Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima reactors continue to emit significant quantities of radioactive gases — Latest figure is a Gigabecquerel per day (AUDIO)

Published: September 6th, 2011 at 2:56 pm ET


Arnold Gundersen with a Fukushima update, Helen Caldicott MD podcast, September 2, 2011:

At 9:15 in (Transcript Summary)

Update on where things are at in Fukushima… Reactors continue to emit significant quantities of radioactive gases, last number I saw is a gigabecquerel/day… They don’t know for sure, it’s just an estimate based on radiation exposure at fence post at plant.. especially cesium but also strontium and polonium.

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Published: September 6th, 2011 at 2:56 pm ET


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3 comments to Nuclear Engineer: Fukushima reactors continue to emit significant quantities of radioactive gases — Latest figure is a Gigabecquerel per day (AUDIO)

  • arclight arclight

    Summary of first part
    Anna nuclear plant operating 30 years (40 years designed) after earthquake plant shut down…
    05 percent of heat stopped but 5 percent remains (decay heat)…put diesel generator on but one of four broke down… he thinks the switch yard on site may have been responsible for the loss of power….
    Nuclear reactor stable and being cooled…
    He could not confirm amount of damage…. Except owners of plant say its ok…
    6 other level 1 emergencies, meaning that they will be checked thoroughly…. Anna reactor remains shut down….
    Says there is a lesson here to be learnt…says design basis for plant emergencies too lax….dr caldicott points out that the comparison between between a coal fired plant and a nuclear plants during this sort of incident, with the possible outcomes from nuclear being far worse!…
    About fukushima…..
    On site significant releases, the last figure he mentioned was a gigabequerel of radiation per day! And this is based on the measurements of the fence extrapolated back to the reactors…mentions tepco coming out with these calculations, both Helen and arnie agreed that they doubted the accuracy…isotopes mentioned being released…caesium, strontium, polonium (gases)
    Exhausting up the stack will spread it further
    They have a usable filtering system for the liquids but the filters get highly reactive and required short and long term disposal… unit 1 and 2 fuel pool seem stable but no picture of three arnie thinks is suspicious… unit 4 and unit 3 fuel pool are in danger from the weak buildings and at risk from a serious earthquake……
    Hot spot found about 400km from fukushima…says the problem of not monitoring a problem…. arnie says that the site is not such a worry as the message of the severity getting out to the Japanese people, he mentions tea and beef contamination coming from the air…. air contamination from gaseous isotopes a big problem Helen says…large swath of area north west of plant contaminated for a long time not practical to clean up this contamination, the clean up workers would too pay a dear price…Helen says that she got an email from the international physicians for the prevention of nuclear war and recommendations detailed special mapping needs to be done, it has not happened. Says that the inactivity of the Japanese government has caused increased cancers…
    arnie replies by saying that there is a denial of the severity of the accident…by the elite, the business community and the government who seem to be ignoring and denying the situation…arnie then says that some of the towns in the northwest received 50 R… and the people received 15 rems giving them a 50/50 chance of a cancer in their lives.. and this information has only come out 6 months after the accident….helen says at this point that this figure would not include ingestion of many isotopes and mentions internal emitters and arnie agrees and arnie says that the rain run off into the sea is causing widespread contamination, he then goes on to say that he fears that they may burn the contaminated rice straw and hay and will be spread globally, Helen mentions other materials currently being burnt and disbursed throughout the northern hemisphere..arnie agrees…

    Arnie changes the subject and mentions a 150 billion dollar figure to clean up the japan…but now thinks figure is too low…says that another 50 billion dollars to clean up the fukushima site…tepco will go bankrupt and its assets will clean up the site… but the rest of japan will have to bear the brunt of the costs.. Helen says that it can’t be cleaned up…
    arnie thinks that you could mitigate by a factor of ten in some areas although Helen mentions that you still need to put the contaminated waste somewhere…helen asks where are the relevant nuclear organisations here? Arnie talks about the lack of transparency… claims Japanese government is hiding behind the icrp model and ignoring Chernobyl data…says that they are playing with numbers!…
    Helen says that the cancers will soon appear…arnie responds by saying that he thinks that lung cancers are going to increase by 20 or 30 percent in the next three to five years!!

    Helen mentions leukaemia’s shortly after that and the deformed babies and babies with low iqs… she says it is a repeat of Chernobyl…
    Arnie mentions that there will be information next week concerning the levels of contamination; fairwinds will be posting this info next week!!

  • arclight arclight

    Second part

    Aileen Mioko Smith on rising radiation levels in Japan and government denial
    Green Action Japan, based in Kyoto

    Aileen investigated three mile island moving close to the site…all scientists minimised the effects and outcomes, she notes various problems and tried to get staistics and evidence…. Her impression of the epidemiology were that she noted such symptoms such as nose bleeds and metallic taste in mouth…..

    initially the animal deaths were low then they rose as did birthing problems etc and in some areas people reported being hot from the inside with a metallic taste.. she noted a cancer increase amongst people and prompted an epidemiological investigation that agreed with her initial findings but notes that no real proper study has been done in detail on this aspect of three mile island!! She also notes that there was an increase in infant deaths after the accident although the numbers were small.

    Helen mentions that they stopped following people up after 1986, only seven years after the accident and no studies done then she says that there has been a major cover up on this matter… also including in the matter of how much radiation got out of three mile island…
    About fukushima…

    Aileen mentions about the nose bleeds that children are having….2 out of the five people she talked to mentioned a metallic taste in their mouths, and aileen pointed out that people have been and still are, reticent to tell people these symptoms…
    Aileen says there are 385,000 children in fukushima and because of citizens pressure the high readings in and around schools was publicised…. She is working to reduce the level of 20 millisievert per year…
    she also said that many families took their children away from fukushima but were forced to return when the school new year in april began… the schools insisted that they return. Both Helen and Aileen discussed the futility of clean up in this situation…

    Aileen says that 10,000 children have already evacuated, families are being split apart and they are left with a financial burden..! aileen demands the right of families to evacuate !! she thinks that the international community is not doing enough to criticize the Japanese handling of this affair, she mentions the petition that green action japan as well as others have petitioned to the UN under the childrens rights under UN charter of humanitarian laws, requesting that the Japanese do more to protect the children

    They have translated the prefectural peoples health management survey… and there needs to be more critique of the surveys done by the government.. mentions the numpty prof yamashidumb (always good for a quote or two)

    Heres a link to a petition for the kids

    and heres a link to the survey….. cricket anyone? Err I mean critique anyone??