sounds at this point to be too little too late. However, I would bet that the readers of will fare a little better than most with survival of radiation’s deadly grasp.

      Keep showering Joy Molecules upon the World and eat some (safe) nutritious food.

  • radegan

    “Yes, we admit all this happened now. However, global warming and arctic methane releases created a temporary south to north airflow across the Pacific which wicked all the fallout to the arctic where it will only kill the already doomed polar bears and some Russians looking for oil. The US mainland is entirely safe.”

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Umm…the NRC..says self-sustaining reaction….burning spent fuel pools..
    Heart takes an “I told you so”.. on that..
    Jaczko..and the others..know exactly whats’up…
    …yet are satified with the response….busy… streamlining licenses.
    Traitors to Humanity…

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I can’t believe how they continue to renew these 40 year old nuclear plants for another 20 years. Geez where is good ole common sense. NO NUKES.

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    the main question i have as a layman is: IS IT OVER? or are there more plumes of toxic gas emitted every day? how much uranium is there to burn? how long would it take given the estimated weight?

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      No it is not over and sorry to add neither is Chernobyl.

    • Dr. McCoy

      It’s the plutonium mox that blew sky high in the unit 3 nuclear blast that should concern you… To borrow a line from an old commercial, “you’re soaking in it…”

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        And eating it, and breathing it and drinking it. For it is in your food, in your air, and in many products such as milk and juices.

  • I too am curious about the days of continuous BURNING… What are they talking about?

    It is just hydrogen?

    Or, is it a criticality and the stuff burning is all of the nuclear fuel, with an OUT OF CONTROL NUCLEAR RAGING FIRE, releasing MASSIVE RADIATION of all elements, including the long lived ones that last for millions and BILLIONS of years.

    Long half life radioactive elements
    Part I Elements 1-9
    Part II Elements 10-13

    What was the true amount of radiation released, with this ‘new’ information?

    Arnie Gunderson says; “Daily release from Fukushima is estimated at 13 Trillion Bq per day. With plastic cover over unit #1 it is now down to 10 Trillion Bq per day, as long as filter is working well and taking out up to 90% of the total airborne radiation”

    Funny how they did not talk about this statistic, when they claimed that they had achieved ‘cold shutdown’.

    So what is the total radiation amount released as of today into storage tanks on site, into water, ground, ocean and air? How does that compare to Chernobyl?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Japan Fukushima Plant Clean Up May Take 40 Years: TOKYO — Japan’s government said Wednesday that it could take 4…
    4 minutes ago

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Even Warren Buffet and Google are now investing in BIG Solar!

    • link does not work; says file not found…:(

    • Ruffcut

      Warren buffy is a turd shill. He would only get in to attract unwitty investors and then he would short the shit out of them.
      The oracle of shit.
      This lack of investment in solar energy is big energy and big oils way of control. They don’t want you off the grid.
      MOst of us should have a panel only to supplement the hot water heater. IT shouldn’t cost a fortune and toss it up on the roof. Car roofs of hybrids, especially in southwest.
      Here in mushagain, solar not so great. Have not seen the sun in what seems like weeks.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      BP Solar Business Exit Counters Trend by Google, Buffett, Total

      “…Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Holdings agreed this month to buy a $2 billion solar project under development in California and a 49 percent stake in a $1.8 billion plant in Arizona. Generous solar tax credits valid to 2015 may have lured the billionaire investor, who already owns wind farms, into his first solar foray, Gerard Reid, an analyst at Jefferies International Ltd., said on Dec. 7….”

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    i do know from the wikipedia page on Chernobyl that it took them 10 days to figure out and implement a plan to cover the top of it. they basically flew freight helicopters over it and poured concrete mixed with boron, tin, and lead. why dont they do that in Japan?

    • Radioactive release

      Contributions of the various isotopes to the (atmospheric) dose in the contaminated area soon after the accident.
      Like many other releases of radioactivity into the environment, the Chernobyl release was controlled by the physical and chemical properties of the radioactive elements in the core. While the general population often perceives plutonium as a particularly dangerous nuclear fuel, its effects are almost eclipsed by those of its fission products. Particularly dangerous are highly radioactive compounds that accumulate in the food chain, such as some isotopes of iodine and strontium.
      Two reports on the release of radioisotopes from the site were made available, one by the OSTI and a more detailed report by the OECD, both in 1998.[88][89] At different times after the accident, different isotopes were responsible for the majority of the external dose. The dose that was calculated is that received from external gamma irradiation for a person standing in the open. The dose to a person in a shelter or the internal dose is harder to estimate.
      The release of radioisotopes from the nuclear fuel was largely controlled by their boiling points, and the majority of the radioactivity present in the core was retained in the reactor.
      All of the noble gases, including krypton and xenon, contained within the reactor were released immediately into the atmosphere by the first steam explosion.
      55% of the radioactive iodine in the reactor, containing about 1760 PBq or 400 kg of I-131, was released, as a mixture of vapor, solid particles, and organic iodine compounds.
      Caesium (85 PBq Cs-137[90]) and tellurium were released in aerosol form.
      An early estimate for fuel material released to the environment was 3 ± 1.5%; this was later revised to 3.5 ± 0.5%. This corresponds to the atmospheric emission of 6 t of fragmented fuel.[89]
      Total atmospheric release is estimated at 5200 PBq.[91]


        I do not trust this number any further than I can throw a stick. The same dynamics were going on with Chernobyl that are going on with Fukushima.. miniminizing, covering up, denying, etc.

        The only reason they even talked about it, is because other nations got upset about the high radiation readings and were talking about it in the news, wondering where all of this radiation was coming from. They tried to completely hide it at first.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    MOX fuel is granular to begin with? and the way Reactor 3 blew up…. Wow all those fine particles dispersed into the jet stream. I still can’t wrap my head around the immensity of this disaster and how so many folks don’t have a clue concerning this ongoing environmental nightmare. Geiger counters and air purifiers are at the top of my Christmas list to give but most people think it is the equivalent of an X-ray, etc. You can’t save people from themselves but I keep trying as the MSM doesn’t. Once again kudos to Enenews.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      From what I have read, mox is actualy ‘dust like’ and very fine particles at that. It aerosolizes very nicely as it ‘burns’. Something important to remind people of is that when the fuels in a reactor ‘burn’, they only change shape from solid to particle. The radioactivity of the stuff is not decreased. The physical properties are only altered, not the radioactive properties. Also, when something ‘decays’ it only changes from ‘substance x’ into ‘substance y’.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Does anyone else wonder where is Hollywood and the Music Industry? Where are the musicians doing benefits? Where are the telethons? Where are those who are always so vocal? Where are the famous couples that take on issues as a team?

    Maybe Erin Brokovich’s new book and appearances will get their attention. So many of them live and/or work in California aren’t they worried? Maybe when the beaches are covered with radioactive nuclear debris from the Tsunami? Have they bought into the crazed argument that nuclear is clean?

    Is the whole freakin’ country in denial? Argghhh!

    • many moons

      It’s so hard to understand….you wonder if they are living in a seperate reality…Last night I heard on the Rachael Maddow show that 6 people (waltons of walmart) togeter have the same amount of money as 1/3 of Americans…in other wors 6=93,000,000. That to me is hard to understand. So maybe these folks feel that they have so much money that it can protect them from anything…like superman…I don’t know. If nothing else you think they would be worried about their real estate investments on the California coast Makes no sense.

      • americancommntr

        If one takes all the US dollars (federal reserve notes) in the world and divides them up by the number of private banker individuals who own the Federal Reserve, the Walton heirs begin to look like commoners in comparison. They don’t just own US dollars, either, but other currencies.

    • the entertainment industry exists to lull and cull the People. Psywar is a science and seems to be winning so far … its techniques and tactics can be applied anywhere

    • teamplayer

      Just to give credit where it’s due,
      Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Graham Nash have been doing anti-nuke concerts for years.
      The most recent, that I am aware of, was held at Shoreline Ampitheater in Mountain View, CA in August and was live-streamed.
      Proceeds went to disaster relief.

  • In Chernobyl, the liquid nuclear fuel mixed with HUGE volumes of sand that were formerly surrounding the core jacket, and flowed down underneath the reactor into multiple streams following pipes, cracks and holes.

    This liquid magma also combined with lead and other stuff they dumped on it, making a liquid goo that slowly flowed down and out of the reactor, into several floors underneath the reactor.

    As it flowed, it cooled, because it was stretching like taffy, and being diluted with the sand,boron,lead, that they were pouring in from the top, etc. It solidified and stopped flowing while it was still within the building.

    At Fukushima, they are substituting huge quantities of water for sand, boron, lead, etc. We will see how that experiment works. Due to massive radiation exposure and leaks of water, the FUKU site is rapidly filling up with storage tanks being built DAILY, storing HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE water on site, after it is filtered to recycle as much water as possible.

    How much radiation is in this water? What if an earthquake hits and the tanks collapse? Are they earthquake proof? I highly doubt it, from what I hear coming out of the FUKU plant; shoddy, fast, lots of leaks, etc.

  • The doctor and nurse say that there is NO CHILD that is healthy in their area… They are ALL AFFECTED.

    They are condemning their children to a long life of suffering and early deaths.

    The same things are going to happen in Japan…


    This is a report by Greenpeace about radiation levels in food in the areas where ALL CHILDREN WERE AFFECTED by radiation around Chernobyl, but not evacuated.. The levels seem to me to be BELOW those being found across Japan right now. Japan has raised the amount of radiation allowed in foods arbitrarily. Any foods testing less than these high levels, are said to be ‘safe’.

    The key question is; if ALL kids are being negatively affected with relatively low levels of radiation (according to Greenpeace video and research above) then how does that compare to what is happening in Japan right now? That is the key question that a true scientist or medical professional should be asking and finding the answers to. I do not see anything like this happening in Japan. Actually, quite the opposite seems to be in process.

    Just smile, and the radiation will not hurt you, says their official chief medical doctor. More radiation is ‘good’ for you; Anne Colter on Faux News. The mass media in Japan does not seem to be any better. The government is going to ‘study’ the children, much like the Russian government did the children around Chernobyl, in high radiation areas.

    Based on this, I predict that huge numbers of children in Japan will be suffering all kinds of health problems and premature deaths. So sad, so preventable.

  • midwestern midwestern

    One of the most disturbing and important aspects of gaining access to information that the agency, govt., and power companies have/had is that it evidences their prior/ongoing knowledge of the extent of damage and contamination caused by the plant’s destruction. And (“then five more bad things happened”) evidences how horrifically the danger to the environment and populations was and is being underplayed and hidden to further their more important agenda of keeping nuclear alive. The life of nuclear is first and foremost and comes before the protection of people and all other species and forms of life in Fukushima and Japan, and around the world.
    The following article illustrates the NRC’s further complicity in this deception and towing of the nuclear party line…

    US Nuke Chief says Fukushima plant stable:
    Visiting U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko said Dec. 20 that there was no longer enough energy in the reactors at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant to produce an offsite release of radiation, but pointed out that a large cleanup task remained.

    Jaczko made the comments at a news conference in Tokyo, following the Japanese government’s announcement that the plant has completed “step 2” of its roadmap to bring the Fukushima nuclear crisis under control and has achieved cold shutdown conditions at the plant.

    • James2

      I agree that it’s disturbing – it’s also literally criminal.

      Normally government people are not brazen enough to break the law – they just skirt around it as closely as they can.

      In this case they are blowing right through the law. Which means to me they have no fear whatsoever of ever being brought to justice.

      • stock

        They have no good answers, no good alternatives, no intestinal fortitude, no willingness to buck their industrial overlord pimps.

        We could call them the Leech in Chief.

    • ion jean ion jean

      Oh Good, I can put away my Geiger counter. The NRC says is safe now to come out and play in the rain. I’ve heard that before (in the 1960s).

      I was mustering some faith in Jaczko, but maybe that was giving him too much credit.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Wonder if the large cleanup task that remains involves my vegetable garden and groundwater here in the Northeast U.S.

        Because the NRC still hasn’t cleaned up all the cesium and strontium that fell in the 50s and 60s here.

        Neither have they cleaned up my body and my bones, nor tested it for radioisotopic content.

        Agreed, children 25km away from triple meltthoughs take priority…clean up the kids first: clean up their food and water and air by banning local products and setting contamination standards that truly reflect safety. Let all the rich bastards in Japan pay for it that ever turned a profit from the industry.

      • midwestern midwestern

        Maybe this was the test given him by the NRC to prove that he could still act in the best interest of nuclear–if he passed and met their approval, he could continue on as chair. And the environment at the commission would be substantially less “chilled”.

    • midwestern midwestern

      Does the term “cold shutdown conditions” allow the existence of multiple runaway blobs of nuclear fuel in unknown locations and unknown states of activity, producing untold amounts of ionizing radiation into wherever it might be being released?
      Maybe a new definition of “cold shutdown conditions” has or is being written with Fukushima.

      • radegan

        Ah, but they did NOT say this was a ‘cold shutdown’ – just that it met some cold shutdown “conditions”, such as water not boiling in the reactor. (Those holes in the bottom take care of that just fine.) So it can be said to exhibit this cold shutdown “condition”. I believe I predicted just such a press release from them several weeks back.

        • many moons

          Didn’t they call it a VIRTUAL cold shutdown. Virtual means “not real”…I think they finally told the truth on that one.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The NRC should also address the plutonium and uranium reactions to water…

  • daddyfixit daddyfixit

    how many nuke plants in full blown meltdown would it take to decimate the northern hemisphere? how long would they have to “burn” for?

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    With regard to the comment about 20% of US electricity being nuclear “by neccessity”~ “B.S.”!!! Maybe they generate 20% of our power by “choice” driven by the profits generated by using the decrepit,”paid for” NPP’s “when” the conditions allow running “full steam ahead”-but how can they be vital to guarantee delivery of 20% of all electricity needs when they can’t even run the reactors during the hottest times of the year when “peak” electricity demand is at its highest??!! If they can meet peak summer demand without the NPP’s even being online then they don’t need them now & never did! It’s all about producing weapons-grade material and they’ve got enough warheads to wipe out everyone a dozen times over already-let NASA tap into their stash for the Plutonium they’re “begging” for to power their Mars Rovers & space crap from that and be satisfied to be able to kill everything on the planet only 9-10 times instead!Besides that,if I understand it correctly-during the hot,summer months when they can’t use NPP’s to meet peak demand,they also have to come up with excess power to adequately cool the fuel in the reactors and use at least half of the available freshwater supplies as well in the process(?)!! The crap that’s still steaming,flowing,floating,creeping in & falling on America from halfway around the world is added to the domestic variety already present & leaking from the rusty shitpiles already in our own backyards and it sickens & disgusts me,literally! So much so it’s earned a new definition in my mind when I hear the term “G.N.P.”-Gross National(Nuclear)Product(s)…it is truly fucking gross at that!!!I’m tired & sick tonite & I’m going to bed…peace