Nuclear Expert: “I’ve learned there’s a huge spike in death rates in Fukushima for young children”… Officials are covering up data — Gov’t committing inhuman acts on their own people — Doctor’s who treat patients suffering from radiation illness are being put out of business (AUDIO)

Published: April 5th, 2016 at 9:50 pm ET


Fairewinds Japan Speaking Tour Series No. 5, Mar 18, 2016 (emphasis added):

Excerpt 1

Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer: “I’ve been reflecting a lot over the last week and a half about what the trip meant to me personally and what I learned… The first thing is [the people are] terribly concerned about their country and concerned about their children… The second thing is the inhumanity of the Japanese government, the Japanese utilities and the Japanese banks toward their own population. I’m just appalled at how the power structure in Japan is ignoring what its people want and basically ramming nukes down the throat of their population… I think [the media sources in Japan] still feel pressure under that State Secrets Act. Nobody wants to push too hard against [Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s] administration. As a matter of fact, one of Abe’s prime key ministers came out and said twice now that if… the media doesn’t say what the administration wants them to say, they’re going to pull their licenses.”

Excerpt 2

Gundersen: “The one thing I learned when I was in the resettlement communities [of people evacuated due to the Fukushima nuclear crisis] is that they’ve all been told that there will be no resettlement communities by the time the Olympics start. The plan is to move people back into their homes in the contaminated areas, or to move them somewhere else in Japan to permanent homes”… (Maggie Gundersen, founded of Fairewinds Energy Education:) “I was devastated when I saw some of the pictures that you took in Japan… these temporary housings just look like military barracks on bare pavement… And now to hide the radiation, extensive radiation, that’s there and re-depositing in the already cleaned areas from snowmelt, flooding, and rain — and to say it’s okay and send everyone back is a death sentence to all these families and children and grandchildren.”

Excerpt 3

Gundersen: Yeah, let me get back to the first thing I said about the inhumanity toward their own people. We had doctors tell us when they treated somebody for radiation illness, if they put radiation illness on the hospital forms, the government refused to pay. So doctors were literally going out of business because they were doing their job and treating people. But the other thing I learned on the last day of the trip was that there’s a huge spike in the death rates within Fukushima Prefecture for young children compared to what it was in previous years. But that story has been stifled by the Japanese medical and government agencies. Nobody’s publishing the data that the Japanese have been publishing for years leading up to the disaster. So where are the death data on Fukushima Prefecture? And the answer is it hasn’t been published because the Japanese government doesn’t want it out there. When you control the medical community, the epidemiological data that you need to prove a case is really, really difficult. I think Fairewinds did a good job in the time we were over there getting sample data with a group of scientists that may affect the way the world looks at the disaster. But the other half of that is, you’ve got to get the doctors on board to report honestly what they’re seeing. And the medical community is even more under the thumb of the Abe regime than is the press. It’s very depressing.” … (Maggie Gundersen:) “I want to let you know that Arnie and other scientists are working on some really significant studies from samples that scientists have taken in Japan… Fairewinds will be participating in a report that will be issued on this and we will keep you up to date. It takes time to do this testing, but as soon as it’s ready, it will be publicized.”

Full recorded interview available here

Published: April 5th, 2016 at 9:50 pm ET


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477 comments to Nuclear Expert: “I’ve learned there’s a huge spike in death rates in Fukushima for young children”… Officials are covering up data — Gov’t committing inhuman acts on their own people — Doctor’s who treat patients suffering from radiation illness are being put out of business (AUDIO)

  • rogerthat

    Does WIPP have room for surplus plutonium?

    By Lauren Villagran / Journal Staff Writer – Las Cruces Bureau
    April 5th, 2016

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes.rogerthat.ty. They will be able vent the excess transuranic waste into the environment around the Southwestern United States,mostly,as soon as they get those half billion dollar fans up and running.

      Thank you rogerthat for the good rad work you do.


      • We Not They Finally

        ISeePinkClouds, were you not the one who went to Carlsbad with a geiger counter with frightening results, yet the locals seemed unconcerned? The morons in New Mexico never seemed to realize that there was NEVER anything about "transuranic waste" that was "low level." Us, we were 275 miles north in Albuquerque, but the WIPP blow-up got us symptomatic with the same symptoms on exactly the same day! We managed to evacuate East in a few months' time, but what this left us with medically isn't pretty, M.D.'s haven't a clue how to help, and now we are clear that virtually EVERYWHERE in the U.S. is getting its "share" of the Fukushima blow-ups. Nevertheless, the thought of NM deliberately making itself WORSE horrifies us. We are still grateful that we could get out of there.

        • ISeePinkClouds

          Yes. We Not They Finally. ty. I remember when you were still in Albuquerque. I recall when you and your husband became ill. I was glad you got out of there.

          Here in the Big Bend,200 mi. S. of WIPP we saw our Geiger Counter readings go from 11-12 counts to 40-50 counts,basically,overnight.
          The news said that the radioactive cloud went toward Amarillo and Oklahoma City,so why were our readings so high here.

          I found through surveys around WIPP that the cloud went toward Albuquerque. The N. side of Carlsbad was highly contaminated. The DOE said they would evacuate Carlsbad if the Gamma went over 20 cpm.
          I found a mean of 28 cpm downtown Carlsbad,with slider counts over 100cpm.

          I spent three weeks around WIPP taking readings. I was contaminated by exposure. I became ill after a particularly bad night in a hot motel room. I relocated 300 mi E.,to San Angelo,where the background was low,and slowly recovered.

          I returned to the Big Bend as counts rose from Fukushima rad in San Angelo, and decreased from WIPP rad at my home. The count here now hovers around 20-22 cpm Gamma/Beta.

          My biggest takeaway as far as knowledge goes is a much better understanding of the mobility of radiation in the environment. Radiation,especially Plutonium,Americium,and Tritium,are extremely mobile. Mobile enough to contaminate the US from E. of the Rocky Mountains,all the way to the East Coast. The North Wind brought it to my home.


        • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

          We Not The Finally, I'm so glad you escaped New Mexico to the much safer environment of Boston. I hope there aren't too many nuke plants (commercial, educational, and military) around you! It would be awful if anything went wrong with any of them, since that area of the USA is so highly populated. I'm sure you have well thought out escape plans if you both must leave there too suddenly.

          ISeePinkClouds, you are quite brave and resourceful, and I hope you are feeling better now, surely having taken a lot of preventive and then healing measures to combat the effects of your research.

          Being in Albuquerque, I'm glad the winds are rarely out of the southeast and that there are two mountain ranges between flat, lower-altitude Carlsbad (and WIPP to the east of there) and Albuquerque.

  • ISeePinkClouds

    Yes. And just when we thought that things couldn't get any stranger:

    Will A Gateway Be Opened When The Arch From The Temple Of Baal Is Reconstructed In Times Square?

    Part of Temple of Baal that stood in Palmyra, Syria to be reconstructed in Times Square and in Trafalgar Square in London

    Michael Snyder | End of the American Dream – April 6, 2016

    I know that all of this may sound very strange to you, but many of these secret societies and occult groups take this stuff deadly seriously. And many Christian scholars are convinced that there is a link between the coming of the Antichrist and this ancient pagan deity based on the actual historical figure of Nimrod.

    So could it be possible that we are laying out a couple of giant welcome mats for this ancient pagan deity by erecting these giant arches in New York and London next month?

    Could we be opening up gateways and portals that are extremely dangerous and that we simply do not understand?

    I don’t know about you, but for me the construction of these giant arches is a very, very bad sign…


    • jamesofthecommons

      Gateways and portals to dangerous things we have little understanding of, were opened when mankind first learned of the power which could be unleashed from the splitting of atoms. More gateways and portals were opened with the creation of the first nuclear bomb, the first bombings, and the advent of the peace time nuclear power industry.
      Knowledge is not to be gained from a book of fables wrote by desert dwellers whom thought it moral to kill people for things like marital infidelity,sorcery and talking back to ones parents. I am sure the elites whom have been behaving like antichrists for centuries would love for us common people to go on believing in the moral authority of the bible; for it is the bible which forbids rebellion against the elites and even declares that government, or rather government authority comes from god.

      • We Not They Finally

        I guess that one wonders about CERN too, but hard to get info.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          I would hope that whatever comes through all these 'portals' is radiation-proof.

          Someone said this years ago. Maybe the destruction of Fukushima is the beginning of terra-forming the Earth for creatures that thrive in a radioactive environment.

          I guess we'll find out one way or the other. But the building of these 'portals' is more than just an art installation.

          Someone needs to do an in-depth look at who is paying for these.

  • rogerthat

    nuclear waste, guided bombs … what's next for The Lucky Country lol:

    Wed Apr 6, 2016

    U.S. approves possible $386 million sale of bombs to Australia

    • jamesofthecommons

      Not only is war a racket, but so to is preparing for war. I wonder how much land in Australia could be preserved with 386 million bucks, how many schools built, medical clinics, doctors given bonuses, poor people housed and fed ?

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Follow the money:

      'Warmongering Pays – US Foreign Arms Sales Soar 35%'

      "If ever there was a clearer indication of America's "need for war" it was the latest Durable Goods orders data, which confirmed, absent defense spending, the US economy is in a tail-spin. However, as NYTimes reports, foreign arms sales by the United States jumped by almost $10 billion in 2014, about 35 percent, even as the global weapons market remained flat and competition among suppliers increased, thanks to multibillion-dollar agreements with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

      Defense Spending New Orders has soared 148% in the last 3 months… the biggest rise since 2007"

  • jamesofthecommons

    Good night everyone. May tomorrow bring better things. It will if only we do better things tomorrow ! Good nite !

  • The Giant - Humbled The Giant - Humbled

    Kia Ora and Oki:

    I am distressed by this news. I wonder how we could influence the Olympic committee? r would we need to begin directly containing athletes and thie coaches and sponsors with accurate information.

    In the meantime and in between times….in the word of Ed Whalen…we have other issues…a distracting clown show in the midst of what is represented as a "presidential" election….distracting us from,,,,what???? unremitting death of earths creatures….climate change…Fukushima's ongoing legacy of death and disease…and perhaps … para-natural events and occurrence….what looks a bit like possession of music stars…occult and arcane gates here and there….CERN and i's ilk….kinetic energy weapons in orbit….no good for sniping through the atmosphere…and likely pointed outward…at what??? HARRP and the moble variety…Who knows whatr is happening in Antarctica.

    I just hold close the medicine and the pipe. I await the future. I hope that we can make a change. Blessings Joe Stone

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    AP Interview: Japan Lawyer Wants No-Nukes After Fukushima
    April 7 2016

    "If you really mean it, you get most anything done. If you really mean it, everything becomes fun. If you really mean it, someone will come and help."

    I wouldn't say fun.
    But there is a minimal of peace to be found in yielding to duty and destiny.

  • from a distance from a distance

    ENENEWS comments login is fixed.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Radiation harm deniers? Pro-nuclear environmentalists and the Chernobyl death toll
    April 7 2016

    "The most up-to-date scientific review is the TORCH-2016 report written by radiation biologist Dr Ian Fairlie. Dr Fairlie sifts through a vast number of scientific papers and points to studies indicative of Chernobyl impacts:
    • an increased incidence of radiogenic thyroid cancers in Austria;
    • an increased incidence of leukemia among sub-populations in ex-Soviet states (and possibly other countries – more research needs to be done);
    • increases in solid cancers, leukemia and thyroid cancer among clean-up workers;
    • increased rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke that might be connected to Chernobyl (more research needs to be done);
    • a large study revealing statistically significant increases in nervous system birth defects in highly contaminated areas in Russia, similar to the elevated rates observed in contaminated areas in Ukraine; and more."

    • Sickputer

      Another rich couple with young children selling out their homestead in California and moving back to a safer On the Beach. The news from northern hemisphere beaches continues to alarm intellectuals. The deniers of an ocean poisoned still merrily refuse to admit the warning signs of dead ocean life. Blaming it on El Nino gives them comfort.

      A rude awakening awaits the naysayers…

    • Sol Man

      Bully for them, but it is too late. They have already eaten, breathed, and drank from the devils brew. Good luck, though.

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        The difference is, they will die in Australia vs. dying in the United States.

        A far better choice, under the circumstances.

        For almost all of us, our future is dependent on our quality of hospice. And I'm not holding my breath for quality of hospice in the US. Obamacare is destroying what health care we have, then add hospice care cuts.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    She is a doll and the morons are the ones that paid that silly amount of profit to her..

  • from a distance from a distance

    If you were unable to listen to Nuclear Hotseat's interview with Donna Gilmore on nuclear-waste storage-containers, here are some important points.

    The bottom line is that the nuclear industry is trying to store HOT waste in very thin canisters, with no plan in place if they leak:

    – Dry-cask canisters are in use in Diablo Canyon and proposed for San Onofre

    – There are +/- 2,000 “thin canisters” — ½-inch thick stainless steel –- “that is all that is separating us from a major radiation release” says Donna

    – “EACH canister contains more radioactive Cesium137 than was released from Chernobyl”

    Donna calls them "Chernobyl in a can"

    – The NRC said if there was a crack in the container, it would take 16 years to leak

    – HOWEVER, Donna found a Sandia Labs report that said once a crack starts in a canister, "it can penetrate the wall of the canister in 1 to 5 years"

    – “These canisters are all subject to cracking” from moist salts; air pollution like sulfites; high temperatures…

    – The NRC told Donna that it would take 30 years before the canisters would be cool enough for moisture to stay on the hot canisters

    – BUT that “turned out not to be true” — moisture was found on canisters in 2 years

    – There is NO technology that can inspect for cracks

    – The industry used to store waste in casks that were 10 to 15 inches thick BUT they switched to the ½-inch thick canisters because they are CHEAPER

  • Sickputer

    Was I sleeping while Ernie confirmed in February the MOX fuel facility in Savannah is toast! Must have missed the post here surely.

    Wow! They are going to downblend all that plutonium on the east coast and ship it to Carlsbad! Lucky me 250 miles away! 😉

    "Moniz, discussing the Department of Energy’s 2017 budget proposal at the agency’s headquarters in Washington, said the DOE will scrap an unfinished plutonium recycling project called the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina and instead work toward diluting and shipping the plutonium to WIPP as soon as 2023.

    • Sickputer

      Yes indeed…the Federal Register quietly admitted it this week:

      "…In Tuesday’s federal register, plans were announced to use facilities at SRS to dilute the plutonium and dispose of it at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico."

      SP: The honorable governor is also asking for the $1 million dollar a day fine the feds owe South Caolina for missing the deadline to remove one ton of plutonium January 1. The clock on the fine is rolling…about $100 million since January 1.

      Let's see… If the feds can ship one ton of plutonium to the WIPP plant, then the fine stops. Oh, but WIPP is still closed until December? What a money boon for both states! Thar's gold in them thar nuclear hills folks!!!

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        The U.S. government should in no way spend one by force removed tax penny subsidizing any industry that is in the process of killing and sickening it's own population.

        Fools have jumped on/all over the I'am the government bandwagon.. 🙁

    • ISeePinkClouds

      Yes Sickputer. ty. As you know,WIPP's Charter only allows for low level transuranic waste.

      Don Hancock, director of the nuclear waste safety program and administrator at Southwest Research and Information Center in Albuquerque, said Tuesday that he supports canceling the expensive MOX project in South Carolina but is not convinced that WIPP is the best home for the plutonium.

      “I don’t agree that the surplus plutonium would fit into WIPP, unless transuranic waste that’s supposed to go to WIPP is instead left in Idaho, Washington, Tennessee and Los Alamos,” Hancock said. “It is important to resolve what wastes WIPP is for, if it reopens. If DOE wants to change the WIPP Land Withdrawal Act to expand WIPP for surplus plutonium or other wastes, it should be proposing that now.”

      Start Clean,Stay Clean


  • Use facts where possible

    No Statistically Significant Satellite Warming For 23 Years (Now Includes February Data)

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Court allows Sendai reactors to remain running

  • ISeePinkClouds


    Mexico’s coordinator of Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Interior, Luis Felipe Puente, tweeted on Tuesday that Popo — full name Popocatepetl — recorded an explosion at 7:10 a.m., generating a soot and ash column of about 1 1/4 miles. The Colima volcano spewed a column nearly a mile high about 15 minutes later.(video)


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Playing musical Geiger counters.

    Somehow, it takes all the fun out of mushroom hunting

  • Sol Man

    Where can we get AI robotic hardened genomes?

    • The reason there is such a large number being detected with Thyroid Cancers is because they where exposed to hugh amounts of radioactive Iodine and not just Iodine-131.

      Bastards, trying to make out that it because more screening is happening!

      Special Report

      26.06.2013 – This scientific report indicates that the amount of long lived radioactive Iodine I-129, released during the early stages of the Fukushima Nuclear disaster, was 31 times greater than the short lived radioactive Iodine I-131. This study does not take into account any radioactive Iodine releases since then.


      Reported on the 14th June 2013:

      "1.19 million becquerels/kg of radioactive iodine detected on leafy vegetables near Fukushima Medical University in March 2011. Being aware of this high radioactive iodine detection, Fukushima Medical University distributed potassium iodide pills to the doctors and nurses. The report points out that potassium iodine pills were not distributed to local men, women, and children. This university is located just south of Fukushima City."

      • It would be logical to suggest that locations that had large bio-accumulation, or fallout detections of Iodine I-131 from Fukushima, eg. Japan, Southern California (In kelp), San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Europe etc., should be multiplying their detections by 31, to get their fallout amounts of Iodine I-129!

        This does on include the huge amounts radioactive Iodine versions, that were released at the time!

        These large Iodine I-131 detection reports can be found at,

        “The Food Lab”.

        "Radiation Food Lab", and

        I have been informed by a reliable source, the reason the general population was not advised to take, or issued with Potassium Iodine pills, is that there was a worldwide shortage at the time. It was not possible to supply them to everyone, so who was chosen get them at the time?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        blinded, by science! Scientists conform. The World Health Organization thinks Fukushima residents got a radiation dose in one year equal to about 10 years of background radiation. Therefor many foolish science patriots think its impossible to have high cancer rates. Unbelievable, but true. Thats why we wage a war against the fallout to background comparison.

        "In 2013, WHO estimated that the 12 to 25 millisieverts (mSv) of exposure in the first year after the accident in the hardest hit areas might result in minuscule increases in cancer rates. (Worldwide, people receive on average 2.4 mSv per year from background radiation; a medical chest x-ray delivers about 0.1 mSv.) WHO noted that females have a 0.75% lifetime risk of developing thyroid cancer; it estimated that the highest exposures in the Fukushima area raised that risk by an additional 0.5%. "

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          These loss numbers will continue to climb higher..many Americans will get cancers after visiting Japan too.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          radiographs reveal that the scientific model of becquerels per kilogram of tissue is invalid. High specific activity man made radiation does not distribute evenly. The difference between man made radiation and much of background can be compared to broken glass shards and beach sand. They are both the same material but only broken glass is dangerous. Thus the ICRP model and comparison to background is bad science.

          radiation causing cataracts

          • earthsmith earthsmith

            You mean you never had a bucket of sand poured down your throat..? Oh the irony but it's what they do.
            Seriously, these are important distinction to be made and understood, thank you all.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Code exactly what you have been trying to convey in your own intellectual style! 🙂

            Hand before~Hand after!

            Fish before~Fish after!

            Natural Radiation before~ Manmade Radiation after!

            Natural good and manmade bad! 🙂

            Clearly only morons would allow these Nuclear Plants to operate worldwide.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              correct obewan. No matter how many years of accumulated radiation dose from background sources, you can never take a radiograph showing those points of intense radiation.

              Make no mistake; mainstream science believes Fukushima did no harm. This is very, very serious. It means there is no scientific deterrent for nuclear war. The faulty science, and to a large extent, the background comparison is the battleground!

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Thus the Earth was lost!

                I struggle daily with what I see happening on/all over this planet.

                Can't seem to break through on any of the educated controlled by other minds either and I find that fact to be a very sad state of affairs for the future of Planet Earth.

                People think this crap is normal and OK. Bat~Shit crazy says he.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

              I don't think all the uranium miners would be happy with you loving uranium so much. I suppose their cancer and sterility is their own fault. And I guess you blame all the victims of skin cancer. Do you think their cancer was caused because they didn't smile enough? And what about all the cancer clusters around coal ash dump? And all the cancer victims where the uranium from the mines got into the ground water and all the victims who are living on uranium tailings?

              There are 70 natural radioisotopes. Do you even know what they are? And then I guess you have no respect for Dr. John Gofman, Dr. Rosalie Bertels, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Chris Busby and Dr. Fairlie, Dr. Ernst Sternglass, Dr. Alice Stewart, and many, many others. How is thinking you are smarter than the lights who have given up money and careers to fight against the nuclear industry going to help anyone?

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                You are a lost cause and in all these cases I have informed you that mankind has changed the dynamics of the natural radiation present. Anything in volume will do damage as a falling tree limb might break a bone while a falling tree can kill you and/or crush you.

                You are is some form mental block fantasy land if you think all natural radiation is just isn't. Mankind has un sequestered it/changed it though tampering with it and has made it a very dangerous proposition for this planet.

                Code wins this argument every time..

                This is not about you or me but about the future of this planet.

                Without natural radiation present we all die..simple really.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  oops..You are "in" some form "of" mental block fantasy land

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                  An ad hominem attack won't disguise the fact that you have disagreeing with Dr. Helen Caldicott and with Argonne National Lab, with the Beir IV report, with the consensus of all the scientists in the US and Europe and all the scientists I previously mentioned and many, many more. And what are your academic qualitifications? And what are you peer reviewed published papers? And what is your prestigeous occupation?

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Intelligence needs no titles..

                    I have no say in a world that is currently bat~shit crazy.

                    That fact is well known by now..look around once in awhile. 🙂

                    I stand by my statements.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    I wont keep explaining this forever. Time is of the essence. The fight to end nuclear is the fight to end stupidity and hubris of all kinds. We cannot endlessly argue the toxicity of GMOs, oil spills, vaccine adjuvants, glyphosates, plastic in the ocean and nuclear fallout.

                    Yes, nature has dangers on all sides. But life had it well worked out. The oceans, land and sky were teaming with healthy life! Mothers and instinctual knowledge would show the young what to eat, what to avoid…the poisons. Animals and pre historic man rarely got cancer and the cause may never have been from radiation but from parasitic infections or an unusual toxic carcinogens.

                    Science should set the background rad dose to be the standard, or null level. Any addition of the extraordinarily toxic radiation sources from man would then be seen for what it is; in incomparable dose of something not there before, rather than a small increment. It is nuclear fallout that brings a silent spring

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      A recent report by two Egyptologists in the journal Nature Reviews: there is “a striking rarity of malignancies” in ancient human remains.

                      “The rarity of cancer in antiquity suggests that such factors are limited to societies that are affected by modern lifestyle issues such as tobacco use and pollution resulting from industrialization,” wrote the authors, A. Rosalie David of the University of Manchester in England and Michael R. Zimmerman of Villanova University in Pennsylvania. Also on the list would be obesity, dietary habits, sexual and reproductive practices, and other factors often altered by civilization.


                      And dont forget the abrupt increase of cancer to epidemic levels since the nuclear era

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Very clear statement! 🙂

                      "It is nuclear fallout that brings a silent spring"

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                  NUCLEAR MADNESS
                  BY HELEN CALDICOTT

                  “…Whether natural or man-made, all radiation is dangerous. There is no "safe" amount of radioactive material or dose of radiation.

                  ”Why? Because by virtue of the nature of the biological damage done by radiation, it takes only one radioactive atom, one cell, and one gene to initiate the cancer or mutation cycle. Any expo¬sure at all, therefore, constitutes a serious gamble with the mechanisms of life….”

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Without the natural radiation present on this Earth.. we all die..please understand these words.

                    Surely the correct placement of the wrong isotope could be a disaster.

                    Just like the tree falling.. instead of a branch.

                    Doesn't change the fact that the tree is still present and it is only present due to the natural radiation it absorbs and utilizes throughout it's entire lifespan.

                    Demonizing the wrong things.. does not bode well for the cause.. as Code has already stated.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus


                      And just who lives forever?

                      Science uses epidemiological studies to prove theses. And they are abandoned when there is evidence to the contrary.

                      So where is your evidence? Do people live longer when they receive more natural radiation? Do they have less genomic instability?

                      The earth existed for billions of years before any form of life was possible. All that radiation prevented life. It was natural radiation.

                      Most natural background radiation is from cosmic radiation. Why can't astronauts take off their space suits when in space if all that natural radiation is so good for them?

                      Why aren't you living in Australia where the ozone hole is allowing in so much more cosmic rays?

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Maybe if you go underground and block out all the natural radiation you will live forever! 🙂

                      They can't can't take off their suits, just like we can't strip the Earth of it's atmosphere..both would be bad.

                      There is a natural and let's say billions of years of developed way of/for life to exist..tamper with it and you are/will be in trouble.

                      Pretty sure we humans are in the process of tampering with it…that happens when you want to be Gods.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      I will repeat this statement one more time and then I am done and you can figure this out someway inside your own mind.

                      Deep meditation might help the cause. It "is" what it "is"! 🙂

                      "Without the natural radiation present on this Earth.. we all die..please understand these words."

                      Done! 🙂

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      What makes you think there is no natural radiation underground?

                • Saying all natural radiation is good, is the same thing that the hormesis promoters claim.

                  Try breathing in all 'natural' uranium or radium dust, or try breathing high levels of natural radon gas. Try eating pure and natural K40 synthetized in a cyclotron daily sprinkled in cereal.

                  The results will not be pretty in the long term.

                  Radium; The Epic Story That Disproves Hormesis And Medical Radiation Theory First Proposed By Madame Curie; via @AGreenRoad

                • Why do you think all indigenous tribes had TABOO places, all of them 'natural' uranium or thorium deposits?

                  Just because it is natural does not make it safe.

                • Without natural radiation we all DIE?

                  Again, another hormesis claim.

                  Because that means that the more 'natural' radiation one gets, the better health will get, which is another hormesis claim that all pro nuclear promoters make.

                  Guess we have true believers of the hormesis theory on board now.

                  And this same theory is why some people want to get rid of nuclear waste by sprinkling it over cities, so everyone can get 'healthier', with all of this 'natural' radiation.

                  Rachel Maddow – Hormesis Promoting Republican Art Robinson Wants To Sprinkle Radioactive Waste From Airplanes Over Cities? via @AGreenRoad

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    "Again, another hormesis claim."

                    You could not be further from the truth..conveyed.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Dr Goodheart…I wont always be here to spearhead this most fundamental injunction against nuclear. It would be so good if you could take up on the idea rather than fight it. But most fortunately, our voice is not so important and there are reputable scientists who lead the way. Im talking about the ECRR group, Bandazhevsky who showed that 70 bq/kg of natural radiation was healthy whereas 70 bq/kg is morbidly unhealthy. Here, read up


                    May I be direct? You are hung up on hormesis. Its the wrong fight almost entirely. The nuclear cartel does not use the hormesis argument to justify their poisons. They have mainstream science instead! How many times must I repeat that? Please try to let some of this sink in. The ANL paper PJ always refers to says that cesium137 is only twice as toxic as K-40. Do you believe that? If so, your anti nuclear efforts are almost worthless. Your stubborn adherence to your theory of huge man made amounts of K-40 dose no good at all, regardless of its toxicity. You cant see you shoot yourself in the foot with this.

                    I have merely pointed out some of the already known errors (yet public relations victories) of the nuclear industry. I looked hard for ways to make cogent counter arguments. When you and Praising Jesus and the few others constantly fight me on this, you do a disservice to my efforts and your own anti nuclear cause, what to say of your own credibility!

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Goodheart seems fixated on hormesis. We are at the same point as last year, and I have the same challenge;

                    The beginning of life on earth started in a radioactive soup of perhaps close to a million becquerels per cubic meter. The level of radioactivity in our bodies has been over 70 bq/kg (referenced to weight of intercellular electrolyte fluid) for as long as our species existed. The challenge is this; Is Goodheart smart enough to outsmart nature? If given the opportunity to eliminate this radioactivity, believing he would become healthier, would he do it?

                    This says to me, if he wouldnt take the chance and remove all his natural radioactivity, then he is not 100% certain about hormesis, or what it might even mean…

                    Is this intelligence: Despite the fact that I dont promote hormesis, and have said so over and over, Goodheart and PJ and mon ami believe that I do. With that level of discernment, I would urge supreme caution when they assume they can outsmart natures undefiled state!

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      ProNuke playbook:
                      “Let me stop for a moment and say that no one has died from radiation due to Fukushima, and health experts say that there will be no measurable increase in cancer rates because of the incident….
                      “So, the question is, how big of a problem is low-level waste getting into the ocean? A lot of anti-nuclear activists hate it when scientists say this, but in complete honesty, low-level waste is completely harmless once it's diluted into seawater. The world's oceans naturally contain enormous amounts of dissolved radioactive material, such as potassium, uranium, and thorium. There is an estimated 4.6 billion tons of natural uranium already dissolved in the oceans. Even more radioactive material has been put into the oceans by decades of atmospheric testing of nuclear bombs. Any radioactive material released into the ocean and diluted to the parts-per-billion level is basically indistinguishable from the normal, natural, background levels of seawater radioactivity. Tiny amounts of radiation are completely harmless — you experience naturally-occurring radiation every time you fly in a plane or eat a banana. You're receiving constant, low-level radiation all the time, always. The body has natural defense mechanisms that evolved millions of years ago to prevent and repair radiation damage. Only when the body's repair systems are overwhelmed does radiation damage occur….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      Code, you are the one fixated on proving hormesis is. You always start all the discussions. And no one who values life is ever going to stop trying to block all your propaganda. Why do you think you know more than every other scientist on earth and more than God as well?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      to realize your mistaken assumptions, please review the thread from the start.

                      and on the contrary, it is PJ who believes God made an error with the radiation and that she can fix it

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      PT loves to argue…it is getting boring.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      I hate arguing, but I hate watching everyone die and suffer so much. And God never makes mistakes. That is your argument, Code, not mine. God provides life and mankind destroys life. Nuclear technology is man's creation, not God's. Little children playing with blocks and then destroying everything. Addicts to Cherenkov blue. Addicted to the power and addicted to killing all life on earth. No evil comes from God. Evil comes from the heart of mankind. Addicts to money and power.

                      It is a boring discussion. But why do you start it over and over again.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      God provided the antidote to radiation with phytochemicals in food. But mankind loves weapons that kill more and more people and have created so much radiation that it will end quite quickly, perhaps in this or the next generation. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

                    • Code, you are claiming ALL of Nature is good and healthy, even the uranium, radon, thorium, and radium deposits, when studies say the opposite.

                      Try living near or in a uranium mine, stir up the dust and breath it in. See how your health deteriorates over time. That is part of the 'healthy radiation' that you claim is good for everyone, just because it is in Nature, and all natural.

                      NATURAL DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTH, NO MATTER WHAT. There are DISTINCTIONS, which Code totally ignores and dismisses.

                      Follow the EVIDENCE and DATA. It will lead you to the truth.

                      Uranium Mining, Radon Gas, Tailing Piles, Radioactive Ponds And Leaks Into Rivers Leaves Legacy Of Toxic Waste, Diseases, Cancers, And Deaths For 1,000,000 Years; Who Is Monitoring Effects On Health?

                      Making broad sweeping generalizations without debating specifics is a good tactic if a person wants to avoid the REAL issues.

          • GOM GOM

            Which particular wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum are you referring to? "Radiation" is a very general term.

            On the average, man made is more dangerous, as it is sometimes more concentrated, and very energetic short half life isotopes are sometimes more abundant.

            Man-Made EMR is more Active biologically than Natural Non-Ionizing EMR. Do you get this? All radiation is not created equal.

            Nuclear radiation is the most dangerous kind of electromagnetic radiation. Decades of studies prove this.

            Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard
            to Biological Activity


            "They are both the same"..nuclear vs man-made radiation..

            • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.


              Why don't you show this to code and explain the frequency model to him. Get him on the same model…

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Oom, thank you, I enjoy your input. That looks like a standing wave or stationary point source wave phase cancellation effect. It reminds of of something always in the back of my mind about potassium. There must be phase cancellation effects with the sister isotope frequencies. Not forgetting that the cell is a highly structured complex fractal environment complete with molecular size wave guides. One thing that can hardly be denied; Life was generated in an even higher radioactive milieu, and developed to ever more functional, anti entropic forms of high perfection and generational continuity

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Oom, on second look, it appears that the "side band" wave trains converge toward the center and create a momentary phase cancellation. Perhaps you know; Does the imperfect Q factor seen in spectrographs relate in some way to these side band frequencies? I mean to say that your image appears to be closer to a viscous fluid…
                  Why not enlighten us with your insight?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    soliton wavelet distortion periodic phase cancellation….Is this closer Oom?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Oom, it appears that the wavelets coalesce toward the trough of low pressure/voltage with propagation. Why the non linear wave front with the wavelets? It appears the side lobes precede the center peak at the initiation. This is some Schrodinger equation with offset initiation sequence…you are into quantum mechanics. Im afraid that is the best I can do, being a common fool.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Oom, here is the phenomenon in a water tank. A soliton has a offset/converging wave front at the end of this video with subsequent phase cancel and addition


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Oom, I found it…Dipolschwingung with drift…a quantum leap as the electron scatters on the nucleous. Can be modeled as a superposition of a planewave and spherical wave losing energy. What is bremsquants? This perhaps gives the converging transformation of the wave trains? I think, for a common fool, I came close

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      for the interested readers I think we are talking about the glow in these assembly holders of SFP4. Is that from melted/boken fuel sitting at the bottom?


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Oom, I apologize for my thoughtless meandering thoughts on the beautiful quantum calculation…I didnt stop to think, a painful admission in front of a physicist!. If only I was educated in the matter I would be fascinated to know how the photon is ejected. The only thing I can do is play music and not that well.

                      I wish you would add your insight and knowledge here….thanks.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      I cant understand the physics but visually, it looks like the superposition of the non retarded plane wave portion and the slowed spherical wave creates the acceleration region where the phase addition/cancellation occurs, responsible for ejection of the photon perpendicular to the electron movement. Is this approximately correct? I have to think in musical or aquatic terms…

                    • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

                      Code you have crossed the pacific ocean in search of fish and stepped right onto an under water volcano. When reading fast neutrons and slow neutrons in the the same instance where beta and gamma radiation is also present, with a same unit instrument, you need to be enlightened, and here you have beaten GOM to it? That is where wikipedia fills up you 2TerraByte hard drive with search results. If someone tells me she's a bee, you cannot read her humming frequency and use it for an indication of pain for her bad-ass sting coming.

            • The hormesis promoters make no such distinction. All radiation is natural, no matter if it is man made, spilling from reactors, coming out of stacks on nuclear recycling facilities, or in uranium mines. It makes no difference to them, as it is equal to sunshine and bananas.

              Hormesis theory solves a LOT of problems for the nuclear industry and they get many people to believe in it and start taking Xrays regularly as part of a 'natural' health boosting regime.

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                That is not what Code or I am saying..

                You are much smarter than this! 🙂

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Im afraid it is Goodheart and Praise Jesus and others that insist that all radiation is the same. You do this by taking the bait of the standard model. Here it is;

                "We live in a radioactive universe, on a radioactive planet. The danger is in the dose"

                Its such a perfectly logical statement, I would say its practically irrefutable, wouldnt you? I mean hormesis is refutable, but that statement above seems lock down tight, doesnt it?

                As it turns out, its the keystone to the nuclear industries claim that they inflict no harm to speak of. So while you folks were busy going on about Hormesis, calling me a hormesis pushing pro nuke shill, I was busy trying to figure out what was wrong with that one liner, and how to make a cogent argument against it. I cant help it if you didnt have the lights to see it, and its key relevance to fighting the nuclear industry

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  Sunshine today…strontium tomorrow.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  WE must all stay the course..Earth is counting on all of us still commenting/participating here.

                  I could have left years ago..but I understand the importance of this quest to/for all future generations.

                  Earth is running out of biological time..

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                  Usual generalization and straw argument. Although all radiation carries some danger (physics definition of radiation), the lethality of different radioactive isotopes varies greatly. Inhale one tenth of one millionth of a gram of plutonium and the death rate is 100%. The death rate of K-40 in comparison is only 0.004%, 5 orders of magnitude less. Curium, another actinide is 300 times more lethal than plutonium.

                  We see in the arguments for transmutation to get rid of nuclear waste the scam of the nuclear industry. Transmutation creates many more actinides which are infinitely more lethal than the original nuclear waste.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                  So Code, what is your definition of radiation? Why do you reject all scientific studies of biology, medicine, and physics? Is any discourse even possible if one of the participants rejects all definitions in the language and creates his own insular definitions that no one else shares?

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Its hard to follow what you are saying PJ. Disintegrations per second is the unit or measurement of nuclear radiation. Here is the definition; 'Definition: Nuclear radiation are the particles and photons emitted during reactions that involve the nucleus of an atom.'

                  So your preferred science authority says that K-40 has a dose equivalent (the sievert system used for toxicity estimates) of 6.2 nSv/Bq. Cesium 137 is 13 nSv/Bq. Thus, by your referenced scientific authorities, cesium 137 is about twice as toxic per unit of radioactivity…the measured quantity that places like woods hole is always talking about…as k-40. But there is hundreds of times more k-40 in the ocean and in your cells than there is cesium. You have over 60 thousand becquerels of this dangerous K-40 per cubic meter in your cells (cubic meter being the unit used in ocean measurements). This means you are bombarded by natures evil radiation with 400 million devilish disintegrations per day. This is equal to 200 million hits from c-137. We are working on a way that you and Goodheart can remove natures folly from your cells, if you should so choose.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                    What source are you talking about? I have quoted many, many scientific studies on K-40. Without a citation who can verify what in the world you are talking about.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                    There are different variables when comparing radioactive isotopes. One is biological half life. One is if the isotope is natural or manmade. One is if the isotope is always bound in the body.

                    Cesium supplants potassium especially when someone has a potassium poor diet. Cesium is manmade and is not bound to any stable isotopes. It can stay in the body a lifetime and bioaccummulate.

                    Natural potassium including all its isotopes remain in the body only 30 days and does not bioaccummulate. The half life of cesium is 30 years. The halflife of K-40 is 1.24 billion years.

                    Cesium affects the muscles including the heart muscle and can cause a lethal heart attack.

                    In addition to specific activity (really just half life), there is also energy and different types of radioactive decay. Cesium is extremely lethal. Just because ICRP is undervalued the lethality of cesium doesn't mean that they have overvalued the lethality of K-40. And researchers look at all the data, not just one isolated study. So why are you so stuck on Argonne Labs. Why not look at toxnet on cesium and ECRR and other specific studies. Have you looked at all the studies in the New York Academy of Sciences on Chernobyl studies of cesium? Why is cesium not half gone around Chernobyl? It is the phytochemicals in foods that protects against radiation not K-40.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                    I just quote from scientific studies and so does Dr. Goodheart. Your argument is with the entire scientific community. You are the only one here promoting your own theory which corresponds to the same arguments proNukers use. You are arguing not with me and Dr. Goodheart, but with the entire antiNuke community. If you have a few innocents who haven't read all the literature and all the proNuke arguments ad nauseum it doesn't mean anything. You just don't want people to read the citations and scientific studies that Dr. Goodheart and I post. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. No one is ever going to put a K-40 alone pill on the market because the scientific community know that that is lethal. It is the law that if soils have too much K-40, it must be reported immediately because it is a hazard to health.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      The only reason you change the units to 60,000 Bq/m^3 is to make it sound like and huge number and so you can repeat Buessler's omissions and to just talk about K-40 in the ocean and downplay all the cesium and strontium 90 and all the actinides in the fish. The ocean now is dead.

                      Why don't you talk about the studies showing all the actinides and other lethal radionuclides in the fish? Why don't you talk about all the mass animal extinctions?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      in that dead ocean off california, there is maybe 10 bq/m3 c-137 and 2 to 5 from S-90 (guessing) and a few extra becquerels from all the other isotopes combined…but there is about 11 THOUSAND becquerels from potassium. The only reason we talk about it is because Woods Hole and NOAA and all the others wont let us forget it. So our mission is to convince the public that their science of lumping all radionuclides together into the one bag called radiation and comparing background to fallout is about as valid as comparing apples to cholla cactus. I always talk about the animal deaths and extinctions…or dont you read my posts?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      But what is important is how much cesium is in the fish, how much plutonium is in the fish. People shouldn't be eating the fish and the fish shouldn't be eating anything that is in the ocean because it is killing them and giving them tumors which the people shouldn't eat.

                      The radionuclides bioaccummulate. And your argument suggests that dilution gets rid of radiation. But this is terrible, because just a little is lethal. And it is lethal if it destroys just one cell.

                      And it isn't Buessler or Woods Hole that keeps talking about K-40, but you who keeps talking about the ocean and K-40.

                      So why don't you keep posting the studies about the fish and all the radionuclides in the fish and why people shouldn't eat the fish?

                      It is a scan of the nuclear industry that considers one little bit of cesium in a whole body when it is really one little bit of cesium in one cell.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Think again PJ

                      Im embarrassed we have to mess up this web site with gibberish when we have people like Oom reading on. What are you doing? What am I doing? Its a very low state PJ. In your vernacular, its a sin

                      We know there is bioaccumulation but when you look at the numbers, it isnt enough to fight against the Woods Hole graphic above. The only solution I see is that k-40 is less toxic than assumed and fallout is more toxic than given by your referenced papers. The points of strong exposure on the radiographs linked above give a clue. The conversation I had earlier about bioelectric fields and morphogenisis may be relevant. That would be a deforming factor other than genetic DNA damage. Electrocardio abnormalities also fit in that category. Ionic tracks and strong gradients can do other damage than DNA breaks. That is what I was trying to get at with stock and the chitin absorption.

                      PJ, please consider your readership and help me improve the quality of the discussion and the site by moving past the petty arguments of those basic dose numbers and hormesis. Thanks

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      you could be discussing very interesting things like bremsstrahlung with Oom, bioelctric fields and emgryonic morphogenisis, bioaccumulation factors in chitin, melanin and other tissues, but no…you have to argue that I push hormesis and am pro nuclear. What the heck are you doing PJ? You say your are highly educated!

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      The health outcome of the Fukushima catastrophe
                      Initial analysis from risk model of the
                      European Committee on Radiation Risk
                      Chris Busby

                      The radiation risk model of the European Committee on Radiation Risk is described in ECRR2010. It differs from the model currently employed by radiation protection agencies which are based on the recommendations of the International Commission
                      on Radiological Protection ICRP. The latter ICRP model deals with radiation exposure from all sources in the same way, as if it were external to the body, and averages the dose to the body as if it we are uniform across tissues more massive than 1 kilogram. The ICRP model then takes this dose and multiplies it by a risk factor for cancer based on the cancer yield at high acute doses of the Japanese populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who have been studied since 1952. This method cannot apply to internal doses from radioactive substances, called radionuclides, which have been inhaled or ingested in food or water. This is because these substances have varying affinities for DNA and different parts of the body and an deliver very high energy to local tissue. The ICRP method cannot be applied to inhaled or ingested hot
                      particles, which are solid but microscopic and can lodge in tissue delivering high doses to local cells. There is a great deal of evidence that exposure to internal radionuclides is up to 1000 times more harmful than the ICRP model concludes. The ECRR risk model…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      deals with this issue by adding hazard enhancement weighting factor to the doses calculated for internal radionuclide or particle exposures….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      “Most abundant long-lived radionuclide released by rupture of nuclear fuel rods….
                      “Quickly becomes ubiquitous in contaminated ecosystems
                      “Potassium-40=0.0000071 Curies per gram = seventy-one ten-millionths Curies per gram
                      Cesium-137=88 Curies per gram
                      Strontium-90=140 Curies per gram

                      “Cesium-137 is 10 million times more radioactive than Potassium-40…
                      “2 grams of cesium-137 has more radioactivity than 20 tons of Potassium-40
                      “Thus, as little as one third of a gram of Cesium-137, made into microparticles and distributed as a smoke or gas over an area of one square kilometer, will make that square kilometer uninhabitable.
                      Less than two grams of Cesium-137, a piece smaller than an American dime, if made into microparticles and evenly distributed as a radioactive gas over an area of one square mile, will turn that square mile into an uninhabitable radioactive exclusion zone. Central Park in New York City can be made uninhabitable by 2 grams of microparticles of Cesium-137. Hard to believe, isn’t it?
                      Remember, these nuclear poisons are lethal at the atomic level. There are as many atoms in one gram of Cesium-137 as there are grains of sand in all the beaches of the world. That’s 1021 atoms—10 to the 21st power. 1480 trillion of them or 1.48 times 10 to the 12th power are disintegrating every second, releasing invisible nuclear energy. So this works out to about one and a half million…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      disintegrations per second per square meter….
                      “Notice that children, especially girls, are at the most risk from radiation-induced cancer. In fact a female infant has 7 times greater risk and a 5 year old girl has 5 times greater risk of getting a radiation-induced cancer than does a 30 year old man. …

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      th April 2016 – Thousands of dead fish wash up on Amouli Beach in Samoa.
                      8th April 2016 – Dozens of dead birds found along a road in Fairfax County, Virginia, America.
                      7th April 2016 – 5,000 birds killed by storm in Jessore, Bangladesh.
                      6th April 2016 – 18,000 birds killed due to new outbreak of avian flu in Plateau province, Nigeria.
                      5th April 2016 – Thousands of fish killed due to sewage leek in a lake in Tennessee, America.
                      4th April 2016 – 700+ dead turtles have been found during the past 2 months along coast of Guerrero, Mexico.
                      4th April 2016 – Hundreds of thousands of dead fish found in a river in Kazuo, China.
                      4th April 2016 – 5 dolphins, plus other marine animals found dead on beaches in San Bernardo del Viento, Colombia
                      4th April 2016 – 1,700 Geese killed due to avian flu in Taibao City, Taiwan.
                      4th April 2016 – Thousands of fish have died in a reservoir in Eskikadin, Turkey.
                      2nd April 2016 – 80 turtles found dead on a beach in Paradip, India.
                      2nd April 2016 – 11,000 birds killed due to avian flu in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
                      31st March 2016 – Thousands of dead jellyfish wash ashore on Hallandale Beach in Florida, America.
                      31st March 2016 – 61 dead dolphins, whales and porpoise have washed up during past 3 months in Cornwall, England.
                      31st March 2016 – 8 dead dolphins have washed ashore this past week in Mississippi, America.
                      30th March 2016 – Hundreds of fish die in a pond, reason unknown, in Pune, India.
                      29th March 2016 – 68 wild…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      29th March 2016 – 68 wild boars found dead due to disease in a forest in Lukhovitsy, Russia.
                      29th March 2016 – 167,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Katsina, Sokoto and Bauchi provinces, Nigeria.
                      29th March 2016 – Thousands of dead fish wash up in Cape Hillsborough, Queensland, Australia.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              GOM gives a paper saying that man made EM is different (due to a polarization effect) than natural, then says natural and man made are the same.

              I know something about wavelengths and the electromagnetic spectrum. I also know enough to know that man doesnt know it all. The exponential rise in scientific discovery unequivocally proves that point.

              Ive highlighted the specific activity factor, some various biological concentration factors and even ventured into biophoton effects and photon traps to give an idea of some of the reasons that biology was able, quite obviously, to handle its doses of pre nuclear era nuclear radiation. Its a fact that more reasons will be discovered why anthropogenic radionuclides are mutating and sickening the world to oblivion in one generation, whereas the greater amount of pre industrial radiation allowed animals to maintain exquisite biological perfection for endless generations. Why do you fight GOM? You lose, along with the others. Why? We have the observation and securty in natures advanced methods, and all you have is argument from a three pound ape brain…

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                Hear! Hear! Hear! 🙂

                Can anyone.. Hear!

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                Do I detect a one pound fish brain criticizing the 3 pound ape brain? I for one wasn't descended from fish or apes or amoebe.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Sure..and you can remove the Sun anytime you want to!

                  Goood Luck with that one! 🙂

                  I'am getting bored once again.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                    straw argument. I've never once said you should remove the sun. Rediculous. I use the Johanna Budwig healing of cancer with sun therapy with flax seeds and sulfur rich vegetables. To deny this teaching is to rob people of life. However, I never left a baby in the sun to get extremely sunburned. And I avoid the sun in the middle of the day, especially between 2 and 4, when the UV index is estreme. I have never once in my entire life worn sunglasses, worn glasses with UV protection, or ever worn any sunscreen at all. However, now that CERN is allowing in so many cosmic rays by distorting the magnetosphere, I have to look at the UV index every day and avoid the times when the UV index of harmful UV rays is extreme. Not all of the sun's rays are harmful UV rays. How many times to I have to look up the link and post it?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      UV radiation
                      “What is the difference between UVA, UVB and UVC?
                      “The three types of UV radiation are classified according to their wavelength. They differ in their biological activity and the extent to which they can penetrate the skin. The shorter the wavelength, the more harmful the UV radiation. However, shorter wavelength UV radiation is less able to penetrate the skin.
                      “Short-wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation. However, it is completely filtered by the atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface.
                      “Medium-wavelength UVB is very biologically active but cannot penetrate beyond the superficial skin layers. It is responsible for delayed tanning and burning; in addition to these short-term effects it enhances skin ageing and significantly promotes the development of skin cancer. Most solar UVB is filtered by the atmosphere…”

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    To lighten things up a little I want to clarify a huge mistake I made concerning/promoting the use of organic (DE) Diatomaceous Earth. I have been using it regularly for some time as an additive to my coffee consumption.

                    Understanding the benefit I jumped in whole heartedly and did not research the topic thoroughly. I have done some further research after having problems with my gums and teeth. In an attempt to find out why the problems existed I tried to identify the culprit and I think I have found it.

                    I simply looked at the basis for the creation of these diatoms and the overall relationship of (DE) and bacteria.

                    These are simple reads.

                    The link diatoms and bacteria.

                    The bacteria and gums/teeth.

                    The procedure..
                    "All DE is mined directly from the ground and so is not produced in sterile conditions. Like all other Australian DE, it is not formally certified for human consumption . There are many reports on the internet about the health benefits obtained from DE, so if you choose to consume it and want to sterilise it, we suggest that you spread it in a baking tray and heat in a slow oven of 140-160 degrees Celsius (not hotter) for about 30 minutes."

                    My mistake the (DE) is loaded with bacteria that may negatively effect gum and teeth health. (DE) must be sterilized prior to consumption by heating.

                    Sorry about…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


                      What amazes me was that this information was not all over the web in all the promotional videos and links.

                      Disappointing at best. Live and learn! 🙂

                    • Not everything 'natural' found in natural health food stores is actually healthy or good for a person. Sometimes it is not even what it claims to be or it is contaminated with heavy metals, etc. There is a lot of greenwashing.

                      Good find Obe.

                • DUDe DUD

                  "..I for one wasn't descended from fish or apes or amoebe.."

                  From what then ? You don't share any DNA with the rest of the planet ?

              • Again Code quotes generalities, and refuses to get into specifics being pointed at, which is exactly what the hormesis promoters do as well.

                Hormesis promoters claim the sanctity of Nature and all things natural, and then lump in all of the toxic, deadly, heavy metal poisons such as DU, uranium, radon, thorium, radium, plutonium, with sunlight, bananas and Xrays, all together.

                How are you different Code?

              • No one is 'losing' here Code.

                This is a debate. Only judges and juries get into pronouncing winners and losers.

                Are you now the judge and jury?

                Nature is beautiful and all living things have evolved to live in harmony with it.. With that fact, there is no argument. That is what you are saying and with that I agree.

                But when you refuse to get into the specifics about where this no longer applies, what happens?

                Nature makes boiling hot springs that will kill you if you get in them.

                Nature makes poisonous animals and plants that will kill you if eaten.

                Nature makes lightning bolts that will strike you dead if you get hit.

                Nature makes hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis that kill many who don't flee from these in time.

                Nature creates harmful heavy metal poisons that kill if ingested or breathed in; uranium, radium, radon, thorium, etc..

                Nature is not all loving and kind and benevolent; it has two sides. Ignore this at your peril.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Thanks Dr. and Code has made his case very clear and not hard to understand.

                  There is much we still do not know on the way things work and distinguishing the varied types of created manmade radioactive isotopes is the key to understanding the damage they are doing to the genomes.

                  It is not about lumping them all together, but deciphering of the why's manmade isotopes do the biological damage that they do.

                  Proof is all around us in the form of varied increased cancers and diseases that are now flourishing on this planet and specifically in any areas affected by their legal distribution. We are approaching a dead Pacific Ocean to boot.

                  This is the bottom line of his argument I believe…no Hormesis about it.

                  I find that the constant accusations thrown around here by some to be very troubling in the context of the last 70 years of miserable Nuclear performance and mounting evidence stating the same.

                  Should we forget the billions now being paid out to Manmade Nuclear exposed victims?

                  I think not since the next generation will be much weaker because of the damage their parent's genome received unknowingly.

                  We are dealing with a big Nuclear money club by/through force.. 🙁

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  OK Dr Goodheart, my error for being too judgemental. Also for not expressing myself clearly. Or possibly you havent been reading my posts. That is OK and quite understandable.

                  What I have done; trying to make a distinction between background and anthropogenic radiation was a risky debate tactic. It is obvious why; there are natural alpha emitters, known dangers from cosmic radiation..and of course the big one; ionizing radiation is ionizing radiation no matter the source. So, the broad distinction of natural vs anthropogenic was bound to fall on deaf ears. But I very deliberately made it and the reason is this, stated many times; The earth was teaming with life. The birds didnt have small brains and white patches and skewed sex ratios. The butterfly wings were 'beyond perfect', generation after generation. Then all of a sudden, a second in geological time, there is an explosion of cancer, disease and deformity. Of course the cause is from every pollutant and imbalance, but our common theme here is the nuclear radiation aspect.

                  So everyone looks to our scientists for an answer, and they give one;

                  "We live on a radioactive planet, the danger is in the dose" And they go on to explain that the danger from anthropogenic sources is small compared to the much larger amount of radiation naturally existing in the ocean and in our cells.

                  The danger is in the dose. Who could argue with that? Nuclear radiation is nuclear radiation regardless of the source…

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    We live on a radioactive planet, the danger is in the dose. It makes perfect sense and even the details have been meticulously worked out. So we cant wait for the answer; how bad is Fukushima? Science tells us; the danger is much less than background radiation or even a dental x-ray.

                    This video is from our best and brightest;


                    99% of the public…AND scientists… will believe that video. If you were going to make a cogent debate against the video, how would you do it…or would you even do it?

                    It seems to me we have two different approaches. The Goodheart/praising jesus model is that man created much of the radioactive potassium fraction. They claim the mainstream science relies heavily on saying low levels of radiation are good for you and so they debate this vigorously.

                    I took a different approach; I agreed that life always lived with internal and external radiation in the amounts given by science, but for some reason it was handled well by nature. I asked; do they really know how toxic background and anthropogenic radiation per becquerel is? My first reaction was…dont look at the similarities, look for differences…non linear effects. And I found that many differences were known. And this is what I used for my debate, my counter argument. But I needed simple rhetoric. Its not perfect, but its largely true;

                    "we live on a radioactive planet, the danger is not in the dose, but in the nuclear fallout"

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


                    • DUDe DUD

                      To bad Enen is very unfriendly towards gathering post's from a specific user..or i would download them all and see if i could make a composition from all the really good lines in most post's from you Code..and then put them togheter in a way that it makes an excellent thesis..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Is nuclear radiation from whatever source always totally bad for living organisms? Could an equal dose of radiation from two different sources be healthy in the first case and deadly in the second? How could life even get started in the highly radioactive primordial earth? Is the scientific extrapolation of the danger of low levels of radiation accurate? Is the assumption true that ionizing radiation produces the same results regardless of source? When you look at radiation dosimetry, you see it is very scientific, very involved. Did science make a fundamental error? There are over 3000 studies showing various kinds of 'hormesis'. Are all of those studies wrong or fake? In our search for truth we should be open minded.

                      We found that there are theories of why radiation was an important component in the genesis of life. It turns out that an equal amount of radiation from two sources can be healthy or dangerous, depending on the radioisotope. We found that despite the scientific rigour, the basic assumption of radioactive effects were simplistic leading to errors in the final model. Thats to say, science IS wrong, and their own discoveries show some of the reasons why. For me, the grouping of all radiation sources together into a single category and extrapolating effects based on energy deposition is their largest fundamental scientific error. We have examined some of the details behind this, (thanks entirely to the primary research efforts of others!)…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Many of those details are the same ones we all talk about, not surprisingly. Bystander effects, informational non ionization effects, protein chirality, uneven bioaccumulation, Busby's microantenna theory*, more recently the biolectric field gradient disruption from point source heavy metal ion generators, the heavy metal toxicity apart from radiation effects, the specific activity or radiation per mass…all of these together (dont forget the unknown unknowns yet to be discovered!) form the basis for a cogent argument against the conclusions of our best and brightest at NOAA and Woods Hole. They highlight the differences of natural vs anthropogenic sources and indicate why;

                      we live on a radioactive planet, the danger is not in the dose, the danger is in the nuclear fallout

                      *(absorption of Gamma and X-rays by elements is proportional to the fourth power of the atomic number, Uranium in the body will absorb more than 50,000 times the background gamma radiation than tissue water. Thus it acts as an antenna, on the DNA, for gamma background radiation; the energy of which it redirects into the DNA as photoelectrons, identical with short range beta particles.)

                  • penny penny

                    I have never seen any fundamental difference between either 'side' in this debate. For example, from AGR:



                    etc. The debate itself is just splitting hairs, since both sides agree that man-made radiation is the problem, and both seem to advocate using Busby as an expert. As far as I can see, when Dr.G says K-40 levels have increased since the beginning of the nuclear age, the blame is entirely on man-made radiation and he still maintains that Cs, Cu, etc. are the elements that pose the threat. So the fundamental thesis is the same, from both sides. Sowing confusion, creating divisions… not helpful.

                    I don't want to prolong the argumentation by posting this, because imo the biggest concern is that the perpetuation of this topic only serves to confuse and drive away people who come here to learn. Or makes people feel, unnecessarily, that they have to pick a side. Someone, any one, could drop it, any time now, and i would thank them from the bottom of my shrivelled, irradiated little heart.

                    Peace and love, dudes.

                    • penny penny

                      Okay, that most recent comment above, from Code, crosses a line into a whole different area of debate. Yes, ionizing radiation always causes damage when inside the body. The key to 'natural sources' like K-40 is that the body sheds all but a certain (low) amount of potassium, AND the amount of radiation emitted by it is very, very low. With cesium and other sources, the body cannot stop absorbing them, and even one atom can kill an organism – one gram could kill every human on Earth. F*** the hormesis possibility; by the time the hormesis effect could even be looked for, we'd all be dead. As we're going to be, long before this subject is dead, apparently.

                      As for the primordial soup, it's going way out on a limb to presume to know what were conditions on Earth when life first appeared.

                    • penny penny

                      Make that the next-to-last (soon to be 3rd from last?) The one posted at 3:30 pm (your time, not mine – it's bedtime here).

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      penny glad we didnt run you off forever!

                      I believe there IS a fundamental difference in the argument. The Goodheart/ PJ argument says that K-40 is toxic just like all sources of radiation, and the level of toxicity is even given in their reference papers; 6.2 nanosieverts per becquerel; half as toxic as cesium 137.

                      Pinning the increase of cancer and disease on a supposed anthropogenic source of this toxic K-40 is absolutely in opposition to my stance, namely that background radiation from K-40 always existed and that life did fine with it. Somehow (if its even true!) we have to show why fallout is not twice as toxic, but millions, even infinitely more toxic. If it turns out that life was not sickened by K-40, even at the alarming quantity of 60,000 bq/m3 internal radiation, then the addition of cesium137 in whatever quantity is indeed infinitely worse. That is a HUGE difference in the argument.

                      You wish I would drop highlighting the difference of fallout vs background, but to do so is to lose the debate with NOAA entirely, and thus be defeated by the science that supports the nuclear cartel

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Penny, actually we looked pretty extensively at the radioactive conditions of primordial life. K-40 is made in super novas, and existed at the beginning and its rate of decay is known. It isnt going out on a limb as you say, on the contrary its well established.

                      I also vigorously disagree with your statement here and perhaps this is why the dialogue continues to exist;
                      " Yes, ionizing radiation always causes damage when inside the body. The key to 'natural sources' like K-40 is that the body sheds all but a certain (low) amount of potassium, AND the amount of radiation emitted by it is very, very low."

                      The body doesnt shed all but a low quantity of potassium and the radiation from it is, relatively speaking, considerable. That is why I keep repeating this; 70 bq/kg of internal constant radiation from k-40 is not dangerous (evidence is the historical record of life on earth) whereas THE SAME AMOUNT OF RADIATION from cesium137 is toxic in one lifetime. That is evidence of non reversible cardiologic abnormalities shown by Bandazhevsky. What is the ratio of 'no known ill effect' to 'non reversible cardiological damage'? Isnt it virtually an infinite difference?

                      This illustrates why "we live on a radioactive planet and are radioactive creatures. The danger is not in the dose (radiation per kg of tissue), the danger is in the nuclear fallout"

                    • penny penny

                      Code, you're the one who gave the statistics, some time back, on the extremely low Bq count from K-40 vs that from Cs. Orders and orders of magnitude difference. Don't you remember that?

                    • penny penny

                      Anyway, here's my final contribution (using the term loosely) to this topic, because I truly believe more harm is done by the mass confusion than good by… whatever.

                      Busby states that the supposed 'hormesis' effect seen in data is due NOT to any kind of homeopathic strengthening from low-dose radiation (the hormesis postulate) but is due to a biphasic impact: first, a quick rise in mortality/disease seen in rapidly-dividing cells; then later the more long-term damage resulting in cancers, etc.
                      The proper analogy is NOT homeopathy, but something like this: 100 people trapped in a burning building. Those in rooms that are on fire die quickly; then, a pause in deaths; then the rest die because of smoke inhalation. Does anyone think that the pause in mortalities is a good argument for starting spot fires? Not me. Bon soir à tous!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Penny, I dont remember the instance you are thinking of. Please watch this video from NOAA and tell me if you agree with it, and if not, how you would argue against it


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      I was never concerned with the hormesis debate. Others seem fixated on it. Is there an adaptive response, or even a biological requirement for some kinds of radiation? (chirality effect, among others?). I dont doubt there are these effects. Others seem to be emotionally reactive to the idea. A stress response is an adaptive response, for example the adrenaline axis. Short term its good, long term it kills. How about removing all your internal radiation? Good or bad? The papers so far indicate not good, so there you go. I dont link hormesis to homeopathy. That was something mon ami was going on about. Homeopathy is all about the information function.

                      Goodheat maintains the nuclear industry relies on the hormesis theory. In fact they rely on the ICRP model, not hormesis. This is a fundamental point that should not be missed! Hormesis theory is NOT used in dosimetry. The world health organization and others maintain only a handful of people were killed by Chernobyl and none by Fukushima. They do NOT use hormesis, they use the ICRP linear dose model.

                      The reaction to hormesis is an emotional knee jerk neurotic fixation. Yes, of course if they ever start to use it to justify spreading fallout, THEN it would be a new low. For now they only use the ICRP model

                    • penny penny

                      I'll watch it tomorrow. For now, and always, I maintain that highly technical arguments will just paralyze most people, and that the real evidence is present at and in documentaries like The Children of Chernobyl. There is more than ample proof of the harm wrought by nuclear. Getting caught up in pseudo-scientific models like the ICRP is just allowing the wrong side to define the terms of the debate. Which is the major part of the battle.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Im with you Penny. You can help with one liners then. Heres mine, please come up with some better ones, Im struggling with it

                      "we live on a radioactive planet, the danger is not in the dose, the danger is the nuclear fallout"

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      is this better?

                      'we are radioactive beings, the danger is not in the radioactive dose per kilogram of tissue but in the point source dose from unevenly distributed heavy metal radionuclides of predominantly anthropogenic origin'

                      cmon, pitch in with your one liners that refute the NOAA/woods hole one liner! So far they win the public relations war, and Im the only one trying to fight it. I need your help

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      'We live on a radioactive planet. Only nuclear fallout brings a silent spring, not because of its quantity, because of its quality'

                      ok thats a start now streamline it. Make it rhyme if possible

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Brilliant exchange/thread! 🙂

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      “Most abundant long-lived radionuclide released by rupture of nuclear fuel rods….
                      “Quickly becomes ubiquitous in contaminated ecosystems
                      “One Becquerel is equal to one atomic disintegration per second.

                      “One Curie is defined as that amount of any radioactive material that will decay at a rate of 37 billion disintegrations per second.

                      “So one Curie equals 37 billion Becquerels.

                      “Potassium-40=0.0000071 Curies per gram = seventy-one ten-millionths Curies per gram
                      “Cesium-137=88 Curies per gram
                      “Strontium-90=140 Curies per gram

                      “Cesium-137 is 10 million times more radioactive than Potassium-40…
                      “2 grams of cesium-137 has more radioactivity than 20 tons of Potassium-40
                      “Thus, as little as one third of a gram of Cesium-137, made into microparticles and distributed as a smoke or gas over an area of one square kilometer, will make that square kilometer uninhabitable.
                      “Less than two grams of Cesium-137, a piece smaller than an American dime, if made into microparticles and evenly distributed as a radioactive gas over an area of one square mile, will turn that square mile into an uninhabitable radioactive exclusion zone. Central Park in New York City can be made uninhabitable by 2 grams of microparticles of Cesium-137. Hard to believe, isn’t it?
                      “Remember, these nuclear poisons are lethal at the atomic level…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      . There are as many atoms in one gram of Cesium-137 as there are grains of sand in all the beaches of the world. That’s 1021 atoms—10 to the 21st power. 1480 trillion of them or 1.48 times 10 to the 12th power are disintegrating every second, releasing invisible nuclear energy. So this works out to about one and a half million disintegrations per second per square meter….
                      “Notice that children, especially girls, are at the most risk from radiation-induced cancer. In fact a female infant has 7 times greater risk and a 5 year old girl has 5 times greater risk of getting a radiation-induced cancer than does a 30 year old man. …

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      NUCLEAR MADNESS
                      BY HELEN CALDICOTT

                      “…Whether natural or man-made, all radiation is dangerous. There is no "safe" amount of radioactive material or dose of radiation.

                      ”Why? Because by virtue of the nature of the biological damage done by radiation, it takes only one radioactive atom, one cell, and one gene to initiate the cancer or mutation cycle. Any expo¬sure at all, therefore, constitutes a serious gamble with the mechanisms of life….”

                      All other scientists agree. Only the nuclear industry apologists disagree.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      Code wants us to believe that the gamma rays emitted by K-40 actually are necessary for life and are helpful to life.

                      Last summer the debate started when someone petitioned to the EPA to raise the radiation levels allowable to the public because this petitioner said that because radiation is hormetic, they should allow more radiation so the American public can benefit. Code wrote a letter to the EPA supporting this claim.

                      Another letter said that the new proposed thorium reactors need the levels allowable for Krypton-85 raised. Not only does Krypton-85 harm life as all other radiation, but it changes the atmosphere and is responsible for more terrible storms.

                      Some people are claim that thorium is a natural radioactive isotope, but it can't be used in a nuclear reactor without addition of plutonium or uranium. Thorium reactors use sodium which is extremely difficult to control allowing run away nuclear clain reactors and meltdowns. And thorium reactors emit radiation to the public and destroy land and water and creates nuclear waste just like any other nuclear energy design.

                      The other proposal is a fusion reactor which supposedly operates like the sun. This is also a nuclear chain reaction and require extremely high heats which can also over heat quickly and meltdown and also creates nuclear waste and requires lead shielding because of all the radiation involved.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      Also, Code refuses to recognize that there was a criticality explosion in the equipment pool at Unit 4 when the water leaked out and the MOX (plutonium) fuel quickly overheated and destroyed the building. MOX reaches a criticality at a much lower temperture then enriched uranium, so in the case of a pool losing water, becomesc ritical much quicker than would enriched uranium. Also the seawater, with salt, sustains a criticality and is much harder to control.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      This citation on radioactive potassium doesn't in any way compare the lethality of K-40 to that of Cesium-137 or any other isotope of cesium.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      You can see the petitions here:

                      Here is an excerpt of one of the petitions. Our debate here is really debating this petition.
                      “…The petitioner suggests that there is “vast literature” that demonstrates that low doses of radiation have no deleterious effect, and some studies even suggest that low doses of radiation may have protective effects. The petitioner writes, “[t]he literature showing protective effects supports the concept of hormesis, in which low levels of potentially stressful agents, such as toxins, other chemicals, ionizing radiation, etc., protect against the deleterious effects that high levels of these stressors produce and result in beneficial effects (e.g., lower cancer rates).”…”

                      Code doesn't actually agree with Busby.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      “…More than 99% of natural thorium exists in the form (isotope) thorium-232. Besides this natural thorium isotope, there are more than 10 other different isotopes that can be artificially produced. In the environment, thorium-232 exists in various combinations with other minerals, such as silica. Most thorium compounds commonly found in the environment do not dissolve easily in water and do not evaporate from soil or water into the air.
                      “The thorium isotope-232 is not stable. It breaks down into two parts. This process of breaking down is called decay. The decay of thorium-232 produces a small part called "alpha" radiation and a large part called the decay product. The decay product of thorium-232 also is not stable. Like thorium-232, it in turn breaks down to an unstable isotope and the process continues until a stable product is formed. During these decay processes, the parent thorium- 232, its decay products, and their next decay products produce a series of new substances (including radium and radon), alpha and beta particles, and gamma radiation. The alpha particles can travel only very short distances through most materials and cannot go through human skin. The gamma radiation can travel farther and can easily go through human skin. The decay of thorium-232 into its decay products happens very slowly. In fact, it takes about 14 billion years for half the thorium-232 to change into new forms. Fourteen billion years is called the radioactive half-life of…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingJesus

                      “Due to the extremely slow rate of decay, the total amount of natural thorium in the earth remains almost the same, but it can be moved from place to place by nature and people. For example, when rocks are broken up by wind and water, thorium or its compounds becomes a part of the soil. When it rains, the thorium-containing soil can be washed into rivers and lakes. Also, activities such as burning coal that contains small amounts of thorium, mining or milling thorium, or making products that contain thorium also release thorium into the environment. Smaller amounts of other isotopes of thorium are produced usually as decay products of uranium-238, uranium-235, and thorium-232, and as unwanted products of nuclear reactions….”

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Beautiful spectacular images of beaches from/in Scotland!

                      Can anyone tell me what is missing in these pictures?

                      Now please pay attention! 🙂

                      Fun read if you want to sterilize something..

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      wow, PJ is still at it, arguing away! What does she get out of it? I have this to say;

                      the precautionary principle takes the natural non modified biological state as the de facto baseline, and this natural state includes radioactivity. This point is pertinent to all arguments against hormesis and nuclear industry pollution and points the way toward improved scientific inquiry

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Goodheart / Praise Jesus and mon ami claim I am pro hormesis. Perhaps they have not studied it very much and it certainly appears to be the case that they havent read my views on the subject. If so, they continue to misinterpret them, however much I attempt to clarify the issue.

                      It has been pointed out…and its a very important point…that no safety standards or dose effect estimates from the nuclear agencies use hormesis. An exception appears to be a report commissioned by the French National Academy, but I dont think this has resulted in changes to standards


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Codes public comment to the EPA. I doubt very much that anyone cares, including PJ and Goodheart who prefer to cling to their own judgement regardless of evidence, but I have already reprinted my note to the EPA here…wait, wasnt it the NRC?. Here it is again, and if by odd chance there IS an interested reader, they can make up their own mind if I promoted hormesis and the raising of acceptable standards. Its not great literature, probably too confusing for some (ahem), but here it is;

                      "The result of allowing greater amounts of radiological toxins into the environment, will be greater amounts of radiological toxins in the environment. No model of toxicity yet devised can adequately account for the widely differing sources and amounts and toxicity of radioisotopes, but one equation stands unequivocally true; Adding more poisonous radioisotopes to the environment means there will be more poison. Whether one deems this poison healthy or not healthy is a secondary and highly debatable point. Most would agree its not wise to add poison to a system."

                      So that was in. I nearly certain the comments wont influence the nuclear industry, but I am TOTALLY certain the my comment wont keep PJ / Goodheart from calling me a pro hormesis shill

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      haha, typos…thats when you know they are wearing you down. I meant to say…so, that was my comment to the NRC. I am NEARLY certain the public comments wont influence the nuclear cartel, but I am TOTALLY certain that my own comment about hormesis will not stop anne or goodheart or mon ami and others from calling me a pro hormesis, pro nuke shill! But what does it matter? None!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      and while we do the blue shadow dance, might as well set this straight; PJ uses this argonne labs fact sheet many times to 'prove' K-40 toxicity. The same source also has this fact sheet on C-137

                      Cesium137 is shown to be 1.5 to 2 times as deadly. I suggest she check her own sources, especially after being repeatedly informed of their contents. The ICRP official model is the problem, not hormesis theory or code shutdown!

                      argonne labs fact sheet K-40

                      argonne labs fact sheet C-137

                    • penny penny

                      Obewan, it's the birds (missing from my favorite beaches). Also seals. Not sure about the Hebrides, featured in that article, but on the west coast 6 years ago you coulldn't swing a plush cat by the tail without hitting a seal. This year when I went by on the train, I saw none.
                      But you've inspired me; I'm going to take the train up there tomorrow and see if they're around. I'll report back in a few days 🙂

                    • penny penny

                      Here is what I would say about that Woods Hole film.

                      First response: it's Not Even Wrong (in the sense of Wolfgang Pauli and Peter Woit). In a rational world, it would be used as a training film for spotting the pernicious influence of Edward Bernays on modern thought… er, thoughtlessness.

                      Second response: To engage in their debate is to sit down to a refined game of 3-D chess on the backstretch of the track at Churchill Downs. Oh sure, you may cleverly capture a bishop or two, but once the real game is over you'll be naught but a bloody, mangled mess without having known what hit you. Don't worry, if I survive the first race I'll send a stable boy around to shovel up the remains. Can we use an open casket, as a warning to the apathetic masses, because they and not the nuclear shells (not a typo: they are empty human shells devoid of humanity), are the ones who must be reached.

                      The first challenge is to get people's attention, the next is to hold it. Let the pseudo-scientists cheat at chess; my concern is not to let any more wildlife get mowed down by the Horses of the Apocalypse. Which means holding the reins… er, setting the terms of the debate. (Have I beaten the horse metaphor beyond death? Neigh!) 🙂

                      Anyway, the radioactive decays are not my concern. The ocean's decay is.

                      Also, in the above comment, I meant 'east coast'. The Hebrides are on the west.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Penny, I enjoyed your wonderfully worded post!

                      The apathetic masses are made so by our go-to science authroities. They have made their catch phrase and the apethetic masses are buying it hook line and sinker.

                      You dont need to debate the scientific details, but the struggle to reach and hold, then sway the attention of the apathetic masses is all but lost unless you can counter this Woods Hole one liner. Dont underestimate the power of this…its the main thing the public masses encounter;

                      "We live on a radioactive planet; the danger is in the dose"

                      And why the radioactive decays are a concern;

                      But Ive run my course. I have seen that influencing the masses, including the ones at enenews, is a futile waste of precious time. Sorry I stuck at it

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Fukushima Voice version 2e

    Fukushima Thyroid Examination Fact Sheet: March 2016

  • unincredulous unincredulous


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    If one nasty fart can get you charged with assaulting a policeman, what would 7.5 million times that go over?

    • DUDe DUD

      Oh well , the Pacific ocean is a big place , finite but big , therefore our psychopathic logic dictates us to convince you it will dillute the unknown to nature chemical/radioactive deadly manmade isotopes to harmless levels that don't exist..forever..

      That's a good thing because that's how long we are planning to let the fukushima disaster continue..

      And the nuclear deadcult in general..the world is a big place..issen't it ?

      Now on to something completely different..

      There has been a reward put forward (sarc) to find where the whales are "hiding" after only five (5) years of said Fukushima gushing its innerds in said ocean.. that is around 45% of Earth's total surface..

      Our friends the whales should have been here for months..en mass..

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Maybe they are at REI getting some big camouflage outfits, andgearing up for a frontal assault on the IAEA, NRC, UVIC, etc.

        • DUDe DUD

          LOL , if that only could be uni..tossing a bunch of flowers in the ocean like a funeral is probably more realistic.. R.I.P majestic giant's..we are right behind you..

          signed ,

          Future Landsnot.

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    In these difficult economic times, we need to budget wisely.

    Your sanitation bill will will go up, if you have more trash for the garbage pickup crew.

    So, if you are short on cash at the end of the month; your trash is overflowing and don't need the bills:

    Put your trash ON YOUR ROOF. Lessons learned from Fukushima

  • skizexq skizexq

    what happened to the big black plastic tanks? and looky, the bay is glowing green,141.02292,1209m/data=!3m1!1e3

    • skizexq skizexq

      poke around and zoom, ghostly suburbs right up to the plant…who woulda thunk it?
      (that nukes could China Syndrome?)

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        The reactor buildings are not rendered into video game animations. TY. Good image. My Google earth software made it look silly. There's probably a button to turn that off somewhere.

        So much added to GE now, it bogs my computer down. They now have pan and tilt, so you can look for change on the street

  • skizexq skizexq

    sorry I meant the mountains of black plastic bags, at so many tons a piece…were they buried for future generations? or exported to USA?

  • Sol Man

    We understand how incredibly screwed we all are because we have incremental permeation of 1,946 radionuclides and their sisters into the living systems. And, then there are the voc's, chemtrails, and gmo's…

    Ya incrementalism!

    It don't get no better than this!

  • Sol Man

    It was different years ago.
    Here, try this. It has been awhile…

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Breaking news:

    Radioactive water leak today at at FD-NPP today.


    300 tons leaking is now the daily background leak. Any reported leak is beyond that.

    With an ice wall, they could just turn it off, claim the leak is stopped, and pocket the money they say they are paying to the electric company. Oh, that's right, they are the electric company. Clever buzzards.

  • antipodes

    Thanks Enenews and all you bright and informative people who comment here. Another way to reach people: Simply make print outs of Enenews headlines and articles, just ask if they would like to know more about Fukushima (the word does often ring a bell), the nuclear industry, whats happening locally and what can be done to protect themselves, family and friends from man made nuclear radiation. Handouts inform people in an immediate way with out convincing, directing to websites, writing notes down,etc. The information is just present in the here and now. About 30-40% of people will be interested and take the handbill with a thank you. Be sure to include Enenews format and links.

  • Sickputer

    DUD typed these pixels of light:

    "To bad Enen is very unfriendly towards gathering post's from a specific user…"

    SP: Ah, but Google archives are so very, very good at gathering archives of users. I frequently go back in time to re-read the classic posts of Enenewsers, some now dead and gone. Many did not leave the group, they died of radiation illnesses. Farewall to the old stalwarts! I salute you and your classic posts of brilliance!

    • DUDe DUD

      Hi Sickputer , if there is a trick to do that i would love to learn it..before i came here i was used to forum's with a user profile page from where you could click "search all post from user" or something.. nicely gathered sorted on date..

      I understand it has to due with "safety" that option is not here.. in the case where a specifick user defends a specific theory with potential i think its a miss..a big one.. defence against trolls come to mind too..

      Amen to the salute !

      How about that trick ?..;)

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