Nuclear Engineers: Fukushima pool is “distorted” — Material blown up into air and came down heavy inside, damaging fuel — The roof fell in, of course things were distorted (VIDEOS)

Published: October 4th, 2013 at 1:07 am ET


Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer, September 26, 2013 (at 32:00 in): That material didn’t just blow away. That material went up in the air and it came down heavy inside the pool, damaging fuel. There’s no question about it, it had to. >> Full broadcast here

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer, October 3, 2013 (at 14:30 in): The rack has been distorted, the roof fell in on the building — of course the rack is distorted. >> Watch the video here

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer, October 2, 2013 (at 7:30 in): The problem there is that the fuel pool has been distorted. >> Full broadcast here

Published: October 4th, 2013 at 1:07 am ET


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121 comments to Nuclear Engineers: Fukushima pool is “distorted” — Material blown up into air and came down heavy inside, damaging fuel — The roof fell in, of course things were distorted (VIDEOS)

  • Sixela Sixela

    Maybe the worst has already happened, and SFP 4 is already gone. Maybe this is all just elaborate acting to prepare us for what has already happened, allowing the gov't to be absolve of culpability, and TEPCO/Japan to take the flack.

    Please read with interest.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      TY, Sixela.
      “…Why would Iran build a nuclear bomb to use against the US when we have hundreds of stationary bombs, in the form of reactors and fuel pools, already positioned throughout the country, with incredible payloads far beyond the capacity of any bomb or missile? Think of the possibilities: terrorist attack, sabotage, earthquake, tsunami, earthquake AND tsunami, flooding from a broken dam upriver, or even the old-fashioned accident that aging reactors are bound to have from time to time…why do we leave ourselves so vulnerable?…”

      • J.

        I think this is particularly relevant to Japan, because of the small size of the country and the population density. Novel novelist Oe Kenzaburo — largely ignored — has been against nuclear power for ages, and I'm sure he has pointed out the horrendous risks to the nation. As I recall one of his novels included terrorists and a nuclear plant. He's a wise man.

      • J.

        I think this is particularly relevant to Japan, because of the small size of the country and the population density. Nobel prize-winning novelist Oe Kenzaburo — largely ignored — has been against nuclear power for ages, and I'm sure he has pointed out the horrendous risks to the nation. As I recall one of his novels included terrorists and a nuclear plant. He's a wise man.

      • ion jean ion jean

        And the payload went up into the sky TWICE as high as Chernobyl from Unit 3 MOX so ONCE AGAIN the US and Canada have been nuked by their own government corporations so why worry about Iran?

        A spent fuel pool in rubble is a major embarrassment for the international nuclear cartel, because Canada has a lot of uranium to mine and sell and US the biggest baddest Plutonium reprocessing facilities and together there's tons of money to be made selling to sucker nations like Japan!

        Go chase your money bones, you greedy inbred high society reptilian elite…the day is coming soon when citizens of the world say "No more! Your money has no value to us…watch your back, Jack! Cause you're killing our babies and were gonna go Momma Bear over this!"

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      “1) The March 11th, 2011 earthquake caused immediate structural damage to the Unit 4 building. Spent fuel pool coolant began to drain out through a crack or cracks that were a result of the earthquake.
      “2) There was an H2 explosion and a wall or walls of the SFP #4 were ‘blown out’.
      “3) On March 15th 2011, the hot offload of fuel experienced a zirconium cladding fire and subsequent meltdown to the floor of the spent fuel pool. According to the IAEA, SFP #4 was on fire and emitting radiation directly to the atmosphere for at least 9 hours and 10 minutes before TEPCO claimed it was extinguished.
      “4) 75% or more of the radiation contained in SFP #4 may have been released into the atmosphere. Modeling was done on a 100% release.
      “5) Any fuel rods recovered (official numbers vary on what the inventory was) will be ones that were unused and ‘cool’…probably less than 25% of inventory. It is possible that all fuel rods were affected and none will be salvageable….”
      [ plus many documents]

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        “The evidence, from the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima, has led me to believe that:…[sorry, I left out this at the beginning of the quote]

      • RichardPerry

        I remember Arnie asking a TEPCO employee about the preparation of an event at #4 SFP and Arnie asked about the fuel rods and the employee said what fuel rods there are none. I assumed it burned up.

      • This report of NRC & IAEA communications, documents, meetings…a generous collection. So what is the vote on this.
        Easy to observe that the SFP was reported dry as a bone…
        then back paddling …there's water.

        Guess we all wonder have be already been nuked or must we wait pins and needles for the future event.

        Reviewing all material here seems the consensus is that there is not sufficient evidence of high enuf radiation that would be indicative of the aerial disbursement of U4's SF.
        That meaning we see evidence of humans working on the site when they should be falling out dead if the rads were appropriately high.

        Meaning we sit and wait to die? Beer anyone!

        • This report of NRC & IAEA communications, documents, meetings…a generous collection.

          If U4 SFP is still there in any form with SF yet swimming…that would be about as close to an act of god as anything i've seen in a long time.

          And as usual, what will man do with an act of god?
          Kill something…anything will do!

    • Socrates

      Those FOIA response documents tend to show that the SFP fires in SFP #4 burned for more than 9 hours. By March 15, 2011, TEPCO was trying to prevent "recriticalities" in SFP #4, according to the documents.

      We must conclude that some of the hotter fuel from the core, which was being refueled at the moment of the quake, was burned and released onto the atmosphere. At the very least, there were criticalities…

      Anyone else care to offer an opinion?

      I believe there is a video version, too, Sixela. The documents are emails from the NRC.

      How much of the fuel in SFP #4 would burn up in 9 hours? Would TEPCO lie about this and use phony photos of SFP #4 showing little or no damage to the fuel rods, racks and assemblies?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Socrates, look again. There is indication they burned for at least 2-3 days (Unit 4 SFP). And the "Fear and Loathing" article also states (NRC statements, released under FOIA) the Unit 4 SFP walls had collapsed, and all the water was gone from the pool.

        This is the first time I've read the FOIA's without seeing lots and lots of information just blacked out. I wonder how the author got ahold of the unedited documents?

        The only good thing I have to say about this is I was, at the time, sheltering in place. My spouse was not. I regret this, and also that SO MANY people did not take precautions.

        If the plume was aerosolized and tracked directly to the US West Coast (making main landfall just north of San Francisco, CA) then my family and I were directly in its path. And if the stuff is just going around and around the planet, every 40 days, God only knows what's up there.

        Weeman, if you're out there, maybe it's time for the wee little folk to break out the pitchforks.


        • HoTaters HoTaters

          OK, read further through the FOIA, NRC documents, and yes, the blacked out info. is still blacked out.

          What are they hiding?

          • moonshellblue moonshellblue

            Once again those documents were from the very beginning, when TEPCO was going to evacuate the plant, etc. I don't put a lot of stock into that info as it was really confusing at that time and information was distorted even more so than it is now. IMHO

          • weeman

            Every now and then I know its kind of hard to tell but i am still alive and well.
            What great posts, I do like the networking, keep it up.
            We will fight them tooth and nail, we will win for we are right and don't forget that, we must prevail or extinction is on the cards.

        • Socrates


          Thanks for sharing. The truth will not be revealed because if Fear and Loathing is correct, it would be a game-changer. Knowing that you had inhaled multiple hot particles would make you look at life differently. You would, in effect, be on death row.

          Arnie Gundersen has these NRC FOIA documents, yet his position is that the fuel rods are still more or less intact. He has spoken repeatedly recently of the cigarette box analogy – if the cigarettes are bent, it is hard to remove them from the box. And, in the case of fuel rods, extremely dangerous.

          As others have noted, politicians went south of the equator during this period during this period taking their families.

          Aerosolized particles would circulate the globe and fallout for years, but the plume would have been best avoided.

          You did the right thing by seeking shelter. I was talking about an On the Beach scenario back then. That still might happen. Either it went up back in March 2011, or it might still go up in 2013 – 2014 as they remove the fuel. A big earthquake could do it.

          • ion jean ion jean

            Lets not forget those Cali's in the know are ducking their heads for yet another week long steam plume from MOX 3…it all adds up, make sure you are keeping up good nutrition levels of iodine (SA sardines are good) and rutin from apples tannins from Yerba mate chaga tea bentonite clay zeolites fresh rosemary…I plan to survive this so I can watch the guilty be served their justice with a golden spoon!

            • Socrates

              ion jean,

              Thanks for the Rx.

              Did you include apple pectin?

              Also, elagic acid from Meeker raspberries and pomegranate seeds tends to keep P-53 gene in good repair. That gene is the brakes on unlimited reproduction of abnormal daughter cells – the hallmark of cancer.

      • hbjon hbjon

        I've got an opinion about all that debris that came raining down on the pool.

        Some things can be accepted as fact by a reasonable mind when observing the huge chunks of matter raining down out of the sky from the initial explosive event.

        Fuel was damaged, and overheated. The flammable parts of matter burned off and what remained became mixed within the matrix of melting fuel.

        As the hottest parts of the corium ate their way through the SFP, a lot of the debris that burned with the fuel became a glass covering over the China Syndrome and still remains with residual amounts of fuel inside the pool, floors beneath the pool, in the basement, and of course down the hole.

        The material of the debris that the reactor containment is made of is much lighter and volatile than the fuel or its cladding and will burn off first. Some of it has joined with the China Syndrome.

        Theoretically, small pockets of hydrogen and helium may form within the China Syndrome to produce a fusion flash event, but not on the scale of an H-bomb in yield. Something that has never been tested is how a large amount of China Syndrome can self-enrich through time.

        Again, this is only theoretical. But, if two subcritical masses were to combine within the China Syndrome CS, there could be a massive blast about one and a half the yield of what we saw happen to unit 3. Imagine two storm cells traveling through space combining to form a super cell. This may take years or it may happen relatively…

        • Socrates


          Arnie Gundersen has a "tour of the plants" video that shows the exterior of SFP #4. Based on that, it appears that fuel did not drop down as corium. It probably went up into the atmosphere, if anything.

          Take a look at his latest Vimeo.

          • hbjon hbjon

            Socrates, I have viewed and reviewed the tour and appropriate information and do not form my opinions recklessly or quickly.

            Surely, you do not think it is safe for people to tour the wreckage of the four reactor containment buildings that we witnessed explode in spectacular fashion?

            I wonder if these video clips were made for the benefit of certain stock holders, and organizations to try to confirm a false idea about the condition of the buildings.

            Realize how awesome that explosion was, and how much energy must have been involved. The hot core was in a state of de-energizing either in the reactor or the SFP. I've not seen the reactor in U4 so take into consideration that the explosion originated below or inside that.

            Also, remember that fusion does not require a critical mass. All the explosions may have been from Tritium fusing together and no fuel whatsoever had a fission event.

            In any case, the fact remains that the fuel was damaged and boiled off all its coolant. It melted like the wicked old witch and went down the drain. I cannot produce video of molten corium leaking through a big hole through the bottom of that pool. But, do not forget that was a very likely possibility.

            • Socrates

              Looking at hi-resolution photos posted by news blackout USA and the FOIA NRC documents, one would have to conclude that much went up into the atmosphere from fuel in.SFP #4.

              Fukushima Diary claims that TEPCO is bankrupt. Maybe the cat is out of the bag. Unlike the Union Carbide Bhopal disaster, the culprits cannot leave the country.

              Companies in the USA are not without blame. They are all in this together. That's why they all hang together so they aren'y hanged separately.

              Docs + photos +.political leaders and their families leaving the country unexpectantly make both a direct and If the sea captain takes his family aboard the ship, you can bet he believes the vessel to be seaworthy, but if he abandons ship, what can you conclude?

              • hbjon hbjon

                And the conclusion of volatilized fuel going into the atmosphere is reached by most rational minds. Everything in that video burns before fuel does.

                Fuel melts, vaporizes, and volatilizes last of all. And the other stuff that solidifies at cooler temperatures will form crust layers as it moves away from the hottest area. Most surrounding matter is really really cool in comparison to the fuel substances and corium compounds.

                As long as there is a China Syndrome, the mass will exhaust Pu and toxic gases out the vents. It is difficult to really conclude anything for certain except that this is at the very early stages of development.

                If you know of people who know much more than we do that have abandoned ship, that is indicative of something.

                Scientists can accurately map out the paths of planets, stars, comets, and even the decay rate of a banana. Using constants and known quantitative measurements, they can calculate with certainty the outcome of the situation at FDNPP. Don't hold your breath for them to share it with us.

      • mairs mairs

        I remember when they released the pictures of SFP #4. The racks looked in good order with just some debris around them. Many thought they were fake.

        • Sickputer

          "Fake" video of Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pond?

          Surely Tepco wouldn't lie? 🙂

          Oh wait…I forgot their last name: Tepco Liars

          I remember how we viewed on Tepco's Scamcam Units 3 and 4 burned off and on for months, usually at nights when maybe they weren't monitoring as closely the pumps flowing coolant.

          With so much fuel those fuel rods could burn unattended for weeks or months or years before expiring. There is some punch of note left in all the Units from my perspective. YMMV

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            I still think that if anything good was left in the SFP 4, Tepco would have been happy to show it without a tarp over it.

            I agree, that the whole place is such a mess, there is nasty stuff everywhere.

      • Kassandra

        Socrates please see the link I posted above.

        Photographs of before and after suggest more problems occurred after May 2011.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I think the spent fuel pools are still there as these FOIA documents were during the onset of the accident and we have viewed videos of the damaged pools. Too big to hide IMHO

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    “…Earth-shattering Hydrogen Explosion Fears under Fukushima Daichii
    “Shimatsu simply took science and placed it at another level. He states that the possibility of something that up to now, no one had thought of, or if they have, has not been widely discussed: An underground hydrogen explosion so massive that would literally ransack the planet.
    “’They’re poisoning the ocean and they may not be able to contain another serious meltdown leading to a real … [unclear]… possibly a fusion event, a fissile event; basically an underground hydrogen bomb blast or much more powerful than any hydrogen bomb we have ever seen’, he said.
    “As detailed recently in this report on how the heavy water can lead to a massive explosion, Shimatsu says:
    “’…and more ominous, the possibility of a tritium-deuterium fusion reaction that triggers a plutonium blast more powerful than the 2011 explosion at Reactor 3.’…”

    • Socrates

      The corium(s) corii? do cool over the two and one-half years. Shimatsu could be right, though. Anything is possible.

      TEPCO must be able to remotely detect where the corii are. If lava tubes hit groundwater, a hydrovolcanic explosion could happen.

      Corium dynamics is an uncharted field. By not saying where the corii are, concerns are raised.

      • mairs mairs

        If previously undiscovered underground aquifers in Kenya can be detected by satellite, surely the coriums can be located, or already are located.

      • MichaelV MichaelV


      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        The 'corii' will get hotter, not cooler, for the next 250,000+ years.

        As will all the other piles of radioactive material on-site.

        We think of everything with a radioactive half-life as continually getting 'cooler'. No, it gets hotter first, then decays. As daughter products are created, they will get hotter, then decay.

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        My understanding is that when a crticality occurs it's like starting at day one thus the fuel will remain hot until criticalities end.

    • Anthony Anthony

      This has been my theory that the coriums in the groundwater aquifers would logically create steam pressure – non stop till cooled like a giant pressure cooker. Any steam at ground level would suggest pressure of happening. With three of them in play…. who knows?

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Did Arnie once say that water will not put out a zirconium fire? But what would the effect of 75% of SFP4 inventory being released be? I was lead to believe that no human could work in the area, and even Daini could not be maintained. Atmospheric levels would surely reflect the event. Do they?

    • razzz razzz

      Water would make a zirconium fire worse but they can use chemicals to put zirconium fires out. This is a worry only if the pool goes dry. Hopefully everything will take place underwater for shielding even if fuel ruptures, only the gases will escape.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        razz, your guess is that 75% did not escape…yet?

        This is the question, in regard to Hatrick Penry's work. The FOIA docs show a long burn and up to 75% release of radiation, yet people still work at the site.

        • razzz razzz

          I'm thinking 4 narrowly escaped a good burn by the fact they finally topped off the pool (with water) and later workers and visitors walked around it and viewed it. Couldn't have been much of a release of radiation once rods were back underwater.

          3's pool, fuel is pretty much gone missing and the building remains are unworkable except for heavily dressed spotters when needed and remote controlled cranes. I think they have stopped removing rubble there as it is to radioactive to deal with but maybe the cam watchers would know more. I think 3 blew the most radiation into the air and 4 has the same potential (it has a full core load still in the pool plus the normal spent fuel). Unit 2 bleeds and/or bled its poisons locally.

          According to Arnie, I gather he thinks the containments still have their leaky lids on them but containment walls are cracked all to hell.

          As time marches on, spent fuels and melted cores continue to cool down except maybe for fizzle hot spot but there is obviously enough groundwater to flood and cool the melts from below.

          Chernobyl had a core fire burn for 10 days that was much worse initially in spreading fallout but finally put in a housing. Daiichi has surpassed Chernobyl with 2 1/2+ years of continuous bleeding of 3 melted core's contamination and damaged pools with no containment. Unless you consider tents or buildings with no bottoms proper containments.

          Your guesses are as good as mine.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          "The FOIA docs show a long burn and up to 75% release of radiation, yet people still work at the site."

          They're all going to die soon. Working at Daiichi is a suicide mission – for everyone.

    • KDM KDM

      I've asked pretty much this same question before. Either way it doesn't really make sense. If it did catch fire we've been told it couldn't be put out and the area would have to be evacuated. The NRC stated that it was dry, that had to be the cause of the building explosion? Maybe it started to burn or melt but was stopped just in time to avoid an all out raging fire? I sure don't know, it would be interesting to know exactly what has taken place.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        KDM, do you mean the big explosion of Reactor 3 and possibly its SFP, detonating? Or an explosion at #4 (which apparently also happened)?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Hmmn, I'm making a lot of comments, but something just occurred to me. The FOIA docs state when SFP #4 burned, the area had to be evacuated.

          Reactor 3 blew on March 14. How is it possible there were still workers on site on March 15, if that is the date workers had to be evacuated due to the fire at SFP #4?

          Or maybe it's all a ruse, and everyone lied (in code words) to cover for how bad the situation was after Reactor #3 had its detonation ????

          Call me cynical, I don't know what to believe anymore. IMO having Reactor #3 blow and possibly vaporizing its spent fuel pool could certainly be called "catastrophic."

          There is a lot more left of the building around SFP #4 than there is around #3. It looks like the building housing #3 was leveled down to about the second level (of five or six). It was just one big, steaming, smoking pile of rubble after it exploded. It looked even worse than Chernobyl.

        • KDM KDM

          I was referring to #4.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        It doesn't really make much difference what really happened, other than curiosity. In a relatively short amount of time, every radioisotope on-site will be exposed to the biosphere. The cooling water will eventually stop, the underground water over the corii will not stop, anything pulled out/off the ground is going in the ocean anyway, and the nitrogen injection will stop, setting the stage for further hydrogen explosions.

        Hanford is an acknowledged ecological radiologic disaster. The Bridgton Landfill fire was expected to hit illegal nuclear waste three months ago. No word about Daini or Rokkasho. Same for numerous failed NPP's in the US and Canada.

        What happens in Japan will happen across North America, only slightly delayed. Then the world, as more aged plants fail.

        Prepare accordingly. No one in .gov cares.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      2 Code Shutdown: if Robert Alvarez' calculations were correct, you'd get 85 times more Cesium 137 released than at Chernobyl, times .75.

      That's 63.75 times the amount of Cesium released by Chernobyl.

      So do we still have a civilization ending event (in slow motion) as Mr. Alvarez said it would be?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        For those of you new to this discussion, Robert Alvarez, a former DOE official turned whistleblower (or who at least is truthful) said if SFP #4 collapsed, it would mean the end of civilization as we know it.

        He didn't give a timeframe. He just indicated it would be catastrophic.

        Here's a quote from the Huffington post article:

        " After repeated warnings by former senior Japanese officials, nuclear experts, and now a U.S. senator, it's sinking in that the irradiated nuclear fuel stored in spent fuel pools amidst the reactor ruins pose far greater dangers than the molten cores: ….

        • Nearly all of the 10,893 spent fuel assemblies sit in pools vulnerable to future earthquakes, with roughly 85 times more long-lived radioactivity than released at Chernobyl

        • Several pools are 100 feet above the ground and are completely open to the atmosphere because the reactor buildings were demolished by explosions. The pools could possibly topple or collapse from structural damage coupled with another powerful earthquake. "

        It's not clear from this article where the 10, 893 spent fuel assemblies are. (Thought someone here had said that was in the Common Spent Fuel Pool, between Fukushima Dai. #5-6.)

        Here's another nice tidbit; Alvarez re: spent fuel storage in the U.S.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Between Fukushima Daichi Reactors 5 and 6, that was supposed to say, above.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Furthermore, if I'm not mistaken, Alvarez discussed Cesium 137 specifically, not just 85 times the amount of radiation released by Chernobyl. Perhaps other minds here have a link for his original statements?

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Here is a link:


              " Nuclear Expert: Fukushima spent fuel has 85 times more cesium than released at Chernobyl — 'It would destroy the world environment and our civilization… an issue of human survival' -Former UN adviser "

              You can backtrack to the original interview from there.

              • Sol Man

                The pronukers commenting on your link are very savvy and smart, that certainly shows by their comments. They are owners of this catastrophic myth.

                Nuclear is only 75+/- years old. Just how many of these events do they think that this sad old world can handle? This is killing people and the planet.

                Hope it is not too late to return to sanity.

                • unincredulous unincredulous

                  I apologize for not adding any technical information in my posts. Most of my comments are based on what I consider common sense and a feeling of disgust.

                  I have often been amazed at how stupid people can be. Moments of genius are often followed by jaw-dropping incompetence.

                  One evening, on the 4th of July, a man was attempting to impress his girlfriend by making a really loud firecracker. He was very smart, but had a few alcoholic beverages under his belt.

                  He filled an empty carbon dioxide canister with gunpowder and was attempting to insert a primer which would be used to detonate his little home made explosive device. Having some difficulty inserting the primer, he picked up a hammer and tapped the primer into the cartridge.

                  I was not present at the time. Having sensed a bit of lunacy at the party, I had departed…

                  When I returned, I heard the story. The genius had been put aboard a helicopter and was flown to Louisville, Kentucky for emergency care. He blew his thumb, index finger, and middle finger completely of of his hand.

                  I don't know what happened to him over the course of the last 35 years, but it seems to me that he would have been an excellent candidate for a CEO at a nuclear plant in Japan.

                  (I know he is still here in Kentucky, having seen him coming and going on rare occasions.)

        • Angela_R

          I have been reading here for a few months but this is my first comment. Firstly, I would like to say thank you – to the posters and the contributors here and elsewhere for endeavouring to provide the truth. To the workers at ALL nuclear facilities who are daily confronted with that 'truth', but particularly those at Fukushima, who doggedly plod on, not solving, but attempting to hold the crisis at bay.

          The Nuclear question probably rams homethe message of Armageddon for how could anyone look at this future and not recoil in horror at what our civilization sanctions.

          But how to give hope, how to move past the evocative recall of the Titanic's courageous band..

  • razzz razzz

    GE knows what the fuel inventory of 4 is capable of releasing. With the pool overloaded with extra fuel from the core, it would have begun to boil its water off first in a black out.

    When you see the steam roiling out of 4's pool after its explosion, you can imagine before when the building was intact that it would quickly fill itself up with steam and hydrogen, even pushing down to the lower floors and maybe pressuring the building before it lit off.

    I'm sure even if the pool didn't boil dry that the recently removed core fuel caught on fire as pictures showed the top of the racks were exposed and some underwater shots show damaged, burnt or missing bundle handles.

    They did yank a coupe of unused rods out with a crane with no problems. Hope the other removals go as smooth but I doubt it. Arnie in his Oct. 3 tour video says they hooked the exhaust stack back up to Unit 4's building in case of any mishaps and releases if a fuel rod or bundle breaks, to filter and send the radioactive gases up the stack and away from the building so they can quickly get back to work.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      " Arnie in his Oct. 3 tour video says they hooked the exhaust stack back up to Unit 4's building in case of any mishaps and releases if a fuel rod or bundle breaks, to filter and send the radioactive gases up the stack and away from the building so they can quickly get back to work."

      Wow, how reassuring. Blow and go.

      NIMBY (not in my back yard, it's your problem now), he said.

  • Socrates

    If the SFP building #4 settles due to water softening the ground, the liner could break and that would allow the fuel to super heat.

    There are many worries…

  • rnix rnix

    I am thinking about starting a Church of Vonnegut….He was a prophet.

    "The crucified planet Earth,
    should it find a voice
    and a sense of irony,
    might now well say
    of our abuse of it,
    "Forgive them, Father,
    They know not what they do."

    The irony would be
    that we know what
    we are doing.

    When the last living thing
    has died on account of us,
    how poetical it would be
    if Earth could say,
    in a voice floating up
    from the floor
    of the Grand Canyon,
    "It is done."
    People did not like it here."

    —–Kurt Vonnegut A Man Without a Country

    • Joe Ebslap Joe Ebslap

      No need to start a church. One only need join The Church of God the Utterly Indifferent.

      "Puny man can do nothing at all to help or please God Almighty, and Luck is not the hand of God." –

      The two chief teachings of the Church of God the Utterly Indifferent

    • I used to belong to the Church of the Never Ending Beer and I still can't remember where I parked my car.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The fuel pool ..unit 4..distorted?

    Book: Reactor No. 4 deformed in front of our eyes, says Fukushima worker — Walls morphed like special effects from movie — No large explosion, yet building destroyed

    Heart of the Rose
    April 2 2012
    "No large explosion yet building destroyed."

    Sure the racks were distorted..
    Just by visuals it can be seen that a large explosion occurred inside.

    Sure the pool was distorted…cooling was lost.
    And what was the activity of fuel?

    It burned….

    I'm not going to speculate as to the fact that it could not have happened..because people supposedly would not be able to work there.
    I am one of those that believe workers… perhaps by the thousands..are being exposed to lethal doses of radiation.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      That has been the strategy from the beginning, kill people with the "eating" from Fukushima campaign, burning campaign, remove reporting from international radiation tracking organizations, etc, to cover up the truth.

      What's a few adult men when you're killing children on a daily basis?

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    For review:
    Photo of SFP4 showing new MOX fuel load. TEPCO was in process of securing local government permission to convert Unit4 to MOX fuel. MOX fuel has the unique triangular top handle, and is seen at the bottom left in this photo:
    Contents of SFP4 appear to be largely intact, with only a small amount of debris, from the Unit4 explosion that destroyed the roof and walls. The racks were probably not damaged by falling debris.

    Fuel inventory on 3/11 show 1,331 spent fuel assemblies in SFP4, plus 204 new fuel assemblies, including the new MOX. SFP4 also contained the reactor control rods, which were double stacked in the SFP.

    TEPCO released a video of a survey of the inside of Reactor4. They didn't say, but my bet would be that they wanted to relocate the hot fuel load that was removed from the reactor in November, 2010, back into the reactor. Could the control rods go back in? And could the hot fuel load be brought into cold shutdown back inside Reactor4? Probably not, since TEPCO never publically mentioned their plan, and didn't comment on the results of its survey of Reactor4.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Photo of tour day, bringing press and dignitaries to view Equipment Floor of the Unit4 Ruins:

      My guess is that Unit4 is the only one of the four damaged reactors that they can send workers into. Workers can't get into Reactor Buildings1-3, because they are still too hot to do much work in. So, TEPCO is making a big show of emptying SFP4, because this is essentially all they can do.

      SFP4 holds water. After 3/11, SFP4 became dewatered. Remember that poor helicopter trying to drop a load of water into the pool?
      How many spent fuel assemblies are in good enough condition to be handled during removal? Half?
      How many of the spent fuel assemblies will break open during handling, spilling their contents onto the floor of SFP4.
      Will TEPCO be able to control fission in piles of spilled fuel pellets on the floor of SFP4, and complete the removal work?

  • Sickputer

    Worth a perusal again…the November 2010 Tepco document:

    Comments: page 9 is key page. Some confusion over the translated use of the word "each" which we guess meant "all".

    Remember to multiply by 63 to get total number of rods (63 in each bundle/assembly).

    Of interest is the comment that 700 spent fuel assemblies were generated each year. These units have been running for decades. So how many assemblies were generated as waste?

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    Evidence of neutron leakage at the Fukushima
    nuclear plant from measurements of
    radioactive 35S in California from the scientists arguments…

    Study here



  • ftlt

    Well this great!!!

    Is there any way of lifting the entire tank to the ground….

    What is its total weight – container, coolant and rods??? Supports may be could be removed and replaced with temporary ones..

    Is this weight beyond the capabilities of any crane/s or lifting systems we have???… I don't know – do you???…

    If it could be placed in a prepared area on the ground where another tank, more secure and one perhaps with some containment capability in the future to be finished around it… Then at least it would not be subject to collapse and this would be a start towards dealing with it more safely..

    • ftlt

      Found a site that 2000 – 7000 ton lift cranes are available…

      Certainly the pool's weights don't exceed this even with a reinforced cradle for the lift added …

      I wonder, if they have balked at the cost of using one of these only once and never being able to use it again

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        I'm sure they have "balked at the cost" as in the US they won't even spend the money to dry cask our overloaded spent fuel pools. They should be shutting down every Mark one and I wish all of them but of course that will never happen.

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    SFP 4 has been gone since 4/11.I'm unsure why the reports keep talking about the "hazardous removal". Maybe to cover we are/have been exposed for 2.7 years?

    I have included a zip file link to Hi-resolution photos of the plant after the meltdowns.

    Once you see the pictures, you will realize the lies that have been told.
    There are many people who know the truth, including Jazcko, in the FOIA documents which I have linked here several times, there were many who stated they would "stake their career" that the SFP 4 was gone.

    Also, once you see the photos you will question if the Tepco webcam is even pointed at Daiichi, as there is a nearly identical setup down the Coast called Daini.

    • Dai-ini has only four reactors, all of which did not suffer explosions thus original buildings are intact and the large remote cranes you see at Dai-ichi are non existent per recent picture on below link. Below link posits that Dai-ini will be shut down for some strategy that pleases the banks.

  • or-well, thats a good find. I've found these charts harder to find as time goes by.
    I can't say it any better. From below link;
    "The World is at a critical crossroads. The Fukushima disaster in Japan has brought to the forefront the dangers of Worldwide nuclear radiation. The crisis in Japan has been described as “a nuclear war without a war”.

    Nuclear radiation –which threatens life on planet earth– is not front page news in comparison to the most insignificant issues of public concern, including the local level crime scene or the tabloid gossip reports on Hollywood celebrities."
    The article also states there are 11,138 spent fuel bundles on site.

    This chart is still up somewhere but was easy to find in 2011.

    • or-well

      Hi Mark.
      Yeah, and really specific stuff seems even harder to find.
      I only posted that to show we can't assume all assemblies hold the same # of rods. I'm not sure it really matters, but I still think we should attempt to be accurate where possible.
      I'm not much into number-crunching comparisons. It's like counting the mourners at a funeral; is that what's important?

      • or-well, everyone seems to use Google as a search engine including me but its obvious they tailor there search based on some sort of consumer formula. If you type something in right away all local businesses connected to that thing comes up so it looks like Google is tailoring the search based on business input. (for extra cash?) No doubt US government also gets Google to tailor searches away from certain things. (for favors and cash?) Anyone have any suggestions for alternative search engines?
        Accuracy is important. If we are not accurate in what we do or say, then its easy to discredit us as a group, Enenews, advocating for our planet. People are trying to figure out whats really going on while tepco lies for the bankers. For me 11,000 spent fuel assemblies translates to a sh!tload of radiation. So yeah, personally I agree with you but publicly I try to be as accurate as possible and shut my mouth when the technicalities go over my head.
        A good opportunity to tip my hat to all those Enenewsers who watch cammeras, research and gain knowledge of the nuclear industry.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    gen explosion & radiation release
    Mar. 14, 2011
    “The number 4 reactor was not operating at the time of the earthquake according to NHK. However, the loss of power that occurred when the tsunami wiped out the diesel generators caused the spent fuel pools to lose water circulation. Heat from the spent fuel would have eventually boiled off the water once circulation was lost. When spent fuel is uncovered it can heat up to such high temperatures that its zirconium alloy cladding catches fire. That appears to have taken place. Moreover these conditions apparently led to hydrogen generation which caused an explosion that destroyed the roof of the reactor 4 building.
    “Radiation levels of 400 milliseverts (reporting was previously in microseverts, one thousand times less) have been reported between reactors 3 and 4. The live NHK report stated that the hydrogen explosion and fire at reactor 4 may have been caused by burning of the zircalloy cladding of spent fuel rods in the damaged pool. Neutrons have been measured outside of the reactor indicating that water levels are low or the spent fuel has become uncovered. Neutrons are stopped rapidly by hydrogen in water, but will pass through heavier nuclei. Neutrons have a long path length in air.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    E N D – O F – N U C L E A R – P O W E R

    Too bad for people in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    In conclusion, Helen Caldicott should be on her way to Australia, George Bush should be playing golf on his huge ranch in Paraguay with his private taxpayer provided army, right next to messiah Sun Myung Moons place, which can feed the good news through his rags the United Press International and Washington Times, and meanwhile Barbara the judge lady will be renovating Fukushima pp#2 for the opening of a cancer radiation/chemotherapy center. The earth; weird place to visit, but I wouldnt want to live there

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    They have MOX fuel stored in the Common Spent Fuel Pool. How can they possibly transfer damaged fuel rods from Unit #4 to the CSFP?

    Location Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6 Central Storage
    Reactor Fuel Assemblies 400 548 548 0 548 764 0
    Spent Fuel Assemblies 292 587 514 1331 946 876 6375[47]

    Fuel UO2 UO2 UO2/MOX UO2 UO2 UO2 UO2/MOX
    New Fuel Assemblies[48]
    100 28 52 204 48 64 N/A

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Assuming the CSFP is still watertight.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      anne, none of this makes sense. Why aren't they emptying the SFP of Reactor 5 and 6? I just don't understand why they waste their time trying to decontaminate land with criticality ongoing. I saw a picture of the massive amounts of soil they have removed, covered with green to blend in I guess. Unreal

  • rockyourworld

    they know exactly what happened and when. they know exactly where the corium are. expect more bad news being dumped all once today, it's friday and it will go over mosr americans heads.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂

  • rockyourworld

    all at* once today

  • Socrates

    Basically, the planet of the apes meets Murphy's Law.

    They would do it all again. It is a question of behavioral anthropology and economic anthropology.

    I wrote a dissertation on Japan and the nuclear tinder box. The peaceful atom was the evil step-child of nuclear Samuri-ism. The roots of the problem go deep.

    It is mankind atop the tinder box, not just Japan. I called this back in the Sixties in the paper. The visiting professor from Yale gave me an A.

    Now we have more worries. The problem is hardwired in our genes. We have technology but no wisdom. That spells disaster. It got us through an ice age or two but takes on.a life of its own.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    .. 🙂 It may be hard wired in some genes but not all.

    • Socrates

      But enough such genes to determine behavior. The guy with the bigger and better stone ax gets more cave women. That is the Alpha male. This is typical primate behavior.

      One must stand back from the herd to observe the behavior objectively. Jane Goodall comes to mind.

      Not all humanoids are bad units, but enough are to misuse technology. We are all human – some more human than others.

  • weeman

    Here is my theory why there is no video of four blowing up, nuclear detonation caused a electric magnetic pulse and all the cameras went down.
    Hbjon is this possible, could we prove, it must have a wide area of blackout?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      The potential as an anti-satellite weapon became apparent in August 1958 during Hardtack Teak. The EMP observed at the Apia Observatory at Samoa was four times more powerful than any created by solar storms, while in July 1962 the Starfish Prime test damaged electronics in Honolulu and New Zealand (approximately 1,300 kilometers away), fused 300 street lights on Oahu (Hawaii), set off about 100 burglar alarms, and caused the failure of a microwave repeating station on Kauai, which cut off the sturdy telephone system from the other Hawaiian islands. The radius for an effective satellite kill for the various prompt radiations produced by such a nuclear weapon in space was determined to be roughly 80 km….
      “Starfish Prime produced an artificial radiation belt in space which soon destroyed three satellites (Ariel, TRAAC, and Transit 4B all failed after traversing the radiation belt, while Cosmos V, Injun I and Telstar 1 suffered minor degradation, due to some radiation damage to solar cells, etc.). The radiation dose rate was at least 60 rads/day at four months after Starfish for a well-shielded satellite or manned capsule in a polar circular earth orbit, which caused NASA concern with regard to its manned space exploration programs….”

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I've read eye witness accounts of the explosion of Unit #4 who said that the explosion was really weird.

  • weeman

    The sandman calls, I bid you all a goodnight and a gold star for Anne.
    I recommend to all to watch video of fission event and that was three months after start.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    TEPCO Reports Explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Plant: Did the Reactor 4 Fuel Pool Collapse?
    May 31, 2011

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    How Reactor 4 at Fukushima I Nuke Plant "Exploded", According to TEPCO
    August 27, 2011
    “…Here's what TEPCO has put down in the plant status report (page 16). TEPCO does say "explosion" but that's decidedly not what was reported back then:
    • “’At approx. 6:00am, March 15, an explosive sound was heard and the damage in the 5th floor roof of Unit 4 reactor building was confirmed. At 9:38am, the fire near the northwest part of 4th floor of Unit 4 reactor building was confirmed. At approx. 11:00am, TEPCO employees confirmed that the fire was extinguished.
    • “’At approx. 5:45am on March 16, a TEPCO employee discovered a fire at the northwest corner of the reactor building. TEPCO immediately reported this incident to the fire department and the local government andn proceeded with the extinction of fire. At approx. 6:15am, TEPCO employee confirmed at the site that there were no sign of fire.’….”

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    #Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Reactor No.4 Radiation Abnormally High, Government Asking US Military to Spray Water From Air
    March 15, 2011

    “From Asahi Shinbun (in Japanese, 3:02AM Japan Time, 3/16/2011):
    • “’Repair workers cannot enter the Reactor No.4, which had an explosion [now they are saying it was an explosion, not just fire] due to highly elevated radiation level.
    • “’There are two 8-meter square holes on the building's northwest wall. When TEPCO went inside the building to measure the radiation on the 4th floor, it measured 400 milli-sievert (400,000 micro-sievert).
    • “’The storage pool is located on the 5th floor, but they couldn't not proceed from the 4th floor as the radiation was too strong.
    • “’TEPCO confirmed that there was still water in the storage pool at noon (3/15/2011) through the hole on the side wall, but since then they haven't been able to confirm.
    • “’Not just inside the Reactor No.4 but also outside, they measured 100 milli-sievert radiation. TEPCO's emergency workers cannot work for more than 1 hour in that radiation level without endangering themselves.
    • “’The Japan's Self Defense Force is considering dropping water from the helicopter, though it is not clear how effective that would be. TEPCO announced on March 15 that it plans to ask the US military for assistance. If the US military agrees, the water dumping may start on March 16……

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Nuclear Regulation Authority: Fukushima Reactor No. 4 Suffered At Least 2 Major Explosions On 311
    “…On 8/30/2013, Nuclear Regulation Authority released their report about reactor4 investigation conducted from this July to August.
    “In this report, they concluded reactor4 experienced at least 2 strong explosions in 311.
    “According to their report, the ceiling and floor of S-W part of the 4th floor had a severe damage. Also, the floor of N-W part of the 3rd floor had a serious damage. The investigating team assumed there were 2 major explosion around these areas.
    “In addition to it, the 5th floor lost the walls on theS, E and W and the roof. There might have been another explosion there according to their report….”

  • weeman

    Unit four has always been a mystery to me and to review the old blogs on it was fascinating and deepens the mystery, after passing nuclear engineering 101.
    I do not believe a hydrogen explosion is completely to blame, if the hydrogen and isotopes migrated through stack and filters from unit three, the radiation reading should have been through the roof on filters,
    More likely that when three blew up, at that time hydrogen and debris was forced down pipe, but would not account for large explosions or the amount of hydrogen required to produce such explosions.
    Anyway after the roof was off three all hydrogen would escape and could not migrate?
    Just my imagination running away with me,