Nuclear Engineer: Fuel appears damaged in Fukushima Unit 4 pool and will fall apart if they pull it up — Make sure your radiation monitor works so you know what’s going on when something drops (AUDIO)

Published: September 6th, 2013 at 1:11 pm ET


Source: Nutrimedical Report
Date: August 15, 2013

Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer: Fukushima Unit 4, the plans are in November to start removing the fuel. The question is always, ‘What’s going to keep the fuel sub-critical as you’re withdrawing it from the pool?’ That hasn’t been answered to my satisfaction yet because — although there are a lot of spent fuel assemblies in there which could achieve criticality — there are also 200 new fuel assemblies which have equivalent to a full tank of gas, let’s call it that. Those are the ones most likely to go critical first. […]

Keep batteries fresh in your rad monitor, because you’re going to need to know what’s going on when they drop some fuel. […]

Some pictures that were released recently show that a lot of fuel is damaged, so when they go ahead and put the grapple on it, and they pull it up, it’s going to fall apart. The boreflex has been eaten away; it doesn’t take saltwater very good.

See also: [intlink id=”nuclear-engineer-damage-new-fuel-assemblies-be-bad-many-reasons-new-fuel-highly-reactive-easier-critical-spent-fuel-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: September 6th, 2013 at 1:11 pm ET


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94 comments to Nuclear Engineer: Fuel appears damaged in Fukushima Unit 4 pool and will fall apart if they pull it up — Make sure your radiation monitor works so you know what’s going on when something drops (AUDIO)

  • jec jec

    And all they need is a crane to break and fall INTO the fuel pool…do you think they will put in NEW cranes to do the Reactor 4 effort? Metal is showing it's age due to radiation, becomes very brittle and cracks….even metal inside concrete walls….

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Die trying.. while the company eyes a profit.

    Fukushima Watch: Tepco Eyes Another Rate Hike To Swing To Profit
    Aug.14 2013

    Their eyes soulless and full of greed.

    • Anthony Anthony




      My God Tepco, the only Game you need to keep your head in organizationally at the moment is saving the World from your pollution disaster catastrophe. Nothing else. Nothing else will matter if you don't.

      100% Focus Required.

      No excuses.

      • Even The Birds HATE Me Now DisasterInterpretationDissorder

        This is what you get when profit and "national security programs" can be made from selling nuclear technology to maffiosi, government an industry all at once..
        Since they are one and the same..with the most toxic substance in the Universe gusching out of their and our inevatble nightmare..
        But its all good..the "few" are still making a buck to fill the pool with champagne and underaged prostitutes somewhere..

      • vicky13 vicky13

        The only game this entire planet should be doing is Fuku.

        Every single country should be sending experts and money to japan!!

        Cannot believe how STUPID my own species is,,


        • Anthony Anthony

          I hear you and feel it. But to be honest, I surrendered myself to my inner me. I'm still working on it everyday but as I read your post, **Dont let the Bastards see you sweat** moves to my mind! Its hard to imagine that they REALLY cared about saving us given the actual unfolding script so I'm with you on stupid asses for sure. Fuku might eventually kill me but it aint going to screw up my life. At least what I feel in my hearts and see in my dreams. That is what I'm working towards anyways!!

          • It is a discipline.. practice makes perfect.

            How to stay in the heart and love, while hearing, seeing and/or experiencing the horrors of ?????

            Pick your issue… tons to pick from.

            A higher order of discipline, is how to live life for seven future generations, and be a good example.

            Practice makes one more perfect, but almost no one is..

            • Gasser Gasser

              The opening ELE game song

              ~The bad way it is~

              Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early Gamma ray light

              What so proudly they hailed at the twilight's last gleaming.

Whose broad spreading Corium's and bright sky shine, through perilous fright
O'er the chemical ramparts we watched, Atomic water gushingly streaming.

And the Corium's red glare, the hydro volcanoes bursting in air
Gave proof through the night, that TEPCO bullshitter's were still there.

O say, does that Rising Sun banner yet wave
O'er the land of the dying and the Yakuza workers so naive.

              O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the contaminated USA land of the Tax enslaved.

              And the home of the blind sheeple under paid.

              ~The good way it should be~

              Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early computer back light
What so intensely enenews'ers breath held at the poster's last streaming.

Whose broad spreading truth with bright minds, through courageous might
O'er the LCD screens we watched, Pro Nuker's just dreaming.

And the posters LCD screen glare, lit up for solutions to stopCesium in air
Gave proof through the nights that enenews truth heros were still there.

O say, does that NO! NUKES! banner yet wave
O'er the internet broadband of the wise, and the intellagent not so naive.

              O say, does that reinstated star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the United States of America the land of the smarter and brave.

            • We Not They Finally

              Dr., that's very true. This world is still a very large place and there always seems to be someone/something that survives against the odds. But if we lose the human spirit, then we truly have nothing.

            • dharmasyd dharmasyd

              Thanks Dr. Goodheart…Discipline and practice to stay in the heart and love. This is the teaching which has been manidated by evolution that we must learn!

          • mairs mairs

            Nice, Anthony.

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion, that where 'No. 4 Fuel pool' and it's problems are concerned, a lack of media coverage may not be such a bad thing.

    How many of you remember 'Harold Camping' and his three predictions of the Rapture, well some people didn't treat it as a joke, they took it seriously, in some cases, so seriously that they took their lives, and in some cases the lives of their children, to spare them the suffering that they believed was coming.

    Now if relatively vague predictions by some religious fanatic can have that effect, just imagine what effect a program of mass-media coverage will do with a threat that is so much more verifiable.

    Can you imagine a family on the american west coast, hearing the MSM profit garnering sensationalized versions of the news, that things went from the present state of chaos to one of total doom for mankind. Wouldn't you be worried for your family, and want to spare them what you're being told is an almost certain slow lingering fate.

    The potential death-toll from pre-emptive suicides will be horrendous.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      David- I understand your concern, but that has been the ongoing problem… the continued theory of the need to treat the masses like helpless children that might hurt themselves if they know the truth.

      People need to be allowed to know the truth; yes some may panic, but there are always going to be reactionary people just as there were when the war of the worlds radio broadcast caused suicides. Keeping people in the dark is not the solution, but is actually the problem, and a way for the controllers to hide what they do from prying eyes.

      If there is a way for people to get to safer areas, or not eat certain food, they need to know. Knowledge is Power.

      • Anthony Anthony

        And truth is knowledge and power.

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        I agree, the people should be informed, they should be allowed to make an informed choice, but how many people know enough to make that choice. How many of the people that you've told understand exactly what's happening, what's at stake, what the probable outcomes are ?

        As to the "…get to safer areas, or not eat certain food…" there won't be anything, or anywhere that isn't touched, and possibly changed, by Fukushima, and that will be within our generation, probably with 20 years.

      • vicky13 vicky13

        is like with the UFO situation. They think we are too weak and stupid to be able to handle the truth. I flat out RESENT it.

        I have a image from mars a anatomically correct parrot 6.5 miles wide carved into a frickin hill. They say it's a natural formation.
        I have 10 terrabytes of Mars imaging,, and some amazing pics of stuff that should NOT be there. My eyes are not lying to me.

        To the people who keep all this from us,,,

        YOU LYIN POOPS!!!

        • We Not They Finally

          But Mars has no atmosphere. They might well have destroyed ourselves as we are about to. Atlantis might have done the same. If there is not the will here to have prevented this destruction in the first place, who will be telling the truth about how others went extinct?

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Agree 100 percent. People could then learn to adapt by keeping informed and learning about various supplements to help quell or eliminate some of the isotopes. I would rather be informed no matter how dire the news versus finding out after the fact which could create a slew of problems in and of itself.

        • truthseek truthseek

          We all realize that many organized religions cannot co-exist with the realities and science of the changing world around us. If the extremely religious heard that their entire belief system is BS, utterly made up to keep humanity in check and accountable. The beings that are in the fancy space suits, look nothing of the image of (Jesus, Buddha, Allah, etc.) yet by their mere existence *usurps* our supreme and worshipped gods. *poor choice of expression. I say stop the BS open the hidden books and start splainin, fast. We have not been told the truth. The unbelievable IS REAL, the real (as many believe) is utter unreal.

          • micky thered micky thered

            you can leave the Buddha out of this, he was and is a man who never claimed to be a god. His goal was to help us realise who we are.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      'The potential death-toll from pre-emptive suicides will be horrendous.'

      Like this?

      'New CDC Report Finds Stunning Suicide Increases Among Middle-Aged Americans'

      "JUDY WOODRUFF: There's been a stunning increase in the suicide rate among middle-aged Americans. The finding is part of a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that spells out how much suicide is a growing public health concern in the U.S."

      • davidh7426 davidh7426

        Yes, I remember that one.

        Can you imagine what would happen if the MSM where to suddenly announce that due to a mishap during the movement of the fuel-rods, there is now a vast 'cloud' of radioactivity moving towards America that has the potential for an untold number of fatalities, that could possible lead to the depopulation of America.

        What would the average American do, apart from change the channel to the sports channel ?

        • Anthony Anthony

          From day one I kept thinking when the West Coast Realty industry collapses from this event…. how could it not eventually happen? Luckily the news at the time was reporting European and Idaho Fuku findings instead. Lucky for us huh!?

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        Followed your link and read this, "DR. THOMAS FRIEDEN, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: We don't know what specifically is causing it….". This Dr. Frieden must be an imbecile. Look at the people that have lost their jobs, homes, retirement, everything. It's those in their 50's and up. You loose your job, your home, your everything and suicide looks pretty damned good, especially when you have NO CHANCE of getting any job even remotely close pay wise to the position you lost. Lets see, start over at McDonalds or Wall-Mart, at minimum wage or fuck it. Fuck it wins for lots of people.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          I am personally surprised that way more middle aged men that have lost everything aren't walking down the streets with rifles shooting everyone dressed in suits more often…….

    • good point…

      But there is also much that can be done, both preventatively and in case it happens, afterwards.

      Not knowing; cannot do anything, either way. Just suffer in ignorance.

    • We Not They Finally

      davidh, I relate to your concern. But you might also want to read the Hopis'"Red Road Prophecies." It's clearly about a radiation-ruined world, and when it getst really desperate, people are offing themselves in groups in the cities out of despair.

      The best way to deliver bad news is with humane concern. That is what should have been done in the first place, so people could prepare — not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

      We just don't have a humane culture, and for that alone, especially now, we might weep.


    Article quote: "Keep batteries fresh in your rad monitor, because you’re going to need to know what’s going on when they drop some fuel."

    I have mine on & running 24/7 through for everyone to see around the world. I only wish more people would buy a geiger counter (GMC-200 is less than $100) or hook-up their current geiger counter for FREE on public monitoring network.

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      Less then a hundred dollars where can I pick one up at?

    • byron byron

      Do you have data saved up to this time? You could post it in the discussion thread (maybe you have?). I'd like to see weekly averaged readings since this started to see what kind of increase you've recorded. The Radiation Network site is not helpful, although readings there have gone up a little bit in 2 years. NETC is much better but an average over time would be better. How much of an increase have you seen since you started monitoring? Which station or state are you in?

  • mairs mairs

    Amazing when someone just tells it like it is. Compare this to the foggy, fuzzy, officialspeak of TEPCO that eventually makes you feel like you're losing your mind listening to it.

    • "The nuclear weapons, ostensibly for our security, are of course the principle source of our insecurity; and the nuclear power, that we are told we need for energy, supplies in 1980 only about 12% of our consumption of electricity, hence only about 2% of our total energy consumption, at a still unreckonable cost in both health and money."

      And the fallout continues coming down in the rain for the next 24,000 years, just from the nuclear test bombs from many years ago.. Are we having fun yet? Are you feeling secure, knowing thousands of nukes are pointing at your family?

      • mairs mairs

        It's all around us.

        Nuclear Watch New Mexico. August 23, 2013.

        Los Alamos plutonium facility:

        "To date, the only thing self-sustaining is the Lab’s inability to address its criticality issues and yet still convince Congress to keep funding plutonium work there. To prevent bad things from happening, DOE’s regulations and directives require contractors to evaluate potential accident conditions and put in place appropriate controls and safety measures. History shows that the Los Alamos Laboratory just cannot do this, even though much of the work is performed on plutonium pits, the primaries of nuclear weapons. Even though actual need for this work has not been proven, the Lab has entrenched itself as the only place in the country where plutonium pits can be made, developed, and tested."

        I'm picking just one year cited in this document:

        "In 2008, the Government Accountability Office reported concerns about nuclear safety at LANL are long-standing. Problems included 19 occasions since 2003 where criticality safety requirements were violated, such as storing materials in quantities higher than safety limits allow, 17 of 19 of the site’s nuclear facilities operating without proper safety documentation, reported inadequacies in safety systems, radiological releases, and four enforcement actions for significant violations of nuclear safety rules."

  • or-well

    And if there is a fuel removal catastrophe?
    "Abita" – animated short. Little girl who can't go outside anymore.
    also on youtube

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TY, or-well.
      “Kinder in Fukushima können auf Grund der radioaktiven Strahlung nicht mehr in der Natur spielen.
      “Denn die Natur ist nicht dekontaminierbar.
      “Dies ist nur eine Geschichte von 36.000 Kindern, die zu Hause bleiben und von ihrer Freiheit in der Natur träumen und die Wirklichkeit erleben.
      Google translation: “Children in Fukushima can not play due to the radioactive radiation in nature.
      For nature is not decontaminated.
      “This is just one story of 36,000 children who stay at home and dream of her freedom in nature and experience the reality.”

      • or-well

        Thank YOU anne. I was lazy. Abita and others are coming to USA later this year. The website of the Uranium Film Festival tells all about it. [NOT pronuke, as the name might suggest!] New Mexico, I think.
        Beautiful little 3 minute short.

  • yummy radionuclide

    maybe I am a little annoying but I'll say it again… if criticallity takes place in the pool or if the pool collapses, BOMB IT. If the explosions damage the other pools, no matter, as they would have ceased to work anyway because nobody could approach them and keep them working. Bomb them too. Japan is doomed either way.

    • Bomb it in the RIGHT WAY.

      They should begin preparations NOW.

      DIG a huge tunnel under the whole complex, deep enough so that when a nuke is set off, it will drop the whole complex and everything in it deep underground.

      Then cover the hole with one more standard dynamite stuff, to fill in the hole.

      The huge problem with this theory, is that this whole complex is on top of an underground river, not a dry desert rock formation.

      radiation from underground buried stuff would flow right into the ocean FOREVER and EVER.

      It would be that much harder to deal with after that.

      At least now we have most of it above ground.

      • yummy radionuclide

        my point of view is: if it goes to the ocen we can live some more years, and who knows, we might find ways to survive by whatever means (leaving the planet someday, for example). On the other hand, if it goes to the air, we are all dead now.

        are you sure a nuke would be the right option? what if all the fissionable material there joins the explosion? it would mean nuclear winter.

        • The key word is UNDERGROUND. The explosion would be completely contained underground and nothing would come out above ground into the air, if it was done correctly.

          Of course, nobody can predict what would really happen, because it may cause massive criticality explosions which would come right back up and out into the air, due to the sheer volume of nuclear stuff all packed together and heating up underground, no matter how deeply it was buried.

          Then there is the question of what happens if it turns into coriums and travels downwards.. Does it create a massive steam explosion that comes out and wipes out all life on the planet, as the scientists feared after Chernobyl?

          So many unknowns, so many risks..

          • We Not They Finally

            Dr. G, no one does ANYTHING "correctly" over there. I don't think anyone can burrow underground either by now??

            Don't know if there even IS any Hail-Hail-Hail Mary with this.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            I'd be concerned about what it would do to the already fractured earth in Japan, i.e., the fault zones and subduction zones. Not a pretty scenario. Maybe that's why it hasn't already been done.

      • norbu norbu

        yummy radionuclide, this idea is as crazy as building NPP in the first place. Bad idea. Do not let anymore out. "We dont neeeeeed no more troubles, What we need is Love to guide and protect us all"…BoB Marley

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      nuke it if there is an accident removing fuel? An accident removing fuel seems a certainty. Let them calculate THOSE odds.

      Therefor, a different approach to removal is needed. Nuking cant be the answer, that is certain doom.

      First, stabilize the plant and aquifer flows. Huge quantities of diatomacious earth and zeolite can be used to create a bog slowing and filtering water before it flows to the ocean. There is practically no size limit as the materials are cheap and unlimited. Containing the atmospherics and avoiding ground sink is possible with a large geodesic structure and tent. Robotics seem well within mankinds grasp, I dont understand the deficiency there. These can run on rails inside the superstructure, remotely controlled. Collecting corium seems out of the question. They need to devise a method to move it deep if it isnt already. I think the major block is politics of the insane elite. There is enough brain power to figure out all kinds of solutions.

      • yummy radionuclide

        No. I meant bombing it with conventional explosives, not nukes, so as to disperse the spent fuel so that it doen't get critical nor catches fire. Both things would kill all life on Earth. Bombing the pools would be a giant disaster but maybe it wouldn"t kill us all.

      • Tackling coriums is not impossible. Think lasers. Think dissipating shape charges that knocks the coriums apart into much smaller chunks or even bits.

        But unless they admit that the problem is there, they cannot tackle it, so it gets worse and worse.

        Kind of like covering up an elephant in the room with duct tape.. It only works so long. Then elephant gets tired of the duct tape and tears it off.

        What is that pink elephant doing in the living room?


      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I think they ought to BURY the SFP and at least the Reactor #4 building in zeolite, clay slurries, boron, borosilicates, graphenes, whatever might work. It might buy some time while they apply some serious brain power to finding another solution. "Freeze" the whole mess by creating a neutron absorbing (adsorbing?) cement. Then decide if any of it can be removed.

        Or would that not work?

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Exploding fissile nuclear material does NOT make it go away. It does not 'BURN UP' and cease to exist. It only changes from one form to another. Blow the entire Fukushima site up and all of the radioactive crap there goes up into the atmosphere, into the Pacific, and all around the world.

  • This is Damacles Sword dangling stuff, and humanity is looking up and seeing the sword, held by the tiniest of threads, and the threads are unraveling…

    Can we save it in time?

    Who will act to save humanity?

    Who will act to doom it, while focusing on profits, greed, appearances, national honor, ego, etc?

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    No, you are not annoying.

    Nonetheless, I disagree. Nature itself is a containment somehow. We are save, if the yource is enough far away. If you bomb the pool, you just spead the radiation. That cannot be the solution.
    We must contain it by distance.

    But we have to save the people, who live there.
    Especially the 36.000 little children spoke of in the post above yours by or-well.

    I repost it, to let you know which one I mean.

  • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

    They should put their cards on the table and expand the evacuation zone to 100 kilometers, at least for children.

    • Cisco Cisco

      Where will they go, be evacuated to what geography? The entire country of Japan has dispersed the radioactive debris throughout the country and is burning it in over 30 incinerators, contaminating all that was not contaminated before.

      Tokyo should have been evacuated and still today should be evacuated, but where to go? And, of course there's no money for this because capitalism first, humanity zero. Never enough money to care for its people, but always enough for more profitable planet destroying schemes.

      There is no fix, only a charade to keep the people from turning on the psychopaths who created this horror.

      • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

        Hi Cisco,

        I agree, even Tokyo should be evacuated, if that were possible.
        But I guess it isn't. But we can evacuate the people from the prefecture Fukushimaor nearby rehions. And at least for the children we should be tanged to evacuate them from 100 kilometers.

        On the other hand I fear, that the radiation spreads to whole Japan, as e.g. they burn the debris in other cities facilities.

        Whatever Japan does, we should ask, what we can do from outside Japan, and I tell you I recently saw a young girl (age3?!) in her wheelchair with japanese looks, and I am happy she's here.

        • Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral

          BTW, grandpa looked really sad and disillusioned (to have to leave his country?!), I really believe they came here, because of Fukushima.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    So many propose lots of different ideas to 'fix' Fukushima. Ask yourself this, "Where is the profit in that?". Seems like a stupid question and it is, but it does seem to be the only question that matters……

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    The profit is only seen in the junk we make and no profit is seen if it breaks and they seldom want to take it back or even fix it.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    The only practical bombing scenario for fukutown has come and gone. They should have placed the contaminated water in empty double hulled tankers in the ocean for future handling and decontamination. Bombing wise they should have dug deep under the facility in the early days and strategically placed a nuke underneath and then set it off. It would have swallowed the entire facility and sealed off the sides of the crater to prevent any further leaching of radioactivity, and then came back in to cover it all up with cement and boron. Now that the grounds are saturated and contaminated, it is impossible for much work to be done at all in many places at the facility. There are two reactors still to this day that have never been entered since 3/11. There are water leaks and fissure vents that are so radioactive that the workers would receive lethal doses in a matter of minutes now. Beyond human intervention now. Going to be a daily nightmare for the rest of our lives. THERE IS NO FIX FOR THIS. How do you deal with the impossible. So much of this diabolic technology was persued with reasoning that future technology would be developed to deal with current emergencies. If FUKU doesn't get us the massive amounts of lethal waste world wide, that they still have no idea of how to deal with will. Vitrification is a joke. Might deal with 1 percent of the worlds nuclear waste nightmare. Hanford, Savannah River Site, etc etc etc. Truly a game changer for humanity.Best be finding a new…

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      cont.. Planet to live on. Moon construction should begin if you ask me. Screw mars. The moon is achievable and we know we can get there safely. Start a new colony before its too late, if not already. Maybe they should take some uncontaminated dna of pre chernobly and fuku folk and clone up a new civilization and never allow nukes of any kind on the new planet of choice. Got a better idea? Love to hear it…… This Earth is toast. Just a matter of time now.

    • You are so right on…

      A nuke now would do nothing but burst all of the 2,000 tanks on site, and send radioactive water into the air, ocean and groundwater.

      It is too late…

      so sorry. 🙁

  • Sol Man

    The batteries are fresh and so I see my days are severely numbered-
    too bad for me, us, and all of the people that we love.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Lovely. A nuclear engineer warning us to keep the batteries fresh in our radiation monitors so we'll know WHEN (not if) they drop something. Kind of like when Shrub Jr. said when he first ran for Prez of the U.S., "when we go to war," (not if).

    Call it a Freudian slip, maybe not. Sounds like he's expecting the fuel to go critical.

    Lovely, just lovely. Maybe this is why Tepco finally asked for help? God only knows what all is going on there. The rest of us just have to wait and wonder.

    So what do we do if/when they drop something? Shelter in place and hope someday we can come out? (While those with higher security clearances and more importance than ourselves go and wait it out or live in the DUMBS) ?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      I think they had better put on their thinking caps and try to find some other way to deal with it, aside from using brute force and shattering the fuel to smithereens. But the light touch and wise approach has never been Tepco's forte.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Since discussion has been in part elevated rad levels on West Coast of U.S., another observation. After it rained, thousands of earthworms climbed out of the soil and died. That happened when we had the torrential rains in California right after the rad plumes began to hit on 3/18/11.

    What's wrong with this picture? I haven't seen earthworms commit suicide en masse since 2011.

  • "Keep batteries fresh in your rad monitor, because you’re going to need to know what’s going on when they drop some fuel."
    – Harris

    I think the reason he states this is because when/if they do drop, nobody's going to tell us. There will be no announcement. 😉

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    It's 11:22PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. San Jose, California appears to be in alert status. Can't tell if it's San Francisco or San Jose.

    Lots and lots of rising and elevated levels across the United States now. Have been watching them spread. Elevated level in Nebraska for at least the hour I've been watching, now.

    We're starting to see rising and elevated levels in Oregon and Washington now, too.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Correction, San Jose and San Francisco not in alert status. That was a screen shot someone posted from June. Sorry. But rising levels in Northern and Southern parts of U.S. now. Spreading. What's up? Will post further on Monitoring Forum if warranted.

  • SusanS

    ☢ Japan Needs Worldwide Help NOW! ☢
    ☢ Fukushima Petitions to Sign & Share! ☢

    ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢ ☢

  • Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity.

    Larger problems, just mean larger opportunities.

    It is about time to discover what the UFO's seem to have invented, which the ability to neutralize nuclear materials into harmless substances.

    Transmutation was once considered impossible.

    Humans figured out how to transmute elements (in a negative, life destroying way).

    Now it is time to figure out to promote life, and enhance it, through positive transmutation.

    How about some money for research on that, instead of more ways to kill people?

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    My guess is that they already have "dropped some fuel" judging by what I see on my own GC unit(?)! Last night while my Geiger unit,like so many others across the nation was rising & falling rapidly and reaching new high levels well above level of alarm indicating the presence of hot particles in the air-I also noticed the peculiar,"metallic" smell in the air which was also hotter than I ever recalled for Chicagoland in September at 1:00 AM (TWC reported it was 85 deg.& "feels like 87") I also had a sore throat and even before spending hours in the sun waiting for my wife to get a monthly injection as part of her follow up to chemo,surgery & radiation-I felt intense burning sensations accompanied by blotchy,red,rash-like,"patches" like sunburn on my face & arms that (mostly) started clearing up a couple hours after I repeatedly flushed the irritated area's with bottled water I had on hand(?)! I've limited my exposure to direct sunlight this Summer and since my pale complexion was not burned uniformly as would be the case with sunburn-I can only guess as to the cause,but when I returned from the trip to the hospital's cancer center with my wife my mother in-law apologized & informed me that she'd thrown a small towel over my Geiger counter because she said that the shrill tone & rapid beeping annoyed the stepdad in hospice for his own multiple,terminal cancers!I awoke today to the sound of several hospice nurses,etc. because he's not expected to make it thru the…

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      cont'd- day. He hasn't been out of the bed since a short wheelchair trip to the living room Sunday and couldn't even sit thru the whole Bear's football game…also the head Oncolgist treating my wife's cancer is pushing us hard for a decision by next week regarding their wanting to remove her remaining breast AND her ovaries,etc. now even though they "think" she's supposedly in remission(?)!! I'm not sure what's going on with me but I can only describe it as having been kicked in the gonads repeatedly every few hours & harder each time and I'm forcing myself to eat & drink water and have no energy-maybe because I lost 26 lbs. in the last 2 months,IDK(?) 🙁 I keep trying to find reason to keep going every day but I'm at a loss today. I'm still sad for everyone else going through this who may have more to love about their lives than I do at this point,but the "sliver of hope" I USED to speak of when describing what keeps me going and coming back here is all but gone. What a crap world we're forced to live & die in & even while wallowing in self-pity-I feel for all of you guys & gals who are and/or will likely know this hopeless feeling and nobody deserves to live like this……….

      • or-well

        Johnny Blade, know that a lot of hearts reach out…

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Johnny go to Cancer Tutor and follow a natural program. The only thing good about conventional oncology is the morphine in the end, which should be free of course. Our world leverages misery for profit.