Nuclear Expert: Plutonium in water leaking into ocean is “the most dangerous thing” at Fukushima, it can be carried around world and end up on a beach or in fish — Researcher: Plutonium contamination “a serious threat to environment and human health” (AUDIO)

Published: December 9th, 2013 at 4:06 pm ET


American Chemical Society,  Dec. 9, 2013: As the Fukushima crisis continues to remind the world of the potential dangers of nuclear disposal and unforeseen accidents, scientists are reporting progress toward a new way to detect the radioactive materials uranium and plutonium in waste water. Their report on the design of a highly sensitive nanosensor appears in ACS’ The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. […]

ACS Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions Podcast, Dec. 9, 2013: Today’s solution is a new way to detect the radioactive materials uranium and plutonium in waste water. As the Fukushima crisis continues to remind the world of the potential dangers of nuclear disposal and unforeseen accidents, scientists are reporting the design of a highly sensitive nanosensor that could detect even the smallest radiation leaks in nuclear waste water. The report appears in ACS’ The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Jorge Seminario, Ph.D., points out that it’s highly likely that radioactive uranium and plutonium have leaked into the soil and groundwater near nuclear facilities. This contamination poses a serious threat to the environment and human health. […] >> Listen to the report here

Professor Vladimir Kuznetsov, advisory board member of Russia’s state-owned nuclear monopoly, in 2011: “In all likelihood, fuel at the second reactor is melting and burning through the reactor containment and may get into the ocean and soil […] The seeping of plutonium into soil and water is the most dangerous thing that can happen. Ocean currents may carry it around the world, and nobody knows whether it ends up inside fish or on a beach.”

See also: [intlink id=”gundersen-fukushima-reactor-cores-crisis-bad-china-syndrome-audio” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”nuclear-expert-fukushima-melted-fuel-is-migrating-out-of-containment-it-will-end-up-on-coastline-in-fine-particles-and-gets-blown-into-neighborhoods-health-harm-from-this-fuel-to-last-for-thous” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 9th, 2013 at 4:06 pm ET


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141 comments to Nuclear Expert: Plutonium in water leaking into ocean is “the most dangerous thing” at Fukushima, it can be carried around world and end up on a beach or in fish — Researcher: Plutonium contamination “a serious threat to environment and human health” (AUDIO)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    U.S. developed Plutonium, and created the reactors that are now spewing it.

    They must go there and fix it. Drop everything else (nothing to loose there), and fix the leaking!

    • Gradius

      You can't fix something is over +2760C and is forever (around a billion years). Not even robots can go closer. A human would die in 5 seconds, even fully protected. We don't have 15~20 years as we can't live w/o the Ocean. Radioative rain is getting worse and worse.

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    Hello all. I've been heavily lurking for the past 6 months or so.
    I finally decided I wanted to say hello

    I live in the foothills of the Sierras in California.

    God help us all, I'm fully aware of just how bad it is.

    • KidIcarus KidIcarus

      Well, I shouldn't say "fully aware". It's probably even worse than I'm imagining. Perhaps I should say instead that I am aware it is an ELE several times over, in many different ways.

      • SadieDog

        Hey, Kid. Pull up a chair.

        • KidIcarus KidIcarus

          Thanks Sadie, I've enjoyed your posts as a lurker.

          • Gasser Gasser

            Here’s a tune you can hum while you're hanging out with us as we wait for that anti Actinide spray can to be invented…got any ideas?

            The Doors; Riders on the Storm



            Riders on the storm

            Riders in the Radioactive storm 

            Next to these Atomic Reactors we're born 

            Into this contaminated world we're thrown 

            Like a dog with a Strontium bone 

            An actor out alone 

            Riders in the storm

            There's Plutonium killer dust on the road 

            Your brain will carry a heavy fearful load 

            Take your Geiger counter with you today
            Be cautious where your children play

            Riders in Radioactive storm
If ya give Atomic energy a free ride 

            Sweet Earth memories will die 

            Cesium killer dust on the road, yeah

            Folks ya gotta take a stand
Politicians ya better love man 

            Take him by the hand 

            Make him understand 

            The world on you depends 

            Our life should never end 

            Gotta love mankind, yeah


            Riders of the storm
Riders of the Radioactive storm 

            Into this polluted house we're born 

            Into this nasty world we're thrown 

            Like a dog chewin' a radioactive bone

An actor out alone

            Riders in Xenon storm's
            Riders in Tritium storm's
            Riders in Cesium storm's
            Riders in Actinide storm's
            Riders in Plutonium storm's
Riders in Americium storm's

            ~Gasser Classic~

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Welcome, Kidlcarus. If you have the time or inclination, you'll find the 2011 and 2012 articles and posts to be most informative. Maybe you're already familiar with what's there ….

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Hi Kidlcarus, welcome to the Nuclear Education Party!

    • vicky13 vicky13

      HI KidIcarus,,

      Welcome to the group!!!

  • own_quality

    Never before has so much plutonium been released into the air and water. We are talking about thousands of lbs. Are we all the walking dead now? Did Obama murder me, my wife, and my children by telling us there was no danger from Fukushima – so we all let our children outside to breath in the Plutonium – while he shipped his own family off the southern hemisphere?

    • You pretty much nailed it.
      It they had only advised people properly, to stay out of the rain, and got more aggressive on EPA monitoring, rather than shutting down the stations…

      A lot of exposure could have been avoided.

      Pu kills dogs in 1.5 to 5.4 year, 98% dead in that timeframe. Humans take longer, how much longer, at what dose. We don't know.

      Obummer granted you a slow death, hail the drone king

      • brjam

        I will say this. It's been two years since the blast and so far I'm not seeing that many dead dogs in the U.S. I am thinking that the explosions essentially occurred under water. I am guessing it happened during the earthquake and Tsunami and not afterwards and it was pouring down rain not to mention the area may have been flooded. So, that may be the only lucky thing that happened in this event. Had the explosion occurred on a clear day we would probably all be in deep dog doo doo!

      • brjam

        Now to make matters worse. Since the majority of the radiation was washed away in the pacific, IMO, it is traveling down the west coast to Drake's passage and into the Arctic current which flows unimpeded around the globe. This means the Pacific Ocean and the Oceans in the Southern Hemisphere will experience the effects first. So moving to the Southern Hemisphere may not be the best place to go. Go figure, and for all you Bible "Prophesiers", In the future, to me, the middle east appears to be one of the safest spots from Fukushima.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        i didn't know to stay out of the rain till a couple of months ago

    • If I'd known how dangerous March 2011 it was possible for me to leave then, now not. I'm right on the beach and feel the effects. Have been health oriented for life. It's not just Fukushima the impact is magnified by Monsanto/Gov chem-spraying us constantly like bugs…

    • invisible ELEphant in the room

      Remember how people used to laugh at W's pronunciation of "nuclear"?

      Maybe he was trying to tell people something important with his dumb clown act, in that case anyway.

  • Yep, thousands of pounds of plutonium aerosolized.

    This is my best effort at elucidating the fact that Fukushima was a nuclear explosion of sorts, AND that we were heavily dosed. I think its an important point. I think that knowledge could sway some "swing voters" in the nuclear debate.

    Fukushima WAS a Nuclear Explosion, Here Is The Proof
    The only way that the tens of tons of uranium and plutonium shown by US EPA air samples could occur was if the explosion came from within the reactor vessel, and/or spent fuel pool. So clearly the explosion was a nuclear type of explosion from within. Nuclear promoters have long stated that nuclear plants can't blow up in a nuclear explosion. We know this to be a lie. In fact Chicago's own Argonne National Lab has video from back in the day when it was "cool" to perform open air tests to blow up reactors to prove the nuclear chain reaction can blow up the reactors. The special type of Nuclear Explosion is called a "prompt moderated criticality". cont….here

  • razzz razzz

    If only TEPCO would have purchased GE's Lifetime Warranty & Product Guarantee plan for each of the reactors…

    • mairs mairs

      Gosh darn, and so reasonable too. Only an extra 10 billion per unit. Often have I regretted not buying the extended warranty.

    • nedlifromvermont

      Wrong. No such manufacturer's warranty exists. It was ruled out by Price-Anderson liability caps. Buy a reactor and it explodes: you're on your own and good luck and a quick death to you.

      Because of this "special" protection to the nuclear manufacturer's cabal (GE, Westinghouse, Combustion Engineering and Babcock and Wilcox) they decided to build them cheaply. Especially GE, the only manufacturer of boiling water reactors. Really flimsy.

      GE's lawyers told top management, with this law, you can compete with coal. No need to up-size the containments or plan to store spent fuel safely away from operating reactor.

      No, Price-Anderson screwed the pooch. These politicians should be exhumed and thrown into some spent fuel dump somewhere.

      And their little dog, too!

      peace …

  • mesa777

    Now I ready an article that all three melted down reactors had a total weight amount of 500 us pounds, is this not correct? 500 lbs vs. thousands of pounds is a much different matter. I think until we know the total amount of plu blown into the environment that people should not rush to judgement here. I mean 500 lbs is bad but thousands of pounds is an ELE

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Are you wondering about the total Plutonium in reactor 3 or do you think all 3 reactor contained only 500 pounds of fuel between them? Each reactor contained MANY tons of fuel. Also each contained many tons of 'spent' fuel which is still extremely radioactive.

    • KiloCharley KiloCharley

      According to TEPCO there was 1,760 metric tons of used and fresh fuel at the Fuku-daiichi complex.
      Compare that to Three Mile Island which had 30 tons. And Chernobyl that had 180 tons.

    • own_quality

      In reactor vessel 3 alone – which was a MOX fueled reactor (12 – 15% weapons grade plutonium) – there was way more than 20,000 pounds of plutonium, probably closer to 30,000 lbs. Who knows how much was ejected into the atmosphere when the nuclear explosion occurred.

    • Yes, 500 pounds will only kill 1 billion, whereas 30,000 lbs… enough to kill the entire planet 10 times over. Fuk…a…shima.

  • tsfw tsfw

    I hear so many differing opinions on whether or not the Southern Hemisphere will be safe. The jets don't mix, the jets do mix. Who to believe?

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Fukushima took a giant shit on the world. The stink will reach everywhere eventually….

    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      tsfw, what have you been hearing? i heard it will only get 10% of the radiation, it will get 5 times less, the ocean plume will take 20-30 years to reach the s. pacific and indian oceans. it could buy you several years. it's not untouched down there but it is not as bad.

      • m a x l i

        Radiation-contamination accumulating and concentrating biological entities (called "fish", for instance) have yearly migration patterns, are actively moving back and forth between places, where they die/get eaten and thus bring contamination to "untouched" areas at higher speed than passively moving ocean currents.

    • Pete

      The jet streams do not really allow the air masses to merge, so there is little fallout from Fuku in the Southern hemisphere, at least compared to the US.

      The air seems to stop at a "wind ridge" along the equator, with occasional dips above and below, but mostly separate.

      They are definitely far better than us as far as particulate fallout, like plutonium, but the ocean water, eventually that's going everywhere as we see now from the sea life deaths in the Atlantic.

  • julio

    Does anybody know what the best food radiation monitor is, or whether there is any source that rates their accuracy? I would like to buy someone the best on the market … thanks for any leads in advance. I read Enenews, Fuku Diary, ZeroHedge, and GW's blog to keep informed. The Luciferians have won.

    • mairs mairs

      The Polimaster Food contamination monitor PM1406 is a good consumer version, but it's $3,000. A regular Geiger tube doesn't work well at measuring radioactivity in food.

    • Pete

      You cant really test for radiation in food, and I dont think that any of the co-called "food radiation detectors" really work, the machines that really work to test food are like $20,000 because they turn the food to ash and test the ash for radioactivity.

      Its my understanding if the food is so radioactive that its setting off a geiger counter, then not only dont eat it but get away from it, as the liquids inside food blocks the radiation a detector looks for. Also fish, for example, was not only swimming in and breathing water that was contaminated with Tritium and Cesium and Iodine but it also could have swam thru some of those clouds of aerosolized plutonium and other solid particles that fell into the ocean as well as in america, so it could have gotten into the fish and we would never know it. You eat that piece that has that particle, and bingo, you just won the Plutonium Lottery.

      Im in Seattle so sushi is huge but people just keep scarfing it down because "the govt said fish is safe" but the truth is I dont think we can ever really know what is safe and what isnt because only the government has the money and labs to Really test food and they are lying to us, and thats even after they raised the levels of everything thousands of times.

      • KiloCharley KiloCharley

        Well said Pete. Also worth noting that the "acceptable" levels for radionuclides in food in the US is now 12 times the limit of Japan's acceptable levels.

      • julio

        thx Pete. yes, 20k seems prohibitively expensive at first glance, but anyone who has known cancer directly or indirectly can attest to the medical bills. It wipes most people out. for those with means, 20k is a reasonable price to pay for some peace of mind. afterall, by the time a diagnosis is made, it is too late. schopenhauer was an optimist imho….

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      The Luciferians didn't win shit. Their egotistical, and puffed up ways have gotten them in up to their chins just like the rest of us… We're even. So far. It ain't over till after its over.

  • Sol Man

    Never before like this. There is not enough context for gauging the depth of our shared problem.

  • weeman

    All I want for Xmas in a nano sensing uranium and plutonium detector.
    Does that not tell you how small a particle of these elements is lethal, when you have to detect them on a nano scale.

  • SS4U SS4U

    This is bad and getting worse with no end in sight.

  • razzz razzz

    Wish you newcomers would posts links to whatever numbers or facts you think you are quoting or this site will turn into a food fight for lack of discipline.

    Most would like this other site, more statements and less backup with a certain spin put on the truth even though I think they are mostly true but need verification to followup (more links).

    "…In an April 4, 2012 test in Tokyo the levels in a California navel orange including its juice exceeded U.S. EPA limits for beta emitters like cesium-134 (Cs-134) and cesium-137 (Cs-137) in drinking water of 3 picocuries per liter (pCi/l) by over 8 times. The two deadly radionuclides combined for a total of 26.19 picocuries per kilogram (pCi/kg) which is equivalent in mass to a liter or the equivalent 26.19 pCi/l for the orange and its watery contents if measured to a liquid standard.

    Though part liquid, the navel orange was tested as a solid with 0.047 Bequerels per kilogram (Bq/kg) of Cs-134 and 0.049 Bq/kq of Cs-137. Both radionuclides are ferocious beta emitters with Cs-137’s half-life of 30.17 years and Cs-134’s 2.07 years. The Cs-134 short half-life makes it a signature radionuclide pointing to Fukushima as its source with absolute certainty because no other place on the planet is churning out the isotope other than the pulverized reactor complex on Japan’s Pacific coast…"

    • We Not They Finally

      True and false. It is fine to raise topics of interests and let others chime in and clarify. Not everyone is glued to links. Whatever educates people… That's not a food fight. It's a discussion.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      We need to label produce by the STATE of origin, not the Country of origin. I just ate an orange that someone gave me. No label at all. I guess I am just old school. I still leave the door unlocked, at times.

      Probably be dead in about ten minutes. Nice chatting.

  • name999 name999

    It is so far off base to try to blame Barack Obama for what happened at Fukushima. We absolutely lose our center and any power as a community when we ignore the true roots of this problem which are longstanding aspects of militarism and facism in America.
    Helping people to get healthcare is absolutely not what the perpetrators of this craziness want to see. They want to see the majority of people with no healthcare, no way of diagnosing their illness or understanding what has happened. When people know WTF is going on, its amazing the power of that human energy, the first unions, civil rights, human rights, gender rights, on and on. Obama isn't one of those people. Those people are dangerous and much more powerful now than an American president. Thanks for the funny posts and the artful music lyrics…good to smile, to feel connection…

    • We Not They Finally

      I don't actually directly blame Vichy France for the Nazis either, but they did go along… We voted for Obama twice and now are dismayed to see a puppet Presidency. Just when we need honesty rather than cover-ups. His appointments are abysmal and yes, it will cost human lives. So it's not really an anti-Obama thing. It's despair that the whole system has broken down and rescue does not seem to be on the way.

  • Socrates

    I debated these issues with nuclear engineers at other blogs for going on three years. These paid shills stated that there were no core melts and that nothing aerosolized. When I speak to NRC officials they are concerned with Generic Environmental Impact Statements about Waste Confidence. They see no problems from Fukushima. Their only concern is how and where to build more reactors.

    POTUS sees no problem. MSN sees no problem. It's as if the world were flat and that was ordained by the official state religion – nuclear science which is officially deemed to be infallible.

    Yet the objective data is coming in. It looks really bad. In the next several months there will be a public health response to the known doses people have received in North America. The toxicology of these doses is well known. We shall see the epidemiological evidence manifesting in the months and years ahead. Especially if we have been inhaling aerosolized Pu. The oceans are seeing die – offs consistent with cesium 137. Strontium 90 is on the way.

    We will need single payor national health care in a not for profit health care system to cope if these doses are correct.

  • Ontological Ontological

    By the bright light of the gamma shine of over 25 Sieverts/hour on the one particular vent pipe, I see that much of the fuel must have vaporized. Much of it blew into the sea just to the east of the plant, and now too much is being transported into the ocean via ground water. The results will be felt pretty much forever, and many of the little bio system creatures have/are/will suffer for it and die. We humans, both who have done this travesty, and those who were forced to deal with this death wave, are next. Just allow this to sit there for 3 years. Maybe someone will care enough and pay to clean up the mess. Too late now if anyone even bothers. Sadly again it is the almighty bottom line, no money to be made in this so why should anyone do anything? Many good scientists with a sane mind have said nothing, about these nuclear issues, looks like they don't care anymore if any survived. Mainly the silence is due to the way they invested there money, no doubt.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    All together now , lets play plutonium roulette. Everyone eat something from the Pacific Ocean and then see who starts glowing in the dark first. Don't worry even if your not the first to glow, you will sooner or later. Everyone wins because the others will have died by default. Winner, Winner, TEPCO Dinner!!

    • midwestern midwestern

      Darker than Sweeney Todd which I could barely watch. And this is reality.

    • We Not They Finally

      Wow. Dark One. But the reality is that one doesn't have to eat from the Pacific at all. We've all very likely already BREATHED in "our share." See agreenroad for Dr. Paolo Scampa article on the BILLIONS of lethal doses of plutonium that have been unleashed already, and ongoing. Just ONE so-called "hot particle" lodged in the lung can become an "internal emitter" and cause cancer in a few yeas' time. According to Arnie Gundersen, people in Seattle (for example) breathe in about six hot particles each per day.

      Apparently, the best we can hope for with "plutonium roulette" is that any ONE chamber of the gun will be empty. The rest are full.

  • Plutonium readily bonds to oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

    Who cares if its MOX fuel or not. The original purpose of nuclear reactors was to turn uranium into plutonium anyway so there is lots of plutonium in the melted out cores dissolving into the Pacific.

    Nuclear scientists must be proof that a University education does not make you smart. Those in the nuclear industry, especially Japan and the USA are the dumbest motherFquers I've ever heard of.

  • Jebus Jebus

    A repost from June 20 2012…

    Radiation Is a Carcinogen: Any Exposure Can Cause Cancer

    There is no safe level of exposure to ionizing radiation, only legally "allowable" doses.

  • plankton_oxygen plankton_oxygen

    From "Guest column: Taking on ocean acidification in the Northwest"
    Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013 8:54 am
    By Brad Warren, Michael Rust and Eric Swenson
    For The Daily Astorian

    "The first of these is the Puget Sound Restoration Fund’s proposal to harness the CO2-absorbing power of photosynthesis by cultivating seaweed to mitigate ocean acidification locally, while enhancing marine habitat and a yielding valuable “crop.”
    Fueling their growth by absorbing CO2 from the water, farmed seaweeds such as kelps have potential to “sweeten” seawater, boost its oxygen levels, and create chemical refuges for sensitive marine animals – a protective “halo” in local waters. Harvesting the cultured seaweed could then remove the carbon that the seaweed absorbed from the ocean."

    "Seagrass and seaweed can soak up colossal amounts of CO2. Under the right conditions, native eelgrass may create “chemical refuges” that protect vulnerable (and valuable) shellfish and corals from acidification. The expanding ocean will convert many low-elevation flatlands into shallow bays suitable for seagrass and other coastal marine vegetation. These places have great potential to shelter shellfish and other species from acidification – provided we learn to manage them for that result."

  • name999 name999

    Plutonium Roulette…French…exotic, maybe a gamer addiction…
    so sexy…so TV…

  • name999 name999

    …I will only say one last thing on our amazing president…this presidency has done more to catch and convict pedophiles than any political power in the last 20+ years…there are important things Barack Obama has already accomplished and now it is left to us. Healthcare is such a powerful agenda, only because the people who oppose it are the same people building nukes and blindingly and with great wealth, destroying the earth…our president has done much singlehandedly…he is a great man.

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      name999 – what planet have you been living on? Your hero president king pubah allah of the universe told us that we had nothing to worry about regarding fukushima, and he is actively promoting building new reactors. Better put that crack pipe down and read up on current events. He is a mass murderer in my eyes. Tells us not to worry while he secretly sends his family to brazil while the worst fallout was hitting the US. He could have and should have warned the pregnant women to stay indoors. He also left 70,000 US sailors and Marines in the direct fallout plume a mile off the coast of fukushima during the worst fallout. Do NOT come here praising that criminal to us. Got it?

      • nedlifromvermont

        easy does it timemachine2020 … she's new to the site.

        You are right, of course. Obumster is from Illionois, the host state to the largest concentration of these Poison Factories, which they call nuclear reactors …

        He's pretty skinny. Skinny people lie, too. Whom is he protecting with his lies? His buddy, Jeffy Immelt, CEO of Biggest Nuclear Criminal: General Electric Company?

      • bo bo

        Clare Daly's speech in Irish Parliament calls Obama 'hypocrite of the century' and 'war criminal'

        Much more convincing than someone like Sarah Palin calling Obama names on a shallow level.

        We need eloquent people like her to talk about fukushima.

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        You do have to ask yourself why a president would mandate you have an insurance account number, lie about Fukushima's fallout danger, not mandate 100 percent radiation monitor accuracy, and not warn people to stay out of the rain, etc. Is it about our health, or are we guinea pigs?

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      name999…really? Wake up! He took off to the Southern Hemisphere when Fukushima hit the USA so his family and friends wouldn't have to eat, breathe and drink radioactive fallout. While turingin off teh EPA monitors here, and not warning us death was on the horizon.

      He is a liar like all politicians, and he brags about having the power the drone strike people at will.

      George Bush and Barack Obama both need to be tried as war criminals.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Pedophiles? That has been a common adult practice for several thousand years.. 🙁

      No one will even/ever make a dent in this crime… 🙁

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Name999: 🙂

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Fukushima Investigator Says Atomic Power Needs Global Black Box
    Dec 10 2013

    Photo..between units 2 and 3…interesting..

  • Nick

    Plutonium is anthropomorphic.

    Life on Earth did not evolve to handle it.

    Some species of mold and government officials (and military contractors and utility companies) feed on it.

    It's only toxic to sad people.

    So get lost ENENEWS, you are screwing up the gig of the nuclear global cabal.

    Everyone who posts on this site is under NSA scrutiny. Bet on it.

    • 富岡_Blue_Heron 富岡_Blue_Heron

      "You better mind your p's and q's
      And your m's and n's and o's
      Because The Shadow Knows…" – The Charlatans

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Note to NSA: I just picked a booger. Hope the watchers got that. Wiped it on the pull tab of an empty can with cigarette ashes on it. Believe me what I post is the best of the best when it comes to what's going on here. Don't waste the taxpayer's dime. It was probably mine. That's what I'll get from SS if I'm lucky. Chill, dudes.

  • ftlt

    This is going to be with us a longtime no doubt… But, I do believe, there are some over-the-top near hysterical dramatics going on here..

    Early on, Arnie gave a breakdown on the corium's life on one of his shows.. He pointed out, the corium does rapidly diminish over time in terms of its reactivity… He used a 100 years period, if I rememeber, right.. He was not understating anything.. He was just speaking to the a time frame for measurement purposes..

    We know the bird population began to bounce back following the atmospheric testing ban.. ( And that was a whole bunch of plutonium released)

    Yes, FUFU's horror will be with us a long time (beyond time for our purposes of measurement).. Especially, locally in Japan… And to a lesser degree in the oceans.. But, come on, gang… FUFU is not the end of the world…

    It is only part of it.. There are 500 more of these FUFU things waiting to explode, 10,000s of weapons too, waste piles and polluting mines of the stuff used to make it all over the place and many other non nuclear – just as horrible when scale is used – toxic abuses going on everyday..

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yes, you do a good job explaining that this disaster is only one of a million disasters out there waiting to kill us — any one of them capable of killing us. Yet this one is still capable of killing us, or starting a chain reaction, through lack of maintenence on the other nuke plants in the northern hemisphere, of nuke plant failures.

      Want to see over the top hysterics?

      I suppose that is just the IAEA doing it's job.

      • ftlt

        Unin: I disagree with you that FUFU is going to kill us all.. Millions will suffer… But it ain't an ELE event..

        I'm not down playing FUFU at all… I'm just not it up… Nor being hysterical..

        A chain reaction of plants in North American from FUFU… That's a new one… WOW!!!

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          I hope you are right, I really do.

          I was referring to a massive release of radiation, such as if sfp 4 goes ablaze, making the northern hemisphere uninhabitable. Then all the plants cooling systems fail and they go into meltdown. Not to say missions couldn't be flown in to maintain them, but it better happen quickly. Hopefully 12v batteries are kept within a mile or 2, not 50 km away, as was the case at Fukushima.

          The nuke pushers are not making me optimistic, at all.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I really think we all need to stop picking on poor little Fukushima. I mean really, as a corporate person, she deserves her privacy. Let's take the cameras down and stop with the doom porn.

    Just wear your face masks, cause she does have quite a …cough

  • OldNuke

    This is very serious. Plutonium is extremely toxic, and it's pretty clear that a lot of it escaped the plant, probably mostly from the fires and explosions in March 2011. Since the Japanese haven't dealt with it appropriately by cordoning off enough no-go area, it's being tracked around. Bad.
    If the water is contacting the melted waste at the plant, and I believe it is, then there is also some getting around the general area of the plant and it will end up in the water too. Also bad.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yes, please wipe your feet at the door, people. And stay on the trail. Don't be a meadow stomper!

      Good Point, Mark.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You clearly have lost it man since Fukushima is "never" going away… 🙁

    I can cleanup oil…you can't ever.. clean up radioactive isotopes once they are released.. 🙁

    End of story!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    There are 2 primary issues at FDNPP going forward:

    1. The contamination of the Pacific Ocean, and the destruction of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem.

    2. The whereabouts of the 3 missing coria, and development of plans to entomb this material.

    These 2 issues are intimately entertwined:

    Many metric tons of missing corium have exited the reactor buildings, and are in the mudrock beneath the plant.
    This has been proven beyond any doubt by the TEPCO endoscope videos of Reactor2. In the Containment Vessel of Reactor2, the video record clearly shows:
    There is too little water in the Containment.
    The water isn't boiling, it is still.
    The air isn't roiling with steam, the vapors are wispy.
    There is a long version of this video, but here is a short sampling:
    The corium is no longer inside Containment2.

    Where is the corium, eh, TEPCO?

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I know, obewan, I have lost it, am losing it, and will lose it again. It's so awful, and I just lost it again when this "OldNuke" guy makes a post like, oh someone might track plutonium around the plant. And his wording just reminded me of that 911 "witness" guy, Mark Walsh that talked so oddly, like an infomercial. It was the part where he writes, "probably mostly from the fires and explosions in March 2011."

    From You tube video, At exactly one minute mark, Mark Walsh starts . Soon, he says, "…Mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense."

    Just struck me as machine thinking that might lead to an attempt to step in here on Enenews and get new viewers to think that the problem at Fukushima is the janitor didn't mop up, and we need some new ropes.

    Reinsert me in the matrix already with the woman in the red dress with the blue pills. Overactive imagination I suppose. Pandorium…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Yup. Losing it, forgot to post the video link. Check the 911 government story infomercial guy "Mark Walsh" at 1:00 in.

      Just too weird, no matter what side of the 911 story you believe.

      Pretty soon, I'll think it's a glitch in the matrix when Bo posts twice in a row. 😉

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      We all have lost it, but I was talking to ftlt…not you. 🙂

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. It's safer when tornadoes are threatening. I was looking up to see the little edge on the left side of the box, to see who you were aiming at. Yep, I screwed up.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Sorry, OldNuke, I was out of line. Over exaggerated one little bit. But it was really late. Chalk it up to me being on a razor's edge of temporary insanity. Plus a head cold. Plus, my employer lost their contract and now to top it off, I'm a little stupid.

  • mushroom

    Hi. I am new.

    I have something to say. I want to be direct and not say this as if I am typing on egg shells, so to speak.

    I believe there are others who can help us contain this Fuku nightmare and help us in many ways but also to help us clean up the Pacific Ocean. We need to ask these beings. They would be ETs, time-travelers or any kind of interdimensional type beings. We should ask directly for intervention that still is respectful of our free will – I don't want to be like the natives when CC landed centuries ago.

    From what I have gathered in my decades long interest in life, the universe and everything, Earth is an important planet to this universe. It has meaning that I don't fully understand but it speaks of the motivation of different races of being – I am going for the benevolent kind – to save this planet because from what I have gathered what happens here effects many others in the universe. Think of it in terms of representing our free will to live, and drawing in help and assistance because we love ourselves and this planet.

    I ask inwardly. I ask that benevolent beings of the ET, time-traveler or interdimensional type to please contain this situation AND help clean up the irradiated ocean. I also ask the Creator to send help in physical form also. We humans are not at a place consciously or mechanistically to resolve this problem. Just look at the peoples of the "host" country in which this is occurring!!

    This is worth a try. Thank…

    • KidIcarus KidIcarus

      It is surely a mark of the strange times we're living in that this is the most realistic option we have left to preserve our species and planet (well, those living on / in it anyway).

      I will say this as well: if ever there were a time when we needed exoplanetary help on this planet, it is NOW, at this moment of greatest need. I'll take any help we can get, ET or otherwise!

      I can't believe I just typed that, but like I said… strange times.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Aliens?..aren't most people supposed to be waiting on a savior? they want aliens.
        Lots of luck with that.
        Didn't Snowden try and say something about..PRISM and NASA..and NASA was worried that hackers might get some data as to the planned false flag alien invasion?

        Blanch was right..this stuff happens..because it's so damn easy.

        • mushroom

          We are One. Yes, there is differentiation but in asking for ET help we are asking other aspects of ourselves to help us.

          It is too easy to put this idea into the "asking for a savior" pile and diminish the potency of the idea. We all have to take personal responsibility for what we have created here on Earth. On that journey we get to ask for help.

          It depends how much you want life. How precious is this planet to you?

          ETs, time-travelers, and interdimensionals exist. It is fact. There is a lot going on that most people on this planet can not even conceive of.

          I want this Fuku situation contained. I don't want to be murdered like this. I am taking command of my right to state what I want in reality and what I don't want.

          And I don't want the idiocy of the unconscious ones, the ones with a death wish that I don't share to be what ends my life.

          I am smart enough to pull over and ask for directions.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            mushroom you go and do what ever you think you can do to remedy this unfolding situation.. 🙂 Mankind has no clue what to do.. 🙁

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            I failed to capitalize..Savior.

            • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

              Now if TPTB can somehow convince the masses that 'little green men" represent for the/a Savior..
              Here enters the 'false flag' alien invasion..easy pickings..

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.Now they want aliens.. after of course.. they shun or abuse.. hyper-intelligence on the planet… but want some kindly.. foreign intelligence to step in.
    Beggars can't be choosers.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    'They' think they can play games.
    Like now..where 'control' is taking all the places in the field.
    The mighty arm and all seeing all positions.
    No position of which …can change the outcome of the game.

    Now what?
    End game.

    Definitely inferior thought process..but who could have known?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    'They'..continue to fill the bases…

    NSA seeks to ‘convert’ students into intelligence work
    Dec 10 2013

    "NSA recruiters are seeking college upperclassmen with at least a 3.0 grade point average who are pursuing “writing, editing, journalism” or “television production, motion picture production, or 3-D animation,” among other fields, according to a report published in Salon on Tuesday"

    "The idea was to help student interns get a better understanding of how NSA communicates with internal and external audiences to raise awareness of the agency’s mission and its unique contributions to national security,” she said."

    Here 'they' are dragging another generation into ..ineffectualness.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A Mobius strip ..of ineffectual nothingness.
    Aren't Humans grand?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    King of spy satellites: Huge 68ft device that will record zoom-able HD video of 40% of Earth's the surface SIMULTANEOUSLY

    Read more:

    Big bulging eyes..
    Seeing everything..knowing nothing.. SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Look what they have Yoda doing..I think he's more than willing though..he has been on the dark side..a long time.

    Meet Yoda, the 92-year-old man who works in the Pentagon basement dreaming about future wars

    "Andrew W. Marshall has led the Defense Department's mysterious Office of Net Assessment since 1973
    Buried somewhere deep within the Pentagon, the office's purpose is to look 20 to 30 years into the military's future and produce reports about vulnerabilities and opportunities."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS..Never take that strange shaped building..

    Bad boss at Pentagon was ‘misusing’ underlings, report says

    "If you like playing golf on government time, Steven Calvery, the director of the Pentagon’s police force, might be just the boss for you. Then again, if the idea of fetching lunch and coffee for your supervisor every day doesn’t appeal, you might want to work elsewhere".

    Perhaps the Pentagon will do us all a favor and take another snow day..

    Pentagon (partially) closed due to snow
    Dec 10 2013

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    But then there is

    War from afar: How the Pentagon fell in love with drones

    Wait for it..