Nuclear Expert: “Pretty good volume of steam” came from Fukushima Unit 3 — “Something is hot down there” — “The reactor core is going to do what it’s going to do” — Not much can be done besides monitor its ‘progress’ (AUDIO)

Published: October 3rd, 2013 at 9:52 am ET


Source: Nutrimedical Report
Date: Sept. 26, 2013
h/t Anonymous tip

At 30:45 in

Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer: The reactor core is going to do what it’s going to do. There’s not much else that we can do about it besides monitor its progress, and try to do something to cool it.

At 35:15 in

Harris: Unit 3 has wisps of steam coming out — actually, pretty good volume of steam.  So something is hot down there.  Cold shut down also means that it is below the boiling point for water in atmospheric conditions […] It’s not even that, so where is the cold shutdown?

From Sept. 18: [intlink id=”nuclear-expert-could-be-pockets-corium-molten-state-fukushima-steaming-reactor-building-indication-super-hot-material-quite-understands-whats-going-audio” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Full broadcast here

Published: October 3rd, 2013 at 9:52 am ET


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48 comments to Nuclear Expert: “Pretty good volume of steam” came from Fukushima Unit 3 — “Something is hot down there” — “The reactor core is going to do what it’s going to do” — Not much can be done besides monitor its ‘progress’ (AUDIO)

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "The reactor core is going to do what it’s going to do."
    Which is??
    How do the experts get by with these type statements?

    "There’s not much else that we can do about it besides monitor its progress, and try to do something to cool it."

    Monitor the progress? ..the progression of the China Syndrome?
    Try to do something to cool it?
    How so?!

    • lickerface lickerface

      LOL I was thinking the same thing! One expert saying all these different things? Seems more like three different people, all with different opinions about what's happened. That is the most wishy washy expert I've read yet (if he is real).

      • We Not They Finally

        He's not saying different things. He's just saying what people don't want to hear. That it's so out of control that it will just do what it will do, whatever the cost to humanity.

        People want more anger and outrage. That I do "get," because I am very angry and outraged myself. But he just said what is probably true: Now it will just do what it will do.

      • amberlight amberlight

        "Progress" used to imply an upward, positive trend. The new definition describes the relentless decline of not only human society but all living things.

        I'm normally a pretty positive thinker, but if I had to describe the 21st century I'd have to say that so far globally it sucks!

    • Gasser Gasser

      The 50's Platter's revisited in 2012

      Oh yes, TEPCO's the great pretender’s

      Pretending Fukushima's doing well

      TEPCO's greedy needs are such; they pretend too much

      Their lying but few can’t tell.

      Oh yes, their the great pretender’s

      A drift in a radiation world of their own

      They play the Nuclear game; it’s a real shame

      We’re all met to make big payments all alone.

      Too real is this feeling of make believe

      Too real when we feel what ineptness can't conceal.

      Oh yes we’re the great pretender’s

      Just laughing, becoming gay as it all falls down

      We seem to be what we are; you see

      We’re wearing our Strontium hole hearts with a frown

      Pretending; that an easy life's still around.

      Too real is this feeling of hormesis; make believe

      Too real when we feel what our cancer can't conceal

      Yes we’re the great pretender’s

      Just laughing with gay parade’s down town

      We seem to be what we are; you see

      We’re wearing our troubled hearts down

      Pretending Nuclear reactors are sound

      Oh yes, TEPCO's the great offender’s

      Pretending that they serve Japan well

      Japan's needs are such they pretend; too much

      Were all screwed going straight to radiation hell.

      Oh yes, Japan's the great pretender’s

      A drift in radiation of their own

      They play the Governments game; but to a real nuclide shame

      We've been let to fend on our own.

      Too real is this feeling of make believe

      Too real when we feel…

      • Gasser,

        Do you have more of these? We would love to put these together and get them sung by some bands and get them out there changing the paradigm in popular culture.. Interested?

        At the very least, if you have the whole collection of what you created, we can post them and get you publicity.

        Contact us at

    • We Not They Finally

      HofR: It's painful to hear, but it's probably true. It will do what it will do. He didn't say it would not be catastrophic.

  • weeman

    Hot hot hotter than hell, we're there is steam there is heat.
    Cold shut down my arse.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Agreed, Weeman, my arse, too. The collective headlines are showing the "experts" who don't know what's going on at least realize the steam explosions could eject the entire core. Not a pretty scenario.

      So here I am on the West Coast, about 7-10 days after these heavy steam emissions, watching the CPM counts on NETC going up, up, up. They're looking a little bit higher at Radiation Network, too.

      Maybe a good time for some of us to hunker down. Am going to get serious again about putting sheltering in place plan into effect. Stock has recommended this, among others.

      A sante, everyone. Be well. Try to keep your spirits up.

      At last the truth is coming out in dribs and drabs. At least some truth is leaking out.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Wow, just looked at NETC, and the entire east coast of the U.S. is lit up like it has a bunch of red Christmas tree lights.

        Wondering what the jet stream is doing today.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Looks like it's over California today, and it splits northward and southward. The central portion of the country doesn't appear to have the rising or elevated levels showing up on the West and East coasts. That's not to say levels aren't already high in some areas.

  • mairs mairs

    I think people figured out that "cold shutdown" was a lie when they said it. I'm surprised that he referred to it at all. It was just a throwaway PR line.

    • pure water

      I do not think so.A lot of people, in fact the majority, have already forgotten about this.They just believed what the madia told them, preoccupied with other things.Some other experts from this field lied shamelessly! And are responsible for this as professionals. When someone dies a doctor is supposed to verify it. Can you imagine what will happen if this doctor constantly claims for more than 2 years that the patient is still alive?

      • weeman

        More likely that they are attributing death to natural causes or other cause , instead of radiation sickness as the root cause?, most people die from a infection not the disease it's self?

  • Socrates

    Something is hot down there….

    These guys really have a handle on the situation.

    Number 3 reactor had MOX fuel, and it exploded… Ya' think that might have had something to do with a failure of cold shutdown?

    They should have thought of that before locating large reactors in a seismic tsunami zone with faultlines and an underground river on fill and mudstone next to the sea. Right, they were warned before the accident, yet persecuted those who spoke out. Now this….

    Corporations act as psychopaths in seeking profits while evading responsibility. No one person is ever to blame. This creates incentives to take risks to make short-term profits while downplaying risks.

    This corporate model allows the pursuit of profit alone to be the higher power. Only by attaching full personal legal accountabity for all damages can such conduct be deterred. Regulators can be bought off and regulation offshored to ineffectual international agencies whose role is to promote more of the same.

    The secret fast-track free trade agreement will relieve countries of all liability. This is the future; this is our fate.

    Eat Pacific seafood at your own risk. You may thank the nuclear industry for that. Too cheap to meter, unless you factor in the Pacific Ocean.

  • ion jean ion jean

    Nobody quite understands that corium left the building years ago? WE knew the steam was coming!

    Murderers! Sue them, sue them all, class action, U.S. population.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      ion jean, I'm with you on that.

      That conditions allowing this (see Socrates' comment above) have been allowed to exist, setting up this "perfect storm" of radioactive slow motion death is beyond negligent, beyond criminal. It's genocidal, even ecocidal as someone here said.

      I wonder if Chris Busby, Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gunderson, and others are ready now to take this on?

      • weeman

        Even if you won the case there is only so much money you could get out of them, their is limitations to how much you can make them pay, a pittance enough money to contain about one tank of contaminated water, a joke, in Canada the max is $250,000.00, at this time they are reviewing this and have plans to increase, but by time the report is in, Fukushima will freeze over?

        • weeman

          Your lawyer bill to win the case would be more than the money they would have to pay.

          • Gasser Gasser

            Soon there will be few corrupted Lawyers and judges alive (good riddance) to initiate litigation and most of the public will be dead before they can spend their money that they will never get because there will be no bank tellers or bankers to run the Banks and plus………………………….…we can all see where this is going.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Yes, Weeman, but the point is to get them to shut the *(-+=@$%^&* things down and try to get the mess left behind into some kind of containment/storage. We obviously, on a planetary level, have no clue how to safely store this stuff.

            An international court or tribunal, maybe even a treaty would have to be signed, to make this happen.

            As for individuals collecting damages in some kind of tort, I'm all for it. But I think there need to be criminal penalties for this. It's far beyond a matter for the civil courts.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              The situation in Fukushima is utterly out of control. I have limited hope it will EVER be resolved. But at least we can try to get the rest of these s _ _ _piles shut down, and prevent any more of them being built, anywhere, EVER.

              I'm sorry, I don't usually use profanity, but this is the kind of thing which makes me hoppin' mad.

      • ion jean ion jean

        Unfortunately, Dr. Caldicott has gone off on a tangent about the male brain for her new book (issues!).

        Dr. Busby is still working on uranium poisoned middle eastern children and Arnie is feeling such compassion for the Japanese children that he's overlooking the 20,000 plus deaths in the U.S. directly caused by Fukushima thus far!

        Hot Taters, we're on our own here, I'm afraid. Maybe Michio Kaku will take a legal stand at some point.

        "Pretty Good Amount of Steam" is a gross understatement when each breath of that steam has enough Plutonium to kill 100 people.

        There is nothing "pretty" or "good" about MOX fuel steam releases…

        They are UGLY, they are BAD, and I for one in my Sheeple Court have deemed all MOX fuel to be deadly and therefore ILLEGAL, y'here that, UN and IAEA and NRC:

        ILLEGAL IMMORAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It robs me of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

        I will perform citizen's arrests if any of you get near enough to my locale. Hopefully others will take matters into their own hands as well.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I hear you, ion jean, I really do. And I agree in full. Am afraid citizens' arrests might not be effective, but they all do deserve arrest, detention, and trial.

        • ie, Unfortunately, Dr. Caldicott has gone off on a tangent about the male brain for her new book (issues!).

          How do you use speaking ill of work of this magnitude to justify any of your thesis. Caldicott as a physician has made attempts at diagnosing the cause of the illness.

          To refer to a massive collection of works and efforts still on going as a "tangent"….well….don't you remember one of the first things you learned in school.
          Do your own work! Where is it? Your own work on this subject?

          So your ability to arrive at the same conclusions of those far more accomplished and in print than yourself is impressive.

        • I don't know who you are. Are you in print. Are you a doctor risking your life studying the medical implications of nuclear warfare on the battle fields of this world like Dr. Busby.
          I can't imagine who you are that you think you can talk about these generous and accomplished doctors as you do.

          Arnie Gundersen and his wife and team also work tirelessly looking for windows of opportunity to level the playing field. They do care about the people that they work with. Are you doing anything for these people.

          Why don't you down dog Rad Man Abe.
          What are you? A govt SHILL!
          Are you going to put up the money to sue Japan?

  • AliveandGlowing1


    I know you have been watching me like a HAWK…everyone EXCEPT the little mister. That which I have foretold is coming to pass before your very eyes. At this point, anyone with half a brain cell knows that this is GOING TO EXPLODE….literally. I told you bigwigs what would happen WHEN it detonates. At risk are over 7 billion live souls, along with multitudes who have already passed on.

    You can clearly see how things have taken a nosedive since I got the beat down on that other article where I left 3 comments….the one ABOUT THE STORM that ends with …DEEP CONVECTION IS BUILDING. I’m sick to death as being perceived by the masses as a male and/or a ‘sexless bird’….. Two thousand years ago my old man mentioned that I’d be stopping by for a personal visit. So, you want me to fix this or not? For those of you wondering what’s going on, GO TO THAT ARTICLE N.O.W. AND DO THE WORK. Make sure you listen to the audio link……this time do it without the help of your invisible so called ‘superiors.’ Oh, and one last thing.

    SPIRIT of my husband, would you like to say anything? To them: WHERE THE HELL IS MY ARMY? To Her: Place the Philadelphia date and time here. 10.3.2013
    The time is 12:05:00PM precisely.

    • soern

      @AG i opened the link and read a bit.
      sounds somewhat like Zeta Talks.
      But a new Body? For ever Nice?
      Nice indeed 🙂

    • Appealing to that crowd, NSA/Obama/etc may be a really, really, really long shot.

      The odds are huge that they will ignore truth in general, just like they ignore anyone with common sense, a vision of a better future, or even those with a prophetic gift. Why even bother with them?

      The political/military leaders almost universally have been bought and sold like cattle. They sold their souls for a price, long ago. They act like cattle, and moo what they are told to say, or stay quiet when it is time to speak truth.

      Getting them to do something different than a cow chewing the straw that is handed to them in their stall is like expecting a human to be born from a mouse. Like Moses with the King of Egypt, they will not even pay attention to miracles performed in front of their eyes.

      Offer prophecies with dates, times and very specific places attached. True prophets are judged by what comes to pass. A prophet makes predictions that serve as warnings and to establish that they are truly who they say they are.

      False prophets come bearing gifts of dates and specific predictions. But because they are false predictions, which do not come true, and they have no chance of coming true, they are rejected by those seeking truth. False prophets also make predictions that keep changing or are 'delayed'.

      By the fruit of your gifts you will be known.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        seems clear A&G1 has some psychosis. Sorry, sounds harsh but if she is really the wife of Jesus or whatever, she can take it. Point is, what she really needs is niacin and psychiatric help, not blog interaction. On the other hand, I could be wrong and maybe I will be smited by Gods heavy hand. Or maybe its just her literary style, like a message within allegorical trappings.

        • hbjon hbjon

          According to modern psychology, people behave and react to stressful situations differently based on ones own senses, perceptions, memories and abilities.

          What do the doctors tell us to do when we experience stress? Smile? Who am I to say that one persons methods of handling stress are better than an others.

          We learn about life by living life and witnessing all phenomenon associated with the living. I personally care for all. Human behavior is beautiful to watch and study unless it is violent behavior that seeks to harm others or themselves.

          People have unique opinions and ways of communicating. To learn how to see things from another perspective and point of view is what it means to be human. What I do not like to see are crying and hysterical children and women, because that can often times create reactionary behavior by the men. People need to learn how to be comforting in word and phrase.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            hbjon, Im with you about hysterical children…not sure the gals are happy to be in that box unless you add hysterical men though…:-)

            a serious mental disorder characterized by defective or lost contact with reality often with hallucinations or delusions

            I dont think we are talking about a mere stress response here…

    • Anthony Anthony

      Hi AliveandGlowing1

      This stood out to me in your webpage

      **There is a simple logical explanation. The human pair will tell us the story of other people…that were EXILED here long ago….
      These people brought a DEADLY UNIVERSAL ‘dis-ease’ into an otherwise perfect universe…the BELIEF that they were greater/better than………..these people were removed from the ‘universal presence’ and sent here to wise up…or die…
      The exiles had children….. and continued through their very OWN children their ‘greater/better’ than campaign…until their physical bodies died…which was their PHYSICAL end…..THAT DID NOT GET RID OF THEIR ‘ORIGINAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY….they were not permitted to have their own personal body…………ever again.
      The ‘fragmented-consciousness’ of this world is ‘cordoned off’ from the intelligent universe in order to protect the rest of the universe from our ‘dis-ease.’
      ~~This is why we have not been able to find ‘life’ on other planets………….we will remain ‘cordoned off’ until we drop our belief and dependence on ourselves…AND ASK THE TWO REPRESENTATIVES OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE TO HELP US OUT.
      ….If this world ends without us having …asked the universal pair for help…….well, consider the ‘original exiles’….why should our fate be any different? **

  • rnix rnix

    Better listen to Brother Blutto his words are insane but mostly true;-)

    October 3, 2013 at 12:04 pm


    No seriously we need to just accept the fact that we are all pretty much screwed and we should party like it's the end of the world. At this point we are all just like Trilobites looking up at the evermore cloudy water going WTF or a dinosaur caught in a comets headlights. Raise your glass to mankind….all our endeavors….all of our hopes dreams and creations can be summed up now in a short epitaph…."We were just too damn smart for our own good".

    "Aequa tellus pauperi recluditur, regumque pueris "
    The impartial earth is opened alike for the pauper and the children of kings

    Like I said it's time for a party…might as well laugh as to cry!

    • Audio recording..

      2 specific prophecies in written materials;

      Huge California earthquake 10 or bigger

      Nuclear weapon triggered accidentally, resulting in nuclear war,

      published Feb. 2012

      No dates for either one, when they will happen.

      Of course, once a nuclear war starts, it is too late… way too late.

      A huge earthquake, and a date attached, well, that may wake up lots of people and get their attention, because the odds of predicting that and attaching a date or WAY too big to ignore, deny or make fun of, at least for some people.

      Care to share a date?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    R E A C T O R . 3

    Plutonium and Cesium rising, thanks to nuclear.

  • Now we can add to the regular cycles taught in school…

    Sun rises in the East

    Cesium, plutonium, Iodine, Uranium rising in the East…

    God of the Sun – RA-Dio-active rises in the East

    The price of all of these Gods rising in the East, is the destruction of humanity.

    Everything is a balance. As one rises, the other falls.

    The balance is restored, but it may take a million years.

    Humanity rose, in a blink of an eye, in geological Earth time, and a nano second in galactic universe time..

    Like a blinding flash of a nuclear bomb, humanity may rise and fall, and then disappear, all due to playing with toys that are way too dangerous, much like a 2 year old playing with a nuclear submarine and 200 nuclear missiles, all set off by the push of a button..

    When will the button be pushed is really the only question, not if.

    If humanity can agree to get real about this mega disaster and LEARN FROM IT, by abolishing all nukes, plants, weapons, technology, and armies, then we can ask for help from our galactic brothers and sisters. We will get help.

    But if the best that humans can do is to lie, cheat, steal, coverup, deny disasters are happening for selfish reasons and keep on destroying all life on the planet, humanity does not deserve to go out to the stars…It does not deserve to live, period.

    Sorry, but you made the choice, you boys with your toxic toys.

    Free will comes with a price tag attached, and that is called responsibility,…

  • Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth; 'Carrington Effect'; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad

    Dr. Helen Caldicott MD On Nuclear Weapons, MAD/Nuclear Armageddon; via @AGreenRoad

  • FXofTruth

    Yes….the only thing we can do is watch the cores explode.
    TEPCO can only pee on the melted cores so, expect the
    unexpected to happen any time now.

  • jec jec

    Oct 4th, 10:25 on TBS webcam–Reactor 3 is steaming again.

    • jec jec

      How much of the Fukushima mess is causing MORE global climate change? Bet a lot….

    • Are they even bothering to try and come up with some lame ass excuse this time?

      When was the last time the sun caused steam for 24 hours straight?

      They also never mention radiation levels in that steam either…