Nuclear Consultant: Fukushima reactors released about 3 times more radioactivity than Chernobyl — Japan crisis is unprecedented in size, complexity, and consequences — Yet disaster is not over and can become much worse — Very far from being stabilized

Published: June 20th, 2014 at 2:43 pm ET


Q & A with Mycle Schneider, nuclear energy consultant, IPS, June 21, 2014:

What did Fukushima represent regarding the safety of nuclear plants?

  • Mycle Schneider, nuclear energy consultant: People think Fukushima was the worst case, but it was not. It can become much worse, it is not over. This accident is ongoing, it has been for three years. There are continuous leaks of radioactivity in the environment because the radioactive inventory is not stabilised. It’s an unprecedented event in complexity, in size and in consequences. The biggest problem is that the methodology chosen by Tepco and the Japanese government appears inappropriate. We see that after three years the situation is very far from being stabilised.
  • Schneider: The amount of radioactivity that has gone into water that was leaked into the basements is estimated to be roughly three times the amount of radioactivity released during the Chernobyl accident. This issue is vastly underestimated.

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  • [intlink id=”govt-supported-study-release-of-100-quadrillion-becquerels-or-more-per-day-of-cesium-137-at-start-of-fukushima-crisis-seems-reasonable-chernobyl-released-less-than-100-quadrillion-becquerels” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”canadian-govt” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”eu-funded-research-fukushima-atmospheric-release-210-petabecquerels-cesium-137-upper-bound-simulation-chernobyl-estimated-70-85-petabecquerels” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”marine-chemist-latest-figures-i-have-say-fukushima-released-80-quadrillion-bq-of-cesium-137-latest-chernobyl-estimate-is-70-quadrillion-the-radioactive-plume-itself-has-actually-arrived-it” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”govt-report-fukushima-already-released-181-quadrillion-bq-cesium-chernobyl-estimated-105-quadrillion-radioactive-material-continue-flowing-ocean-years-fukushima-radionuclides-spread-north-pac” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
Published: June 20th, 2014 at 2:43 pm ET


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194 comments to Nuclear Consultant: Fukushima reactors released about 3 times more radioactivity than Chernobyl — Japan crisis is unprecedented in size, complexity, and consequences — Yet disaster is not over and can become much worse — Very far from being stabilized

    • Timeline of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Evacuations; 10+ Million People Should Have Been Evacuated On 3/11

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Hi Doc Goodheart , just wondered if you have any info concerning the corium which was visible from reactor 4 equipment pool which flowed out and was clearly visible. Did TEPCO just cover it up with one go their tents? I'm hoping they have placed lead shielding or the like over that area but it would be difficult as it flowed along the side of the building Thanks in advance

        • marq

          Yeah I've wondered about that too. But there is sooo much mis/dis-information around reactor 4. I question weather or not there was ever any fuel rod removal in that building…how? They never acknowledged the melt-out. No one ever mentions the meltdown in unit 4..and that one is all but caught on camera.

          • We Not They Finally

            That building looked like the bombed out Murrah building in Oklahoma City from the get-go. So it's hard to believe ANYTHING said about it.

        • Yes, just type in #4 in the search box on the site and it will pop up.

    • 4Yahshua

      6~21~5995 (out of 6000) Sabbath in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!
      Silent Spring??

      Personally, I believe that "Doomsday" began on 3~11~11 or was it World War III without the constant bombing of war?
      Yesterday I was in the checkout of the local Ralph's store. Suddenly the older gent behind me started to barrel through where I was standing saying that he felt faint and had to get out. When I passed him sitting I asked him if he wanted a drink of water. Frowning he rudely replied, "No." This has never happened to me before in my 66 years and I constantly shop. For me it brings home what radiation is doing. I understand that many are having sudden heart attacks not just the elderly.
      We continue to eat almonds and drink almond milk daily (to kill cancer cells.) For us, the herb cilantro is the new parsley good in most everything. (Here we find it for as little as .25 a bunch.) We have placed our lives into the Hands of the Creator of the Universe and He will carry us through. HalleluYah!

  • We Not They Finally

    "Three times the amount of Chernobyl"? Didn't he leave off two or three zeroes? Or was it just three times "at first"? This is ongoing devastation to the ocean alone that land-bound Chernobyl had no capacity to do.

    It's good he is speaking out, but (as usual, it seems,) it is way downplayed.

    • Fukushima Decommissioning Worker Conditions Deteriorating; via A Green Road

    • Event Peak Radiation Reading In Bq/m³

      2,400 Nuclear weapons testing peak – 100 Bq/m³
      Chernobyl caused a peak reading of – 1,000 Bq/m³
      Fukushima caused a peak reading of – 180,000,000 Bq/m³

      Chernobyl was around ten times worse than 2,400 nuclear bombs going off.
      Fukushima was around 180,000 times worse than 2,400 nuclear bombs going off.

      2014 – Fukushima Ocean Radiation Compared To Chernobyl and 2,400 Open Air Nuclear Bomb Tests; via @AGreenRoad


        unbelievable, Goodheart. Please tell me these numbers are wrong. Seems they're now going beyond our wildest projections…

        • These are numbers generated by the scientists researching ocean radiation, nothing is pulled out of thin air..

          Yes, it is scary.. but it gives some FAINT idea of the scale and scope of this disaster, compared to Chernobyl.

          Remember, plutonium has to be added on top of this..

          Maybe that is why we are seeing the mass die off of many species?

          So far, just a theory, but one would think that scientists would go down this rabbit hole and see if the theory has some legs to it, wouldn't you agree?

          Woods Hole is measuring ocean water and saying everything is safe.. no radiation detected.

          Are they saying all of this radiation just magically and mysteriously disappeared into thin air?

          If true, it is time to celebrate..

          But what if this radiation is going up the food chain? How, where, which foods, which areas?

          Who is looking at that?

          What about the children? Who is measuring their internal whole body radiation load? Is there an issue, or not?

          Who knows? Nobody is looking at this in the US, yet.

      • West Aussie West Aussie

        Those figures are frightening, Dr Goodheart! And I try not to use such words as I think they can engender paralyzing emotions. But to give comparative figures like this makes it almost certain that we will become extinct along with most other contemporary life forms on the planet.
        These 'experts' opinion that we have 3x the release from Chernobyl does strike me as a rather simplistic form of radionuclide accounting. You know, there was one reactor that melted down at Chernobyl and three (that the authorities are admitting to) at Fukushima…So 1×3=3. That really fills me with confidence that these 'experts' are really paying close attention to this crisis/catastrophe (not!).
        No matter how much Kool-Aid I drink, from time to time, I cannot escape the inexorable march of logic that dictates to me that we are in deep trouble on this planet. We are loosing our food and fresh/clean water supplies. We require more and more and more energy to try to make our personal environment livable. But the production of that energy makes our planet even more uninhabitable. IMO this is the biggest underlying conundrum that faces our planet and until we can implement technologies that give us relatively cheap to free clean energy which, for really all non-destructive purposes (and most of them to) is electricity, we are poised on the edge of oblivion.
        But instead I'm confronted with Big Brother telling everybody that everything is fine, just move along with your own(ed) lives.

        • West Aussie West Aussie

          oops! I meant (and most of the destructive ones too)…and the comma was on the wrong side of 'which,..'.

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            No worries Aussie as many of us are guilty of typos and I think the majority understands thus unless it's a glaring misprint no need to explain similar to TEPCOs figures which we all know you need to multiply by X amounts

    • Cisco Cisco

      Yeah, and that will work nicely for the nuclear cabal, their shills and apologists. Well, let's see three times Chernobyl, that translates into 12,000 people dead, since the WHO's official position on Chernobyl was 4000.

      No truth, no data…no problem SSDD

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      I think the general calculation, WNTF, is always add 10 zeros. That puts it into a 'conservative' range.

      Anything larger than that is obviously wrong, according to .gov experts.

      • We Not They Finally

        Sorry I short-changed the zeroes. Mea culpa. New calc sounds about right.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          WNTF, did you see this link? Spells it out fairly straight forward

          But there is a huge range of theorized radioactive release in Chernobyl. When I mention Chernobyl, people quickly tell me its an animal paradise! So the problem is more than accurate numbers…the problem is the brains/psychology of the masses…

          • NoFixedID

            The idea that the Chernobyl exclusion zone is an animal paradise is a myth. The area has reverted to a more natural state in the (relative) absence of humans, and wild animals have returned. However there is extensive evidence of environmental abnormalities including deformities, low populations of some species, and suppressed growth and decomposition rates. See for example



              correct, NoFixedID…

            • moonshellblue moonshellblue

              Although some bird species are adapting albeit with smaller brains Also even spider webs continue to show abnormalities thus I am still very much anti nuke but I grab hold of any good news in this dire industry no matter how miniscule

              • There is no 'adapting'.

                Each generation gets WORSE, as more and more radiation damage accumulates.

                Man made radiation, poisonous heavy metals that mimic natural healthy minerals and DNA do not go together.

          • bo bo

            Full disclosure I was one of those people who googled Chernobyl immediately after 3/11 and got all the 'Chernobyl = nature paradise' pages pull up and naively stopped searching. Combined with my parents' telling me 'it's in cold shutdown now' – I lost the first 1.5 years to oblivion and avoidable radiation exposure.

            The 'Chernobyl returnee grandma' story is also effective too.

          • We Not They Finally

            CodeShutdown, Paolo Scampa has done A LOT of good work with this. Agreenroad runs an article of his on worldwide plutonium contamination from reactor 3 blowing up with the MOX fuel.

            ELE. We figured that as soon as it happened, but it is still mind-boggling to absorb.

            • Since this kind of mega nuclear disaster has never happened before, no one really knows exactly what will happen, but certainly worst case, it is a definite potential ELE event, much like a global nuclear war could be.

              It may mean mass die offs of large numbers of species, but not total extinction. (This is already starting to happen, and hopefully it will end here.)

              It may mean extinctions of many species, but hopefully that will not happen.

              It may mean eventual collapse of the blanket of life which humans are a part of. This blanket is woven by intersecting key strands made up of key species, like the starfish for example. Pull enough of those key species out, and the whole blanket comes apart.

              If you pull just that one strand, large areas of the blanket unravel..

              • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                The ozone layer is almost completely gone, and the phytoplankton in the North Pacific is almost all gone.

                The Earth is now blanketed in enriched uranium and plutonium dust.

                The 'unraveling' is well underway.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      1000s of times worse than Chernobyl because of MOX fuel, and 40 years of stored nuclear waste in the spent fuel pools.

  • johnnyo

    Zero risk? no plants.
    Take that "danger potential"
    Set sun, wind, tides free

  • wxman2001

    hey, there is some hope….check out this new process to convert nuclides into stable elements, developed by a japanese scientist at Mitsubishi Heavy industries. Palladium nano-film is used to convert cesium into praseodymium; he says a similar process should work for strontium 90 and others.

    • nedlifromvermont

      maybe technology can help … we should be looking for any help anywhere …

      smarter option? to pillory the criminal nuclear cabal and shut their bodacious Ponzi scheme down right now … while there is still some hope!!!

      peace 'newsers! Take the fight to 'em … every day … every moment … every platform …

      Nuclear is soooooo unnecessary … Take that Bechtel and your little dog, GE, too!!!

      • melting mermaid melting mermaid

        I say we start searching for the mythical Swan that can separate milk from water. Maybe she will know how to separate the sea from the hundred or so radionucleides that have been pouring in the Pacific for 169 is it, weeks now. Not to mention the criminal and industrial pollution of a couple centuries. Maybe there's a mythical creature that can unweave a hundred years of lies, that would be nice, too. Or we can rely on the oh so wonderful technology invented by clueless and compartmentalized scientists, who, if you haven't noticed got us into this mess and seem to have no problem lying to the public about it for a stipend. I'm sorry if I sound bitter, but, vitrifie this, what has been done cannot be undone. They cannot decontaminate the hydrologic cycle. It is in the ocean, the mist, the air, the rain, the fog, the rivers, it's in the ionosphere, it's everywhere and it's invisible. Make your peace with God. They gambled and we all lost.

      • Cisco Cisco

        NFV "maybe technology can help"? So far to date, these geniuses haven't been able to come up with anything better than caveman…bury your sh#t in the ground. Hell, these technological wizards with boat loads of PhD's in nuclear physics and engineering, can't even engineer/dig a hole that works.

        The whole scenario of nuclear power is beyond insanity. For me, beyond insanity is death. That's where all this is going, and in short order sorry to say.

        • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

          I am compelled to expand upon your observation on a "hole that works".

          With reference to the Addictive Process as defined by Anne Wilson Schaeff, she offers a parallel…White Male Reality.
          Under the latter, there is Thinking Addiction as a primary feature of scientists, with the subculture of Science as we know it being essentially a fundamentalist religion.

          Scientists and engineers can easily be as addicted to thinking about their intellectual passion(s) as much as a drug addict or alcoholic to their chemicals.

          Thinking about "the big picture" is not part of the game.
          Neither is addressing the consequences of the result of what they think up or invent or develop.

          The last thing a meth junkie worries about is recycling his cook gear or anything like "proper disposal" or containment.
          Here in rural Oregon they process in the passenger seat and then toss all the gear out the window in to the ditch!

          Likewise, the nuclear engineer will likely live within the rationalization that they are doing us all a favor by offering "clean" energy and reducing green house emissions, blah blah blah.

          The business side of their profession has a similar take…
          addiction to profit.

          The two combined is a recipe for disaster, which needs no explanation here.

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      There are fundamental problems with the Palladium nano film concept.

      The shear volume and quantity of radioactive material at Fuku (et al) is beyond the scope of scaling up his process.

      It does have promise for contained material, yet not for the chaotic situation at Fuku, let alone what Fuku (et al) has dispersed in to the ocean and atmosphere already.

      As a design engineer, I have spent decades reading of stories like this one. Few of them ever become a practical reality. Most have inherent flaws in terms of reproduceability, economics, and actual implementation.

      Note that he is projecting practical application 10 years out.
      So multiply that by at least 2 or 3.

      Even if what he has could be made to work within a year or two, that would still be 4 to 5 years late…i.e. the genie is out of the bottle. His discovery can not put the genie back in to the bottle.
      It can, at best, sterilize the genie before it ever gets out of the bottle.

      Nuclear energy will be too cheap to meter.
      Traffic jams will be a thing of the past because we will all be flying helicopters.
      Cold fusion
      Every house will have a nuclear reactor to replace the furnace.
      Antibiotics will wipe out disease.
      Antibiotics will get rid of all STDs.
      TV will replace the classroom for education.
      Computers will create the paperless office.
      A hydrogen based energy source to replace petroleum fuels.
      (Source being horribly confused with storage).

      Here endeth the rant of the day.

    • papacares papacares

      they told the german people the same things towards the end of ww2
      kept offering them hope that great new super weapons would soon be reeking havoc on the allies – same old bs; hope & change

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Mitshubishi Heavy Industries. The same people that helped destroy SONGS at San Onofre.

      Here's how it works. Discover some new 'life-saving' technology. Brag about it in the news. Government comes in and throws billions at it, not caring if it works or not, but the contractors all skim off hundreds of millions. Repeat, and repeat, and repeat . . .

      Just like the vitrification plant at Hanford. I think they're up over a half-trillion dollars, and NOTHING. Lots of bonuses, though, and raises for all the upper offices. And something about increased contributions . . .

    • We Not They Finally

      Radha Roy (now deceased) already did this. Could never check out his patents, but maybe they were stolen and hidden.

      The Roy process worked with small quantitative amounts, really small. He said he could convert plutonium to non-radioactive lead. Don't know what this other scientist is doing. Now if we could just have an "everywhere" machine, or just do an un-do on the food chain. I'm all for hope, and such avenues should be pursued, even if it would de-contaminate small amounts of food. But the mix of radionuclides is so complex, and contamination getting so ubiquitous, that unclear where this could go.

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        I was just finishing engineering school when Dr. Roy announced his
        transmutation "discovery". (May 1981??)

        And I never heard a peep about it after that.

        I did do some more digging in to his "story" later.

        As I recall, one had to access his concept via a 3rd party representative.

        The whole story was very sketchy.

        As for any patents, they would be a matter of the public record if they do exist. Outside of some alphabet agency making them secret, which is a long shot. And if that were the case then we would have never heard about it ever again or even from the start. That he/they were hocking it decades later means it was of no significance to TPTB.

        Patents are not stolen.

        Purchased and sat on indefinitely, all the time.
        Yet the latter would still be of public record.
        And expire after 17 years (unless they changed the rules).

        That Dr. Roy was so elusive about his "discovery" reeks of modern day free energy enthusiasts. They typically have a great idea but will not divulge the details unless you offer funding or financing.
        And an idea that very few people can actually understand.

        Had he really pulled off what he claimed, I think it would have warranted a Nobel Prize.

        I doubt that he opted to hold out for financing instead of winning a Nobel, in physics no less.

        I think that if you dig in to it as I did, you will also find that the story has a lot of holes in it.

    • Shaker1

      While I can't comment on the efficiency of the system (and can they, really, I might ask?), palladium right now is over $800/oz., which I don't consider prohibitive or an impediment considering the need. Not as bad as gold, or platinum. The films are nm in thickness, though I wonder how this would transalte scaled up.

      "Iwamura expects the process can be scaled up within ten years, provided that a large enough budget will be available for the entire time period."

      Abundance of Palladium:
      ◦Earth's Crust/p.p.m.: 0.0006
      ■Atlantic Suface: N/A
      ■Atlantic Deep: N/A
      ■Pacific Surface: 1.9E-08
      ■Pacific Deep: 6.8E-08

      Personally, I'd like to see it work and scaled up quickly. Should I ask for a show of hands here who would feel that a pace of 10 years just for the research to single scale-up might be much too long? It's going to hell pretty quickly and though it may be compared to the beginning, scaled back, now it's still much too much at a steady state. And I'm sure the cam watchers would have an issue about my expression 'steady state', that it's not that at all.

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        The amount of palladium needed for a scaled up system would simply multiply by the scale up factor.

        The nm thickness aspect wold stay the same.

        The scaled up version would be a combination of larger surface area films
        and paralleling a lot of systems.

        Think of it like how much of a challenge it was to get small LCD displays and then the goal of trying to make TV screen sizes.

        The price of palladium is likely to be a small/liveable percent of the development and manufacturing cost due to how thin the monolayer is.

        Not to be a buzzkill, but my analogy is sort of like making the big screen TV while your audience is going blind.

        Like I said, the genie is out of the bottle with no way to get it back in. And it does not grant any wishes. Yet many will wish they had not encountered the genie.

    • Tim42

      Another claim to have achieved cold fusion.. I'm not buying it..

      And just how is this process going to transmute C-137, CS-134 into Pr-141??? That's a lot of atomic weight to add onto a unstable atom to begin with. Cs-137 has 55 protons Pr-141 has 59 protons. Something isn't right here..

      BTW.. Anything which accomplishes fusion(hot or cold) is going to release lots neutrons. Those neutrons are going to turn nearly everything around it into radioactive isotopes, when deuterium captures a neutron it turns into moderately radioactive tritium(HF 12 years). (deadly, extremely difficult to separate out).

      As for just being 3 times Chernobyl, The Chernobyl (925MWe)core even through it was higher output than Fukishima reactors, it had less than 2 years of full power time on it. Additionally many fuel rods were removed after just a few months of time in the core.. (to remove Pu for making nuclear weapons.)

      Total estimated release was placed at 6 Megatons of Fission products(~1/2 the core remained contained in reactor building, isolated from water table). (400 hiroshima's * 15kt == 6Mt.)

      My previous ene posts place the cores of fuki 1,2,3 some where between 67 and 167 Megatons of fission products.


      A far cry from Fukishima cores which were fully mature(with some core material upwards of 4 to 6 years old). based on powerout put during

      • Tim42

        Those numbers were calculated by using a formula of 0.4TWh of electricity produced per Megaton of fission yield.

        And using Fukishima reactor electrical generation figures over the previous 3 to 6 years of operation at 95 to 168 Megatons of fission products. (note: This is revision upwards of my previous low end calculation.)

        Fuki power output unit 1, 7.955Twh(e)(3yr), 12,888Twh(e)(6yr)
        Fuki power output unit 2, 15.438Twhe)(3yr), 26.935Twh(e)(6yr)
        Fuki power output unit 3, 14.809Twh(e)(3yr), 27.221Th(e)(6yr)

        Since we don't know the exact refueling cycle, when it occurred and amount of core replaced it's a fair guess to place the total fission products in between these two numbers.

        I.E. 16 to 28 times that of Chernobyl, not including fire in spent fuel pool #4.

        Also some fraction of these fission products is still in the ground beneath the containment vessels, with more and more being released each day. Lastly nuclear fission is likely to still be occurring in these melted cores. Maybe just a couple of percent, but it's enough to make them extremely difficult to approach.

    • J.

      Thanks for posting this. I am always on the lookout for any technology that might mitigate the dangers of nuclear waste. There is so much of it, humanity desperately needs some solutions. I wish for a global anti-Manhattan Project, with the same desperate intensity applied in the pursuit of mitigation technology.

  • dunkilo

    I want to know why has this kind of tech is being ignored,brushed aside?im no rocket surgeon,but something real must be done !The world is dying an inch at a time .Good link wxman2001.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Well at least this lie is a start. This again fails to mention the TONS of spent fuel that Chernobyl did NOT have on site however.


    Oct/2013 Cancer at Malibu: 3 teachers have been recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, another 3 with thyroid problems. Also reported are hair loss, rashes, and bladder cancer. Migraines are epidemic. Several parents stated their kids are sick with cancer and other ailments. Malibu high school is one block from the Pacific ocean. People living 20 kilometers from the ocean are subject to breathing in seaspray. Americum, Plutonium, and Cesium migrate 20 kilometers inland. If you are interested, this info came from a site called Bobby1'sBlog. A friend emailed it to me so I don't have a direct address.

    • nedlifromvermont

      My wife grew up in Malibu, born Feb. 14, 1960 … first years in Bakersfield, Whittier, then Eureka … then after four years old all Carbon Beach … takes thyroid supplements regularly …

      Her brother just sold his house one mile from Malibu High … "Juan de something" … apparently the school was built on some nasty fill … Rocketdyne and Hughes are nearby … as is Pepperdine etc. etc.

      Not saying they didn't get dosed from Fuku-puppy … but there may be more to this Malibu High story … … we need more information, which the EPA, DOE, US Gov't et al are withholding …

      • GOM GOM

        I just posted also about my friend from Santa Barbara being ill, daughter[16] with throat/abdominal cancer, dog died of it. This is the perfect site to tell the stories of these emerging illnesses. Since the 'real' world is in denial, at least the people here and the ones that are curious and new here, will have the opportunity to tie radiation with sickness. Many may think it's lame, but people just don't get the whole 'invisible death' thing.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          This is just the beginning, GOM. Give it another few years. We're only in it a little over three years, and another 5 billion years to go.

          This is the info that people need to see, to make it personal in their own lives. Most people I talk to don't give a damn about a bunch of Japanese dying, just as long as their own paychecks don't bounce. Even people who 'pretend' to be compassionate.

          Just awful.

          • We Not They Finally

            It is indeed, "just awful." But people will care a lot when the real estate values plummet. If it becomes "that worthless Malibu property."

            But that said, it is still tragic, WHEREVER it is happening.

          • GOM GOM

            Time. 8 years after Chernobyl: infectious/parasitic disease, endocrine disease, disease of the blood and blood forming organs, mental disorders, nervous system, senses, respiratory, genitoururinary, circulatory, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, chronic pathology of the stomach which is progressing rapidly,[seen in children as rapid aging], neoplastic malignancies[51%], all of these disorders and many many more skyrocket [percentage wise] YEARS after. …Belarus Medical Library.

            • Time Is Short Time Is Short

              Would love to have a link, GOM, if you have it handy. I know a lot of the 'official' data has gone missing.

              Like a single harddrive with years of emails. For seven different people and counting.

              You can't throw a rock in any direction these days and not hit some kind of massive corruption.

              • GOM GOM

       Hopefully this will work. Original article was written by Vasiliii Nesterenko. There is also a Dr. N.A. Gres of the Belarusian Intitute of Radiation Medicine [[studied children in contaminated areas. With Fukushima, the effects are sped up and multiplied due to ongoing release. Yeah, I'm scared…

                • Time Is Short Time Is Short

                  Thank you very much, GOM. Google Translate did a great job with it. I'll translate a few more and see what I get.

                  My Russian is a little rusty . . .

            • lickerface lickerface

              My migraines are a "for sure" thing when I spend any time outside now. My IBS is going insane when I had it completely under control thanks to an exotic herb becoming more popular (for the wrong reasons via yellow journalism I should add). My joints crack all the time now, especially my thumbs' middle joints. Out of nowhere my legs "fall asleep" with just a minute on the toilet, and it is extremely difficult for me to gain weight or muscle mass (EXCEPT a steady diet of Sonic Cheeseburgers, which only puts on the fat for me). The last couple weeks I've been riding an average of five miles a day on my bike when it's cooler, at night. When I'm ready to sleep, many symptoms start appearing, especially the cluster headaches. Things that ceased these migraines for months before only give temporary 18hr relief. Longer if I don't go outside. In 2014, these issues for me are much worse than 2011-2013. My muscles have been shutting off a lot until reactivated by a special technique that actually holds for a good amount of time (opposite of damaging chiropractic and massage work), until I stress it when outside doing yard work. I live in central TX and have a different lifestyle than most, as MCS keeps me an antisocial person. Fragrances are becoming bothersome when I had that under control too. Each time I go outside, my sensitive system is saying something isn't right.

    • vicky13 vicky13

      Hi Gom,,

      Here is the URL to Bobby1's blog,, excellent resource!!

      • GOM GOM

        I think "Bobby" is Japanese…and thanks.

      • We Not They Finally

        I linked to this, vicky13. It was so scary I wanted to vomit. VERY thick with info, and scary, scary, scary. He seems quite knowledgable though. I just didn't understand how anyone could sustain so many physical symptoms and still be alive[?]

        • Winterborn

          You survive because that's the habit. I have two conditions myself, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, so I can identify clearly with his neurological issues. The mindset is simply 'I will NOT bow down – period'

        • vicky13 vicky13

          Hiya WNTF,,,

          Yeah Bobby1 blog is a go to for information. His analysis is top notch,, I go there often and spend hours reading. The comments are also very interesting.

          And I agree it's scary, but you gotta keep keeping on.

  • GQR2

    Now they want to use tents over the water tanks. Tents.

  • There were 3 nuclear reactor melt downs in the vicinity of Los Angeles.. all totally covered up and hidden.

    Plutonium is nasty business..

  • JimLynch JimLynch

    Hell why not just shrinkwrap the containers for containment–sheesh.

    The trouble with the mainstream news propaganda is that populations are for the most part just "taking their word for it" instead of using a little common sense and or researching the statements for proof.

    Unlike here, thank GOD for HERE for those of us who are awakened, know better, or are open minded enough to consider all points of argument and have a thinking, discerning mind left.

    • That is totally on purpose, not accidental.

      There are very few investigative reporters left.

      Most or all of them get fired after the globalist corporations buy up a mom and pop shop.

      If any are left, they are told what they can and cannot cover. One of those that they are not allowed to cover in an investigative way, is nuclear anything.

      Just report what the nuclear PR folks tell you, nothing else.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        And enough are murdered to make sure they get the point.


        correct, Goodheart. Consolidation was essential to their being able to keep the public in the dark. We can thank "Ronnie" for having removed the anti-trust barriers which helped prevent the monopolization of mass media…

      • lickerface lickerface

        Regarding investigative reporters, I'm currently in an industry which constantly faces an ongoing misinformation campaign to prevent the masses from adopting alternative medicines, one in particular relieving pain better than anything else (no tolerance issues). So, as you can imagine, some corps would love to see such a tree become extinct since it hurts their own synthetic profits. What we have noticed is that information is created at the U.N. level and then passed down to member states in an attempt to get them to adopt certain strategies (it's probably forced). Then it becomes twisted by a national media outlet, finally passed down to the local news feeds. A bunch of lies and scaremongering happens at the media level, and readers call the BS so quickly that the media outlet sometimes removes the ability to Comment on the story! Anyone can find out the real facts by turning their head the other way, towards PubMed and some of the studies fueled by a COBRA grant. A few agencies at the fed level also work together in perpetuating the lies and efforts by incorporating such innocuous content into policy. What I've learned from it all is "you are guilty until proven innocent… or when you can fund a fake study that pays our pockets". The things that go on are unbelievable, so much that I can't even talk about it with some family and friends because they think I'm lying. The way I see it is:

        Media IS Government

        • So true.. but really hard to believe for people stuck in the Matrix.

          Huge corporations put their spin on everything, and use levers of power from top to bottom and everything in the middle.

          The MATRIX is alive and well in this world, just not in the next dimension over.

      • GQR2

        They already did shrink wrap the waste. (see picture)
        Another sound solution brought to you by the Nuclear Industrial Death Cult.

        • JimLynch JimLynch

          Great–and I thought I had come up with a suitably governmental solution(sarcasm)–great, now back to the etch-a-sketch

          • GQR2

            great minds think a like. Veee Vant too ZeeEE vhat the Sol-lu-tion Duss in this MeeeDI-um (said in my best Edward Teller Accent.
            The beginning of this WIPP film,made by the WIPPlashers of old has a priceless clip of him at a desk marveling at the salt chunk.
            He was the kind of scientist that liked the part where they get to experiment for the sake of it. It is above all morals,all responsibility for outcomes. At the end of his life at 90 something he had no regrets. Some people are just born that way without a sense of conscience seems to me JimL.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Does Fukushima equal 3 Chernobyls? or is it possibly 100 times more toxic?

    We can see by comparing the subsets of figures below that the radioactive particle emission through the air from

    Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl; but, more importantly, 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath you take.

    …3.7 x 28 = +- 100

  • Where are those multiple melted out into the ground coriums, TEPCO?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Where is the damn corium, TEPCO?
    Dr. goodheart: 🙂

    "The biggest problem is that the methodology chosen by Tepco and the Japanese government appears inappropriate."

    From the beginning of this misadventure, Japan's response to Fukushima Disaster has been several orders of magnitude less than the situation demanded.

    So glad to hear these words!
    Japan needs a good swift kick in the ass.
    Better get moving while you can, Japan.
    Otherwise, time will go by, the radiation will spread, and the radiotoxins will make your people ill.
    In 30 years, when the merely sick will be taking care of the dying, there will be few left to get any work done.
    Oh, and your children will be born with horrible deformities.
    Your inaction will eventually cost you your nation.
    This is already a pretty sad state of affairs.

    A vast experiment is underway to test what radiation does to an entire population.
    Hope they order up a lot of white lab coats. 😉

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      part of the problem is the IAEA and WHO lie to each other, these lies infiltrate the universities, then the calculations of harm. I think many believe its not so bad, an attitude you can see on physics forums. To do something like cover up Fukushima with concrete and evacuate Tokyo would admit defeat and the industry and the country would suffer a fatal blow.

      I think a likely scenario is that they are doing things for appearances…hoping to hold a stasis letting the plant cool over many years.

      There exists a good possibility that SFP4 was dry which caused the hydrogen buildup. They say hydrogen came from 3, but its a stretch, and a calculation shows SFP4 is the likely culprit. The pool was not totally destroyed in the explosion. They may have pumped a super glue/cement mix to seal the cracks, because it wasnt holding water. A patent exists for this. Then they used dangerous hydrazine and other chemicals to stifle more zirc reactions. The massive crane structure goes over the SFP and the reactor, but not the equipment pool area. Perhaps they are hoping to support the failing structure and bide time before they can cut up and remove the damaged fuel. They say 50 years or more…how long can you keep a lie going? Seems they are effective!

      • GQR2

        Its a relationship that is rotton to core. An Unholy Alliance some would say. And it is,its totally twisted. The acceptable doses of radiation have been based on what the Medical Industry can handle
        #154 Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe Halevy. The are more recent cast but this one is about The IAEA and the WHO

        • GQR2

          meant to say they calculated acceptable cancer rates from Radiation Exposure to what the Medical Industry can handle. That's the formula.

          • Time Is Short Time Is Short

            No, the Medical Industry cannot handle what's coming. Yes, they will make as much money as they can before the system completely breaks down, but there is no stopping the tsunami coming.

            The doctors and staff are going to get sick and die, too, as well as the doctor and nursing students that would normally take their place.

            Our future is the sick and dying, trying to console the sick and dying. When the pharmaceutical companies/medical community can no longer provide pain meds, it's either backyard cannabis or cold turkey.

            Regardless of what you believe about pot, you'd be smart to have a few seeds before they become more valuable than gold. The need for pain meds will be horrific.

      • We Not They Finally

        Corrupting the universities alone is HUGE. People are only as "expert" as their funders permit them to be.

      • The Nuclear Power Industry is like a bad religion. 😉

        They think they're right because their books and teachers told them it was so.

        Only a few have been able to break away from the cult and see the truth.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        re fixing the leaky SFP4. Was it leaking like they said it was? Is it full of water/chemicals now as it appears to be? Was the spent fuel destroyed by zirc fires, sea water, hydrazine? Maybe even all stuck together with polyisocyanurate

        pure speculation, and sorry not a cyanoacrylate but a

        Methods for consolidating radioactive waste material using self-setting or water-settable compositions containing an organic polyisocyanate, a non-ionic surface active agent devoid of isocyanate-reactive groups and alkaline filler

        It was stated; "Core of Unit Four offloaded to the SFP, which suffered a total loss of water along with an inability to retain water." Somebody like VanneV will have to find the link

        On 18 March, it was reported that water sprayed into the spent fuel pool was disappearing faster than evaporation could explain, suggesting leakage.

        The IAEA reported, "From 22 March to 25 March 130 to 150 tonnes of seawater were poured into the spent fuel pool each day using a concrete pump equipped with a long articulated arm.

        As of 25 April, TEPCO was still pumping between 70 and 210 tons of water into the pool, varying the amounts depending on the temperature in the pool.

        on march 15 the IAEA was informed by Japanese authorities that the spent fuel storage pond at Unit 4 was on fire and radioactivity was being released directly into the atmosphere. Dose rates up to 400 milliseivert per hour were…

    • Shaker1

      PUN, I'm personally tired of complaining of lack of effort at the site, though I guess I do at times of looser restraint. For instance, I don't really know why they're dealing with trenches to useless buildings.

      But anyway, about your perpetual question here, 'Where is the damn corium, Tepco?' I'm reasonably sure you did some research regarding the approach using muon detectors. I've looked into it, such as through this site:

      and I was wondering what you thought about the strategy. Now, I've posted a commercial site, and what's been proposed is some (I'm sure budget-busting) LNL contraption, but I don't see how, if they can't or won't do some of the work required, how this is going to be anything comprehensive.

  • weeman

    The Chernobyl disaster is not over yet to, they have yet to contain the corium?
    You can't.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      And a new airtight sarcophagus every 100 years, for 5 billion years.

      I'm sure the Nazis running Ukraine now are working on it.

  • >>> low probability does not mean zero risk !!!

    "Society has operated nuclear power plants on a very simple equation: a very large danger potential multiplied with a very low probability of events equals acceptable risk. That equation BLEW UP in Fukushima; people realized that low probability does not necessarily mean no event, zero risk."
    – Mycle Schneider

    "…an unprecedented event in complexity, in size and in consequences."
    – Mycle Schneider

    For a well spoken person, this part of the interview had me confused.

    "The lesson, the most fundamental to be learned for society, is to reduce the danger potential in the first place. The energy contained in liquid natural gas tankers, for example, is just unbelievable: in terms of pure energy, it can be equivalent to over two times the Nagasaki bomb in one tanker. It is very unlikely that it will explode, but even if the risk was only 10 percent, the kind of damage that it could do is beyond imagination. And these bombs are all over the place."
    – Mycle Schneider

    What a lame comparison. (At least it wasn't bananas.)

    It's true that people could die in such an accident, but nobody's DNA will get scrambled, those who survive will still be able to have children and there is no potential for long term undiagnosable suffering.

    The kind of damage done by Triple Nuclear Meltdowns which remain in an active tsunami zone are what is really BEYOND IMAGINATION.

    • weeman

      The nuclear industry works under the premise of the tolerability of Rick factor, nothing can be fail safe.
      Was the risk ever worth it, not by a long shot?
      Then like any other industry complacency becomes a factor, a deadly factor.
      Still can't find away off making radioactive isotopes inert, but keep on accumulating, the tolerability factor just took a hit, want to add to the list.

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, it's all a lie. There has not been an NPP built ever that has not been risky. This just means well, not as much overt illness as someplace else. There are always illnesses downwind at the least. It's an insult to the intelligence to say that ANY NPP is without not just risk, but danger. And for what? It was all a lie in the first place. Electricity was just a by-product of weapons production. So people would accept the unacceptable. 70 years of lies and still counting.

    • Radio Radio

      ChasAsa, what you are saying is completely true, and thank you, I think the speaker is also addressing that people are commonly concerned about immediate death and not deferred death or death sometime down the road, so being blown up as a tanker passes through your town seems far more real a threat than a radiation induced disease that, as Dr. Helen Caldicott says, can realistically take 30 to 70 years to manifest in adult humans. Schneider's work is one of the reasons we all know the full dangers of nuclear energy. I think that in brief interviews, speakers take short cuts and appeal to what will get viewer attention to an issue. He brought up a much too complex comparison about inherent pure energy, probably because of the location of the interview and the politics of natural gas down there right now, which just confused his point. Had he been given the chance, he probably would have realized that he needed to clarify this. Given the politics, he probably wasn't given the chance.

      But, you bring up a very, very good point, which he should have done instead of going off message – while there actually can be genetic damage from petrochemicals and they are carcinogenic, there is no long term comparison to the metagenetic damage caused by radiation. Both destroy life, however, and i think that was the point he was hoping to make, if rather poorly.

  • antipodes

    Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima, great to copy and distribute, pulls allot together including GMOs , Fracking, Climate change, Pollution etc. main focus Fukushima , lets get unified. [PDF]:COUNCIL FUKUSHIMA STATEMENT OCT 2013. Link to Enenews, A Green Road, Fukushima update etc. Three very informative pages, with a warning, HOPE, and a path for now and the future.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    There is an island just off the coast near Nagasaki. The island is called Hashima, though I believe that it's nickname is Gunkanjima meaning Battleship Island, the Americans even tried to torpedo it several times during world war II.

    The island was a self-contained town that served as the head of an off-shore coal-mine.

    The island closed in 1974 along with the mine, it now stands derelict and decaying, apart from tourist excursions, and the odd film crew.

    You can also take a stroll around the island with street-view. Yes Google even sent it's cameras around there, nothing sacred to them is it.

    For those of you who thought that driving round Fukushima in street-view was depressing enough…

    What the closure of the coal-mine did to this island, is what Fukushima is going to do to Japan, and then the rest of the world.


    Look upon the future, and weep for what mankind's hubris has wrought.

    I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
    J. Robert Oppenheimer


    Hashima Island

    • GQR2

      whoa David that was neat, had no idea, Hashima Island, just took that street view and the moment i laid eyes on the place it screamed horror.
      read the wiki sounds pretty nice. Yet buildings seem to me overwelmingly haunted, not simply abandoned to age, and low and behold here is why –

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Take a look at what .gov is doing to the US (beautiful photos of an awful mess):

        Turning the US into a rotting hulk of a nation on purpose. Now cover it all with a layer of powdered enriched uranium and plutonium . . .

        • davidh7426 davidh7426

          Those photo's are heartbreaking TIS, so much waste.

          Mankind's philosophy truly is "Use it, abuse it, discard it", we even apply it to each other.

          We're insane, that's the only word that I can think of that fits, totally insane.

        • vicky13 vicky13

          I love abandoned buildings, they are haunting,, this is one of my favorites,,

        • Sol Man

          It is bad. The American People were force-fed infinite debt for infinite slavery. No congress worked to rectify the issue since the passage of the Fed Act in 1913.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            You are very wise..freedom they say? Where?

            • Sol Man

              obewan, I suppose after considering all that has been going on, that we are free to die. This is beyond-words discouraging for those that have children, hope for the future and love for the planet. I am at a loss especially after reading all of Bobby1's Blog, above, optimalprojection site.

              The North American Indians must hold a special place of honor in the Universal Museum of great Human BEings for their relationship with their world and how they fit in with the spectrum of life, I feel.

          • We Not They Finally

            Yes, but we used to have way more protections than we have now. Like Glass-Steigel being dismantled in 1999, allowing banks to speculate with savers' money, leading to monstrsities like derivatives. Like no one enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The Federal Reserve should have never been set up — it's a horrendous scam. But at least SOME protections were put in place to get America through The Great Depression. Now they are all dismantled.

            Apparently, JFK tried to sign the Federal Reserve out of existence just days before he was killed.

            • earthsmith earthsmith

              Yes JFK did.

              It was executive order 11110

              He even had U.S. gov. printed money ready for circulation.

              The Rothschild clan was not going to let that happen

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        I knew about Hashima Island from the first episode of 'Life After People' (LOP), though this is the first I've heard about Koreans there, though it doesn't surprise me knowing what we do about mankind.

        It looked bleak and soulless, on that first episode of LOP, it hasn't improved with time, now it does looks haunted. If I was there, I'd be jumping at every noise, and swimming for the mainland.

        That line in the song "They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot"…

        Well, considering what's coming, a parking lot would be heaven.


        I think I'll watch "Life after people" again, I'd like to know what's coming, and I don't like surprises.

        • vicky13 vicky13

          I just did a walkabout at Hashima,, I had never heard of this island before.

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            Do they have a prison industry in japan …you betcha if that was here in the USA it would be that . Or used for disease studies .
            Can you provide that link if only you have it handy thnx

        • GQR2

          This song by the Talking Heads could be about a radiated world.
          (nothing but)Flowers

        • clamshellernh clamshellernh

          David do you have a link for this movie ? Life after people ? Thx
          Looking at it above I think water world movie

          • clamshellernh clamshellernh

            David I got it . Getting abit lazy here ..

            • davidh7426 davidh7426

              It was a two series documentary, you can find most if not all of the parts on Youtube.

              The 3D is pants compared to what we have now, but it's still disturbing in what it shows.

              If your interested you should check out the Canadian version called "Aftermath : population zero", it's probably better than the "Life after people" series.

              If you watch them, then take a walk through your local town, you can already see cracks appearing in the infrastructure, and we've not even left yet.

              Of course, if we lost even part of the worlds population, then the decline would probably be irreversible, 1 – 2% over 2 or 3 generations wouldn't be noticed, it's just a tightening of the belts. But a sudden decline of 1 – 2% over a period of a couple of years, such as that caused by a pandemic, or mass radiological poisoning, that's 'game-over' we'd be like rats in a bag, fighting to survive.


              You may also wish to consider these two, also available via Youtube –

              Aftermath : A world without oil

              After Armageddon

              The second of the two would probably come closest to what the mass radiological poisoning would be like.

      • Hopefully, that is what all nuclear power plants will look like soon.. abandoned, reactors dismantled.

  • norbu norbu

    3 times? Question do you even know how much Chernobyl has spewed? 3 Times? PROVE IT! Stop Lying! We have herd all the excuses, many here know how bad it is and it is not 3 times a unknown. This is a Life changing EVENT. I have spent most of my days with this for the last 3 years I think about it everywhere I go, I cant stop. Just took the last west slope of sierra trip we will ever make….sad…

  • Fukushimad is Revelation

    Great Comments Folks, thank you for the information. For a Biblical perspective


      friendly nudge, Fukushimad is Revelation. Read admin's posting protocol, which follows the Submit Comment button. You should also know, if they're within reason, admin ignores religious posts/comments (and most other OT material) if they're placed within the Off-Topic forum. Putting it there may even spark some excellent responses from like-minded members. Peace out…

  • mesa777

    Just made my day after reading this! ): Why the news is not advised to the overall population is confusing to me, I guess the powers that be do not want a panic on their hands. This whole disaster has been covered up greatly since the day it happened. We are ALL screwed here folks!! No where to run, no where to hide! Disgusting that the US or Japanese government does not get this under control, guess there is nothing they can do? Three coriums sitting unprotected just spewing radiation!

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I suspect the lack of news on the subject may also have something to do with the fact that, should the news get out, those responsible may find themselves as macabre Xmas ornaments, hanging from the nearest tree or lamp post.

      YES, WE ARE SCREWED!!!… No point running, or hiding, you have to eat and drink, so the radiations going to get you no matter what you do.

      As for the US or Japanese governments getting it under control… I'd be greatly surprised if they had any control over their own bladders and bowls, with everything that's going on.

      • Sol Man

        Control over their own bladders and bowels is not likely with the ever-increasing radionuclide dust over everything. Esteemed scientist say that they don't know the cause of diabetes, autism, etc. increases, well, here's a clue: look at the nicotinides and other pesticide/herbicides on the home lawns and soccer fields, frack voc's, radionuclides, corn syrup, gmo's, etc.

        We live in the middle of the forest but we can't see the trees.

        • Sol Man

          Must add du and UF6, specifically, as they are heavily represented.

          We shall poison ourselves, and all others, off the face of our planet for the love of money.

          And, some didn't think that it was serious!?

        • What trees? Where?

          What are trees?

          You mean those huge 1,000 to 2000 year old mature forests that used to exist?

  • jackassrig

    I'm glade there're eggheads around to clarify the mathematical gymnastics. The more complex a system the more likely it will fail. FUKU failed because it is too complex. Nuclear is too complex for mortals. To keep this dinosaur alive some of the organs must function. I think the government will eventually make the decision as to who they will keep and who they will cut loose. God help us all.

    • Clue; the 1% have their underground spider hole shelters, well stocked with food and water for years if needed, but no one else does.

      They are special, deserving of saving, everyone else, not so much.

      Fukushima was an example of who gets 'saved'. The rich. The heads of government.

  • jackassrig

    mean to whom

  • Angela_R

    For those wondering why more were not evacuated, ponder this:

    "The bodily fluids (blood, sweet, urine") of an internally contaminated person can contain radioactive materials, coming in contact with these in bodily fluids can result in contamination and or/exposure."
    See under heading "How Radioactive Contamination is Spread" in the following link:

    and you wonder why more were not evacuated?

    • Shaker1

      Angela, might the persistence of I-131 in sewage sludge tell of something more than just criticalities? Think it's all from the storm drains?

    • Another reason, yes, but not the primary one..

      Remember that they kept claiming for months that nothing happened, no need to really evacuate anyone. It took 3 months to admit 3 meltdowns, known on day ONE.

      The cost to evacuate the way they should have is HUGE, mind boggling..

      The legal and money liabilities if they admitted the scale and scope of this mega disaster would have collapsed Japan immediately, or definitely by now.

      Chernobyl caused the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union.

      Fukushima should have by all rights bankrupted Japan, but they are trying cover it up, to save it financially. They are doing a great job; by repeating the same old tired lie…

      Only 10% of Chernobyl.. Radiation will not hurt you, it is all in your head, or stress or mothers fault for whatever… etc.

      Same lie playbook every disaster.

      Deny 99%, admit 1%

  • Shaker1

    Oh, I'm no expert either, and I understand the storm drains aren't probably part of the sewage system.

    "The bodily fluids (blood, sweet, urine") of an internally contaminated person can contain radioactive materials, coming in contact with these in bodily fluids can result in contamination and or/exposure."

    If I remember correctly, and correct me if I'm wrong, but PUN's remark about the sludge was of Tokyo's sludge. Might we given to think that beyond the fact that there are criticalities, the increase I-131 is not only from bathtubs, sinks, and showers, but from the bodies of those in Tokyo?

    • Angela_R

      yes Shaker, that's what I thought you were saying, and that is what I would suspect.

    • Angela_R

      Hi again Shaker,
      I did not see Philip's remark, however that was what I thought you meant. The sewage system contains bodily waste, from washing AND elimination, and the I-131 could be entering the sewage system via those processes.

      • Sol Man

        How sobering this topic is. The funeral homes dispel their waste into the sanitary sewers.

        In areas where there have been very bad floods often times these systems disintegrated and everything, but everything, is in that brown water.

    • bo bo

      Thanks shaker1 Angela I comprehend fully now.
      It is sobering.
      And Angela thank you for that chart.
      Sadly, it is very useful for me.

      • Angela_R

        bo, what do I say?
        They don't know, I don't know, but the authorities would have to take that into consideration.

        I look back two thousands years and understand why it was said "men will be in fear and trembling of the things coming on the earth…"

        but I also hear the words of a prophet "I am making a new heaven and a new earth…"
        and I also recall some of the other messages given to bolster those who are not ostriches and bravely speak with care in their hearts for others,

        • Shaker1

          Angela, you may find such revelation has been a tool for well over two millenia. And prophecy might be the possession of those aware, though some more specific in their awareness than others. Please understand that I'm in no way discounting any specific examples, including yours. But one might look into Zoroastrian, ancient Indian, even to the Norse vision of Ragnarok in which the gentle, blind Baldr (god of peace and light who was slain by his brother though the wiles of the trickster, Loki) is the successor to the new world for such. If you'll suffer something from my poetry:

          Fingers pressed into damp sand,
          incised messages
          of swirls and curlings,
          form symbols of curious lineage.
          Never simply sea or shore,
          others have been before me.
          Footprints and symbols
          are sketched upon the surface,
          and impress of their arrival
          stretches across the smooth boundary,
          a web of nodes and pathways
          capriciously spared dynamic water.

          The connections confound at first glance,
          and one wonders of loss
          to the ever-restless wash of fortune,
          or declaration denied
          in segregation to other shores.
          What may be wanting
          is the will to interpret,
          as common language surely exists
          in the depths of the furrows
          even these blunt fingers could create.

    • see link above, 82% of the Tokyo system is combined into one pipe.

  • jackassrig

    "Calculated performance of nuclear turbojet powered airplane at flight Mach number of 0.9" Doyle, Ronald B naca-rm-e50b23 May 11, 1950. Yummy. Lewis laboratory had a working model. I'll bet Area 51 is chocked-full of these experimental aircraft.

    • And the pro nukes STILL want nuclear powered rockets going into space..

      Just think, it would only take about 2,000 nuclear bombs to launch one rocket into orbit.. and their computer models say only 2 people would get cancer per launch..

      Come on now, let's all get on board with this and get this idea going..


      Insane is as insane does.