Nuclear Engineer: Almost all nuclear engineers have known since early on that the reactors have melted through the core

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 6:24 pm ET


Interview with Akira Tokuhiro, Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima and the Mass Media, Vivian Norris for Hufffington Post, May 17, 2011:

[…] Professor [/Nuclear Engineer Akira Tokuhiro] teaches in Idaho and as an academic he is still free to tell what he believes and believes almost all nuclear engineers following this disaster know, and have known since almost the beginning, that the reactors have melted through the core and that this has not been admitted until just these past few days when access to the computer data from the control rooms was obtained […]

Published: May 18th, 2011 at 6:24 pm ET


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117 comments to Nuclear Engineer: Almost all nuclear engineers have known since early on that the reactors have melted through the core

  • ocifferdave

    These kind of articles makes us angry. Anybody want to start an online petition to some senators? How do we do that?

    • Mudge

      I called Senator Dick Durbin’s office and was referred to the EPA
      I called the EPA and was referred to the NEC
      I called the NEC and they require emails only
      I emailed the NEC and they have not responded yet

      I don’t think anyone cares

      • Cassie


      • xdrfox

        These are the same people in offices that invent wars and send your children off to die in for their greed, as in the GOM and other events you will see the same over and over again, they hide behind lies and lawyers advising them, it’s not about you, it’s about them and their plans, they know more then you always and for reasons not disclosed to you. You are the ant they don’t see or care about, now shut up and pay their salaries !

      • Here’s my take down here. One of my senators finally sent a response to my emails going back 3 or more weeks. He suggested I go to the NEI website (Nuclear Energy Institute) the lobbying and PAC funder of politicians for current poop on the Fuku debacle. Not that they would do any massaging, editing or just plain lying in their reporting to protect their footprint in the USA!! Scratch another US Senator for any support in getting straight info. Haven’t had any response from any of the MSM major players yet.

      • dan

        The runaround is intentional

    • J1

      How about camping out on The Capitol steps? Just make sure to bring some rain ponchos and lots of Goretex.

      Fukushima’s Apocalyptic Threat Demands Global Action NOW!!


      !!Nuke Showdown Starts NOW!!!

      As Fukushima continues to leak and smolder, what may be the definitive battle over new nukes in America has begun.

      The critical first US House vote on a proposed $36 billion loan guarantee package for reactor construction may come in an Appropriations subcommittee as early as June 2. Green power advocates are already calling and writing the White House and Congress early and often, gearing up for a long, definitive showdown.

      Germany and Japan have made their decision—the “Lethal Atom” has no future [/b]

  • Cindy

    They will just think of us as nut jobs .

    I DON’T think it’s the end of the world at all, however , we simply cannot deny it will have consequenses, particularly in Japan…

    If it Blows up again, this is when mor concentrations of things will appear in the U.S…

    I give it 5 years to see the full implications of what will have happened to our Ocean…

    • Cassie

      I have come to the conclusion, that if by some miracle, this is not a major hit, it is only a matter of time. We are being poisoned via air, food, water. And they took our jobs, houses, pensions. We never had reasonable healthcare.

      The lesson is that blatant and rampant sociopaths in total charge of a planet simply does not bode well for the long term survival of a species.

      • Ashen

        I agree Cassie. It was inevitable.

      • dan

        Pretty much sums it up. We have work to do.

      • ZombiePlanet

        If you dig deep and study the elitist long term agenda you will find that they want a massive reduction in human population to where there are only 500 million alive.

        At this point they will control these people with their armies, drugs, genetic engineering, etc. to create a massive slave class to keep their (elitist) technologies up and running.

        This will allow them to use this planet any way they want. Everything will be at their finger tips.

        These people believe themselves to be in the long bloodline of the ancient, so termed, gods. It’s ancient Egypt all over again.

        They hate all of us.

        Ecc 1:9 ΒΆ The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

        Sorry folks, that’s just the way it is.

        • Ashen

          I’m with you 100% ZombiePlanet. In your opinion what would happen if someone in the elite’s OWN ancient bloodline chose to take a stand against them? Ecclesiastes 3 – there’s a “time” for everything. I believe the time may be now. Any thoughts?

          • ZombiePlanet

            Such an individual would require divine guidance and protection. Such a person will only arrive from the other side of the fence.

        • You really need to see the BBC Horizon documentary “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?” with Sir David Attenborough. It is fascinating, utterly logical, and comes to the depressing conclusion that with the resources we have left 500 million is the maximum sustainable.

          David Attenborough, who has devoted his life to studying animals and our environment, virtually ends up in tears when he comes to that conclusion.

          2 unacceptable solutions are war and genocide. I say unacceptable because those remaining would want revenge against the perpetrators. Does it not make sense then to achieve this target via a series of natural catastrophes so that pointing the finger of blame becomes a very difficult task?

          Like everyone, I’m not happy about any of this, nor the way things are going at present but, we have all contributed to the problem so like it or not, none of us has the right to a clear conscience.

  • the sin of omission. we will obviously just have to find out the what damage has been done the hard way.

    Though The POTENTIAL. Is Nuclear.

    • Ashen

      What are we all facing if 4 – 6 reactors meltdown, explode, or whatever? What is the truth and severity of the situation? I want to know. If we all die and nothing can stop it – at least I want to know why. I want to be able to stare “death” in the face rather than kneel down before it. I don’t want to be uninformed.

      • ashen
        Stay informed.
        Educate yourself.

        Watch the movie the road. In all reality this is an event that will unfold.


        In the mean time, find comfort in being prepared as best you can. (be prepared mentally as well). You are already ahead of the curve for paying attention and asking questions…
        Keep calm and remain focused so that, in the event “You do” find yourself living in a post apocalyptic nuclear situation. You have tools and training for survival.

        Learn about the common known types of nuclear radiation such as beta gamma and alpha. Learn how they effect you internally and externally.

        Learn how to protect and shield yourself from it. Mass will stop any radiation. Though the amount of mass in “quantity” must be able to provide enough protection to support a contamination free environment.

        The denser the mass the better. Think lead, Metal, concrete ect. 6ft should be sufficient to stop gamma radiation.

        Download a copy of the following to a laptop charge the battery and keep it in your emergency kit at all times:
        google earth.
        a survival guide.
        A fallout guide.
        A text document from wikipedia Labeling:
        Types of radiation; radiation exposure charts;
        And a radiation converting chart; This way in an emergency you have written material’s and guides, on hand. to help you survive.

        Also it would be helpful to even create a radiation jump suit. so that you can move around freely if you find your self in a dangerous situation.

        Nuclear fallout guide’s are a great place to start btw… I suggest You start your adventure by reading this article… It’s a few pages of everything you really need to know…( print a backup of this one…)
        Call this the new bible:

        The situation; May I remind you; could get very ugly. I assume without a doubt it will. There is no shame in being aware…

        stay alert, and don’t waste time. If you want to be prepared. Do so intelligently. Many of my friends have told me I shouldn’t worry about this situation. They are certainly misinformed.

        I will admit no shame in treating it with the respect it deserves. It truly is thus far the biggest tragedy to ever occur on the planet, in humanities wake.

        I will also remind you:
        TEPCO. <—- Does not have a plan.

        If your toilet was over flowing for hours, and you did not fix it. the situation still gets worse. It rots the floor, then it molds; rots your support beams ect.

        and if you dropped a duece, and everyone would literally faint if they went in to fix it???

        well thats the point, there…

        If you don't fix it, I just demonstrated how the situation will continue to slowly and slowly get worse…

        so here is my point.

        Fukushima is the toilet.
        People are not fainting from the smell. they are dieing. The floor and so on are the walls in which the nuclear fuel will slowly conquer and overcome. Until you lose your house.

        Tepco has demonstrated that there is no sufficient way to end that said "chain reaction"…

        Thus your toilet just totaled your house.

        So its really up to you, on how you "feel" you should be "reacting" right now… before your sitting at home reading and are forced to deal with the !$h!t!.

        • Darth

          @Tacomagroove wrote:

          I’d rather die then track all these precautions. Thus, I will eat and drink like normal and in about 20 years perhaps a cancer may manifest – perhaps not. I’ll take my chances.

          Who in the Hell would even want to live in the world you describe.

          I say – GAME OVER – who replaces us in the game of life on the Planet of the Apes.

          • Cassie

            Darth: I have done a lot of reading and thinking and have come to exactly the same conclusion.

          • Almost in total agreement Darth. Personally, I’m fed-up with the way things have been going on this planet due to capitalism and the idiot money-worshippers. I’m happy to die now to be free of this insanity but I feel great pain for children, animals, and the planet itself, all who will suffer significantly due to the greed of the so-called 5%.

  • ZombiePlanet

    In an unrelated topic >>>>

    Just when you thought it could not become more stupid::::::::>

    Obama Administration Seeks to Test Anthrax Vaccine in Children

    • Ashen

      That makes me wanna floss my teeth with rusty barbed wire… πŸ™‚ Insane.

    • yup. going to most likely be enforced dosages at some point or other, given the right catalyst.

      well not MY kid buddy boy! snort it yourself! then and only then we can talk. once i see how it effects you that is.

      (not aimed at you ZP – momma dog’s barking over the fence, okie?)

      considering i had to *sign* a document 2 years ago declaring a ‘decline’ or ‘agree’ to allow my girl ‘mandatory’ H1N1 booster shots (2), i’m just guessing where they plan to go with a thing like that. why don’t these ‘brave’ folks do some homegrown testing on themselves. our kids have enough crap in the pipeline to deal with as it is.

    • Anna

      Grrrrrrrr. Scream! Anthrax does not spread like a cold. This is pure madnesst.

      And let me add to this unrelated topic:
      People are finding out they have been poisoned with barium, aluminum and strontium in Arizona:

      • Anna


        • @ Anna

          it’s indeed maddening! i’m glad someone finally got test results together, it’s about time! there’s a sad truth to that article though; few docs will just test these days for something like heavy metals. believe me, i’ve been fighting the so-called medical prerogative for years for my own degenerative disc disease and arthritis. no matter what ya might say; if your doc’s convinced you’re well, then you’re up the crick trying to maintain the argument that there’s something out of whack! as if we don’t know our own bodies.

          • ZombiePlanet

            You got that right. Been there and done that!

            Best wishes Lill.

          • Anna

            Lill, Nobody knows you better than you do and for others to act like they know more about you, than you, is pure arrogance.
            Hugs (( ))

    • Dr.Stranglelove

      …business as usual.

      • …but then, you always were insane, Herr Doktor, long before that arm-graft πŸ˜‰

        I don’t rate his idea of living underground, either – especially when the mantle decides to rearrange itself…

        Live free and breathe until it’s time to leave.

    • norral

      good well start with his two daughters first and all the children of all high ranking officials senators representatives cabinet members. lets make it a 10 year study. if it works out well do it again and again to the next gen of politicos kids. kind of compensate for their lack of presence in any wars this country has fought

  • beachbum

    Who gets arrested and charged with murder? Was that the Japanese prime minister in there pumping out water, or just some ole lackey slave, dead man walking?
    Peace out!

  • Rami

    Anybody got any informative links in Japanese like that one forum you guys were talking about. ? Thx

  • 1111

    .. a telling statement – hope it is a translation error and not a reflection of the “wisdom” of almost “all” nuclear engineers. Perhaps a re-engineering of this puzzling statement “reactors have melted through the core” ?? is in order. The “reactor does not melt through the core” ??, without cooling circulation, the core bundle fuel overheats, melts, contacts the bottom of the containment vessel and melts through to the outside of the vessel. No sense trying to sugar coat it guys, everyone on the planet knows that that stuff gets REAL HOT – REAL FAST in event of circulation failure. The nuclear science / engineering community needs a credibility boost – suggestion as to how to achieve same – how about some genuine facts – especially – what is the status and near term event forecast for melted fuel external to all containment in reactors 1,2,3,4 and what is the forecast for stored spent fuel that remains in SFP / has not been blow off site ??

    • Rami

      Temperatures of reactors here, 3 has dropped since last week. If this is correct.

      • J1

        Temperature has dropped because the molten fuel is no longer in the pressure vessel but probably seeping through the ground as we speak!

        • 1111

          Finally – accurate information – you must be with the nrc or some other highly vaulted organization that always has the well being of the public in the forefront off all that is said and done by such agencies.

        • mikael

          I think its a technical issue, if the vessel is emty, it reads no heat.
          But reactor 1 showed us that it can rest in a pool under the wessel, and by time, sipp thru the castings, and into what ordinary walls and flooring.
          They are just telling us something, not nessesery meaningfull, but something.

          I dont belive in any Entety or whatever coming down to rescue us, sorry, but this is our mess, and the responsebility rests solely on our own shoulders. It was a an acsident, shitt happens, and the real danger is the afterplay and the blamegame, it all diverts the antetion from the bigg shitt, the meldtdowns that are happening.
          Who is to blame and charge, is matter of its own. But as stated earlyer, the downplaying and lies must end. Its gone beyound Tjernobyl, and the lesson is to know that to do, and if so, by Books, not CDs. Obvous resons.
          Its everyones duty to inform oneselfs and prepare for the woursth case senario.
          It may happen.
          We realy dont know.

      • mark V

        Of course we trust the TEPCO information from day one, but just, just, because this is such unprecedented event, let’s make sure that the Japanese government is saying the same. Appears they indeed are. Hasn’t “core on the floor” become a hit yet?

        • 1111

          well coulda been, but “Elvis has left the building”. sorry – out of character – just couldn’t resist

      • xdrfox

        Temperatures may drop because of the distance away from the hear source, much of It has left the building !

  • 1111

    last line typo – should read “blown off site”

    reported temp readings to date have been altogether meaningless – now becoming reliable ???

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Pitchforks and torches, anyone?

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    Just ask: Who Pays nuclear scientists?Duh.



  • Dr.Stranglelove

    I’m going to watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island now…

  • Ashen

    We’re just going through the “motions”, another cycle, etc. There is nothing new under the sun. What is now has already been. The fact is: We’ve all been here before although most don’t remember. Just as the Oracle told Neo in “The Matrix 2”: “You’re not here to make choices, you’ve already made them. You’re here now to understand WHY you made them.” Read Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 in the bible and see if it strikes a chord with you. It talks about everything being “Vanity” and cycles of time. What if we are already dead and this is just a memory? A reliving of WHY we made the choices we made? I’m not attempting to persuade anyone to any belief. For those who have a problem with what I say – get over it. If I’m not being truthful what is there to be upset about? A lie will aways surface sooner or later. “Truth need not scream.”

    • J1

      cycles…yes indeed.

      Interesting how many do not take notice of the many cycles that which the world runs on.

      Electricity = 60hz
      Your car engine = RPM
      Your heartbeat = PPM / Heart Rates
      the weather = 4 seasons
      Music = 4/4 time
      Calendar year = 12 month cycle
      1 day = 24 hour cycle
      fashion trends = too many to list

      Then there’s the larger cycles that appear every 75-100+ years.

      World Wars
      Civil Wars
      Financial Markets
      Volcanic Eruptions
      Fourth Turnings –

      Then there’s the Super Cycle. The mother of all cycles which peoples of centuries past have tried to warn us.

      Time to get right and see the bigger picture.

      • terraohio

        Wars are created by greedy humans. When humans believe they are “gods,” and act accordingly, sh*t happens.

    • Conqueror Worm

      So your plan is to (quietly) bore everyone to death?

      • Ashen

        It’s an easy plan for you Conq. Just have a seat in front of a mirror… πŸ™‚ ROTFL!!!

      • Ashen

        Freud would spend days analyzing your screen name. Seriously. “Conqueror Worm”? Do you have to conquer all the other worms because you don’t measure up? Choose your battles wisely and keep your forked tongue behind that enamel fence you call teeth…

        • Conqueror Worm

          Drag your cult addled snout out of your 3rd rate fictitious filth and google “conqueror worm” and Edgar Allan Poe moron. There is more than one work of fiction in the world you cyber BAD ASS you! It’s great fun to scratch the surface of your hypochristianity and see the hate and insanity flow and flow!!! So not jeesus-like BTW…Peace out (you know what I mean! πŸ˜‰

          • Ashen

            Oh, Conq – Did I really upset you? I’m sorry that I’m not a “passive” believer and don’t practice “go along to get along” spirituality. You boasted that you had “met my kind many times before and knew what you were up against”. I’m sorry but I refuse to take any BS off anyone – including you. I never said to compare me to Jesus/Yeshua!!! You are correct! There is no one even close to being Him. I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit – I’m not perfect and so “heavenly minded that I’m no earthly good”. You call me a hypocrite and I agree I am to some degree! But isn’t everyone in this imperfect world? Some would say it wouldn’t be Christ-like to buy you a beer and good cigar – but that wouldn’t stop me from doing so. I simply share or post what I feel – my opinions from my perspectives. But I am not one of the super-religious, spiritual monitoring, “better than you”, believers at all. I mean this in all sincerity Bro.

  • Nevadan

    Sorry to go off topic, but I need to out another site. Above Top Secret dot com is another place I read although I no longer post there because of the huge amount of disinfo agents there.

    BUT…because of the extreme stupidity of some remarks I decided to sign in and comment. I couldn’t get on and got a new password and many attempts won’t let me on. Then I got a notice that the site was attempting to send me malware.

    Anyone who has read the book, “Committee of 300” will recognize that the site is not to be trusted.

    This place right here, in my opinion, is the best place on the net.

    • Roger that! Now convince my congressman & 2 senators!

    • @Nevadan who says:-
      “although I no longer post there because of the huge amount of disinfo agents there. ”

      No foolin’? ATS got dissed years back along with most other so-called ‘truth’ sites. Now you know how your tax dollars are spent on professional fantasists keeping your cognitive dissonance well stoked.

      My rule of thumb – keep riding the wave of truth – most sites/blogs last around 3 months before the spooks start weaving their webs of deception, character assassination and worse…

  • (the live cam is shaking with lots of fog right now…

  • live cam feed just died…

    • Cassie

      Not to worry Tacoma, just a tiny fire in #2.
      I’m sure they’ll put it out in about 14,000 yrs.
      Will put the live cam back on then.

  • tepco changed the angle…

  • Pensacola Tiger

    Radiation tests lacking / Nuclear plant workers unsure of internal exposure levels
    The Yomiuri Shimbun

    Nearly two months after the start of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, only 10 percent of workers there had been tested for internal radiation exposure caused by inhalation or ingestion of radioactive substances, due to a shortage of testing equipment available for them.

    Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of the crippled nuclear compound, is finding it impossible to use testing apparatus set up inside the facility because of high radiation levels recorded near the equipment.

    A number of personnel working to overcome the nuclear crisis at the facility are increasingly alarmed by their lack of internal exposure testing. Some have said they may have to continue to work at the facility without knowing whether their radiation exposure levels have exceeded the upper limit set by the government.

    On Tuesday, the government revealed a timetable for ending the nuclear crisis. The road map called for increased surveillance of the workers’ radiation levels, including a measure requiring TEPCO to periodically report such data to the government.

    Internal exposure is caused by taking radioactive substances into the body via eating, drinking or breathing. Its unit, counts per minute (cpm), indicates the amount of radiation emitted per minute.

    Regulations on preventing health problems caused by ionizing radiation require operators of power plants to conduct internal exposure tests every three months on plant employees who enter areas designated by laws and regulations on radiation-related health problems.

    “My measured value [of radioactive exposure] exceeded the standard value by a double-digit factor. That’s never happened before,” said a plant worker in his 20s, recalling the time he saw the results of a test he took outside Fukushima Prefecture in early May.

    The man, an employee of a company that works with TEPCO, installed power cables near a reactor building at the plant for a month beginning at the end of March.

    The test is conducted by a device called a “whole-body counter.”

    While a normal internal radiation level would range from several hundred cpm to 1,000 cpm, he was told his level was 30,000 cpm.

    High levels of radiation emitted by debris were measured in his work area.

    Although the masks worn by workers are supposed to be changed every three hours, he was told by a management company that he did not have to change his if there was no radioactive contamination.

    He therefore used a single mask for five to six hours.

    He ate in a building that houses an emergency headquarters and accommodates plant workers. At the end of April, he was notified that the building was also radiation-contaminated.

    “I’ve probably taken in radioactivity while eating,” he said.

    After the crisis at the plant began, the central government increased the maximum limit of radiation exposure from 100 millisieverts to 250 millisieverts exclusively for workers at the Fukushima plant.

    However, the amount is a total of internal and external exposure doses. Workers can learn only their external doses via the measurement equipment they carry with them, and it is necessary to also measure their internal exposure level to verify whether their total exposure doses exceed the limit.

    According to TEPCO, there are only three whole-body counters available near the plant. Some workers had to be tested as far away as the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant in Niigata Prefecture.

    As of May 8, 630 workers, or just 10 percent of all workers at the plant, had taken the test.

    The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry’s Industrial Health Division has advised TEPCO to provide more tests. TEPCO has said it will increase the amount of test equipment on hand to 14 whole-body counters and will also raise the frequency of the test to more than once in three months.

    (May. 19, 2011)

    • Jean Tanner

      Thanks for the news on the Fukushima Daiichi workers’ situation.
      Those workers are true heroes.

  • LeafyBitz

    Where is the VIDEO FOOTAGE of No.4 EXPLODING?

    (with about the same energy levels at No.3 did)

    Why have we not seen this video yet?

    Why is it being hidden from the public (like so many things have been)?

    What don’t they want us to see in it?


    Why are we not seeing ANY of it … TEPCO?

    This is really pretty straight forwards, right?

    Where is it TEPCO? We know you have it, so spit it out already, you are already in deep trouble, and trying to hide this from the world, firstly is not acceptabe, and secondly, it will not work.

    We know you are hiding it – so out with it!


  • Heart of the Rose

    What the hell are these people talking about?..there are several post on youtube.
    I’ve looked at it a hundred times.

    • LeafyBitz

      You ralise the link you gave was to the explosion of No.3




      No.4 is what the hell these people are talking about.

      No video … it explodes … no video … bigger blast than No.1 as big as No3 …

      NO VIDEO!!!

      Got it now?

      • Heart of the Rose

        Mea culpa

        • LeafyBitz

          That’s ok.

          Just wanting to point out that a reactor exploded – in a very big way – and so far we have ZERO video of it .. and it happened 8-weeks ago.

          Why no video released?

          Cough it up TEPCO!

  • Heart of the Rose

    What the hell have I been saying?…core to the floor times four….
    Five and six..on the way.

  • Heart of the Rose

    I was being assumptive here.
    No vid of the blast…I still say it’s coring.

    • LeafyBitz

      In a statement at about 11:45AM on March 15th on NHK, an official said the No.4 reactor blew up at about 5:45AM and the No.2 reactor popped internally at about 6:14AM (the same dawn and only about 30 mins apart).

      We have no video of either event.

      But we should have video of both

  • Jack

    Blago Slovyi Dushe Moya Ghospoda!