Nuclear Engineer: “Very huge catastrophe” for melted fuel to burn into ground — Radioactive material “will go all around the world” once in underground water — Chernobyl made cement barrier below reactor, #Fukushima did not (VIDEO)

Published: February 1st, 2014 at 11:46 am ET


Global Green USA: The Future of Nuclear Energy, Chernobyl and Fukushima:

At 2:00 in

Natalia Manzurova, nuclear engineer called to Chernobyl for 4+ years to study radiation’s effect on the environment and to help cleanup workers:

To cover the burning reactor core, they started dropping bags of sand and cement into the reactor and all this stuff — due to very high temperature — melted, and covered the burning reactor as a lid. And for 24 hours the whole world was on the edge of a very huge catastrophe because from above the reactor was covered, was closed, but it was going to burn down. If the reactor burned through the ground, then all this huge radioactivity will go to underground water, and it will go all around the world.

In Fukushima, now they are cooling the upper part of the reactor, but the center of the reactor has been melted down, and this melted reactor will discharge huge temperature to the bottom of the reactor. If the tragedy that the melted reactors will go through the bottom to the underground, it’s the question.

Russian miners, in order for this not to happen, they had to drill tunnels. Sacrificing their own lives, they put cement into the tunnels on the bottom of the reactor, so the reactor will be closed from beneath.

Watch the presentation here

See also: [intlink id=”nuclear-expert-i-believe-fukushima-fuel-melted-through-at-some-reactors-gone-beyond-building-and-now-its-in-bedrock-audio” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 1st, 2014 at 11:46 am ET


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126 comments to Nuclear Engineer: “Very huge catastrophe” for melted fuel to burn into ground — Radioactive material “will go all around the world” once in underground water — Chernobyl made cement barrier below reactor, #Fukushima did not (VIDEO)

  • Proton

    Nuclear has been a mistake since the very beginning…

    • atomicistheword

      Agreed proton, they changed the name…

      Atomic radiation reactor, just doesn't sound like fluffy bunnies and new born chicks. Atomic wakes people up to the reality of this titanic man made invention.

      • As they grew these nuclear plants, they also began calling us a new name: nuclear family. Nice, 2 and 1/2 kids; mom and dad and a dog or cat, and all living in harmony. Everybody felt good about it.
        I don't think this was anything but intentional.

    • daphne daphne

      I would like people with more understanding of nano particles to watch this video and tell us what you think

      The Keshe Foundation 45 minute video about new technologies to clean up Fukushima and the world.
      This is fascinating and I believe he may be correct. At the end he talks about being able to match the gravitational and electromagnetic fields of microchips as a way of telling TPTB that he will not be fucked with! I am BLOWN Away!

  • We Not They Finally

    Love the part about "for the first 24 hours" (danger now over?) and especially "if" the reactors melted through and into the ground. But at least someone is TALKING…

  • OldFool

    Without a breakwater/dam/retaining wall in the harbor, the next two big disasters will be – (1) eventual loss of the Pacific Ocean from daily releases and (2) eventual loss of the Pacific Ocean when the next tsunami wave comes in and washes all the radioactive debris into the Pacific. This construction project needs a design and needs to start without delay. If not done, this will be the greatest blunder of all time in the view of future generations.

    • Shaker1

      OldFool, I agree. It's been painful to watch.

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        Shaker1…might as well make fun of them I guess.

        Hey Nuculear Engineer in 2014…
        I knew this in 2011…why didn't you?
        It really didn't take that long to learn
        how reactors melt down…how explosive auto-catalyic oxidation will
        quickly take out the fuel rods bundels right in the middle of all that steam…in fact they will leave before the steam stops.
        so you won't/did'nt see a thing on #4? Remember…we had video of no steam at #4 early on.

        • Shaker1

          pinksailmatt, I guess so. I did originally type much more in my comment.

          In my younger years and a former life, I ran projects for orgainzations that were always small (my choice) and always with a much larger appetite than sense might give. I'm one of those small men physically who had a disproportionate ego and much to prove working in a world of heavy things, a reputation for 'getting things done', and a sharp and well-used tongue whose code for my co-workers when I was in a rotten mood was 'I'm ready to bite the head off a baby duck.' Too many broken bones, too much blood, becoming (finally) a bit more mature in my old age and aware of the true tragedy of our hero-culture and not wishing to embrace it today, I re-read my larger comment, then deleted it satisfied that the statement of pain is enough for today.

          I'll just smile and pass the opportunity on.

    • James Tekton James Tekton

      Future generations?

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        James – I agree with your questioning future generations. My take is when 3 exploded and blew parts of it's core up to 3 miles in all direction, the jig was up. And now that we know reactors 1, 2 and 3 are all ex-containment, ex-buildings and ex-prefecture, well, we (the current residents of earth) be screwed. We ARE after all talking about HUNDREDS of METRIC TONS of the most poisonous shit man could invent. Stupid monkeys.

    • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

      It's been like watching a bunch of middle and upper managers trying to CYA and preserve corporate value…

    • For the past three and 3/4 years, there has been no wall. The ice-wall and cement wall(s) were fantasy. No barrier has existed in the time since the incident at Fukushima. We were sold an inane bill of goods and most bought into it in one manner or another.
      I realize people think I'm very negative in my views of Tepco's insanity. But, I think it is very important that we see the facts for what they are. It is the only way to get other nuke-plants shut-down, future plants stopped, and the nuke cartel ended. People have to comprehend just how bad this is. There is no saving us from Fukushima.

  • Homo Insapiens Homo Insapiens

    (reposting from time to time)

    A pale blue dot
    drifts about an average star
    in one unremarkable galaxy
    amongst uncountable many.

    From the abundant savanna
    apes emerge
    and name themselves

    Apes freely choose a new kind of fire
    to boil water most unwisely,
    naturally selecting themselves
    into silence.

    The cosmos so vast
    and without obligation,
    swirls in slow motion
    and frigid indifference.

  • Ontological Ontological

    These idiots are pathetic, how the hell are we supposed to take this pure crap, with a grain of Cesium chloride, and a nice phat Bucky ball?? The lies we are fed by this FED is NOT expectable. When they come to battering ram MY door down, they goin' down with it.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      not acceptable, no

      America great. Feds suck

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Yes indeed.
      Expect a flash and loud bang. What happens after is of no concern to me.

      I also remember a quote from a friend, an ex Ranger:

      "All battle involves defeat. Do not be defeated. Save the last round for yourself. There is no victory capturing corpse's."

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    "Russian miners, in order for this not to happen, they had to drill tunnels. Sacrificing their own lives, they put cement into the tunnels on the bottom of the reactor, so the reactor will be closed from beneath."

    That was SO thoughtful. Thanks to those brave men and their families.

    I thought Japanese pride and honor was legendary. Suicide bombers and all that. I guess their war planners were just stupid and the history I was taught in school and whole movie thing was just made up shit. Tora! Tora! Tora! My ass.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. Any culture that does not face justice, but takes the easy way out via suicide is not honorable. Consider, if you didn't have to face justice, would your actions not be different than if you did? Like most all cultures, they once had a samurai spirit and honor. Read up on Miyamoto Musashi. Did you know, like today's gun confiscations, the samurai were also disarmed, because the politicians couldn't trust those that served honor before them. Sound familiar? History repeats itself whenever people refuse to change.

      • weeman

        You cannot mine this way at sea level and it is mudrock, very pourious, you would need to go under bedrock?
        Every accident is different, no two accidents are the same and has to be handled according to circumstances.
        Mad the corium then we can talk?

        • weeman

          Map the corium, I did it again, brick as thick.

          • Okay, I'll bite.
            Map the corium. Then what?
            Is there a plan to wrangle the corium? I think, not, and this is why all nuclear plants have to be shut down.
            Even Chernobyl hasn't yet been stopped.., so why would we think there's a way to handle Fukushima? All nuclear plants (and nuclear science) are built on a wish and a prayer. They wish to never see nuclear accidents (though there have been plenty) and they pray the next generation of nuke-scientists will figure out what to do when the accidents happen. Problem is, no nuclear-student is taught anything but how to build and run the plants. There seems to be no, "what if?", in their lessons.

  • Skip Intro Skip Intro

    Chernobyl was built on solid ground. Fukishima Daiichi is on sandy ground at the beach just above the water table. I don't think they ever even had a chance to dig under the reactor and build a refrigerated concrete slab, even if they had been willing to admit the meltdowns when they happened.

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    There is speculation now that under the tectonic plates there is a vast amount of sea water. Could the cores melt through to this vast watery realm?

  • Go Flying

    The Russians loved their country and their children.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    This presentation is from 2011….so I am trying to incorporate what we know now in regards to what this presentation is saying….?

  • jan

    Why are people continuously posting links here instead of typing what they want to say ? Its hard to find the words amongst the links .

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Links are scientific proof of the experts. It is very easy to skip the links or click on them for in depth studies and reports.

      • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

        I agree VanneV…the links lend credence to statements… 🙂

      • jan

        I get that but it would be nice to say something and then if necessary to prove your claim give some links , not just links one after another . Imagine everyone doing that . Its already hard to follow any conversation so its not helping .

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        I a person were to go to GodLikeProductions, Above Top Secret, any physics forum, etc., etc…., that person would also find many links. Suppression of links would amount to suppression of the truth. Who could possibly want that?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          Sorry, "If"
          All academic scholarship is based on citations and bibliographic references. These citations are the tickets of admission to the scholarly community.

        • jan

          Is that even english ?

          • soern

            jan, everything here is said in english 🙂
            As also for me english is not my mother tongue, I always have some dictionary opened at a second window, to look up some words I dont know:-)
            Take it easy but with care:-)

      • tsfw tsfw

        Artika didn't like links either and said that he could click links on his own time and while in here would prefer to keep it discussion based. Hmmmm….

      • Skip Intro Skip Intro

        Just links looks almost like Spam. A format with a Statement then a link to back it up, or something like "Hey Friends, expert A says B and C and D right here at" seems much more useful.

        • jan

          Thanks skip intro . thats what i mean exactly.

        • bo bo

          I agree with skip intro too
          However I'd rather lots of links and articles to back up if someone is going to come here and argue a point. Also, I find it odd that someone that argues on and on without offering a single link, to complain about 'too many links and articles'

          Artika rama was most likely banned from the site.
          Around same time this poster emerged.

          They always have a mission – to discredit enenews, especially prominent and knowledgeable members such as Anne and Obe.

          Becareful of trojan horses.

          • ocifferdave

            Artika dispeared after I called him/her out on the constant "We aren't scientist, we need proof, we can only sit and do nothing" schtick. That was two days ago.

            No posts since.

            Socref disappeared after I responded similarly.

            Ocifferdave, Troll Slayer! hehehe!

            • bo bo

              YEAH YOU GO DAVE !!!!!

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Dave is the man! 🙂

              • ocifferdave

                Troll's motivate me to the point of action above and beyond the norm.

                They inspire me.

                They fire up my imagination.

                Quick, someone find me another troll! hehe

            • We may know, but we cannot bring about change unless we can make a compelling case that harm has occurred and will continue to, in the absence of abrupt policy shift.

              I wish our knowledge were enough. It is not.

              Enenews has been very important in finding critical pieces of information but a case, or argument has to be made and some collective entity will need to force it out so mainstream media must acknowledge it.

  • Ontological Ontological

    These death camp machines are NOT power plants! They solely produce PLUTONIUM nothing more. To "Shut them all down" will take world wide co-operation to throw all this garbage in Mercury S Nevada USA, and thus will take 100x more power than they supposedly generated in the 40 years they reacted plutonium rods for the Nuketarded morons, and there weapons etc for the next 60 years of drip and stink, wait until "new technology" comes along. By then it will be to grind the God damned fuel rods up and use them for road beds! These people are stupid mindless morons that deserve to be lined along a wall at DAWN and SHOT! As this IS what effectively they are expecting US to do, line up to be murdered. Pay taxes to the African King just so your death will be justified, as you did not, and never could pay us ENOUGH you tiny little POS tax payers!
    Alas we still sit on our hands sweating out that ever dwindling bottom line, in hopes this will all just go away. Pathetic.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      True. It's a net loss. Reminds me of the magician that wants to show you an amazing disappearance trick. So, he asks you for a 20 dollar bill and makes it disappear into thin air! Wanna see it again? Ya that was amazing! OK, I need another 20. 🙂

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Nothing going away..physics proves that one! 🙁

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      The radioactive nuclides are recycled through the soil, wind, air, rain, snow, water, ash, and living organisms over and over again for millions of years.

      • Cisco Cisco

        VanneV…I've been away for a bit. Good to see you back and going at it. Good work!

        150 cubic miles of Pacific ocean contaminated with multiple billions of Becquerels, within every cubic meter. Wrap your head around the gigantic size and the extreme radionuclide levels of that plume!

        According to an interview published on 9/25/13 at , Dr. Edwards estimated the yearly amount of
        highly radioactive discharge into the Pacific from Fuku Daiichi at 165,000,000 tons, each year. At that number, the amount of discharge would be 50 cubic miles (at 41.47min into video) of contaminated water of multiple billions of Becquerels per cubic meter. TEPCO claims supported/reported ad-nauseam by “official” sources, that they are only discharging 146,000 tons annually.

        Since we are near to the 3rd year of this ELE, imagine 3 years of 165,000,000 tons, or 150 cubic miles of highly radioactive water. At these volumes, even the Cabal’s contrived and baseless argument for dilution, gets shaky.

        On top of this contamination, there are the ongoing 24/7/365 atmospheric discharges from the reactors, the site, and from dozens of “official” incinerators, and hundreds of other homegrown incinerators, for the next several years.

        West coasters from Chile to Alaska are in for a huge awakening. Maybe when the flotus arrives, shortly in mass, they will have an epiphany. Nahh, that’s too thoughtful; back to shopping.


  • So it seems the capitalist system installed by the Americans after ww2 in Japan is even more corrupt then the Russian communist system of the past when it comes to nuclear disasters. Right now the triple melted through containment cores are melting into the sea. As the banks bet heavily on Tepco, this disaster is allowed to be mitigated by information management rather then expensive water diversion, underground excavation and the like. How many spent fuel rod bundles have they moved from pool #4 to the huge common spent fuel. Speaking of which millions should be spent dry asking contents of common spent fuel pool and perhaps earthquake proofing the structure. Billions and Billions of us $ needed to remediate site if anything close to that concept can even be considered. Peace.


      hate to tell ya' Mark, but the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics did their best to cover-up Chernobyl. It was only the wafting plumes that continued – unabated – into western Europe, that forced the eventual disclosure of their ongoing nightmare. And the cover-up of all the other nuke-related abuses within Russia, continue to this day.

      I find it unbelievable that people actually think that ideology trumps corruption. You need to kick hard-into the soil of the Ukrainian wheat fields, to get a clearer picture of what awaits those who support centralization of power…

      And this is but the tip of what's been hidden from us…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    It should be, but it won't be.. 🙁

  • Ontological Ontological

    These fools need to rethink reality! Money is useless without taking immediate action at ANY cost. It is NOT asking too much to end this money grubbing side show at the circus, long enough to save our collective race of Human asses! Oh I guess mass management of job opportunities to launch this garbage OFF THE FRIGGING PLANET is asking too much. Were spozed to just sit here and helplessly watch as these 400 or so mindless money grubbing moron mobsta families stick their heads in the sand and make the world go away. At the expense, and suffering of all life on our Earth. Way to go educational institutions of the World, way to go…

    • jan

      Are you saying there is a way to launch it off the planet and they are deliberately not doing it ? How would anyone launch anything of that size off the planet ?

  • w

    Like your sense of humor Homo "Insapiens" n your poem..

  • markww markww

    Radioactive material “will go all around the world” once in underground water.

    All life plus animals WILL DIE FROM RADIATION IN THE UNDERGROUND WATERS. No water will be safe forever.


  • bluetick

    I love this not fukushima but just as bad watch video esp about 10:30 to 10.50.. Expert admits they are spraying the sky with aluminum and that their may catastrophical health consequences come from it but we dont know we have not tested … Im shocked!!!!!!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Nice power statement…

    "If you don’t want to trust us, who is it you want to trust?"

    We trust data. We trust ourselves. We trust consensus.

    Publicly Test. Publicize the Results. Let the World Decide.

    Trust me, it's the right thing to do…

  • Capt. Nemo Capt. Nemo

    This is the strangest thing the world has had for a very long time. One moderately big earthquake of the sort Japan is very familiar with is all it will take to make life in Japan unlivable and precarious in the rest of the world, especially north of the equator. Yet, almost nothing is being written or said in the public. It is like a reckless asteroid with a wobbly trajectory is headed towards the earth, and no one is saying a thing. Nothing as far as I know is occurring on an International level.
    Not a word. How can this be?

    Do the Elite have some understanding with an alien civilization that has space transports ready to take thousands of the Elect to another planet? Seems like that sort of info would leak out by now. Is this the Thanatos Syndrome in full manifestation?

    Beyond an infinitude of details all of which can be misleading there is this one startling FACT. Life on the earth as we have known it for millennia may soon be over. In a few short years only a few isolated places may enjoy a sustainable life . . . and where those will be is a puzzle that no one can solve. It is a time will tell matter.

    So apart from fancied space ships it may well mean doom for practically all people and animal life. Just one good(bad) earthquake. Is Las Vegas offering odd on this one? Presently I would say the odds are ten to one that within another ten years the remainder of Fukushima will collapse and spill death everywhere.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Within part of the cycle..(perhaps)

    Sulfate Aerosol as a Potential Transport Medium of Radiocesium from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    "North America is finished."
    – Leuren Moret –

  • Time to prepare yourself the best you can! We all need to clean up around us if possible, so at least we can survive. I really feel for our once pristine oceans and life in it. I doubt if our coral reefs can survive toxic radiation blasts without some help.

  • Sol Man

    We don't have to wait for the water with the Pu in the air.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Here is the Huffington Post.. to them..I hear Barbara Judge saying.

    "Take some time to console your friends if they are still in a Fukushima panic and pull up 'yer bootstraps coz there's work to be done! Take a visit at Fukushima Research Group, or their Facebook Page, sign this petition, and check out The Elders Council Statement.

    Now, more than ever, humanity is at a place where we can't afford to be ruled by fear, ignorance, or denial. We have the intelligence and resources to make the planet safe for all life and we have the ability to cause irreparable damage for generations to come. The choice is ours."

    Listen to your our words Huff..
    The world can not be ruled by fear..(are you afraid)..ignorance..(the reason we battle with your ignorance everyday)..or denial..(that's in your camp.. (see how far it takes you.

    The term is 'boots on the ground"
    Nothing the Huff would know anything about..
    As Arianna is busy 'pussy footing' for the government.

    Fukushima: Why It Matters and Why We Don't Need to Panic

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. Jacob Devaney..the author above link..writes children's books.

    "Jacob Devaney is Founder and Director of Culture Collective. As a creative activist, Jacob wears many hats including, web-designer, festival entertainer, pianist, media-maker, producer, and developer of interactive children's Ibooks. Chasing inspiration and participating in community service, working with youth, educators, and facilitating cultural exchanges have him continuously seeking balance in his many creative endeavors."

    Trying to tell us a bedtime story..Devaney?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Another one..that needs to 'sod off' somewhere.

    • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

      The undersized blob shows no sign of volume transition as it took all that soil out (or with).
      Soil at 3000K upwards is baking a brick lump right? It could become brittle afterward, but so much so deep?

    why we espected the japanese to sacrifice their lives like the russians to contain Fukushima? they were told that nothing will ever happen as such!!!
    We should understand that even during operations, whenever the Japanese meet some difficulties, they were asked to call GE engineers to help them… that was the deal!!!
    For sure the Japanese will "walk away" from all this when they will find impossible to deal with…

  • Nick

    A "Very Huge Catastrophe" has happened…..

    Our biosphere has now been a recipient of uncontrolled nuclear radioactive fall-out for decades.

    It is all cumulative.

    Every atom discharged by humans beyond Uranium is technically un-natural.

    Naturally, there are some who would have us believe that background levels of fall-out is natural.

    Nope. Never has been. Never will be.