Nuclear Expert: Quake-hit Virginia nuke plant should be distributing bottled water to nearby residents — Pipes under North Anna are potentially a grave public danger

Published: August 30th, 2011 at 5:37 pm ET


Tritium trouble? Nuke fears rise with quake, self-policing, The Hook by Courteney Stuart, August 30, 2011:

[…] On Monday, August 29, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced that the quake may, in fact, have produced force that exceeded the North Anna plant’s specifications and that the Commission is sending a special Augmented Inspection Team to assess the damage.

“Initial reviews determined the plant may have exceeded the ground motion for which it was designed,” says the release, which also assures that “no significant damage to safety systems has been identified.” […]

[The] newly arrived government inspectors won’t be conducting their own tests of the miles of underground pipes. And the assumption that those pipes didn’t sustain damage during the earthquake, which knocked two Louisa County schools out of commission and caused cracks in the Washington Monument some 90 miles away, might be laughable to [Paul Gunter, director of a nonprofit group called Beyond Nuclear] if he weren’t convinced of potentially grave public danger. […]

More from Gunther:

  • “Central to the issue is miles of buried pipe under the plant that carry radioactive water.”
  • “Here’s an industry that has hidden these leaks that is now self-reporting and overseeing itself to the NRC.”
  • “How can an uninspectable, inaccessible buried pipe have integrity?”
  • “Given the industry history and what’s been done before, Dominion should be distributing bottled water to the town of Mineral and to the residents of Lake Anna […] Indefinitely.”
Published: August 30th, 2011 at 5:37 pm ET


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12 comments to Nuclear Expert: Quake-hit Virginia nuke plant should be distributing bottled water to nearby residents — Pipes under North Anna are potentially a grave public danger

  • Nukeholio

    I’d LMAO if it causes enough radiation leak that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is forced to leave the premises for hundreds of years.

  • pg

    Here we go. An excuse for radiological false flag to the city water supply. “it seeped in through the ground”….

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      How would that be a false flag? Radiation from the nuclear plant would be a real event attributable to the nuclear industry.

  • Was it a pipe break and the pumps keep running pulling the water in the lake down 22″ and the water has been displaced elsewhere, and if/how poluted ??

  • alasanon

    Not to shock anyone, but although Lake Anna is very beautiful, it NEVER has been safe adjacent to this nuclear plant!….

    The last state test after the earthquake did NOT show elevated tritium (well under national standards); however, tritium IS being dispersed into Lake Anna on a regular basis…Standard nuclear practice. 🙁

    • alasanon

      …when I say, “safe,” I mean pure and clean from any tritium isotopes. Most of the locals know this… The state has placed strongly worded signs near the Lake. I don’t think that is enough though.

  • patb2009

    can they do leak tests on the pipes, or do they
    need to get the reactor to a 2% shutdown, and open it up?

  • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

    No change with Obama!

    “This is the second week of protests, led by Bill McKibben, in front of the White House demanding that President Barack Obama reject a proposed 1700 mile pipeline transporting the dirtiest oil from Alberta, Canada through fragile ecologies down to the Gulf Coast refineries. One thousand people will be arrested there from all fifty states before their demonstration is over. The vast majority voted for Obama and they are plenty angry with his brittleness on environmental issues in general.”

    “Following the large BP discharge in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama gave the OK to expand drilling over 20 million acres in the Gulf and soon probably in the Arctic Ocean. He delayed clean air rules over at EPA. Following the worsening Fukishima nuclear disaster last March in Japan, he reaffirmed his support for more taxpayer guaranteed nuclear plants in the U.S. adding his Administration’s hopes to learn from the mistakes there.”

    “He proposed an average fuel efficiency standard for 2005 at 62 miles per gallon, quickly conceded to industry’s objection and brought it down to 54 mpg. The industry’s trade journal Automotive News calculated the loopholes and brought it down to “real-world industry wide fleet average in the 2025 model year” of about 40 mpg. No wonder the auto companies effusively praised Obama’s give-it-up negotiator, Ron Bloom at the Treasury Department of all places.”

    “Even nature contradicts Mr. Obama. Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently gave a pass to the Indian Point Unit 2 Reactor, a menacingly-troubled reactor 30 miles north of Manhattan, after its inspectors discovered a refueling-cavity liner had been leaking for years at rates up to 10 gallons per minute. Just last week the strongest earthquake in 140 years struck the east coast. Even though the liner’s “sole safety function is the prevention of leakage after a seismic event,” according to David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists, the NRC did not require the plant’s owner to repair the design defect.”

    “This is only one of many defects, inspection lapses, close calls, corrosions, and ageing problems with many U.S. nuclear plants that Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu and President Obama have not seriously addressed. This is the case even though the news from Fukishima becomes worse every week. More food is found contaminated. Radiation readings at the site reached their highest level in August. Now the Japanese government is about to declare a wide area around the nine destroyed or disabled nuclear plants uninhabitable for decades to come due to radiation.”

    “Nearly fifty years ago, the industry regulator and vigorous promoter, the Atomic Energy Commissions estimated that a class nine nuclear meltdown in the U.S. would contaminate “an area the size of Pennsylvania.” That was before we had dozens of even larger ageing nuclear plants whose owners are brazenly pressing for license extensions beyond the normal life expectancy of many over-the-hill nuke plants. Please face up to it Mr. President.”

    “At moments of reflection, those 1000 citizens standing tall before the White House must look up at the sun and all the forms of available renewable energy it gave this planet zillions of years ago and wonder how nuts our life-sustaining star must think Earthlings have been all these years.”