Nuclear expert: Fukushima “has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl” — “Appears to have fit into the worst predicted scenario”

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 7:19 pm ET


Fukushima melt-down worse than Chernobyl, Voice of Russia, May 24, 2011:

The situation at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan appears to have fit into the worst predicted scenario. […]

Certainly, in the first hours after the tragedy happened the operators were too shocked to unveil any details to the public. However, things did not get clearer with time. Deputy Director at the Russian Institute for Nuclear Engineering, Chernobyl clean-up worker Igor Ostretsov commented on the situation in an interview with the VOR…

“The Fukushima disaster has proved that nuclear industry should be controlled only by the state and not by private companies. The outcome of this tragedy has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl. Graphite which was part of the reactor`s core, burnt out and vanished in the atmosphere. But at Fukushima the reactor`s core melted.” […]

Published: May 26th, 2011 at 7:19 pm ET


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259 comments to Nuclear expert: Fukushima “has turned even worse than it was in Chernobyl” — “Appears to have fit into the worst predicted scenario”

  • blackmoon

    I posted this once before but I think that you can see from the look on Kan’s face, that he knew (and so did probably ALL of the other World Leaders,) on March 15, that it was all over.

  • blackmoon

    I didn’t notice the link at the bottom of the page. Says Super Typhoon with 195 mph winds headed for Fuki. No wonder Kan’s out of the country!

  • Manifest Irony

    What still gets to me is the absolute lack of planning, both before and after the accidents, in comparison to Chernobyl. The Soviets couldn’t just leave the thing alone like Japan is doing because it was beginning to contaminate Western Europe. What the liquidators did was incredibly risky and at great personal sacrifice but very much necessary to bring the atmospheric releases under control. I’m not advocating sending people in unaware of the risk or anything. But I believe it is going to take an army of volunteers to do the work and minimize exposure. Relying on TEPCO and other nuclear workers just isn’t going to cut it. Just to clean up the site of radioactive debris might need a hundred people working just for a few minutes in the hot zone. Entombment or some kind of cover like the sarcophagus might take thousands more. But it is a sacrifice that needs to be made, both for Japan and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, nothing will be done as long as a company is in charge. Time for the government/military to take over.

  • AustralianCannonball

    How do the Fukushima residents feel?

  • mygoodness

    Check out this link!

    The best description I’ve read of what’s going on inside these damn things, and if this is about right we are in for big troubles.

  • Major Domo

    ‘awaiting moderation’? Never had that happen before. Hey Admin, where’d my post go?

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    Hmmm… try one mmore time…

    Final news roundup for the day, before I hit the hay:

    Nothing like a Fresh Earthquake to shake up those melting globs:

    Gamma ray camera – cool!

    Does this mean they will also stop the expansion of the core into the Earth?

    Reactor 1 Temp way down. I suppose this is a good thing, if accurate:
    It means we’ll only have to hold our breath for a week! Starting… oh shit, too late.

    Meanwhile, at another TEPCO nuclear plant in NE Japan


  • ****Chernobyl radioactive contamination is
    both dynamic and long term. The dynamic
    is delineated as follows: First is the natural
    disintegration of radionuclides so that levels
    of radioactive contamination in the first days
    and weeks after the catastrophe were thousands
    of times higher than those recorded 2
    to 3 years later. Second is the active redistribution
    of radionuclides in ecosystems (for details
    see Chapter III). Third is the contamination
    that will exist beyond the foreseeable future—
    not less than 300 years for Cs-137 and Sr-90,
    more than 200,000 years for Pu, and several
    thousands of years for Am-241.
    From the perspective of the 23 years that
    have passed since the Chernobyl catastrophe,
    it is clear that tens ofmillions of people, not only
    in Belarus, Ukraine, andRussia, butworldwide,
    will live under measurable chronic radioactive
    contamination for many decades. Even if the
    level of external irradiation decreases in some
    areas, very serious contamination in the first
    days and weeks after the explosion together
    with decades of additional and changing conditions
    of radioactivity will have an inevitable
    negative impact on public health and nature.****

  • madima

    the fan blades are getting dirty. we must stay strong. we will survive. this event is a smoke screen for a larger event to come. be ready for bigger things. they have captured all your attention on this EVENT. the next cant be imagined. HUGE

    • radegan

      Do you somehow imagine this was planned?

      • GI Justice

        It was planned! Lots of people got together and planned this and a good number felt it was a disaster waiting to happen, then it happened. This was not an act of nature. This was a bunch of greedy people throwing caution to the wind and filling their pockets with cash…and a bunch of other people letting them do it. Very much PLANNED!

        • radegan

          You don’t plan tsunamis and you don’t plan earthquakes. You might have a technology to release earth energy but none that will harness and direct it, so you could never predict the outcome. Now, SINCE the accident there has been much planning of how to dump TEPCO stock and who to dump it upon.

  • Manifest Irony

    There’s another thing about Chernobyl that the Russians did that the Japanese authorities haven’t done: They evacuated women and children from Kiev, a larger city than Fukushima City if I’m not mistaken. They later “decontaminated” the city, mainly with firehoses. But I do not think even the Soviets sent their children into contaminated schools. 90uSv/hr is too much; like getting a chest x-ray every hour. Japan, when the Soviets did a better job than you are doing now in this respect, then you know you’re doing something wrong.

  • 4. Accelerated Aging as a Consequence of the
    Chernobyl Catastrophe
    Alexey V. Yablokov
    ****Accelerated aging is one of the well-known consequences of exposure to ionizing radiation.
    This phenomenon is apparent to a greater or lesser degree in all of the populations
    contaminated by the Chernobyl radionuclides.****

  • 5. Nonmalignant Diseases after the
    Chernobyl Catastrophe
    Alexey V. Yablokov
    ****This section describes the spectrum and the scale of the nonmalignant diseases that
    have been found among exposed populations. Adverse effects as a result of Chernobyl
    irradiation have been found in every group that has been studied. Brain damage has
    been found in individuals directly exposed—liquidators and those living in the contaminated
    territories, as well as in their offspring. Premature cataracts; tooth and mouth
    abnormalities; and blood, lymphatic, heart, lung, gastrointestinal, urologic, bone, and
    skin diseases afflict and impair people, young and old alike. Endocrine dysfunction,
    particularly thyroid disease, is far more common than might be expected, with some
    1,000 cases of thyroid dysfunction for every case of thyroid cancer, a marked increase
    after the catastrophe. There are genetic damage and birth defects especially in children
    of liquidators and in children born in areas with high levels of radioisotope contamination.
    Immunological abnormalities and increases in viral, bacterial, and parasitic
    diseases are rife among individuals in the heavily contaminated areas. For more
    than 20 years, overall morbidity has remained high in those exposed to the irradiation
    released by Chernobyl. One cannot give credence to the explanation that these
    numbers are due solely to socioeconomic factors. The negative health consequences
    of the catastrophe are amply documented in this chapter and concern millions of

  • 5.1.3. Conclusion
    Diseases of blood, blood-forming organs,and the circulatory system are, undoubtedly, major components of the general morbidity of
    inhabitants of the territories contaminated by
    the Chernobyl radiation, including evacuees,
    migrants, and liquidators and their children. In spite of the fact that the general picture of the blood and circulatory systems is still far from complete, it is clear that one of the common reasons for these functional impairments is radioactive destruction of the endothelium, the covering surface of vessels.
    The severe impact of radioactive contamination
    from Chernobyl resulting in increasing morbidity of the blood and circulatory system
    cannot be doubted.

    • No Bikini Atoll

      So now Obama wants more reactors? But I am sure democrats will still vote for him.

      • whimbrel

        wouldnt be too sure on that score

      • Godzilla

        Democrats don’t like Obama anymore because he’s a corporate puppet, didn’t get us out of useless and expensive foreign wars, and hired rightwing Wall Street bankers to give away enormous amounts of money to huge multinational corporations.

        There’s no difference between what he has done and what Bush 2 would have done.

        People who vote for him will simply be even more afraid of what a Republican would do – pump more money into the military, privatize Social Security and Medicare, etc.

        • Terranigma

          It’s a voter’s choice between evil (Obama)and more evil (?). They’re so full of it.
          Your points are valid.

          • Jack

            IF, I say IF our elections were NOT totally bogus, then the
            Democrat/Repub thing would mean something. Feminist
            propagation has resulted in a Lesbian-Witchcraft-Bolshevik
            Sisterhood, which is completely unaware that they are
            COMPLETELY UNAWARE. There are lots and lots of socially
            mandated RULES these days about how a Womyn is always right, always more Correct and Attuned to the Will of Gaia.
            Feminism was created by CIA…look it up…
            THIS is the Support for HO-bama, along with the GUYS who
            have been taught tey better just go along, “HONEY” or
            else get no more affection nor nookie.
            This is a large part of the Decline of Civilization.

    • SamsuLevin

      Please add to your conclusion that the fallout from chernobyl remains only for some weeks spreading 180 t of radioactive materials.
      I don´t know exactly how many tons are stored in the fukushima reactors, but there´s a lot of more and the fallout still continues and it´s getting worser every day.

  • kx

    fucking MSM

  • jump-ball

    BP got away with it in the Gulf of Toxico disaster, and the Japanese authorities are trying it again, but they don’t want the term made public:

    The Dilution Solution.

    • whimbrel

      Right it is a playbook at this point and I think the evil ones behind the puppet strings are planning to go into their underground hidey holes soon and leave us to suck up this stuff and die… think that is the plan.. It is working in Gulf. Animals mostly dead and now the people dying.

  • whimbrel

    so its not the solution to pollution its the solution to population

  • madima

    interesting that IDF was in charge of security at the plant. why? for what reason. Big plan? similar to another planned EVENT. very odd

    • Jack

      madima, and everyone,
      IDF, Mossad, Shin Beit, the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank,
      The 9/11 Conspiracy, The Economic Real Estate Manipulations,
      All of this is controlled by the Evillest folks in history.
      All your US police forces are infiltrated and led to believe that
      they are Above anybody, because the FOP is controlled by
      Luciferian, freemason, power freaks.
      Like the so-called nation of Israel.
      Look at the front-page graphic at today.
      Photo evidence of the Proud Israeli Satanists pin-point targeting
      the refugee child-care center in Gaza, with Illegal WHISKEY PETE.
      They claimed they were attacked by Hamaas, and therefore justified
      to carry out this attack….but whoops…it is clear that this was all
      pre-planned, coordinated, a huge Satanic slaughter of innocents.
      Netanyahu just showed HO-bama who is Boss among the Satanic

      • whimbrel

        I would agree and please people dont say this is antisemite. It has zip to do with that. it is about the leaders, those behind the scenes and in control of everything that is happening on the earth right now, except those things we the people are making happen. To that end, on a local level, county by county, region by region, if there is /would be enough time???? I think the most crucial thing to get in place is hand counted votes tallied by hand on an adding machine by citizen volunteers. In other words our basic power to say yes or no was ripped in the US back in 2004 and its been AWOL since then. Same for most other countries. If we can get back control of the vote maybe maybe…….

      • radegan

        Yes, yes, with tinfoil hat on – I can see it all. And those Freemasons are actually from another planet and have a torture base on the moon!

        • Jack

          Sorry Radegan, you have much study to get busy with.
          The Holy Bible mentions the Builders, who
          REJECT the CHIEF CORNERSTONE, who is Christ.
          There’s no bullshit involved here….
          either you are affected to believe there is no evil conspiracy,
          or you are Part of It….
          Please, what I said is WHERE it’s AT.
          I’m sorry that it has to be so….

          • radegan

            Please let me save you – the True Creator of the Universe, the great White Elephant Ganesh – will soothe your fevered soul. In his temples around the world this very day miracles happen, not 2000 years ago – today !!! Oh rejoice, rejoice !!!

    • tony wilson

      Magna BSP ran the security they have now left the toubled site: )
      don’t you just love the word the media use troubled.
      it was just a fluky coincidence that the stuxnet siemens systen virus was made in the same area Negev Nuclear Research Center as the office as magna.
      no connection exists between the 2 items anybody making a connection is either arab anti semetic or just jealous of are freedoms.

  • Peter Morrow

    I have been working with high potency homeopathic medicine for several years in my clinic as a live blood analyst…one of the tests I do is checking for radiations…both manmade and natural sources…within the last couple of months manmade levels have spiked incredibly…2 patients today tested at 25 times above normal levels….all man made…all acute within the last 2 months or so…let me know if you want more info on this.
    Peter Morrow
    Zen Health Haven
    Integrated wellness centre
    Vancouver Island, BC

  • EBliss

    Fukushima, HAARP, earthquakes, tornados, sever storms, our food supply, de-population & the globalist agendea EXPLANED.

    This is a HIGHLY DETAILED lecture with slides, charts and illustrations. This is more ‘inside information’ than you have ever heard.

    This IS THE MATRIX! You can take the “blue pill” and not watch this, or take the “red pill” and be prepared to HEAR THE TRUTH.


    Two parts approx 3 hours: