Nuclear Expert: We should be very worried about ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima… “Complete failure” of ice wall built to contain extremely radioactive water… Plutonium is flowing into Pacific, will for many years to come — Strontium in ocean hits record level, huge increase reported since April (VIDEO)

Published: July 20th, 2015 at 12:59 am ET


Excerpts from presentation by Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer, Jul 16, 2015 (emphasis added):

  • Are the meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi over?… This catastrophe is not over… We should continue to be very worried.
  • 3 of the nuclear cores at Fukushima Daiichi are in direct contact with groundwater.  Nuclear power designers and engineers never anticipated that possibility.
  • Fukushima Daiichi Units No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 were destroyed… allowing holes and cracks to form… We know for sure that the Fukushima Daiichi containments are full of holes that allow groundwater to come in direct contact with each nuclear core.
  • Groundwater is still leaking in and leaking out, at a rate of at least 300 tons per day… more than 1,500 days have passed… 23,000-tanker truckloads of radioactive water have already leaked into the Pacific Ocean. Worse yet, there is no end in sight.
  • As Fairewinds anticipated, the ‘ice wall’ is a complete failure.
  • Cesium, strontium and plutonium from Fukushima Daiichi will continue to bleed into the Pacific Ocean for decades because the groundwater flow is unmitigated.
  • Japan’s press looks on silently due to the real threat and constraints of the government’s secrecy act… The true human, financial, and environmental costs of this nuclear power catastrophe are not publicized and discussed.

TEPCO reported on July 17 that Strontium-90 concentrations in the ocean outside Fukushima Units 3 and 4 are at record highs. Levels have spiked around 1,000% in 3 months.

Sr-90 measured between Unit 3 & 4 intake channel

Sr-90 measured at Unit 4 screen

* According to TEPCO’s July 17 report, the total level of all beta ray emitters (which includes Sr-90) was 1,200 Bq/L — yet the levels reported for Sr-90 were 1,500 Bq/L.  When a similar occurrence happened last year, Asahi reported: “Strontium levels exceeded the all-beta readings in some instances, leading the utility to decide they were ‘wrong’.” TEPCO’s corrected data revealed much higher levels.

Watch Gundersen’s presentation here

Published: July 20th, 2015 at 12:59 am ET


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251 comments to Nuclear Expert: We should be very worried about ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima… “Complete failure” of ice wall built to contain extremely radioactive water… Plutonium is flowing into Pacific, will for many years to come — Strontium in ocean hits record level, huge increase reported since April (VIDEO)

  • DurangoMom DurangoMom

    The World Is A Lie…..
    A dear friend of my family, who had two young kids, loving wife, a PhD, etc…loved the ocean. I mean REALLY loved the ocean, sailed on it and had dreams of buying a 45 foot boat and sailing around the world, took his own life several months ago. He KNEW about what was going on with Fukushima, etc. and, among other things, this reality was heavy on his heart. As, it is to all of us, I believe. Each of us, in our own way(s), need support and also a healthy way of dealing with these HEAVY and DIFFICULT circumstances we find ourselves in. Healthy, productive ways…

    I hope you don't mind my sharing this…I felt inspired to do so.
    Peace to you…be well.

    • theworldisalie theworldisalie

      That is a very sad but sobering comment, thank you for sharing.

      • DurangoMom DurangoMom

        The World Is A Lie…
        What has helped me, personally, with trying my best as a Mom, Wife, Friend and Citizen of this precious Planet pertaining to the REALITIES of our present situation and going forward has been, buying and constantly using my Inspector EXP Geiger Counter. Trying to educate myself, by being a good student..ENE has been tremendously helpful. I told all of my friends and family (once) about the realities we are in. Many have asked me more about it later…I figured I did my part by informing them. They could take it, or not, from there. We have young children and, I feel that I have to 'best' prepare for them, however I can. Being informed and alert, helps me keep my focus. I also am a spiritual person (not religious) and have a strong faith in a greater power (what ever one would want to call that source) and meditate every morning. That keeps me buoyant in turbulent times.
        Again, I hope I have not overstepped my bounds, but felt inspired to share with you, some of the things that have helped me. Love and light to you…Durango Mom

        • ISPC

          Yes. DurangoMom, TY. Welcome. Peace

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Peace to you, Durango Mom. No, you have not overstepped any bounds, at least by me.

          As long as we're kind and considerate in our posts, and make an effort to adhere to Admin's policies for posts, we're OK.

          It seems some people will be offended no matter what we say. As long as that doesn't turn into another one of our ugly flame wars (they tire me so) we should be able to speak of what is on our hearts and minds. As long as it's reasonable and respectful.

          It seems many of us with spiritual inclinations are struggling with the weight of what we're dealing with. All in our different ways.

          I've always liked the idea that we must affect change beginning with ourselves and our own actions.

          • DurangoMom DurangoMom

            Ho Taters..thank you. I am very much like Melting Mermaid in regards to the low-tech abilities. I did snap shot the instructions that were given to her this morning and will attempt to try them as needed. Being quiet and learning from those here on ENE for the past 16 months, has been a great education for me. I would have never imagined that I would be actually 'responding' as this isn't my gig. This is all new to me. We don't have TV, Cable or internet (on purpose) at our house. I have a iPad though. Anyway, thanks again for the warm welcome. I appreciate your work here.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Melting Mermaid seems like a lovely person … who also struggles with the weight of the world. Yeah, it's intense out there in Reality-Land. Sometimes puts a hurt on my brain (to paraphrase an old Frank Zappa line). Frank Zappa said in one of his songs about (and I hope this makes you laugh), "Stinkfoot. Put a hurt to my nose," the song went.

              Maybe you'd have to hear it to appreciate it. It was just the way he said it, with sort of a new Jersey Mafioso accent. It was pretty funny ….

              Here ya go. Kinda describes the way the world is ….


              It reminds me of the "befuddled" scientists with all their hypotheses about why everything is dying in the Pacific. It must be … stinkfoot! (Not one of the imaginary diseases, mind you.)

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              BTW, we have Internet at my house, but no TV, no cable. No TV has really improved the quality of our lives. Probably our intellectual capabilities, too. No longer living in a trance state several hours a day. Makes a soul find more productive things to do. Like thinking, doing, learning.

              • DurangoMom DurangoMom

                Ho Taters… Stink foot, ya that was funny. Can't be radiation, must be stink foot. Bet they would actually 'test' for that, maybe spend millions doing so. (Aaaaughhhh!)

                My kids are raised on reading…creating and outdoor recreation. We have several ponds and a creek on our property, so they explore nature outside a lot. It keeps them curious and healthy. Their friends come over often and they love to play outside.

                I am very thankful for the great minds that write and contribute here on ENE. It is a great way to fuel my desire to learn about the 'science' of what these contributors offer pertaining to Fukushima and all that is related. I often ponder different points of views and perspectives given here, throughout my work day. I am soooo thankful. So, Thank you Ho Taters & the rest of ENE Crew. YOU ROCK!!!

      • 2015 – Fukushima Getting Worse And Worse, Multiple Cores Still Fissioning, Iodine 131, Cesium, Strontium Levels Spiking Up

    • Durango Mom… i have had that same thought for the past 3+ years. I think it is very important that those of us who've been more aware of this and have worked thru our "stages of grief" already, to have some type of help in place for those just coming around to the reality. Although i understand the urges to just snap or give up, i know that it is not productive and that we need to keep our eye on doing all that we can to mitigate the situation before it kills us. We owe it to the children and however many future generations that survive us. Bike riding and Haiku helped me tremendously. along with reading the poetry and song lyrics on this site, like jebus or gasser and everyone else. but what was (and is) really empowering is painting a sign with words that can be seen from a hundred feet, and standing straight with my arms up in the air in front of general electric… "mox fuel reactor 3 Everybody Knows!!" we need to find our "inner kevin blanch" and force change. it's love that fuels my fight, and it sucks to be put into this situation, but when enough people are knowledgeable, it will become a wave and it will then become easy. i also think that forcing accountability on those responsible is vital, we've seen how things get worse when you don't, and honestly we are about a minute to midnight. Dr Richard Sauder's Minot Manifesto is very empowering as well.

      • ISPC

        Yes. sayonara kitty. TY. Amazing,inspirational link. I had the distinct feeling I was here now to read those words. So many things are going through my head right now I am really speechless. I would so love to live long enough to see a Peaceful Planet. That is worth living for,believing in,and working toward. Right on!


      • DurangoMom DurangoMom

        Kitty… Your words, ring true. It is a very difficult reality to ride. One must summon all the help (from within & from without) that can be used in the 'Life Tool Box' for what we have going down. I agree, those who just come to this awareness are in a volunerable state. "Don't give up!!", would be my words to them and to myself. We do not know what (exactly) the future holds. Owning and using a Geiger Counter, to me is the #1 way of determining if there are increases in my areas CPM's / Baselines. Knowing that, helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what CPM's my children (and my self, husband and dog) are being exposed to.

        Thank you again Kitty for sharing.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Nice, Sayonara Kitty. Have you heard the Inagural Addresses and National Day of Prayer addresses by Rabbi/Pastor Jonathan Cahn? Fascinating. I found his speeches/sermons to be astonishing. He, too, speaks of the Jubilee. And he, interestingly, ties it to 9-11.

        Can't give details here as it's a sermon and I can't quote w/o violating user policy. But what he has to say about the "harbingers" of national judgment are amazing.

        My husband just discovered his videos and books, and shared this information with me.

        I think most of us can agree there is evil afoot, and it shows itself openly and in clandestine ways both in the U.S. and in international circles.

        • dunkilo

          HoTaters,Thank you soooo much for sharing this!I myself am so greatful!I have a lot of repenting to do,tons!No revival without repentance.I can only speak for myself,how can I expect God's hedge of protection with my back to Him?
          May God bless you and yours:)

  • theworldisalie theworldisalie

    You know what? it isn't right of me to ask you guys that actually. You will have to excuse me.

    I'm a little liquored up due to thinking about this all day on my day off.

    None of us know what is going to happen, I'm just trying to find some sort of sane logical answer to "what next" ?

    • I vote Get the Rad Word Out.

      Fukushima Business Cards 4 U! And everyone else, too!

      300+ downloads since this story posted earlier today.
      Not the best answer, but the only one that would pave a way.

    • Prof Koide said that no one knows what Fukushima's effects will be and I think that is true.

      Scientist I know reject the idea that it will create extinctions.

      Yet so many Pacific species are dying at unprecedented rates.

      One thing is clear: we have run out of time.

      We change now or we die within generations from the hell we are making on earth.

      • J.

        Great respect for Koide, a truth-teller for our times. Thanks for reminding us of him. He retired just a few months ago at the lowest rung of the ladder — 45 years without a promotion, the price of truth-telling.

    • Jebus Jebus

      It looks like all will go on as before until Mother Nature, or man, creates a visible enough precipice for change.

      Shock and Awe is what will determine the results.

      Seem's the choice has been made.

      Unfortunately, it can go either way…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes for an eternity..there is no other better explanation. For 70 years these people have poisoned the Earth and they will continue to do so until they are stopped.

    There is no benefit from any Nuclear poisons currently being created by any Nuclear Power Plant regarding any biological life on this planet. 🙁

    This Nuclear waste poisons all that it touches..we are all screwed this time around.

  • combomelt combomelt

    Trickling TRUTHS

    Like he said !!!

    Get the RAD WORD out!!!!******

  • rogerthat

    Can U.S. Nuclear Plants Operate For 80 Years?
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/20/2015

    Submitted by Nick Cunningham via,

  • rogerthat

    July 21, 2015

    Over 3,000 Fukushima residents seek compensation for mental distress from nuclear disaster

    FUKUSHIMA — More than 3,000 residents here have filed for compensation for mental distress over radiation emanating from the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant disaster through an out-of-court settlement system, it has been learned.

    The claim was filed with the government-backed Nuclear Damage Claim Dispute Resolution Center by 3,107 residents in 1,107 households in the Watari district of the city of Fukushima on July 21. They comprise about 20 percent of Watari residents.

    Through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure, these residents are demanding plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) pay 100,000 yen per person per month and 200,000 yen per person for the first six months after the meltdown when radiation levels were higher.

    The residents claim that they harbor health concerns over radiation exposure and suffer from other forms of mental distress from the nuclear disaster.

    Watari is located about 60 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 plant and is known for relatively higher radiation levels compared to other districts in the city of Fukushima. …

    • rogerthat

      According to the Fukushima Municipal Government, the radiation doses in Watari topped 2 microsieverts per hour over a six-month period since the onset of the nuclear crisis.

      According to Watari residents, there are still a large number of spots in Watari whose radiation levels are over twice the national government's criteria for decontamination work, which is 0.23 microsieverts per hour.

      Under the national government guidelines, residents in government-ordered evacuation zones and "specific spots recommended for evacuation," where radiation dosage is regionally high, are entitled to 100,000 yen each a month under TEPCO's compensation for mental distress. However, residents in the city of Fukushima have been paid only 120,000 yen per adult thus far as the city falls under a voluntary evacuation zone.

      "The Watari district was not designated as a specific evacuation recommendation spot because the national and prefectural governments wanted to avoid a situation where residents in the center of the city evacuate. We should be entitled to compensation on par with that for residents in specific evacuation recommendation spots," one of the residents said at a news conference on July 21.

      In November last year, about 1,000 residents in the city of Fukushima's Onami district — about 90 percent of the district's population — filed for compensation from TEPCO via the ADR center as the area has been plagued by relatively higher radiation doses.

  • rogerthat

    … San Onofre’s generators have been offline now for two years, but the uranium left behind, which will be poisonous to humans for the next 173 million years, will be permanently stored in high-tech stainless steel drums designed to last for 25 years.

    In a report on the issue, "Report of Malfeasance and Institutional Corruption at the California Public Utilities Commission," one attorney detailed disasters involving public utilities, disasters that should inform the decision on a local nuclear emergency.

    “Imagine what will happen if San Diego were the site of a major nuclear disaster and that you'll have to have the kind of relocation, the kind of loss of life that you see in Fukushima,” said attorney Mike Aguirre.

    He said the stored nuclear waste at San Onofre by its owner, SCE, is a disaster waiting to happen.
    “Edison is implanting 3,000,600 pounds of high level nuclear waste in North San Diego coast line,” Aguirre said.

    On Tuesday, the board will vote to accept $1.6 million from SCE to cover the costs of emergency services operations through 2019.
    For Aguirre, it is the only chance he sees to discuss what should be done with the stored nuclear waste.

    But Supervisor Bill Horn said Aguirre is wrong and is trying to scare people.
    “As far as there being a danger at the plant right now, I don't think there is one,” Horn said…

  • rogerthat

    Acclaimed visual artist Takashi Murakami released his debut film, "Jellyfish Eyes," in American theaters last week.

    Set in a post-Fukushima Japan, the movie features young children fighting against a a contingent of evil scientists. …

  • rogerthat

    TEPCO gave 50 contracts to company tied to Kariwa mayor
    July 21, 2015

    By SATOSHI OTANI/ Staff Writer
    KARIWA, Niigata Prefecture–The father of pro-nuclear Kariwa Mayor Hiroo Shinada is a director of a company that received contracts worth millions of yen for work at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co.

    In addition, a gasoline stand run by Shinada’s wife is frequented by TEPCO employees as well as workers at nuclear plant-related companies.

    Shinada, 58, said there was nothing inappropriate about the business transactions.

    “In this community, there is no one who has zero ties to the nuclear plant, but I have always clearly separated family business with my work as mayor,” Shinada said. “I never asked the plant to provide work for the companies (with ties to my father and wife).”

    Indeed, with a population of about 4,800, Kariwa as a whole depends on the nuclear power plant for much of its economic benefits. And there are no legal restrictions concerning contracts for nuclear plant work given to companies with ties to local mayors.

    However, as mayor, Shinada also has the responsibility as representative of the village to make decisions on the safety of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa power plant. …

    • rogerthat

      … There have been other instances in Japan of companies with ties to local mayors winning contracts for construction work at nuclear power plants located within the community. But there are no legal provisions prohibiting companies with ties to the mayors from winning such orders because those contracts are given by private-sector electric power companies.

  • rogerthat

    hats off to robert jacobs and the asia-pacific journal:

    The Bravo Test and the Death and Life of the Global Ecosystem in the Early Anthropocene

    The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 13, Issue. 29, No. 1, July 20, 2015

    Robert Jacobs

    Jack Schick07/20/2015

    Excellent work, Mr. Jacobs. As the son of a Nevada Test Site RECA case, I can only urge everybody to share this article, discuss these footnotes and citations, and add your own stories. My Air Force dad was so committed to his CLASSIFIED mission that he never told me about it, at all.

    I had to find out that he was intentionally exposed to nuke tests, from my aunt, after he died of Acute Granulocytic Leukemia in 1986.

    I'm sure many folks need to tell the truth in their own families. These falsehoods of the Nuke Industry are allowed to Go On, because we do not tell the truth. We must now Tell the Truth.

    My dad only made it to 54 years old, and the Government continues to deal death and lies to everybody. Your Dads and Uncles were intentionally poisoned by the evil people who run the nuke business.

  • rogerthat

    ‘Follow the Money’: Fukushima Cleanup Financially Motivated, Expert Says © AP Photo/ Shizuo Kambayashi


    The meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant are not over, and the Japanese government’s push to decommission and dismantle the plants in the next thirty years are not scientifically feasible, but financially motivated, according to Fairewinds Chief engineer and nuclear expert Arine Gundersen. …

  • rogerthat

    Sweaty work for Japan teams scrubbing away Fukushima radiation
    AFP | 21 July, 2015

    Sweating inside their plastic protection suits, thousands of men toil in Japan's muggy early summer in a vast effort to scrub radiation from the villages around Fukushima.

    The mission is to decontaminate hundreds of square kilometres (miles) that were polluted when reactors went into meltdown after a huge tsunami struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011.

    No stone is left unturned: diggers scrape away the top layer of earth in fields, school courtyards and around the buildings of villages, while houses, buildings, roads and parking lots are scrubbed clean.

    At least 20,000 people — all dressed in the special gloves, masks and boots required for workers in the nuclear industry — are involved in the clean-up, according to the environment ministry.

    Some 2.5 million black bags filled with contaminated soil, plants and leaves wait at the sites or in one of the nearly 800 temporary outdoor storage facilities that have been set up across the disaster zone.

    The mammoth effort comes as Japan's government prepares to declare sections of the evacuation zone habitable again.

    That will mean evacuees can return to the homes they abandoned more than four years ago. It will also mean, say campaigners, that some people will have no choice …

    • rogerthat

      but to go back because it will trigger the ending of some compensation payments.

      Government-run decontamination efforts are under way in 11 cities where Tokyo says that at present, anyone living there would be exposed to radiation levels of more than 20 millisieverts (mSv) a year.

      The globally-accepted norm for radiation absorption is 1 mSv per year, although the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and others say anything up to 20 mSv per year poses no immediate danger to human health.

      The settlement of Naraha, which lies just 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the plant, is expected to be declared safe in September.

      The government intends to lift many evacuation orders by March 2017, if decontamination progresses as it hopes.

      Still, the area immediately surrounding the plant remains uninhabitable, and storage sites meant to last 30 years are being built in the villages closest to the complex.

      For now, only residential areas are being cleaned in the short-term, and the worst-hit parts of the countryside are being omitted, a recommendation made by the IAEA.

      But that strategy has troubled environmentalists, who fear that could lead to re-contamination as woodlands will act as a radiation reservoir, with pollutants washed out by rains.

      In a report on decontamination in Iitate, a heavily forested area that lies northwest of the plant, campaign group Greenpeace says these selective efforts will effectively confine returnees to …

      • rogerthat

        a relatively small area of their old hometowns.

        "The Japanese government plans, if implemented, will create an open-air prison of confinement to 'cleaned' houses and roads… and the vast untouched radioactive forests continue to pose a significant risk of recontamination of these 'decontaminated' areas to even higher levels," the report, published Tuesday, says.

        Some 39 other municipalities which were not evacuated after the accident, and which have radiation levels deemed safe for humans, are also being decontaminated by local authorities.

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      That's so sad.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yeah, wipe the smirking, self-satisfied grins right off the faces of those slimy industry lawyers. You go, defenders of the USS Ronald Reagan, Operation Tomodachi survivors ….

      90% of human communication is non-verbal. Loved the last part of that article, rogerthat, where it said at the end of Garner's speech, the industry lawyers were no longer wearing self-satisfied grins.

      Maybe there will be some justice for those sailors, after all.

  • rogerthat

    Expanding Nuclear Military Fences – How Much of Cumbria Will Be Sacrificed?

    Posted on July 20, 2015 by mariannewildart

  • rogerthat

    Japan Inc Rocked By Massive Accounting Fraud: Toshiba CEO Quits After Admitting 7 Years Of Cooked Books

  • outsider

    Japan(and probabilty many other countries as well) is now making the same mistakes, they had made in WW2 – Fools rule the country while the people who know things do not have any power to resist, they are going straight to disaster

  • Fukushima – 50 Cubic Miles Of Highly Radioactive Water Are Pouring Into Pacific Per Year, Says Dr. Gordon Edwards

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Failure of the Frozen Wall will force Tepco to build an Impermeable Wall Enclosure.
    Tepco is now FORCED to redesign the Impermeable Wall to fully enclose reactors1-4.
    The public, and governments around the world, are demanding an end of the contamination pouring into the Pacific Ocean, as the underground river delivers tons of nuclides from under the reactor buildings.
    They will build the inland part, behind the reactors, next, then wrap reactor4 to the harbor.

    The Impermeable Wall is already just under half-built.
    This work is well away from the reactor ruins.
    The workers required are relatively few, and they will be fine.
    The Impermeable Wall is a much better idea than a Frozen Wall, since no power is required to run it.
    Build the damn Wall, Tepco. 😉
    No more excuses!

    This is by way of a reply to WNTF, from page 1 of this thread.

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Record El Nino forecasted, affecting the Atlantic Hurricane season. Said to also intensify the formation and strength of typhoons in the Pacific, and especially affecting Japan.

    A link from the Weather Channel re: the Atlantic hurricane season and El Nino:

    Pacific Oceanic effects, typhoons in Pacific and Japan:

    Discussion for 2014 and El Nino:

    I'm not able to find the Japan Weather Association article on the link between El Nino and typhoons in Japan. It might have been Japan's Meterological Agency that made the report last year. JMA is a wealth of information. Just can't find the report I'm looking for, right now. I think the article was published in association with the "supertyphoons" which were supposed to make landfall in Japan last year, but lessened in strength before reaching the islands in Japan.

    From Japan Meteorological Agency, JMA:

    Tropical cyclone information can be found at JMA.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      One more link re: JMA predictions and El Nino.

      Below is indirect link (not from JMA), but makes reference to JMA reports on El Nino, article below published in December, 2014:

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        El Nino forecasted to persist through the 2014-2015 winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. From NOAA:

        Published with video July 9, 2015:

        "El Niño has an 80 percent chance of lasting into early spring 2016, according to an updated forecast released on Thursday by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Adminisration (NOAA). NOAA also reported that there is a greater than 90 percent chance of El Niño lasting through the upcoming winter.

        El Niño is an anomalous, yet periodic, warming of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. For reasons still not well understood, every 2-7 years, this patch of ocean warms for six to 18 months.

        The declaration that El Niño is likely to last into spring is important for the United States since precipitation and temperature impacts from a moderate-to-strong El Niño are typically most noticeable during the colder months. We have more on what those impacts are later in this article."

        Soooo …. can California and the West Coast expect more rain?

        OK, re-read the Weather Channel report & got it. The Weather Channel report stated El Nino intensifies the onshore weather systems, increasing thunderstorm and tornado activity. It apparently causes a decrease in the number of tropical storm depressions (hurricanes) in the Atlantic.

  • While Abenomics has been an unmitigated disaster for Japan's ordinary population, where the soaring stock market has benefited the top decile of the population while everyone has been slammed by a record 25 consecutive months of declining real wages and soaring input costs

  • Troubles in nuclear paradise? Toshiba execs resign over scandal..

    Corp losing money, just like Areva in France.. what about all of the rest of them? Are they right behind Toshiba, cooking the books, and frying their nuclear toast in fake numbers?

  • arbol1989

    I would first like to show appreciation to all the canaries in this rather dark world we live in. For without you I would probably be sucking down salmon from the east pac and canned salmon from se asia. It (3-1 1) and the actions guv officials from all over this planet, has only solidified my position that this world has quite evil folks @ the top of the proverbial food chain. Without too much more ranting I will digress and again say thanks to those who have the heart to stand and speak in the midst of tyranny and a desire to help their fellow human out in this dark hour. May God bless you for this kindness.

    • ISPC

      Yes. arbol989. TY. sayonara kitty shared this link with DurangoMom yesterday. I found it very eye-opening and inspirational. For those reasons I am forwarding it to you. We do not have to accept the unacceptable. There is much we can do through learning from and teaching each other about all things.

      Imagine A Peaceful Planet

      • arbol1989

        Ty for this link ISPC. A few years ago (aug 2013) it was impressed upon me to examine things a bit closer and it started @ 9- 11. Hmm you might say to yourself. Indeed and I followed rabbit trails like a predator after prey.

        The link you provided was insightful and pre aug 2013 it would have have been considered out there by myself. As an adult I have never been one to shy away from truth or not speak this. Those conspiracy theorists I may have spoken or typed, but not now. Not now. Men and women have literally died trying to get this knowledge (hidden guv agendas) and I am grateful for their sacrifice. I used to enjoy the x- files when the show was on its first go around, but never fully grasped the proximity to the target that this show hits. Wow.

        You might look into this if you desire. No plane notion for sep. 1 1. I refer to it as a notion, but it is more than that. Don't know if you have seen these vids, but look into em on you tube. Anyhow thanks again for that info, ISPC.

        • ISPC

          Yes. arbol1989. TY. Welcome. In a short time you will see that all here(well,almost all) are illumined or enlightened on almost all Humnities and Sciences to a working degree. I see these forums as platforms to become more than what we were through both teaching and learning. At one time one,another time the other,sometimes both concurrently.

          I won't go on and on. Just to say,I would encourage you to visit A Green Road Project. It is a collection of articles,etc,on current issues,and issues that we as humans jave faced on a day to day basis,with complete resources for understanding them and walking through them. I cannot praise Dr. Goodheart's site enough. So when you find the time, please visit. Also you might find the search engine here on ENENews a valuable resource of information as well.

          Peace Be With You

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