Nuclear Expert: Everybody is now paying attention to Unit 4 because we have four years to go before fuel removed — If water lost, a beacon of radiation will bathe site in ‘sky shine’ from gamma rays (AUDIO)

Published: May 3rd, 2012 at 6:39 pm ET


Arnie Gundersen Interview
KGO Radio’s Pat Thurston
April 15, 2012

Gundersen: Why everybody is paying all this attention to Unit 4 is that we have four years to go. That pool has to be cooled and if there’s a seismic event that either stops the cooling, or cracks the pool, or knocks the building over […]

[…] let’s assume that it didn’t fall, but went dry a hundred feet in the air, it would be a beacon, but instead of a beacon of light, it would be a beacon of radiation, and bathe the site in high levels of radiation. That’s not something that you want because it would make work on other units darn near impossible.

Host: And if people breathed in the whatever would have been created by the smoke from the fire would that be potentially deadly to them?

Gundersen: Yes. You look at the people on the site now they’re all wearing pretty good respirators. But even that wouldn’t be good enough because of something called ‘sky shine’. The gamma rays, forget the particles that get caught in your lungs, but the gamma rays would go up and bounce off air molecules and come down as a shine of radiation over the site, and it would go right through those suits and the guys would be exposed from the ‘sky shine’ so that’s the other…

Host: Holy mackerel, I’ve never heard of anything like that. I mean this is really scary.

Listen to the full interview here

h/t rumorecurioso

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Pat Thurston joined KGO Newstalk 810 in 2007, and began hosting her own show in September 2009. She began her long career in broadcasting during her days in the United States Army where she hosted a television show.

Pat was raised in the East Bay in a family of 8 children. She left California to work for the United States Secret Service and attended Indiana University and Purdue University. She returned to Northern California, and was married in 2002.

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See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-water-steaming-boiling-radiation-being-given-be-visible-recent-tepco-webcam-footage-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: May 3rd, 2012 at 6:39 pm ET


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144 comments to Nuclear Expert: Everybody is now paying attention to Unit 4 because we have four years to go before fuel removed — If water lost, a beacon of radiation will bathe site in ‘sky shine’ from gamma rays (AUDIO)

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    #Fukushima: #genpatsu #BBC #PBS @maddow #LAW #HumanRight @BetteMidler @JohnCusack Nuclear Expert: Everybody now paying attention to Unit 4 because we have four years to go — If water lost, a beacon of radiation will bathe site in ‘sky shine’ from gamma rays (AUDIO)

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      omfg too. 🙁

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Whoopie

      I like when the sky shines with the sun and we breathe in the fragrance of flowers blooming, but I don't like this type of ‘sky shine’ or "breathing in radiation".

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Sweetie, I went out in the rain today to take out the trash. My 1st thought was: HORROR! But MORE IMPORTANTLY was my thought of how I used to love being in the rain, how we always went fishing on Opening Day IN THE RAIN, how nothing stopped us from enjoying our beautiful state, camping and fishing. Now I warn hub when he goes out TO COVER UP! To think…we used to LOVE it. NOW I'M PISSED! I'M PISSED BECAUSE I CANT EVEN TAKE OUT MY TRASH WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT THE DAMN RADS IN THE AIR!! soapbox collapse. I just dont know what to say anymore. i am beyond rage.

        • I loved the rain too. As a child I really loved jumping into puddles.

          Song: Everytime It Rains by Ace Of Bass

          "I see dark clouds out my window
          I know the storm is coming any minute
          And the thunder just confirms my fears
          And I know the tears are in there.."

        • WindorSolarPlease


          Enjoy life now, this could get worse. We can't Rad Jump like we used to Puddle Jump, so we wouldn't get our shoes wet.

          There's no way to jump over the rads, we are all breathing the rad air in.

          Good idea to stay out of the rain, when you can.

        • truthseek truthseek

          Whoopie, ChasAha and W&SP… I feel the same way! enjoy aspects of falling rains.

          I am between being mindful and just enjoying a little of it. I slept with a window open the first time in many months. the cool crisp air smelled and felt amazing… I do wonder what it brings in with it… [dammit!]

          I do love the rain… Thx W&SP (I know this in the back of my thick head)

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi truthseek

            This life we have is a gift. Don't let the evils of these things take that away. We are gone from here in a wink of a eye.

        • gerryhiles

          Whoopie: I admire your tireless vigour, as against myself assuming an unavoidable global extinction event from only a few days after Fukushima became known about … you might recall me saying that and that the melt-downs constituted several, permanent "nuclear volcanos".

          I have not commented much since then, because I have assumed an accomplished feat/fait accompli; but I am not in the front line in Australia and so I guess it's easy for me to have a more relaxed, fatalistic attitude that permeates the predictive movie "On the Beach" …

          Here is the intro to the movie …

          Explore the rest at your leisure, but now we are REALLY in the midst of a nuclear disaster, albeit not (yet) due to nuclear war, the movie is worth watching.

          More to the present point in the N Hemisphere and the NW Americas, the problems are immediate and so I sympathize with you, Whoopie, and others who want to do something.

          It occurs to me that a possible way of making a multi-pronged attack on the PTB that got us into this mess, is via Anonymous …

          Anonymous commends multiple protests. No reason why these could not include nuclear-related locations.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Whoopie, I hear you! I feel the same way. It used to feel so clean and fresh, and I loved to go outside and take a good, long, deep breath. No more.

  • el

    im clueless as to what the four years to go means……

    • I believe he's saying it takes four years for them to cool down enough to be moved and stored in casks.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Hi ChasAha

        That is how I took it also..Question is: Can things hold up for four years?

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Indeed! That is what he is asking. And as the KGO host Pat Thurman says in a monumental understatement: "I mean this is really scary." !!! I'm just starting to call it a ver [sic]bad acid trip!

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff


    • I thought he was alluding to when they figure they'll be able to start removing spent fuel.

      ChasAha, there's fuel in that pool that's been there for more than a dozen years already. So the "five years to dry-cask" doesn't apply to #4 SFP, which has hundreds and hundreds of assemblies that could have been dry-casked years ago if TEPCO weren't too darned cheap to do it. Those babies cost real money…

    • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

      I think they are going to build a building around #4 that will support a crane. That is the 4 years.

  • "Holly Mackerel", she says, "I've never heard of anything like that!!!"

    Question: "Potentially deadly?"
    Answer: "Yes!"

    The gamma ray sky shine would bounce off of the air molecules. Masks would no longer work.

    Somebody has told the workers that… right?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @ChasAha…The sublime naivete of our MSM. Did Pat Thurman school any further than Main Stream Middle School?

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    With the Fukushima disaster yet another blow hit the nuclear Energy industry. While the consequences of Fukushima are yet widely unknown and the disaster is still developing, we already can see the economic impact around the globe.

  • I believe I got that straight: The fuel rods in #4 SFP are extremely hot because they were put in the pool not long before the quake and it'll take some more years for them to cool enough not to burn in air. It can still suck up the oxygen from air and burns the air.
    The other pools in ~#1,#2&#3 contain SF that is not as hot for it has been plunged in water for much longer.
    He says in the program: "We're relying on technology that hasn't been created yet."
    You can listen to the whole program here:

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Whoopie

      You might be right Quote: WE ARE DEAD MEN WALKING

      I know I have headaches, sore throat, dry cough, nose burning, slight bloody nose, and so on.

      My Daughter now has to get a second CT scan for her heart.

      You are right, these rads are effecting us all.

      • I am so sorry WindSolarPlease that your daughter's heart is not right


        Have you seen the recent webcam videos?

        I think this is it. I think they've lost control and all hell is breaking out…

        fukushima diary has some captures

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Thank You majia

          Looks really bad there. Coming soon to your Country. What a horror flick we are watching before our eyes.

      • NoNukes NoNukes


        I'm so sorry about your daughter. I hope that everything is okay. Please keep us posted.

        I have had your same symptoms, especially Mid-March. I hope that you feel better. It took me about 2 weeks after the nosebleed stopped.

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Thank you majia & NoNukes

        Her wedding is this Month then off to check her heart. No family members know yet..We want their wedding to be a happy time without worry. God willing all will be ok..
        There is enough to worry about, her mother-in-law to be, has brain cancer now.

        There is going to be more cancer and heart problems reported. It can't be helped, with what we are breathing in.

        • StillJill StillJill

          WindorSolarPlease,….thanks for sharing that scary news with us! That means a lot to me,…being able to walk through 'it' a bit at least, with you. I shall pray.

          Your strength to move the family forward with love instead of fear, is quite REMARKABLE! Great family love! Me likes! 🙂

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Thank you Sweet StillJill. I do believe God hears prayers.

            The way things are going, I think all of our strengths are going to be shaken at some point. We are all human with deep feelings towards each other and this beautiful world.

            I know I have days I feel strong and some days not so strong. I know and trust that in the end, God has our back.

            • StillJill StillJill

              "God has our back"! I REALLY like that! Warm and fuzzy reassurances WELCOME here! 🙂 Thanks WSP

            • WindorSolarPleas,
              Sorry to hear these things, : (
              What exactly are they saying is wrong with her heart ?

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I went to a Bible study where people were praying for others. Almost eeryone in the room had a relative or friend just diagnosed with cancer. The people were all asking for prayer for their friends and relatives. It was rather disturbing. I've never been in one place where the discussion centered aroumd SO MANY people who had just been diagnosed with cancer. The friend who went with me was also astonished.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            This happened yesterday. Out of 14 or so people, 10-11 people told of someone with cancer.

            • CB CB

              Sux knowin. 🙁

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Gosh, that is so sad to hear. It is wonderful you have a prayer group to support one another.

            • WindorSolarPlease

              Hi HoTaters

              Time for people to have their eyes open, there is a problem and we all are breathing it in..

              Prepare emotional, there is going to be more health problems with people, even with the dearest people to you.

        • What-About-The-Kids

          WindSolarPlease, I am sorry to hear about your family's health problems. Thinking of you and saying a prayer your daughter's heart scan will prove A.O.K.

          Congratulations on her wedding! Wishing you all a joyous day! 🙂

        • NoNukes NoNukes


          I am so happy to hear about her wedding! I second What-About-The-Kids's wishes for a joyous day!

          I admire your calm appraisal of our situation, you are absolutely right, as HoTaters describes below. Today, I was just diagnosed with granuloma annulare, a rash that just came out of nowhere on the back of my knees.

          The dermatologist said that it is benign and they have no idea what causes it. It is connected to thyroid disease, which I have.

          Yet, researching tonight, I discovered that in the past 10 years it has also been linked to acute myeloid leukemia, which is basically caused by ionizing radiation. I have had a little strange bruising lately, and other symptoms, so I will get a blood test just in case, but I would have no idea to get one if it wasn't for Enenews.

          • StillJill StillJill

            NoNukes,…great job, health wise,…you are ON IT!

            Great that they are drawing blood work!

            This can be mitigated,…with your early PERSEVERANCE!
            I can imagine how you must feel tonight!
            Prayers your way my friend. We're in this together-please don't forget that,…tonight for sure, pretty raw, yes?

            I'll pray for sleep and rest to find you!

          • WindorSolarPlease

            NoNukes, Thank you

            Please let us know about your blood workup. Take Care

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Yes, you are in our thoughts and prayers, NoNukes. You are one smart and strong lady, so I know you are doing all you can to get informed. Good for you! Knowledge is power, as they say.

              During these times, it seems often it is WE who need to educate our physicians in many (if not most) cases. So good to see you've already gotten some good resources like enenews to share with them.

              Ok, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how the tests go. Healing hugs to you and to all here who need them! 🙂 xoxo

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I hope and pray she will be completely, fully, utterly restored in perfect health.

        • What-About-The-Kids


          • WindorSolarPlease

            Thank You all so much))) Keep saying those prayers and spread the word so others can prepare.

            Thank You for this site and people here where I am learning in what is happening.

            It will be harder for people who are in the dark about this disaster.

    • stopnp stopnp

      Yeah Whoopie. I've seen this happen sporadically over the last week. Over the last couple of days steam has been coming up from the ground steadily. From the latest feed it's getting worse. Which is a really bad sign. I think this might be why they called out for UN help. I know the paperwork says spf4, but come on… I feel like I'm watching the end of our world when I look at the recent cam footage.

      • Stopnp

        Did you see the yellow fog this morning? Unbelievable.

        • stopnp stopnp

          Link me up! I saw may 2nd last. I watched potrblogs blue kitty vid too. When they said Tepgov was going on "vacation" I'm thinking they meant "vacating".

        • stopnp stopnp

          Just looked at it. Wow. I wonder if the stuff underground will heat things up around it to the point where it will be inaccessible.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Watching JNN, it looks like it is coming from behind the reactors (on the other side of the reactors from the JNN cam), not the reactors themselves? What do you all think?

            • stopnp stopnp

              I noticed that too. Sea water? Fog doesn't rise straight up from the years I've been on this planet, I've never seen anything like that before. I lived and been all over the U.S. and seen plenty of fog. I also lived in Ca on the beach. Never seen anything like that.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Sounds like their upping the anti a bit. I'll see your sky shine and raise you Plutonium fog. Actually, sounds a bit friendly. "Skyshine…..on my shoulders…..make me happy…..".

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Just posted this comment at HP about Russia
      I swear…between Governments all over the world and Fukushima Japan (RADIATION), we WILL be dead by 12/21/2012. I'm ready cuz this all makes me sick. Our species deserves to be k i l l e d off. We have abused our precious earth with little regard for the planet itself. "Oh the horror" Marlon Brando line fits everything we're witnessing. President Obama is worse than Bush, something I thought I'd never say.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        ISNT THIS GETTING TO BE UTTERLY RIDICULOUS? I AM BESIDE MYSELF, I CANT BELIEVE THE WORLD TODAY! MY HUB A DEVOUT DEM IS EVEN SAYING WTF IS GOING ON!? EVERYTHING IS SO CRAZY…people shooting each other … for no reason. And not only the USA, watch RightThisMinute for outrageous videos. It's happening all over the world!! IS IT THE RAD POISON IN THE AIR? You can NOT THINK it isn't!! AT HP every a.m. I read about people YOUNG PEOPLE dying from heart attacks ect. THERE IS FUCKING SOMETHING GOING ON!! Where is our MSM? They are in the pockets of Big Industry! NO WONDER THE USA WANTS TO SHUT DOWN THE WWW. Anonymous with their VIDEO LAST WEEK…was A BOMB SHELL about JAPAN. omg…we REALLY ARE up against BIG INDUSTRY. i will never stop EVER!

        • el

          hey–take my hand. Ive been where you are. We can ride the loony bus together.

          Remember. We Love. Its really all we have. Take solace in the fact that the bad people (they are death loving Satan worshippers, for real) cant feel the love. Dont give them your power by being uncentered–we need to have dicipline if were to survive. We have this planet, for now, in this existance. Lets not give up just yet.

          You know, fear is the mind killer. It will lose wars. Im thinking this is what its like to be on the ground in a war. And people will live through it…..the river always flows. With or with out us.

          Come on it, the waters FINE….

      • truthseek truthseek

        …potent paragraph… agree +

      • StillJill StillJill

        I'll get off this planet with you Whoops! I can't take too much more of, 'the conflict'! I swear it's true,…the cover-up is even worse than the crime! Like blackbudda said yesterday, quoting MLK Jr. "What hurts worst is not the things our enemies say,…it's the silence of our friends!" And,…where the HELL are all the religious giants on this? The Pope,…the vicar of God,…or so I hear,…..has he not gotten the memo yet? (He and God must be real tight then, huh?)

        Saw my insurance man last night at Costco,…in the parking lot. He was loading his chevy vanagon with survival supplies! (To the roof top) He did NOT want to talk to me,…or let me see what he was loading,…acting VERY freaking STRANGE! He's with Farmers Insurance,….what do they know about THINGS? People acting very sketchy!

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          Scary, StillJill. The silence is deafening.

        • Anthony Anthony

          Exactly about the pope.

        • Woah…

          that is strange Still Jill

          Insurance companies know a lot–especially in the upper echelons.


          • Bobby1

            Insurance companies might not be too thrilled about paying out health costs, due to radiation-caused illnesses, especially when nuclear disasters are specifically not covered. I wonder how long they are going to keep their mouths shut.

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Still Jill…thanks for that report about your insurance guy! Velly Interesting! [sic] Perhaps he was just taking his family on a long camping trip in an underground cave. "Inside Old Mt. Weather, …Where there isn't any…"

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          This Christian news organization has information of Fukushima all the time.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            March 18, 2011
            Radiation rises in seawater near Fukushima plant

            Japanese Combined Disasters News
            The history of nuclear power
            Radiation Spike Detected in Ocean Near Japanese Nuclear Plant
            Japan likely to scrap all reactors at contaminated Fukushima nuke plant
            Power company says smoke spotted at another Japanese nuclear plant
            Tokyo Electric Claims May Reach $130 Billion
            TEPCO comes under fire for issuing erroneous info
            Radioactive iodine in Russia's Far East harmless

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            “II Incredibly, the falling tower in the Illuminati Card Game — shown to the left, published in 1995 — is the Japanese Waco Clock Tower at Ginza in Tokyo!

            “This reality means that Steven Jackson, the founder of Steve Jackson Games, knew that combined disasters were planned for Japan, and he knew it in 1995!….
            “’Others (foreign scientists) are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.’ (COHEN ADDRESS 4/28 AT CONFERENCE ON TERRORISM, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy , Sam Nunn Policy Forum, April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.)
            “America’s electromagnetic wave system is called “HAARP”, while the Russian electromagnetic wave system is called “Scalar”. Either system could easily have caused the massive Japanese combined disasters on March 11, 2011. “


            • el

              hell, they didnt even need to use that shit.there were US Battle Ships in the area and they always have nuke subs withem. Im not ruleing haarp out, but just saying. The obvious componants to an act of war are all there….

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I do not recognize this "vicar of Christ." Everyone who is saved by God is a vicar of Christ! And all are saints!

          No personal jab, just have never been able to figure out where the Catholic church got off creating all the man-made Churchianity-isms. No doubt to get power and control. 'Guess it all started when Charlemagne made himself the head of "the Church."

        • truthseek truthseek

          W.O.W. SJ, thats a trip. The insurance guy is hunkering down. Maybe he is enlightened here as one of us at ENENEWS, taking heed of the prospect of what lies before us…

          • StillJill StillJill

            It was strange seeing him all 'disheveled-like', in a panic,…in dirty work clothes,….almost didn't recognize him. Then, he was acting so strangely, that it made me act weird too,…well, uncomfortably 'weird'. I'm still shaking my head. But he's a prepper–TO BE SURE!

    • Then comes Godzilla?

    • StillJill StillJill

      hbjon! You always crack me up! Was that John Denver's song? Sunshine,…on my shoulder! Good one! 🙂

  • dosdos dosdos

    Can't help singing, "Shine on, shine on Fukushima, for me and my gal."

    Odds are, the pool would crumble before too long from the heat and stress. So the shine would be limited to however long the pool remained intact.

    But yeah, write off anyone at the plant when (if) it happens within three months, max.

  • liberator

    The TBS/JNN live feed cameras look like there in a cloud. Is that normal?

  • hbjon hbjon

    No Godzilla this time Flapdoodle. We've been conditioned to relate all our situations to song and movie because, on average, we lack the real life experiences that would have given us knowledge and wisdom. The reality is a little too much for Joe the plumber to grasp so instead of using accurate experimentation and reasoning he uses science fiction and pop hits from the 1970's. BOC comes to mind. Don't fear the reaper.

  • I believe NOTHING is going to be done about spent fuel pool 4.


    Have you been watching the webcam recently? Holy Cow.

    And radiation has tripled in Tokyo, right?

    And radioactive iodine-131 is being found in at least 4 Japanese cities, right?

    Fukushima has been yellow on the cam! I saw it live this morning and took a screen shot.

    Fukushima Diary says it is radioactive fog.

    I bet Tepco is on vacation…

    Serious stuff here.

    • truthseek truthseek

      Pandoras box… we can not stop this…

      • I still cannot awaken my colleagues…

        the stupor is so thick.

        The only ones who pay attention are a few female faculty who have children.

        They seem frozen.

        • truthseek truthseek

          majia (at your level) this is astounding to me.

          I got in trouble for talking freely at
          or in the workplace about this.

      • el

        did you know, that after the box was open, there was one thing left in there. Know what it was?


        I shit you not.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Hmm when you seem disturbed it usually gets my attention. I just cant imagine seriously taking a vacation during a nuclear crisis either. It makes sense though if its really *code*.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @Majia and all…I think the "Tepco taking a vacation" meme is their way of saying to the UN, etc., without really admitting it: "You guys know what is happening here. We can't do any more. We can't admit defeat, but we can't do anything more. We're going on vacation. So, unless you guys take over; it is, as you realize, indeed over."

      It is over in the clover all over the world. "Don't call us, we'll call you."

      • yep…

        And conditions seem to be deteriorating very rapidly

        Jet stream will be over my head Sunday or Monday.

        I will be hiding inside unless it shifts elsewhere.

    • Bobby1

      It's cheaper to deny everything, compare it to bananas and airplanes, hire shills for the internet, than to actually attempt something that would end the danger from Fuku.

      Not that it is possible to completely fix it, but nobody is even trying.

    • majia,
      Our Gov. had to know this would happen at some point and time, with saying that they must have had a plan in mind !

      I think we know about Agenda 21 !

      • I never believed deliberate GLOBAL de-population through genocide existed.

        (I agree its been tried at national levels before).

        I still don't think it was planned.

        However, the effect is the same when corrupt and ineffectual "leaders" fail to act to protect the population.

        So, in the end, intent may not matter much…

        • many moons

          I agree, the outcome is the same planned or not.
          Population control has always been a worry for many countries. Perhaps now countries will be concerned about birth rates.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Agree majia +100

          Protection for corporations out weigh protection for the public and it back fired.

    • I see others coming to the same conclusions as others !

      • XdrFox

        How safe do you think south Florida is?


        • NoNukes NoNukes

          majia, I have been wondering the same today!

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Nowhere is safe till human consciousness evolves beyond domination, self protection/exploitation, and hubris.

        • WindorSolarPlease

          Hi majia

          I'm guessing, I have no facts..If the radiation doesn't get you there (which I think it has/would reach there), corexit just might.

          • I had the same thought. The research coming out about the corexit holocaust is sobering.

            Yet, Latin America seems so far away…

        • majia,
          Pretty good compared to northern territories so far !

          But we all know we ALL are getting dusted each day, some more then others, 'you betcha', I stay out of the rain, there are days I go out to do my things and am terribly tired for a few days after ? This has been so since last March !
          Coincidence ? … I don't think so ! because other days I have no prolonged effects!
          As others have stated and have been having the same symptoms nation wide ! We are all receiving some more then others and it will be different as wind and jets streams change, this is something we all need to keep LQQKING at daily, The Jet Stream, when it is over head it is the same as enemy bombers ! ALERT !

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    WOWZER!! #Fukushima: A NEW ONE FROM Anonymous The real terrorist Are Right Here At Home, Not Ov: via @youtube

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    YOU SEE THIS FROM nuckelchenblogde?
    *FREAK-CLIMBING* @ tepco fukushima 04/05/2012: via @youtube
    Night all…

  • Anthony Anthony

    ***As of 5/1/2012, Canadian embassy in Tokyo closed the Visa department and they will accept none of the new application.

    All the visa and immigration work will be moved to Canadian embassy in Philippines.

    Canadian embassy is asking to have every application sent to the address below by international shipping.

    No reason is explained.

    Embassy of Canada
    Visa and Immigration Section
    P.O. Box 2168
    Makati Central Post Office
    Makati City 1200


    PS. They closed in Germany, Malaysia, Bangladesh too. It’s supposed to be for reducing the cost and efficiency. Whatever the reason is, Canada is one of the most important evacuation places for Japanese. Taking 13 weeks to apply causes a problem. [Link]

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Similar to when the US refused to take the boats with Jewish people trying to escape the holocaust. Evolve, human beings, or we will all be doomed.

  • No way Harper will let all those Japanese into Canada, deserving or not. We have a right wing gov here pro business and anti environment. Sad. We had a great country once. Now they are pushing for a pipeline or two to cross BC and service the Chinese.
    Another problem. And still no radiation testing of fish. Hope Harper will get the boot next election he's too right wing

  • el

    I hate being the doomsayer.but Im just so surprised that there are UN documents from the 1960s that detail the elimination of the majority of people on the planet by this time in history.

    Surprised because, well, I just learned about that 3 years ago. Call me a consiracy ya-ya—look. The issue is with Shadow Govt, and every country has one. Single out indeviduals for justice all you want, but it wont kill the snake.

    There are Globalists at work here. They hate us, but they are willing to start over by screwing up the planet and then using science to "heal" it. All for them.

    Time to take the conspiracies with a grain of salt–because if you want to fight, you better know who the enemy is, or you will just be in the way.

  • "…the precarious Unit 4 reactor building,"
    (plus ALL of the other 'situations')

    "Unit 4 is leaning and could topple if hit with another earthquake or tsunami, resulting in a deadly high-level radioactive waste fire. The ability for the unit to withstand another seismic event is rated at zero." – from article [Kevin Kamps, radioactive waste specialist]

    Let's be clear here… it's rated as “ZERO”.
    (I don't like those odds!)

  • Whathe

    Various Nuclear waste (Radwaste) treatment methods, now exceeding a dozen, are proposed for investigation, some of which are already approaching industrial application. The principles employed, include sub-critical fission reactions attended by greatly accelerated decay sequences and low energy induced fusion and cold fission reactions that produce only stable end products.

    Photo-Deactivation: Also known as Photoremediation, this process utilizes monochromatic gamma radiation tuned to induce giant dipole nuclear resonance to promote sub-critical fission reactions and greatly accelerated decay sequences through disruptive harmonic vibration of the unstable target nuclei. The process was extensively developed by the late Dr. Paul Brown.

    ZIPP Fusion & Fission: Variations and refinements of the Passive Inertial Confinement Fusion process utilizing plasma discharges to produce High Density Electron Clusters or Electron Valudum (EV) in conjunction with cavitation bubble collapse. The resulting coherence of Zero-Point energy via Casimir effects causes a wide variety of nuclear reactions including cold fissions, low energy induced fusions and accelerated decay chains.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Hugely Expensive Technology Would Increase Environmental, Health, Safety
      And Nuclear Proliferation Risks, New Report Says
      “According to The Nuclear Alchemy Gamble, even transmutation proponents agree that many long-lived components of radioactive waste, such as cesium-135 and carbon-14, cannot be transformed into less dangerous forms because of fundamental limitations that cannot be overcome by technology development. Uranium, which makes up 94% of the mass of the spent fuel, cannot be transmuted because it would result in the production of even more plutonium. In some cases, the report notes, transmutation would create new and even more toxic transuranic radioactive materials, making the residual wastes far more dangerous per pound….”

  • Whathe

    Hydroxy Gas – MMX Process: The implosion of quasi-stable hydrogen oxide (hydroxy) gas produced from an excited state of water is used in conjunction with a proprietary molten metal matrix containing the radwaste. Microscopic implosions within the matrix cause ZPE coherence resulting in cold fission and low energy fusion reactions in a manner similar to that produce by the ZIPP fusion process. Hydroxy gas is produced in a variety of pulsed electrolysis systems including those developed by the late Stanley Meyers and Yull Brown.

    Monti Process: Involves a proprietary firing mixture of powdered materials including Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen compounds and various metals capable of facilitating low energy fission and fusion reactions when ignited to produce white-hot radiant energy frequencies. The white hot burn sequence produces prolific bubbling that evidently results in Zero-Point energy coherence through cavitation bubble collapse within the molten metal. The process was developed by Dr. Roberto Monti, apparently based on ancient alchemy or hyperchemistry.

  • Whathe

    Keller Catalytic Process:
    Similar in many respects to the Monti method, evidently using a Thermite reaction with the addition of a proprietary catalyst for initiating nuclear reactions at relatively low thermal energy inputs in the range of about 1000 to 5,000 °C. Thermal induced atomic and nuclear resonance within the molten metal matrix in conjunction with nuclear scale Casimir effects causes a variety stabilizing nuclear reactions.

    RIPPLE Fission:
    Utilizes a supersonic ionized gas to vapour heat exchanger to envelope the radwaste aerosol in a vacuum induced plasma vortex, which is capable of harmonic disruption of the matter sustaining Zero-Point field resulting in production of stable light elements from heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury and Americium. Target materials undergo a form of nuclear spalation which quite literally chips away at the nucleus gradually reducing it to lighter elements such as hydrogen and oxygen.

    Plasma Arc Implosion:
    An electrical plasma arc produced from a conventional arc welder is used to produce implosive ball lightning with prolific EV production. The resulting discharge is used to confine an aerosol of radwaste causing a variety of nuclear stabilizing reactions in a manner similar to both ZIPP and RIPPLE Fission.

  • Whathe

    Scalar Interferometry: This process Involves the interference of Scalar/Longitudinal EM waves to modify or disrupt the matter stabilizing frequencies of the Zero-Point field in a defined region of space or by direct excitation of the nucleus at harmonic frequencies resulting in greatly accelerated nuclear decay to stable end products in target materials enveloped by the scalar field.

    Bio-Nuclear Remediation:
    Utilizes the high voltage gradients, dielectric micro-cavities (ie contractile vacuoles, etc) and scalar wave frequencies believed common to living systems to modify the Zero-Point Field causing cold fission, fusion and accelerated decay reactions. These reactions occur widely in nature, explaining all manner of mass balance anomolies in agronomy, medicine and elsewhere and have been researched extensively by Louis Kervran and others.

    LENTEC Processes:
    Novel Electrolytic Cells and operating regimes are employed to produce Low Energy Nuclear Transmutations (LENT) using High Density Electron Clusters (HIDEC) or EV’s, which induce nuclear reactions in the electrolyte and electrode materials containing the targeted radwaste. This method is based in part on the foundational work of Pons' and Fleishmann's controversial cold fusion experiments.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Scalar Interferometry is HAARP

      Scalar Interferometry

      Scalar Interferometry:
      This process Involves the interference of Scalar/Longitudinal EM waves to modify or disrupt the matter stabilizing frequencies of the Zero-Point field in a defined region of space or by direct excitation of the nucleus at harmonic frequencies resulting in greatly accelerated nuclear decay to stable end products in target materials

      Scalar interferometry explained P.2 – important information!

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        Scalar interferometry explained P.1 – important information!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          This article which includes scalar interferometry as a technology to deal with nuclear waste does give some credence to the argument of Arto Lauri that HAARP was involved in the disaster of Fukushima.


          Of course we don't know which facility of ionospheric heater was involved or which country. Russia is taking credit as a threat to other countries.

          Also, the lame lampooning of shills against the existence or uses of HAARP actually points to the opposite of their intent.

          • NoNukes NoNukes


            Have you come across any more from Arto Laurie? His analysis is so compelling that I hope he is still alive.

  • Whathe

    PIT Processes:
    Plasma Injected or Induced Transmutations (PIT) processes utilize various glow discharge and HIDEC or High Density Charge Cluster (HDCC) phenomena within rarified gaseous atmospheres to effect transmutations through the coherence of the local ZPF (Zero Point Field).

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Your synopsis is from:

      A Synopsis Of Nuclear Waste Treatment Processes

      All the experimenting in the US, Russia, and Japan atr dismal failures and all the explosions of these failed experiments have poisoned the food supply around the whole world.

      The last 6 years since this article was written has destroyed the earth completely.

      • What-About-The-Kids

        Anne, you're one smart lady. 🙂

        Sure sounded like a bunch of Voodoo Science to me!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          WATKids, it's another scam to make a lot of money. How anyone can rely on "anit-radiation" pills (the elite?) is beyond me. They may have something to help after a nuclear bomb, but day in day out radiation over years isn't going to be helped by a anit-radiation pill. How many fraudulent drugs have been approved by the FDA and then later recalled because they were killing the patients taking those drugs?

          Radiation for cancer patients is also a fraud. They never give the 10 year survival rates, because cancer caused by radiation is so virulent and because many people die of heart attacks and strokes caused by the radiation. This scam is promoted by the nuclear industry to make money and to dull the awareness of the public to the virulent, devastating effects of cancer.

          • What-About-The-Kids

            I completely agree, Anne. My father resisted chemo after his surgery for colon cancer. He believed it would kill you faster than the cancer. Once the cancer was found metasticized in his liver, however, he went ahead and agreed to have it, as by that point it had advanced so much it was a last hope ditch effort. He died 4 months later.

            A friend's mother had lung cancer and my friend said the radiation therapy burned her lungs so badly, it killed her, not the cancer.

            Too many horrible stories like these. 🙁

            And any fool could see the scam of a Big Pharma's rush to produce the next big thing: "anti-radiation" pills: "Just take one and the 200,000 half life of the hot particle you ingested will magically go against the laws of physics and be reduced to zero!"

            Yeah, right.

            • What-About-The-Kids

              And yes, what a perfect self-perpetuating scam:

              1. First create cancer by polluting the environment from nuclear power plant regular radioactive releases

              2. Then diagnose the cancer using xray equipment you make

              3. Then "treat" the cancer your nuclear power plants and xray equipment caused, by using your nuclear "medicine" like radiation treatments.

              Lots and lots of money to be made off of the suffering they inflict upon others…Utterly vial and truly EVIL.

              And to think, the G.E. shareholders voted against divesting all their nuclear interests and businesses in their annual shareholders' meeting last week. What a surprise. (not!)

              Meanwhile their top executives raked in around $14 million or so last year in total compensation…Getting paid the big bucks to nuke our planet. Must be nice… /sarc

            • demo demo

              "Dr. Burzynski the Movie" convinced me there's a cure for cancer.
              Many grateful testimonials. But it's $24 thousand and you have to go to Houston where his anti-neoplastones lab and clinic are.

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    off topic but still nuclear. Is this info true? A comment on youtube.

    "The US taxpayers have already paid to construct a storage facility for spent nuclear fuel – Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waster Repository in Nevada. The facility is built. Under the Obama Administration funding for development of Yucca Mountain waste site was terminated effective with the 2011 federal budget passed by Congress on April 14, 2011. The US GAO stated that the closure was for political, not technical or safety reasons."

    • Sickputer

      Not quite so cut and dried to lay it on just simple political favors. The long travel involved with dangerous toxins must also be mentioned. Reminds me in part of the Japanese trucking radioactive waste to burn in most of the regions. Absolute insanity for implementing the idea, and the money for the graft artists is huge.

      Japan has plenty of dead zones now by the nuclear plant to hold the Fukushambles waste. There is no need to truck it and burn it 500 miles away. Stupid idea, but great for the Japanese mafia and regional/city politicians.

      Yucca Mountain was a good idea at one time, but it's not so good anymore. The dangers of transportation and the sheer amount of the waste is enormous and the best plan is to long term store the waste fairly close to the hellholes from which they were spawned.

      Best idea of all… Shut them all down and encase each plant in metal and concrete. Seal those tombs up before they kill thd human race. The Japanese are a poster child for what goes wrong when plants continue to operate with waste stored (double racked) over the past 30-40 years and nobody has any suggestions on controlling the million-year deadly toxins.

    • irradiatedinbako

      @ Tumrgrwr Here is the source for that quote I think.

      Scroll down to Nuclear Wastes subtitle. I was doing a bit of research today prior to batting some pronukes' arguments on a MSNBC news thread article.

      I chose just to study .. and stay out of the fray tho .. but hope you find it useful.


      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        Thank you for the link. I was just curious and confused.

        • irradiatedinbako

          @ TmrGrower: You are welcome .. and we are all confused and curious. Becoming nuclear specialists in just a few months time is a damn steep learning curve. But for that reason we are called here.

          If anyone cares to read the news thread I refer to is here:

          I chose to study pronuke claims spec related to costs, liabilty and feasibilty re Gen 4 reactors not to mention hidden costs of NPP, greenhouse consids not entered in $ equation, is nuke really that green and cheap? .. not to mention disaster of accident Fuku.

          Gen 4 reactors still so far off actuality that rite now they are just excuse to renew contracts for aging NPPs to stay in biz. And Fuku has changed liability costs. Costs wo enormous gov subsidies to retrofit post Fuku new safety standards are incentive for cheaper alternatives. It's the Economics .. stupid!

          Pooped my lil brain out today .. but any of you EneBrains feel like swatting some flies??

          Peace .. hope .. my best.