Nuclear Expert on CNN: “Organized denial” at Fukushima — “Tepco not in control at all” — “Very worrying” (VIDEO)

Published: September 3rd, 2013 at 11:59 am ET


Title: Nuclear expert: TEPCO not in control
Source: CNN International’s Ralitsa Vassileva
Date: Sept. 1, 2013

Mycle Schneider, nuclear expert: The overall situation I think has to be classified as very worrying. […]

Potential still for the entire problem to get a lot worse with the spent fuel pools. […]

It’s increasingly clear that Tepco is not in control at all of the site. This is like an organized denial, because we’re finding out now that Tepco has been knowing for a long time that there’s actually leaks into the ocean probably right from the start, it never stopped. So Tepco is definitely not in control.

Watch the broadcast here

Published: September 3rd, 2013 at 11:59 am ET


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18 comments to Nuclear Expert on CNN: “Organized denial” at Fukushima — “Tepco not in control at all” — “Very worrying” (VIDEO)

  • Wooster

    Today's new tank leak was not measured accurately because Tepco “brought only the low range survey meter, they couldn’t detect the exactly radiation level”.

    This is criminal behaviour far beyond negligence. And these are the people trusted with emptying a nuclear fuel pool of its contents? We are truly doomed.

    • dodge

      Tragically the lies, are not told just by Tepco. Industry would gladly turn on a weak link and bury them – taking over their business and profit. The industry is protecting itself, while destroying their grandchildren. Government and media is a close ally in this coverup. Why? The rest of the business – from the nuclear war it supports, to the massive debris of "spent fuel" permanently stored in pools far exceeding both their designed life and capacity. Once the world knows the danger – calculates the cost of doing noting and decides that something must be done no matter the cost, we will realize that a new economy will have to arise from the ashes. Corporations and Governments are both bankrupt – both financially and morally. Irreparable damage has already been done to the environment (coal and fossil fuel is little better) the tipping point may soon be reached where not only the health of the human population, but its very survival will be at stake. It is beyond time that we look for leadership with moral fortitude to tell the truth and begins to shut down and clean up those sites still "safe" but at risk, while we forge and alliance of all world nations to sacrifice and battle to stop additional releases from Japan, do the maintenance on Chernobyl and attempt to allow earth to recover and heal itself from this monstrous attack by a species once believed wise enough to tend and guard it.

  • SteveMT

    TEPCO's so-called 'organized denial' has sealed not only their fate, but ours as well. A paranoid, control-freak run organization that is still in denial is purposefully killing the life on this planet. Why have they been allowed to continue their activities for years following this disaster when they have repeated proven that they are incapable of making rational decisions? Are we also crazy?

    • jec jec

      Are other companies running other nuclear plants any better? One can only hope.

      But after watching the Three Mile Island response; ongoing nuclear plant emission venting (allowed with government regulation easing…);companies disposing of toxic waste or dumping in rivers/stream or near population centers; BP's use of chemical in the Gulf of Mexico we now find has toxic effects; and other major disasters such as the ongoing enlarging sinkhole in LA due to Texas Brine. It does not look good for Joe Taxpayer. I guess we can say companies, not just nuclear, are only as careful as they HAVE to be; or as required by ENFORCING regulations for everyone even LARGE companies. Of course, Joe Taxpayer, the small individual. does not have the legal clout so its easier to nail THEM for minor infractions -toss them in jail.

      Is "Wink Wink" the new by word for government and company collusion? That is what it looks like with BP in the Gulf of Mexico, and TECPO in Japan. Is the goal to protect the economy..or the people? Last time I checked, people, not agencies, are SERVED by the government…. Oh..did I get that wrong? Somehow American Civics has changed in the 40 yrs since I was in class??

  • yummy radionuclide

    I've known about all this from the beginning, by reading on enenews, so goverments MUST have known too.

    I am starting to believe all this was kind of done on purpose . What purpose… I prefer not to tell… I don't want you to believe I am (even more ) mad ha ha! 😀

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Denial implies lying to oneself. I don't think TEPCO or the government was lying to themselves. They were lying to everyone else. This was not "organized denial" it was organized lying, a coverup.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Superpowers are sitting idle, letting this happen. Are they not concerned for their children and grandchildren?

  • We Not They Finally

    Apparently, all the reactors have spent fuel pools. People mostly do not even realize that SPENT fuel is more radioactive than NEW fuel!

    So we have EIGHT problems instead of "just four"?

    • Sickputer

      More like 10.

      Units 1-3 fissile fuel (meltdown, melt-through, and melt-outs),
      Units 1-3 spent fuel ponds (exploded and burned…total remaining fuel status unknown)
      Unit 4 spent fuel pond (hot fuel that exploded and burned for weeks over the past 908 days…status unknown)
      Units 5-6 spent fuel ponds (status unknown)
      CSFP (Common Spent Fuel Pond) the granddaddy of them all…status unknown…may have burned).

  • @ 1:01 in video Mycle Schneider says "TEPCO who operated….operated" the facility or some such. Does that mean its a done deal? Will they still let them start up the worlds largest nuclear power complex on the other side of the island? I guess they are that greedy.

  • Events and Conditions at Fukushima ..

    Recent Report by Yoichi Shimatsu…Radio Interview Aug 26th


    Secret Facilities, Thousands Dead…

  • The information about the real activities resulting in soaring radiation levels has been available since apr of 2011 as readable here in this article by Shimatsu…
    The underground nuclear weapons refinement facilities are leaking pure uranium and plutonium into the environment…
    Secret Weapons Program Inside Fukushima Nuclear Plant?
    US – Japan security treaty fatally delayed nuclear worker's fight against meltdown
    by Yoichi Shimatsu Apr 12 2011

  • SusanS

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