Nuclear Engineer: The question is, why all of a sudden the urgency at Fukushima plant, what do they know? — They’re obviously feeling pressure, like it’s one move away from checkmate (AUDIO)

Published: November 1st, 2013 at 9:44 am ET


Title: Interview with Chris Harris
Source: Nutrimedical Report
Date: Oct. 31, 2013

At 34:30 in

Tim Alexander: Chris, we were talking on the break about they seem to be in a hurry now to move these rods… My question to you was if the No. 4 unit… goes critical, can it spread to the other ones — it can right?

Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer: Yeah, if you raise the neutron flux to extend out through Unit 3 let’s say, there will be an effect on there — I’m not sure what the state of their neutron absorbers in those pools. Can you imagine that, one pool going critical and then all of a sudden, elements in another pool going critical also? […]

The question is, why all of a sudden the urgency — what do they know? They had an earthquake there. But we know that even from North Anna’s earthquake that happened here a year and a half ago, was that it took weeks to assess the damage there. And that plant was actually fixable […]

They’re obviously feeling pressure, like they’re one move away from checkmate.

Full broadcast here

See also: [intlink id=”theyre-rushing-start-unit-4-expert-2010-megathrust-quake-hit-fukushima-nov-2013-recurrence-interval-75-years-last-rupture-nov-1938-planets-powerful-type-seismic-event-wsj-top-official-concern” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 1st, 2013 at 9:44 am ET


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181 comments to Nuclear Engineer: The question is, why all of a sudden the urgency at Fukushima plant, what do they know? — They’re obviously feeling pressure, like it’s one move away from checkmate (AUDIO)

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    If the reactor remains area is so hot that robots that are sent in don't return, then how can a reliable assessment and removal the SFP assemblies be conducted..?

    Nothing is worse than those who know what ain't so for sho…

    • Difference is reactor versus SPF

      • Oncewaslost Oncewaslost

        The not knowing gives rise to a great deal of speculation that oftens translates into fear that is far from reality based.

        They say they keep you in the dark to prevent panic, but then a great deal of abnormal behviour results driving deep wedges into the fabric of society as prejudice sets in and people divide and conquer themselves.

        I think it would be better if we relied on the capacity of people to make the right decisions based on accurate information.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Like this?

          'Consumer Watchdog Demands Top Toxics Regulator Immediately Stop Boeing’s Illegal Disposal of Radioactive Waste, Including Plutonium, from Nuclear Site or Face Legal Action'

          "Boeing Waste from Santa Susana Field Lab Nuclear Meltdown Site in Simi Valley Headed to Municipal Landfills and Recyclers"

          "Structures torn down in recent months have been recycled into the commercial metal, asphalt, and concrete supply and could
          wind up in consumer products like zippers, and in building girders or roads."

          • We Not They Finally

            The Santa Susana Field Labs situation is horrendous. That's where there was a meltdown in 1959 WAY worse than TMI, but which was kept from the public. Now they've built a public park there that you have to sign a release form before you can enter it! It's HEAVILY contaminated.

            One of the leading activists exposing this (as well as current rad readings in the U.S.) is Michael Collins of Who currently seems to be "missing." I'm putting this on several posts lest anyone knows anything. He (or someone sending from his e-mail address) suddenly ducked out of the Jeff Rense Show, which he had been on enthusiastically and like clockwork for over two years. We (husband/myself) learned about the Santa Susana travesty from him.

            Meanwhile, we've had NO damage reports from the killer typhoon and major earthquake recently at Fukushima. People like Collins have been performing an immense public service. On his last radio appearance, he reported rad readings skyrocketing in American cities. Let's all pray that he and his wife are all right.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              WNTF, airborne radiation levels are rising again on the West Coast of the U.S. One has to wonder what's in the air currently passing over this area.

              Every time an EQ or typhoon hits the plant, high airborne radiation levels are detected by NETC in the U.S. Happens about 4-5 days later, just like clockwork. The levels were down earlier this week, then began to rise again yesterday or the day before.

              Wondering what really happened at Fuku Dai in the past week.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            The DTSC is the same group which published the air quality data for California Dept. of Public Health after 3/11. Had published the e-mail address of the
            person who headed up the team issuing the report here, some time ago (late in 2011, I think).

            The comment is probably archived. Think it was made in the context of Arnie Gunderson's reports on "hot particles" reaching the U.S. West Coast in March, 2011.

            Talked with a toxicologist I met in Davis, CA. He told me the name of the person. Had posted her contact info. so people here could contact her and demand she release the real data on airborne radiation levels in California on/after 3/15/11.

            Here is her name. DTHS Shelly Duteaux

            If you dig deep in the DTHS archives, you can find the report.

            This is revealing, too:



            Here is one of her projects:


            DTHS shelly duteaux

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Here's Ms. DuTeaux's contact information:

              Shelley DuTeaux, PhD MPH | Office of Environmental Health
              Hazard Assessment |

              The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is a good place to start, if interested.

              • Cisco Cisco

                GFL on getting any real data from that psychopath. She's too busy working on important things like "wildfire smoke"…a real danger to the public.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Yes, but I think it's worth the "We're still here and we're watching you" value. Psychopaths are like big dogs. Big targets for lots of persistent little critters.

                  I think it's a good idea to let the psychopaths know we're out here observing their actions, on a regular basis. Lest they get a bit too arrogant. Not that they would care.

                  Ms. DuTeaux works on a lot of interdisciplinary projects, but her primary focus is air quality.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              These comments re: toxics are in response to Time is Short, above.

      • papacares papacares

        @ Dr G – joe cocker at woodstock performing "get by with a little help from my friends"

  • When all else fails, start another global incident:

    Japanese ships disrupt Chinese military exercises
    November 2, 2013 – 12:29AM

    Read more:

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      You are so right. My brother, a Vietnam vet, pointed this out to me about 25 years ago. Have watched these things unfold just like clockwork. Trouble in China? This morning's top news story is about a girl who fell into a well and is stuck. Or negotiating an important new trade deal? Today's top story is about how methamphetamine production is occurring all over the country.

      Engage the emotions, distract, divide or divert, and conquer.

      • andagi andagi

        Dear HoTaters,
        Powerful statement. So glad our ENENews readership is increasing 🙂
        Take good care.

        • Socrates

          Soon enenews will be bigger than HuffPo where they censor comments. They call it "moderation." Despite all of that, I posted 15,000 comments. A fellow anti-nuke was asked to be a moderator recently. There are too many known pro-nuclear trolls. Some stated back in 2010 that a Fukushima-type event was impossible. They get paid by the comment. Being confronted by their own inconsistencies bothers them not in the slightest.

          I hope that enenews continues its work.

          • J.

            It is important to keep pointing out that Fukushima represents all the "impossibilities" assured by nuclear advocates. The promoters are utterly discredited. Anyone who believes them now is deeply anti-intellectual.


        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I've been around here since a few months after 3/11, Andagi. Have noted you have been posting for awhile here, too.

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            Yes you have, HoTaters, as I have also been here since the beginning with sadly no end. Take good care and no worries?

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Hi moonshellblue, good to see you're here again. Noticed you didn't post for awhile. Am feeling pretty good these days, given all we're collectively going through. Moved to Sacramento, CA area from farther out toward the coast. IMO the air quality is better here. Less radiation, and likely less smog, along with whatever's blowing over from Asia.

              How are you? You changed your Avatar. 'Looking very much like a traditional Japanese woman.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        When the SHTF, people will need meth to run to South America. Gas just costs too much…

        I see when a meth lab in someone's house releases toxic chemicals, it is in the news about how bad the toxicity is, but when nuclear power plants do it, it's all hush hush now baby don't you cry. Big Daddy government has it all under control.

        Posters in the courthouse show people all ugly and tell you how bad meth damages your body. Where are the pictures of Chernobyl mutants and other irradiated bodies?

        Not to downplay the use of meth, which is a bad idea. Just sayin. I recieved my order of KIShield today. I have been taking mcg doses, but that won't get the shit off the fan.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          unincredulous, be careful with that stuff. It's only supposed to be used for 72 hours prior to arrival of an airborne plume. At least in the dosages required to protect the thyroid when a cloud of Iodine 131 is en route to your location. You can do irreparable damage to your thyroid if you take too much, for too long. Trust me, you don't want to develop thyroid issues if you don't already have them.

          Hope I'm preaching to the choir here ….

          Better to try Lugol's solution and build up the iodine reserves in your body. Then take the high dose Potassium Iodide if a plume is coming.

          Anne and I commented on this in the past couple of days. Someone's family is visiting Japan soon, and we were commenting on iodine supplementation and other protective measures.

          Suggest eating some warame and wakami sourced from the Atlantic, too. And reishii and other mushrooms sourced from an indoor growing location. The mushrooms help to build and protect the immune system. Lots of comments on protection from radiation in the Forum area. Lots of archived comments, too. I have an extensive library of info. and links to online sources, if you're interested.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    They are pushing hard to cover the ruse..

    I think the building constructed at 4 served 2 purposes..
    It shows some semi ration activity of removal of spent fuel rods..IF they were in the condition to be removed.
    The second purpose..I believe was to 'shore-up' unit 4 and it is failing.
    There is no way..none zero..that the recent typhoon(s) did not affect the groundwater..subsidence..causing further mudslides..etc.
    Unit 4..was lowered by the original earthquake/tsunami..and is titling.
    And what I believe is happening may be the slow collapse of unit 4..

    But hey..I've heard this.

    "And while we were doing our best..the ranch burnt down..mam!"

  • bincbom

    Oh, so putting a bunch of spent fuel pools right next to each other is a bad idea??

    Whoda thunk!

  • "…they’re one move away from checkmate."
    – Harris

    WE are all one move away from checkmate.

    Each and every DNA destroying Death Machine ever built is one move away from checkmate.

    They want you to beLIEve it's of no immediate concern. 😉

  • Kassandra

    I think there is no doubt that unit 4 burned in the past ( and

    Still, I'm not disavowing the possibility that some relatively intact fuel remains in that pool.

    I think TEPCO and site advisers are concerned that Daiichi is becoming too radioactive for work.

    I think the attempt at unit 4 is a 'hail Mary' pass.

    The biggest risk was, and continues to be, cascading nuclear plant failures. X-PM Kan explained the possibility of multiple failures beginning with Daiichi, moving to Daini, and then impacting Tokai, etc when he addressed Caldicott's Symposium (

    The Fukushima disaster is potentially far greater than the nuclear catastrophe unfolding presently at Daiichi.

    Alvarez claims that the entire radiocesium inventory in fuel at Daiichi is 1/2 of all previous releases, including atmospheric testing and Chernobyl (

    Gradual releases of this inventory (and all other radionuclides)is a slow motion and potentially survivable event.

    Accelerated atmospheric release of this inventory (e.g., via fires) will result in cascading plant failures and a potential ELE.

    I'm convinced this is motivating the unit 4 operation

  • weeman

    What do they know sums it up nothing.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    If Tepco had only been monitoring ENEnews from the beginning :(!

    • They have been, along with NSA, CIA and the 18 US plus 50 or so other secret intelligence agencies around the world.

      As long as you do not get uppity you will be OK…

      Nothing has really changed.. admit 1%, cover up 99%..

      Move along, nothing to see here.

      • Bones Bones

        Don't forget Enenews is a great place to gauge normal human reaction (Anti-nuke is a normal reaction.) to this, not the fake emotion and data from tv "news," and a great resource to find talking points. Using what people say here, one could steer conversations certain ways during press releases and other public relations.

      • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

        >>They have been, along with NSA, CIA and the 18 US plus 50 or so other secret intelligence agencies around the world.

        What? Okay, that settles it. I'm out.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          DrinkUpDreamers, I see you like an old song. Strange, some of the songs written 20-30 years ago sound exactly like they were written about Fukushima Daichi.

          Peter Gabriel, from "Here Comes the Flood"

          "When the flood calls
          You have no home, you have no walls
          In the thunder crash
          You're a thousand minds, within a flash ….

          When the night shows
          the signals grow on radios
          All the strange things
          they come and go, as early warnings
          Stranded starfish have no place to hide
          still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
          There's no point in direction we cannot
          even choose a side.

          I took the old track
          the hollow shoulder, across the waters
          On the tall cliffs
          they were getting older, sons and daughters
          The jaded underworld was riding high
          Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky
          and as the nail sunk in the cloud, the rain
          was warm and soaked the crowd.

          Lord, here comes the flood
          We'll say goodbye to flesh and blood
          If again the seas are silent
          in any still alive
          It'll be those who gave their island to survive
          Drink up, dreamers, you're running dry."

  • Lady M

    Wow, Kassandra! That is scarier than anything I have heard of to date on Fukushima(or, I should say, Fukushimas) — and IMHO I think you may have nailed it.

  • or-well

    J-Gov to make Tepco a holding company.

    Just throwing that out.

    • Or-well, the money aspect is under analyzed here at Enenews. Try this

      The government has given TEPCO a lot of money and is now involved in the reorganization of that company. Banks have outstanding loans in the billions US$ they have renegotiated and plan to give them more on the understanding that other nuke plants get started up for cash earnings. Tepco is looking to turn a profit for shareholders and bankers. That is their mission. Still with all this money floating around Fukushima residents haven't been compensated. And radiated water is and has been leaking into the Pacific. No money spent their either as they see no return on their profit. The fools calling the shots have a money oriented view of life. We all get sucked into this false reality shoved down our throats. Its not the economy stupid its Mother Nature. A political solution is needed to fix Fukushima. Obummer sure isn't the answer even if he is black.

      • Money is green. Cesium glows green.

        Money loves cesium, because they are both green.

        The more cesium contamination happens, the more money they make

        = no bid contracts, financed by taxpayers.

        They need to keep contaminating, polluting, and 'leaking'.

        It is very profitable.

        By moving the FUKU losses off the books into a money losing holding corp, they are basically saying that they will never pay anything back, and just keep losing money forever at Daichi, because the taxpayers can fund it.

        Meanwhile, the other holding corps can generate cash for the 1%, which is the most important thing for them.

        1% rules of thumb;

        Transfer all losses and risks to taxpayers.

        Keep the profits.

        Pay no taxes.

        • Wreedles Wreedles

          This is the same thinking underlying the perception that prisons are profitable.

          That it's a false economy crosses their minds not at all.

  • Alpha1

    I am just going to say I was part of GE Alsthom and had taken part in retrofit cycle for Fuk U Shima they are not doing anything but making it look like they have fuel in a pool that is no longer there (ALL LIES). Since there is not one person that can show me any film that can prove there is beyond a shadow of a doubt anyone within 1.5 miles of the plant. I can say I know the 500 contaminant radiant radio-actives a plant makes, all anyone is talking about is 4 or 5 of them beware what you read as it is not what is real.

    This is an ELE Extinction Level Event as for our understanding of Chine MELTDOWN the amounts of radiation released are accumulative there-fore until the plant is contained they add up not decrease with half life expectancy. Anyone one in the industry knows this. That is why you see the UNEB groups leaving and going south moving from America to Australia a joke and south Africa. I am surprised the entire US congress is not already on IRON mountain at the complete replica of Congress underground…

  • rnix rnix


    "The crucified planet Earth,
    should it find a voice
    and a sense of irony,
    might now well say
    of our abuse of it,
    "Forgive them, Father,
    They know not what they do."

    The irony would be
    that we know what
    we are doing.

    When the last living thing
    has died on account of us,
    how poetical it would be
    if Earth could say,
    in a voice floating up
    from the floor
    of the Grand Canyon,
    "It is done."
    People did not like it here."

    Kurt Vonnegut

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Some interesting information on the official urgency on Unit4 in this repost from ENEnewser PattieB:
    "January 2, 2013 at 9:24 pm · Reply
    "It was due to be re-started the following week, and location of the crane at time of power-loss, was over the loading channel, having already loaded a rod into the refurbished reactor. I have the status printouts from each control room at start of crisis, and the KEY THING that The Lie BA**** have spoken to the press on this… saying there were no "ACTIVE" fuels in the reactor core! TRUE! As it never got filled, closed, and run! That DOESN'T MEAN that there were not any rods INSTALLED IN IT! And when the pipe at the bottom of the #4 reactor-CORE fell off, it DRAINED EMPTY! ALSO, drained MOST of the water out of the pool, temporarily… until they got the gate to the core closed… and they had problems with THAT, as it wouldn't SEAL! They put temp BLACK PLASTIC over pool-side of the gate, to get the water to STAY IN THE POOL! However, it was bit late, and the Plutonium breeder-rods in #4 pool had started to burn already. Water doesn't put that type fire out… We then had our night-hours "Glowing Blob"! That has caused rads to stream from the pool ever since. The #4 fires, were in the reactor core, then in the cask pit."

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      That entire thread from January 2, 2013, makes for some interesting reading.

      It is becoming clear that some or most of the uranium rods in SFP4 are still intact, as well as that rack of new MOX fuel in SFP4.

      Some fuel assemblies will undoubtedly fail during removal, dumping their fuel pellets onto the pool floor.
      But that's a story line for another day.

      The fires, reported incorrectly as being in SFP4, were actually from MOX or Pu Fuel Assemblies that were in the Cask Pit, and from other MOX or Pu assemblies already installed in Reactor4.

      The big secret that has beside itself with worry is that TEPCO was using MOX and Pu fuel assemblies without the permission of local governments. Only Unit3 had local approval for MOX. Applications for use of MOX in other units hadn't been approved by local government agencies. Local government approval is a big deal in Japan. No unit was approved for Pu breeder fuel.

      Fires in Pu breeder fuel assemblies is a big deal for us all, as a thick layer of Plutonium fallout coated the entire northern hemisphere in 2011. wants to remove all remaining MOX fuel and debris from Cask Pit3, Reactor3, and SFP3, and get it secured pronto. From prying eyes, if nothing else. If TEPCO is seen removing MOX or Pu from Reactor4, there will be hell to pay both inside Japan, and with the International Community.

      PattieB, care to add anything at this time? (We miss you at ENEnews.)

      • Naha Johari

        Ok Philip, could this explain the presence of a CIA man reportedly sent to advise TEPCO & a US Navy team reportedly sent to the plant, both in the early days post tsunami in 2011?

        I've read conspiracy theories flying around alleging a covert Japanese nuke weapon programme nested in Fukushima. This unapproved Pu & MOX angle seems more plausible though plausible deniability is all the rage (maybe thanks to the Alphabet man sent to advise TEPCO) since 2011. Plu-sible…

        • Naha Johari, I don't know about covert nuclear weapons programme in the basement of Fukushima. Making bombs? Japan has 9 tons of weapons grade plutonium and the capacity to make lots more.
          Is no secret PM Abe is for kicking US troops out of Japan and militarizing Japan. Heres a good article on the military equation part of this puzzle. IE why nuclear is pushed. Naha you do realize the original nuclear reactor was built solely to produce plutonium for nuke bombs in WW2?

          • Peaceful Japan space program plus peaceful reprocessing nuclear fuel waste is an equation for nuclear warhead missiles.

          • Naha Johari

            Oh man, the Rolkasho Plutonium reprocessing plant story makes Shinzo Abe sound like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, bat-shit crazy with the increasingly militant soundbites from Tokyo in its never ending territorial spats with Russia, China, Taiwan & the Koreas. "For civilian purposes only". Heard that before… Yes, Plutonium & ballistics tech, while the Chinese & Koreans are still waiting for formal apologies for WWII crimes against humanity by the Japanese Imperial Army. Madness.

            • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

              Not to mention that Japan is crazy for revenge against the USA for nuking two of their cities during the last go-around…

              • irhologram

                Wild things are sometimes true, but what do you do with the wife of the MIT guy I personally spoke to? She said her husband and an entire team were already in the air and halfway to Japan as I spoke with her in the line at CVS at 8 a.m. March 12. The U.S. (et al) were supervising this. Ann has repeatedly posted the line "up" in the corporate chain of who's really in a position to supervise at Fukishima and it isn't Tepco. WHY is this fact so easily dismissed here????? What makes you think "Japan" is in charge of anything? Why connect dots that don't exactly fit, when we have dots that do connect? I don't believe Japan is in charge of this. I don't believe Tepco is in charge of this. In fact, their track record is absurd, so absurd that it, itself, begs the question of whether they are in charge AT ALL, while OTHER theories about Japan's refusal to go along with the international monetary system, and the fact that they were thumbing their noses the same week with plans to go "on line" in a fully constructed roll-out of electric cars, complete with recharging stations…have been given as motive for bringing Japan "around." Ask: where are the electric cars now? The price of electricity went up after Fukishima, doncha' know? And so the market dried up. I don't know about ANY of that. What I DO know is I spoke with the wife of an MIT nuclear scientist who was called in within HOURS.

                • babbo dorian babbo dorian

                  100% agree hirologram….. japan govenment complete is only a depictable puppet of usa nuclear war lords, GE, rytheon, monsanto, etc.
                  All of them belong to the same owners…. rotschild, rockefeller, etc
                  They decided something on all this.
                  And, also their business partner, murdoch…. owner of most of the mass media… for complete coverage according to their intrests.
                  Remember… they know very well how people thinks and behaves… and are completely unrespectfull of human kind.
                  Best wishes

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              From Wikipedia:


              List of Living Former Prime Ministers

              Name Term of office Dates of birth
              Yasuhiro Nakasone 1982–1987 27 May 1918 (age 95)
              Toshiki Kaifu 1989–1991 2 January 1931 (age 82)
              Morihiro Hosokawa 1993–1994 14 January 1938 (age 75)
              Tsutomu Hata 1994 24 August 1935 (age 78)
              Tomiichi Murayama 1994–1996 3 March 1924 (age 89)
              Yoshirō Mori 2000–2001 14 July 1937 (age 76)
              Junichiro Koizumi 2001–2006 8 January 1942 (age 71)
              Yasuo Fukuda 2007–2008 16 July 1936 (age 77)
              Taro Aso 2008–2009 20 September 1940 (age 73)
              Yukio Hatoyama 2009–2010 11 February 1947 (age 66)
              Naoto Kan 2010–2011 10 October 1946 (age 67)
              Yoshihiko Noda 2011–2012 20 May 1957 (age 56)

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                That would have put Yasuo Fukuda in office as PM when the alleged technology transfer occurred.

                • Naha Johari

                  HoTaters, what are the chances of a whistleblower from BWXT Plantex corroborating this alleged transfer?

                  Probably nil, even if this is true. MSM will be on meth overdrive crucifying anyone party to the release of such damning info as conspiracy kooks & traitors etc, it will dwarf Ed Snowden's character assassination. The recent LAX shooting had them on s roll against 'NWO conspiracy theorists.'

                  If there is such evidence the Japanese people will bay for the blood of every PM from Yasuo Fukuda to Shinzo Abe. It's the stuff of treason for all involved.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Naha Johari, I'm just responding to someone else's post on this. Anne (?), WeNotTheyFinally, and perhaps a couple of others here have been posting about this for some time.

                    Am not saying I believe it is factual. IMO the whole hypothesis is pretty far out there, but not inconceivable. I tend not to go too far down the road with these kinds of allegations. That's why I said they are "allegations." The statements may or may not have a basis in fact.

                    You are correct, the Japanese people would not stand for it, should they find out this kind of technology transfer took place.

                    The U.S. has had enough influence in nuclear development in Japan that such actions as alleged weren't really necessary. Japan already has Rokkasho. It's not like the Japanese need any enriched fuel or plutonium secretly smuggled to them.

        • Socrates

          Most crimes involve a combination of two or more persons…

          Governments and/or their agents commit crimes every day under color of authority.

          The term "conspiracy theory" itself was originally thought up by which government agency? You guessed it.

          TEPCO is part of the goverment in essence.

          When Lincoln was assassinated, it was a conspiracy. The Select Committee on assassinations determined that there were two shooters…

          Goverment operations are secret for many reasons, one being illegality as in Watergate. I could go on and on. Call it being dishonest but it is there, like it or not. Just because the government does it does not make it legal or non-conspiratorial.

      • Cisco Cisco

        I think this is conjecture. I don't believe Patti B has "status printouts from each control room at start of crisis". And so, I'm compromised to buy into all of her assertions.

        Whether SFP #4 is the beginning of the radioactive firestorm to come. It is just another piece of the ever, disintegrating puzzle.

    • I only encountered Patti for a short time here, but I found some of her assertions to be physically impossible. Like reactor fuel made of 100% P239. Tried gently to get her to correct, but she doubled down. So I quit trying. Either sadly afflicted, or an agent of deliberate disinformation in one of those gub'ment spy stings aimed at the conspiracy-minded (and their websites).

      We know about the 'TIA' data scooping of all electronic media, landline, GPS, e-mail, even U.S. Mail… everything, for all of us, everyone in the world no matter how unimportant. Our SuperSpies must have the most boring job on the planet. Some of 'em get to have fun with it. Does anyone honestly believe Patti's "hot secrets" were really secret knowledge TPTB wouldn't want known? After what they did to every leaker in the past 5 years?

      Disinformation, likely designed to discredit this valuable website. It's physically impossible to make reactor fuel rods out of 100% P239 (though you could make several fine fusion bombs). Worse, she claimed it was for 'breeding'. Breeders use rods with just over 20% enrichment, don't use light water moderation, and don't use 100% pure P239 rods. Honest.

      Someone should have asked her how – exactly – 'they' got black plastic in the dry pool against the gate in the first days of the disaster. Think about it…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      December 23, 2012 at 10:35 pm Log in to Reply
      I'm sorry that it took so long for you folks to get "on-board" with the plutonium facts I told of.
      However, again, there is mis-information goin on here… to lower the damage it does! FACT: In a nuclear detonation…? MOST ALL of the plutonium is changed "Fissioned" and the result is U-234 This is bad, yes! But there are natural things and foods to flush it out of your body. The fuku deal was a fissle, re: reactor #3. MOST of it went up into the air as PLUTONIUM! 30+ entire rods consising of 1/3% P-239, 1/3% P-240, 1/3% P-241/// and that's WHY it did the "FIZZLE" and didn't QUITE go off like a real nuke weapon would normaly. There are still 40 of these burning-away in the pool of #4

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Time Is Short
        December 22, 2012 at 8:48 pm
        "According to experts and scientists it takes about 10 pounds of plutonium in the atmosphere to wipe out the entire planet."
        A recently disclosed Tepco documentation indicates total emissions estimates of both plutonium 239 and neptunium 239 for the first 100 hours of the catastrophe. This leaked Tepco document [19] suggests a release of 1.2 trillion bq of pu-238,pu-239,p-240 and pu-241 collectively and 76 trillion bq of Np-239 within the first 100 hours of the catastrophe. Our goal with this study included developing atmospheric dispersion plots of these emissions and modeling radionuclide concentrations at receptors worldwide.
        With really nice, full color charts:
        "…direct download from US EPA Radnet computers. It shows in the weeks after the accident, plutonium detecting in the US at levels 2900% to 3500% over background."
        "The most terrifying fact is that the Japanese power plants are using ‘dirty’ fuel, which most countries have rejected and banned. Needless to say that the Americans built them. Since the Earth is moving Counterclockwise most of the fall-out will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it somewhere else. […]"

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Time Is Short
        December 22, 2012 at 8:52 pm Log in to Reply
        "Arnold Gundersen, Nuclear Engineer: Unit 3 had 30 bundles of MOX fuel… All the reactors have plutonium in them… Uranium-238 becomes plutonium-239 when it absorbs a neutron… There was close to a ton of plutonium in each of the reactors… scattered throughout the fuel… A ton of plutonium in each reactor… you and I know how dangerous plutonium can be."
        Now mostly aerosolized into the biosphere:

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        December 23, 2012 at 11:10 am Log in to Reply
        "it takes about 10 pounds of plutonium in the atmosphere to wipe out the entire planet."
        I'm quite certain you are refering to statements made on this blog early on that refered to the fact that IF the 10 pounds was chopped up finely enough and everyone on earth ingested their small share that yes, we would all die. Look at the number 3 reactor building. After it exploded they never poured any water on it. There was nothing left to cool. Look at reactor number 1, the first thing they did was build a tent over it. Must have been lots of bad shit coming off of that sucker. The spent fuel pool number 4 did 'burn'. There were photos taken and certain experts stated that there was supposed to be fuel rods in the photos but they weren't there. No, I am quite certain that huge amounts of fuel, both spent and 'fresh' vaporised and is floating all around the earth. Thousands of pounds of it, probably tons, who knows. TEPCO ain't sayin and they turned RADNET off.


        'Dirty' fuel = MOX.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        December 23, 2012 at 1:00 pm
        “…Betwecn 1945 and 1976, about 26,000 curies (5 pounds of human-made 238Pu) were released into the atmosphere: 9820 curies from the atmospheric testing of plutonium bombs, and 17,000 curies from the satellite that burned up as it reentered the atmosphere in 1964. Of the total, based on samplings throughout the world, only 0.00055 pounds has been inhaled or ingested by all human beings….
        “Of more importance in how plutonium moves through the environment is that, once it falls on land, it can be resuspended into the air whenever the ground is disturbed by wind or human activities such as tilling or construction. This means it is available to be inhaled by humans, which is the most harmful path. Most of the studies on resuspension were conducted in arid environments, leading to question wbether resuspension of small particles would be less in more humid or wet areas. There is no solid evidence to support this idea, since measurements taken
        throughout the United States actually showed that the lowest concentration of particles per cubic meter of air were in White Pine County, Nevada — a very arid area — and that the highest were in the more humid Midwest, where soil erosion and tilling produce major resuspension. Other experiments in South Carolina, Enewetak, and Bikini also show that resuspension of soil was essentially the same as in arid environments….”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        FISSION EVENT and Fire at Fukushima #4
        June 14, 2011
        “…This is TEPCO video of the #4 fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi just after midnight last night, June 14, 2011.
        “It is on fire by 00:46.
        “There is an explosion at the back of the structure which is captured in frame 1:05.
        “There is a flash of Cherenkov radiation visible – at least to me – from the back of the structure between frames 1:05 – 1.07.
        “There is more fire and smoke at 1:31, 1:36, 1:46 and the fuel becomes energetic at 2:12. A transient criticality event appears to have been achieved at ~1.07 although not many other people seem to see it. Fission events occur at the point of the flashes.
        “The fuel pool HAS disintegrated into yet another disaster. Anyone even remotely near Fukushima Daiichi with a metallic taste in their mouth should seek medical attention….”

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Whoa, hadn't seen that particular video, anne. Right up there with the worst of the worst. That is some ugly lookin' stuff. Thank you for posting. Please re-post it regularly, lest we forget.

        • KDM KDM

          I too had not seen this video. That is one wicked fire! Looked like the devil himself erecting from hell.

  • I addresses this phenomenon in 2011…


    • Naha Johari

      Tacomagroove addressed it in 2011, PattieB after New Year's day this year.

      What kind of collective criminal mindset do the powers that be & their corporate pals have to put profit before an ELE?!

  • Naha Johari, typical criminal anti-social behavior. Most people won't steal or kill unless their life depends on it. Most people just want to provide for their family and make some sort of honest living. Sunday bar-b-que with cold beer and steaks and a sunny day with wife and kids is good enough for most people. The reason the people in power are in power is because they have the ruthless mentality to be there. I'm not surprised at the behavior of the "powers that be & their corporate pals". I'm surprised and disappointed that so many world citizens especially in the west accept this and further accept that the economy trumps the health of this planet. Enenews proves you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. There is hope.

    • Naha Johari

      I read you loud & clear Mark. They are criminal.

      I have a 3 year old daughter. I'm terrified about her growing up in a radiation-poisoned world. We don't have another planet to migrate to. The half-life of some of that lethal cocktail spewing out of FNPP is mind-boggling.

      ENENews is indeed an eye opener, especially from all of the posters with a technical grasp of nuclear mechanics from hell. Thanks to all of you. Keep us informed, even if we can't do much against big bucks industry lobbying power. You certainly raised my awareness of this horror, and I tell others to also read up.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Criminal ..indeed…

        "Apocalyptic": Fuukshima Fuel Rod Assembly Removal Begins Nov.8. TEPCO Subcontracts Yakuza Gangsters

        Who else for the removal of evidence?

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Here is Moniz roaring ready to go..
          Completely denying the actual conditions..
          Who says the US isn't involved in the cover-up?..they too are liars.

          Removal of Fukushima's spent fuel on target: U.S. Energy Secretary


          A little wordage..talking about Japan's sovereignty..then drools over a bilateral commission.

          ""The United States stands ready to continue assisting our partners in this daunting yet indispensable task," Moniz said, adding that Japan is charting a "sovereign path" on how to handle the cleanup.

          The two countries in 2012 created a bilateral commission to strengthen engagement on civil nuclear issues."

          Ya..let's not admit the US is standing on the neck of Japan..and Japan lets it happen..offers it's own neck.

        • Heart of the Rose, sure another aspect of this. People can google or wikipedia yakuza to understand that unlike Hells Angels up here in BC or whatever in US and other countries, Yakuza organized crime is much more mainstream and often "helps out" corporations in Japan. This is all normal behavior in Japan. TEPCO is obviously in trouble and has embraced the Yakuza. This problem has many layers. Global economy, organized crime enforcers, nuclear weapons, military power stability in the region, bank loans, stability of a trillion dollar economy, US interests, the list goes on. The health of this planet, particularly the Pacific Ocean is far far down on the list and the general health of you and me not even on the radar.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            I understand the varied reasons for their deceptions.
            But see…fate being what it is..circumstances..whatever..we have all arrived in our places.

            They in their deceptions..our position in truth.

            And although we all know how the game is played..there are others ..the children..the innocent and whom the informed have responsibility.
            The situation can not go unannounced or unprotested.

            Even if this voice is a mere yelp in the darkness..let it be said it came from our lips…when these same look to us in the future for answers and query us as to whether… we even tried.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      +a million, Mark. 🙂

  • pkjn

    Japanese politician breaks taboo by giving letter to Emperor about Fukishima fears
    euronews – Nov 1, 2013‎
    A Japanese politician has caused a stir after handing a letter about the health impact of the Fukishima nuclear disaster to the Emperor.
    He says he wanted to draw attention to the plight of children affected.
    In eastern Japan there are children coming down with many health problems and there are people who are working in radioactive conditions who are just being ignored – this is the reality.
    There have been calls for him to resign.
    Japan’s Culture Minister said: “If we allow such action without any repercussion, it will encourage others to hand the Emperor letters at various events,”

  • Shaker1

    Yes, Phillip, I'm really beginning to believe in Patti B. Personally, I couldn't believe for a moment that migration of hydrogen from Unit 3 (which then begs the question of what was the source of all that H2 in Unit 3) and chose the simplest explanation of the SP pool in 4. I found her things a bit difficult to sift through; multiple sites, not very well-ordered or presented, but portions of her explanations increasing make sense.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Agreed, Shaker1. I admit that, at first, I called her out again and again, on not being specific enough, and not presenting what I consider to be adequate backup. Pattie had so much info that appeared nowhere else. But she insisted that much of her info was from insiders who were actually there, or who knew the details of what was going on. So many of her stories just "sang" to me, ringing true amidst all the noise and bother in the aftermath of Fukushima. I came to take her posts seriously, and dug into the photobuckets she offered to verify what she was saying for myself.

      Wish PattieB would return here. 😉

      It was a big burden for Pattie to deal with all the attacks, I suppose…

  • The problem is very complex and I thank all those who contribute their time researching Fukushima and discussing it here at Enenews and of course Administration of Enenews. Knowing is half the battle and they made a big mistake giving us this military grade tool, the internet which allows us to find the truth and not rely on the evening news. I gotta bounce, Peace All.

  • We Not They Finally

    Note that we had no damage reports whatsoever for the last typhoon and earthquake. It was already horrendously bad and that had to have made it incalculably worse.

    For some of us, "the tipping point" came on Day One. But for the self-serving greedy plutocrats, maybe it's now.

    • We Not They Finally

      Also: Everyone, Michael Collins of, the guy doing perhaps the most with ongoing radiation testing in the U.S., is apparently now "missing." He was on the Jeff Rense Show every Monday night like clockwork and very enthusiastically so. Last appearance was October 21, BEFORE even the last typhoon and the 7.5 earthquake, and he said that radiation levels in U.S. were starting to spike VERY dangerously high. (Like 750 CPM in Amarillo, Texas.)

      Collins was someone who would never ever be quiet. Then just before the last show, October 28th, Jeff Rense got a brief, false-sounding e-mail allegedly from Collins (from his e-mail address anyway) that he would not be on the show "anymore." Jeff speculated that Collins was "threatened" but he really didn't know. I don't know either, but it smells bad, dangerous, scary. May Collins and his wife be safe somewhere, but honestly, I don't know.

      That would be "a tipping point" America should never ever reach. The last person to outright just "disappear" (obviously, many have been suspiciously killed, but it's known) was, I believe, Jimmy Hoffa.

      But maybe here we are. I hope not, but maybe here we are.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        @We Not They Finally

        Regarding the disappearance, don't forget to check out the Executive Orders of the President. Anyone can now be disappeared with no word to the family, no writ of habeas corpus, tortured, imprisoned or killed. No, we no longer live in our pleasant recollections of America. This one should appear on the front page of every newspaper in America. Instead, nobody has ever heard of it.

        Only the gullible will think it never happens.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    D O . T H E . M A T H

    Workers will not be able to enter the plant if radiation levels keep rising.

  • Alpha1

    UNEB UNITED NUCLEAR EXAMINATIONS BOARD and most will have never heard of them nor ever see them. They are part of the original proliferation treaty and never spoken of. Much like the United Nations Nuclear Review Offices.

    Similar to IEAA and or NRC but the oversight committee for the UN Science Board. You may look into it but they are higher level boards that review oversight for Nuclear incident in this country and only report to the president of the US….

    You get this picture however you can read what you want, maybe you should read between the lines. In the mean time answer why even ROBOTS can not get CLOSE Enough to the UNITS and why they never come back. There is no Human being that can get within over 1000 yards that will not die within hours. Truth not BS, no Lies, Are there any real engineers that have worked in the -3ft or the +12 ft or the 33ft levels of a nuke facility…

    Maybe they will know of what I speak!!!!!!!!

  • Gradius

    BREAKING NEWS: NHK World was forced to take out a news, and yes it was today, just few ago:
    "Fukushima children's strength declining"


    Check it out before is too late.

  • razzz razzz

    TEPCO becoming a holding company at the request of the Japanese government via the US government is a much sinister plot just beginning to take shape. Fukushima, Daiichi will be spun off as a separate entity of TEPCO, then start applying for foreign aid…er, I mean, international cleanup funds and assistance. The Daiichi reclamation project or whatever they choose to name it, will be like a bad bank and take all the losses apart from TEPCO's balance sheet bottom line. They will put it in a new category like 'future write offs'. Shareholders and banks (bonds) will be pleased.

    Either that or Japan cuts out the Fukushima prefecture all together naming it a new country and abandons it like new Russia did to the old countries and borders due to Chernobyl costs and implications. New Russia has lots of oil and gas money now but international funds pay for Chernobyl's new sarcophagus. Profits to government, losses and sickness to citizens.

    Separating out Pu from nuclear fuel waste requires a processing plant that creates huge amounts of other nuclear wastes to have to deal with. Where's the reprocessing plant at Daiichi?

    If any pool is missing rods, it is U3. U2 is the next largest holder of intact rods after U4. U2 is unworkable due to radioactivity.

    PattyB was correct on many things: Between U2&U3 to hot to work. Bulldozing nuke debris into the harbor, common pool Unit blowing its roof. Unfortunately she embellished her beliefs with hyperbole.

  • ftlt

    Does anyone know if airborne radiation has increased in recent weeks??? I have asked this before…

    • razzz razzz

      Appears to be a media blackout going on as TEPCO does not give updates about sensor readings like it used to and little else. My guess is that it only gets worse each day either in little steps or leaps and bounds. Nothing is happening to make the situation any better or TEPCO would say so.

      Emptying 4's pool won't do much for the overall radioactivity readings at the site.

      • ftlt

        Razz: My feeling too… Given the recent spike and problems it seems that an increase in aerosol releases must be going on..

        That there are not alarm bells going off worldwide, is just more of the same sinister behavior out of the Globalist's puppet regimes and world bodies..

        The world has become a slave village over the 40 years.


  • razzz razzz

    GE Nuclear Plant Inspector Whistle-blower Kei Sugaoko said U4 shroud replacement had just been completed when the Great Quake struck. There was no time to load U4's reactor yet.

    If the equipment pool was still full of the cutup old shroud pieces then the Unit was certainly not ready to resume operation.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    well if NETC.COM is anything to go by, the answer is of course a resounding yes…

  • Alpha1

    Yes it has increase over 1000% on the west coast and in other states you can go look at the most recent RADNET information which by the by has just been put back up under recent orders of the US. It was shut down for the last 18 months as order signed by the commander and chief…

    Here is the link to see in your to find out the count near you. Please remember this just shows LEL and HLR of back ground radiation most recent,

    This site will show you graphs that show the levels of Gamma in the back ground and is easy to read if you know what it is your looking at.

  • Alpha1

    Sorry United Nuclear not correct let me look and find the actual site for radiation back ground info for you…

  • Alpha1

    ok you can go there and it will show the graphs of local and all you have to do is find your town and click.

  • Alpha1

    I can say if that does not work try this one as I believe they are removing data as fast as I can type, at least seems to be the case so far with other things.e I do not know where you are you will have to get into this section then go to radnet info and click your city and or state and go from there….

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @ Alpha 1…I tried severak times and many ways. Got:

      "You are here: EPA Home
      RadNet Home
      File Not Found
      Sorry – that page doesn't exist
      Last updated on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 10:46:31 AM."

      I used this site regularly in the beginning of the disaster, then…~~~!

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Heck I like this planet…Solutions are going to cost lives. Sign up and die if the UN is called in to help? Nuclear kamikaze slaves sent to fix a EMP rich zone filled with Krypton, MOX complexes and various other diffused fission products. Finding a way to trap and recycle the liquid core contamination will require a fully operational Thorium recycling center located meters from the stricken plant. Trillions of dollars and an at a minimum 900,000 active workers exposed until death will possibly be enough to get the spent fuel rods from reactor 4's building. The lives needed will be a display of terrible inhumanity. Within the next year full manifestation of contamination accumulation in the population of the greater Tokyo area will show it's ugliest side yet. The elderly will show rapid wasting syndrome and the young will have torn smooth muscle tissue. Running from facts will start to prove fruitless for all of humanity quite soon. The evaporated MOX general population test is now underway. Perhaps the 5th Estate will quake in their boots when an entire coastline washes up on Venice beach.

  • RichardPerry

    At some point the fuel will melt below water tables so will not be cooled down then explode causing trouble with No 4 fuel pool among others..

  • Alpha1

    I think I like that but the whole thing is already in Cali, 120 days ago from the reports of NOAA. since then there has been dying shell fish sea stars, tune,salmon,sardines all but gone whales washing up dolphin and much more. the radiation of the coast is like this

    The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California “with greatest exposure in central and southern California”, and that Southern California’s seaweed tested over 500% higher for radioactive iodine-131 than anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada:

    Projected paths of the radioactive atmospheric plume emanating from the Fukushima reactors, best described as airborne particles or aerosols for 131I, 137Cs, and 35S, and subsequent atmospheric monitoring showed it coming in contact with the North American continent at California, with greatest exposure in central and southern California. Government monitoring sites in Anaheim (southern California) recorded peak airborne concentrations of 131I at 1.9 pCi m−3

    Anaheim is where Disneyland is located.

    EneNews summarizes the data:

    Corona Del Mar (Highest in Southern California)

    2.5 Bq/gdwt (gram dry weight)= 2,500 Bq/kg of dry seaweed

    Santa Cruz (Highest in Central California)

    2.0 Bq/gdwt = 2,000 Bq/kg of dry seaweed

    Simon Fraser University in Canada also tested North American seaweed after Fukushima:

    “In samples…

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      The Kuroshiro Current takes it into the Pacific Northwest first, then the Longshore Current brings it south.

      There is that branch current that goes straight to Hawai'i, though.

      Not that the West Coast isn't screwed, but the charts don't lie. Scientists, on the other hand . . .

    • Kassandra

      Full source please

      Thank yoy

        • Kassandra

          Thank you but what I'm looking for is the source provided by Alpha 1

          I have data on radioactive kelp in so cal but I don't have good data on atmospheric conditions in the region.

          My concern is more than academic as I am afraid for my children. It rained hard starting about mar 18. I think we got the MOX. The EPA radnet levels went up even more during the fall of 2011. Now the levels are rising a gain fast.

          My youngest son has not been well but his symptoms are vague: very frequent headaches, fatigue, nose bleeds, and more viral susceptibility.

          My husband doesn't believe the effects are from radiation but I do because the insects around here have been decimated, especially those that disappeared also after Chernobyl.

          I know my husband is terrified and psychically immobilized. Denial is easier. I think we will be too late to flee.

      • Alpha1


        If you are afraid for you and your children when I worked in the field Health Physics expert gave me a formula to stop nuclear free radical exposures to the cell and cell walls as well as reverse certain effects of Alpha, Gamma exposures.

        Here this is for everyone: Please consider it and pass it along to those you care for and worry about…

        Nansil-10 can be found here
        Harry Watson is who you talk to and his email is to place that order

        Here is a recap of what is needed in the formula
        15 Drops DMSO diluted into water or Juice
        Tea time Pau D'arco steeped into a tea drink as much as possible and or Fluor Essence
        NanoSil-10 immunity booster as directed you can get it at
        Colloidal Gold dilute 15 drops into juice or water
        Pure fish oils cod live so forth and so on pre FUK U SHIMA or OMEGA oils
        Vitamin D3 120MG
        Vitamin B12 better yet a B 100 blend will give you the entire amino chain needed
        175 MG Milk Thistle
        1000MG Lecithin

        I am disclosing that you should always check with a nutritionist or doctor before taking any vitamins in combination of these types. Also that none of the claims made are intended to treat, diagnose,cure or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated the statements provided…I can only say it has worked for me as I am allergic to Iodine..

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Fresno is at radcon 4 again ( The EPA stopped publishing results for Bakersfield in September (enviroreporter). Some people have predicted that because of climate change the Southwest only has 5 years before lack of water and high temperatures will make for disaster.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I have heard the same thing and why they are not building desalination plants right now is beyond me but then now that the ocean is contaminated with radiation where will one go for the search clean water? Things could get very bad in the southwest if the weather patterns don't return to somewhat normal conditions soon.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        I should have added, climate change caused by radiation from nuclear power plants. When the polar ice caps are gone, desalination won't help, because the polar ice caps are temperature regulators. The southwest will be fried because the temperature fluctuations will be so great the high temperature spikes will be frying everything. Nuclear power plants are destroying everything. A civilization (if you can call it that) which daily sacrifices so many lives on the altar of nuclear energy is the height of human folly. There are two Greek myths to show that human folly is universal, and lack of knowledge of the humanities shows the lethal shortcomings of science.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          "…This story thus encourages others to consider the long-term consequences of their own inventions with great care, lest those inventions do more harm than good. As in the tale of Icarus' wings, Daedalus is portrayed assisting in the creation of something that has subsequent negative consequences, in this case with his creation of the monstrous Minotaur's almost impenetrable Labyrinth which made slaying the beast an endeavour of legendary difficulty. Additionally, Daedalus' legend evokes the virtue of humility as the Daedalean labyrinth was defeated by a simple ball of thread that its architect had ostensibly failed to consider…."

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          "..As a punishment for his trickery, King Sisyphus was made to roll a huge boulder up a steep hill. Before he could reach the top, however, the massive stone would always roll back down, forcing him to begin again.[6] The maddening nature of the punishment was reserved for King Sisyphus due to his hubristic belief that his cleverness surpassed that of Zeus himself…."

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          So, I guess you are not buying that whole global warming theory bases on fossil fuels and GHG?

  • Alpha1

    This was in March of this year so already if you are in Cali you are doomed and you can not listen to your local GOV. they are being paid to lie just like the media.. TRUTH is Truth and we are not going to take it anymore….

  • soern

    well. for me it's easy to see, "why that sudden urgency" :
    They (TEPCO)have a chance now, to show their "competence" and "wonderful ability" after having raised fear about "remained fuel" inside sfp4 and the complexity to remove it.
    For this purpose they probably got a lot of money by japgov also to build up that "removal-show-dome" for removing spent fuel rods which (likely) are gone down into ground long time ago.
    If they demonstrate "ability to remove that partly molten spent fuel" now (without any danger), tomorrow they will restart their NPPs again.
    Thats the only urgency – they want make money again – thats all.
    Apparently they learnt to use fear mongering on their own purpose without any doubt.

    • soern

      my comment is not an answer of any of above comments.
      It is on the article only as there was not said what i say.

  • tonybach

    As a newly signed up scribbler, I would like to sincerely thank all you guy's and Enenews for your enlightening posts and keeping the flame of truth about Fukushima burning.

  • amberlight amberlight

    Spent Friday afternoon & evening on the Mendocino (California) coast. I live about 20 miles inland, as the crow flies. Speaking of crows, I saw a few of them, but hardly any birds of other species. The entire afternoon I spotted THREE pelicans, TWO gulls, ONE grebe, NO oystercatchers (black with a red bill), a few other assorted shore birds and some wrens flitting around in the brush.

    Where were the gulls? None wheeling in the air, squawking among themselves. None hovering nearby as I ate lunch, looking for an opportunity to pounce on any crumb that fell. (That's a first…) I was left wondering if the paucity of waterfowl meant that the fish they feed on had drastically declined or if the birds themselves were being directly affected by radiation.

    Has anyone else anywhere on the west coast made note of this? I'd like to think that I am over-reacting and that it was just an off day for birds in Mendocino. Maybe they were all hanging out up the coast a ways…

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Amberlight, I lived near Suisun Bay for three years, recently. We saw an immediate decline in the songbird population. Almost all the baby birds near my home died in the summer of 2011. They had only begun to climb again in 2013.

      I'm now in Sacramento, and the birds seem to be faring better, here. I'm not able to address what is happening in the wetlands here, as I haven't been in the area long.

      Want to make a trip to the coast soon to see for myself what's happening there. My experience of the N. California coast is the birds were ever-present there. Swarms of birds. There were always 50-350 birds around whenever I'd go to the coast. When we lived in Humboldt County, seabirds were everywhere.

      Ruth from Humboldt County posted here a couple of years ago and said most of the pine trees near McKinleyville and around Patricks Point State Park in Trinidad were showing white in their branches, apparently dying.

      The coast in estuarine areas were hit hard. Your observations are not surprising to me.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        When we used to go kayaking on Humboldt Bay, there were always thousands of birds. That was year around. Wonder what is happening there now? There used to be whales and porpoises in the Bay, too, during certain seasons.

        • amberlight amberlight

          HoTaters, I haven't been to the bird sanctuary on Humboldt Bay for quite a few years. Next time I head north I'm going to make a point to stop there. Also, if I get to Año Nuevo this month it will be interesting to see how the elephant seal population is faring. The beach at certain times is literally blanketed with elephant seals lolling about.

          Oh, I didn't mention one other life form missing from the beach yesterday: people. On a pleasant fall day you would normally see folks here and there strolling at water's edge or sitting on blankets, occasionally someone in a wet suit. On Portuguese Beach it was just me and one guy with his dogs. Maybe MacKerricher was livelier, since it borders a state park campground, but I think people are beginning to get the idea that the water is no longer salubrious. (I used to splash my face with sea water and slosh some around in my mouth for the health benefits, but no more…)

          At the juncture of Hwy 20 with coastal Hwy 1 someone has put up a large handmade sign that reads "FUKUSHIMA IS HERE!" right smack in front of anyone coming to the coast. It's not all from Japan, though, as ENEnewsers know. We on the Pacific coast have been gifted with the San Onofre crisis and the ongoing Hanford debacle. When Hitler massacred millions he was reviled as a mass murderer. When nuclear corporations do it they are given renewed contracts.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Those birds have disappeared around the Gulf of Mexico in large numbers as well. I hardly ever see a pelican and very few gulls.

    • Good observations. IMO

      I am in the foothills of California between Bakersfield and Fresno.

      It's obvious to me. There are significantly fewer birds.
      (…and insects too)

      I have noted this several times here in the 'Anomalies Forum'.

      I have read that certain birds will fair better during the early fallout years depending on what they eat.

      Wood Peckers may flourish for awhile since they eat bugs that haven't been directly exposed from under the bark.

      Scavengers, such as ravens, will also do well for some time, since they have plenty of dead stuff to feed on for now.

      😉 Whatever happened to the guy who did the bird studies in California after Chernobyl? hmm…

  • Jebus Jebus

    If any picture tells a story, it is this one.

    Fukushima taboo? Politician draws Japanese Emperor into nuclear controversy

    An anti-nuclear lawmaker broke a taboo, drawing heavy criticism in Japan, by handing the Emperor a letter of concern over the issue of the growing Fukushima radiation and the impact on children’s health.

    Look at their faces. The tear in all that is the fabric of eons Japanese tradition, pulls against the stark horrifying reality of Fukushima…

    Nuclear Power, Nation Killer

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    [Column] Fuel removal of Reactor4 pool to start next week – No quake is allowed for 13 months
    Nov 2 2013

    Great title..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Tepco “Even if they drop a fuel assembly of reactor4 pool, it wouldn’t affect outside of the plant area”
    Nov 1 2013.

    Well hell…why worry…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hi..andagi..I'd smile back if I knew how to make the icon!

  • ftlt

    Is the pool still steaming???

  • LACK OF CONTROL over a situation can ALSO be detrimental to our health.

    There have been double blind studies where a group of very elderly people in a nursing home were given control over really minor things, such as caring for a plant or choosing when to receive visitors.

    Those able to exercise decision making showed significant improvements in emotional, intellectual and even physical health.


    Our instinctive reaction to threats is to either run or fight. But what we are experiencing is a SENSE OF ABSOLUTE POWERLESSNESS against a major attack on our health, our environment, and our entire planet.

    Fukushima and the subsequent CRIMINAL FAILURE of leadership in the scientific community and governments have reduced us to simply measuring the amount of poison given to us by people who have absolutely no right to destroy us and our environment.

    This situation is even worse than traditional war, where individuals can still find ways of surviving.

    There is not even access to justice. We can't send the cops after them. Or take justice into our own hands. We are simply forced to submit.

    This situation is so injurious to our mental health that some of us may choose to ignore the threat altogether.


    Link to the study I mentioned:


    • vicky13 vicky13

      HI TracyW,,

      <<This situation is so injurious to our mental health that some of us may choose to ignore the threat altogether. >>

      This is exactly why MSM and the people we try to inform have the proverbial 'deer in the headlight look'

      My own family, can't get their heads around how DIRE fukushima is for all of us.

      is very frustrating, and you are absolutly right this situation is much worse than war. At least war,, you can kick the living crap out of your enemy until he don't get up.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        <<This situation is so injurious to our mental health that some of us may choose to ignore the threat altogether. >>

        Sometimes I have to check out for awhile or it's just overwhelming.

        • To Vicky 13
          & Ho Taters:

          The reason why this situation is so hard to face is that we simply DO NOT FEEL WE HAVE options. As Vicky 13 says, we can't fight back.

          We are not even organized like other pressure groups. The average person is not even vaguely connected to an established ecological organization.

          Those close to us don't want to acknowledge the situation. We – those who have some notion of the gravity of the situation – feel very much alone and helpless.

          We haven't even identified the enemy. Is it Japan? Is it our own governments for ignoring the situation and failing to take concerted international action?

          If it's both, what can we alone do about it? Not much, really. And that's at the crux of the problem. Those guilty of inflicting the nuclear nightmare on us count on our confusion and disorganization to do as they please.


          Last night I gave some real thought to the possibility of having to evacuate British Columbia due to Fukushima or Hanford, so I started to make to-do lists.

          The idea of uprooting oneself is traumatic enough – on top of the catastrophe that would cause it. I have lived in three different countries and in so many cities I've lost count. I found a little paradise here and had hoped to stay.

          Tracy, Vancouver Island

      • "My own family, can't get their heads around how DIRE fukushima is for all of us." – vicky13

        …and the majority seem to be the same way. (still)

        One of the most common comments I hear is…
        "Well, there's nothing we can do about it now."

        My answers are…
        "Yes there is! We can bring down the existing ones or stop building new ones and prevent further uncontrolled global contamination."

        "We can be aware and learn mitigation steps to help increase the odds of survival and possibly decrease the amount of suffering."

        • @ ChasAha

          Yes, we could stop the building of more power plants in the US and Canada and accelerate the decommissioning of old ones. But we don't have the influence to do so. We don't have the necessary organization or clout to make our politicians listen. Right now our governments are guided by interests other than those of the majority. Money talks.

          In the meantime we keep supplying other countries with the technology to build more nuclear power plants. No matter how unstable the regime or bellicose the population, if they can pay for them, they can have them. And if not us, some other country will oblige with the necessary technology.

          Personally I have given up about any change in policy.

          I no longer blame the mainstream media so much. After Fukushima became the stuff of everyday news, most people know about the danger and still don't care.

          So the problem is not lack of information anymore. It's lack of popular organization, along with general passivity, normalcy bias, scientific community timidity, and more.

          It's become a vicious circle. We individuals don't do anything because there's no organization. And there's no proper organization because not enough people call for it, and because ecological leaders don't appear too interested in pushing too hard.

          Existing ecological organizations could all be infiltrated and neutered, for all we know.

  • Alpha1


    If you are afraid for you and your children when I worked in the field Health Physics expert gave me a formula to stop nuclear free radical exposures to the cell and cell walls as well as reverse certain effects of Alpha, Gamma exposures.

    Here this is for everyone: Please consider it and pass it along to those you care for and worry about…

    Nansil-10 can be found here
    Harry Watson is who you talk to and his email is to place that order

    Here is a recap of what is needed in the formula
    15 Drops DMSO diluted into water or Juice
    Tea time Pau D'arco steeped into a tea drink as much as possible and or Fluor Essence
    NanoSil-10 immunity booster as directed you can get it at
    Colloidal Gold dilute 15 drops into juice or water
    Pure fish oils cod live so forth and so on pre FUK U SHIMA or OMEGA oils
    Vitamin D3 120MG
    Vitamin B12 better yet a B 100 blend will give you the entire amino chain needed
    175 MG Milk Thistle
    1000MG Lecithin

    I am disclosing that you should always check with a nutritionist or doctor before taking any vitamins in combination of these types. Also that none of the claims made are intended to treat, diagnose,cure or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated the statements provided…I can only say it has worked for me as I am allergic to Iodine..

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Alpha1, thank you very much. I sheltered indoors during most of the first three weeks after 3/15/11. But I spent a lot of time outdoors after that, not realizing the threat was far from over. Probably sucked down a lot of hot particles. Didn't start reading here until July, 2011 or so. Your input is most welcome.

      Am one of those who strongly believes we have the ability to overcome lots of damage at the cellular level.

      Time will tell.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Alpha1, where do you get DMSO? Unable to find a pharmaceutical grade of DMSO. For anyone using it, be aware it will pick up anything into which it comes in contact (like rubber from rubber gloves, anything it can dissolve). It must be handled with extreme caution. Research before attempting to use DMSO.

      Why take pure fish oils? To get Omega 3's? Or for some other purpose? One of my docs suggested Fermented Norweigian Cod Liver Oil. Omega 3's are available in hemp seed oil or chia oil, etc.. Have read it's really important to get correct balance of Omega 3, 6, & 9 oils. (Again, do your research and be your own best ally.)

      Perque B12 is a very good form of Vitamin B in tablet form.

      Make sure your soy lecithin is from a non-GM source.

      Is Nano-Sil a silica compound?

      Can go up to 4,000 i.u. daily on the Vitamin D between November & March, if you live in Northern latitudes (farther north than central California). Only use Cholecalciferol (D3). Not as part of the formula. Get your Vitamin D levels checked.

      Would try for at least 600 mg to 750 mg of Milk Thistle (Sylmarin) daily. Not as part of the formula.

      "Silymarin in the prevention and treatment of liver diseases and …" Found on: Google
      Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 2012 Jan;13(1):210-7. "Silymarin in the prevention and treatment of liver diseases and primary liver cancer." Féher J, Lengyel G.

      Sylmarin and lecithin both help the liver to regenerate.

  • RichardPerry

    They may be worried that some fuel is getting deep enough that soil has covered it up and water is not moving to cool it any more. BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB……